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Sunday, August 16, 2020

The Long Good-Bye

Things are moving faster now, much faster.

The ongoing, heavy flooding in China has wiped out a large percentage of Chinese agricultural production this year. Additionally, there has been heavy flooding in many other countries, notably in India. 

The recent damaging weather in the Mid-West of the USSA has also ruined millions of acres of productive cropland.

The upshot of all of this is that global food production has suffered enormous setbacks in recent weeks and months. The large drop in food production, coupled with the major hit to national economies occasioned by the Covid-19 crisis and the concomitant, global economic crisis, is a double, or even triple whammy that will produce tremendous suffering and social strife in the coming months.

Count on it. 

Millions of desperate, penniless, unemployed, hungry people will soon take to the streets in country after country. It's inevitable.

Along with the desperate hunger and poverty that accompany the collapse of the present world system, comes the likelihood of major warfare. A simple scan of the daily headlines in recent weeks reveals potential military flash points all over the world: the South China Sea, the Himalayan frontier between China and India, the Pakistan-India border region, Kashmir, the Persian Gulf, the eastern Mediterranean, the southern Caribbean, the Black Sea and Baltic regions, and more.

Global economic collapse, hunger, geopolitical and military power plays. These are a few of the important elements in the time of Great Trouble that lies just ahead.

There are people who write to me and mock me for saying these things.

More and more, I take those criticisms less and less seriously. I understand that a whole lot of people these days are demented and not thinking clearly. Drugged up, hopped up on alcohol, confused by all sorts of propaganda or even demonically possessed in some cases.

Very well. I am revealing my thinking and they are revealing their "thinking" -- such as it is.

By Christmas, or even before, momentous events will occur that will set the stage for still more events in 2021. I said in this blog before this year even began, that if you lived to be one thousand years old, you would never forget the events of this year. I stand by that observation, and remind you that there are four and one-half-months still to come in this year. The second half of this year will prove to be even more memorable than the first half, which has already turned the whole world on its ear!


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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Shake, Rattle and Roll -- It's Coming!

Dear Readers, my 161.8 loyal readers! I've seen such things, not because of any talent of mine, but because what is coming is so immense that it causes the time-space corridor(s) to literally tremble as it draws closer and closer. My ayahuasca experiences called the imminent, global trembling to my attention last year and the year before, as the stupendous vibrations came up from deep within the bowels of the Earth itself and into my body. I could feel the mighty trembling rising up from deep within the Earth, coming up from the core of the Earth, from below the crust, from below the tectonic plates, and when the shaking reached my body, all I could do was vomit and vomit uncontrollably in response, as the Earth disgorged a tidal wave of evil from within its body. I heaved right along with the heaving of the Earth. It will be ghastly.

Why will the Earth heave? Because of this sort of thing, for example. Please click here. Where did you think all the myriad thousands and thousands of disappeared people, and millions of aborted babies went? What is going on is demonic beyond belief. The Earth has a lot of Satanic wickedness to vomit up, nowhere more so than in the USSA.

Do you understand what the USSA is in reality? A horrific Hell corporation, a really loathsome, reprehensible corporation. It's all about the TRILLION$ of dollar$ of Hell profit$.Why would anyone want to make Hell great (again)? Ayahuasca has shown me that the U$$A is an artificial, demonic, $atanic playground. It is so foul, the whole place, from polluted sea to polluted sea, that I cannot even begin to describe it.

It is beyond any possible repair, and anyway, why would any sane person want to fix Hell? I don't want any part of it any longer. I want to lose any tie I have with it. I feel like taking a thousand showers, just because I was born there and lived there for 54 years -- and that still wouldn't be enough. I want to rescind any legal tie with the place. I don't qualify for social security benefits, and I don't want them even if I did. Increasingly, I just want to be rid of the USSA.

Along those lines, I want to mention again the Christian blogger, Byron Searle, who has for years claimed to receive messages from Jesus, and who has written down the messages in his blog.

In one of his recent blog posts he has written about the GREAT SHAKING that he says Jesus has told him to warn the people about. A very GREAT SHAKING that is soon coming to the USSA because of its incorrigible, unrepentant evil -- allegedly in September, mere weeks from now.

I don't doubt the message he has received, and I moreover think that it is plausible that the substance of the message he has received is from Jesus. Why not? It's essentially the same thing that ayahuasca has revealed to me: an unbelievable, geological upheaval is coming.

My good friend, Greg Caton, also drinks ayahuasca, and in his recent ayahuasca experiences has reported to me that ayahuasca has alerted him to the tremendous geophysical upheaval that is coming. The vibrations and shaking were so strong that he had to sit down. 

A lot of of other people have seen the near-future earthquakes, volcanoes, asteroids and associated tsunamis and destruction and loss of life in their dreams and visions. Go on YouTube or DuckDuckGo and do some key word searches. You can read and/or view reams and hours of these accounts.

Jesus, ayahuasca and the Earth itself are announcing to one and all, those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, what is coming.

Greg Caton has also seen incoming asteroids to the Earth in his recent ayahuasca visions. He's hardly alone; the remote viewer, Dick Allgire, has also seen an inbound asteroid in his recent remote viewing sessions.

I have previously written about the visitation by The Bone Lady that I received in 1958, when I was a small boy. As a preschooler, The Bone Lady downloaded to my mind a preview of coming attractions, if you will, of future Earth, a future that has now begun to take place. It was a very heavy vision for a little boy, or for anyone. I have carried it with me my entire life, and now billions of people have begun to live out the dramatic events that will characterize the close of this age, and the dawn of the next.

Earthquakes, volcanoes, wars, asteroids, economic collapse, starvation, tsunamis, rampaging mobs and more. It won't be dull. Everyone will choose whether to partake of the vile madness, or to seek to rise higher and be better than the murder, slaughter, theft and destruction. Those are the choices that determine the eternal disposition of the Soul itself, and we all will choose. Every single one of us.

The Shaking Begins

Today's news brought reports of an M5.1 earthquake in the Virginia-North Carolina border region, of all places. I was born and reared in Virginia and I can tell you that earthquakes of that magnitude are not common in that area. Please see:

Given my own visions, and those of many others, I am prepared to think that this is but a foreshock of much more powerful seismic activity to come.

I am reminded of the Lori Toye and Gordon Michael Scallion maps, and other similar maps by others, of near-future North America, after the coming, cataclysmic Earth changes.

See, for instance:

I can believe that these radical changes in world geography are programmed to occur, because I have been shown something very similar myself -- a large inland sea in North America extending up from the Gulf of Mexico and great loss of land along both the Atlantic and Pacific coastal regions, as well as in the Deep South. As to how such massive changes in the landscape and oceans can occur, who knows? -- a pole shift? asteroid strikes? close passage by another planet or planets that disturb the Earth's axis? something else?

I was born and reared in Tidewater, Virginia in the region below the Fall Line. I also have spent a large part of my life in other areas of the upper, lower and coastal South, including in Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana and Texas.

Forty years ago, I lived and worked in Acadiana, also known as Southwest Louisiana or Cajun country. I know the whole region like the back of my hand. Golden Meadows, Thibodaux, Houma, Dulac, Morgan City, Patterson, Baldwin, Franklin, Jeanerette, New Iberia, Des Allemands, Charenton, Bayou Teche, Bayou LaFourche, Weeks Island, Avery Island, Patoutville, Erath, Abbeville, Gueydan, Kaplan, Lafayette, Broussard, St. Martinville, Breaux Bridge, Napoleonville, Donaldsonville, and more. I never made it to Grand Isle, and never tried alligator or turtle, though I did eat my fair share of hush puppies, boudin, crawfish etouffee, fried catfish, frog legs and crab cakes -- all liberally doused with McIlhenney Tabasco sauce -- what else?? -- and/or tartar sauce, as the occasion called for.

"Half of Louisiana is underwater, and the other half is under indictment."-- Billy Tauzin. God help me, but that is funny, and all too true! Billy's a real live wire, and prone to occasional outbursts of political candor. 

I remember a hotly contested Police Jury election many years ago in one of the rural parishes over on the Texas border where a couple of hundred of those who cast votes were discovered to reside in local cemeteries! That's Louisiana for you, where a big crawfish boil or catfish fry for a candidate's prospective constituents could be the difference between losing or gaining public office. Whether or not it's technically legal is largely beside the point -- the voters expect the candidates to deliver! What kind of sheriff or police juror could a man possibly be, if he can't even serve up a plate of fried catfish, hush puppies and coleslaw to his people? Know what I'm sayin'?

But that was then, now is now. These days I'm 100% focused on life in South America.

I don't expect to ever see Acadiana or Louisiana ever again, or any of the other places that I have lived and worked in in the Deep South and coastal South, and I'll tell you why: from what I've seen, a great deal of Southern real estate is going under the sea, and not in the far flung future, either. It seems to me that these events will occur within the next several years. I fully expect a whole series of mass mortality events caused by: floods, tsunamis, asteroid and meteor strikes, economic collapse, civil war, social collapse, government collapse, World War III and concomitant nuclear strikes, viral and bacteriological plagues, crop failures and famine, massive earthquakes, fire storms, nuclear power plant melt downs, and more. Indeed, this train of woeful events has already started. It is underway now. The world has become more and more chaotic in recent months and years. I anticipate that this process will continue and greatly intensify in the coming months and next few years.

Look at this relief map of the USSA:

From what I've been shown, starting about at Del Rio, Texas, going up through San Antonio and continuing up through East Texas, eastern Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska to the Dakotas and over to Minnesota and then coming down via the Mississippi River Valley and beyond through Little Rock and Memphis to Jackson, Mississippi, then running eastward across the South to about Folkston, Georgia and then up along the edge of the coastal plain to Richmond, Virginia and beyond to Baltimore and Dover, Delaware will all be going underwater. From what I was shown, Florida is just gone, as is Louisiana and the vast majority of the rest of the coastal South. The Gulf of Mexico will open directly to the Atlantic Ocean. Florida vanishes, as does a big chunk of southern and eastern Georgia. Bye-bye to Waycross and the Okefenokee and Brunswick and a lot of other, coastal and low-lying real estate all across the South. This necessarily implies the sudden death of tens of millions of people. Glub-glub-glub. The sharks will be feasting for a couple of weeks until the plentiful human carrion finishes decomposing and/or is all eaten.

In brief, there will be a huge, new bay in the central region of North America. From what I saw, it will run northward for about 1,000 miles from the present coast of the Gulf of Mexico and will be hundreds of miles across. It will extend up from present-day Louisiana and East Texas, up through Arkansas and Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and the Dakotas, almost up to the Canadian border region. Much of this new, large, inland sea lies about four hundred miles farther west in what I was shown, than is the case with some other maps that are out there on the Internet from other sources. The sea will also make great inroads inland farther north along the East Coast and also on the West Coast. The geography of North America will greatly change. Many cities will be swallowed by the sea. Bye-bye to Washington, DC, Houston, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Monroe, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, New York City, Chicago, Omaha, Memphis, Mobile, Norfolk, Newport News, Dover, Baltimore and more.

Half of Texas will be lost to the sea. 

The days of the USSA are numbered. The country has accumulated so much negative karma that it is about to reap an industrial helping of karmic whup-ass.

I don't intend to ever be back. For one thing, in many cases, there won't be anywhere to go back to. A lot of the places I used to know and live in, all across the South, in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Virginia and Maryland, simply will no longer exist -- they will be physically wiped from the face of the Earth. A whole lot of people I used to know are also going to physically be wiped from the face of the Earth. I cannot change any of that. That decision is being made way above my pay grade. 

It is all very sobering.

The final curtain call is coming up in the very near future. 

What comes next will stun many people into total silence or outright kill them. It will be just that grim. Civil war, economic collapse, civil uprising, geophysical upheaval, government failure and more.

The USSA has been weighed in the balance and found massively wanting. It's over.


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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The Gigantic Mystery Explosion In Beirut, Lebanon

If the explosion yesterday in Beirut was, indeed, only an ammonium-nitrate explosion as we are being told, then it was a massive one!

I am not, however, excluding the possibility that it could have alternatively been a so-called ANFO (Ammonium-Nitrate Fuel Oil) explosion, in which ammonium-nitrate is the oxidizer, and fuel oil is the fuel for the explosion. Please see:

I used to work in the mining industry and we used TOVEX, a class 2 high explosive, which comes in a long, flexible plastic tube filled with explosive jelly of about the consistency of tapioca pudding, like a big, explosive, sausage — developed by DuPont, and also quite a lot of ANFO, which is blown into bored holes, along with an initiating blasting cap inserted into a tube or two of TOVEX and — WHOOMP! — it will indeed give you quite an impressive explosion. It looks and smells and feels like fertilizer soaked in kerosene, which is approximately what it is.

If there were indeed, 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate stored at the port in Beirut, then to make that explode as we saw, in an approximation of an ANFO detonation, would you not need approximately 160 tons of a fuel source mixed in with the ammonium-nitrate?

17:1 is the approximate ratio of ammonium-nitrate to fuel in an ANFO explosion, so what was the fuel, if it was an ANFO-type of explosion? And how was it delivered and when?

Ammonium-nitrate is the oxidizer. So what was the fuel source that drove the explosion? How did it get mixed in with the ammonium-nitrate? To my mind that is the $64,000 question.

Otherwise, how to explain the spectacular stoichiometry that we saw in Beirut yesterday?

It seems to me that the news accounts are glossing over something. There is a missing element.

There is so much we don’t know about this event. Accepting that there were 2,750 tons of ammonium-nitrate right there by the dock in a warehouse, then that is a massive amount of explosive oxidizer. Almost three kilotons! This fact was widely known by ((((( all ))))) who have eyes and ears in port cities on the eastern Mediterranean. (Give me a minute — I’ll come up with a likely suspect …)

Mix with a hydrocarbon fuel and you get “The Mother Of All Jury-Rigged ANFO Explosions.” Which brings me to my next point.

There is other relevant evidence that i don’t see anyone directly discussing: there was a larger ship at the dock yesterday, and also a smaller vessel, right where the explosion occurred. They are clear in before images, and missing after the blast. Did the explosion vaporize those two vessels? Please see:

What was on those vessels? What was their cargo? What were the names of the vessels? Who or what are their owners? What were the previous ports of call of the ships?

And then the very next day (today), in the aftermath of all the chaos, death and destruction, two other ships appear at dockside, just on the other end of the pier. Look at the before and after photos. What’s all that about? What are those ships doing there at the site of all the devastation, mere hours later? Where did they come from? Who or what is aboard those ships?

Does anyone know?

The time dimension of an operation can often extend over years and be kept on hold until needed, and then put into play whenever desired. Grease a few corrupt palms, and in a corrupt, port city you can accomplish a lot.

1) First deliver 3 kilotons of ammonium-nitrate and arrange for it to be confiscated/impounded. Park the stuff right there by the dock in a warehouse.

2) Then arrange for a few tons of fireworks to be warehoused immediately next door (!) to the kilotons of ammonium nitrate.

3)Then arrange for a vessel or two — loaded with <> — we do not know, because they were vaporized — to be subsequently docked in front of said, adjacent warehouses with tons of fireworks and kilotons of ammonium-nitrate.

4)Next send in a <welder> — it’s always <welders> or careless <workers> who do the honors in these sorts of affairs — to light things off, and set Hell in motion. Welding sparks, lighting a 150 ft fuse, setting a timed demolition charge, whatever. Such piddling details.

So we have on site: a) a few kilotons of an explosives-grade oxidizer (ammonium-nitrate), b) an ignition source (a few tons of fireworks right next door that <welders> accidentally ignited, and c) two vaporized(?) vessels right at the dock.

Anybody know anything about those vessels?

This whole affair feels real fishy to me.

By the way, one of my sources when I was doing the bulk of my underground bases research, back in the 1990s, was fond of constantly reminding me: “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.” He frequently encouraged me to keep digging for information. I can only speculate as to his motivation(s) and why he even talked to me.

He was a polymath, an expert in deep, secret, subsurface bases, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, geochemistry, geology, mining engineering, civil engineering, rocketry and military grade, high explosives and lunar geology. He had a PhD in one of the STEM disciplines. He worked with Edward Teller in the underground levels at Area 51, and was on the Project Apollo lunar landing site selection committee. I once asked him if he had ever worked with any extraterrestrials during his career. He remained emotionally neutral and replied: “I don’t know, but I can tell you that extraterrestrials are a topic of conversation in the canteen at Area 51.”

Most of his work was classified. In our conversations, he impressed on me again and again that government agencies and major and minor Pooh-bahs and muckety-mucks lie — about all sorts of things! — and he provided concrete examples to me.

In other words, dear friends, just because so-called <authorities> — even in the alternative news blogosphere tell us that we are wrong, or that we don’t know what we are talking about, or that we shouldn’t trouble our pretty little heads about something! or that we dare not go there!! — or that we must reflexively submit to their <authority> or they will take their ball and go home, leaving us to play without their self-appointed <authority> — well does that not raise a warning flag??

Doesn’t it?

Something very strange happened in Beirut yesterday and I suggest we keep digging to find out what, who and why!! My antennae are up and quivering and I think any thinking person has plenty of cause to question the story that is being widely spread in the mainstream news media and also in many corners of the alternative new blogosphere.

We don’t know for sure exactly what we are dealing with, and it behooves us to find out as much as we can.

That’s my view. Self-appointed <authorities> who want to reflexively slam shut the door on free and wide-ranging inquiry just because they say so — well, draw the conclusion that you think is most appropriate.

And then there is the remote viewing of last month by Daz Smith, which strongly points to the Beirut explosion as being a planned attack, and not an accident at all. Daz Smith is one of the best remote viewers in the world. He's very, very good. Please see:

I agree with his viewing. Daz Smith's remote viewing eresonates with my own perception of the event. It was a planned attack upon the people of Lebanon. In my opinion, there are likely to be severe repercussions.


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