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Sunday, January 27, 2019

The Coming Reset Will Not Be Dull

There has been quite a lot of talk on the Internet in recent years about variously: a coming economic reset, an approaching, momentous Event, a New Earth that will magically appear one day soon, a supposed, three day period of darkness that will befall the Earth, catastrophic Earth changes, and in many cases just a deep feeling that something BIG is about to happen, such that nothing will ever be the same again.

There are myriad websites, podcasts, videos, commentaries and interviews devoted to these themes, from a very wide variety of personal, political, cultural, religious and philosophical perspectives.

Many millions of people are subconsciously sensing that major, world and civilization changing events are on the way.

Of course they are right! If nothing else, as the global ecological collapse continues and accelerates billions of humans will certainly die off, along with a large part of the rest of the biosphere, as global food chains break down.

And the food chains are breaking down now. The bees are being killed off, the butterflies are being killed off, the amphibians are in serious decline all over the world, the great tropical forests are being cut down and destroyed, the oceans are dying, and so forth.  The natural world is being killed off by the global, consumer culture of modern humanity and a satanically false economic system based on more! and more! always more and more! Bigger, better, faster, newer, shinier, richer -- more! MORE!

We're shitting in our own nest. The end will not be pleasant and it will not be long in coming, due to the severe effects of the Law of Exponents, which can be simply formulated in plain English for my present purpose as: deathly problematic situations start their development slowly, steadily build up momentum and then suddenly become hopelessly overwhelming, impossibly unmanageable. 

In other words, the clean water will run out, the food will run out, the money will run out, the pension funds will run out, the social security programs will run out, the social safety net will fail, governments will fail, etc. & etc. -- and all within a short period of time within the relatively near future.

We are entering into that time  of bigger, more rapid change now. Those events are already underway; they've already begun to occur. The pace of global and national events will not slow down, but will accelerate from here on, as we approach, wait for it: The Event Horizon.

It is the inherent nature of Event Horizons that their essential characteristics and parameters are mostly unknowable until you are actually in an Event Horizon. You find out what you find out once you enter The Event Horizon. 

As I mentioned at the outset, there is no shortage of websites, podcasts, videos and articles offering a plethora of views of the purported New Earth or the great, supernatural "Event" that are said to be imminently ready to occur, which appear to be the human collective unconscious's way of referring to the rapidly approaching Event Horizon.

The Objective View 

Taking a hard, unflinching look at humanity, the Earth and the present multi-dimensional configuration of world events and processes, it just may be that the huge  "Event" that so many people are sensing and talking about is the impending mass mortality of hundreds of millions and even billions of people when the readily available food supply that much of the world has enjoyed for centuries runs out, or when the radioactive contamination from Fukushima reaches a critical, threshold level in the global food chain, such that large numbers of organisms and species just start dropping dead within a relatively short period of time, due to fatal, radioactive poisoning.

Or sudden collapse of the false, fiat currency based, global economic system causes such enormous, sudden disruption to global supply chains for food and everyday commerce that people cannot acquire the daily necessities of life and perish for lack of basic living supplies.

There are also nontrivial odds of a shooting nuclear war between one or more nuclear armed powers.

Throw in the increasingly erratic climate of recent years, and increased levels of seismic, volcanic and meteorite activity and there are plenty of ways that large, globe changing events could transpire in very short periods of time.

It may be that many or even all of these elements will occur with devastating effect within a relatively short period of time within the relatively near future, say within the next one to 15 years.

The Visions

To be sure, many people are already anticipating the "coming attractions" in their visionary experiences. YouTube is full of videos by people recounting their dreams and visions of nuclear war, asteroid strikes, devastating tsunamis, great earthquakes, the Event (whatever it is), the New Earth (whatever that is) and much more. This is inevitable. The human subconscious has a powerful collective dynamic. Events that will affect the whole Earth, and that will impact hundreds of millions and billions of people leave their mark, and presage their arrival in future time, by alerting the sensitive among us in the present time.

Truthfully, I really don't know exactly what is going to happen. I'm just like you. I'll know when I know.

Of course, I have had my own visionary experiences. In one, I was up above the Earth in outer space watching it rotate on its axis, looking at the oceans, continents and clouds far below.  Suddenly, I saw the Earth abruptly split into three Earths virtually identical in appearance, all rotating in space below me, but each rotating out of phase with its two, respective neighboring Earths by 120 degrees. Are there to be three Earths, or are there now, occupying the same space, but out of phase in the time-space continuum with each adjoining Earth by 120 degrees?

In another visionary experience I was surprised to see multiple, large, luminous bodies rivaling the Moon in size, luminosity and appearance suddenly show up in Earth orbit. I was thinking: "Now that big, luminous orb there is the Moon, so what are those other, huge, luminous orbs? What are they and where did they come from?" Is this really going to happen? I don't know.

In yet a third visionary experience I was way out in space, calmly observing the solar system, when I was astonished to see a succession of planets abruptly come in from deep space, one after the other, and take up positions as new members of the solar system. Some were rocky, terrestrial-like planets and some were larger, gas planets. It happened relatively quickly. I was told telepathically that the new solar system would have 32 planets. I have no idea if, or when or how, this might occur.

Most recently, I had the following experience: everything abruptly began to grow dark, as if a global dimmer switch were being turned off. Within about 25 seconds the daylight and any sort of light, for that matter, went completely away. Things didn't just get dark, they got completely inky black, the most total, pitch black darkness you can imagine. The utter darkness persisted for a long time, accompanied by total silence. It went on and on. I remained where I was, alone with my own thoughts, still and quiet, waiting, just calmly waiting. After a long while I received a telepathic communication: when the darkness abates, the Sun and the Moon will be no more, and the Earth will be self-luminous, self-illuminated and very beautiful.

Perhaps this has to do with the fabled "three days of darkness" that so many people have been seeing will befall the Earth and humanity.

My friend, Greg Caton, was shown the three days of darkness in an ayahuasca vision in April of 2012. In a series of visions having to do with upcoming Earth changes ayahuasca told and showed him the following:

"At the end of 2012 the Earth will experience a complete rebirth as it passes through the galactic plane. This is not a theory. It is a predestined, astrophysical event whose place in the time-space continuum cannot be altered. The ‘Elite’ on your planet are well aware of this impending event and are not discussing it with the public. During this event, the Earth will be subjected to energetic pulling effects.”

At this point, I (Greg Caton) am visually shown the effects of this passage on photons, as all light in our solar system is sucked in the direction of the galactic center. All photons are made to appear like tiny iron filings being sucked towards a powerful magnet, or bread crumbs being sucked up by a powerful vacuum cleaner.

"The net result of this energetic condition is a period of complete darkness. This shall last for three days. Men shall experience darkness as they have never known it before, as even within a deep cave there are at least some photons emanating from decaying matter and contributing subparticles from space -- some of which your scientists are completely unaware of. The more profound effects will be those on human consciousness. Although these changes will be occurring on different dimensions and planes simultaneously, how it will manifest on the gross third dimensional level is that human physiology will be subjected to a variety of frequencies – to energetic conditions -- that will greatly expand human consciousness."

To be sure, this event did not occur at the end of 2012.  Or did it? And has an artificial reality bubble perhaps been clamped down on this planet to maintain humanity and the Earth in an abusive condition of exploitation and negative control by dark, demonic forces that have set themselves in opposition to the natural created order of the cosmos, in order that the momentous galactic change cannot be perceived or experienced by the great mass of humanity?

I wonder, I really do, because ayahuasca has very insistently been presenting to me a series of visions over a period of several years that have to do with a demonic, sinister, loathsome, satanic, foul, grotesque, reprehensible Machine, a very debased, very powerful, soulless, and unbelievably sophisticated A.I. that now has this planet in harsh, ruthless, unrelenting, brutal, savage thrall. It is a satanic A.I. underlord from the most vile, disgusting pits of Hell.

Is this what the global roll out of 5G communications technology is about? To lasso everyone into a global, electronic, false reality grid? To tie everyone into a global, false consciousness prison?

Have we been plunged into the sort of scenario described in the following video?

The woman's Russian accent can be hard to follow at first, but if you stick with it you will understand what she is saying. What she saw in her hypnosis session and describes about the alien A.I. Machine, the artificial multi-layer, multi-player, technological holographic MATRIX we are in, the hollow people and real people with organic consciousness, is very close to what ayahuasca has revealed to me. Listen to what she says about the ratio of "hollow people" to people with organic consciousness as being 500:1, i.e., 500 "hollow" people for every one organically conscious person. The fake far outnumber the real. This is what ayahuasca has shown me, again and again: the vast fakeness of this realm, and the extreme fakeness of most so-called "people" that surround us.

People who will tell you: "I'm the real deal!" -- and they're as fake and hollow as can be, the shallowest, most superficial non-player characters you can imagine. Hollywood is full of them, Madison Avenue, Silicon Valley, the Pentagon, Wall Street, Washington, DC, Nashville, professional sports, T.V., the Fortune 1000, hip-hop and rap, organized religion, the academic world, the medical industry -- most all of it is fake, false, phony, fraudulent and even downright hazardous to life, health and prosperity.

I'm in my 60s now and I'm still, or should I say, just now awakening to the astonishing depth and breadth of the massive con job that is being pulled on this planet. Every passing week I awaken to it more. I'm on an intense learning curve. The mind f*ck is virtually all-encompassing. The chutzpah -- let me rephrase that to be more accurate -- the shitspah of this satanic deception is mind boggling when you begin to grok its parameters. Like Lana says in the video, the fake A.I. technological holographic reality has its tentacles into literally everything. When you finally see how depraved it is your entire organism recoils in reflexive horror and you cannot vomit enough to purge your disgust.

It seems to me that the only way out of this A.I. Machine's fake, holographic cage is higher consciousness, otherwise you can spend endless eons of time coming back again and again to wallow around in the corrupt politics, the bloody warfare, the lying religions, the criminal economic system, the deceptive science, the hollow entertainment, dysfunctional family life, the never-ending "excitement" of Earth!

Now you know why there are endless wars, endless crime, endless economic exploitation, endless corruption, endless lies and cover-ups, endless stupidity and ignorance, endless incompetence, endless garbage and litter, endless graffiti, endless mindless noise, endless pollution, endless destruction. The alien A.I. artificial technological holographic MATRIX has been programmed that way. It's full of hollow entities, doing hollow things, thinking hollow thoughts, living hollow lives, acting out their hollow A.I. programming. For that reason most of them cannot be awakened, and so most of them will not be awakened. It's like being trapped in a Hollywood slasher film or action film with rampaging Orc mercenaries and ghouls. The quantum computing power to program and project this fake, demonic extravaganza on a galactic or universal level is staggering. What we see and experience is but a false simulacrum of real reality, which certainly does exist though for the most part we don't presently see or feel it, because the presence of the false necessarily presupposes the existence of the real and genuine!

I was to Hollywood once, for a weekend, which in this modern era is one of the prime reinforcers and projectors of the fake and the false illusion(s). I said to myself: "So this is Hollywood." I intend never to return to that superficial, vapid, vacuous, CIA infested place.

That said, it is clear that we are in an artificially programmed reality. How it arose and how we got here are questions I don't presently have answers for. It may be that in all the world there are only about 200 million "real" people, and the rest are hollow automatons in human meat suits going through the motions of being human, without having a genuine human essence. That is why their thinking is so limited, so trite, so trivial, so superficial, so self-centered, so stunted, so dysfunctional, so unimaginative, so rigid, so conformist, so confined; they are simply reflecting the shallow, idiotic programming of the soulless A.I. Machine that inserted their non-player character persona into its mindless, rogue, artificially programmed holographic reality MATRIX.

It has taken me more than 60 years to fully grasp this and I'm still coming to grips with it. Now the question is how to rid myself of more than 60 years of the A.I. Machine programming to escape the A.I. Machine's holographic MATRIX trap. It's a large and highly sophisticated trap, true enough, but there must be ways out.

An idea: the only winning move is not to play, to be in the world but not of it. Now where have we heard that before?

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

As The USSA Spirals Down The Drain

Looking at the partial government shutdown in the USSA from a vantage point thousands of miles away, it is easy to see the current political-economic dysfunction in Washington, DC as one more mile marker on the road to collapse. Obviously things cannot continue as they are for much longer, and so they ineluctably will not!

The shutdown is now in the second month. Maybe it will end tomorrow, or next week, or maybe it will drag on for another couple of months, or six months, or maybe the government in Washington, DC will just fall apart like the Soviet Union did in 1991, and the USSA will splinter into a successor series of several different states, independent republics, semi-autonomous regions: Kingdom of Hawaii, Republic of Texas, Affiliated Pacific Northwestern States, Federated Territories and States of the Great Plains, Great Lakes Alliance, Confederated States of Dixie & Southern Appalachia, Navajo Nation, Sanctified Mormon Kingdom of the Latter Day Saints of the Great Basin, Ye Olde New England Confederation, The Great East Coast 40 Million Person Conurban-Megalopolis, and so forth.

Whatever happens next, you can be sure that the USSA and the world have crossed a boundary into new political and economic territory. Donald Trump is a wounded political animal. The USSA is a wounded beast. The people of the USSA are divided, confused, angry, bitter, exploited, tired and defeated.

We are looking at the end game. The USSA is turning downright vicious. Lamentably, things may deteriorate yet more as the collapse progresses.

The way I see it, Trump has been sent in as a human wrecking ball to deliver the coup de grâce to bring the entire false façade of the monstrosity that is the USSA crashing down.  His psychology, predilections, points of weakness and vulnerability,  and emotional hot buttons have all been scrutinized and mapped in great detail by those who pull his strings from behind the scenes.  And, brother, are they ever pulling his strings and pushing his buttons! There is much more to come, that's how it looks to me. We may still be in early days of this spectacle. From my perspective, the whole drama has long been schemed, plotted, charted and arranged to take place and Donald Trump is the anointed one, the chosen puppet, the fatuous, bloviating clown sent in to do the honors.

Oh, yes, Dear Reader, there is going to be a reset, and how! Get yourself ready, because what follows is on its way, as surely as night follows day.

The Trumpies don't get it! They are as oblivious as the Libtards. 

I know what I'm talking about. The next few years are going to be quite something for those who survive; and maybe almost everyone will, or maybe very large numbers of people will not. We'll know soon enough. In recent centuries, great economic and societal turmoil are often accompanied by major warfare. Maybe that will be true again, or maybe major warfare can be avoided this time around. Given the sort of world-busting, civilization-ending weaponry that is deployed by major military powers these days, I very much desire that major warfare can be avoided.

But rest assured that things will be changing greatly, indeed, the great changes have now begun. I get e-mail from a  lot of people, many of them in the USSA and the despair in their communications is palpable. Just today I heard from a woman, a career teacher, who has been egregiously raked over the coals in the collapsing educational system. She has had the last straw and is looking for the exit. She wants to leave the USSA and relocate to South America. I heard today from another reader who is also being raked over the coals in his profession and just wants to get the f*ck out of the USSA. With his permission I reproduce the salient part of his e-mail below. Read it and weep. It is a story that is being played out in millions of lives right now, all over the USSA.  This is a brutal take down of YOU, since the majority of my readers either live in the USSA or are expats who hold USSA passports. The e-mail follows in bold print.

I am going to get straight to the point.

My life has been destroyed by Corporate restructuring.

Job roles have changed and people's pay have been slashed.

The Corporation I work for took four of the part time hourly managers and demoted them to floor staff for $8.50 an hour.

Three of the five Associate Managers were demoted to "Team Leaders" in charge of Floor Staff for $10.25 an hour.

Two of the Associate Mangers were made into Assistant Mangers for $13.25 an hour.

I was one of the Full Time Associates Managers assigned to Film Administration making $19.51 and hour.

I was demoted to a "Team Leader" assigned to Floor Staff Operations making $10.25 an hour.

I am no longer able to do any computer work or have access to Management Offices.

All of my keys to the building have been taken from me.

I am no longer allowed to work on the Theatre Management System building and programming Feature Presentations.

There are no longer any "Merit" wage increases or "Cost of Living" increases.

One can only get a wage increase by moving higher up the ladder in Management to reduced wages positions.

I am expected to be available seven days a week for all shifts, so I am not allowed to work another part time job to supplement my income.

My pay cut becomes effective March 29, so that gives me just two months to try and find another job that I can survive on.

I will need to apply for early SSI Benefits, but that process takes a minimum of four months from the time one applies until the benefits are actually received.

We all were just informed of this 5 days ago.

I am looking at my personal life being totally destroyed, as I can not pay 60 percent of my bills now.

Welcome to the USSR!

This is happening across industries, across professions, all over the country. The amount of money cited by my reader is simply not enough for an adult to survive on in the modern day and age. It is simply not adequate to pay: taxes, utilities, transportation, insurance, rent or mortgage, clothing, sundries and toiletries, food, medical and dental care, and so forth. It is nowhere near adequate.

Say goodbye to the USSA because it is being systematically demolished before your very eyes. It's all coming down and hard. If we are fortunate there will not be major warfare along with the collapse. But it's over. The USSA is like the Titanic. It's going down. Find a life raft or life preserver and look to your own salvation and that of those who are close to you.  The government will not be helping you; on the contrary, the government and its policies have everything to do with your worsening plight.

I doubt that political reform is a possibility at this point. The system is too controlled and rigged for that.

And by the way, I don't believe that violence is a solution either. Those who are engineering the collapse are just waiting for you to violently lash out, so that they can mow you down with ruthless military and/or police force. 

History is full of armed revolutions, one of which laid the ground work for the hideous monstrosity of a system (the USSA) that is destroying so many people today, including a lot of people who are reading these words.

Ultimately, the answer to what ails humanity and the USSA is spiritual (not religious!).

Lower consciousness has brought us to this point. Lower consciousness definitely can and will keep us at this point.

Logically, higher consciousness is therefore the only way out.


Sunday, January 13, 2019

À Tè Corsica

Ghjè per à pena dì campà
Ch'elli si mettenu in penseri
Ch'elli si mettenu à marchjà
Mezu à le brame è l'addisperi

Quand'elli sò da mare in là
Anu li cori prigiuneri
Ma tù i sai fà vultà
Di tè quantu elli ne sò fieri

Gloria à tè

È per à pena di sperà
Falanu pieni li carrughji
Ti parlanu di libertà
Quante vittorie in li so mughji

È quand'elli mettenu à dì
Inseme listessu curagiu
Pè ciò chì ferma à custruì
Faci cun elli lu viaghju

Gloria à tè …