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Monday, February 1, 2021

Alternative Cooking Methods In The Event Of World War-III

Last year I signed up for the SSRF mailing list, the mystical group in India. They have advanced meditators and yogis in their group who have seen the upcoming WW-III in their mystical visions. They say that for karmic reasons it cannot be avoided; that a major, global conflict is coming that will involve a nuclear missile exchange. They estimate that 50% of the global population will be going bye-bye. That is, they believe that it is probable that in the next one to three years, four billion people will be traveling to other dimensions, because they won't be in this world anymore.

Today they sent me an article about cooking in the WW-III context (like when the lights go out and stay out). They're serious as a heart attack.

Survival guide – Alternative cooking methods in the event of World War 3

I won't say that the SSRF are wrong. I received a similar message in the mid-20th century. The Bone Lady laid a very serious, visionary, information download on me in 1958 that certainly made an impression on my little, three year-old mind. I've written about The Bone Lady i
n my blog before. She's nobody's fool. This terrible time has been coming for years, for decades, for centuries, for millennia, and now it's much closer than it was in 1958. Consider:

Russia Deploys Crimea Missile System As Three US Warships Enter Black Sea

The USSA Navy has just sent three destroyers armed with guided missiles into the Black Sea, which directly borders on Russia. It's a firm bet that the destroyers are nuclear armed. The Russians have responded by bolstering their military defenses in the Crimea. If the USSA Navy attacks Russian territory or strategic interests, such as the Russian naval base at Sevastopol for one example, the Russian military response will be swift and crushing. In recent years, Vladimir Putin has repeatedly, explicitly, publicly stated that if Russian soil or Russian interests are military attacked that the Russian military response will be rapid and massive.

I'm not a military man, but I understand his plain meaning. Obviously, the fools in the Pentagon do not, because they keep poking the Russian Bear. If the USSA military should be so foolish as to unleash missiles against Russian territory or Russian interests, the outbreak of WW-III will instantly follow. The Russians have ICBMs that can put nuclear warheads down on the mainland USSA within 30 minutes of launch. The Russian navy has ships and submarines on station in the North Atlantic that can strike targets on the mainland USSA within 15 minutes. The onset of war would be hypersonic and hyperviolent. 

About 75% of my blog readership is in the USSA. The SSRF believe that the upcoming WW-III will mostly be waged in the northern hemisphere. I concur that that is likely to be the case. The mainland USSA is full of military bases, many of which are very nearby, or even within, major urban areas. If the USSA militarily attacks Russia or China or North Korea, any and all of which are possible, then incoming nuclear ICBMs onto mainland USSA soil and targets are inevitable, within the hour. The speed and violence of it all will be mind numbing. Casualties will be immense. 

I did not at all hope for this sort of world at this stage of my life. On the contrary, in past years I went out on the nuclear missile silos in peaceful protest, again and again and again, to no avail. The USSA society at large, as well as the political and military leadership have willfully pursued a very warlike course.

So here we are in 2021, headed towards Hell on Earth. The SSRF write that so many people on this planet have such darkly negative karma that the devastating world war is inevitable. They expect a probable, nuclear missile exchange within the next two or three years. 

If so, an awful lot of people will be leaving this Earth realm, and going on to other places, other dimensions. They certainly won't be here anymore. That will include many readers of this blog.


I tell you what, enough with the grim news, how about some Haitian bachata from the Zorro Negro?


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