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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Yesterday In Washington, DC

From the streets of D.C. yesterday. Click the link and watch the video.

It looks like a dictatorship. 

Major government buildings fenced off, fences topped with coils of razor sharp, concertina wire, rows of uniformed military personnel with automatic rifles and Federal Police dressed in black, lining the street.

If you saw this in a South American or African capital city, probably most people would call it a military coup d'etat, or some sort of military rule or dictatorship.

I grew up in that region of the USSA. I know the area well. I've been to, in and through Washington, DC umpteen times over half a century.

But I've never seen what's happening there now. Washington, DC is transparently under new management, and it looks ugly. 
What next?


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Friday, January 29, 2021

Magnificently Dreadful Is The Liquidation Sale Of The USSA (United States, Inc.)

When large corporations fail, or go bankrupt, typically their subsidiary units are broken off and snapped up by former rivals, competitors and speculators; their hard assets, if any, may be sold off for pennies on the dollar. The new owners may post armed guards with pump shotguns and pistols to secure the buildings, factories, equipment, machinery and other hard assets that they have procured. Sometimes they may decide to physically raze the old buildings or factories to the ground, and build new ones; or perhaps sell everything off to yet another third party. The disposition of the workers is not even a consideration in many cases. The workers and their livelihoods are collateral damage. They are often cast aside, without a second thought to their well being or life prospects.

It's all corporate, you see. It's business. The etymology of the word, corporate, is instructive. It stems from the Latin: corpus, which means, among other things: dead body, cadaver. So the commercial corporation is fundamentally a dead thing, it's not alive. Corporations routinely issue fractional units of their commercial assets for sale, i.e., corporate stock, or "dead body parts," as it were.

Corporate stock can be compared to "livestock" -- or living stock, living economic units, i.e., domesticated animals with a certain productive, economic value or function. From a purely economic standpoint, a sheep's wool can be sheared and sold for profit, a cow can be milked and cheese and butter made from the milk and sold for profit, oxen can be harnessed and yoked to plough a field which then can be planted in wheat or barley that is harvested and sold for a profit, a horse can be hitched to a wagon to convey freight to market which is then sold for profit, human beings can be bred in large numbers and put to work making widgets for sale, or mining coal or salt for profit, etc.  Oxen, cattle, sheep, horses, humans, etc. = livestock =  animals with a productive, profitable, economic function or value.

Please stay with me. It is essential to understand that governments are business entities, corporations. (I wrote about the corporate USSA in an earlier blog post: Trump This! -- The Ineffable Elsewho. It's a complex, Byzantine, business structure; not a government, but a sprawling, corrupt, interlocking welter of corporations masquerading as a supposed "government.") This is true of virtually all cities, territories, provinces, states, nation-states and monarchies. Go on the website of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and you will see units of government from all over the world transacting big, multi-billion dollar business. If you dig into the site a little more, you will also find the names of prominent political figures registered to do business via the SEC. Politics and government are, thus, corporate business activities. It's all about the money and control of resources, both corporate stock and livestock, no matter how much governments may natter on about human rights and the like.

This is why the USSA military talks about "collateral damage" when it kills non-combatants in its numerous military actions overseas. It's referring to the slaughter of noncombatant human beings, and implicitly signalling that they are regarded as "commercial collateral", i.e., that they are economic units, part of the commercial holdings of the foreign political jurisdiction that is being militarily invaded, bombed, destroyed, occupied, attacked, colonized, etc.

The whole, contemporary, global system is, thus, a vast, interlocking, corporate structure, and has been for centuries, even for thousands of years, going back to the time of ancient Rome, Babylon, Sumeria and Egypt. Government and politics are dirty, murderous, lying, thieving, corporate, big business.

In the instant case of the corporate USSA (United States, Inc.), it is massively in debt, mired in astronomical, unpayable debt. The figure that I have repeatedly seen recently in both the alternative and mainstream, corporate media is $27 trillion. 

The hard reality is that the United States, Inc. is stone cold bankrupt. It cannot and will not pay its debts. The national economy is a crumbling shambles incapable of generating the sort of tax revenue required to even service the outstanding debt, which fact is abundantly obvious to the debt's holders. The game has therefore entered a new, more serious phase.

To wit: the massively, criminally corrupt, and unimaginably morally and financially bankrupt, globe spanning U$$A corporation (United States, Inc.) is blatantly stiffing someone or something for at least a whopping $27 trillion.

In light of recent, unusual events (like the military occupation of Washington, DC and a flagrantly fraudulent national election), the case could be made that whoever or whatever is owed that astronomical sum of money has quietly communicated the message:

"Pay up. All $27 trillion of it. Right now. Or else."

Who or what holds that debt? The Rothschild banking dynasty? The Vatican? International Organized Crime, Inc.? The Chinese Triads? The Octagon Group of filthy rich, trillionaire, Swiss bankers? The European royal families? The Chinese Han dynasty? Someone or something else that neither you nor I have ever heard of?

Is the world about to find out what happens when a $27 trillion debt goes willfully unpaid?

The Collateral For the $27 Trillion Debt
It is probably fair to presume that all real property and hard assets under nominal and legal control of the "United States, Inc." have long ago been put up as collateral for that $27 trillion debt. That means all of the 330 million slaves (there's the Masonic 33 again), er, "citizens" and residents, and their labor and financial assets would have been bound over, as well as millions of acres of farmland, national and state forests, national and state parks, railroads, seaports, airports, space ports (Cape Canaveral, Vandenberg, White Sands, Area 51, etc.), military personnel, military assets, weapons systems and military bases, the merchant marine fleet of ships, all subsurface and surface mines, canals, aqueducts, all rivers and lakes, natural gas and petroleum wells and pipelines, petroleum refineries and tank farms, hydroelectric dams and power stations, factories and industrial R&D facilities, national electrical grid, national laboratories (Sandia, Los Alamos, etc.), universities (Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc.), national highway system, communications network (TV, radio, Internet, magazines, newspapers, Madison Avenue, Hollywood, federal emergency broadcast system, Voice of America, etc.).

Is all of the foregoing legally subject to seizure by force upon timely notice and willful failure to duly pay all $27 trillion that is contractually due? 

Are there competing claimants to the carcass/dead body/cadaver of the corporate U$$A? Are they heavily armed, perhaps with large armies, nuclear missiles, heavy bombers and blue water naval forces? Might they bring their multi-trillion dollar commercial claim(s) directly against Hawai'i, Alaska, Puerto Rico, the Virgin islands, Guam and the soil of the Lower 48, and attempt to take possession of their property claims by military force??

Washington, DC Now Under Military Occupation

Is that why the capital of the "United States, Inc." is now full of thousands of troops? I'm 65 years old and nothing like this has ever happened in my lifetime. It's impossible to know how many troops there are patrolling the streets on any given day, manning security checkpoints or guarding government buildings. I have read figures anywhere from 5,000 or 7,000, all the way up to 40,000 or more. It's hard to know exactly what is going on, though one thing is clear: Washington, DC is  under military occupation at least through the end of March 2021. That's what is being reported in the corporate news media.

That means that the "United States, Inc." is now concretely, factually controlled by the U$$A military, or whoever or whatever is telling the military what to do, and the feeble, doddering, senescent, impressively corrupt, purported "President," Joe Biden, is just surreal window dressing for a red-white-and-blue, political, carnival sideshow signifying nothing. Smoke and mirrors. Propaganda and misdirection of attention. It is as I wrote a month ago: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not really in charge of the government. The government has already fallen. It's a sham. There is merely the appearance, but not the substance, of a legitimate government with a constitutional transfer of power. It's a carefully staged, empty charade.

Donald Trump is part of the flimflam scam! A reality TV show actor. What we are seeing is literally reality TV. It's a big show, a FALSE, FRAUDULENT, FAKE, PHONY show. If it seems that we have entered a surreal, twilight zone in which up is down, black is white and left is right, it's because we have!

It's a satanic, political show designed to bamboozle, confuse and manipulate the masses. Are you feeling manipulated and confused yet?

Well, are you??

To reiterate: the "United States" is a commercial corporation. It is the United States, Inc. In reality, those of you who consider yourselves as "citizens" of the "United States" don't have a country, it's all in your mind. It's a red-white-and-blue mind f**k meant to enslave you. The control is mental more than anything. No, you don't have a country, you never did; on the contrary, a massively, criminally corrupt, and unimaginably morally and financially bankrupt, globe spanning, demonic corporation - falsely masquerading as a "country" and mandating that you be loyal to it -- has thoroughly ***enslaved you.***

Which brings me around to the curious spectacle of the recent, alleged "national elections" in the USSA (United States, Inc.) and the confused, massively fraudulent outcome.

The man who decisively won the presidential vote acted as if he were not even very interested in fighting to claim his rightful victory against the thoroughly illegal electoral campaign of the opposing party. He held a few, feel good rallies. He appointed a spectacularly incompetent, ineffective, impotent legal team to secure his victory, which spun its wheels in fruitless juridical circles for months, without anything of consequence to show for its time and effort. And then the man who won the election melted quietly and meekly away into the night. The Great Leader! -- walked away.

Please understand that I am not a supporter of either candidate. I regard both as weak, stupid, incompetent, massively criminally corrupt and tools of the globe-spanning, organized criminal syndicate that runs the system in the USSA, and in many other countries all over the world.

Importantly, as Orange (political) Jesus exited the presidential stage, the national capital was swarmed by tens of thousands of military troops. As if a carefully choreographed political script were being played out. Most curious. 

In other words, the upshot of the massively fraudulent, national election has been the de facto installation of a sort of military rule over the national capital city. 

Has "United States, Inc." Been Sold To New Ownership?

Has the $27 trillion debt been called and payment duly demanded? Is that what's going on? Did the outgoing President therefore sign over the legal rights to the collateral assets of the bankrupt, corporate USSA (United States, Inc.)?

Is the "United States, Inc." now in receivership or conservatorship? Has it legally been deeded over to new owners, who will soon, in the next months or year or two, commence to liquidate their holdings, spin off unprofitable or troublesome subsidiaries, sell of or physically demolish/destroy/raze unwanted assets and obsolescent, crumbling infrastructure, cull unwanted "livestock," and take physical possession of what remains?

Are tens of thousands of USSA military troops therefore standing custodial guard over Washington, DC, as rival and competing claimants make their demands and counterclaims for control of the collateral assets of the bankrupt, U$$A corporation?

Have secret, backroom deals been struck with the new ownership team, as to which corporate slaves, er, "citizens and residents," will be **obsoleted,** shall we say, and how and when? Have agreements been reached as to which obsolescent, crumbling, outdated infrastructure (cities) will be demolished/destroyed.razed, and how and when? 

The Pentagon has put such a huge amount of additional, military resources and personnel into a small geographical region that already had a lot of nearby military resources and personnel, that it is obvious that the constitutional republic and/or the "United States, Inc." are now historical footnotes. We're in new territory. It is evident that something else is in the works.

Whoever or whatever Joe Biden is, he's clearly barely capable of tying his own shoes at this point. He's a feeble, vacuous, stupid, old man. It's doubtful that he even knows what time zone he's in. He's just a red-white-and-blue zero signifying nothing, shuffling around the White House, assuming he's not shuffling around a movie set or hotel ballroom somewhere that has been made up to resemble various rooms of the White House.

I suspect that the principal role of Donald Trump was to manage the bankruptcy of the corporate USSA, which he did, and to then exit stage right without too much fuss. That's why he didn't fight very hard to save the USSA. It is massively, fatally, terminally bankrupt. It will not and cannot be resuscitated, and Donald Trump knows that.  He is the master of the bankruptcy deal, having gone through that again and again with his own hotels, casinos, college education shell company, golf courses and resorts, condominiums, corporate towers, etc., and having been repeatedly bailed out by Rothschild front companies.

Bottom line: the USSA as we knew it (or thought we did) is so very over. Finished. Through. Done. Stick a fork in it. It is not coming back. Not ever.


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Monday, January 18, 2021

Will Washington, DC Soon Be A Hot War Zone?

According to Mike Adams at there could be war in the USSA within the next few days. I don't have any insider sources, as Mike Adams alleges that he has, but if what he says is true, then kinetic military action in the Washington, DC region could be imminent.

His brief article is here:

If what Mike Adams says doesn't pan out, then Joe Biden/Kamala Harris (probably) take office later this week.

We are likely to see within the week what happens, or does not.

What is certain is that over the last 10 days or so, the Pentagon has put a very large military force and a lot of military vehicles and weapons into the Washington, DC region, as if it were preparing for a military conflict -- and perhaps it is.

Maybe war in the Lower 48 lies just ahead.

In recent years, months, weeks and days, a great many people, present company included, have seen a shooting civil war in the USSA, nuclear missile launches, nuclear detonations, and even worse in their dreams and visions. 

If war breaks out I won't pretend to tell you that I didn't see it coming, because I have, and so have many others.


I do really need your financial support, now more than ever in these troubled times! For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now.
I also accept Bitcoin at: 1Dht92qEzCmvuLRKQD2MSJ1JdQ7rFRMVdA
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