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Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Fake, Demonic, Meta-Reality Overlay In Which We Are Extensively Blanketed

A friend recently related to me that he was having brief hallucinations that kept periodically intruding on his everyday reality for a few minutes. Out of an abundance of caution, he had a neurological exam and nothing untoward turned up. 

He said that he was seeing an "atrocious" reality, an extensive demonic network that maintains a false, fabricated, fake reality in order to feed off of our human energies, vampire-like. 

I told him that in my opinion he should not fear that he is losing his mind, but that quite to the contrary, it sounds like, in fact,  he is on the verge of finding his mind. It sounds to me like he is starting to see the monstrous, demonic, meta-reality, artificial control structure, the fake control grid, the false executable program,  the diabolical veil that has been falsely inflicted on humanity and the Earth by darkly demonic powers and beings, to degrade and confuse humanity and destroy the living Earth.

In my view, my friend, and growing numbers of other people, are starting to see through the demonic control structure and actually glimpse the ghastly, hideous entities that lie behind, manipulating this reality to their debased, fiendish ends and ghoulishly feeding off of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies for their own vile purposes.

More and more people are starting to see beyond the veil, each person in their own way, according to their own understanding, and are beginning to directly observe the gruesome horror show in all its ghastliness. That's the "hacked" meta-reality overlaying this Earth realm; it's an intrusive, reality hacking program, or reality hijacking program, an all-concealing blanket of complex, deviously interwoven deception, lies, illusions, exploitation, abuse, degradation, torture, slavery, war, slaughter, destruction, crime, corruption, and more. It's thoroughly disgusting. 

This Earth realm that we have been born into, or falsely inserted or programmed into, is the grand, false hallucination. 

Nothing is as it seems.

This is what ayahuasca has been showing me, again and again, ever since I first drank it in November of 2010. And I cannot keep from reflexively projectile vomiting, hurling and spewing at the sheer hideousness of it all. What has been falsely imposed on us is repulsive and grotesque beyond the power of words to describe.

My Own Recurring Dream

I have not been having any so-called "hallucinations," but what my friend recounted to me nevertheless prompted me to recall a clear dream that I have twice recently had. It's the same dream, a clear dream, and both times of exactly the same thing.

As my long-time readers know, in the last week of 2012 I was almost killed by the Amazonian shaman from whom I was learning and with whom I was staying in the eastern, jungle region of Ecuador. I was subsequently hospitalized for more than 4 months in the public hospitals in Ecuador.

The peculiar thing is that, as I have said, I have recently twice dreamed the same very clear dream: that the hospital in which I spent more than three months here in Quito, which physically exists and is well known, is in actuality a Total Recall-like reality cover to conceal the actual hospital I was really in, which [at least in the dream(s)] is also here in a Quito neighborhood, but that the entire reality that I know as "Quito" and everything that happened to me in the Ecuadorean Amazon and in the *hospital* here in Quito, is an extremely elaborate ruse that exceeds the special effects, props and casting of any big budget, Hollywood feature film, by multiple orders of magnitude..

In other words, the purport of the peculiar dream(s) is that I am immersed in the Mother of All Mind Fu*ks, for unknown purposes and to an unknown extent, and that a huge mental-social-medical-legal-shamanic scam has been run on me. If so, why?

It seems unbelievable, preposterous, way too fantastic to be true, and yet that is what ayahuasca keeps showing me: it's all fake; it's all false; all of this so-called "reality" in which we are immersed is faker and falser than can be believed. Its fakeness is unimaginable, by intentional, overwhelming design.

So what is really real?

This is a peculiar development that I did not anticipate, which raises no end of questions. The most obvious one is: just who or what is the shaman/brujo and what is his role in all of this? Have I ventured off into a false, parallel reality that has hacked or hijacked *real* reality? Have we all?  I saw some E.T.s in my time in the Amazon -- are they in on it? Are they in cahoots with the shaman/brujo? There were some USSA Army officers who came to the shaman's place while I was there, in the months before he almost killed me. Are the USSA Army officers part of this scenario? If so, what is their role?  I was telephoned in the hospital by the USSA Embassy immediately after I had been hospitalized in the Amazon to ask how they could "help" me. Is the USSA State Department part of it? I subsequently interacted with a whole slew of attorneys, doctors, prosecutors, police officers, judges, investigators, politicians, shamans, and many other sundry people, many of whom I now have questions about.

How do they all fit in to it? What did I stumble into? What alarm bells did I ring? What does it all mean?

I used to think that I knew how the world worked and what was going on. Those illusions are now rapidly receding into the distance in life's rear view mirror.

I see tourists who come to South America to spend a few days in the Amazon. For the most part, they have absolutely no clue what the Amazon really is, or Quito for that matter!! And at this point, I have many questions about the Amazon and Quito myself.

I would add in closing that I have been vibrating, virtually on a daily basis, for more than a year and a half now. Sometimes the vibrations can be quite strong and vigorous; sometimes they are very smooth and gentle. They move around to different parts of the body, and come and go, never hurting or causing even the slightest pain or discomfort. I couldn't tell you what the vibrations mean, though they are real enough. Perhaps there is going to be a reality phase change of sorts, and I am persistently synchronizing with what is coming? I don't know, but it occurs to me to consider the possibility.

And by the way, dear reader, not to be rude or offensive, because that is not my intent, but who are you, beyond an online persona whom I have never encountered face to face? What is the depth and extent of your reality?

Any comments or feedback? Vibrations? Visions? Dreams?

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