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Monday, July 27, 2020

September Always Comes Before November

Astrologers like Osher and other analysts and commentators are red penciling November of this year as a time of tremendous trouble, as a time of dire events for the USSA government, USSA dollar and Donald Trump, and as a time when the global situation the world over will also be extremely chaotic and conflictive.

I agree! Much that I have seen, read and been shown and told leads me to accept that we are 100 days or less away from very BIG events, as if what is happening now were not big and troubling enough.

My Dream

I dream a lot. I always have. I occasionally have clear visions, and have for a long time, ever since I was a small boy.  A couple of weeks ago I had a dream in which I was told that we are now in a 60 day period, that judgment has already been definitively rendered and that an irrevocable penal sentence, so to speak, will absolutely be imposed on or about 11 September 2020. There is no questioning it. The verdict is final.

I was told in the dream that whatever it is, is immutable, it cannot be changed. It is too late for that. It will absolutely, 100% happen. There is no possible appeal. In the dream I felt that whatever is coming is somehow connected to or with China, but exactly how I could not say. It could be that China will bear the brunt of whatever it is that is coming, or perhaps it is the other way around; perhaps China will inflict great pain on someone or something else; or maybe China will both suffer a great punishment, and also simultaneously inflict a great punishment on someone or something else. I do not know. My understanding of the dream was ambiguous on that score. But it was clear that in mid-September a dreadful, awful judgment will be imposed and that China is somehow involved.

Now I would dismiss this as idle, random mind chatter being replayed by my personal subconscious during the sleep and dream state, in reaction to troubling daily headlines in recent weeks, except that others are being given similar warnings.

Others Are Also being Warned of September

Disclaimer: I have not attended services of the Christian religion for decades, of whatever denomination. I am not at all what could be characterized as a "religious" person. I view the various major "religions" as big-time, mind control systems, in the main. That said, I do view specific human personalities and other entities of advanced spiritual and mental attainment with very deep regard -- personalities and entities such as Jesus, Buddha, Ganesha, Krishna and others of a similar ilk. They are few in number, but very great in attainment.

For instance, I have on rare occasions encountered Jesus in non-ordinary states of awareness. And frankly, in all honesty, my direct impression is that I am not anywhere near worthy enough to even stoop down and tie his shoe laces. To say that he is majestic is an understatement. He's magnificently regal. He exudes authoritative magnificence and majesty. I would reflexively prostrate myself in abject submission in his immediate presence, were I to appear in front of him in this instant, or vice versa. I wouldn't even think about it; it would be automatic, instinctive, reflexive. He's just that great, and I would unhesitatingly prostrate myself in reflexive submission to him. He exudes overwhelming power and exalted authority -- extraordinary power and authority fundamentally rooted in unimaginable humility and love! That's the root source and essence of Jesus' awesome power and authority -- unspeakable love and humility!

He's a Lord among Lords, a King among Kings -- and it all flows from unspeakable love and humility!  Jesus is  authoritative, not authoritarian. He Lords it over no one! And yet he is the Lord of Lords. He is, in short, a fully realized being, whose authority stems from complete self-realization, **not** self-aggrandizement or personal notoriety. In street slang, he's got it all together, inside and out. He's 110% self-assured -- but not cocky or overbearing in any way. He thoroughly knows and loves himself, and because he loves and knows himself so thoroughly, he's overflowing with unstinting love and understanding for everyone else! In his presence an aware being is simply stunned into abject awe. He's wonderful, and has completely gotten over himself. That's why he's great. In his presence you feel overwhelmed by his greatness, but not beaten down, not judged, not oppressed, not damned. Jesus is an enormous relief; just to be in his presence is an immense solace, an indescribable comfort. And he doesn't judge you, not if you've got any goodness at all in you, any at all! He's full of love and understanding, understanding about everything that you can imagine, and completely understanding about quite a lot that you cannot imagine.  Jesus gets it. Jesus gets everything in depth and in detail, including everything about you and me, and the whole world and the whole galaxy, and everything that's going on everywhere. It's astonishing.

Understand that Jesus is a man's man. He is not at all the weak wimp, the effeminate character that he is sometimes portrayed to be in popular Christian iconography. He's extremely masculine. He's burly, brawny, muscular, stocky, physically strong, as if he regularly does heavy, manual labor or routinely picks up 300 pound rocks and carries them around just for something to do, to blow off steam. In his presence you know that for the first time you are in front of a 100% self-realized, human being. He's supremely confident, and exudes a raw, yet supremely refined masculinity. Jesus is all male, unabashedly comfortable in his own skin. He's no soy boy! He is who he is. What you see is what you get. But there's no boastful chest thumping, no arrogant trash talking, nothing like that at all. He's unblinkingly direct. He doesn't put anyone down, but you won't hide anything from Jesus. You cannot lie to him. Not possible. Period. He sees through you with laser vision, and accepts you as you are. He sees the good in you, while acknowledging the things you need to work on. 

He seems like a close family member. His voice is immediately recognizable, in one second, as if his were the voice of your brother or mother, as if you had been conversing with him every day, for years. And yet there is no damnation in him; on the contrary, he's oozing with unfathomable love and humility, and profound humanity, understanding and acceptance. His perfect humility overcomes everything.

He shines. He's brilliant. Marvelous! Wonderful. The promise of all Humanity! The Greatness of the Ages! The best friend possible. He's the real deal, and yet he doesn't flaunt it.

I've seen and heard enough that I don't doubt his stupendous reality and genuineness whatsoever. 

I say all of this by way of prologue to mentioning the blog of Byron Searle, which I have sometimes read in recent years. Byron Searle is a professing Christian, who regularly reads the Christian Bible and prays in the Christian manner, and in the process claims to receive messages and visions from Jesus.

I will forthrightly tell you that I am willing to give Byron Searle a hearing, the more so, as many of his messages and visions bear a certain resonance with some of my own understanding and inner experiences and perceptions over the years. I mean everything that I have said above about Jesus. Jesus is very real, very powerful and compelling, and he does communicate with human beings. It's what he yearns for, to communicate with us and relate to us. He's genuine beyond all understanding. I am inclined to believe that Byron Searle is probably tapping into Jesus' consciousness.

So it is that in recent weeks Byron Searle has been given messages by what he perceives to be Jesus, pertaining to an imminent harsh judgment on the USSA, that will arrive or kick in, on or about September the 1st, just five weeks from today.

Sound the Alarm!!!

The time frame that Byron Searle says that Jesus has given him for the beginning of a harsh judgment against the USSA is very close to the time frame that I was given in my own dream of two weeks ago, of an imminent, unyielding, decisive, irrevocable judgment that absolutely cannot be appealed. It must and will happen. It cannot be changed. The sentence will be imposed and it will be carried out. There are no more chances. The judicial process is now in motion and will run its course. This is much bigger, bigger by far than Byron Searle or Richard Sauder.

Interestingly, there is another Christian, a pastor named Dana Coverstone, who claims to also have received a spiritual communication in recent weeks, pertaining not only to momentous events in September, but even more so in November.

Brace Yourselves for September through November! Urgent Warning of Judgment Coming to America 

According to his understanding of what he was shown, major events in the USSA will occur in September, to be followed by what can only be interpreted as the violent, catastrophic, chaotic disintegration of the USSA in November of this year, just 100 days from today. Watch his video. What he says deserves your consideration.

I don't question Dana Coverstone's sincerity, or his devotion to his Christian beliefs. I am willing to give his message sober attention, not least, because it comports with what others and I have also received. I do believe that Jesus is endeavoring to communicate with human beings who are open to sane communication; but Jesus is running into the same issue as any other sane being: this planet is under tremendous assault by vile, demonic forces who are bent on thwarting and destroying anything and everything that is inherently good and natural.

Greg Caton, my fellow expatriate here in Ecuador with whom I am in regular communication, has also received several shamanic visions in recent months warning of ghastly events to come, likely before the end of this year. It seems to him that events may begin most any time now, though from what he has been shown this coming November is a particular time of terrible turmoil. In his visions he was shown civil war in the USSA, the outbreak of a terrifically violent WW-III, the USSA in flames, the collapse of the Federal Reserve Note and the collapse of the USSA government.

In brief, pandemonium is coming to the USSA. "Brace yourself!" is the message that Pastor Coverstone says he has inwardly received repeatedly in recent months, in light of coming, catastrophic events. What Greg Caton has been shown in his shamanic visions has strong parallels with what Pastor Dana Coverstone has been shown in his recent, prophetic dreams.

I have previously written, over the last year and a half or so, of my own ayahuasca visions of the present world and its near-future reality that were frankly so ghastly, so horrific, so hideous, so demonic, so satanic, so abominable that I was reduced to uncontrollable projectile vomiting in utter revulsion at what I was being shown, and sitting down in the dark and mumbling over and over to myself in despair: "It's all fake! It's all so fake! It's all so false!"

It's real clear to me that crunch time has arrived for the USSA, and for the whole world. Talk about The Event Horizon! This blog's theme is The Event Horizon. We're in it now, and just about to go a great deal deeper. Things will get more and more intense. Trust me on that.

In recent days, my friend, Greg Caton of and Alpha Omega Labs -- - - again wrote to me, referring to the horrific events that are just about to transpire:

"If we speak in market terms, the Luciferians place short-sell bets -- quadrillions of dollars and every other currency on earth that they created. But on some level God even controls markets. They bet against God.  They bet in the wrong direction, and are about to lose everything -- even their souls.

"In a manner of speaking, what ayahuasca told me is that the Time of Choosing (i.e. placing  your bets) is ended."

So time is just about up for the would be rulers of Earth.  Their time grows short and they know it, whence their frantic drive to impose a global, totalitarian dictatorship, before it all irretrievably slips out of their grasp, and they are forced to stand trial before an impartial tribunal -- their own eternal souls! --  that will judge them with the exquisite fairness that they for so long have denied to all others. 

They will be given a scrupulously fair trial on the merits -- on their own extensive merits! their own deeds will be objectively and honestly evaluated in all their dimensions, through all the mind-bendingly long, deviously convoluted corridors of time-space -- and then an authority (their own eternal souls!) very many pay grades above The World Economic Forum, the Bank For International Settlements, the Vatican, the CIA, the Mossad, the Chinese Communist Party, 33rd Degree Freemasonry, the House of Windsor, and fellow travelers of that ilk, will render a final judgment, followed immediately by imposition of a rigid sentence that cannot be appealed under any circumstance whatsoever; in light of the innumerable opportunities the entities being judged have been given over a period of literally tens of billions of years, as their own, artificially created time reference would gauge it. Their penal sentence will be commensurate with that. 

Imagine their horror when it is done unto to them **precisely** as they have done unto uncountable others, for literally tens of billions of years in their own, artificially created, galactic, house of horrors, aka, the MATRIX. They will be judged by their own souls! by their own law! -- by the same measure they have cruelly applied to others. They have long vigorously devoted themselves with relish, glee and abandon to cruelty, brutality, theft, murder, torture, war, slaughter, fraud of every sort, and even worse  -- so God will richly reward them with the demonstrated object of their fervent devotion; they will receive in full that in which they revel. They will be given what they desire most of all. In God's infinite mercy they will be given their heart's deep desire in full measure, pressed down and overflowing.

I will not judge them and neither will you! Strictly speaking, it's neither my affair, nor yours; it's theirs. It's entirely between them and their eternal souls. Their own souls have already sealed their fate. It's a done deal.

In short, we have a lull of a few more weeks and then -- WHAMMO !! SHAZZAM !! T
he really BIG stuff hits the world starting in September, even bigger, sterner stuff than is going on already, and a little later in November things go south in a very big way, beyond all belief.

Meanwhile in China ...

Unless you have been living under a rock, you undoubtedly have some awareness that huge, rampaging, devastating floods have hit China's urban and industrial heartland, and inundated prime, agricultural producing regions. The Yangtze River and other major Chinese rivers are in catastrophic flood mode, spilling out across the countryside, submerging countless thousands of hectares of prime farmland and deluging major cities. A massive economic and agricultural crash will follow that will devastate China. Given the many financial, commercial, and industrial ties between China and a slew of other countries all around the world, the follow on effects will be severe.

A compounding issue is the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River. Its reservoir is currently full, well above the flood level. Many people are worried about the dam's structural integrity, in light of the pressure that the unprecedented flooding is putting on its more-than-one-mile span. While the Three Gorges Dam has so far withstood the pressure of the flood waters, should it give way and fail catastrophically a mightily ruinous surge of flood water would gush down the Yangtze River and destroy large cities, a huge expanse of prime farmland, and the lives of myriad millions of people who live downstream from the dam. It would be a disastrous gut punch, a knock-out blow, to China and the Chinese people.

The Mad March To World War-III

There are catastrophic, meteorological events occurring in other countries, as well. In recent days and weeks there have also been damaging floods in India, Nepal, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Indonesia and elsewhere.

This weekend tropical storm, Hanna, has lashed South Texas and northeastern Mexico with high tides and torrential rainfall.

The following photo was taken over the weekend of the harbor area in Corpus Christi, Texas, as Hanna made landfall. Please click:

The ship in the background  is right out of my personal  memory bank, though not on a day when a tropical storm was lashing the region.

That's a 77-year old, military surplus aircraft carrier that was towed there years ago and anchored at the dock, as a floating, military museum. The USS Lexington served in WW-II in the Pacific campaign, and was refitted after the war to deploy in the Far East in the 1950s, and also during the Cuban Missile Crisis, then spent 30 years as an active-duty training carrier in the Gulf of Mexico, until being decommissioned by the USSA Navy in 1991. I've toured the ship, from stem to stern, top to bottom. You pay a few bucks and you also can board the vessel and walk around.

The USS Lexington was state-of-the-art military technology in the 1940s to early-1960s period, a period during which millions of people were killed in WW-II, the Korean War and other conflicts. But the military technology of today is much more violent than that, by an order or two of magnitude, meaning that what is out there today can unleash death on a scale of hundreds of millions of persons, or even billions, instead of mere millions or tens of millions -- and can do it in a short period of time. 

The coming war will not play out over 6 years, as did WW-II. World War-II claimed tens of millions of victims. It was a real meat grinder. By comparison, the coming war will be far shorter and far more deadly. The USSA, the U.K., Australia, Canada, China, Russia and more are likely targets in the coming war. Just read the daily headlines and you can see it coming.

The United States precipitously closed the Chinese consulate in Houston, Texas this past week, and then forcibly entered the premises to ransack and search the building. That is a flagrant, egregious violation of long-established, international, diplomatic protocol. It is the sort of thing that a country does before it declares war on another.

And sure enough, just two weeks ago, the USSA State Department issued a blunt statement: "We are making clear: Beijing's claims to offshore resources across most of the South China Sea are completely unlawful, as is its campaign of bullying to control them." And the statement goes on to cite international maritime and treaty law, and come close to declaring war in defense of the freedom of the South China Sea against Chinese control.

Mind you, this harsh anti-Chinese statement has been issued by a power that sailed its warships into the Hawaiian Islands in the 19th century -- in the middle of the Pacific Ocean thousands of miles away from its shores! -- and took them over by armed force and holds them to this day; a power that wrested Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Philippines from Spain by aggressive warfare in 1898; an imperial power that today has a major military presence on Guam and Midway islands, thousands of miles away from the USSA mainland, and also on Diego Garcia, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, on the other side of the planet from the USSA (whose inhabitants were forcibly evicted many years ago), an aggressive military power which maintains hundreds of military bases and installations literally all over the planet -- and which  then presumes to wantonly lecture the Chinese on what they can and cannot do in the South China Sea!

The USSA has further upped the military ante this month by conspicuously sailing the USS Nimitz and USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier strike groups through the South China Sea. 

All of these steps, the bellicose, diplomatic statement, the forced closure of the Chinese consulate and the aggressive posturing of substantial, USSA Navy military assets in the South China Sea can plausibly result in a chain of actions that leads to kinetic, military conflict with China. That is the clear trajectory of events at this point. As it happens, China is a major power, a nuclear armed military power with the means to strike the USSA mainland within 30 minutes, maybe less, and also the anti-ship missiles to sink USSA Navy aircraft carriers in the South China Sea in even less time than that. Moreover, the Chinese navy has "boomers" -- submarines with sea launched nuclear missiles that can reach targets on the USSA mainland. The Chinese military also has silo-based, intercontinental ballistic missiles that can reach the mainland USSA in less than half an hour. So military conflict with China carries the ever-present risk of a devastating nuclear strike by China on targets on the USSA mainland itself. It would all be very fast and stunningly violent. In a war with China the Pentagon is not guaranteed a victory by any means. The Chinese have the means to fight back, and if their vital national interests are existentially threatened they will unquestionably unleash everything they have. That is the nature of warfare. That is why nations have weapons and armies.

Back in the USSA

It does look like a shooting civil war has already begun. And it is passing strange.

First there was the bizarre incident in Louisville, Kentucky, where about 350 heavily armed, black clad members of the Not F*****g Around Coalition (NFAC), Black militia, milled around in a local park, after one of their members accidentally(?) discharged his fire arm and shot three other members of the militia! -- whereupon pandemonium ensued. See here and here. The wounded, "friendly" fire, Black warriors were hastily evacuated from the field of battle, er, municipal park, by an all White paramedic squad, and almost all White police security detail. You can't make this stuff up. \sarcasm\

This was followed by another shooting on Saturday night in Austin, Texas of a White, Black Lives Matter protester who was armed with an AK-47. The details remain unclear, though early reports allege that the armed protester approached a passing car with his weapon, and was shot and killed by the car's driver.

As far as I can see, the upshot of these shooting incidents yesterday in Louisville and Austin is that USSA Civil War 2.0 has begun. It will be rowdy, ragged, stupid, ignorant, violent, confused, confusing, insane, disorganized, societally disruptive and fratricidal, as all civil wars are.

Yes, sir, yes, ma'am, things will unfortunately get crazier and crazier, until they finally get so crazy that the segment of the population who still have a lick of sense left manage to regain some semblance of social control, and salvage a modicum of public order out of the rampant mayhem. Lamentably,  I am afraid that this is the beginning of the end game, where everything goes sideways and more and more people go bonkers. 

Please, Dear Reader(s), you don't have to be among those who go bonkers! Avoid fighting and killing if at all humanly possible. To the extent possible, endeavor to be a voice of reason, and a force for positive, community relations. That's my view.

Big changes lie just ahead. Spectacular violence is a distinct possibility, and to be avoided in all forms if at all possible. Store a **lot** of nonperishable food, and I'm not not talking about just a couple of boxes of granola bars and three jars of Skippy peanut butter. A **lot** of food. Things are about to get real, real serious -- and fast. By December at the very latest, we'll be in territory we never hoped to see, but huge events are headed our way, nonetheless. As for leaving the USSA (most of my readers are in the USSA) for other countries, that escape avenue is closing quickly. My understanding is that already the Bahamas and Costa Rica are not accepting people coming from the USSA. Those are two places that I have mentioned to others as possible escape alternatives. There will probably be other countries who will soon close the door. Things are rapidly changing.

I would think of refuges within the USSA if you cannot leave the country, and desire to flee from cities like Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, etc. Do you know anyone, or have close family in the Poconos? In the Catskills? In the hills of West Virginia? In rural Missouri? The Ozarks or Ouachitas? Rural Ohio? Utah? Idaho? South Dakota? Nebraska? Most of these areas have severe winters, but if you are with people who are prepared for the snow, ice and -20 F temperatures, you'll make it.

Everything is changing. Roll with the changes. International travel is probably 5% of what it was half a year ago. It's shutting down. Interstate and intercity travel within the USSA will likely soon be restricted, as well. If you're going to get somewhere make your arrangements and get 'er done. Time is tolling.

Or if you are going to ride things out in the neighborhood or area where you are now, get as right and ready as you can.

When thinking of the death of the AK-47 armed, BLM protester in Austin, and the ludicrous, "friendly fire" casualties sustained by the Black, No F*cking Around Coalition (NFAC), militia members in a city park in Louisville when one of their own members fired on them! -- I can't help but reflect on my own knowledge of rural, and not so rural,  USSAers whom I have known, and/or in many cases worked for as a residential window washer in Texas, Virginia, Maryland and even Washington, DC. I am thinking of one rural ranch where the residents were ready and prepared to defend their property with armed force if necessary. From what I saw they could probably hold off an armed, marauding band, though probably not a tactical, disciplined, military assault.

They rode around the ranch on ATVs and motorbikes, lugging arms like .30-30s, SKSs, AK-47s and .30-06s along with them. They had military surplus rifles, the sort that armies and militias have used in past decades in bush wars and major wars, the world over. You used to be able to get serviceable, usable guns like that for maybe $80 or $100 in Army-Navy surplus stores -- and obviously they had. The rural states in fly-over country still have a ton of places like that, sort of like the Ponderosa Ranch, on the old Bonanza TV show. 

If a group has bad intent, they might blunder their way in, but they'll have to fight their way out, because they'll be banging away at the invading group from behind every tree, rock and corner. God help the sorry son of a bitch who touches their families, or their property, buildings and livestock. They might just flay him alive and stake him out in the sun over a red ant hill, or the equivalent.

So the "Can't Shoot Straight Gang," er, the "No F*cking Around Coalition" is going to just march into Texas and take over? I doubt that, I really do. I won't be fighting them, but others certainly will. A lot of negative karma will be burned. Literally.

I worked for an awful lot of people over the years, some of whom were Black, by the way, with a lot more money than I have ever had or ever will, and more than a few of whom were ex-military or ex-alphabet soup. These people have weapons in their homes and they have weapons training.

Let me tell you, in the case of Texas it is not uncommon to have a loaded pistol on the night stand by the bed, a pump shotgun propped in the corner in the master bedroom and something like an AR-15 or lever action .30-30 rifle on a gun rack by the door in the utility room.

That's the reality of Texas once you get outside the Austin city limits, and even within the city limits. 

The USSA is on the verge of outright collapse as a unified, orderly society. Anyone with two spare neurons to rub together can see that. ANTIFA, BLM and other groups are staging protests all over the country. The $600 weekly, Covid-19 emergency checks will soon be eliminated or drastically reduced in number and amount, instantly plunging millions of people all over the country into immediate financial destitution with next to no hope of recovery. There are tens of millions of newly unemployed workers, many of whom (most?) have permanently lost their jobs. Is it not obvious what will soon happen under those sorts of social and economic conditions? Things cannot continue for much longer as they are, and so they will not.

Meanwhile, war with China looms ever larger as a dangerous possibility.

I'm giving it to you straight up. Hard times are coming. As Pastor Coverstone has been told:  "Brace yourself!"


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Sunday, July 5, 2020

"We'll Take Texas!"

"W**te privilege" is the bogeyman du jour these days in leftist rhetoric, in the mainstream news media, on university campuses and in rampaging mobs of Black and W**te youths who are wreaking violent havoc all across the USSA.

Why, every time you turn around there is another W**te racist incident or W**te anti-something or other incident ... except that in many cases the incidents prove to simply not be true.

Wilfred Reilly, an Afro-American Associate Professor of Political Science at Kentucky State University, has written a very timely book that directly addresses the contemporary fashion of constantly crying "racism!" or "discrimination!" where they don't even exist -- or worse yet, falsely creating racist hoaxes, and then presenting the racist hoaxes as fabricated evidence of W**te racism.

In Hate Crime Hoax: How the Left is Selling a Fake Race War, Prof. Reilly lays out numerous, hate crime hoaxes. In an op-ed that he wrote for USA Today in early 2019, Prof. Reilly revealed that his research easily uncovered 409 hate crime hoaxes. According to Prof. Reilly, crime statistics reveal that: "
There is very little brutally violent racism in the modern USA," with the unfortunate result that: "In this context, what hate hoaxers actually do is worsen generally good race relations, and distract attention from real problems."

In brief, this matter of rampant hate crime hoaxes is beyond insane. In the words of Rodney King: "Can't we all just get along?"

Now I am not saying that there is no racism at all. But it is clear that there is an unfortunately large number of psychologically defective individuals who find great meaning in being victims of racism -- and where none exists, they falsely create it, and then fraudulently blame others, whom they fantasize about abusing them, for their own psychological pathology. We might call it the Jussie Smollett syndrome. These perpetrators actually **want** to be victims of racism, so they go out of their way to fabricate false acts of racism that they claim victimize them. They don't want to be judged on the basis of their personal character; on the contrary, they long to be harassed and abused solely based on the color of their skin. So they concoct completely fake scenarios that actually do ultimately end up in their being punished  -- when they are eventually caught out by law enforcement -- for creating fraudulent, racial hate crimes against themselves!

A Black "Wok" Video -- Look at the End of the URL

But enough with the paralysis of analysis, as Dr. King used to say more than half a century ago. Why not let an articulate, Black woman in our time have her say?


What she says is interesting, is it not? She says she doesn't feel oppressed or a victim of W**te privilege, and that she furthermore resents social justice warriors who are offended that she does not perceive herself as a victim of their W**te privilege -- which she points out is in itself a transparent, two-faced, racist power play on their part. Frankly, she strikes me as someone with whom it's possible to have an intelligent conversation, and come away feeling as if both parties to the conversation got something of worth from their interchange.

Stomp The Block! (in Brooklyn)

While we're at it, how about letting the frustrated, young Black men of Brooklyn, New York have their say, too? About how they're so oppressed and ...

Oops, not so fast! Here they are, about 20 of them, stomping the living sh!t out of a young girl earlier this year, and robbing her of her shoes while she's down and bleeding, to add insult to injury. Where was Black Lives Matter to speak on her behalf? Nowhere, that's where. Silence. Crickets. They don't care.


A Cautionary Texas Tale

The following story is also true. Just after 2am on 24 February 2018, a Black, Texas hip-hop "artist" named Christoper Polk, left a club on the northwest side of San Antonio, Texas where he had just performed, and drove east on highway Loop 410. Mere minutes later he was shot dead on the freeway near Callaghan Road by gunmen firing from two other cars, one that pulled alongside his and another that blocked his car from the front. (Disclaimer: I used to live for some years in the Callaghan Road - Loop 410 area of San Antonio, but I moved away. Big surprise, right?) 

"Chris P" was just 25 years old when he was shot to death. Without commenting on the aesthetics of so-called hip-hop "music" please view the following example of Christopher Polk's "art."


Aside from the numerous uses of the "n*****" word and the other, threatening, ugly lyrics, look at time stamps, 0:47 - 0:50, 1:22 - 1:27, and 2:18 - 2:23. Notice the menacing firepower on display: 7 or 8 pistols, an Ak-47 sort of automatic rifle, something that resembles a Tommy gun or similar submachine gun with a circular magazine, and a shorter gun that looks like an Uzi or a similar machine pistol.

Shockingly, a mere year and a half after posting this video to YouTube, Chris P was gunned down mob-style on a San Antonio freeway. I know, I know, who could possibly have seen that coming? \sarcasm\ 

What is germane to this article, is that 4 years after posting his violent video to YouTube, and more than two years after his violent murder by a mob-style hit, the video remains on YouTube.

Imagine if a group of 15 or 20 Wh**e men got together in public, and threateningly brandished pistols and automatic weapons, sang a violent "song" like Chris P did, openly displayed known criminal gang hand signs and fashion accessories, er, clothing, and repeatedly used racially charged language -- and then posted all that to YouTube! Would the video even be accepted, or permitted to remain up for 4 years?? You decide if the men in that sort of hypothetical video would or should be arrested on some sort of public menacing or firearms charges.

Now I do not have a gun, for many reasons, starting with the most basic and sufficient fact that for most people they are not legal where I live. And I certainly am not about to go on YouTube waving a firearm around in the air and constantly making derogatory references to "n*****s". But isn't it interesting that in this time of hyper-sensitive feelings about firearms and the use of derogatory, racially charged slurs, that a thoroughly objectionable, menacing, hip-hop "music" video such as Chris P's is permitted to remain on YouTube for more than 4 years?

It is contemporary, urban, Black "culture" on display, straight from the heart of Texas. The daily headlines in recent weeks make it transparently obvious that the video depicts what many parts of the USSA have become.

"We'll Take Texas!"

I am not sure that a lot of my readers appreciate that violent, armed conflict may be coming soon to the USSA. The signs are everywhere. 

Introducing Grand Master Jay's  "Not F***ing Around Coalition," a Black, armed militia ready to fight. Please see the following public statement by Grand Master Jay:

He plainly demands that Black people in the USSA descended from the slave trade be considered as political prisoners, and that they be granted a territory of their own, loudly proclaiming: "We'll take Texas!"
If Grand Master Jay and his Black army, and he does have an armed, Black fighting force, do militarily try to take over Texas, he and his soldiers will have a hell of a fight on their hands. I lived and worked as a window washer in Texas for a solid decade, and I can tell you that a lot of Texans have multiple fire arms in their homes, and are also ex-military, with weapons and combat training and/or experience. They won't just roll over. They'll fire back.

Grand Master Jay would not be publicly doing and saying the things that he is if the situation in the USSA had not have deteriorated almost to the point of the outbreak of overt, armed conflict.  To tell the truth, his public statement above could plausibly be interpreted as a de facto declaration of civil war, i.e., open sedition.  From where I stand, the possibility of bullets flying before year's end unfortunately appears to be very real.

From my standpoint here in Ecuador, I have food as of this week and this month, and I am grateful for it. I am eating celery and peanut butter right now, as I type these words. Delicious.

I mention that, only to say that for all its manifest problems and very real national issues, many of which impact me directly or indirectly, I actually feel safer in Ecuador than in the USSA. The USSA is about to live through an extremely difficult 18 to 24 month period, even more difficult than what is happening in Ecuador. The remarkable thing is that so many USSAers seem not to grok that sobering reality whatsoever. They think that things will soon be returning to "normal"-- whatever that is. Most peculiar.

Watch Grand Master Jay's declaration of war again, at the link above. He's armed and military trained; he has an armed, paramilitary force, and they're ready to fight for redress of grievances. He's very explicit about their demands, and the fact that his Black army will accept Texas as war booty, as a war prize, or perhaps as a prize for not waging war, whichever the case may be.

I'm not a military man, but I get it. Those are fighting words. A major battle looms.

As For My Privileged W**te Lifestyle

Two or three years ago one of my readers wrote to tell me that I had better watch out, that if I kept writing blog posts of the sort that I have been writing for many years now, that I would inevitably find myself reduced to living in a rented room with a hotplate, and a bare light bulb hanging from the ceiling.

Bingo! He hit the nail right on the head. He precisely described my living arrangement and I wrote back and told him so.

I do, in fact, live in a small rented room with a hotplate and a bare light bulb overhead. I have lived this "Privileged W**te Lifestyle" for many years.

I do not have a bank account of any kind and cannot get one, because I absolutely lack the documentation that banks require. Nor do I have any money to deposit in a bank account, even were I to have one. I don't have a job, or a pension, or inheritance, or telephone, or trust fund, or social security benefits, or TV or radio, or real estate of any kind, or a motor vehicle, or stocks and bonds, or even a bicycle.

The last time I checked, I did have about $8 of Bitcoin, so I have elected to HODL. But I will gladly accept a Bitcoin windfall, if any of my well-to-do readers want to send more BTC my way!

I have a few changes of clothing, but no closet or chest of drawers, so I use plastic grocery bags for my laundry. 

Because of my W**te Privilege I've been mugged 4 times over the last 7 years, most recently two weeks ago when I was walking down the street in my neighborhood. Three surly looking young punks accosted me. The leader moved right into me and pulled out a knife. I stepped back, threw my hands up and loudly told them that I had no money, nothing at all. 

It was the honest truth. I had no money on me, mostly because I had no money to begin with, but even if I did, I wouldn't go walking around with it in Quito. (Indeed, if I had money I would not live where I do, but that's another story, for another time.)

Anyway, the punk with the knife sized me up. He did a quick, mental, cost-benefit analysis of stabbing me only to realize no material benefit, and furthermore risk the possibility of maybe being arrested for armed assault, versus simply letting me go my way without further harassment. He decided that I wasn't worth the trouble, and dismissively motioned to me that he wasn't going to stab me. He signaled to the other two lowlifes and they continued down the sidewalk in search of an easier victim.

So yours truly survived to write another day. Life is sweet.

For those who think that something like that could never happen to anyone in a city in the USSA, all I have to say is: "Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!" How naive and ignorant can you possibly be, especially in these violent, chaotic times? Armed robberies and muggings are frequent in the USSA. Home invasions, violent assaults, murders and more occur to many thousands of people every year. In fact, when I lived in the USSA my residence was broken into three times, I was shot at twice by parties unknown,  physically assaulted in the street, and received multiple death threats over the years, as well as bearing the brunt of a variety of nit-sh!t crimes, such as a stolen bicycle, slashed car tires, smashed windshield and theft of car electronics, verbal beating threats, repeated, illegal surveillance and harassment by alphabet soup agencies, and more. So don't tell me about the crime-free paradise that is the USSA. Don't even try. It's a red-white-and-blue hell hole.

I am W**te, that is true, from sturdy Pennsylvania German stock, and privileged to be alive. I don't apologize to anyone for any of that. Those are simply the God-given facts. What's to apologize for?


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