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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Food Crisis 101: Planting Tomorrow's Meals Today

I have had many gardens over the years, even though I've never owned any land of my own. But that has never stopped me from growing a few vegetables. There's always a place you can stick a few plants, along a wall, in a container – there's always a place you can grow something.

I learned to garden as a boy in Virginia, working in the family vegetable plot and yard. Over the years I have raised radishes, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, sweet corn, egg plants, tomatoes, strawberries, ground cherries, watermelons, Swiss chard, asparagus, green beans, Lima beans, peas, mint tea, squash, carrots, sweet peppers, hot peppers, cabbage, turnips, beets, turnip and mustard greens, and more. I learned by doing – hoeing, weeding, planting, transplanting, harvesting, etc.

It's relatively simple to garden. By that I mean that practically anyone can dig, hoe, plant, weed, water, etc. But there is a learning curve. You do have to learn how to garden and the only way to learn is by doing it! And there is no better or more important time to start than now. Even master gardeners are constantly learning new gardening tips and techniques, though everyone starts at the same place, with their first garden.

No two gardens are the same; no two years are the same. You learn something new every time you put seeds in the ground and care for whatever sprouts up. These days, interest in home gardening is on the increase again, as food prices rise and the specter of possible future food shortages rears its head. The impending, global financial crash, which in reality has already begun, is going to play havoc with the global agricultural system, with direct, negative consequences for food supply in communities all over the world. As we head deeper into the great financial collapse, food will be of paramount importance. Those who have food will survive. Those who lack food, well, they won't fare as well.

Which reminds me - - I have read the stories and have seen the photos in recent days of the rowdy, unruly hordes of so-called Black Friday shoppers, who stormed the stores in the USA, looking for bargains on cheap Chinese imports, as the frenzied Christmas shopping season moves into high gear. They are looking for all sorts of plastic baubles and trinkets, cheap consumer electronics, video games and so forth, that they will lavish on themselves and others in the coming weeks. Many of them are going hundreds, or even thousands of dollars into debt to buy a bunch of cheap, plastic junk. From an anthropological perspective it is a very primitive, peculiar tribal rite, indeed.

Better that they should have had the foresight to invest that same money into garden seeds and simple gardening tools. What will they eat in the coming time of trouble? Will they gnaw like rats on all that plastic junk that they spent their money on? If ever there were a time to be thinking less about throwing away money on needless Christmas junk, and more about devoting financial resources to ensuring future food security for one's family, now would be that time.

Of course, the time-honored method of guaranteeing food security is to produce your own. The Earth is bountiful if we give it half a chance, and work with it, instead of against it. I have never seen a garden that did not produce food. If you can plant a seed, you can plant a garden, and grow food. I know this is so, because I have done it myself many times over the years.

The better the soil, the more productive the garden, and nothing enriches the soil like good compost. Here's a small pile of it that I made earlier this year. You can easily make your own and dress your garden with it. I use a simple recipe – one-third soil, one third manure (cow, chicken, horse, rabbit – whatever I can get) and one-third plant organic matter such as tree leaves, grass clippings, peanut hulls, etc.

I mix it all up together and turn it a couple of times. It's ready within several weeks. One of the things I've done over the past year is to mix a few tons of compost for gardening here in Ecuador. It's a lot of work, but you'll get results if you are willing to invest the time and energy. The nutrient level in your produce will also be higher. I got a ton of chicken and cow manure for $20.

Oftentimes you can find materials for compost for low cost or maybe even free. Municipalities or tree services may actually give away shredded limbs and trees. Many towns have more tree leaves than they can dispose of in the autumn. Farmers may have more bedding straw and manure than they know what to do with. Look around. Keep your eyes peeled. You may find what you need close at hand, for the mere asking!

If you can also dress your plot with a good quality rock dust (granite dust, for instance) your garden will produce even better and yield fruits and vegetables of a superior nutritive quality. This is because rock dust contains the trace elements that are vital to physiological health-- both for plants and animals. The plants will take up the trace minerals from the soil, and you will ingest the trace minerals when you consume the fruits and vegetables that you have grown. You can readily find suppliers of rock dust by doing an online key word search.

I like the French method of raised-bed, intensive cultivation, as it reduces the need for stooping and bending over, once the initial work of making the beds is complete. It's easier to walk alongside and do the planting, watering, weeding and harvesting. For the sides of the beds you can use wooden planks, rocks, bricks, concrete blocks, whatever you have at hand. Then fill them with your compost. Keep the beds narrow enough that you can readily reach in to do your work. You can use straw, leaves or dried grass clippings for mulch to retain soil moisture. As the mulch decomposes it enriches the soil with organic matter and improves its tilth and fertility. You simply add more as needed. At the end of the season you just dig it in.

I prefer to plant heirloom varieties
, or at least varieties that are not genetically modified and that yield plants with fertile seed that can be collected, saved and planted to yield another crop. The heirloom varieties usually have better hardiness and genetic strength and resistance to disease, pests and climate variation.

Here are some heirloom sweet pepper plants that I started from seed. I'll simply transplant them directly into the prepared bed and in a few weeks they will yield tasty peppers.

These squash are also an heirloom variety that produced prolifically. The flavor was delectable and they produced a lot of seeds for replanting.

This tomato plant is actually from a volunteer that sprouted from a seed in a rotten tomato that was thrown away. It was transplanted to this large container and produced tomatoes!

The bottom line is that you can plant a garden, even if you have never done it before. I have done it many times, and you can too. Even if you have no land, you can give garden seeds to a friend or family member who does have land, and cooperate with them on growing a garden. Also, it is eminently possible that in this time of coming trouble and likely food supply crisis, heirloom, organic garden seeds will be a very valuable commodity indeed. You can plant the seeds and produce wholesome, nutritious food, which unlike gold and silver, can be eaten for life sustenance. Garden seeds could also be a valuable barter item.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Countdown To Armed Oblivion .... Or?

Just a couple of days ago I was watching quite a lengthy Michael Tsarion YouTube video in which he happens to favorably mention a couple of my books.

However, while he has a great deal to say that is thought provoking and worthwhile, I strongly suspect that Michael Tsarion and much more so, Richard Sauder, will be the least of anyone's worries by a year and a half from now, and probably far sooner than that, because the sum of my study and inner inspiration indicates that within the next 470 days (at the outside) this world is going to go topsy-turvy, in twenty different ways simultaneously.

Over the next year and a half a whole lot of people could easily be going physically bye-bye. And the planet's surface could be radically rearranged, too. That is due in large part to the following two (but not only) reasons:

1) We are very shortly going to have an economic hurricane like you have never seen before in your entire life, as the global financial system implodes and melts down over the coming months. If you have a hard time visualizing exactly what that means for your daily life, let me tell you what – just wait a few more months and you will probably find out more about it than you ever wanted to know.

2) At the same time the risk of all out, global warfare is also extremely high. And that is very bad, indeed, because the destructive power of the modern weaponry in the military arsenals of this world is unimaginably lethal.

I have to say that I was strongly struck by the fascist tone of what the American military did just a few days ago. The USA launched a clear and unambiguous act of war against Pakistan, in a murderous border attack that killed something like 24 Pakistani soldiers and wounded many others.

It is reminiscent of the German border raid into Poland that sparked off WW-II.

I tell you what, the USA, the Jews and the U.K. are doing their level best to start WW-III and if they keep at it, one week or month soon, they will probably have their wish and face the combined wrath of Pakistan, Iran, Syria, and maybe China and Russia as well. That's just the first days. It could get much worse heading into the second week.

The odds of a nuclear exchange are non-trivial. Pakistan has nukes and the missiles and jet aircraft to deliver them. Iran can probably make a few nukes in a short period of time. The rumor is that they also bought a few from the Ukraine after the Soviet Union collapsed. They also have the missiles to deliver them. Russia and China both have nuclear arsenals and the missiles to deliver them to the USA mainland. The Israelis have a large nuclear arsenal, as do the Americans, French and British.

That's one more reason I am thousands of miles away from the USA, in the southern hemisphere. I repeatedly went out on the nuclear missile silos to warn against precisely the scenario that is now taking shape.  I wasn't listened to. I was mocked, reviled, scorned, threatened, lectured, punished, chained, handcuffed, jailed, imprisoned, and even fined.

So I'll leave those who disagree to their fate. They don't like my way; on the contrary, they insist on doing it their way. Fine, I have removed myself from the likely line of fire.

I lived and worked for many years in Texas. If there is a shooting, nuclear war, cities such as San Antonio, Houston and Dallas could be targets, especially San Antonio and Houston. Also Pantex, near Amarillo, in the Panhandle, would be a target. If the major cities in Texas are hit, it will cause chaos throughout the state and the rest of the country. If global warfare happens, things will take place very suddenly, with little or no prior warning.

Of course, if targets in Texas are nuked other locales elsewhere are likely to be hit too, such as Albuquerque, Norfolk, VA, Jacksonville, FL, San Diego, Minot, North Dakota, Omaha, anywhere there are strategic nuclear forces or weapons. I wouldn't want to be within 100 miles of Washington, DC or New York City. Even this relative handful of strikes on the American mainland would throw the USA into total turmoil, with game over, advantage to the Russians and Chinese.

The only way the USA can win this upcoming war is by NOT FIGHTING IT and completely changing the country's warring ways.

Either you take a stand now, or you remain silent and passive and await your fate. The trajectory of world events at present is clearly in a distinctly ugly direction. It is my view that either humanity stops this coming war, or humanity will suffer unimaginably.

Sometimes I have precognitive dreams (of course, I only realize that they are precognitive after the fact). A few nights ago I had a vivid dream in which I saw a man feverishly typing a long and complex computer code to arm a nuclear weapon for detonation. I knew that I had to get out of there before it detonated. I was with a young Chinese woman. I took her by the hand and told her that we had to run for it, that every thousand yards that we could put between ourselves and the nuke detonation would increase the odds of our survival. We ran and ran until we were miles away, and I told her we had to still keep going.

I suppose this is my subconscious' way of telling my conscious mind that the fuse has been lit for nuclear war, and the clock is now ticking.

Of course, I have done some very hard work in my lifetime, repeatedly going out on nuclear missile silos to peacefully demonstrate against just this scenario, and getting carted off in handcuffs and chains to numerous jails and prisons as a reward for my efforts.

Have you ever read my Minot Manifesto? If not, then read it now, all of it. Every bit of it. It is an example for you to follow. Last year I traveled to Minot Air Force Base nuclear missile silo H-8, in North Dakota and climbed over the fence to conduct a nonviolent peace demonstration on the missile silo. I explain my reasons in the Manifesto. I was jailed for 100 days as a consequence. I have done this three times, at nuclear missile silos in North Dakota, Missouri and Arkansas, and was incarcerated over a year and a half for those actions in 12 different jails and prisons in five different states. At present there are nuclear missile silos in North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. The U.S. Navy's nuclear ballistic missile submarines are berthed in Georgia and Washington state. The aircraft carriers are berthed in Virginia, Florida and California. All aircraft carrier battle groups carry nuclear weapons. And there are nuclear weapons at many other military bases in the USA and around the world. People in France, England, Australia, Russia, China, Israel, yes, especially including Israel, have their own issues to deal with.

Unless MYRIAD, I mean LOTS and LOTS of human beings somehow find the courage within themselves to do what I have done repeatedly, and go over the fence onto nuclear missile silos to demonstrate peacefully against nuclear war, go to the Pentagon and do the same thing, occupy the USA Congress and do the same thing, go to the Navy bases where the aircraft carriers and ballistic missile firing submarines are berthed, unless you show tremendous courage now, prepare to suffer hideous, hellish consequences in the coming months and years.

“I never told you it would be easy. I only told you it would be the truth.” Morpheus, MATRIX

I can tell you from personal experience that it is very hard to do the things I have done. It's hard to break with the herd. It's hard to confront the MATRIX programming. It's hard to take a public stand. It's hard when they come for you with guns and helicopters and armored vehicles and chains and handcuffs. It's hard and dangerous to go to jail and to prison. I won't sugar coat any of it. It's not for the faint of heart. Courageous direct, creative, nonviolent actions are for grown men and women who have their wits about them, and know exactly what they are doing and why, and are fully aware of the high stakes and possible consequences.

There are absolutely no guarantees whatsoever that you won't be mistreated or potentially even shot or tortured or locked up with criminal psychopaths and murderers. I have spent a lot more time locked up with thieves, serial murderers, rapists, arsonists, robbers, gang bangers, muggers, alcoholics, drug addicts, drug dealers, a lunatic assortment of certifiable, raving maniacs and the general knuckle dragging scum of the universe than I ever wanted. Society is the way it is, because we have let it get this way. The system is the way it is, because we have let it get this way. It's our planet, and it is the way it is, because we are the way we are, and we put up with the things that we put up with.

Dig it.

It's our stuff and it's very ugly and very messy. Either a HUGE LOT of us creatively and nonviolently deal with our really ugly and really messy stuff, and creatively and nonviolently sort it out right now – and by right now, I mean December 2011 through February 2012 – or our really ugly and really messy stuff may quite soon very destructively and very violently deal with us.

Now I know that thousands of people read my blog postings, so it is inevitable that thousands of people will be reading these words and thinking to themselves: “Surely he can't be talking about me. After all, I am this-that-and-the-other-thing. I have a life!”

Precisely! And if you don't do something important with your “this-that-and-the-other-thing” life, you may not have it much longer, what to speak of the very planet on which you reside.

I am not pretending that it is easy to step up and perform great and courageous actions. On the contrary, it's really hard. But that is exactly what makes them great and courageous actions!

These are soul-defining times. Where does your soul stand?

Probably it's a work in progress, like mine. I struggle with many aspects of life, as we all do. Struggle is the present human condition. We are all imperfect lumps of clay floundering along together through the karmic mire.

But we really have reached a point where a LOT of us have to creatively and nonviolently stand up and speak out. An awful LOT of people will have to put their lives on the line. Great deeds really are required of a LOT of people now.

If you need an example to follow you can always duplicate mine, lock, stock and barrel. One piece of advice: when they come for you, don't do anything violent and stupid. Don't give them an excuse to shoot you on the spot.

Slow and easy and nonviolent. Keep your cool. They may not be cool, you can't count on that, so you must be cool.

At a minimum you will be going to jail. They will handcuff you. Jail is an ugly place and there are some unsavory characters there. That's the reality. That's it. We live on a prison planet.

Either we deal with it on our terms, or it will very shortly deal with us on its terms.

Those are the two, stark choices. I have voted repeatedly. How will you vote? The referendum is happening right now. We will likely know the results sometime next year. Either the outcome is favorable and pleasant, or it is hideously grim beyond all imagining.

The polls are open now. Everyone is eligible to vote. Inaction is a “no” vote; it is default acquiescence to the MATRIX agenda of war and oppression. So what are you going to do?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mene Mene Tekel: USA 200 -- 500

About three weeks ago I had an interesting hypnagogic vision just as I awoke. I saw an amber-colored flat-paneled screen, something like a personal computer monitor, or a small TV screen. On this screen were prominently displayed the following letters and numbers, arranged as so:

200 --- 500

The USA part is easy enough. The vision has to do with the USA. The numbers I spontaneously interpreted as days, in particular as the count of days going forward from the date of the dream, which would yield future dates, respectively, of approximately mid-May 2012 and early March 2013, give or take a few days

My inner knowing is therefore suggesting to me that mid-May of 2012 and early March of 2013 will be dramatic, red-letter periods for, and in the USA. It may be that after March 2013 there will no longer be any geopolitical entity that is recognizable as the "USA." What is coming is going to be extreme and intense, so get ready, spiritually ready, more so than anything else, though it would no doubt be prudent to make basic survival preparations as well -- non-perishable food and emergency medical supplies, water purification filters, etc.

More than that I cannot say, except to observe that the American government – the civil, espionage and military branches, the American banking establishment and the American corporate sector are self-evidently, irretrievably, massively, incredibly, criminally corrupt and bound to catastrophically and spectacularly fail. I cannot help but think that the many, clandestine, underground and undersea bases and tunnels of the secret cabal running this planet will play a major role in the upcoming events. I discuss these facilities, as well as give specific locations for many of the underground bases in my book, Hidden in Plain Sight: Beyond the X-Files, now available on Kindle, at

In response to the rampant criminality and exploitation, hundreds of thousands of people are turning out for marches, protests, demonstrat- ions and occupations in cities and towns all over the USA right now – in Oakland, Baltimore, Denver, Atlanta, Richmond (VA), New York City, San Antonio, Boston, Nashville, Albuquerque, Chicago and a hundred other towns and cities, large and small.

This is the beginning of the Upwising that I recommend in my booklet, The Richard Sauder Briefing, also available in German, as Der Richard Sauder Bericht. So far, the vast majority of the demonstrators have been impressively nonviolent and courageous. I admire their pluck and strength of character. What violence has occurred to this point has come mainly from the police who have been attacking peaceful demonstrators with horses, tear gas, flash grenades, clubs, mace, pepper spray, etc.

Given the severity of the crimes against the people by the USA government, the criminal banking system, and the criminal Fortune 500 corporations and Wall Street firms, the demonstrations will not abate. Not at all. In fact, this is it. This is the people's Rubicon, where humanity makes its gallant, decisive, historic bid for freedom from tyranny, where the great masses of real humans on this planet stand up and cast their individual votes in a great, soul-stirring referendum on the future of this planet and of the human race itself.

This is a planet-defining moment.

There are those who have cast their lot with the Fortune 500 companies, with the big banks, with the corrupt civil government and military agencies, those who work for the Big Brother espionage agencies.

Others have a different philosophy, a different agenda of peace, cooperative economics, societal harmony, global understanding, conscious integration with the natural ecological order of this planet, of healthful resonance with the rest of the biosphere.

Disclaimer: I personally have blood relatives who work for the Fortune 500 and/or the espionage and military agencies. It is an absolute certainty that there are many others who are reading this blog entry who also have blood relatives similarly employed. In fact, it is a certainty that there are those reading this blog entry who themselves are similarly employed, and may even be monitoring me. So there is a division in global society, right down the middle, even within families themselves, between those who serve The Machine that is destroying this planet and enslaving the human race, and those who are courageously putting their lives on the line to sketch out a new vision, a new way of being human on planet Earth.

I did this myself, in my own way, last year in North Dakota, when I staged a nonviolent peace demonstration on a nuclear missile silo. Click here for my Minot Manifesto that I issued to the press on that day, 15 April 2010.

And also my Serious Message From the Heart of America, which I issued from jail in Rugby, North Dakota, on 14 July 2010.

I've gone out on the nuclear missile silos three times, in Arkansas, Missouri and North Dakota. My life is drastically different as a result. I have an extensive arrest and jail  record. It cost me a very great deal of money, minimally tens of thousands of dollars, maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars in opportunity cost across my lifetime. It has marginalized me, thrust me to the margins of "polite" society. Forget about a conventional career, it can't happen under those circumstances, and it hasn't for me. Now I am in an extended voluntary exile in South America. I can't tell you with certainty what happens next for me, or for the world. I made a leap of faith and I'm in graceful free fall without knowing where I finally land. I have a few hundred dollars to my name and a suitcase and that's pretty well it. I have thrown myself on the mercy of the Universe. I went up and over the fence, out onto the silo, they came for me with helicopters, automatic rifles, an armored vehicle with a machine gun, chains and handcuffs, I spent 100 days in jail, and here I am.

A stranger in a strange land, on a planet in deep crisis.

What I did is not about money. I think it must be about love. Love for humanity. Love for the planet. I had a professor in my poli-sci doctoral program who used to say: "Everything has a price. With microeconomics we can quantitatively model that everything is monetized. Even your life has a finite dollar value that we can mathematically model using econometric methods." He was a policy analyst whose master's degree was in economics, with a concentration in microeconomics. Every time that I sat in his class I felt uneasy. He was darkly ill to the depths of his soul. The MBA, finance, public administration, poli-sci and economics disciplines are full of others of his ilk.

As I say in my Minot Manifesto:

Here I stand. I cannot do otherwise.
Hier stehe ich. Ich kann nicht anders.

In some ways the decision to go out on the nuclear missile silos, again and again, is an explicit vow, far more serious even than a wedding vow is for a lot of people. (Google “Kim Kardashian,” for an illustrative example.) Going up and over the security fence and out on the silos is a sort of a pact or a vow made with, or on behalf of the human race and the planet. Doing this type of demonstration is a public compact, a commitment to stand up and recognize the deep significance of what we are doing here on this world, and to physically put your life on the line as surety, as a guarantee for the well-being of the rest of the biosphere, to take personal responsibility for your life and the planet, directly on the scene, even if they come for you with handcuffs, chains, automatic rifles, and helicopters, even if it means you go to jail or prison.

And still you do it. You stand up and you stand tall. Because it matters and you want to be a free man, a free woman, on a free planet.

So you man up. You woman up.

You know, in North Dakota last year, I somehow made it over an 8 foot security fence topped with three strands of very sharp barbed wire, wearing the heavy crystal headdress and crystal necklaces in the photo above, carrying a bag with five conch shells like the one in the photo, as well as several large quartz crystals, two copies of the USA Constitution and a one ounce, pure silver coin inlaid with Lady Liberty in embossed gold leaf. As I was placing these items on the missile silo, I noticed that a vivid, almost relucently red fluid was spattering all over the concrete. It took a few seconds to register that the red liquid was my blood! I had deeply gashed my hands coming over the barbed wire and was bleeding like a stuck pig. It never hurt, then or afterward, at any time. It took awhile to stanch the flow of blood. I assure you that cutting myself and bleeding on the missile silo was not part of my plan.

However, I have since wondered if there might not have been a deep karmic and symbolic significance to physically shedding my blood on that nuclear missile. The feathers, colored ribbons and crystals that comprised the headdress, the many crystals in the necklaces, the Manifesto, the seashells, silver coin and two USA constitutions that I left on the silo lid, the precise silo number and street coordinates, that specific date of 15 April 2010, that specific region of the continent – all of these things had a particular significance and were specifically chosen by me. Perhaps the Universe wanted me to seal it all with my blood, to ratify what I was doing with my vital life essence, to shed my blood on the nuclear missile silo itself. Maybe so, because that is what happened.

I want to add that I am deeply moved by the bravery of the myriad individuals now involved in the Occupy movement spreading across the USA and other parts of the world. I see them being arrested by the hundreds and thousands and hauled off to jail, face down on the ground, hands cuffed behind the back. I know it's not easy, because I have been that man myself, again and again, arrested at gunpoint, handcuffed, chained, hauled off to jail after jail after jail. It's a profound human drama, and I am deeply humbled to have played a minor, very obscure role in this historical period's events.

The vast majority of people in the Occupy movement are performing their parts impressively well, with tremendous courage and nobility. We all owe them a debt of gratitude for what they are doing for humanity and the planet. It's very dramatic. They are rising to the hour !

This actually represents an incipient opening of humanity's heart chakra. It is a momentous occasion, and if it comes full circle, in the coming years we will have a vastly new planet and human race.

I wish God speed to them all. I am tremendously proud of them. It is my sense that these events are very important for the entire galaxy at large.

In that regard, I find the latest action of Cindy Sheehan very inspiring and ennobling. Of course, you will remember Cindy Sheehan, the well-known antiwar activist, whose oldest son, Casey, was in the USA military and who was killed in combat in the Iraq war. Now she is directly thumbing her nose at the IRS, who have come after her for "war tribute" -- i.e., alleged federal income taxes. This is her response, which is quite elegant and eloquent:

We Will Never Pay, So Stop Harassing Us

I want to quote an extract of what she has written:

For almost five decades of our lives, we sisters were taxpaying, law-abiding citizens. Sure, we got the occasional traffic or parking tickets, but we dutifully paid them or went to traffic school. IRS Agent, can you imagine in your Revenuer’s heart the agony we felt when we realized that we had funded the murder of our own dear Casey? As our awareness grew, so did our disgust with our complicity in this system as the body count for totally innocent civilians rose. We now feel that for at least 30 years of taxpaying perfidy, we funded the murders and torture of millions! The only way we could live with ourselves was to stop being accessories to our government’s war crimes and crimes against humanity.

To whoever is reading this: You’re a working stiff aren’t you? You work for one of the most evil agencies in a deeply corrupt and criminal organization, but you are still a working person! Does it bother you that the banks and Wall Street have received billions of bailout dollars from the U.S. government while you are taking money from people in our own class to do so? Does it bother you that the rich are getting wealthier and you have to try and collect your pound of flesh, or blood money, from a mother and an auntie who have already had their own flesh and blood violently ripped from their lives?

To honor Casey's needless sacrifice and to protect others, we will not pay these bills. You do what you have to do, but our membership in the human race demands that we withhold money from such a homicidal, nay, genocidal cabal as the US government. Scores of people in this nation have taken the principled stand that we take and we feel that our moral compasses trump your “laws.” We could have taken the strategy of only paying a portion of our taxes like some do, but we feel we have no control over where our money is spent.

If Citizens United (Citizens United v. The Federal Elections Commission) can claim that money is Free Speech and it can spend freely on its political causes, then we feel we have the same right to withhold our money in an act of moral courage and loyalty to not only our brothers, sisters and children being murdered, displaced or tortured, but to our own First Amendment Rights. We have sacrificed much and invested not only our own money, but also our very lives in our campaigns for peace and justice. We will never again co-operate with the USA in its crimes against peace.

Notice that she calls the USA government a "genocidal cabal," and that she cites the recent Supreme Court ruling, Citizens United v. The Federal Elections Commission, that gave corporations the right to spend unlimited amounts of money on political campaigns in the USA, as a class of protected "free speech." Cindy Sheehan's logic is that if the Supreme Court has legally established that corporations have the right to unlimited funding of political campaigns, having ruled that the spending of money for political purposes is "free speech," then she also has the right to withhold her money from the USA government, equally under the right of "free speech," in this case to refrain from "speaking" (spending money) in the government's favor.

In other words, if under the Constitutional guarantee of "free speech" corporations can spend unlimited amounts of money to essentially buy the government that they want, then she equally has the same right of "free speech" to personally defund that same government; understanding that in this new "bizarro" world we inhabit, the Supreme Court of the USA has made a legal equation between "free speech" and the unfettered spending of corporate money for political purposes, with the clear aim of purchasing government officers that are beholden to the corporate will.

Which reminds me of Clarity Ross's new video, in which he says that the BIG trouble starts in late November, and extends through December, January, February. I am of a mind to agree. Don't imagine that things are going to be going back to the way they used to be. THEY WON'T. I would say that you can take that to the bank -- except that a lot of banks are going to be failing, they'll be going down hard.

In other words, we are about to experience an abrupt rupture in life as we have known it. I know it's hard to believe, but tremendous disruption is coming, and though it will throw everything into turmoil for a while, maybe for ten or twenty years (or more?), when things settle back down, there will be a new equilibrium on this planet, and those people who remain will have a very different way of living and being human on Earth.

I am particularly fond of Sarah Brightman's rendition of Alfredo Catalani's "La Wally," It exquisitely echoes the great drama of what is now transpiring, and will unfurl with even greater moment in the coming weeks, months and years.

At least we have bananas and mangoes here in South America. Also papayas, pineapples, oranges and other fruits with exotic names like maracuya.

Sometimes I catch myself wishing I had some money to buy emergency supplies before the collapse, however the reality is that I have very little money. But then I immediately reflect that soon probably no one else will have any money, either, so we will all have no money together.

I wonder what the world is like when no one has any money?

Of course, the danger is that those who do control the paper money system will wage nuclear war in an effort to maintain the paper money system by military force, as they see the paper money system beginning to fail.

As it happens, the dominoes have already started to topple. The recent failure of MF Global (what does the "M... F... " stand for, anyway?) is a big deal. The world markets are in turmoil today as Greece and Italy stand poised to default on their sovereign debt, with dire implications for the euro, and by extension the big banks in the USA and the U.S. Federal Reserve system itself. This is the beginning of the serious chaos, which will endure for years. Somewhere in this process, maybe even by the 10 May 2012 date implied by my hypnagogic vision, paper money, stocks, bonds, etc. will cease to have much value, or any value at all.

I want to drink ayahuasca again. The last time I drank it I saw an enormous, pure white, flower blossom in the air right over my head. It resembled a huge chrysanthemum, with a thousand petals. I had fervently prayed just before the ceremony began for ayahuasca and all the helping nature spirits in the surrounding forest to specifically assist me in gaining the highest state of consciousness that I was capable of achieving that night, not only for myself, but much more so for the inner boon of a woman whose personal welfare I care deeply about. The many-petaled white blossom that subsequently appeared just over my head looked something like the white chrysanthemum in the following link, only an even purer white:

Photo of white chrysanthemum...

It was extraordinarily compelling. I wanted to merge with it; simultaneously I felt that I was skating on the very edge of death. It wasn't so much a fear of ego death – what I mean is physically keeling over on the spot and dropping dead from a heart attack, or just sudden, outright failure of the body biologically to live one minute longer. My heart was pounding. I was extremely nauseous. It took an extreme effort of will to avoid vomiting all over myself. My head hurt so bad that all I wanted to do was to lie down on the floor right then and rest. My arms and legs felt as if they were being pricked by hundreds of tiny pins and needles. My entire body was so weak I felt that I would plop right of my chair. I struggled mightily to maintain conscious awareness and keep from fainting dead away. My head flopped back like a sack of potatoes, as my neck craned upward looking at this amazing, pure white, thousand-petaled flower blossom right over my head. My mouth gaped open in sheer amazement. Eventually I came out of it, feeling totally drained. The blossom was so close, I could have reached up with my hand and touched it. Maybe I should have, but it didn't occur to me to do that at the time. It took every ounce of strength and willpower that I had, inwardly and outwardly, just to gaze at it, completely stupefied.

How to describe the new way that is coming? Here's a start. Here is what the grotesque cabal that is ruling this planet wants to kill. And here is why I went out on the nuclear missile silos again and again and again, directly lobbying in person against Satan's Emissary on Earth = the Pentagon = the USA military, and for the preservation of the very life force of this planet, even though it cost me more than a year and a half of my life, incarcerated in twelve different jails and prisons, in five different states of the USA. The video gets better as it goes along, for just two incredible minutes. Murmuration, the life-giving breath of God moving over the face of the Earth.

And a little something extra from Selena Quitanilla Perez, sadly gone, but not forgotten. Oh, no.