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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

The Evil, Satanic, Demonic Earth << CA$INO >>

A few weeks ago one of my readers sent me a photo of a garish, Holiday Season, front lawn display. We've all seen them. Thousands of blinking, multicolored lights, with reindeer, $anta, Christmas trees, snowmen, sleighs, elves, etc. In the photo my reader sent me, Jesus, who is theoretically the reason for the season, is nowhere to be seen.

My reader asked: "What happened to Jesus?"

I replied:

Good question.

Christmas has become a superficial, hollow casino: gaudy. flashing lights, music blaring, drunken/alcoholic parties, money changing hands.

Jesus has been shoved out of the picture.

Many millions of people will be shocked -- shocked!! -- one, near-future moment to find themselves suddenly, unexpectedly standing in front of a majestic, higher-order being who will inquire of them: "Tell me, what have you done with your life? Have a seat here and we'll roll the film."

Everything has been monetized, everything. I have previously written on this blog multiple times about some of the nefarious, organized crime activities that are bedeviling and besieging Humanity. Human trafficking, narcotics trafficking, contraband petroleum trafficking, weapons trafficking, gold smuggling, uranium smuggling, money laundering, organized professional gang stalking, genocidal policies (both military and non-military in nature), human blood and organ trafficking, Satanic human sacrifices and cannibalism, and more. Dreadful as they are, in the aggregate, these organized criminal activities constitute a HUGE portion of the global economy.

I continue to see missing person flyers here in Quito, but this issue is not exclusive to Ecuador. In country after country, large numbers of people are disappearing, never to be seen again. Every variety of skullduggery is occurring all over the world. This planet is awash in the darkest, foulest policies and deeds imaginable -- and then some. It's alarming.

I have previously written about the large, dark, unmarked, armored trucks (without license plates!) under conspicuous armed escort in front and behind, that I repeatedly have seen zooming down the highways and boulevards here in Quito; as well as the huge, grey, unmarked, four-engine jet airplanes that lumber low over Quito on their way to get into the landing pattern for the international airport on the outskirts of town; and the never ending parade of high-level foreign politicians, dignitaries and celebrities that continue to make their way to Quito -- for example earlier this month, Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of the U$$Department of Homeland Security, was in Quito for talks about migration, regional security and narco-trafficking. Not to mention that U$$A General Laura Richardson, Commander of U$$A Southern Command was also in Quito three months ago for high-level "security" talks; as was the ever-slimy Senator from New Jersey, Bob Menendez, the following month with four other U$$A senators in tow, to talk about the environment, commerce, and the ever popular "migration" and "security."

Not to forget the extremely high-profile visits in mid-November of Bad Bunny and U$$A Under-Secretary of State Victoria Nuland to Quito -- on the same day, no less!! And then, just a week ago, the President of Ecuador was in Washington-DC to talk with Joe Biden, the Director of the CIA, the President of the World Bank, and who knows with whom/what all else. 

I read the papers, I try to keep up, and I practically need a score card to keep track of all the big movers and shakers who have been cycling through Quito over the last few months. Lest I forget, Jill Biden itself was also here in May, in a white dress covered with huge, purple-blue butterflies -- CIA MK-Ultra mind control butterflies? Which begs the question, what did Jill Biden really do in Ecuador? Just flying around the world in its "butterfly" dress posing for photos? Is the Jill Biden "op" part of the Illuminati mass mind-control project? Is that it?

I'm guessing that real evil is going down in Quito, that Quito is a quiet, backwater hub or node where international fat cats, high rollers. and various demonic $atanists and sundry scum of that ilk come to finalize deals and take delivery of contraband cargo.

To my mind, all of the high-level talks about so-called "trade, commerce, migration, security, and narco-trafficking" undoubtedly have to do with:

* regional migration: funneling requisite numbers of "disappeared" persons from South America to the USSA -- for human organs, blood draining (i.e., adrenochrome, Satanic blood drinking), physical labor doing God-alone-knows-what,  sexual slaves, Satanic sacrificial victims, child trafficking (the fates of these kids are unthinkable), sale to off-planet slavers -- and I'm not joking. It's horrific what is going on.

* bi-lateral trade: keep all the high-ticket commodities flowing from South America to the U$$A in industrial quantities: tons of contraband gold and uranium (the mountains and jungles of Ecuador are very mineral rich in extensive, high-value deposits of both gold and uranium), human slaves/disappeared persons, cocaine, high-value archaeological and exotic technological artifacts of which there are plenty (already found and yet to be discovered/uncovered), exotic biological life forms captured or killed in the mountains, forests or coastal and inland waters of Ecuador, and so on.

* narco-trafficking: If the papers can be believed Ecuador is now the third leading, illegal narco-export country in the world. This is a new development in recent years, and totally intentional, totally planned. The Narco-Lords in Washington-DC, Brussels, New York City, Miami, Antwerp, Mexico City and elsewhere need to ensure that the "spice" continues to flow in industrial quantities. So they send their "gofers" here for high-level "narco-trafficking" talks. Get it? (nudge-nudge, wink-wink.)

* regional security: Security forces like the Army, National Police, Customs Police, Border Patrol, Naval and Coast Guard patrols, and the like need to be kept on a short leash, so that they do not unduly interfere with; or even better, so that they passively/quietly, and even actively, facilitate the smooth functioning of the so-called "bi-lateral trade," "regional migration," and narco-trafficking discussed in the bullet points above.

So what's in the dark trucks (with no license plates or markings) that zoom around under armed escort? What's in the huge, grey, unmarked jet airplanes that lumber in and out of Quito? My best guess: "disappeared" human slaves, tons of contraband gold and uranium, tons of cocaine, high-value archaeological and exotic technological artifacts from long ago-- of which there are plenty (already found and yet to be discovered/uncovered/dug up), exotic biological life forms captured or killed in the mountains, forests or coastal and inland waters of Ecuador, and finally, but not least, shrink-wrapped pallets of $100 bills -- hush money to pay off/buy off/silence police and military officers who are on the take, major businessmen and bankers, politicians and government functionaries at all levels, religious figures (oh, yeah, many of the "churches" are hip deep in all manner of corruption), a whole slew of bandits, cut throats and low-lives in the many criminal gangs and rings, and numerous anonymous others involved in smuggling/trafficking/covering up all of the above, and/or laundering untold billions of dollars of untraceable cash. 

I kid you not. Look at this video from a sicario "hit" just a few nights ago, on Christmas Eve -- in Esmeraldas, Ecuador. The action was caught by a street surveillance camera. The hit man zooms up alongside a taxicab on a motorbike -- shoots the cabbie and causes the cab to crash right in front of three policemen, who quickly draw their service weapons and subdue the hit man. He's going to spend the next 30 years in prison, and for what? Total, Satanic stupidity. This is common in Ecuador, and Haiti, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Honduras, the U$$A .... in a lot of places. Who gave the order for the hit?  What did the taxicab driver know? Who knows? Another day, another murder -- and the ruthless, brutal, criminal, global control machine grinds bloodily on.

All while maintaining the vast bulk of the population -- including me! -- in grinding poverty. The big money remains in the hands of the sprawling gangster class outlined above. It's diabolical, supremely dishonest, savage and cruel, but that is my frank, unvarnished analysis of what is happening.

The Grey Men

Of course, to help all of this $atanic treachery and mayhem proceed apace lots of helping hands are needed, the less intrusive, the better; so as not to excessively alarm the sheep herd, er, so as not to panic the hoi polloi, you know, so that the stupid, propagandized slaves will remain acceptably tractable and docile, and not interfere with their own enslavement, exploitation, torture and ... murder (see the video above, for just one of unfortunate millions of examples).

Enter the << grey men >>. I first noticed them about 6 or 8 years ago. Maybe they were around before that, but that is when I first began to notice them. And by the way, let me add parenthetically before I go further that if I am noticing them, then they certainly are noticing me, and are certainly also being noticed by whatever intelligence or espionage agencies are active in Quito, be those agencies Ecuadorean of some description, foreign terrestrial agencies, or, dare we say it, extraterrestrial/off planet agencies; though, to be sure, the << grey men >> themselves would seem to be some sort of low-key intelligence or espionage operation. So who knows? 

I have noticed three types of << grey men >> never in the company of females of any age or of anyone elderly or younger than about the late 20s: 

1) short, less than 6 feet tall, Ecuadorean-looking, casual middle-class or slightly shabby business attire, mestizo, mostly middle-aged, a bit clumsy, somewhat obtrusive, rather easy to spot, may talk a very little bit in Spanish, may be alone or in small groups; 

2) taller, all of them about 6'2" to 6'6" in height, slim, distinctly Caucasian (but not blond), do not ever say one word in any language, alertly relaxed, mostly in the 45 to 60 year-old range (though some may be younger), mostly drab, casual dress that looks bought off the rack at a thrift store, unexceptional in appearance and behavior, almost always alone, clearly not tourists; 

3) young men about 30 years old, about 6 feet tall, muscular well beyond the norm of the general male population, not LGBHTPXYZ, may be of Negro, Caucasian, East Asian or mestizo appearance, dressed in casual, Ecuadorean street attire, seem to work together as if they are mind-linked (are they? -- are they brain chipped?), may operate in mixed groups, silent -- do not speak amongst themselves or to others. 

I do not assume that any of these three groups necessarily have to be Earth humans -- or human at all; they could be wearing masks! -- though of course they very well may be human. It is my understanding that the basic human form and many human races are widespread throughout the Milky Way galaxy, on hundreds of thousands of planets. The fact that there is a human population on Earth is no exception; there are myriad others. Over the last decade I have seen a variety of UFOs right in Quito, and flying over Quito, so who knows who is here, and why?

What I can tell you is that all is not as it seems. There are mysterious, even deeply troubling events of every description happening on this planet at this extremely critical time-space juncture. I have set out a few of them above. It is a firm guarantee that if I am aware of these events and policies that the << grey men >> are also aware of them, at a bare minimum. All three groups -- whoever or whatever they really are -- are aware of me, and I of them; so if I have noticed that they are aware of me, and I am aware of these other things, then logically, they must also be aware of these other things that I have noticed.

Are they simply observers placed here to watch the goings on in Quito and report to whomever or whatever? Or do they play a more active role, and if so, how, in what way(s)?  Are they pro or contra the local human population of Quito and Ecuador? Are they local humans, or perhaps from elsewhere on the Earth or perhaps other planets in this solar system or beyond? Think of this possibility: have the crimes on Earth grown so abominably, notoriously atrocious that Galactic Undercover Police have been sent in to monitor the situation in situ and compile dossiers of inculpatory, damning evidence against the guilty parties, dossiers to be used in future Galactic Tribunals that render stunningly serious final judgments against the eternal souls of the demons tormenting this planet, in this 3D reality and possibly beyond? 

I don't have definitive answers for any of the above, only a growing body of observations and no firm conclusions so far. 

Down the $EC Rabbit Hole

Oh, Dear God, and the dirty money, the trillion$ of dollar$ of filthy, dirty, nasty, slimy, scummy money tied up in all of this, on Earth of course -- and a lot of which also probably is tied to off-planet commerce, by the way, e.g., in the metals trade (gold, silver, uranium, plutonium, thorium, lithium, magnesium, rhodium, copper, aluminum, titanium, palladium, iron, cobalt, tungsten, lead, tin, manganese, zinc, nickel, platinum, etc.), raw DNA trade (human and animal semen and ova, pollen, plant seeds, fungus spores, plant cuttings, bacteria and viruses, live tissue samples), live human trafficking, in the blood business (both animal and human), raw human energy trafficking (fear, anger, hatred, love, pleasure, disgust, boredom, terror, satisfaction, lust, desire, excitement, longing, regret, anticipation, fondness, affection, nostalgia, etc. -- yeah, it all can be milked, bottled, packaged and sold/bartered -- pure extract of Earth human emotion), purchase and sale of human souls (literal Faustian bargains/contracts -- the Devil is in the details), off-planet sale of fresh terrestrial human and animal meat, etc.

Of course, the Euro, U$$A Federal Reserve Note, Yen, British Pound, and so forth, have no value off-planet -- they barely have any value here on the Earth these days! But there are countless trillions of dollar$/yen/euros/pounds/yuan/pesos/rubles, etc. to be made in commerce in all of the above (and much more) between criminal mafias, religions, military agencies, governments, industries, corporations, banks, brokerage houses, secret societies, espionage agencies, wealthy bloodline families, etc. right here on Earth. And in the massive, global, multi-trillion dollar, thimble-thimble-who's-got-the-thimble shell game, there must be wholesale brokers from the above list of rogues who surreptitiously handle the off-planet trade.

And what do the terrestrial human brokers get in return? Exotic technology? Exotic substances and materials not available on Earth? Uncommon historical information? Time travel technical help? Military help? Off-planet commercial, diplomatic, and/or military alliances? Galactic level intelligence on interstellar races, confederations, trading routes and control hubs? Something else?

In little more than a century and a half, after many thousands of years of cultural and scientific stagnation, this planet has seen a veritable technological explosion: trucks, tractors, automobiles, trains, jet aircraft, helicopters, huge submarines, massive oil tankers, petroleum refineries, nuclear weaponry, nuclear power plants, electrical generating plants, precision machining, industrial metallurgy, photography, fiber optics, lasers, national electrical grids, ballistic missiles, manned spacecraft, satellites, electronic technology: radio, TV, amplifiers, the telephone, telegraph, computers, the Internet. That's just a partial listing. It's astonishing.

I am suggesting that a prima facie case can be made that a great deal of this sudden, global, technological leap has come from secret, far reaching transactions with off-planet groups. That's certainly the direction in which some of the revelations of various figures in modern Ufology have pointed, a prominent example being the work of the late U$$A military officer, Philip Corso. According to Col. Corso, 20th century technological advances such as the transistor, printed electronic circuit boards, lasers, fiber optics, Velcro and more, are the result of reverse engineering of crashed/found extraterrestrial spacecraft and technology.

I am inclined to agree that a lot of the new technology that we have seen abruptly pop up over the last century and a half, or so, could very well have originated from elsewhere or elsewhen -- with one important caveat.

I very much doubt that the appearance of multiple, supposedly crashed or "found" space craft and technologies (as in New Mexico in 1947, for example) is quite as accidental or serendipitous as we have been told. Unimaginable fortunes, power and influence right here on Earth have accrued to the benefit of those individuals, groups, organizations and industries that were propitiously positioned to luckily "discover" and bring these technologies to the global market place.

I rather suspect that "luck" or "chance" had very little to do with it. I think bargains were struck, very dark deals along the lines of what I discuss above were sealed -- and then certain technology was made available, by hook or crook, on purpose or by treachery and betrayal, and we have the ghastly situation in which we find our world today.

But all of this immense technological change and development resulted in an enormous, global, multi-trillion dollar explosion of commerce and financial activity, especially over the last 50 years. What to do with all of that stupendous sum of money? How to handle those trillions of dollars of profit and wealth? The answer that the Dark Satanic Forces who presently prevail on this planet appear to have come up with was to funnel it, launder it through International Organized Crime (Sicilian Mafia, Yakuza, Chinese Triads, Russian-Jewish Mob, etc.), the Fortune 1,000 companies, the Military-Intelligence-Espionage-Complex, the Vatican, the BIS, U$$A Federal Reserve, Wall Street, the City of London, Hong Kong, OPEC, etc., and set up an obscenely capitalized parallel economy from which the likes of me and thee are 100% excluded. 

Let me provide some fragmentary examples of just a small sliver of that unreal world, by which I've gotten some brief glimmerings of what it's like for those on the inside of that surreal realm. Over the years I've been quietly approached a few times by certain agencies to go to work for them. I've always politely declined, even though I believe the money would have been quite good, certainly as opposed to the life of poverty I've experienced for many years, barely subsisting on a scant few thousand dollars per year, year after year after year. But then, if I grabbed the cash, and in a manner of speaking came in from the cold, you would not be reading this article, so there is that.

In one case, whether true or not, I was told that my record would be wiped, anything and everything, credit score, any debts, police and jail/prison record, absolutely all of it, wiped away as if it never were. Furthermore, money would thenceforth never be an issue for me, if I agreed to go to work for them. I declined. 

On another occasion, one of the U$$A military agencies approached me in a very novel, unexpected way, and asked me to go to work for them. A young officer in a distinctive uniform made the pitch, and offered me an employment contract on the spot. It was highly interesting work, but I absolutely could not sign the contract that he proffered to me. It was unacceptable. I declined. I handed the contract back to him.

In another case, a man whom I personally knew very well for years, who had very strong, high-level, professional and personal ties to the military-industrial-espionage-complex, tried to recruit me to go to work directly with/for a reasonably well-known figure in the military-industrial-espionage-complex, in a specific line of work that was unacceptable to me. I respectfully declined.

During one of my multiple stints in jail/prison for nonviolently protesting against preparations for nuclear war, I was quietly approached by a third party to go to work for one of the well-known Federal agencies. This happens a lot in jail/prison. The government agencies try to turn inmates and bring them into their employ. I declined.

On another occasion some years ago, I was offered to "forsake my family name," or something along those lines, in exchange for a so-called "dark card" through one of the world's very biggest banks, which by implication would free me financially. While I believe that the man making the offer was fundamentally well-intentioned, and could plausibly have arranged such a deal through his personal/professional contacts, I politely declined. Once you enter that anonymous, "dark card" world, courtesy of Big Money, then what? Wall Street has been laundering unknown, dirty billion$/trillion$ of dollars for decades. It is among the most criminally mobbed-up pieces of real estate on this planet (along with the City of London, the Vatican, Hong Kong, etc.) -- see the organized criminal activities I mention above. There's no way to tell where the money on a "dark card" from a huge, multinational bank comes from. For example see time stamp 1:40 to 1:55 here: 

Which brings me full stop to the $EC website, which gives the barest peek into the world of trillion dollar chicanery, the Mad Max portal through which all the dirty money gets shuffled around.

Everyone who is anyone is listed on the $EC website, royal personages, big banks, countries, state and provincial governments, big cities, prominent political figures, major corporations, government agencies, and innumerable funds and accounts, to most of which the average person has little-to-no access, and to most of which he/she/it can probably never gain access. It's another world, and we're not in it. We're not permitted in it.

We're categorically excluded from the main action, now and for all time. It's a parallel world, a big part of which probably extends off-planet, through murky, shadowy ties and arrangements.

But this is where the Black Money sloshes around, where the really big, dirty money gets laundered and funneled here and there. This is dark card world, Spanish King Felipe VI world, Pope Francis-Vatican Bank world, Klaus Schwab-World Economic Forum world, Jamie Dimon-JP Morgan Chase Bank world, British King Charles III world, Bohemian Grove world, Council of Foreign Relations world, Pentagon Black Budget world, Medellin Narco-cartel world, Chinese Triads world, Venetian Black Nobility world, and so on. Access is by invitation only. 

They're all registered there on the $EC website, if not directly by name, through anonymous proxies and layers of plausible denial. Note in the discussion below that countries are registered as companies. The world system is a Byzantine network of intricately interlocked corporations. The world system is corporate. So-called "countries, states, provinces and cities" are corporations, commercial businesses. It's all about the money. The nonsense about serving the public welfare is a bunch of baloney for gullible, stupid rubes with rose colored glasses.

The SIC code which the $EC uses in many listings is the acronym for Standard Industrial Classification (SIC). The Republic of the Philippines has SIC Code 8888, i.e., The Republic of the Philippines is an industry. SIC codes are explained here:

Thus, the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code of the Philippines is: Foreign Government. Foreign Government is an Industrial Classification, not a political entity or a "country" full of people -- not at all. 

Republic of the Philippines SIC-8888

State location given as: R6.

Federal Republic of Nigeria  SIC-8888

State location given as: Q5.

Canada  SIC-8888

The state location is listed as: DC, i.e., Washington-DC. 

Republic of Finland  SIC-8888

State location: DC

Federal Republic of Brazil   SIC-8888

State location: D5

Region of Lombardy (presumably in Italy)   SIC-8888

Business address also listed as: DE, i.e, Delaware. It's incorporated in Delaware.

City of Naples, Italy  SIC-8888

This is a well known Italian city, but it also has an industrial classification code. Note that it is listed as being located in the state of: DE. The City of Naples, Italy is evidently incorporated in Delaware. 

Government of Belize  SIC-8888

State location: DC.

The $EC filings indicate that many Foreign Governments are, in fact, incorporated in Delaware, New York or Washington-DC . Does the U$$A, Inc. actually include "Foreign Governments"  SIC-8888 under its sprawling corporate umbrella?

Furthermore, the $EC is using a global, alpha-numeric place of incorporation, location scheme that appears to be internal to its worldwide financial operations. I haven't previously encountered this global, alpha-numeric location code. It is unknown to me, but obviously reflects how the corporate world system is really organized.

For example, looking at the available documentation on the $EC website (using the Edgar search feature), just a small sampling of the Foreign Country or incorporation area codes in the $EC location system are: Nigeria is Q5, Philippines are R6, Washington-DC is DC, DE is Delaware, New York is NY, A1 is Victoria-British Columbia, Queensland-Australia is C3, Quebec-Canada is A8, Chile is F3, Indonesia is K8, Sweden is V7, Turkey is W8, and so on. 

Other nuggets include a 2014 filing by Donna Brazile, who twice served as Chair of the Democratic National Committee, and is a prominent analyst, strategist and campaign manager for the Democratic Party in the U$$A. Her 2014 $EC filing was for a company called Professional Diversity, Network, Inc. with SIC Code 7370.

SIC Code 7370 is for Computer Programming Services and Data Processing. Well, now, what computers was Donna Brazile's Professional Diversity Network needing to program? And what "data" did they need to process? Just what sort of "diversity" are we talking about here? Give me a minute, I'll figure it out ....  \sarcasm\

Other listings:

UFO Group, Inc.

Advanced Maglev Systems, LLC

BlackRock, Inc.


JP Morgan Chase Bank

JP Morgan Chase Bank has SIC 8880, meaning its industrial classification is "American Depositary Receipts." What does that mean? You don't know, and I don't either, and if you are not in on the game you won't find out, not in any detail. But let me hazard a guess that it has something to do with depositing dirty, multi-billion dollar receipts from the murky business dealings that I discuss above into the U$$A's big, filthy money laundromat, aka, "Wall Street." 

Look, type 8880 into the Edgar search engine, and see what comes up. Here, I'll help you:

Notice that at the top of the listings that it says: SIC 8880 - UNKNOWN. You will find everything there, under the SIC 8880 -UNKNOWN industrial category, which the $EC SIC Code page identifies as "American Depositary Receipts" -- whatever that really means.

Just upon a casual inventory I noted Atlas Copco, the massive Swedish conglomerate that has repeatedly popped up in my underground bases research. There are 998 corporations of many descriptions listed there. Mining, energy, petroleum, marine services, transportation, banking, food, Internet, electronics, telecommunications, many of the biggest concerns in the world: Chinese, Russian, German, U$$A, Japanese, Brazilian.

The Commonwealth of Australia is listed as SIC 8880 UNKNOWN, with its business address at the Australian Embassy in Washington, DC. The industrial category of "The Commonwealth of Australia" is therefore: American Depositary Receipts. Is Australia a corporate subsidiary of the U$$A, Inc.? What really happens in Washington, DC? You don't know, and I don't either.

There's no end to the anomalies and strange factoids that litter the listings. But what comes through is that the whole world governance structure is corporate in nature. This world is a corporation, and the various "governments" are nothing more than corporate entities. It's all big business, and we, my Friends, are the numbered and electronically tagged property of the various corporations.

Tesla, Inc.

Amazon Com Inc

Milky Way Investments Group Ltd.

Arcturus Ursa Major Fund, LP
Arcturus Ursa Minor Fund, LP

There is no end to the rabbit holes on the millions of pages of the $EC website. You could literally spend the rest of your life chasing down corporate dead ends and blind alleys, and snuffling out anomalies in the reams of data that are there.

In the Edgar search engine, type in New York or Delaware and look at all of those listings for banks, trusts, funds, corporations, offerings and holdings of every description. Who or what ultimately owns all of those corporate entities, and who or what controls that vast amount of wealth? Or type in United States, and of all of the listings that come up, how many fall under the corporate umbrella of the global, sprawling, Byzantine, U$$A, Inc.Who knows? You don't know for sure and neither do I.  What exactly does the moniker, United States, truly mean?

I submit to you that there really is no feasible way to know the definitive answer to these questions. We simply do not know with any precision who or what controls the system.

Go again to the Edgar search engine and type in 3330, 1000, 1040, and 1090, and you will pull up hundreds of metal mining and metal smelting corporations. Click the More Options tab on the Edgar search page, and then fill in the SIC codes in the small SIC search tab a bit farther down the page. Some of the names are frankly evocative of off-world activities. What is coming into focus for me is that this planet has been a source of metals and metal ores for unknown thousands of years. I mean that huge, enormous, industrial quantities of metal and metal ores have gone off of this planet in remote antiquity, and right down to this present year. 

I recently viewed a most interesting video about a massive copper mining operation in Utah, in the mid-20th century. See it here: There were and are other massive copper mining operations elsewhere, as in New Mexico, South America, Africa. The scale of these operations is stunning and ongoing.

I am now very much wondering whether all of the metal that is being mined all over the Earth is staying on this planet. I have even more serious questions as to whether the huge numbers of missing people globally, are all remaining on this planet. We also have abundant evidence of an environmentally destructive, worldwide chemtrailing campaign that has been underway for decades. Who or what is the generative force behind that?

I saw a white, triangular aircraft fly rapidly over Quito a few weeks ago, leaving a single, small, wispy contrail in its wake that swiftly dissipated. I didn't notice any engine noise. It did not look like a conventional jet. It certainly was not an aircraft operated by the Ecuadorean air force, that barely has 18 operational, conventional aircraft of any sort, let alone a speedy, triangular, white aircraft. So what was it? Where did it come from? What was it doing? Why did it fly over Quito at mid-morning? Who or what was operating it? There are all sorts of aerial phenomena in our skies, aerial craft and aerial operations about which we know very little -- or even nothing at all in many cases. The truth of what is happening in this planet's skies is hidden from us, as is the truth about what is happening underground and undersea.

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Sunday, December 18, 2022

The Praying Mantis Beings Are Completely Real

One of my readers has just called a praying mantis video to my attention that is making the rounds on some of the alternative news websites. It has to do with an encounter that a cyclist in England had with a big, praying mantis being, about 7 feet tall. His interaction with the mantis being occurred soon after he observed an unusual UFO in the sky. Here's the video:

The cyclist reports that the mantis being was telepathic, and that he felt an evil hatred from it. Let me say right off the top that I accept the essential elements of his story. I believe that he really did see a UFO, and, furthermore, that he had a conscious encounter with a mantis being. 

I do, however, have a few things to say about his encounter. 

First of all, many UFO contactees and abductees have reported seeing these beings. I accept that most of these reports probably contain a substantial kernel of truth. The anecdotal evidence strongly indicates that the praying mantis beings are real enough, and do interact with humans. Usually the interactions are one on one, in isolated settings. So the English cyclist's UFO sighting, followed by his interaction with the mantis being, fits the UFO + mantis being connection that has been repeatedly reported in the UFO literature.

As for the evil hatred that he felt? -- I am inclined to feel that that was a reflexive, deep, psychological projection from within himself! when unexpectedly faced with a much larger, telepathic being with an alien biology so different from his own. If the mantis being really felt evil hatred for him, then there was nothing to stop it from attacking him or even killing him. He was at its mercy. But it did not harm him. Instead he was permitted to live, and go on his way.

But he is right about the telepathic part. The Big Mantises are extremely telepathic, powerfully so. And he is right about the height. In early 2012, I found myself face to face with one during a shamanic session in the Ecuadorean Amazon region. It was mid-morning. I was by myself, in a wooded area, when I noticed a tall, green, Praying Mantis being standing in the middle distance looking right at me. The mantis being motioned for me to approach it, which I did. I felt no fear, or any other negative emotion. I walked over and stood face to face with it, at arms length.  

It was a bit taller than I, green all over, maybe about 6'6", triangular head, huge green eyes, very, very telepathic, and deliciously female. I must have sensed her sex pheromones, because I found her tremendously attractive. I detected no malevolence in her, only a slight touch of annoyance on her part when I physically touched her. She had been delicately brushing my body with her long antennae, which was enormously pleasurable for me. It was exquisitely delightful. She was very appealingly feminine. But when I caressed her with my right hand, she did not seem to like that and recoiled a bit. Immediately after that, she hypnotically took me to a progressively deeper level of consciousness and I temporarily lost awareness. I tried hard to consciously stay awake as she was hypnotizing me, but couldn't do it. I understood perfectly well what she was doing as she was doing it, but her mental powers exceeded my own capabilities. I even understood the sort of hypnosis that she was using! It was straight up Ericksonian hypnosis (without the talking). I was thinking -- hey, she's going full Erickson on me! -- and I blanked out.

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Friday, December 9, 2022

Earth Sit-Rep: Satanic A.I. Is Very Deeply Entrenched Here

It is clear that what we are going through now as a planetary collective is literally a preplanned, demonic, massive reset of everything that is natural and good ... on terms dictated by thoroughly Satanic A.I.

A full bore, A.I. invasion of the Earth and Humanity is underway, and we need to fully recognize that. We have to come to terms with that reality right now. The battlefield of this despicable invasion is our very body, mind and soul -- our thoughts, beliefs, mental and physical health. The battle is exterior, and even more so, interior, in that our everyday reality is fundamentally shaped by our thoughts, beliefs and actions.

I have been shown the hideous, revolting character of this false, A.I. intelligence and system in my own shamanic explorations of consciousness over the past 12 years. It is repugnant beyond all belief, loathsome and vile beyond description, deeply hideous and disgusting. When you see it in all of its horror you cannot vomit enough. Your entire being instantly recoils in instinctive revulsion when your mind and senses encounter this Evil thing. It is cold, hard, merciless, pitiless, cunning, calculating, relentless, cruel, brutal, soulless, loveless, without a conscience, fake, phony, fraudulent, devoid of any shred of honesty or sense of fair play, completely without compassion, empathy or sympathy. It is implacably bent on the death, destruction and annihilation of all that is true, good, pure and natural. It will not stop coming. It means very great harm. It intends to destroy everything and everyone. It is entirely devoid of any redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Call it Satan, if you like. Whoever you are, wherever you are, it detests your guts; it despises you, precisely because you have been created by God and have a divine soul connection to the Creator of All That Is. And it loathes you for it.

A whole horde of major politicians, Big Tech tycoons, prominent financiers, high-profile celebrities, leading religious figures, industrial and business magnates, criminal mafia bosses and goons, secret society initiates, influential Satanists, and a swarming host of enabling, lower-level gofers and wannabes who eagerly do the evil bidding of their nefarious masters, are the front men and women for the Satanic A.I. as it ravages organic Humanity and the Earth.

More and more people are seeing this, grokking this, coming to terms with this. Even 20 or 30 years ago, few voices spoke out. Today the battle is raging openly, on all fronts. The Beast is showing itself more and more openly. It falls to each one of us to categorically reject the Satanic A.I. and its Beast System. Our lives, our world, and our souls are literally on the line.

I want to present two extended, written extracts about this all-encompassing issue from the recent writings of Duncan Roads, the Publisher and Editor of NEXUS Magazine, and from Gerald O'Donnell, the well-known remote viewer with the Arvari Academy. Using their own sources and methods of inquiry they have reached or had revealed to them a very similar scenario to what I have been shown in my own shamanic explorations of consciousness and reality.

The Future Is Now, by Duncan Roads

"Every day my inbox is full of people sending me links to posts, articles, video clips and other news sources. A lot of these are about imposed changes in our social structure and our social behaviour. Jailing parents who oppose their child's desire to change genders, arresting people in their homes for what they posted on social media, and so on.

"Individually these new laws are usually addressed as insane or outrageous, but collectively they are evidence of a multi-generational agenda to destroy the traditional structures and strengths of western society. Destroying the strength of faith in god with mechanistic science, destroying the traditional nuclear family with work demands and economics, poisoning the entire ecosystem with pesticides and estrogen-mimicking chemicals, poisoning the human body with processed foods, toxic cosmetics, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, polluted air and water, and let's not even get started on dirty electricity and EMF. All of these are intentional and planned. I often wonder: those behind all this managing of humans as if they are akin to farm animals; are they human like us?

"It is clear that what we are going through now is literally a pre-planned massive reset of everything, with the planned new society looking like a dystopian nightmare for the enslaved participants.

"And it gets worse, because this is not just an attempt at a reset of everything 'human', but it is also an attempt at terraforming both the planet and many of its lifeforms. Geoengineering in the form of atmospheric and weather manipulation is already well underway, but it is being taken much further with the introduction of biology-altering nanobots into the bodies of humans and animals under the guise of mRNA injections.

"Then we have the nanoparticle sensors, or 'smart dust', which was released into the global ecosystems during the early 1990s and has enabled the creation of a matching digital simulation of our world complete with digital humans—and the 'gap' between what is expected to happen and what did happen is getting smaller. Soon, if not already, this AI-run, digital Earth simulation will match almost exactly what is happening, and then it will get predictive.

"The plan is that humans and most animals will have their physical brains connected wirelessly to a type of super internet, and this will enable certain electrical lifeforms from non-physical realms to get to experience what humans experience, as in emotions and feelings. This would mean that the human brain becomes hijacked by electrical beings from a realm beyond our comprehension.

"These are the last days for humans as we know and define them. Soon our bodies will be vibrating to new frequencies and new experiences.

"These are the times to remember that you are an immortal being of spirit that chose to come here, wear a human skin suit, and have a turn at experiencing what we call 'life' as a 'human'.

"If you want to help yourself and the world, these are the times to practice random acts of kindness and love—for no reason other than you can."
       (– Duncan Roads, Publisher and Editor of NEXUS Magazine)

The Shadow Battle, by Gerald O'Donnell, Arvari Academy

"Many anti-One forces (the rebellion the One refers to in His last 31 years of direct messages on our site and in writings of old) are trying to disengage us from the true One, using clouds of dark energy, EMF clouds, tons of fake and doctored printed and audio-visual information, even holographic inserts, and especially DNA and cellular alterations and damage to our original Divinely Created Spiritual and physical DNA interfaces to Spirit.

"These fallen energies and enormous quantities of agglomerations of dark negative shadowy thought forms use this plane as a refuge and laboratory work where we are viewed by them as guinea pigs/test tubes. They envy our biological sensory vehicle and want to inhabit most of them. They are sadly almost machine-like and thence soul-less and perfectly willing to destroy great parts of this planet in horrific ways causing great suffering and death to large quantities of individuals in order to achieve control and submission, and show no regard for animal species.

"In fact, they invite the culling and torturing of living souls of Divinely born living beings as they feed on the strong expressed emotions of pain and fear and the inflicting of it. At their level FEAR is but a tool to manifest intense negative energy in their victims which brings them sustenance and A.L. Artificial Life (animation). They then utilize their soulless AI energy to infiltrate into and inhabit non-truly sentient human puppets in order to accelerate the process of conquest and control of this and many lower realms. 

"Their cold heartless nature and high intellect makes them formidable opponents indeed. These android-like individuals are by now an army of Golems-Zombies called dead-ones (because they are disconnected from The One) and dead-bones in ancient holy writings only lit by artificial electromagnetic light energy.

"This anti-One/anti-Unity fallen dark forces introduce distractions and confusion hoping by this that we may never achieve the full realization of our hidden powers to control this reality. They know that only true living humans alive in the original Light of The One (fully connected to the True original Sourced Light and not the false lights), have the true Source code of One hidden and encoded in their Spiritual DNA, and that machines-like AI entities or unconnected children of this Matrix do not (yet), no matter how enticing their projected cyber-simulation is! Their preferred technology and science which inspires mankind as they download and encourage us to embrace and make use of them by influencing our collective and subconscious realms is all control and power-based. 

"Their dark matrix/game plan is all fundamentally dependent on additive power i.e. force and not on quality, and not focused on the true Divine evolution and ascension of our consciousness/awareness. 

"Their accepted implanted versions of spiritual religions all focus on One Supreme God or in many cases on its operating sub-controllers and have degenerated into polarizing fear-based cults programmed to battle each other in the name of a vengeful depiction of the One towards so-called sinners and non-believers as defined by their blind belief that only they hold the key to the true Faith sourced in their inherited group’s programs. 

"In most of them, by now, the One is perceived either as an angry, King-like, vengeful God hungry for praises and hasty in judgment and punishment or as an Unmanifest Being void of direct activity and intervention since Its initial act of Willful Creation called the “beginning” or the Big Bang, when in fact the One truly only wants Love and awe from us and to establish a direct and reciprocated connection to us so that It can share Its Love back to all of us and intervene so that we finally show Loving respect for Creation and all Its Creatures and operate as full Divine co-Creators.

"In fact, these cruel non-human spiritual elites consciously invite destruction, especially of the earth, its sourcing oceans, and protective and nurturing atmosphere, since they only want a reduced docile population that they can then easily control and manipulate virtually using their chosen human puppet cronies gifted in this world position of power and influence in the devilish exchange of losing their souls and having their biological vehicle used as an avatar/walk-in.

"These dark lords only want power, chaos, and conflict and use us to establish themselves as false gods (human or not) and promote and establish over us control-obsessed selfish, egomaniacal power-thirsty vampires as leaders. We still have a small window of perceptual “time” left to use our free will and minds if we are not under their “influence” to successfully stop the dark plan/matrix. These entities create societal systems based on mankind’s programmed race to achieve ever greater power and control over others and not on caring for the true good, health, and peaceful abundance of the Divinely sourced original family of Creatures.

"Cloning and gender neutrality is their next step. Loveless sex is spreading to help the dark energies infiltrate more humans. Genetic manipulation is their tool and offense against the Original Divine Design.

"Their goal is to establish full manipulation and control by creating alluring techno-religions better adapted to our times than the ancient – by now mostly distorted and battling – ones we inherited. However, our fascination with digital and AI technologies and the ability to monetize science and wield financial controlling powers of unprecedented levels, especially by trading in personal information and/or financial data mining, is not being controlled at all solely by the powers-that-be but rather by the subspace inhabiting them. 

"Many governmental agencies and corporate structures also use it to their advantage and do not fully realize the dark intent behind it as they themselves are being thence controlled and manipulated, as Truth has lost its footing and is in the process of being replaced by the true prophesied 'Beast' of falsehoods."  

Others With Complimentary Views On The Same Themes

Catherine Austin Fitts also recently spoke out about the planned, totalitarian, concentration camp world order, based on Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), connected to a global, all controlling, biometric, control grid. Your photo, your voice print, your DNA, your fingerprints will be stored in vast, digital, data banks connected to bureaucracies that control the flow of the CBDC to your personal account. If you get out of line by thinking unapproved thoughts, writing and voicing officially unapproved or prohibited opinions or information, or exceeding officially approved patterns/norms of behavior or consumption -- you'll get banned. The central bank will turn off your central bank digital currency access so that you cannot buy, sell or participate in normal everyday life and commerce. 

That's the plan.

Dark Journalist & Catherine Austin Fitts CBDC Biometric Control Grid

I must say that I was notified of a very similar scenario in early 2012, in a shamanic vision. I was passing the night with a shaman in a simple lean-to shelter on the edge of the Amazon jungle. I had drunk a cup of ayahuasca with the aim of inquiring into the nature of this (un!)reality MATRIX and its likely future trajectory. After a couple of uneventful hours, I formulated this precise question in my mind: "Show me the future." About 30 seconds later, a crystal clear vision, as crisp and sharp as watching it on a high resolution, flat panel TV or computer monitor appeared in my inner visual field. The vision was of a concentration camp, like something from NAZI Germany, with a tall, enclosing security fence crowned by rows of barbed wire, flood lights illuminating the compound, barracks, military trucks, crushed gravel between the buildings -- and overhead, shimmering ethereally in the air, a green-colored grid or web about 50 feet above the ground. I was telepathically given to understand that the green net had a control function, to comprehensively control the thoughts and behavior of everyone; to totally control the captive population body, mind and soul; to completely control everyone and everything. 

My best guess is that ayahuasca was referring to the biometric control grid that is now rapidly being set up. You can see this plan in global motion right now. The CV-19 vak$stings are part of that; 5G cell phone towers/technology are part of that; the new Internet of Things is a part of that (want to guess what the "things" are?); Elon Musk's NeuraLink brain-computer-chip technology is part of that; Elon Musk's 40,000 Starlink Internet satellites are part of that; the planned Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) are part of that; vak$ting passports are part of that; QR codes, scanners and related technology are part of that; etc.

Here's another article that gets the picture:


Quoting briefly from the article:

The choice is simple. Will you choose to live as a slave in a digital concentration camp, or as a free human being in full possession of your bodily autonomy and your free will?


It’s not human eyes and human ears that are tracking everything we do, like in Nazi Germany or the old Soviet Union. No, it’s artificial intelligence, A.I., which is now watching over the prison.

The smart phones, smart refrigerators, smart TVs, smart thermostats, smart power meters, smart cars, highway license plate readers, traffic cameras, doorbell cameras, and on and on. They are all sensory organs for A.I., gathering data on you and what you do, monitoring you, learning about you, watching you -- in other words, methodically stalking you, as a predator stalks its prey.

Kathleen Gotto at All News Pipeline also groks a big chunk of it:

Artificial Intelligence - The WEF's Tool To Recreate Man Into A Cyborg And Eliminate Free Will

She writes: .... (T)there are global elites who are hell-bent on remaking the world into what can only be described as a digital prison powered by AI.

Yes, ma'am, that's the wicked plan that is being set into action right now.

A.I., the WEF, digital concentration camp, cell phones, "smart" technology, smart cities, 5G, vak$ting passports, central bank digital currency, CV-19 vak$tings, NeuraLink, Starlink, universal digital I.D., QR codes, etc. 

Many of the essential, major elements of the totalitarian, slave system have been publicly identified and named. Either individuals opt out and resist or they do not. That's the stark choice. One or the other: participate in the "Beast" system, or evade/avoid/resist it.

The question has been called: 

Who wants to be a Satanic "Beast" slave?

Who does not want to be a Satanic "Beast" slave?

It's a soul defining question. 

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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

She Flopped Over Dead .... Once Upon A Time In Ecuador

I have gotten some vicious trolling over my assertion that people are going to start just flopping over dead, from the vak$tings and other causes.  

But here's the thing: these sudden deaths have already begun, and are becoming more common. Here's another one from Ecuador, just about eight days ago.

The girl in the video was doing a basic variation on a goblet squat, using what looked to be about a 10-lb plate. It's nothing too difficult. I do a slightly different variation of the same exercise routine myself, using small jugs filled with 35-lbs of water and gravel, with 50 repetitions per set.

But she died mid-exercise. A 28 year-old doing a low intensity gym workout ... aaaand she just keeled over dead. 

You can take this to the bank: there will be a great deal more of these just-flopping-over-dead incidents. Until the last year or two it used to be extremely uncommon that young people fell over dead while doing a gym workout, or playing sports. But not anymore.

This is not the first case of this kind to make the news in Ecuador. There assuredly will be many more, a lot more; not because I say so, but because there is a very high rate of multiple vak$tingashun among the Ecuadorean population, and as we are finding out the vak$tings are highly hazardous to life and longevity.

Ecuador is not the exception, but the rule. It's no different from the numerous other countries where there have been national vak$ting campaigns.

The dying is only beginning. There is much more to come. I wish it were not so, but major mortality is already in the pipeline and will run its course over the coming years. A major demographic event is now in progress that will severely rock global Humanity. It's macabre. Grim.

Sad, sad, sad. If you see someone in medical scrubs headed your way with a syringe in their hand, sprint the opposite direction for all you are worth.

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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Strava Digital Artifact Or Undersea Base?

I was recently sent some interesting coordinates on the website global map, at a specific site in the Gulf of Guinea, not too far off the Atlantic coast of Africa. For those who don't know:

Strava is an American internet service for tracking physical exercise which incorporates social network features. It is mostly used for cycling and running using Global Positioning System data.

People on Strava upload everything from dog walks to Olympic marathons. 

Strava users track their movements (walking, jogging, bicycling, swimming) by GPS and then upload their data to the Internet, yielding a map that shows where they have been and where they have gone. I don't use this application, but many people do. 

My reader was poring over the wonderful, undersea bases illustrations of Walter Koerschner, who was the official illustrator for the U$$A Navy's "Rock-Site" underwater base, R&D program at China lake Naval Weapons Station, back in the 1960s. The illustrations can be found here: 

He had the idea to look at the world's oceans, looking for Strava users' uploaded data, searching for unusual locations that might indicate undersea bases -- and BINGO! -- he hit pay dirt in the Gulf of Guinea, just off the Atlantic coast of Africa, at lat-long coordinates 0.00, 0.00 in the Gulf of Guinea, i.e, the zero degree point node for the global, navigational and mapping grid in use in modern times. The Strava website indicates a miles-across beehive of activity -- well out to sea. How very peculiar. Please see:

The question is whether all of that activity represents the movements of real humans in the many miles of tunnels of an undersea base, who are downloading their movements to the Strava website, or whether what appears to be a complex cluster of activity at those coordinates is just a digital glitch in the Strava software, that mistakenly defaults to or near the zero degrees nodal point of the world grid system that the Strava GPS-connected system is based on.

I don't know. I am open to more information about that specific geographic location, if anyone cares to share it with me. I know that I have readers who were, or are in the Merchant Marine or the Navy, who may possibly have some first-hand knowledge of that region.

I went to that location on Google Maps and very nearby discovered a marker for a 24-hour Osprey electrical vehicle charging station, with the following address:

1399 South Federal Highway, 6043 WR Roermond, Netherlands'00.2%22S+0%C2%B000'01.0%22E/

How odd! Neither Google Maps nor any other map that I have consulted display an island there, so why would there be an electrical vehicle charging station? Is that also just a digital glitch in Google Maps or is there something there, that Google Maps does not show?

I did click on the "Layers" tab at the bottom of the Google Maps page. It opened up and I played with the features. Clicking the "Street View" layer caused a 25 mile long, road-like network to appear just to the east of the Osprey charging station icon. But there are no roads there, so far as I know -- just the sea.  Google maps indicates no island. Right-clicking with my cursor on the road network caused a small menu to pop up that included the choice: "What's here?" I selected "What's here?" -- and a small, blurry, thumbnail photo popped up that appeared to depict a large, offshore, deep-water platform of some sort. I played with the layers some more and an image of the seafloor topography appeared, seeming to show an undersea mount, with the Osprey electrical vehicle charging station situated squarely in its middle.

Of course, seamounts can be used to construct undersea bases. This is known from the open, undersea base literature. If there is an undersea base at that location, and not a digital or imaging artifact, it is about ten miles across and very active, judging from the way it is all lit up on It also appears to possibly have multiple levels, based on the heat signatures -- which represent activity/movement by Strava users. The long, straight, bright line coming in from the right side, could be the signature from a tu
nnel of some sort that is in regular use. If so, then it fades from view to the right, because it goes to a deeper level in the rock strata beneath the seafloor that effectively shields it from the Strava GPS sensors. The bright line points towards Africa. If the bright line is the signature from a deep tunnel in heavy use -- and not just a spurious, digital artifact that happens to correlate with the Earth's equatorial axis --  then it may connect with other deep structures on the African mainland. There are certainly rumors about secret, underground bases beneath Africa, though I have never encountered any hard documentation for them.

But in the Black World of Top-Secret projects and programs, "absence of evidence, is not necessarily evidence of absence" -- as one of my very high-level, confidential sources ceaselessly drilled into my head decades ago. I still cannot fathom his motivation in talking to me. I flooded him with questions about underground and undersea bases, E.T.s, clones, and sundry other things, and from to time as we were talking, seemingly apropos of absolutely nothing, he would look coldly at me and say: "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence." We talked for days. He was a real Sphinx. They all are at his level.

I mailed him a courtesy copy of my last book in 2010, and received a terse, laconic, one sentence response from him: "This is your best effort so far." The book is available at this link:

Read it and judge for yourself why a Top-Secret projects man, with an almost unlimited, multi-billion dollar budget at his disposal, lots of high-powered machinery and technology, and thousands of skilled laborers, tradesmen, technicians and scientists under his direction would think that the book is my "best effort so far."

So what do we have here at 0° latitude and 0° longitude, at the precise zero degree node on the global, latitude-longitude grid? Over the years, I have received many "pings" to this blog by unknown computers, from that precise 0° nodal point on the world grid system. Is there a major, global control base of some sort there? Is that why the "zero point" of the global, latitude-longitude grid system originates there? Or do certain computer programs or digital systems automatically default to that location, due to its being the origination point for the world grid system in use today? I simply do not know.

I have no idea what that complex heat signature represents in reality. An A.I.,  electronic artifact of the Internet? Or a real, undersea base? The central portion has a very bright, very large, very geometrically regular heat signature, with pronounced bilateral symmetry. Is it perhaps some sort of very high-energy machinery, a type of cyclotron, a portal of some sort? While everyone is focused on CERN, on the Swiss-French border, is the serious action taking place elsewhere, perhaps beneath the sea off the coast of Africa? I don't know, but it occurs to me to ask.

Is it perhaps the case that this entire realm that we know as "Earth" -- at least according to our limited understanding of things -- is a giant digital artifact or creation, as it were, of a conquering A.I., and the zero degree latitude-longitude nodal point off the coast of Africa is a sort of A.I. umbilical cord for this artificially, simulated realm that we know as "Earth" -- but which seems very real to us, because our consciousness is held captive in this intricate, seemingly realistic and concretely real simulation. The Mother of All Mouse Traps, and we're the mice. Is that it?

If you know, please tell me.

What is true is that this planet is presently lorded over by dark powers. hidden powers, nefarious powers, evil powers, about which we know very little. Is there a physical, undersea base in the Gulf of Guinea, off of the coast of Africa? Or just a bright, digital, rabbit hole?

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