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Monday, March 28, 2011

Sayonara, Tokyo

And so begins the radioactive ruination of Japan, and much of the rest of the world, at the hands of the nuclear demons unleashed in Fukushima by General Electric and the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO). The harsh reality, the cruel truth of the matter, is that this ghastly crisis is going to last months or maybe years, and maybe even a very, very long lot of years, given that the half-life of plutonium 239 is twenty-four thousand years.

But don't take my word for it. Here it is straight from the horse's mouth, a bit evasive, but nevertheless a tolerable admission of the truth:

“'Regrettably, we don't have a concrete schedule at the moment to enable us to say in how many months or years (the crisis will be over),' TEPCO vice-president Sakae Muto said ...” (1)

Months or years, the man says. Meanwhile, by the day, the crisis spirals more and more out of control and radiation levels are soaring to their highest levels since the reactors first began melting down and exploding. (2,3,4)

Tokyo is only about 160 miles from the site of the reactors that are melting down. As radiation levels rise in the region it is a firm guarantee that more and more radioactivity will fall out on Tokyo.

No doubt about it.

The inevitable consequence of that will be a dramatic withering of the cultural, social, commercial and economic life of the huge Tokyo megalopolis. As more and more people abandon Tokyo it will become a radioactive shadow of its former self. Of course the economic implications of that for global finance and commerce are immense, Tokyo is one of the three major centers of high finance in the world, along with London and New York, so its abandonment therefore has ineluctable repercussions that will rock the modern, global civilization to its core.

Do you think I'm full of it? That I don't know what I'm talking about?

Tell that to the 25 foreign governments that have already either closed their embassies in Tokyo, or have evacuated Tokyo and moved their embassies to Osaka. (5)

Tell that to the international bankers who are now fleeing Tokyo and Japan in droves. (6)

Tell that to the U.S. Navy which announced on March 17th that it was prepared to evacuate as many as 87,000 personnel if necessary. (7)

Tell that to the USO that announced two days later on March 19th that the U.S. Military has begun a voluntary evacuation of up to 200,000 military personnel and their dependents from Japan. (8, 9)

While all of this has been going on the Japanese government has also urged more evacuations and quietly widened the evacuation zone around the melting down Fukushima reactors. (10, 11)

The plain English translation of all of this activity is that the evacuation of Fukushima, of Japan, and of Tokyo, has already begun. Large numbers of people are already “voluntarily” on the move and fleeing from harm's way. The longer the crisis grinds on, the greater the numbers of people who will leave.

The impact on Japan, Tokyo and the world is incalculable. The dominoes are just beginning to topple and where this concatenation of catastrophic events will finally end, no one can say with certainty just yet.

But I can promise you this much: The Mother Of All Radioactive Roller Coaster Rides has left the starting gate and life will never again be the same for any of us. These weeks, thus, effectively mark the end of one era, and implicitly herald the beginning of another.

We are in new territory now, uncharted, radioactive territory and as this crisis grinds on, one of its initial big victims will assuredly be the city of Tokyo. If these reactors cannot be brought under control then its fate is all but sealed.

Like swarming rats fleeing a sinking ship, the mass exodus of “international bankers” from Tokyo and Japan over the past two weeks has a transparently plain meaning: it's finished, it's over.

So, sayonara, Tokyo. What comes next will not be pleasant.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fuk U Shima

I recently did an hour interview with Jeff Rense ( where I talked extensively about my ayahuasca experiences and what I believe the import of what I have seen to be. I did not discuss my latest vision, but I discussed the import of my other visions, which revealed that the Earth and everything on it, including the human race, is under ruthless attack by a vastly powerful, cold, impersonal, relentless, artificially created, hyper-intelligent Machine entity that is so endlessly cunning and deceitful that Machiavelli is but a fumbling, bumbling amateur by comparison, This Machine will not stop coming. Its goal is total, full-spectrum domination and/or annihilation of this planet and its biosphere. That includes humanity. On every hand the planet, the ecology and the human race are under cruel assault.

Hollywood has come out with some movies and television series in the past couple of decades that have captured part of this scenario; the Sci-Fi channel’s Battle Star Galactica TV series, the first MATRIX movie and the Terminator movies convey something of the sense of what I am relating.

The Machine operates in both the physical realm and the astral realm simultaneously. I actually saw that in the astral there are something like milk parlors or milking sheds at a dairy farm, where people enter and sit in rows, and the Machine draws off their subtle life energies through the tops of their heads, with something like milking hoses attached to their crown chakras. There was a real opium den feel to what I saw. I saw a network of pipes and tubes that carries the people’s energy away, but where it goes and precisely what the machine does with it, I did not see.

I did understand that the Machine knows humans inside and out, better than the vast majority of humans know themselves. It knows and understands humans, but the vast majority of humans do not know and understand the Machine. They are easy prey for the Machine and its ueber-Machiavellian machinations. It has to be said that many millions of people work for and are part of the Machine. They do its bidding and carry out its plan, either wittingly or unwittingly, willingly or unwillingly. And the Machine rewards them with status, power, money, fame, influence, career success, etc.

This agenda is being carried out on every level and in every way conceivable — through nanotechnology, genetic engineering, chem-trail spraying, electronic mind control, mass media propaganda, weather modification, deforestation, killing of the seas and oceans (e.g., think British Petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico), radioactive contamination (think Chernobyl and Fukushima, Japan), and more.

The Fortune 500 companies, the Pentagon, Wall Street, the Big Banks, the USA government and other major governments, espionage and spy agencies, criminal syndicates, the major religions, the formal “educational” system and other large institutions are all an integral part of this Machine and its deadly rampage.
It uses technology and people as its appendages. It is infinitely resourceful and devious and it will not stop coming.

The only way out of this situation for us is to go in. A conventional uprising against tyranny is not sufficient to definitively thwart this Machine. Such uprisings are merely fuel for its agenda of total conquest.

No, the only way to thwart this Machine is not via an uprising; rather, the only way for humanity to prevail in this impasse is through a far-reaching Upwising such that the human race has never experienced in its history.

Either we dramatically Upwise, or we are toast. Either a lot of humans get a lot smarter, a lot savvier, a lot more spiritual (not religious, but “spiritual”) and a lot more insightful, or we are done for.

This Machine cannot be fought in the conventional sense. To fight this Machine in a conventional way, is to lose. It will win that conventional conflict every time.
What is called for is wisdom, creative nonviolence, peaceful cooperation with the natural planet and other humans of good will, and a sense of reverence for biological life and the creative spirituality that has infused biological DNA with a hyper-dimensional communications link with the lovingly omniscient essence of All That Is.

And that is precisely what the Machine wants to destroy: biological life, hyper-dimensional DNA, to conquer the material realm and close it off from all hyper-dimensional contact with higher dimensions.

Look around at this planet and what is happening on it and you can see the death race to the bottom — with war sprouting up here and there, ecological destruction, totalitarian economic systems that are strangling the majority of the planet’s population and reducing them to slave status, oppressive political systems, rampant mind control, and more. The evidence for what ayahuasca showed me is evident on every hand.

Either we Upwise, or we continue to dumb down and definitively seal our own fate. That is our choice.

Now, I know that the Internet is bursting at the seams with trolls, lurkers, and MATRIX control agents working for the Machine, i.e., intelligence agency employees who patrol forums and blogs to stir up trouble or sow disinformation, or others who are so deeply under the various levels of mind control rampant in this society that they sow discord unconsciously, reflexively, automatically, thereby feeding the Machine and furthering its aims. I am aware of their presence and their proclivity to post negative or disparaging remarks in the comment sections of blogs, or even to outright take down web pages. These are mechanical people, pawns of the Machine and their name is Legion. The End of Days will feed them into the Machine's ravening maw at just the last second, as Time expires. They have given themselves to the Machine, body, mind and soul, and so in the end they will finally be one with the Machine, as Universe settles up and justifies everyone's karmic tab. What could be more complete and satisfying for everyone concerned?

So I'm not too worried about these ubiquitous pawns of the Machine and their deceitful gambits, because I have far greater concerns related to:

Fuk U Shima.

Permit me to elaborate.

Not long before the earthquake, tsunami and ensuing nuclear catastrophe in Japan I was invited to drink ayahuasca with two shamans, one Quichua from the upper Amazon, the other a western shaman. It was just the three of us sitting in the darkness, in a ritual hut on a hill overlooking the Pacific, with the roar of the surf washing up from the ocean down below.

The only vision of note that I had was a brief glimpse of a sort of devil or diabolical imp in the astral. He was setting up a derrick to spew poisonous vapors or toxic substances into the atmosphere with the intention of causing as much harm, damage and suffering on as wide a scale as possible.

As the toxins spewed out he positively frolicked, jumping and gamboling with childlike glee. He derived tremendous delight and joy from all the harm and suffering he was causing. He was beside himself with ecstasy as he watched the foul substances spouting into the air.

That was the vision. I was scarcely able to walk for two days afterward. I felt like I had been hit with a bag of hammers. I hardly ate for a couple of days.  I felt like a dead man walking.

Not long afterwards, the big earthquake and tidal wave hit Japan. I spent half the night with a bunch of other people on top of the same hill where the shamans and I drank ayahuasca together, waiting for the arrival of the tsunami from the other side of the ocean.

The next day, the world learned of the ongoing problems and release of radiation at the nuclear reactors at Fukushima.

Fuk U Shima.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the “Fuk U” telegram is glaringly obvious and clear, at least to me. I get it, I really do, even if not many others seem to (at least not yet).

So what does Shima mean? Well, it turns out that Shima has two meanings: 1) Shima Province in Japan and 2) an American Indian name meaning “Mother.” []

Shima is also a personal name in Japan, Iran and Java, as well as a geographic place name and suffix for geographic place names in Japan. []

As in Shima Province and Hiroshima, on which city the USA rained nuclear fire in the closing days of World War-II.


Fuk U Shima. Is it coming into focus for you now?

The meaning is: “Fu*k You Shima, i.e., (Japan) and Mother (Earth) and people who use the Shima name: Japanese, Iranians and Javanese.

Based on what ayahuasca showed me I believe that this operation of ghastly destruction is ultimately being generated from another dimension, piggy-backed on natural geological instability, to be sure, and using psychopathic, malevolent human proxies as its agents.

As it happens, three of the six "Fuk U" Shima nuclear reactors were built by General Electric [], the second largest company in the world []. All six reactors at the site were designed by General Electric. []. So the General Electric footprint in this affair is huge.

General Electric was also the fifteenth largest contractor with the United States government, as of 2009 [].

In other words, nuclear power stations are a creation of the highest levels of the Machine's operations on this planet, General Electric being a major Machine appendage, now bringing death and destruction to Japan, and perhaps to many other countries and peoples as well, as the crisis continues to unfold.

Please understand that the events of these past two weeks are no unforeseen “accident” or purely “natural” catastrophe. Far from it. In fact, these particular reactors were a hideously dangerous, ticking time bomb ever since they were built, waiting to go off, and now they have, with ghastly consequences that will be with us for a long time to come. For decades, their design has been known to be unsafe. [] []

And these nuclear reactors were then built precisely on the coast, right along the seashore, in a very seismically active region, with a well-known history of earthquakes.

Moreover, the Japanese nuclear power industry has a documented history of decades of accidents and faked safety reports. []

A case in point is reactor number four, whose pressure vessel was reportedly damaged during the manufacturing process and has been defective for the last 37 years and still it was used. []

The operators of the site, Tokyo Electric Power Company, General Electric, and the Japanese government have all known of these dangers and have nevertheless willfully proceeded for decades straight down the path that brought Japan, the Japanese people and the rest of the world to this perilous juncture. So you see, none of this is the result of unknowable or unknown eventualities. Quite to the contrary, the dangers were known for decades and kept quiet or lied about as a course of conscious policy.

In my view, we are seeing Black Magic of the darkest sort at work, and I mean that very seriously. We are seeing unimaginably deep Evil channeled into our realm by the very darkest and foulest of entities. Whether those entities are human, or non-human, or humans in the thrall of non-human forces, you can be sure that the Fukushima crisis is no ordinary event. The groundwork for all of this was laid decades ago, awaiting the present day.

First Hiroshima. Now “Fuk U” Shima.

The deadly malice is transparent. Connect the dots for yourself.

I reiterate: either a lot of humans urgently Upwise and real soon, or we are toast. Done for.

The fate of humanity and this planet hangs in the balance. How much do you love the Earth and life itself?