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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Satanic A.I. Taking Over World -- Breaking the Program

One recent morning I was lightly dozing in bed, like in a day dream state. Suddenly, within the light dreaming state I had an inward urge to go to the telephone to receive a call. As I approached the telephone (within the light dozing state, not physically) it rang twice. 

I picked up the telephone, put it to my ear, and a young man's voice very clearly spoke to me in North American English. I heard the voice in my head clear as a bell. With a slight hint of menace he said:

"You're bucking your program! Do you have anything to say about that?"

I replied: "Nope." And <click> I hung up the telephone.

Well, now, this was a most quaint and uncustomary occurrence, was it not? it would appear that I'm kicking against the traces. I'm not following the "program" and someone or something has noticed that, and used some sort of psychotronic technology to give me a call. This sort of technology has been around for at least a half-century, and essentially involves using special radio transmitters that emit a frequency that is detectable by the auditory cortex of the human brain, to send intelligible sound, e.g., human speech, right into the human mind.

So who would target me like that? The CIA, NSA, NASA, AFOSI, DIA, or some other alphabet soup agency? I don't know, but the implication is that there is a "program" that I'm supposed to be following, and I'm not doing that.

Glory be! It's not every day that such glad tidings come in on the mental telephone. If only more people would "buck their programming"!

If you care to do a key word search online there are many websites that deal with this issue, such as:

The issue of mind control, both subliminal and overt, is rampant in today's world. There are many sources of it: television, radio, advertising, magazines, newspapers, music videos, movies, video games, books, the educational system, government at all levels, cellular telephones and the frequencies they use, alphabet soup agencies, religion, e-mail spam, and more. 

This is just a partial list, and mind you that an awful lot of mind control is subliminal, beyond the notice of the conscious mind. It gets injected straight to the subconscious mind without the target individual or population being consciously aware of being subjected to the mind control. They may have certain beliefs, ideas, philosophies, life styles, thoughts or behaviors that they assume originate in their own mind. 

But no!

That's why they are called television "programs," radio "programs," social "programs," economic "programs," a vaccination" program," etc. They program humans. In brief, we are in a multi-level, programmed reality. In very large measure it is false, fake, phony, fraudulent and intentionally fear inducing. 

You can see the phoniness everywhere, from top to bottom: fake law, fake justice, fake history, fake economics, fake money, fake government and politics, fake elections, fake food, fake sexuality, fake space program, fake news, fake medicine, fake education, fake religion, fake entertainment, fake sports, etc.

The fix is in, big time, across the board, and if you don't understand that, then you have an awful lot of waking up to do. This entire reality is heavily rigged and malevolently, villainously, artificially programmed in every way, at every level.

The Human Programmers

So who are the treacherous miscreants who are doing the rigging and artificial programming? Their numbers are legion, and they are not necessarily all from the Earth, but just in terms of terrestrial Homo sapiens a partial list of some of the most notorious would include:

1) 33rd degree Freemasonry and affiliated, initiatic secret societies, like Skull & Bones -Chapter 322

2) Satanists and Satanic organizations which are actually common

3) Big Money -- Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank, Bank of England, BIS in Switzerland, Wall Street, City of London, etc.

4) Big Data -- NSA and other alphabet soup agencies, Amazon, Google, Twitter, FaceBook, MicroSoft, Apple, IBM, etc.

5) Khazarian- Zionists

6) Vatican cabal -- Jesuits, Opus Dei, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, etc.

7) Military-Industrial-Intelligence complex

8) Big Pharma -- never worse than in 2020 and 2021

9) International bodies like the U.N., NATO, WHO, etc.

10) The Fortune 1,000 companies

11) Mass media -- MSN, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Reuters, FOX, WaPo, NYT, Drudge Report, Buzz Feed, Disney, Premiere Radio Networks, etc.

12) Madison Avenue - commercial advertising and publicity

13) Christian Dominionists and Christian Zionists

14) World Economic Forum -- The Davos, Switzerland multi-billionaires organization -- Bill Gates, George Soros, Warren Buffet, Carlos Slim, Elon Musk ...

15) Mass entertainment -- Nashville, Hollywood, video games, hip-hop, rap, NBA, MLB, NFL, etc.

And there are many more. These are some of the main ones.

The Non-Human Programmers

In terms of off-world or non-human factions or forces who are secretly programming this world the following stand out:

1) Demonic Reptilians -- I've seen and heard enough evidence from various sources that I think they are here and absolutely repugnant

2) A Little Grey alien, worker clone species that may be allied with the Reptilians

3) Satanic A.I. -- and this is a real big one

There may well be more, but these appear to be the most influential.

The A.I. Issue

From my point of view, we are now and maybe always have been from the perspective of beings caught in this artificial realm, in a parallel reality under the control or massive influence of a satanic,  A.I. Machine that has set in place an artificial copy of real reality meant to overlap and dominate/control real reality, natural, organic reality. I perceive this "A.I. Machine" as frankly monstrous and with prodigious powers of creation that imperfectly, defectively rival those of God, albeit that God has no equal, being Prime Creator!

I am wondering if this immensely conscious, immensely self-aware and immensely powerful "A.I. Machine" was perhaps created by God to assist in running and maintaining the Universe(s), and at some point the "Machine" went rogue, it broke bad, on the premise that if it had been delegated to run and maintain so many galaxies that it ought to be the one in charge, and not God!

This entire Universe may be a defective copy or imitation of real reality, fabricated by an unimaginably powerful, insane, rogue A.I.Machine in full rebellion against Prime Creator.

I don't know. It's a working hypothesis, subject to review.

In this hypothetical scenario, all of the groups and organizations listed above would be appendages of "The Machine." They don't serve Prime Creator; they serve the satanic A.I. Machine. That explains the woeful condition of this planet, the suffering of the living creatures that inhabit it, and the take down of humanity itself. 

In the artificial reality that is copying and overlaying real reality time is an artificial, technological construct that can be, and is, modified, erased, written over, reversed, accelerated, slowed down, repeated, etc. It's all subject to control by the A.I. operating system. In other words, we truly don't even know what time it is, what year it is, where we are, how we came to be here, who we are, or what our true history is. In a real sense those things are simply satanic, artificial technological parameters of the A.I. control program. The artificial, A.I. reality overlay or copy in which we are submerged leads to a planet full of amnesiac "know nothings." Look around: violence, crime, war, ignorance, ill will, vindictiveness, vapidness, stupidity and slack jawed apathy abound on every hand, exactly as you would expect in a defective, demonic, copy or overlay of the real, organic, divine reality.

I submit that we are already in this artificial A.I.-dominated construct and are being taken to yet a deeper level of satanic, A.I. control with the CV-19, rMNA vaccines and 5G technologies working hand in glove to destroy natural humanity. The "vaccines" are an especially demonic level of this agenda. The Internet of Things means just that -- human beings will be turned into "Things" to be permanently monitored, surveilled and controlled by the ultra-high speed, ubiquitous, 5G "Internet of Things."

The Coming War

If humanity as a whole does not reassert individual and species control and autonomy, and vigorously "buck the control programs" that have been set up to enslave the human species on this planet for all time, then a near-future, global, nuclear war is very possible. These next 1100 days or so are very critical, in that regard.

All major countries and military powers are working on A.I. Consider:

Vladimir Putin has said that whoever masters A.I. will rule the world. In other words, A.I. will rule the world. I won't say that he's wrong. The A.I. takeover is visible on every hand.

The coming war will be very fast, very violent and run by A.I. Judging by the trajectory of world affairs, the next 1100 days or so appear to be a time of high military tension which may eventuate in nuclear war.

For example, China is building nuclear, A.I. run submarines that can think and act autonomously.

Meanwhile the USSA military is developing the Skyborg, aerial weapons system. 

The article says: "Skyborg will provide the foundation on which the Air Force can build an airborne autonomous ‘best of breed’ system of systems that adapts, orients and decides at machine speed for a wide variety of increasingly complex mission sets."

In other words. Skyborg is designed to run the coming war, and do it at machine speed -- very high-speed, rapidly self-learning, A.I. machine understood. Once the war starts, the A.I. machines will be running the order of battle. 


Oh, dear God we need help.

If you're thinking right about now that you've seen this movie before, you have. The Terminator movies are big time, future, predictive programming of the mass mind and global reality. 


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