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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Ghastly, Horrific, Prison Slaughter In Ecuador

Many of my readers probably have seen in the daily news cycle that yesterday there was a hideous, bloody, prison riot here in Ecuador. In reality, it was far worse, and much more grisly than is being reported in the corporate news media in the USSA. The official death count is now at 118, with 79 wounded. The number of dead will almost certainly go higher in the coming days. Many of the dead were decapitated, dismembered, and/or disemboweled. It was such a hellish, demonic slaughter, that the coroner and morgue personnel are having a very hard time identifying the dead, due to the terribly mutilated condition of the bodies.

The root cause of the slaughter has to do with murderous power maneuvers and struggles between rival, ruthless narco-cartels and gangs here in Ecuador, vying for control of the drugs being trafficked through this country, most of which are destined for Europe and the USSA. Numerous firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition were smuggled into the prison before the riot, and used to very lethal effect. It took the National Police and Army a full 24 hours to regain control of the facility
. Even so, there were reports today of more shooting inside the prison, with 400 National Policemen being sent in to restore a modicum of order. A sweep of the prison by the military late yesterday turned up a wide variety of hidden weapons: machetes, knives, grenades, sticks of dynamite, firearms and ammunition.

You may wonder how so many weapons can be in the hands of hard core criminals locked up in prison. The answer is that the drug cartels and allied criminal gangs have a lot of money and clout, and the money and clout open a lot of doors, including prison doors. 

Real evil has been let loose on this planet. We are going to see more and more episodes like this, and even far worse, in Ecuador, in the USSA, and elsewhere. Satan himself and hordes of demons are wreaking havoc on the Earth and humanity. They will not stop their evil ways, until their campaign of horror comes to its terrible, final end. I wish it were otherwise, but it is not. Grim events lie ahead and will happen for as many reasons as there are people. 

Here's a minor example of the ugly sorts of things that will be happening more and more: last week four men came to the building where I live (for one more day) and physically beat the owner/administrator. It's just one more violent incident in a world gone mad, but it has served to ratify my decision to leave this place where I have lived for 8+ years and relocate to a place with more neighborhood solidarity, and less street crime. The decision to move suddenly came over me several weeks ago, and has only grown stronger since, even though the move is inconvenient and entails expenses that have severely strained my meager budget. I felt the negative vibes coming, well before yesterday's horrific prison slaughter, or the physical beating of the man who has rented a room to me for more than 8 years.

The break down of society is visible on every hand. What is happening in Ecuador is also happening in the USSA, with the poverty, homelessness, a broken educational system, street crime, home invasions, random assaults, unemployment, murderous prison gangs, corrupt and incompetent government, and on and on. Ecuador is a microcosm of the USSA.

Societal conditions will get worse and worse, in Ecuador and in the USSA, and lots of other places. I've been trying to tell people that for years. 

This is it, the Event Horizon. We're in it now, and heading deeper. Things will get more and more intense. A lot of people will die, millions and millions, from violent crime, dire poverty, starvation, natural disasters, disease, warfare, etc.

All sorts of dramatic karma is in play starting in October, which by the way begins tomorrow. One of my readers has written to me that the astrology for October is: Volatile. Combustible. I do not doubt it. That is certainly true here in Ecuador, where extremely bloody events yesterday got a two-day running start on October. 

I am reading and being told from multiple sources that uncommonly heavy things are likely to go down in the second half of next month. At this point nothing would overly surprise me.

Beware the Ides of October!

On a personal level, in the face of further, major, impending, global events, I absolutely need and gratefully accept any and all donations. I am in the process of moving right now and am incurring expenses for utilities, curtains, a bed and mattress, a kitchen table, a couple of chairs, a chest of drawers, an end table, sheets, towels and blankets, etc. It would greatly help me to have dollars before the crash, to buy as much food and essential supplies as possible, while the dollar is still perceived to have value. I am moving out of a small, poorly furnished, rented room near the center of Quito to a more tranquil neighborhood. Turmoil is coming, that's a given, and the center of Quito will be a logical center of mob action. There are a lot of major, government buildings in this shabby, old sector of Quito where I have lived for many years. When people finally figure out how badly they have been reamed, they may just burn everything down, like the Goths sacking Rome centuries ago. I definitely won't want to be here then. As the saying goes: "Things are about to get real!" -- as soon as a few weeks from now. Whatever hard and trying situations we have lived through over the past 18 months, world events are about to move into an entirely different, way more difficult gear.

If you are able and willing to donate it will be a real life saver for me at a time of tremendous need. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Lo, I Have Spoken With Dr. Strangelove

One of my readers recently alerted me to Badastridd and her nonpareil send up of The Androgyne Freemasonic Dictatorship, as she puts it. 

I quickly saw that Bastridd is onto them, like white on rice. She doesn't hold back. The I-DP-PTs (inbred demonically possessed psychopathic tyr(@)nneez) are everywhere, all over the world, in politics, in religion, in sports, in the music and entertainment business (TV, theater, cinema, recording, videos, night clubs), in the "fashion" industry, in the military (swarms of them!), in advertising, in the corporate news media, in banking and industry, in the art world, in the so-called "royal" families, in academe, and so many other social nooks, crannies and niches. 

See this EGI* clown, TV star/whatever, for example:  

The EGI* (endgame idiots) are just playing for fun. They're plaaayers who don't really care very much about the outcome one way or the other. It's all just a game to them. The "MAGA!" clown in the link above is a ..... well, either you get it, or you don't. Either way, if you feel a need for a v(@)xxeenashun to deepen your appreciation of the Great Game, the "MAGA!" clown has that covered, too. It's a madly downward-spiraling, carnival sideshow, and where it stops, no one knows....

Puddles Pity Party is also onto them, just watch and see. It's all a fake, dismal circus; we're swirling around and around in it. Holy moly! Like a sly, slippery court jester, the PPP clown is right on it, with surreal shtick straight out of an ayahuasca vision. No doubt that he's quaffed a cup or two of the brew:

Oh, my goodness gracious, is Puddles Pity Party ever onto the game, the Great Game no less, as T
he Androgyne Freemasonic Dictatorship so-called, "ruling elite" are wont to say.

Thus Spake Dr. Strangelove

Which reminds me that I once sat and spoke at leisurely length with Dr. Strangelove, I really did, and he told me many Strange things. And then he told me that if I ever betrayed his confidence that he (c)(w)ould have me killed, and make it look like a random street crime committed by a deranged derelict. 

In fact I << was >> almost killed, over 8 years ago. But not by Dr. Strangelove, oh, no, not by him or his minions; but by layers of deniability that I now understand extend into so many improbable and disappointing places and persons in Ecuador
 and elsewhere (the names of some of whom are sadly known to me; more pieces of the puzzle fall into place with every passing year), sealed in by so much fear, fear of whom I know, and fear of what I know, and I will not say more than that.  I can't go to the police or the courts, whether in Ecuador or anywhere else; they're all in on it; they're all part of The Androgyne Freemasonic Dictatorship's satanic game. The corruption is seamless, ubiquitous, and many there be who are in the game.

To the surprise of those who wanted me dead, or incapacitated to the point of abject slavery, I'm alive and walking around. So there is that. For what it's worth, I believe that I did die, and then spontaneously resuscitated after a period of time, to the astonishment of my tormentors. I was so extremely cold and confused when I came to, stiff as a board. I could barely move any part of my body. It took me a half-hour to figure out where I was, and to summon up the will and energy to very slowly and laboriously roll over from a position face down in the dirt, and gradually get up onto my hands and knees to painfully, shakily crawl fifteen feet, after which I was completely physically spent. I was in deep shock. I had no idea in those moments how savagely and brutally I had been abused. 

I know now. Things continue to come into focus with greater and greater granularity.

It Was All In A Hard Day's Work

Speaking of which, this coming October is going to have so much "granularity" that we will never forget it. The events that are coming will be so overwhelming that we will all have to set aside unresolved issues in the past, as painful and even life threatening as some of them may have been, in order to cope with the immensity of what we will shortly have to deal with on a daily basis. 

October will be but prelude to yet more momentous months that will follow. 

The long and the short of it is that the corporate USSA is apparently about to welch on a massive debt of many trillions of dollars in October, so imagine the level of violent payback that is coming.

I think that's what my repeating, "in four", God-Moses dream in June signified, pointing to the month of October. My understanding is that the corporate USSA is so mired in hopelessly unpayable, umpteen trillions of dollars worth of external debt, that just a week from now the corporate USSA will definitively default on scheduled payments to its creditors. As I have repeatedly said in my blog, the thing called the "United States" is done. It is finished. It is not coming back. Not ever. There is no hope of meaningful payment of the astronomical debt. It will not and cannot be paid.

Apparently there is a two-week grace period in early October, but starting about three weeks from now there could well be intense pressure, as the creditors of the corporate USSA begin to press to take physical possession of tangible collateral, in lieu of payment with meaningless, phony-baloney, Federal Reserve Notes in the form of streams of electrons emitted from computers in New York City, or Washington, DC, or Richmond, Virginia, or wherever.

In other words, from about October 15th on, there will be a real and growing threat of kinetic warfare, a shooting war. Creditors such as the Chinese may decide to simply come and take physical possession of copper, salt and coal mines, petroleum and natural gas wells, gasoline refineries, vast tracts of fertile farmland, seaports, canals, military bases, factories, airports, railroads, forests, coastal fisheries, prime real estate, bus lines, trucking companies, etc. If the corporate USSA is not prepared to hand over big chunks of physical, tangible collateral, the Chinese military may apply military force to help focus the minds of the corrruptocrats in Washington, DC. We're just about to that point, in my opinion.

What this will mean for my readers' investments (if any) and their daily lives, and how the various markets will react, and exactly when, I have absolutely no idea. I'm not in the markets, so I don't follow the minutiae of their ups and downs. I lack the means to invest in anything.

Events in October could conceivably result in the precipitous end of the Federal Reserve Note (petrodollar), and possibly a huge crash of the USSA's economy in mere weeks or days. The fluctuations in the market(s) would be wild and unpredictable. That is not investment advice, simply my musing. I truly do not know exactly how things will shake out. In times like these, some people make fortunes, and others lose everything. I already don't have anything, so I'm ahead of the curve.

If the dollar does move to toilet paper status in October and November, that will slam Ecuador really hard, because the Federal Reserve Note is the official, national currency here. It has also for years been official currency in El Salvador and Panama, and a very widely used unofficial currency in other Latin American nations such as Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, etc. So when the Federal Reserve Note bites the dust, it will have a tremendous impact in daily life across a broad swath of Latin America, and all around the world. 

These comments are not idle speculation on my part. The corporate news media are now speaking openly of an "X Date" in October, just weeks from now, on or about which date the corporate USSA may spectacularly, de facto and de jure default on its multi-trillion dollar debt, with dire consequences. Imagine the global uproar and upheaval if the USSA Treasury Department invokes force majeure because of Covid-19, or something similar. Nothing would surprise me. Please read:

In brief, the global system based on the petrodollar is breaking down. Its days are decisively numbered. The final crash could come at any time. Forget a return to normalcy. Normalcy will never be coming back. 

Compounding the immense financial issues will be an enormous increase in deaths, handicaps and severe incapacity related to the covid "v(@)xxeens". For the aware, those deaths, handicaps and incapacities have already begun. Their numbers will drastically increase in the coming time.

None of this bodes well for the people of the USSA, or for people in other countries all over the world, including places like Ecuador, which uses the Federal Reserve Note and is massively v(@)xxeen8ing the national population.

Grim times are coming. Terrible events are barreling towards us in the time-space pipeline. They cannot be stopped at this point. I's way too late for that.

As Goes New York City, So Goes The USSA

I have been struck by a couple of recent blog posts by the Christian prophetess, Celestial, who lives in New York City. In her visions, she has been shown a scenario that very closely resembles what I have seen in recent years: the utter destruction of New York City. Please see:

New York Will Be Drowned

Over The Tops Of The Buildings

She talks about the cataclysmic flooding that will overrun New York City, hundreds of feet deep, that will topple buildings and snap them in half, and wash everything away, right down to the foundations, with a force that rivals that of powerful nuclear weaponry. New York City will be a completely ruined, submerged city.

I must say that her vision earlier today is very close to what I was inwardly shown one morning just before awakening: a desolate New York City with no sign of human life, skyscrapers snapped in half or toppled over against other buildings like giant, leaning dominoes, millions of blown out windows, and 100 feet of water covering everything. Whatever causes this ruinous outcome, it will be the violent end of New York City and 99.99% of the people who live there. The level of destruction that I saw necessarily means that the mortality rate will be extreme. There will be very, very few survivors. Many people, not only Celestial and I, have seen the mind-boggling destruction of New York City in dreams and visions. I accept that it is in the time-space pipeline barreling towards us, that people are subconsciously detecting its looming, future probability. New York City will be going down. Mystery Babylon is doomed. I don't know exactly when this will occur, though from what I saw it looked like the contemporary city to me -- albeit 100% destroyed and very deeply flooded, beyond all hope of reconstruction.

On a personal level, in the face of further, major, impending, global events, I absolutely need and gratefully accept any and all donations. I am in the process of moving right now and am incurring expenses for utilities, curtains, a bed and mattress, a kitchen table, a couple of chairs, a chest of drawers, an end table, sheets, towels and blankets, etc. It would greatly help me to have dollars before the crash, to buy as much food and essential supplies as possible, while the dollar is still perceived to have value. I am moving out of a small, poorly furnished, rented room near the center of Quito to a more tranquil neighborhood. Turmoil is coming, that's a given, and the center of Quito will be a logical center of mob action. There are a lot of major, government buildings in this shabby, old sector of Quito where I have lived for many years. When people finally figure out how badly they have been reamed, they may just burn everything down, like the Goths sacking Rome centuries ago. I definitely won't want to be there then. As the saying goes: "Things are about to get real!" -- as soon as a few weeks from now. Whatever hard and trying situations we have lived through over the past 18 months, world events are about to move into an entirely different, yet more difficult gear. 

If you are able and willing to donate it will be a real life saver for me at a time of tremendous need. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now.


Monday, September 20, 2021

The USSA Is Going Down Very, Very Hard

I've always dreamed a lot, and had visions from an early age. At the age of three years, in 1958, an entity visited me whom I spontaneously named The Bone Lady. She gave me a mind boggling, mental download, a sort of preview of upcoming, future attractions. The download had two parts that more or less correspond to the gist of the ancient Hopi prophecies: 1) live in harmony with Nature and treat others charitably, kindly, fairly and honestly, and all will be well, or 2) violate the Natural order and cruelly abuse others, and all will be ghastly, horrendous and horrific. Option 2 had a grim, awful, dreadful, hellish feel to it, while Option 1 was light, airy, good and loving, Christ-like. Even at the age of three years I grasped the essence of what She communicated to me. It was like She laid a Vulcan mind lock on me. Since that time 63 years have passed, and I've never forgotten Her and Her message.

Sadly, in the intervening years a disappointingly large portion of humanity has chosen Door 2; and so the world is spiraling down to doom, as the ecology crashes worldwide, the biosphere dies off, geopolitical momentum builds towards a catastrophic world war, the global va(@)xxeenashun program threatens to incapacitate or kill half or more of the world's human population in the coming months and years, and the global reserve currency, the Federal Reserve Note,  rapidly weakens and threatens to fail outright, bringing down much of the international, financial order. More than that is going on, but just those factors by themselves are more than enough to cripple the global, societal order.

It's all very troubling. Look around the world and there is horror all over the place: missing people, economic exploitation, outright slavery, human trafficking, war and threats of war, runaway environmental destruction, rampant governmental corruption, satanic propaganda, open Satan worship, burgeoning, medical-industrial-complex authoritarianism/totalitarianism, and much more. We are all feeling the effects of the turmoil, at every level of our beings and lives, I as much as anyone else.

To wit: my dreams in recent days have been vivid, and, I would say, downright alarming. My subconscious kicks into action when the conscious mind is out of the way, during the sleeping state, and reviews data that the conscious mind pushes into the background, perhaps for being too disturbing or unsettling. To get to the point, my subconscious feels that momentous events, history changing events lie ahead.

In one dream I saw a nuclear missile launch. I was watching it on a huge, digital, wall screen of the sort that are in underground, military C3 bunkers (Command, Control and Communication facilities). I saw the missile being tracked on its ballistic trajectory. I knew it represented big trouble.

In another dream I was in a city in the USSA and I knew why. I was there because a nuclear weapon was imminently going to detonate in my near vicinity, and I had a job to do when it did. I felt no fear, though I understood that the nuclear blast would occur within minutes. It felt like an inside job, a false flag attack that would be maliciously, falsely blamed on another country or faction that, in fact, would not be involved at all. Such is the depth of the satanic evil in the USSA government that it kills its own and falsely accuses others of what it has itself done (or is preparing to do). There is no hell pit too deep for those who perpetrate such atrocities.

In the dream I was there on a rescue mission. When the nuclear device detonated, there were hordes of people caught up in the fireball who were so profoundly traumatized by the horror of what had happened that they were as if frozen in time-space, paralyzed in that instant, mentally, psychologically, spiritually, frozen in place, eternally imprisoned in that hellish, nuclear fireball. They were caught there, unable to escape, perpetually living and reliving the hell of the nuclear blast.

I was there specifically to go into the nuclear fireball (obviously not physically!) and drag them out. I went into the fireball again and again, and grabbed them by their feet, their hair, their arms and dragged them out of there, one after another.  They were so completely paralyzed by traumatic terror that they couldn't get out by themselves. The horror!

In another dream a few nights ago, I was with two or three other people. We were watching an enormous, mushroom cloud many miles away in the distance. I am not sure about the cause of the cloud: a huge, volcanic eruption? a big, nuclear weapon detonation? an asteroid strike? the Mother of all Thunderstorms? I was impressed by the mushroom cloud's massive size and evident force.

And then last night I had one of the most pressing, unusual dreams that I have ever had. I suddenly became aware that someone was telling me that the Great Earthquake was imminent, that I should immediately exit the building that I was in, because the entire Earth was going to be severely shaken. I reflexively complied. I instantly understood that a massive, continent-moving earthquake was going to occur within just a few minutes.

As I exited the building I was inwardly, authoritatively instructed that I should right away prostrate myself on the ground, and fervently pray to God in repentance, for forgiveness of all my sins, and for the sin of the whole world. As I got down on my face on the ground to pray in compliance with the compelling, inward instructions, a surly-looking man walked by me and snarled menacingly at my prayer to God.

And then, this morning when I awakened I found the following link in my e-mail from Celestial, the Christian prophetess in New York City:

Open the link and read what she says. In her visions she is being shown many  things, some of which I have also been shown in my visions: nuclear war, nuclear detonations in USSA cities, civil war, abject impoverishment of the population, and the pure evil of a lot of what goes on in the USSA, not least of which is the slaughter of tens of millions of defenseless, innocent babies in the womb, and also after birth. 

My long-time readers know that I have drunk ayahuasca (the shamanic, South American, visionary brew) dozens of times during my many years in Ecuador. It has shown me very many things, including that in the USSA there are multiple centers of PURE EVIL, as if Satan himself presides in those locales. 

I know that there are millions of people who want to "Make America Great Again!" And there are millions more who want to traffic more tons of narcotics to drug addicts, kill millions more babies in the womb -- or after they are out of the womb and kicking and crying with the umbilical cord still attached, or they want to go to war and kill people in foreign lands in "service" to "America". Slaughter is a job for them. 

There are many millions of women who say that it is their right to kill their babies, so get the f*ck out of their face. If they want to kill their children it's their business, so they say. They'll kill their children when they are most helpless, and no one will tell them differently. What to speak of the "medical professionals" who do the actual baby killing -- doctors, nurses, nurse assistants, office receptionists.  It's satanic.

Ayahuasca has also revealed to me the upcoming, Great Earthquake. It's coming from way, down deep in the Earth. It is a MONSTROUS earthquake that will rock the entire world. It doesn't matter where you are; even if you are not in an earthquake prone country it will rock that country. Along with the earthquake was a sense of unimaginable evil, as if evil beyond all imagining is coming up from the depths of the Earth to be released by the earthquake. The sense of evil was so overwhelming that I spewed and spewed uncontrollably.  What is coming is terrible beyond all telling. **Shattering** is the word that comes to mind. It will literally be Earth shattering.

I have said on my blog that the USSA is going down, mainly because it is so psychopathically wicked. In all honesty, anyone who thinks that the USSA is great is either in on the evil or genuinely stupid, or both. It's not a great place, not a good place, not at all, and it will be going down very hard, because of its great evil.

God will not be mocked, especially not by people who claim to be pious and godly, but who in reality are a satanic, demonic people. The days of "America" are numbered. No one in their right mind wants to make a rotting, putrid, bloated, decaying, nauseating cadaver "Great Again!" 

Celestial's prophetic message from God says:

America shall be destroyed before my face, the towers will fall and tall buildings will be humbled by bomb blasts and nuclear attack in many cities. There will be collapse of the cities, physical collapse as buildings are destroyed but also social collapse as services break down, become disrupted, and in many areas are cut off altogether.

I don't disagree. The preparations for major warfare have been well covered in recent weeks and months, even in the corporate, mainstream news media. Over the past half-year there have been massive war games and practice, military mobilizations by NATO, Russia, Belarus, China, the USSA, Japan, South Korea, India, and more. Within the past week or so, North Korea test fired a cruise missile, followed by two ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan. Not to be outdone, just a couple of days ago the Pentagon test fired two, sea-launched ballistic missiles from a submarine off the coast of Florida.

I get it. The sabers are rattling. War drums are pounding. My subconscious is telling me in my dreams, and my conscious mind sees it in the daily, global news cycle. The military powers of the world are preparing for war, and by the look of things it will be a real humdinger.

Consider that the USSA military has for the first time ever begun practicing in recent weeks for warfare in the interior of the Lower 48 states. C-130 transport and cargo planes, as well as A-10, "Warthog", close air support fighter planes have been using highways and county airports in Colorado, Wyoming and Michigan for military exercises. Please see for instance:

If the Pentagon is now actively training for warfare in the interior of the continent, operating from rural highways and county airports, that suggests that the USSA military anticipates the possible loss of its military bases, both on the coasts and the interior of the country. If the Pentagon really is reduced to fighting from rural highways and county airports in the central part of the country  -- on its own turf! -- then that means it will lose huge chunks of real estate and military bases on both coasts, as well as military bases in the central part of the country, to peer military rivals, presumably the Chinese and Russians. In short, the Pentagon is therefore preparing for military defeat, and not in the far flung future. The Army couldn't retreat from Afghanistan in orderly fashion, and no one was even shooting at them! Imagine if the CONUS is under concerted attack by two, large, modern, military forces -- the Russians and Chinese. I doubt that the Pentagon will be able to successfully defend its own territory and already knows that.

That's the way it looks to me. I read the press, including the military press, and connect the dots. Like I have recently said on this blog, what we are seeing now is the very messy, chaotic, violent, confused negotiation of the terms of surrender of the corporate USSA, and its armed thugs in the Pentagon, first and foremost to the Chinese and the Russians. I will not be surprised to see both countries move with tremendous military force against the USSA and Pentagon, and to defeat the Pentagon forces, followed by Chinese and Russian troops on the soil of the USSA -- Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska and the 48 states on the continental mainland. 

2021 and 2022 Are Satanic Crunch Time

Very big, geopolitical and military events are absolutely certain in what remains of 2021 and in all of 2022.  Kent Bain's Most Dangerous Blog in the World is in line with a lot of my thinking and analysis in that regard. See, for example, his recent blog post:

The Planetary Awakening Code

Read it for the quite interesting details. In general I accept his premise that for the global, Satanic cabal (though they are of many races and ethnicities, they all adore evil and worship Satan) 2021 represents the end of the Christian era, and 2022 represents the beginning of their hoped for Satanic Age. So they are pulling out all the stops with the run up to WW-III, with a massive, global "v(@)xxeenashun" program of billions of people, an engineered global, financial and economic crisis, engineered food shortages and supply chain disruptions, climate engineering, and more. Their intent is to bring Hell to Earth and murder billions of people. They are working overtime to do that, all over the world.

Kent Bain emphasizes that the Satanic cabal makes use of numerology and astrology to time their maneuvers. I could not agree more.

In February 2022, for example, only five months from now, there is the day, 2/22/22. Eleven and twenty-two are both very important numbers in esoteric numerology. And on 2/22/22 there are two times twenty-two. Just imagine! -- because the black magic numerologists who serve the Satanic cabal certainly are working on something special for that date, seeing as February 22 also happens to be George Washington's birthday, who, by the way was a Master 33
º Freemason. What a coincidence! \sarcasm\ 

Astrologically, that same week Pluto returns to 27º33′ Capricorn (I have seen the date of the return mentioned by different astrologers as variously 19, 20, 21 and 22 February 202), the same position that it was in on 4 July 1776, the founding date of the so-called "United States", and the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, having to do with government, material resources/capitalism, social structures, tradition, discipline, etc. Astrologically, Pluto is the god of the underworld, associated with power, instability, revealed secrets, change, transformation, unresolved issues and problems. So the return of Pluto to the same astrological position in the second half of February 2022 that it was in on 4 July 1776, especially given that that will occur on, or very near, to the numerologically significant date of 2/22/22, bids fair to be extremely momentous for the USSA.

Notice the 33 minutes in the astrological alignment? Remember that George Washington was a Master 33º Freemason? My head is spinning with so many 33s and 22s colliding this coming February on or about the 22nd day of the month. 

Expect something major having to do with the USSA and/or the Presidency of the USSA. What if the entire kit and caboodle simply falls apart under the impact of Pluto's return on George Washington's birthday? We'll find out soon enough.

I would add that numerology and astrological alignments have long been used by ruling elites and priestly classes. I learned decades ago that the so-called "ruling elite" use expert astrologers and mathematicians in their political affairs and matters of state. This has been going on for thousands of years: the Aztecs, Mayans, Sumerians, Egyptians, Atlanteans, etc., right down to the present day.

La Palma Volcano May Catastrophically Blow

The other thing that we all woke up to is the massive, volcanic eruption that has begun on the island of La Palma in the Canary islands just off the coast of Africa.

The accompanying, major seismic activity beneath the island has intensified and moved towards the surface, signifying that a big plug of magma is moving upward from the subterranean depths. The steadily increasing magnitude of the ongoing eruption raises the possibility that the island may catastrophically fissure and fracture, such that a large part of it slides into the sea, occasioning a massive tsunami that will devastate the coastal areas of the North Atlantic Ocean. Should that occur, coastal cities and towns in eastern North America, the Caribbean, northeastern South America, northwestern Africa and western Europe will be in great danger of cataclysmic flooding that could potentially kill millions and wipe out entire cities.

Should a major eruption and devastating tsunami occur, the eastern USSA would suffer very heavy damage and loss of life. We'll see what Mother Nature has in store in the coming days. 

In past years of my life I have lived in five, different states on the Eastern Seaboard. If I were living there now, I would relocate to a more inland, higher elevation area. Places like Florida, Tidewater Virginia, the Delmarva Peninsula, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut, New York City, etc. are highly susceptible to destruction by an Atlantic Ocean tsunami. 


Terrible times will very soon be hard upon us all. As conditions rapidly deteriorate, in Ecuador and elsewhere, I desperately need to make some urgent, practical and pragmatic preparations right now, this month and in October. To do that I need several hundred more dollars than I have at present. If you are able and willing to donate it will be a real life saver for me at a time of tremendous need. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now.

Monday, September 13, 2021

It's Still September -- Just Wait For October

A few months back I wrote about the repeating dream that I had in June, in which God appeared to me with the message: "In four," accompanied by a vision of four, vertically arrayed, blue surgical masks, and which was exactly duplicated two hours later the same night, with one difference: the second time it was Moses who appeared to me with the message: "In four," accompanied by a vision of four, vertically arrayed, blue surgical masks.

I intuited that the surgical masks logically alluded to the global Covid plandemic and the concomitant, frantic, v(@)xxeen campaign by governments almost everywhere. I further speculated that the message, "In four," coupled with the four surgical masks, probably meant, "In four more months,", i.e., in October.

I still feel that this is likely to be true.

Consider the item in today's news cycle about a hospital in rural New York having to suspend maternity services, because of hospital staff resignations in protest of mandatory v(@)xxeenashun policies.

I am surprised that what is occurring in Lewis County, New York even made it into the mainstream news media. But it seems inevitable to me that Joe Biden's broad mandate in recent days that any company with more than 100 employees must ensure employee, v(@)xxeen compliance or face heavy fines is probably going to ensure that hospitals, companies, businesses and industries all across the USSA are either crippled, or shut down, for lack of qualified labor to continue operation, as employees resign or quit en masse.

What is occurring at the local hospital in Lewis County, New York is going to be multiplied many thousands of times over, all over the USSA in the coming weeks. Too many people know too much about the lies, fraud and massive, criminal corruption connected to the Covid plandemic and the so-called v(@)xxeens to permit poisonous Fauci juice to be shot into their veins.

In short, the entity known as President (sic) Biden has just blundered very badly, and is now likely to be faced with a wave of mass, civil disobedience, and possibly even with the outbreak of civil war.

You know, "My body, my decision, " which roughly translates into, "Don't tread on me," though it's too late now for Biden to take back his mandate. He's so out of touch with reality that he has no concept of what is happening in the USSA and in the rest of the world.

It's all a blur to him. 

These troubling events of recent days occur in a context of the Secretary of the Treasury Department, Janet Yellen, warning last week that the USSA government may default on its debt as of this coming 15 October. I believe that her warning is merely a public admission that the political charade in Washington, DC bears scant resemblance to the hard, underlying reality that is really guiding world affairs.

It looks to me like the USSA has already massively defaulted on its sovereign debt, and I forthrightly said so, more than half a year ago, in late January of this year:

Magnificently Dreadful Is The Liquidation Sale Of The USSA (United States, Inc.)

It appears that the holders of a great deal of that debt have already co
mmenced cashing in their chips -- rare earth minerals in Afghanistan, the huge Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan, a multi-billion dollar haul of "abandoned" Pentagon weaponry, left on the battlefield in Afghanistan and in giant warehouses for the taking.

Is that why Donald Trump didn't fight at all to claim his resounding electoral victory last November?  -- but just rolled over, spent a lot of time golfing, and then quietly slid out of the White House and out of town? Because he knows the fix is in, that it's all a political charade, that the elections are rigged, the government is fake, that the political parties are massively criminally corrupt -- both of them -- and that there's a new boss in town?

He's in on the whole, fake, demented, red-white-and-blue, satanic, carnival sideshow? Is that it? He was the designated fall guy sent in to smooth the way for the Chinese take over, courtesy of the Biden Quisling regime?

The point I am getting around to is that I believe a case could be made that what is happening now is simply a very messy negotiation over the terms of surrender of the corporate USSA to those powers that hold its debt, prominent among them the Chinese, which will probably entail more seizure of collateral, much of it by the Chinese.

The violent, chaotic hand over to effective Chinese control, of Afghanistan and its trillions of dollars worth of rare earth minerals, the massive Bagram Air Force Base, and billions of dollars worth of military weaponry, is only the beginning of the surrender of the corporate USSA.

China needs raw resources and fertile farmland, of which there is an abundance in the Lower 48 and Alaska. Coal, copper, iron, salt, petroleum, uranium, wheat, corn, 
soy beans, oats, rice, sugar cane, large forests with timber, fish, crabs, shrimp, and much more -- it's all there in large amounts. But first the cities and countryside have to be emptied out of the resident population, so that the land is available for the taking.

Right on cue Joe Biden pronounced last week that an additional 100 million people in the USSA will be v(@)xxeen8ed -- the Federal work force, and employees in work places with more than 100 employees --
 like it or not, freedom be damned! As it happens, the v(@)xxeens are so debilitating, and even lethal in a great many cases, that if Biden's newly announced mandate is carried out, within an interval of a year or two the effects will destroy the USSA as a functioning society. What is coming is so cruel and deadly that the Chinese will not face much resistance, if any, when they flood in to occupy the land. That's a real possibility.

The government-linked Chinese tabloid press warned just last week that war between the USSA and China is coming, and that China will prevail. According to the Global Times, "The US will definitely see the PLA show up at its doorstep in the not-too-distant future."

That is not hyperbole. Just two weeks ago four Chinese Navy ships sailed through the USSA's Exclusive Economic Zone in Alaska's Aleutian Islands, tailed by a couple of USSA Coast Guard cutters. The Global Times also warned last week that Chinese warships will soon sail near Hawaii.

There is no doubt that Chinese boomers are out there in the northern Pacific Ocean right now, lurking undersea. The Type 094 submarine can strike most of the mainland USSA with submarine launched nuclear missiles from the Kuril Islands region.

As Carl von Clausewitz famously wrote more than a century ago, "War is a mere continuation of policy by other means."

As the progressive surrender by the corporate USSA to China proceeds, and I think that is what is underway, we may see Chinese troops appear on USSA soil, perhaps under the guise of the United Nations. Selected, troublesome and/or obsolete USSA urban centers may be targeted for destruction, perhaps by false flag attacks: New York City, for one possible instance. Nuclear mushroom clouds that suddenly take out various cities without explanation could well occur as part of the terms of surrender.

We have entered into the Event Horizon and large events are now in motion. I believe that the corporate USSA has already fallen. The precise outcome of the chaotic, violent, drawn out, terms of surrender negotiations remains to be seen. Big events will be occurring in the remainder of September and in October, that's clear enough, which will set the stage for even larger events in 2022.

From a personal standpoint, I have more to do, a part to play in what follows the terrible time that will very, very soon be hard upon us all. As conditions rapidly deteriorate, in Ecuador and elsewhere, I desperately need to make some urgent, practical and pragmatic preparations right now, this month and in October. To do that I need several hundred more dollars than I have at present. If you are able and willing to donate it will be a real life saver for me at a time of tremendous need. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

We're Not The Only Hominids On This Planet

I've been following Sasquatch research for years. It is abundantly clear that the Sasquatches are real. They are widely dispersed over the planet, wherever there are wild, remote, mountainous, forested and/or impenetrable swampy regions. They are masters of bushcraft, very intelligent, highly telepathic, and extremely wary of Homo sapiens -- for which reason they avoid us 99.99% off the time and are rarely seen.

But there are exceptions to the rule, one of them being the so-called Patterson-Gimlin film of an adult, female Sasquatch that was taken in a backwoods, mountainous region of northern California in 1967. Here is a good analysis of the film and the huge, bipedal primate that appears in it, by Australian artist and researcher, Wayne Dowsent.

He concludes that it's the "real deal" -- and I agree!

There are people who have ongoing contacts with these huge hominids that live off the land. They are very smart -- and also quite chary of us.

One of the best known of the Sasquatch contactees is "Mike", with the YouTube channel, Sasquatch Ontario. Over a period of years he befriended a Sasquatch family in a remote forest in Ontario, and has had many direct encounters with them. One of the things that he has done is to set up recording devices in the forest near where he camps, to pick up the voices of the Sasquatches. They are huge, so their rib cage, lungs and vocal apparatus (mouth, throat, larynx, etc.) are far larger than ours. This means that their "sound box" can project much more volume than we can. Listen to one of "Mike's" recordings with a Sasquatch that he knows.

Sasquatch Speech

The Sasquatches are mostly nocturnal, can be very playful and mischievous if they want to be, and are incredibly stealthy, despite their enormous size. In the recording you can hear the male Sasquatch saying the English words, "tree, flower, Mike, what, who and you." He says, "Mike," repeatedly, as he is quite fond of Mike. 

And to imagine that fools go into the forests and mountains with high powered rifles, hoping to kill one of these intelligent giants. Isn't it obvious why they keep away from us 99.99% of the time?

John Bindernagel is a PhD biologist who has spent many years investigating and researching Sasquatch. He's published a couple of books on the topic. On his website he states:

As a wildlife biologist, I have been studying the sasquatch (or bigfoot) for just over 50 years. For the past 25 years, the main subject of my wildlife research has been the scrutiny of evidence which appears to affirm the sasquatch as an existing mammal. During this period, I found this evidence to be not only compelling, but eventually conclusive in supporting the sasquatch as an existing North American mammal. (source:

Another PhD scientist who has spent years studying Sasquatch is Jeff Meldrum, a professor of physical anthropology and human anatomy at Idaho State University. He's published a variety of materials having to do with Sasquatch/Bigfoot: Sasquatch Field Guide: Identifying, Tracking and Sighting North America's Great Ape; Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science; Sasquatch Expedition Log Books & Field Journal; Sasquatch, Yeti and Other Wildmen of the World: A Field Guide to Relict Hominoids; and Companion to the Sasquatch Field Guide.

Meldrum has gotten a lot of flak from colleagues and critics over the years who take pot shots at his Sasquatch research, but then it has long been a truism that when you are drawing the most flak you are right over the target. Dr. Meldrum's research strongly points to the existence of a very large and hairy, extremely stealthy hominid living in the wilds of North America.

Another PhD anthropologist, Grover S. Kranz, in 1999 published the book, Bigfoot Sasquatch Evidence: The Anthropologist Speaks Out, that takes a look at a variety of evidence that points to the reality of an elusive, very large, bipedal primate or hominid that inhabits the remote, wilderness areas of North America. Dr. Kranz, now deceased, was a professor of anthropology at Washington State University. Some of his other Sasquatch related publications include: The Sasquatch and Other Unknown Hominoids; Big Footprints: A Scientific Inquiry Into the Reality of Sasquatch; and The Scientist Looks at the Sasquatch.

Though I have spent a fair amount of time over the years hiking and walking around in the woods, mountains, swamps, marshes and wilderness areas of parts of Virginia, Georgia, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arizona and a small part of the Upper Amazon region in Ecuador, I have never consciously seen a Sasquatch or Bigfoot. 

But my intuitive sense is that they have seen me. I once came across some huge, fresh, dark-colored, still warm scat while hiking in the mountains in New Mexico. The scat was beside a year-round spring, that was at the head of a mountain gulch that issued out into a seasonal arroyo farther below. The animal that left it was clearly much larger and heavier than a human being. At the time I thought to myself that the only two possibilities were a large black bear or a Sasquatch. In either case, the bear or Sasquatch would certainly have been aware of my presence, given that I was probably the only human for at least a mile around, if not more. I felt no fear. I continued on to the top of the mountain.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention a first-hand account that was related to me in the early 1980s, when I was working at the Morton salt mine at Weeks Island, Louisiana, right down on the Gulf Coast, along the Intracoastal Waterway. I was working the night shift in the mill at that time. One evening, one of my co-workers arrived at work in an excited state. He told me the following: as he drove off of the long causeway that runs for miles across the coastal salt marsh from the mainland to Weeks Island, and entered into the forested landscape of Weeks Island, he was startled to see a long armed, approximately 5-foot tall, bipedal, fur covered primate dart rapidly across the road in front of his car. It was upright, running on two legs, and quickly swung up into the trees along the road, using its long arms to climb up into the branches. It all happened in seconds. In his words: "it was really gettin' it!"

Now, mainstream zoology and anthropology do not admit of any large, wild, bipedal primates or hominids anywhere in North America, including in coastal Louisiana. But I thought at the time, and still do, that my co-worker probably saw a juvenile Sasquatch. And where there is one, there are bound to be others. There is plenty to eat for an omnivorous species that lives off the land: snakes, turtles, alligators, frogs, fish, oysters, crabs, birds, cattails, berries, wild grapes, leaves, nuts and acorns, crawfish, eels, tree bark, rabbits, raccoons, deer, and much more. How would a Sasquatch get out to Weeks Island? Easy, just walk across the salt marsh at low tide. 

The Sasquatches and related, "officially" unrecognized hominids in the wild regions of the Earth do not deserve the rampant destruction that swarming billions of careless, thoughtless Homo sapiens are inflicting on the world, with the runaway destruction of the great forests of Eurasia, Africa and North, South and Central America. These hominids which are out there, abroad in the world, are our very close, genetic and spiritual cousins. A growing body of evidence leaves no doubt about that. What will their fate be, as greedy, stupid, destructive Homo sapiens clear cut and bulldoze the remaining great forests, globally contaminate the natural world with toxic chemicals and radioactive waste, and bring the world to the brink of a shooting nuclear war, with the global devastation that that will entail? 

Indeed, how will the great masses of Homo sapiens survive all of that? The answer is not clear, but it seems that for whatever reason there are always survivors in times of great trouble and disruption, a relict population to carry on. Tremendous upheaval lies just ahead. Many will die, but some will survive and carry on, both Sasquatches and humans. From everything that I am hearing and reading, from multiple data streams from a variety of sources both inner and outer, a great die off of humans on this planet is going to occur. But it won't be everyone. Some will survive and help lay a saner and much more life friendly foundation for the world that will follow.

I intend to be one of those survivors. I have more to do, a part to play in what follows the terrible time that will very, very soon be hard upon us all. As conditions rapidly deteriorate, in Ecuador and elsewhere, I desperately need to make some urgent, practical and pragmatic preparations right now, this month and in October. To do that I need several hundred more dollars than I have at present. If you are able and willing to donate it will be a real life saver for me at a time of tremendous need. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now.

Friday, September 3, 2021

V(@)xxeen Zombie Apocalypse Just Ahead

I think it was Clif High who coined the term "vaccident"; if not he was the first person I saw to use the word. In any event, mental and physical impairments that occasion accidents due to v(@)xxeen side effects are a growing problem, and will become more and more severe as the global v(@)xxeen campaign jabs more and more millions of people.

Here in Ecuador about two-thirds of the national population have received one v(@)xxeen dose, and just about sixty percent have received two doses. The most common are Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and also SinoVac. There definitely are many v(@)xxeen victims in Ecuador that the government health ministry is covering up. For instance, a 34 year old man in my neighborhood dropped dead from a heart attack three days after getting the jab. Another man in my neighborhood had to be hospitalized after getting the jab. His throat swelled up, and he ran a dangerously high fever.  He's out of the hospital now, and told me that he definitely will not get a second jab, as the government is pressuring everyone to do.

Sadly, the government of Ecuador plans to "v(@)xxeen8" 95% of the national population twice by Christmas this year. The future of Ecuador is thus not bright at all, along with countries such as the United Kingdom, the USSA, Ireland, Israel, New Zealand, and many more. 

A visionary friend of mine has been repeatedly, inwardly shown the outcome of the massive, global, v(@)xxeenashun campaign that is presently underway: a near future "zombie apocalypse" that greatly exceeds anything that we have ever seen before.

I have to say that I peruse a number of the Christian prophecy blogs, and they also contain many dreams and visions from people who are seeing the same thing as my visionary friend: hordes of v(@)xxeen zombies in our future. Our societies are going to be absolutely overwhelmed by them. The v(@)xxeen$ are not at all what we have been told, and with the passage of time, more and more people are going to be severely negatively affected by them, and/or killed, by the many, teeming millions, in South America, in North America, in Europe, and elsewhere.

The social order as we have known it will unravel under the impact of millions of gravely incapacitated, dysfunctional individuals. The division of labor will be decimated. Government services will buckle and fail. As far as that goes, governments themselves will fail. We are about to plunge headlong down Alice's dizzying rabbit hole into Never Never Land.

Back To Clif High's Vaccidents

The zombie process has already begun, with a pitter-patter of "vaccidents", and will worsen as we move forward.

Here's a spectacular example from Ecuador this week. Click the link and look at the photo:

Yesterday in the middle of the night a flat bed, tractor trailer truck wiped out a pedestrian bridge here in Quito. The truck was hauling a big, dump truck and the ensemble was way too high for highway conditions. WHAMMO!! Down came the pedestrian bridge and crushed both trucks. The highway was blocked for 12 hours until everything could be removed. It really snarled traffic across the city. The accident occurred on a very heavily traveled, north-south artery. 

The odds are 66% that the driver, and the numbskulls that loaded the dump truck onto the flat bed, were all v(@)xxeen8ed and therefore not thinking clearly. I've used that bridge myself. It's plenty high, easily high enough for any tractor trailer rig to pass beneath with room to spare. And they all did, every last one of them, countless thousands and thousands of them, for many years, right up until this bozo came along a couple of nights ago.

We will see more and more stupid accidents like this as the "v(@)xxeen$" mentally and physically incapacitate more and more people, in Ecuador and
in many other countries.

I regularly travel through that precise spot via mass transit. I've been through there umpteen times over the years, most recently just three days ago. Thank God that the vaccident occurred in the middle of the night or there would have been pedestrians crossing that bridge, and more people waiting at the bus stop right below the bridge, as well as other vehicular traffic beside and behind the truck. There surely would have been fatalities and injured people. As it was, the driver of the truck was the only person there at the time, and he fled into the night before the cops arrived.

Speaking of Which: The Mother of All Vaccidents

No doubt many of my readers saw the news notices last weekend about the overturned truck in West Virginia that was carrying Moderna Covid v(@)xxeen$, destined for export overseas. Read this story for example:

The story says: "... the crash happened Friday at approximately 1:44 a.m. at the 144-mile marker on Interstate 79 northbound." Yeah, 1:44 a.m. at the 144 mile marker. What a coincidence. \sarcasm\ The truck hit a concrete barrier, went down a 30 foot embankment, and flipped on its side, but the driver was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries. Perhaps so. Alternatively, many tractor trailers today are driverless. Was this truck perhaps driverless, and pre-programmed to drive off the road at 1:44 a.m. at mile marker 144?? If so, then of course the driver would have "minor injuries". The lies are so thick nowadays that I am unabashedly skeptical, especially with a peculiar "vacccident" like this.

The satanic, shadowy controllers do love their occult numerology. That was no traffic accident; that was an intentional, planned, scripted, 144 "vaccident".

The 1.3 million Moderna "vaccident" doses that the truck was supposedly hauling allegedly were on their way to Ghana. Question: is northbound I-79 in northern West Virginia a normal export route to West African nations?

As reported in the alternative press, the "vaccident" scene was taken over by the DoD and personnel in HAZMAT suits. The FAA imposed a no fly zone, and the northbound lanes of the highway were shut down for 21 hours.

The entire episode is like something out a science fiction movie. If the "v(@)xxeen$" are safe, then why the over-the-top, almost day-long emergency response to secure and mop up the "vaccident" site?

I smell a rat, probably more than one. 

We are in the Twilight Zone, my friends, and headed much deeper into it. Things will only get stranger and weirder from here on, that's a firm promise.

As conditions rapidly deteriorate, in Ecuador and elsewhere, I desperately need to make some urgent, practical and pragmatic preparations right now, this month and in October. To do that I need several hundred more dollars than I have at present. I know many of you are feeling the effects of the insane Plandemic, but if you are able to donate it will be a real life saver for me at a time of tremendous need. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Remote Viewers Gone Wild: Mushroom Cloud Season Is Here?

One of my long-time readers wrote to me today about the heightened probability of major false flag attacks in the coming weeks.

I agree. It's certainly possible. I can feel the tension. A lot of people can feel the tension. 

Many commenters on the Internet are observing that this month marks the 20th anniversary of the infamous 9/11 attacks, and are speculating that the evil demons who presently run this world will choose to stage an even more spectacular attack this time around.

Nothing would surprise me less. You can feel it coming.

In 2012 I was warned inwardly about planned, nuclear, false flag attacks on multiple cities in the USSA. I was not told when they were planned to occur, only that such attacks were intended to serve as an impetus and prelude to wider thermonuclear warfare. I have previously written about that warning on this blog in prior years.

In more recent years I have had dreams that these plans are still very much in play. In one vivid dream I was shown that large, self-driving trucks were sent out with nuclear devices, programmed to drive to specific geographic coordinates and then detonate the bombs that they carried. I saw the nuclear detonations off in the far distance, with mushroom clouds billowing up on the horizon.

You can bet that if one or more cities get nuked in a false flag attack, or by  outright, overt military assault - whether in the USSA, Europe or Asia -- that that will be the beginning of even bigger trouble, much bigger trouble. The world is a geopolitical powder keg these days.

Just a few days ago, it occurred to me out of the blue that the Pentagon might nuke Kabul. Why? -- just because, that's why, out of spite. Now, I am not saying that that definitively will happen, because I don't know that. I'm not on the inside of anything, but the thought came to me all of a sudden, unbidden. Are there rogue factions in the Military Industrial Complex that are capable of doing that? Oh, yeah, you bet.

Remote Viewers Gone Wild

And then this evening, I happened to browse a couple of remote viewing sites, only to discover that several of the best remote viewers out there are seeing an urban mushroom cloud event for this month. They've got my full attention.

Please see this video from the Cryptoviewing group (starting at time stamp 5:05):

Daz Smith, Eward Riordan and Dick Allgire are very good remote viewers, and all independently picked up an explosive, mushroom cloud event for this month. 

Similarly, Kahmia Dunson, of the Farsight remote viewing group, also picked up an explosive, mushroom cloud event in an urban area for this month (see time stamp 9:18 for her presentation).

So what does it mean? It means this: either these remote viewers are all right, or they are all wrong. If they are all wrong, then they have all had a big miss in their remote viewing of major news events for September 2021, which sometimes happens, even to the best.

But if all of them are right, then a major, mushroom cloud, explosive event will occur in a city somewhere in the world, later this month. 

If a city gets nuked, then that's the biggest news event since the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August of 1945. It's also obviously extremely bad news for the victims of the attack.


World events are moving faster and faster, with ever darkening moment. Things are quickly changing, and not all for the better. The USSA is a rapidly declining empire, and dying empires often lash out in stupid ways that are counterproductive. 

From my perspective, the satanic powers in Washington, D.C. are fully capable of a nuclear false flag attack designed to falsely blame another country or group; or an overt, military, nuclear attack on a city; either of which could be used to gin up a wider nuclear war. In all honesty I believe that the diabolical "leaders" of the USSA have reached that level of psychopathic insanity. They're satanic.

I have written before that the USSA will be going down, and so it is. If the Orcs in Mordor on the Potomac have now made the decision to start playing with atomic and/or nuclear firecrackers then things will soon take a real nasty turn. If the remote viewers are correct, the world will get a lot more complicated sometime later this month. 

Regrettably, evil presently has a very tight grip on this planet and on most of the human race. This blog has to do with the Event Horizon, the end of the age, the simultaneous end of many cycles of varying durations: decades, centuries, millennia, hundreds of thousands, millions and even billions of years. 

Great karmic cycles are being brought to completion. This is a great, galactic drama in which we are taking part. We all have seats down front in the big, global theater. From what I have seen and been told the intensity of everything will shortly be ratcheting way up, all across the board. Whatever happens this month will be greatly exceeded by what takes place in the coming months, and two or three years.

The Great Dying Time is hard upon us. It's Bone Lady Time. We are now entering into the Event Horizon. The changes that lie just ahead will be off the charts. The hard truth is that a lot of people are probably going to die over the next few years, by the millions and maybe even billions, though there are always survivors, for reasons of luck, good karma, intelligent preparation, etc.

Amazingly, I know people who still think that things will be going back to normal after another year or two. They think that their credit card(s), their bank account(s), their car(s), their house(s), their pension(s), and all of that material stuff will be there for them going forward. They think, against massive evidence to the contrary, that the government is benevolent and looking out for their best interests. They believe that Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates are good guys who just want to help suffering people get the medicine that they need.

This level of simple minded stupidity is unfathomable. And yet these people are out there in their many millions. Their awakening, if they ever do awaken, will be brutally cruel, and also way too late to do them any good. The wave of mortality is going to be immense.

From a personal standpoint, I intend to be one of the survivors. In that vein I need to make some urgent, practical and pragmatic preparations right now, this month and in October. To do that I need several hundred more dollars than I have at present. I know many of you are feeling the effects of the insane Plandemic, but if you are able to donate it will be a real life saver for me at a time of tremendous need. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now.