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Saturday, June 26, 2021

** IN FOUR ** and in the Black Sea

>> First of all, my numerous subscribers should note that beginning sometime in July, Google will no longer automatically send e-mail notifications when I post a new blog entry. So please bookmark this blog site and check periodically for new blog posts. <<

Secondly, I have been very, very, very ill and came close to death about a month ago. Luckily, I am now on the rebound and steadily improving. I went through a very difficult and painful period, but am starting to get my strength, energy and joie de vivre back again. I had a great many symptoms, however there were several, major, Covid-19 symptoms that I did not have -- I had no fever whatsoever, I had no head ache, I did not lose 
the senses of taste and smell, no nausea, vomiting or runny nose, no chills, no diarrhea --   so I do not think that it was Covid that afflicted me. Whatever it was hit me very hard, like a ton of bricks, but I never considered going to the hospital. No way!

Along with the physical suffering has come a whole slew of realizations, dreams, intuitions and a handful of paranormal experiences that I won't take the trouble to discuss here, but which nevertheless have had a profound impact on me that is still in progress with an uncertain issue.

One of the dreams that has perplexed me the most occurred several nights ago. It occurred in two installments, separated by two hours. In the first installment, God appeared and gave me a simple, clear message that my conscious mind did not and still does not understand. The ambiance was extremely light and clear, set in a green meadow, with puffy white clouds overhead in a Robin-egg-blue sky. God himself was very matter of fact, straight forward and down to Earth. I knew directly that he was God, that he had a message for me and that was that. There was no drama whatsoever.

Two hours later, I had precisely the same dream again in virtually every respect, setting, ambiance, message. Everything was the same, with one difference: Moses appeared in the second dream instead of God. I instantly recognized him. There was no drama with Moses, either, no chest thumping. He was direct, yet understated. He delivered the message to me and then the dream ended. Make of the appearance of God and Moses in my dreams whatever you will. For me they represent a communication from higher consciousness that was delivered twice -- identically -- presumably to ensure that I would remember it, and I have.

As I said, the message was simple and clear.

I was shown four, blue, surgical masks, seen from the front on, arranged vertically in the air in front of me in a stack of four. They were not horizontally pancaked on top of each other, but vertically arranged one above another, in a frontal view, with a bit of a space between them.

The blue, surgical masks were accompanied by a two-word message in English: "In four."

The surgical masks would seem to be an allusion to the global, Covid-19/vaccination scamdemic and the widespread wearing of surgical masks by much of the global population.

One possibility that occurs to me is that I am being forewarned by higher consciousness of major events related to the Covid-19/vaccination scamdemic, to take place "in four" months from now, i.e., that October of this year may be a time of massive sickness, mortality and disability due to the virus, the masks and the vaccinations, and/or a time of great awakening of the mass human population to the unimaginable evil that is being played out via the Covid-19/vaccination scamdemic, and/or ... something else entirely?

Any ideas? -- because I truthfully cannot definitively say what the message means. My conscious mind can think of multiple scenarios -- and I might be right, and I might be wrong.

Sea Breeze 21 and Possible War in the Black Sea

I suppose most of my readers are aware that a few days ago the British warship, HMS Defender, blatantly violated the territorial limits of the Crimea as it sailed just off Sevastopol, the major, Russian, naval base on the northern Black Sea coast. The Russians sent out coast guard vessels, fired warning shots, dropped a few bombs in the sea near the ship, scrambled 20 jet fighters to buzz HMS Defender, and called in the British ambassador the following day to tell her that any further incidents of the kind could mean kinetic, military conflict between Russia and Britain.

The method in the British madness obviously was to probe Russian coastal defenses, and gauge what sort of military response a naval intrusion into Russian territorial waters would provoke. 


Because starting 28 June and running until 10 July, the USSA and the Ukraine are hosting a large war game in the Black Sea involving military forces from 29 NATO countries, called Sea Breeze 21. The war game will include 32 warships, 40 warplanes, 5,000 military personnel, amphibious forces and military dive teams. 

The rumor that is circulating on the Internet in the last couple of days is that during this large, military exercise, multiple warships will penetrate the Crimea's territorial limits, daring the Russians to fire on them. 

If this does occur and the Russians open fire on the Sea Breeze 21 warships and/or sink them, then wide scale war between NATO and Russia is probable, a war that could easily turn nuclear, a war that almost certainly would not remain confined to the Black Sea.

Why Would NATO Desire War With Russia?

Setting aside the sociopathic and psychopathic character of the political class in the NATO countries (and much of the rest of the world), there is a brutal, underlying reality that besets country after country: pensions, social security and medical benefits cannot be paid by governments and industry. It is a mathematical impossibility.

So what to do, if governments and businesses cannot pay hundreds of millions or billions of people their pensions, medical benefits and social security?

To be blunt, the evidence overtly suggests that the world's banking and political "elite" and billionaire class (Davos/WEF) have decided to kill off a huge chunk of the world's population. Cadavers don't qualify for pensions, medical benefits and social security, do they? Of course not. Problem resolved.

The fact of the matter is that the Covid-19 virus didn't kill nearly as many people as men like Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwab and George Soros had hoped. Additionally, in many countries (not all) there is widespread resistance by the general population to the debilitating/lethal mRNA vaccines against Covid-19 that Big Pharma and corrupt governments have rolled out. The Internet is full of videos and first-hand reports of the many thousands of dead and crippled victims of the mRNA injections. By the millions, people all over the world are watching these videos and drawing the appropriate conclusion: the ruling "elites" are trying to kill them or hurt them really badly!

Therefore, given the failure of Covid-19 and the mRNA vaccines to kill or maim a sufficient portion of the global population (according to the genocidal calculus of the "ruling elites"), it seriously looks like the nuclear war card may be about to be played.

I wish it were not so, but the trajectory of recent events in the Black Sea clearly is leading towards military conflict between Russia and NATO, both of which are nuclear armed.  It could happen any week now. Clearly, that is what the British and the USSA want, and they are both nuclear powers. 

If Sea Breeze 21 does result in NATO warships violating Russian territorial waters in the Black Sea in the coming days, then major warfare is probable.

If the nukes fly, oh, well ....  They will definitely trim an awful lot of beneficiaries off of the pension, social security and medical benefit rolls.


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