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Saturday, December 28, 2019

The 2020 Deck of Cards Is Being Shuffled Right Now

I've been telling my readers that momentous events are coming in 2020, which is now mere days away.

As one example, consider the following article, which appeared today in one of the major newspapers here in Ecuador.

Read this:

For those who do not read Spanish, the gist of the story is that the government has just raised the minimum wage by $6 per month, or to a total of $400 per month. Now, many readers may be thinking: "How can people live on $400? That's not very much!" And that's right. Even In Ecuador, a poor little country in South America, $400 per month, or $4800 per annum,  is not very much. This announcement by the government amounts to flagrantly pi**ing on the poorest sector(s) of society, even as the wealthy and powerful, who constitute a tiny percentage of the population, continue living high on the hog. 

Also, note that the article further states that a full 62% (!) of the population of working age subsists between unemployment (no work), and working informally, i.e., picking pockets and stealing, low paid occasional day labor, drug trafficking, selling belts, jackets and baby shoes on the sidewalk, street walking, running contraband across the borders with Colombia and Peru, counterfeiting $5 bills, busking on public transport and in restaurants, sidewalk begging, performing street acrobatics, selling contraband cigarettes, selling artisanal alcohol/home brew hooch, and more. I'm sure that there are myriad other illegal, quasi-legal and legal gigs that I have not mentioned.

In brief, the system of commerce and government in Ecuador is running on (corrupt) fumes. As my readers, and anyone who monitors the international news cycle knows, just two and half months ago there were massive protests in Ecuador over oppressive socioeconomic and political policies and conditions. Ecuador was convulsed with massive labor strikes, barricaded and blockaded highways and streets, a national shut down of public transport, rampaging mobs of protesters, huge marches and demonstrations in many cities, along with concomitant, heavy police and military oppression and brutality. The country was effectively shut down for the better part of two weeks. 

My view in the last few days of 2019, from my vantage point in Quito, Ecuador, is that we can probably look for more of what happened just two and a half months ago in Ecuador, only much more so in 2020.

Why? Because nothing has substantively changed for the better over the last two months. The main change is that the mask of the Ecuadorean government badly slipped in October and everyone got a good look at the hideous monster behind the mask. The population now has a much better idea of the situation, and their position in the government's scheme of things: slave subjects to an exploitive, corrupt, unfeeling and cruel regime.

By the looks of the socioeconomic data in the newspaper article linked above, the great majority of Ecuadoreans now will know from the government's own statistics that they have absolutely nothing to lose, and potentially a very great deal to gain, by loudly taking to the streets again.

The social and political unrest could all start back up again here in Ecuador within weeks, like in mid-January, for instance -- and with a vengeance. Nothing would surprise me less. Remember, in just two weeks the Saturn-Pluto astrological conjunction occurs, which has historically been correlated with major events of all sorts: wars, civil strife, political chaos, economic and financial crises, natural disasters. I wrote about this just a few weeks ago. That powerful astrological configuration sets the stage for what follows in the rest of 2020 and into 2021. The Earth sector of our time-space realm is programmed that way. Serious astrologers know this very well, as do high level political, espionage, industrial and financial movers and shakers; while for the public at large, astrology is largely consigned to a topic of mild ridicule. The heavy hitters and global power brokers methodically use the astrological cycles to play their power games, and have for thousands of years, without letting the masses in on their plots; the better to control the cycles of global intrigue and ruthless power ploys and gambits on their own merciless terms, and all the while they cynically manipulate the masses. In a nut shell, that's what's going on.

And sure enough, you can see the tension ramping up, not only in Ecuador, but all over the world. The whole world will be rocked by the events of 2020-2021, including, and maybe especially, in the USSA, where society is badly fractured on diverse social, economic, regional, urban/rural, racial, sexual, ethnic, linguistic, religious, political and generational fault lines. The country is so seriously divided that reform may not be possible. If reform is not a viable option, then some sort of collapse of the system is likely, the more so seeing as the corruption in Ecuador is dwarfed, eclipsed, blown right out of the water by the immeasurably greater mega-corruption in the USSA. If there is multi-billion dollar corruption in Ecuador, and there is! -- compare that to the multi-trillion dollar corruption in the USSA, which so far the great masses of people in the USSA have tolerated, without massively taking to the street in protest.

As part and parcel of this dysfunctional national dynamic in the USSA, there is the ongoing drama of the Donald Trump impeachment. Has he been impeached by the House of Representatives or not? There are varying opinions. Will he be tried in the Senate or not? Will the drama continue without resolution, or will it be quickly resolved? It's all grand political theatre by the national, political elite, perfectly timed to take advantage of the rapidly approaching, intensely negative mundane astrology of 12-13 January 2020, just two weeks from now. Many movers and shakers in Washington, DC are certainly aware of these hard, incontrovertible, basic, astrological facts. Nothing happens in high level politics by chance; it's all staged, programmed, choreographed and game played at that level, no matter how it may appear to the watching public. It's a great charade, a bunch of flashy theatricality, gaudy, over the top razzle-dazzle, craftily designed to bedazzle and bamboozle. And it does! It does!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, Russia, China and Iran have just today, for the first time ever, begun joint war games in the northern Indian Ocean and Sea of Oman. This cannot possibly be a coincidence. They aren't falling for the Kabuki theater in Washington, DC.

Iranian Rear Adm. Habibollah Sayyari today warned that any aircraft or naval vessel spying on the joint military exercise would be hit. This is an obvious warning to the USSA, which earlier this year had one of its Global Hawk drones shot down by Iranian military forces after it encroached on Iranian territorial limits.

None of this is happening in a global, geopolitical vacuum. The Russians, Chinese and Iranians can see what is being set in place.

To wit: starting in February, just several weeks from now, the Pentagon will begin moving many thousands of troops and pieces of military equipment and weapons to Poland and the Baltic countries for war games that are very obviously targeted at Russia. The war games near the Russian border will be at their height in April and May.

I'm not fooled. You're not fooled. The Russians certainly are not fooled. I have no doubt that they see that a major, international military force will be assembling on their borders and are drawing a reasonable conclusion: NATO and the Pentagon are preparing for war against Russia. 

What if the war "games" in the first half of 2020 suddenly go live, and a surprise, blitzkrieg attack against Russia is launched without warning? I am not saying that that will happen, because I don't know. But I am quite sure that if that possibility occurs to me, that Russian military analysts, planners and strategists are also considering that possibility and preparing appropriate contingency plans.  

The test firing of a submarine launched ballistic missile, the JL-3, by the Chinese navy six months ago was a further sign of increasing, global, military tension. The JL-3 has a range of 8,700 miles, more than sufficient to strike the USSA mainland, and ten, independently targetable, nuclear warheads. The Chinese Defense Minister warned at the time of the test launch of the JL-3 that if the USSA wants to fight that China will fight to the end. I can't speak for the flag officers in the Pentagon, but the submarine missile launch and the meaning of the  Defense Minister's statement are clear enough to me

So What Does All Of This Mean?

There certainly will be highly dramatic events in 2020 and lapping over into 2021. A great deal of this is astrologically driven. The espionage agencies and secret societies, that govern so much of what happens in this rogue corner of the time-space continuum as we perceive it, absolutely make use of astrology, and in very nefarious ways. 

Judging from what I am reading in the daily, international, news cycle, the preparations for major warfare, perhaps apocalyptic warfare, as well as the conditions and preconditions for major civil and political strife all over the world, could not be more clear. The global system is on the verge of cataclysmic failure, essentially because it's so malevolent, so entropic, so negative, so destructive, so exploitive that it is devouring itself. All this is quite apart from (or is it?) the easily observable ramp up in recent years and months of the rate of major earthquake and volcanic activity all over the world, and chaotic, fluky, destructive, meteorological and hydrological events, which may also be a major, disruptive factor going forward,

It's not necessary to read esoteric tea leaves. The major outlines of the big picture are glaringly apparent, just by reading the lead stories in the mainstream news media in South America, in the USSA, in Russia and elsewhere.

Humanity and the Earth are at a critical juncture like few times in the history of the human race.

The events of the coming year, and also of 2021 will be crucial and determinant of what follows later in the 2020s and beyond. 

Be not deceived. All years are important, every day of our sojourn here matters, but 2020 and the following year of 2021 will be years that we will all long remember, those of us who survive coming events, as well as those who do not, and go on to Elysian fields.


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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The USSA Is Going To Go Down Very Hard

For years I have been trying to describe for my readers the dire events that lie in store for the USSA and the people who live there, and the unpleasant concatenation of events that will follow on the collapse of the USSA's globally dominant (for only a little bit longer) system.

Many writers have remarked on the baffling, projected, year 2025 economic and population data that the alphabet-soup-connected, website has published to the web, which can be viewed here: has projected that a whole slew of countries will suffer massive population and economic loss within the next few years, none more dramatically than the USSA, which is projected to soon suffer a population loss of 226 million people and a crushing drop in economic and military power to almost 3rd world status. 

This looks more and more likely to occur in the next year or two or three, however improbable it may presently appear to billions of so-called "ordinary" people all over the world. And it will occur with stunning speed and finality. The death throes of the USSA will not be a pretty thing, least of all for the population of the USSA, a couple of hundreds of millions  of whom, according to, appear slated for death. 

Whether or not the precipitous crash of the USSA is also accompanied by major warfare remains to be seen. If it is, the wholesale destruction of major cities in the USSA, and also major military bases, many of which are near major cities, can be expected. The Chinese and Russians, and maybe even the North Koreans and unknown others, have devastating weapons that can reach the USSA mainland within a half an hour after launch and unleash total hell.

But even if the nukes remain in the silos, the USSA is still certain to face utter ruin, and soon. The reality is that the so-called "dollar", the Federal Reserve Note, is quickly dying. All of the massive military power, material prosperity and abundance that the people of the USSA and their government enjoy, are based on the preeminece of the Federal Reserve Note in international commerce, on its role as the global, reserve currency.

But all of that is ending, it's ending now. Consider the words of Vladimir Putin, just last month.

The dollar enjoyed great trust around the world. But for some reason it is being used as a political weapon, imposing restrictions. Many countries are now turning away from the dollar as a reserve currency. (The) US dollar will collapse soon.

That's clear enough. As head of state of a major world power, Vladimir Putin has access to reams of data and high-level political and and economic analysis that the average person does not, so his words carry considerable weight.

The dollar is going down, and soon, so says Putin.

There is ample reason to believe him.

Dimitry Orlov, the well-known Russian-American political and social commentator, has posted on his blog site, an article entitled "The Final Act." 

Read the whole article, it is most enlightening. Near the end, Orlov gets down to brass tacks:

In order to keep the wheels of finance from grinding to a halt, over 2020 the Fed will have to monetize, or print, close to $6 trillion.

That's an astronomical number. It means that the USSA dollar paper chase is either at, or uncomfortably near its brutal end. What does it mean when a central bank prints $6 trillion per year, just to keep the markets going for a little while longer? It means it's all funny money, Monopoly game paper money, that's all. It means that we're at the last few rolls of the dice in the Monopoly-paper-money-game as the few remaining players scramble to buy Boardwalk and Park Place and put up fancy-schmancy hotels to gouge the rest of the beaten players.

It means "game over." It's all over. It's all going to come crashing down. Indeed, as Dimitry Orlov explains, the crash has already started, as of four months ago. It will be accelerating as we move through 2020. The world has lost confidence in the USSA dollar and USSA Treasuries.

The work of Dick Allgire provides a bit of insight into what will be happening in the next months and year or two. For those who don't know, Dick Allgire is one of the very best remote viewers in the world. He has a years-long, public record of impressive accuracy. Two of his recent videos really brought home to me the gravity of what is about to go down. See, for instance:

Pay particular attention from the 2:00 to 3:00 minute mark. Freeze the images at the 2:42 mark and 2:56 minute marks and examine them.

Notice what Dick Allgire is saying. The present financial system based on the USSA dollar will be going bye-bye. Its abandonment will be eventful, impactful. People have dollars and suddenly they will be meaningless, no one will want them. This is not different from what Dimitry Orlov is saying.

The whole thing is coming down. People will be in shock, in disbelief, their world shattered; their faith in "USA Is #1, Baby!" will be shaken to the core.

Another of Dick Allgire's recent videos provides still more insight.

The content from the 1:50 to 2:20 minute marks is noteworthy. The sketch at the 2:05 time stamp is very revealing. Pause the video and enlarge the size to full screen. A big crash is coming; it will shake the USSA to its foundation; nothing will be the same afterwards. Dick Allgire is the best in the remote viewing business, and the men who work with him are also gifted and experienced remote viewers of great talent and accomplishment in the field. What they are seeing and saying is very serious. They've noticed the same things I have, and what I've seen certainly has made an impression on me.

It's coming. Dig it. Time is tolling. 

Listen to me: "Make American Great Again!" election sloganeering is just painfully stupid political propaganda for people who cannot, or will not, think for themselves and need or want a Big Daddy figure to ride in on his big jet and rescue them from their humdrum life. 

The impeachment drama in Washington, DC is nothing more nor less than political theater to keep the American sheeple distracted from the crushing reality that the Mother of All National Train Wrecks lies just ahead. 

Something else is getting ready to happen, and the USSA will be forced to take a back seat and eat huge portions of humble pie.

Things cannot go on for much longer as they have been, and so they will not. What cannot continue, will not continue.

It's just that simple. 

The USSA government has called the tune, and will very soon have to pay the piper -- except that it cannot! The debts run into unimaginable trillions and trillions of dollars and they absolutely cannot be paid. It's impossible.

So the whole, global, phony-baloney, counterfeit, paper money scam based on the full faith and credit of the USSAA government and its fraudulent Federal Reserve Note which is printed up out of thin air -- is going to be ending. It will not be pretty.

I know that it seems hard to believe, sort of like learning when you were 6 years old that Santa Claus is fake, a fraud, a lie, a fib, a great con, a total put on, complete make believe that corresponds to no concrete reality. It's like a "Leave It To Beaver" episode in which Beaver learns an uncomfortable truth and implores his brother: "Say it isn't so, Wally!"

Enter the USSA Federal Reserve Note -- the ruinous Ponzi scheme of the ages. 

We'll all do the best we can in the tumultuous times that are now hard upon us. The pace of events is going to be fast, and, frankly, quite possibly fatal for a lot of people. I mean, what would you think happens on the day that everyone suddenly realizes that the "dollar" is effectively without any value whatsoever?

I don't expect that conditions in Ecuador, where I live, will be that much different from the USSA given that Ecuador uses the USSA dollar in its daily commerce, with one or two important exceptions: Ecuador still has a surprising amount of agricultural production, which may mean that food will be more readily available here than in the USSA, or so we can hope. Ecuador is also not likely to be a target for nuclear strikes, if the collapse of the USSA devolves into a shooting war between nuclear powers, as it possibly may. 


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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Saturn-Pluto Conjunction Sets The Table In 2020

Fear not! -- you will never forget the events of 2020 if you live to be 1,000 years old.

The following is well worth a listen.

The narrator is the astrologer, Osher, who resides in Spain. Osher's native language is Hebrew, but if you pay attention you will understand what he says. The long and short of it is that the astrology for January 2020 (next month) is downright vicious, and it doesn't let up for the entire year. 

Listening to Osher, and other professional astrologers, my feeling is that the two weeks of running battles in the streets here in Ecuador in October of this year were just a preview of coming attractions -- not only for Ecuador, but for other countries as well, quite possibly including the USSA. I saw it all here in Ecuador, first hand, up close and in person. My neighborhood was at the epicenter of the popular uprising. The action was noisy, violent -- many were injured and some were killed, chaotic, anarchic, disruptive. Lots and lots of tear gas, armored vehicles, drones, helicopters, platoons and squads of police and military in riot gear, non-stop explosions of flash-bang grenades, tear gas bombs, etc. The noise, the noise, the noise. The chaos. Day after day.

Given the very heavy astrology for 2020, I won't be surprised at all to see similar events in Ecuador again and in other countries around the world, perhaps even in a country near you, in the coming year. And it all begins in earnest mere weeks from now, as Saturn and Pluto draw closer and closer together, as seen from Earth.

I see in the daily news cycle that Donald Trump is adamantly insisting that he wants a lengthy, Senate impeachment trial precisely during the time (January 2020) that may possibly have the ugliest astrological configuration that we have ever seen in our lifetimes. The words, "Be careful what you wish for!" -- come to mind. But not to worry, Trump is about to get **exactly** what he says he wants. It will not be dull, no sir, no ma'am. Now, I don't know if Trump will prevail in his Senate trial next month, but he evidently thinks that his acquittal will be a slam dunk for his side. Maybe he's right. Maybe the whole exercise will be like a walk in the park for him, and he will emerge unscathed, politically stronger than ever. Or maybe not. Maybe he will be convicted in the Senate and removed from office. From my perspective, were I a sitting President of the USSA, given the nasty, negative, mundane astrology of January of 2020, next month would not be the month that I would want to go on trial in the USSA Senate, facing potential removal from office. But that's me, Donald Trump clearly thinks otherwise. We'll soon know if the situation redounds to his benefit.

Beyond Donald Trump's personal, political fate, 2020 will be a tumultuous year, off the charts all over the world. Governments will probably fall; the USSA regime may possibly be among them. This is Osher's view, as expressed in other videos, and I do not disagree. The entire global system is very unstable and combustible right now, as we have seen over the last couple of months with massive uprisings, riots and national strikes in Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Spain, France, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Iraq and more. All of this is but a prelude to what lies just ahead.

This business with Saturn and Pluto is very serious stuff. Astrologically, Saturn represents history, rigidity, tradition, materialism. Pluto has to do with powerful, deep, subconscious transformation. In simple terms we can look for great turmoil for such traditional structures and institutions as:  governments, financial/banking institutions (Federal Reserve, Wall Street), educational institutions, religions (Vatican, Mecca), tax agencies (IRS), military organizations (Pentagon, NATO), major dams (Oroville, Fort Peck, Three Gorges, Hoover, etc.), electrical grids, rigid belief systems (USSA #1), etc. -- all this and more will be susceptible to failure, deep transformation or tremendous strain.

Pluto. Plutonium. What can be more powerfully, deeply "transformative" than that? You follow me? Nuclear power plants, nuclear weapons, etc. This is combustible astrology and Pluto will have a huge effect in 2020 as it "transforms" rigid, Saturnian traditions and structures, both physical and nonphysical.

By the way, don't assume that those in charge of the current global system will necessarily sidestep the negative astrology that lies just ahead. 

Angela Merkel, Bibi Netanyahu, Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un, Xi Jinping, Recep Erdogan and all the rest. Stumbling headlong towards the waiting astrological minefield of 2020.

What could possibly go wrong?


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Thursday, December 5, 2019

The CIA, Fellow Travelers and Their Clandestine Underground & Undersea Lairs

This blog post will be a little long and meandering, but please bear with me. There is pay dirt in the meandering.

I became aware of the CIA's grim nature early in life. I was born and reared just a short hop, skip and jump away from the CIA's main training facility, at Camp Peary, in Tidewater Virginia. I've been by the place umpteen times over the years. It has always, in my childhood and adulthood, had a dark, glowering, foreboding sort of appearance from the outside, just driving past -- the security fence, the brooding silence, the entry way. The place radiates a negative aura. How could it be otherwise?

So I was directly aware of the CIA from my earliest years, when I was just a little boy.

In the late 1970s and 1980s I  read a whole suite of excellent books about the CIA, all of which I recommend to one and all. 

In Search of Enemies: A CIA Story, by John Stockwell

The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World, by Fletcher Prouty

The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade, by Alfred W. McCoy

The Crimes of Patriots: A True Tale of Dope, Dirty Money, and the CIA, by Jonathan Kwitney

The first book, by John Stockwell, a former US Marine Corps officer and CIA agent, was very revelatory for me at the time, maybe 30 years ago when I first read it. Stockwell related how he became progressively more and more aware of the CIA's massive criminality, and of his own role in it, until he was led by his conscience to resign in disgust from the agency. The book got a fair amount of press at the time. As I recall the CIA tried to block it, and finally struck a deal where the CIA itself receives the royalties from the book's sale! -- or something like that. So much for 2nd amendment rights to freedom of the press.

The Secret Team, by Fletcher Prouty, first appeared in the 1970s. I avidly devoured it when I read it in the 1980s. Prouty lays it all right out -- the CIA by then had already metastasized into everything -- Hollywood, academe, Wall Street, Madison Avenue,  publishing, radio and TV broadcasting, newspapers and magazines, politics, banking, the military, religion and much more. Its tentacles and operatives were everywhere, insinuating the CIA into everything, everywhere. Prouty made the point that already as of the early 1970s, hundreds of compartmentalized units in the US military were de facto CIA operations, removed from effective control of the military chain of command. Think of the implications of that. A little later on in this blog post I will provide a concrete example of just one instance of what Prouty means.

The last two books, by Alfred McCoy and Jonathan Kwitney, have to do with the CIA's  long-time, massive involvement in global narcotics trafficking operations, and associated, massive money laundering activities. You could make the case that the CIA is indirectly and directly the world's single largest narco-trafficking and dirty-money-laundering criminal cartel.

There's no need to put lipstick on a pig, and pretend that it is something that it is not. The CIA has been a homicidal, larcenous, lying, thieving, backstabbing, dirty dealing, foul, vile organization virtually from its inception in 1947, when it was cobbled together from elements of the OSS, the USSA's WW-II intelligence agency and the Gehlen Organization, the spy apparatus run by Adolf Hitler's wartime spy chief, General Reinhard Gehlen. Gehlen struck a deal with the Americans at war's end to deliver his NAZI spy organization to the American intelligence service, in exchange for clemency. Gehlen delivered the goods as promised, and several years later became the head of West Germany's intelligence service, the Bundesnachrichtendienst, BND. The OSS and the Gehlen Organization were merged, yielding the modern day CIA, meaning that from the very beginning the CIA has been a hybrid American-NAZI agency.

This is essential to understanding the world that we live in. World War-II did not end as we have been taught; neither was it conducted as we have been taught.  Beyond the hybrid NAZI nature of the CIA, for decades it has closely coordinated operations and intelligence with the Mossad, the Zionist intelligence agency, and other agencies such as the British MI-6, obviously the German BND, which Hitler's ex-spy master, Reinhard Gehlen, went on to direct after WW-II, and other agencies. If you find this improbable, bear in mind that after WW-II many hundreds of NAZI technicians, engineers and scientists were secretly brought to the US as part of Project Paperclip. They played an influential, crucial role in the manned space program of NASA and the ballistic missile programs of the US military. This is now publicly known by many people, though it was not known in the 1940s and 1950s. 

There was also a less well known, Egyptian Operation Paperclip, authorized by President Gamal Abdel Nasser, run out of Factory 333, in Heliolopolis, Egypt. (As an aside, the US Operation Paperclip NAZIs were put to work in the late-1940s at Launch Pad 33 -- it was the only one! -- on White Sands Proving Ground in New Mexico. Can you spot the Masonic numerology in both projects?) Nasser brought in a large contingent of ex-NAZI scientists, engineers and technicians to develop an Egyptian rocket and missile program. The Israelis caught wind of the program and targeted the German rocket experts for assassination. Astonishingly, the Mossad ended up recruiting former SS-officer and commando, Otto Skorzeny, a wartime favorite of Adolf Hitler, as a hit man to kill the Germans in Egypt. The Mossad tracked Skorzeny down in Spain and made him an offer that he did not refuse. Sorzeny went to work for the Mossad and killed 6 ex-NAZI rocket experts in Egypt. The rest of the Germans hastily abandoned the project and that was the end of the Egyptian Project Paperclip operation.

I mention this curious, murderous, historical anecdote only to point out that in the world of the clandestine and secret services, things are frequently not what they superficially seem to be, not in the 1940s, not in the 1960s, and certainly not today. 

Another aspect of Project Paperclip that my research has uncovered has to do with the USSA military's post-war "Underground Plant Program." In 1947 Project Paperclip requested Xaver Dorsch and three of his colleagues to be made available for the aforementioned "Underground Plant Program." Xaver Dorsch was at that time perhaps the premier expert in the world on underground base construction. At war's end he was the director of the Todt Organization, which was the NAZI military's civil engineering agency. It was the approximate equivalent of the US Army Corps of  Engineers and the Navy Seabees, albeit that it was a nominally civilian agency. The Todt Organization was established by Fritz Todt, the father of the well-known, German Autobahn system of highways. Fritz Todt was killed in an airplane crash in mid-war, in 1942, and Xaver Dorsch was tapped to fill his position. Though Dorsch reported to Albert Speer, in 1944 Adolf Hitler asked Dorsch to begin a priority program of massive underground base construction and to report directly to him on its progress, instead of to Speer. The war ended and Xaver Dorsch was taken into USSA military custody where he was extensively debriefed, and then requested by Project Paperclip in 1947. In 1951 Dorsch surfaced publicly again and founded the Dorsch Consult, now known as the Dorsch Gruppe, a large and well known, international engineering firm.

The point I am making is quite simple: the ongoing, underground bases program, the military and civilian aerospace programs and the CIA, all had important input and contributions from expert elements of the Third Reich in the years just after WW-II's end.

The Fletcher Prouty Operation 

As I have already mentioned, Fletcher Prouty was the author of the eye-opening, Secret Team book, that provided so many troubling revelations about the CIA's secret dealings. I spoke with Prouty in the late 1990s and he revealed to me that beyond being a liaison officer during the height of the Cold War between the CIA and the US military, that he had also been in charge of running the rat line that brought the Project Paperclip NAZIs to the United States. That conversation was more than 20 years ago and I didn't know nearly as much, about a lot of things, as I do today. He confided to me that he and the others involved in Project Paperclip did not at first fully appreciate just how crazy the NAZI psychiatrists they brought over from Germany were. In retrospect, I believe he was alluding to the things the NAZIs were doing for mind control techniques that were utilized in the then publicly unknown MK-Ultra and Project Monarch mind control operations of the CIA, which I and many others believe are ongoing in a major way to the present day.

Prouty also mentioned to me that the week that President Kennedy was murdered, he was abruptly ordered to the South Pole. Clearly he was ordered to the ends of the Earth to get him out of the way of the conspirators. Given his high level access to the CIA and military, the cabal involved in the plot obviously wanted him out of Washington, DC, so that he could not interfere with the assassination.

At the time I spoke with Prouty I had already identified the US Army's Warrenton Training Stations in northern Virginia as the site of a CIA underground facility. Nominally the training stations were identified as, and run by the US Army as, US Army facilities. But in reality the US Army fig leaf was just a cover for what in actuality was a CIA underground facility. I asked Prouty about that facility. He didn't deny what I had discovered, but he replied that he couldn't tell me anything about the Warrenton Training Stations, or what was done there, because that got into the area of "Special Operations" and was classified, and he could not divulge classified information. For those who want to know more about the Warrenton facilities try this Wikipedia article: Warrenton Training Center. Interestingly the article says: "In 2002, the Brookings Institution listed an unspecified WTC 'relocation bunker' as a facility with an active nuclear weapons, weapons-related or naval nuclear propulsion mission." You may interpret that very unusual information as you wish. Your guess is likely to be as good as mine, as to what is really going on underground in Warrenton, Virginia. 

It's not the only underground facility in Virginia. There are assuredly many others, a few of which are publicly known, such as:

Peters Mountain, in Albemarle County  not far from Charlottesville
Mount Weather, near Bluemont 

There is also a major underground facility beneath the Pentagon and very likely beneath the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, in the Washington, DC suburbs, not to be confused with Langley Air Force Base, at the other end of the state in Hampton, Virginia.

How Extensive Is The Underground System? 


I have every reason to believe that what I know just scratches the proverbial surface.  

Based on my research, and drawing on information that has been passed to me informally, I 100% expect that there are also underwater bases and tunnels, as well as underground bases and tunnels.

There are underground facilities and tunnels all over the USSA. They can be anywhere -- and are! Under forests, mountains, deserts, cities, etc. The technology to construct bases one mile deep is comparative "child's play" in the words of one expert who spoke to me off the record. I have been told that bases can even be as deep as several miles underground. I am not an insider, and I do not know all the technology that is available to the Deep State, but I believe that what I have been told is true. The one mile figure I 100% accept as state of the art for the underground bases projects.

Many underground bases are known: Mount Weather in Virginia, Peters Mountain in Virginia, Camp David in Maryland, Site "R" on the Maryland-Pennsylvania border, Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado, the NSA underground facility in Laurel, Maryland, the underground facility beneath the White House, the Manzano base in New Mexico, the large facility beneath Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska, etc.

Without question there are many more, and many large facilities, that remain clandestine, Top Secret, compartmentalized, publicly unknown. 

In terms of the most likely areas for these facilities in the continental USSA the following have come to my attention:

a) the entire Appalachian region from New England all the way to northern Alabama and Georgia, including, but not limited to, the White Mountains in New England, the Interstate-81 corridor in Virginia, the eastern Tennessee region, the mountains of Pennsylvania and western Maryland

b) the entire Rocky Mountain region

c) the Sierra Nevada in California

d) all of the desert Southwest, including Nevada and lapping over into eastern and southern California

My research strongly points to a network of deep underground, high-speed, mag-lev train tunnels connecting at least some of the underground bases. Based on everything I know, including hard and soft data, I consider it likely that a highly secret, high-tech, high-speed, underground tunnel system has been built, likely in the mid-1970s to early 1990s time frame.

Based on my archival research and other information that has come to me, I also consider it likely that there are major tunnels and bases beneath the sea. Understand that once workers and construction equipment are down into the bedrock beneath the seafloor, the engineering challenges are not appreciably different from those encountered in a construction environment in solid rock thousands of feet beneath the surface of dry land. In both cases the operating environment is an enclosed environment in deep strata of solid rock.

I explore the technologies involved in constructing underground and underwater bases and tunnels in my three books:

Hidden in Plain Sight: Beyond the X-Files

Underground Bases and Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide?

Underwater and Underground Bases

Suffice it to say that for more than half a century, the technology in marine engineering, civil engineering, mining engineering and petroleum engineering has permitted this type of construction to go forward. The techniques and machinery involved are very sophisticated and powerful.

As regards the underwater bases, the following locations are prime areas that are likely to have bases:

a) the continental shelf off the eastern seaboard of the mainland USSA, all the way from Florida to New England

b) the New England sea mounts in the North Atlantic off of northeastern North America

c) the Gulf of Mexico

d) the Caribbean Sea, especially (but not only) around Puerto Rico and Andros Island in the Bahamas

e) Lake Erie

f) the Channel Islands off of southern California

g) the Hawaiian Island region

h) the Aleutian Islands region 

i) the San Juan Islands, Vancouver Island region of western North America

What About the Funding?

Mind you that money is no issue, either to obtain the sums needed, or to hide the paper trail.

During my research I was privileged to have a lengthy conversation with a bona fide, high level, underground bases construction expert. I put to him the question as to how large, covert projects could be carried out with no paper trail of the funding.

To my astonishment, he proceeded to recite for me in detail how he had funded one of the clandestine projects on which he had been the lead project engineer. By the time he was finished I could scarcely comprehend what he had just told me. He laid out for me a convoluted, Rube Goldberg accounting scheme that involved offshore accounts, multiple USSA government agencies, an Egyptian shell company, and much more that went right over my head. The  money was moved around, in very large amounts, in what amounted to a high finance, international,  inter-agency, money laundering shell game.

I was stunned. Rest assured, Dear Reader, that the banking laws and money laundering laws are written to oppress and control **you** -- while the Deep State does whatever it wants, and in a major, multi-million and multi-billion, even multi-trillion dollar way.

Yes, I mean that literally. Multi-trillions of dollars. They just skim it right out of the economy, defraud the public out of vast, unimaginable sums of money and do whatever they want: underground bases, underwater bases, secret, high-speed train tunnels, and God only knows what all else.

As Catherine Austin Fitts at the Solari Report, has documented, the USSA government cannot account for some $21 trillion in funding. 

The Federal Government Can’t Account for $21 Trillion. Does Anybody Care?

Where has the money gone? What has been done with it? Who really is running the USSA government?

I submit to you that a lot of that money has quite probably been lavished on secret underground and underwater bases and tunnels.

As for who or what is really running the USSA government? I don't know and neither do you, but clearly the Congress is not in charge, and neither is the President.

We are witnesses to a deceitfully staged, Punch and Judy, political puppet show designed to distract our attention from the ENORMOUS craftily hidden theft that we are subject to, all while being told to: vote! pay taxes! obey the law! respect the government! pledge allegiance to the flag! support the military! submit to official authority!

Is the CIA Involved?

You can be certain of CIA involvement. The CIA is massively involved in a wide range of Black Ops, Covert Ops, Special Operations, call them what you like, and has been for the past 70 years.

Over the years I have heard the group that is running the domain of the secret underground and underwater bases referred to as the "Organization" or the "Company."

For many years, the CIA has been informally referred to as the "Company."

Why? Many explanations have been proffered, but certainly one of the biggest reasons has to do with the fact that the CIA is in business, extremely evil business to be blunt. Gun running/weapons trafficking, human trafficking, narcotics trafficking, money laundering, and all of this on a massive, global scale.

It's all very violently, way out of control. And those are just the things we know that the CIA does, that can be and have been documented.

Given what my research has uncovered, and the CIA's known, long-time involvement in the highly secure, underground base in Warrenton, Virginia, for me it is no stretch to believe that "The Company" I have heard referenced with respect to the secret underground and undersea operations is, in fact, the CIA --  or perhaps its Siemens subsidiary. Yes, that would be the same Siemens that played a role in the Third Reich and is still a major, international engineering firm, the same Siemens whose name keeps popping up in my underground and underwater bases and tunnels research. Not forgetting, of course, that the CIA was from its inception, a hybrid USSA-NAZI agency.

I leave you with the thought that nothing is as we have been told. The political theatre now underway in Washington, DC and elsewhere around the world is just a Punch and Judy puppet show to keep you distracted while the Deep State carries out its real agenda, its MASSIVE $21 trillion agenda.

I wish I could have another conversation with Fletcher Prouty. I know so much more as of late 2019 than I did when we spoke more than 20 years ago. But he's dead now and has taken his secrets with him to the grave.

But not to worry. We live on and it falls to us to uncover the whole, corrupt, unimaginably horrid, criminal mess and recover control of our lives, our society and our world.