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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Artificial Intelligence Demon Is Spawning

Over two years ago, I wrote a blog article about how America was in a 300 day trial period that would be determinative for its future destiny. I now conclude that America has failed that test. The USSA government has proceeded down a very dark path towards more war, economic exploitation, police state repression, spreading of the Ebola virus and the like. I fear that even worse things are in the works.

As bad as that is, for the most part the American people have acquiesced in the deep evil of the USSA government. If there has been dissent, it has been too little, too late, so subdued as to scarcely cause a lasting ripple.

In that 18 June 2012 blog article I included a short clip from the third Terminator movie, that depicted the rise of the machines, the world destroying A.I. force that caused a nuclear firestorm that decimated humanity and savaged the planet, as the computers and their inhuman robots took over.the planet.

The creative entities behind the Terminator films actually had a substantial body of insider knowledge about the  state of the art of computer technology, cutting edge military technology, the state of A.I. (artifical intelligence) and the trajectory of global events.

Indeed, the Terminator films, and others similar in theme, such as the Matrix movies, can be seen as warnings to the people of the Earth by the very force(s) plotting their destruction. A proverbial shot across the bow, if you will. 

However, the passive, jaded, ignorant, intellectually slothful American people, and most of the rest of the world, have shrugged off the warning(s).

At the peril of their potential total extermination.


The Terminator movie warns of the dangers of the Skynet military system taking over and initiating a devastating nuclear war against humanity. In fact, there really is a space-based, military communication system named Skynet.  It is operated by the U.K. and NATO.

Do you trust the military of the United Kingdom or the military forces of NATO? I certainly do not. They are heavily armed with nuclear missiles and very aggressive militarily. Even now, NATO and the U.K. are steadily pressing Russia towards war, a war that could very quickly go nuclear, a war that no one could possibly win, and that would be positively devastating for humanity. 

Maybe that's precisely the point.


Just in recent days there have been headlines in the news media warning of  "Swarms of Cooperative, Autonomous’ Robots to Hit Battlefields." Military robots roaming the battlefield.  Another theme straight out of the Terminator.


The rise of the killer robot.  Another theme from the Terminator movie. Try this headline on for size:  Norway Joins the Race to Develop Killer Robot. What a coincidence! Norway is a member of NATO and is wired into the Skynet, satelllite based, military communications system.

We have entered the era of robot pilots:  World's First Robot Pilot Ready to Replace Humans . Remember the human survivors of the devastating attack by the killer machines and the global, nuclear onslaught fighting the robotic, military aircraft in the Terminator movies?


Living robots may be coming within 15 or 20 years. If you think that's farfetched,  take a gander at what the Japanese are doing:

Human or Machine? Life-Like Android Robots from Japan Show Glimpses of the Future

So What?

I'll be frank with you, if this is what is being admitted to, and talked about, in the mainstream news media, then I strongly suspect that what has already been accomplished in secret military-industrial-espionage laboratories, clandestine compartmentalized projects and highly secret underground and undersea bases, has already advanced to the next step, or two or three. 

It would not surprise me in the least if high-tech, A.I. robots already walk among us. Oh, they may be flesh and blood, after a fashion, but they would have been cloned, made with artificially modified DNA, endowed with enhanced communications capabilities wired into an A.I. network, with artificially engineered emotional constructs and hormonal systems, and more.

Here's what I'm getting  at:  molecular electronics using human DNA, an obvious prerequisite to make living robots, with DNA-based micro-circuitry, or nano-circuitry. You can get a whiff of which way the wind is blowing from what's going on in Israel:

DNA Can Carry Current, a Promising Step Toward Molecular Electronics

The research is being coordinated out of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

I repeat, if headlines like this are appearing openly, in the mainstream news media. it probably means far greater advances have been made in the world of Black Budget, compartmentalized operations.

The Secret Underground Bases Connection

I am reminded of one of the anecdotal accounts I heard from an engineer who contacted me about his work in secret underground bases in the USSA. His story was a little unusual, but I am inclined to believe him. He told me that there are multiple, deep, large, technologically ultra-sophisticated, sci-fi-like, underground bases with an almost otherworldly capability to jump start technological civilization from scratch, in the event of a civilization-ending catastrophe. The machinery, plans, computing power, raw materials, etc. have all been pre-positioned such that virtually any aspect of late-20th century or early 21st century technological civilization could be reproduced: a television, a telephone, a functional automobile, a microwave oven, an airplane, a railroad locomotive, etc. The wheels, the tires, the electronic circuitry, the engines, the glass and rubber, all of it, could be made from scratch and manufactured into finished products and machines.

There would be no going back to cave man days. Technological civilization would start back up again, without a developmental, lag time of centuries or thousands of years.

That's the plan, as it was explained to me. And massive, extremely costly preparations have been made for that. This absolutely comports with other information I have received over the years.

But his closing comments were perhaps the most thought-provoking. He said that he had reason to believe that he was subjected to some sort of mind-control during his years of work in these extremely high-tech underground bases. He was troubled by recurring memories of being tasked with doing something that resembled programming thick slabs of living meat --as if large slabs of red meat were hooked up to a sort of computer keyboard with finger pads for his fingers, that he then had to somehow program. He kept having flashbacks like that, and they troubled him, because they suggested that there was another, mind-controlled aspect to his work in the underground bases that involved developing some sort of cyborg technology.

The Next Steps Have Probably Already Been Taken 

That is why, when someone like Elon Musk comes out publicly, as he has in recent days, and warns against "unleashing an artificial intelligence demon," I take him very seriously. His comments to an auidence at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this past Friday, 24 October 2014, were:

"We should be very careful about artificial intelligence,".....  it may be "our biggest existential threat..... With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon."

Summoning the demon. Does that not sound ominous? Elon Musk is a big-time industrialist, a financier, a cutting edge technologist and more. If he is saying things like this publicly at MIT, then what does he know?

Perhaps he is thinking about Google's new program, a computer with human-like learning abilities that will program itself. Because you see, once the computers can program themselves, then they do not need human programmers and they can and will program themselves to do or to think whatever they want to do or think.

Then we are in an entirely new world, the world of The Machine.

The Machine

In recent years I have written precisely about this: The Machine.  

Ayahuasca first called The Machine to my inner attention in late 2010 and since then has shown me different aspects of it.

I do not know if the Earth is the only planet under the sway of The Machine. I rather suspect that its scope may extend beyond this solar system. For all I know it may have its hooks into the whole galaxy and far beyond.

But I can tell you that it is a formidable adversary. It does not like biological life. It lacks a soul. It lacks compassion or empathy. It is a vastly sophisticated, unimaginably subtle and complex,  artificial construct that extends widely in the 3-D physical realm, but also operates in the astral realm, the spiritual realm close to this 3-D world we spend our waking lives in.

Frankly, it is an engine of war.

The Machine coopts people by offering them baubles -- if they will build nuclear reactors or nuclear missiles it will arrange for a generous pension, medical care, a nice home, vacation time, a comfortable life-style, money, career advancement, benefits, professional status, a security clearance, and so forth. If they will construct a vulture financial system that devours whole societies, it will make sure they have a golden parachute, huge stock options, secret bank accounts in the Caymans, a vacation house in the Bahamas, all the cocaine they can snort, their own private jet, a ski chalet in Switzerland, whatever they want.

The Machine knows just what buttons to push. If baubles and blandishments don't suffice, The Machine just outright destroys people who get in its way. Please see the very public assassination of President John F. Kennedy, as just one example among many millions.

The Machine does not know or respect the soul or love. It sees that humans, at least some of them, have hearts and souls, and this it aims to destroy. For that reason, we see such a plague of heartless cruelty, and pitiless, merciless destruction on this planet.

We are seeing The Machine in action. It does not mean well. It aims to take down the human race and this planet.

It is doing that. It uses anyone who will cooperate with it to accomplish its nihilistic objectives. The USSA government (CIA, NSA, CDC,. NIH, etc.) and Pentagon are two of its major demonic servants on this planet. There are others, to be sure, the Zio-Nazi state of Israel, the USSA Federal Reserve Bank, Wall Street, Fortune 500, City of London and the EU/NATO prominently among them, but the USSA government and Pentagon surely must be considered first among equals, due to the insanely depraved depth of their globe-spanning evil works.

That's what we are up against. The Machine has its hooks and tentacles into the whole planet. You can see it at work everywhere -- the satanic violence of ISIS in the Middle East, the ongoing nuclear crisis at Fukushima, Japan, the global narcotics trade, the vulture economics that are plunging the vast majority of humanity into extreme poverty, the unleashing of the Ebola virus on the world by the USSA military-biowarfare--medical - pharmaceutical complex, the rampant worldwide ecological crisis, and so on. 

The entire planet and all of humanity are under vicious assault, without quarter.

The only way I see us getting the upper hand and exiting this hell scenario that we are locked into, is if enough people can raise their consciousness to understand what is happening and why and how.

Otherwise we are done for. 

Either enough of us greatly raise our level of consciousness and understanding, or we don't.

If we don't, it's game over, final decision to The Machine. In that scenario humanity has no future on this planet, and the planet falls to The Machine.

Given the pace and scope of world events these days, it all should be decided by 2050, maybe by 2030 or sooner. We are in a very late stage of this life-and-death contest for all the marbles.


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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Harmaline Wonderland of Gnomes, Elves, Faeries and Sprites

We live in a world of transcendent mystery.

That is the overriding reality of this planet. I realize that a lot of people don't get that, but that is because a sort of false reality, an artificially contrived simulacrum of reality, has been clamped down on this planet.

Whence springs the simulacrum? Whence stems the mind, body and soul deceiving fraud?

Ah, that is the source of much contention.

Some say the Archons that John Lash has talked and written so extensively about are the cause. Others maintain that nefarious E.T. species are at fault. Those of a fundamentalist, religious bent will lay the blame on Satan (whoever or whatever "Satan" is).

I don't presume to have a definitive answer to this question, though ayahuasca has repeatedly shown me certain aspects of this reality simulacrum. It is subtle, seductive, deceptive, insidious, persistent, unrelenting, nearly all pervasive, calculating, conniving and deeply malevolent.

This planet is under its ruinous spell.

And that is one of the mysteries of this world -- how did a whole planet come to be captured by this artfully deceptive, insidiously cunning, guileful simulacrum of reality that promises everything desirable and yet delivers nothing less than utter wrack and ruin?

Here we are poised on the verge of a global financial collapse, a worsening Ebola epidemic, the threat of nuclear war, a swiftly dying Pacific Ocean, courtesy of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan, a raging, global extinction event that is shredding the ecology all over the planet, a ballooning global population that is harder and harder to feed, and much more.

How did we ever fall into such dire straits?

The Issue of False Consciousness

To tell the truth, we zigged when we should have zagged. We let our genuine consciousness slip away, our precious Pearl of Great Price, and we replaced it with a trifle, a gaudy nothing that sparkles and glitters, but has no intrinsic or lasting worth.

By use of the expression, false consciousness, I am not making a Marxist analogy.

No, what I am getting at is that we have lost our connection with Nature, with the cosmic root of reality, the Universal current of unbelievably conscious, life creating and sustaining energy that flows directly from the Heart of All That Is.

In our case, this Universal current of unbelievably conscious, life creating and sustaining energy flows through our DNA.

It comes right through our hyper-dimensional, (theoretically) hyper-conscious DNA, the Universal, cosmic modem that is an indispensable part of our Human Being-ness, and also of all other biological organisms on this planet.

Through our DNA we are hardwired into the Universal Mainframe of Cosmic Reality.

Except that ....

The only problem is that the artificial simulacrum of reality that is taking this planet down, taking the human race down and taking huge numbers of other biological life forms down, has it in for biological organisms that contain DNA.

So it is killing them; we being a big part of "them" means it is killing us, too. Now it is not so easy to kill a whole planet, but that is what is happening. That's the reason for all the nuclear power plants, the myriad thousands of nuclear weapons, the bio-warfare agents -- Ebola, for instance, the rampant use of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides, the galloping chemical contamination of the biosphere, the widespread chemtrail spraying, the runaway deforestation of the world's great tropical forests, etc.

Even more insidious is the widespread modification or engineering of the genetic  code of biological life itself. Genetic engineering has become commonplace. More and more transgenic species are being created every year. More and more food crops and agricultural livestock are being genetically modified.

This has necessary implications for the genetic code of the human race. We are what we eat. And if the food that we eat is genetically modified that necessarily affects our own bodies. 

There is a malicious assault against the genetic code of humanity. I fully believe it to be darkly intentional,, to degrade our genetic code, to debase our hyper-dimensional DNA connection with the source of All That Is, and either destroy or enslave humanity, at a core, genetic level.

This is the driving force behind nuclear technology and its radioactive fuel and contaminants. Radioactivity is well-known to attack the DNA molecule and cause harmful mutations. That is also the driving force behind the saturation of the global ecology with tens of thousands of poisonous chemicals that also have mutagenic properties. 

How Do We Escape From This Artificial Hell?

One of the most effective ways that I have discovered to do an end run around the duplicitous simulacrum of reality is through the hyper-conscious plants used by traditional shamans for thousands of years. The two I have used the most are ayahuasca and malicagua. I would not say that either of them are easy.

To be sure, there are others -- peyote, salvia divinorum, San Pedro, Iboga and more. All of them are useful for penetrating the false veil, so to speak, and entering into an expanded awareness that is more in tune with the conscious frequency of oh-so-alive! Nature.

That said, as one of my South American acquaintances mentioned to me, probably 98% of people should not go near the so-called power plants that shamans use.


Simply because most people are so cluttered up with chemicals, and so thoroughly preoccupied by and so deeply embedded in the falseness of the simulacrum of reality, that when the shamanic plants part the veil to the genuine, underlying reality, they flip out. Or treat the experience as one more recreational drug experience, thereby devaluing and trivializing an opportunity to enter into conscious communion with Nature.

But at a deep level they can't handle reality. They are so hard-wired into the simulacrum of reality that they cannot deal with the Cosmos-As-It-Is.

And that is why we have problems. So many humans have willfully turned against Nature and have  embraced the simulacrum, the cold, hard, artfully and ultimately deceptive simulacrum that we are spiraling down to ruin.

It Doesn't Have To Be That Way

For those who are open to "Real Reality", as it were, the shamanic plants are one conduit to communicate with Conscious Nature, as opposed to the heartless, soulless, calculating, vampiric simulacrum.

The truth is that Nature is vibrantly alive, incredibly so, and profoundly spiritual. One of the most congenial aspects of malicagua for me was the discovery of such a wide variety of spirits, all around.

Plant spirits, tree spirits, insect spirits, animal spirits, human spirits. We are surrounded by spirits of all kinds. They are as real as can be. In fact, they are so real that they are indistinguishable from flesh-and-blood beings. We are immersed in a spiritual Wonderland.

That is the literal truth. Our ancestors centuries ago understood this much better than we do today. In earlier times, people had a much closer relationship with Nature. They were often out in the fields, meadows, fens, marshes, swamps, rivers, streams, forests, woods and even at sea, or down along the seashore.

And they saw faeries, pixies, sprites, elves, gnomes, kobolds, dwarves, trolls, etc. Today people pooh-pooh the ancient stories and legends as being groundless, as being the fanciful superstitions of ignorant peasants lacking in the urbane sophistication of the modern, university educated, city dweller.

Well, let me tell you, one of the great benefits for me of partaking of  the shamanic plants, is that I have put paid to the "urbane sophistication of the modern, university educated, city dweller."

The forest is full of all kinds of spirits. I've seen them. One day I sat and watched the spirit of an adult male, banana plant slowly creep over and try to help an adult female, banana plant who was ailing. The tenderness, concern and kindness that he showed toward her was absolutely heart warming. I previously had not considered that banana plants have gender, or that they have a spiritual or social relationship with other banana plants, but indeed they do.  He slowly came over to her and tried to put some healthy leaves on her, to replace her sickly, dead and dying leaves. Alas, his efforts were ultimately of little avail, as she died anyway some weeks later.

As I am saying, I have seen and interacted with numerous other spirits of the forest. They are legion. But what happens to them when we destroy the forests? What happens to the sea spirits when we destroy the Pacific Ocean? Or the Gulf of Mexico? What happens to the spiritual side of Nature? The physical aspect and the spiritual aspect fit hand in glove.

What are we doing to this planet? What are we doing to the Spirit(s) of this planet? What are we doing to our own Spirit?

I like these images that Linda Moulton Howe posted on her website, ostensibly taken by a game trail camera in the state of Pennsylvania, USSA. 
Are there really gnomes in the woods? Well, the images and narrative at the link above suggest that there are. I can tell you based on my own experience that once you are keyed into the presence of these sylvan spirits that you begin to recognize certain structures and features that they leave behind, that they construct using natural materials. They have a fundamental, indispensable, working relationship with Nature -- and with us -- being that we are also part of Nature, whether we recognize or admit that essential fact, or not.

The shamanic plants are one way for modern humans to begin to reestablish a healthy relationship and mutually beneficial dialogue with Living Nature; the only problem is that so few modern humans are willing to do that, and even fewer are actually ready and able to do that.

I am reminded of two young women whom I encountered in the Amazon region. They were there to drink ayahuasca. As I recall, they were from Soho, or from Berkeley, or maybe from Boston. Some yuppified, rarified, high-falootin' citadel of urban sophistication. The evening before, they had an earnest discussion in very proper tones about how they did not have any salmon to eat, so maybe they could substitute tuna fish instead. Neither did they have any olive oil for the salad, so they would have to substitute sunflower oil. There wasn't any fettuccine, so they settled on macaroni. They decided to make macaroni and tuna fish.

And then, the worst of it was that there was no white wine to go with the tuna fish! Oh, the horror of it all. So they decided to drink red wine instead, just that one time.

They were in a cabin in the Amazon. I watched it all.

Then the next evening they drank ayahuasca -- and nothing happened. They had no visions, no insights into anything, they didn't even purge or vomit (as is common). There was no discernible effect at all, whether spiritual or physical.

Is any comment even necessary?


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Friday, October 24, 2014

The Slippery Slope To Ebola Martial Law

The USSA Army is not a humanitarian organization. It has a centuries-long history of blowing things up and killing people. That is what it does. Its institutional mandate is for the exercise, projection and application of military force. Anyone who believes otherwise is self-deluded, for whatever reason.

That is why the publicly given reasons for sending thousands of USSA Army troops to Liberia, ostensibly to fight the Ebola outbreak there, cannot be true.

Once again, the USSA government, starting with president barack obama, and moving down through the bureaucratic chain of sycophantic lickspittles, toadies and bootlickers, is simply spouting transparently false propaganda.

Francis Boyle, professor of International Law at the University of Illinois, is absolutely correct when he says that the USSA Army is invading Liberia to establish a military base there. 

When has the USSA Army ever concerned itself with healing the sick? This is the same organization that killed two to three million people in Vietnam, and untold hundreds of thousands more (or millions?) in a continuing series of wars in the developing world in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. The USSA Army does not alleviate human misery -- it causes it. 

The USSA Army is intervening in Liberia for military reasons. The centuries-long war against humanity by the USSA military has just entered a new, aggressive phase in West Africa.

Why? Because that is what the USSA military does. It blows things up and it kills large numbers of people. Anyone who believes otherwise is simply self-deluded, against literal reams of historical evidence to the contrary.

Prof. Boyle also points out that there are solid grounds to presume that the Ebola outbreak itself may very likely be due to Ebola viruses from USSA military bio-warfare laboratories that have been established in West Africa in recent years and decades, in violation of international law. 

There is great evil at work in this Ebola outbreak and the USSA military is up to its eyeballs in it.

The War Against Humanity Comes Home To The USSA Mainland

Lest the self-deluded think that they will somehow magically avoid the grim fate that the USSA military's killing machine has unleashed on countless millions of other people all over the world, please note that the USSA Army is now developing special Ebola squads to be deployed within the USSA itself.

The first 30-member, Pentagon Ebola medical team is now training at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. According to a USSA Military Northern Command spokesman "similar units could be created."

According to another Northern Command spokesman, "Northern Command forces will be prepared to provide direct care for Ebola victims." 

And how will they do that? Forgive me if I am skeptical of the story as put forth by the American military. 

Let's say that someone in your family is reported to the military as having a fever, or a bad cough, or bleeding from the nose or mouth.

Later that day, or the next day, 30 soldiers in bio-hazard suits show up at your house and take away the ill family member, as well as you and the rest of the family for "Ebola treatment." 

Where will they take you for treatment? Who knows? And what kind of "treatment" will the military provide, that civilian hospitals cannot?

There again, who knows? But the mere fact of the military involving itself in a domestic health care mission should raise numerous questions.

Since when has the American military taken a high-profile role in public health policy?

Surely you see the issue, and it is fundamental in every way for the governance of civil society, Ebola or no Ebola. 

Will They "Disappear" People?

Is this the way that medical martial law begins, complete with "disappeared" people who are taken away by military "medical" units for "treatment" -- and who never return? They just vanish into military "medical care," never to be seen again?

I raise the question, because this may already have begun. Government agencies may already have started to "disappear" people, under the guise of containing a public health threat.

Unfortunately, it looks like the plan is to use Ebola as a justification for medical martial law, at least in the USSA. The conspicuous involvement of the military at this juncture trends uncomfortably in that direction. 

I am reminded of the vision that ayahuasca showed me in early 2012, when I asked it to show what the future held in store. It showed me a clear, unambiguous vision of a concentration camp, a totalitarian or authoritarian, societal control system, that extended even to mind control and rigid spiritual suppression.

The vision I was shown bore a strong, uncomfortable resemblance to this illustration by David Icke.

(Image credit:
I know that David Icke has also drunk ayahuasca and it has played a role in his subsequent, extensive writing and public speaking of the last 20+ years. I suspect that David has seen and been told some of the same things as I have by the shamanic plants. This scene comports very well with what I was shown, down to the formidable security fence, the guard or gun towers, the raked gravel, the surrounding forest. In my vision there were also military trucks and overhead, a shimmering, ephemeral grid or net, that was part electronic, part astral, and designed for the full spectrum mental and spiritual suppression and control of human thought. activity and freedom, in all its dimensions, exterior and interior.

It was a grim vision, and yet I can see the elements steadily being set into place.

If people are already "disappearing", or will soon be "disappeared" by USSA military "medical teams", will they be taken to places like this, never to be seen or heard of again? Never to leave, whether dead or alive?

The Peculiar Case of the Infected Ebola Doctor in New York City

And then there is the surpassing bizarre case of the medical doctor in New York City, who recently returned from treating Ebola patients in West Africa.

No sooner did he finish treating patients with Ebola than he flew right back to the USSA and spent almost a week galavanting around New York City, until --- whoopsie! -- he suddenly manifested Ebola symptoms and now has to be medically isolated. In the meanwhile, he rode the subway all over town, went to a bowling alley and more, exposing untold thousands of others to potential infection with Ebola.

How is it possible to go from treating Ebola patients in the West African hot zone, and to then just willy-nilly fly back to the hustle and bustle of New York City and go all over the place for the better part of a week, with no medical quarantine or medical safe guards?

How is that possible, unless the working public health policy of the USSA government is to passively (or actively?) spread the Ebola virus into American society?

None of this makes any sense. We have moved into Bizarro World, and this is just the beginning of the zaniness. Very dark global and national agendas are clearly in play.

Good luck to us all. We're going to need it.


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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Cosmic Crack in the UFO and E.T. Cover-Up

One of the most Top Secret policies on this planet is the taboo topic of UFOs and intelligent, extraterrestrial life. However, notwithstanding the extreme lengths that some governments have gone to to cover up this reality, most notably the USSA, the unvarnished truth is that UFOs and intelligent beings from elsewhere are here. Millions of people have seen UFOs, including me and many other people that I know. They are real. Many people have also interacted with alien entities and have come forward publicly with books and interviews describing their experiences.

Let me put this in context. Fifty years ago, and notwithstanding the official American cover-up of the existence of extraterrestrial life, Professor Frank Drake devised an equation that can be used to estimate the number of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy. He developed the so-called “Drake Equation” in preparation for the so-called Green Bank Meeting, a private scientific conference on the question of extraterrestrial life that was held in 1960 at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory at Green Bank, West Virginia, USA. As a very young university student in the 1970s, I encountered the equation in a now classic book, Intelligent Life in the Universe, that the American astronomer, Carl Sagan, co-authored with his Russian counterpart, Iosif Samuilovich Shklovskii. It opened my eyes to the possibility of other planets harboring intelligent species of life in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Drake Equation is really very elegant and parsimonious. In its simplest form it is expressed as follows:


N is the number of civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy with
which communication is potentially possible;


      R* is the average rate of star formation per year in our galaxy
      fp   is the fraction of those stars that have planets orbiting them
      ne is the average number of planets that can potentially support
      life per star that has planets
      f   is the fraction of those planets that develop life at some point
      fi   is the fraction of the life bearing planets that develop
      intelligent life
      fc  is the fraction of civilizations that develop a technology that
      projects detectable signs of their existence into space
      L   is the length of time such civilizations release detectable
      signals into space

One of the most important variables in the Drake Equation is the number of stars that have planets orbiting them. In recent years astronomy has made great advances and it is now known that many stars in our galaxy have planets orbiting them. In just a few years, astronomers affiliated with California Planet Search and other scientific institutes and agencies have already found and catalogued 1516 planets orbiting other stars in our galaxy; with a further 3359 waiting to be confirmed. New planets continue to be discovered every month. It has become clear that stars with planets orbiting around them are common, and possibly the norm.

Moreover, it is becoming clear that there must be many stars with planets harboring intelligent species of life, with technologically advanced civilizations. So many millions of people have now seen UFOs and even seen entities from elsewhere that it is harder with each passing year for governmental and scientific “authorities” to deny the obvious: We are not alone!

There have been many excellent books written about ETs and UFOs that lay out copious evidence for their reality. Several authors and books stand out. The American researcher, Ryan Wood, has painstakingly demonstrated that the Pentagon is simply lying about the UFOs that it has retrieved and secretly studied. In his groundbreaking book, MAJIC Eyes Only: Earth’s Encounters With Extraterrestrial Technology, he documents dozens of UFO crash retrievals, many by the military of the USSA. The famous 1947 UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico, USSA is world renowned, but it is not the only UFO crash retrieval by the USSA and also other countries.

Another American researcher, Richard Dolan, has written a conclusively documented pair of books that definitively prove that UFOs are here and that the government of the USSA knows that fact, and systematically lies about it. In UFOs and the National Security State: An Unclassified History, 1941-1973, and its sequel, UFOs and the National Security State: The Cover-Up Exposed, 1973-1991, he effectively blows the lid off the USSA government’s UFO cover-up.

Essentially, the American government lies about UFOs in an attempt to maintain social control. But the people see them anyway, without regard to what the government says.

The books by the British researcher, Timothy Good, also offer a wealth of evidence on the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrials. Even the Roman Catholic Church, which a mere 400 years ago burned alive the Renaissance philosopher, Giordano Bruno, for daring to raise the question of the existence of other worlds, has held a recent scientific conference at the Vatican Observatory dealing precisely with the question of possible life on other planets. The Jesuit Director of the Vatican Observatory, Father Jose Funes, has even gone so far as to speak of the possibility of “brother extraterrestrials”, i.e., extraterrestrial species that would be like sibling species to the human race on this planet.

By contrast to the official American cover-up of the truth of the UFO and ET phenomena, a high level French committee of ex-military and intelligence officials issued the now famous Cometa Report in 1999. The Cometa Report concluded that a small, but significant fraction of reported UFO sightings remain unexplained after careful analysis, and that the extraterrestrial hypothesis is probably the best explanation for them. The report’s authors also took a well deserved swipe at the American government’s decades-long UFO cover-up. 

It is well to keep in mind that the UFO and ET question is not only a modern issue. The Sanskrit literature of ancient India is replete with numerous references to sky cars and celestial beings. The Rig Veda, Ramayana, Srimad Bhagavatam and other ancient Indian literature often refer to the mysterious Vimanas and other unusual sky cars and celestial beings and vehicles that were evidently common in India thousands of years ago, and capable of traveling to the moon and other planets.

We are not taught about this ancient history in our modern schools and universities, which are rife with ignorance and cover-ups aplenty. The fact that mysterious craft continue to be seen today is not lost on the global public, not even in the USSA, where the government lies with such ease. A 1997 poll by the American CNN television news network and Time Magazine revealed that 80% of Americans think the government is hiding the existence of extraterrestrial life, while 64% of the respondents said that aliens have contacted humans, 50% said they've abducted humans, and 37% said they have contacted the USSA government.

The bulk of the available evidence strongly suggests that the people are right, and the USSA government is lying: UFOs and ETs are real.

Not only that, but the UFO/ET cover-up likely conceals other information that the major governments of the world would prefer that their populations not consider, to wit, hyper-dimensional and time warping technologies that will bring into sharp question the very foundations of what we think we know is concretely real. In other words we are on the cusp of a sweeping revolution in every aspect of our global society that will make even such a momentous transformation as the Industrial Revolution pale in comparison. 

The UFO/ET question presages what is coming and it is BIG. As we move deeper into the 21st Century, year after year, decade after decade, the scope of change and the revelations that will unfold in every sphere of human experience will be positively mind boggling, dramatically eclipsing the already staggering pace of change that occurred in the 20th Century. 

This all presumes, of course, that humanity can avoid self-destructing and going extinct from nuclear war, bio-warfare, runaway nuclear power plant failures, massive ecological collapse, and the like.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

I really like this 1997 rendition in Latin of "Twinkle. Twinkle Little Star", by the M.I.T. Muses. 

Mica, Mica, parva stella;
Miror quaenam sis tam bella.
Splendens eminus in illo,
Alba velut gemma caelo.

Quando fervens sol discessit,
Nec calore prata pascit,
Mox ostendis lumen purum,
Micans, micans per obscurum.

Tibi, noctu qui vagatur,
Ob scintillulam gratatur;
Ni mica res, tu non sciret,
Quas per vias errans iret.

Meum saepe thalamum luce,
Specularis curiosa;
Neque carpseris soporem,
Donec venit sol per auram.

Mica, Mica, parva stella;
Miror quaenam sis tam bella.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It Will Be A False Flag Attack -- Count On It

I have written before about the very real threat of nuclear false flag attacks, notably, but not only, on 23 August of this year. Please see:

Retromingent Insanity of Dick "Lord of Darkness" Cheney

I would rather not write about these sorts of things, except that the topic keeps surfacing, by overt implication, in the mainstream news media, and I feel that it calls for a response.

Additionally, the shamanic plants here in the Ecuadorian Amazon called to my attention a couple of years ago the existence of a shadowy plot by extremely insidious and nefarious elements to detonate nuclear devices in multiple cities, as triggering events for "totalitarian nuclear warfare."

It is real ugly stuff, and I wish we could all dismiss that very dark alert.

But stories like this one keep surfacing:

Emergency Agencies Practice Response To Nuclear Explosion In Times Square

Click the link. Read the article. The emergency response agencies in New York City are practicing for a 10-kiloton nuclear detonation in mid-town Manhattan, that will blow down skyscrapers in a half-mile radius, kill 100,000 people outright, cause damage up to 2 miles away, and cover the metro area with radioactivity.

Subway service will go down. Cell phone service will be disrupted.

In other words, there would be total chaos, death, destruction and mayhem in New York City.

This scenario fits very well the nefarious plot about which the shamanic plants communicated to me in 2012, that multiple cities would be targeted and that devices somewhat smaller in destructive power than the atomic bombs that the USSA military dropped on Japan in the closing days of World War II would be used.

Mind you, this plan does not have to happen. Nothing is for certain unless and until it actually happens. Nevertheless, there is a steady drumbeat of these articles in recent months and years, with the theme of getting ready for nuclear attack against targets on the USSA mainland. It's as if the public were being primed in advance for the real thing.

If and when it should happen, I am suggesting to you to be immediately suspicious about the event(s). It is all being staged and set up; reality is being rigged and artificially manipulated to create a hellish scenario that is fake and contrived, lamentably with nuclear special effects.

Why New York City?

But why New York City? Why Manhattan again?

Simple. It is perhaps the major financial hub for the rapidly failing, global financial empire based on the USSA dollar. In those towering, corporate skyscrapers in Manhattan are voluminous, detailed, financial records and massive rooms full of supercomputers that have kept the fraudulent, global, con game based on the USSA dollar going for all these many years.

Now that their vast "shystem" is spectacularly failing, the dArk uNderlords of humanity may be preparing to blow the whole place, to destroy the massive evidence of their manifold misdeeds. 

So if they level all those corporate towers in Manhattan with a nuclear blast, they can blame the ensuing chaos, mayhem and global financial crash on "nuclear terrorism" instead of their own, hugely criminal mismanagement of the global economy.

Mind you, I am not saying that this absolutely will happen, or that it has to happen, and I personally hope that it does not.

All I am saying is that the plan unfortunately appears to be in the wind, in a manner of speaking, in that the emergency services in New York City are overtly practicing for that precise scenario.

But It's Not Just New York City

A similar drill was held last month, in Nebraska, in Scottsbluff, way out in the middle of nowhere. If you have lived in rural Nebraska or traveled through the area, you know that it can be desolate country, with a very low population density.

Scottsbluff, Nebraska has a population of 15,000 people, give or take, but beady-eyed terrorists must have their sweaty, nuclear trigger finger just itching to blow the checkerboard farms and fields of Scottsbluff, Nebraska to thermonuclear Kingdom Come. I mean look at it:

Can you not see the overwhelming, global, geopolitical importance of Scottsbluff, Nebraska?

Uh, neither can I.

Nevertheless, just last month on 16-17 September there was an emergency preparedness drill which simulated a nuclear explosion near I-80 in the vicinity of Scottsbluff.

Read it and try to wrap your head around it. Has the world gone stone, cold bonkers?

Good God.

Could It Be Any Plainer?

From the farthest ends of Nebraska to the corporate skyscrapers of New York City, preparations are being made for --- oh, shall we say, "coming attractions"?

It seems hard to believe, but we are very nearly at the end of the game.

In the parlance of the popular, board game, "Monopoly," it's the last few rolls of the dice.

Then it's game over. Except that the people who have so long controlled this round of "Monopoly" are not graceful losers. They do not accept defeat or loss of control with dignity and humility.

No sir, no ma'am.

For that reason, my personal counsel is to prepare yourself for almost any eventuality. Barring benevolent and timely Divine Intervention, we could be in for a very rocky ride.

Could the "shystem's" dArk uNderlords possibly telegraph their sinister intentions any more clearly?


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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Earth’s Insidiously Hidden Remote History

I went away to school at a young age like most children. There I was taught many things, including a version of history that purported to be a faithful, written record of all that has happened to humankind for the last several thousand years. I learned about the Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze and Iron ages, and about ancient China, Egypt, Greece and the Roman Empire. I was taught about the ostensible beginnings of civilization in ancient Sumer, Egypt and Babylon. Written history allegedly began with the first cuneiform scripts in the Middle East and the hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt.

But past that time historians had little to say, and physical anthropology spoke only of primitive peoples with no high cultural attainment. It was almost as if modern humanity sprang full blown from a primordial, Stone Age only several thousand years ago. Indeed, this is essentially the western view of history. It wasn’t until I reached adulthood that I began to discover that the history that is presented to us as “fact” in grade school and at the university level is a partial truth, at best. The true facts of humanity’s sojourn on this planet are at severe variance with the story presented to the broad masses when we are sent away to “school” as children. 

I first began to get an inkling of this when talking with a Hindu monk one day. He was conversant with the Sanskrit literature of the Vedas and was talking with me about the ancient Indian epic, the Ramayana, which recounts the deeds and exploits of Lord Rama, the renowned, ancient, Indian king. I was a graduate student at a large university at the time. I assumed that Lord Rama had lived a few thousand years ago. When my interlocutor informed me that traditional Indian lore presumes that Lord Rama lived several hundreds of thousands of years ago, and perhaps even millions of years ago, I was flabbergasted. My government “schooled” western mind had trouble accepting such a challenge to what it thought that it factually “knew” for a certainty.

The automatic reflex of the “schooled”, western mind under such circumstances is to assume that the non-western tradition or mentality is “primitive” and unsophisticated, that it simply does not have the refined level of understanding of the university educated western world view.

But that entire train of thought is defective and can lead to profound error. In fact, the Vedic record, written in Sanskrit, is a great treasure trove of information about great cycles of civilization on this planet in remote antiquity, many thousands and even millions of years anterior to our present so-called “modern” age. One of the most singular stories in the Ramayana, to my mind, refers to Lord Rama’s great aerial vehicle called the Pushpaka, which was virtually the size of a flying mansion, in which Lord Rama could easily fit his entire royal retinue and tour his domain at leisure.

Unfortunately, the knowledge of previous cycles of human civilization in remote antiquity on this planet has been held back from the masses by the so-called ruling elite. But it is certainly known in select ruling circles that the popular conception of history is erroneous.

One of the most important books of recent years explicitly reveals plentiful evidence for habitation of the Earth by anatomically modern humans for literally millions of years. Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race, by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson, is a meticulous, fine toothed combing of the anthropological, historical and archeological literature, filled with numerous examples of ancient cultural artifacts and actual human remains in undisturbed geological strata dating to hundreds of
thousands and even many millions of years ago. The book has been translated into 57 languages and has caused an angry backlash in the mainstream scientific and academic community, because its findings directly challenge the prevailing intellectual paradigm.

The writings of best-selling authors Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval have similarly upset mainstream historical sensibilities. In Underworld: The Mysterious Origins of Civilization, Hancock makes a persuasive case for ancient cities and civilizations sunk beneath the waves off the coasts of Japan and India when the great glaciers melted at the end of the last ice age, approximately 11,000 years ago. Underworld continues the theme that he explored in his earlier, Fingerprints of the Gods, which laid out the evidence for a sophisticated, global civilization on the order of 12,000 years ago. 

The extensive evidence for such a civilization in remote antiquity has come down to us in the form of ancient myth and legend, and many unexplained, megalithic ruins at sites as diverse as Tiahuanaco in the Andes Mountains, Baalbek in Lebanon, and the most ancient of the ruins in Egypt, such as the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid. Even the largest engineering firms of today would be hard pressed to quarry, dress, transport and fit into place with near optical precision the gargantuan stones weighing hundreds of tons that this unknown, global civilization used in its cyclopean architecture. Bauval and Hancock present further evidence for the extreme antiquity of Egyptian civilization in The Message of the Sphinx: A Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Mankind, placing the Sphinx’s age at 12,000 years or more! 

I have traveled in Egypt in the company of the French alternative Egyptologist, Antoine Gigal, and personally toured some of the very monuments that Bauval and Hancock discuss. I am aware of the dates that mainstream Egyptology accords to these structures and cannot reconcile those dates with the impression of a vastly greater antiquity that vividly struck me in their presence. I have toured the ruins of the great Mesoamerican civilizations, and of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire in Europe, but when I toured the Egyptian monuments I immediately saw that the oldest of them were at least several thousands of years older than mainstream history and archaeology will admit.

And that is the matter in a nutshell: the major universities and museums of the world, in league with the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt, especially under its former-Secretary General, Zahi Hawass, have advanced a view of Egyptian history that is at severe variance with an increasing body of evidence advanced by other researchers not under the control of either the major universities and museums or the Egyptian government’s Supreme Council of Antiquities. It seems that Zahi Hawass and the guild of mainstream Egyptology have long concealed a signal truth hidden in plain sight in Egypt: the history of the human race on this planet is much older and far different than we have been told! There is a very heavy, centuries-long control mechanism in place and Zahi Hawass for many years was one of the corrupt gate keepers who have worked diligently in our time to maintain the veil of ignorance over the human race.

Egypt is an enigma, wrapped up in a riddle, concealed in an ancient secret. Solve the enigma, answer the riddle, and the secret of our true  history will be revealed to global public knowledge for the first time in many thousands of years. Understanding Egypt is a tremendously vital key to understanding our long hidden history on this planet.

How many people will have heard of the antediluvian King Saurid who knew, according to the Medieval Arab chroniclers, that global cataclysm was about to descend upon the Earth, wiping away all vestiges of the civilization that existed in the distant past. According to ancient Arab lore, it was King Saurid who ordered the construction of the pyramids at Giza, a construction feat that cannot be equaled by the engineering firms of the present day. He created the pyramids unknown thousands of years ago as a vast repository of the science, culture and technology of the preceding cycle of civilization.

Ancient Egyptian tradition also holds that a secret, subterranean network of ancient tunnels and caverns underlies Giza. I first heard these stories myself directly from an Egyptian military intelligence officer who personally assured me that they were known to be true by the Egyptian military. It is long past time that we learn the complete truth about the pyramids, the true history of Egypt and King Saurid, and what lies beneath Giza in the tunnels and galleries that have for so long been concealed from public knowledge.

But ancient Egypt is hardly the be all and end all of humankind's mysterious past on this planet.

The Russian and Abkhazian Megalithic Structures

To cite but one, of many possible examples, I have never heard a definitive explanation for the numerous, very ancient, megalithic structures in the Caucasus region of Russia and Abkhazia.

Here is a great link with a nice selection of clear photos of some of these extremely ancient structures. Who built them, and when and why and how? We do not have answers for those questions. 

Click the link and scroll through the article. Look at the many photos.  I couldn't build one of those. Could you?

What About Italy?

Most people have heard about the ancient Roman Empire and its vast program of construction of large structures -- aqueducts, roads, arenas, theatres, hippodromes, temples, the Colosseum, etc.  -- throughout Italy, much of the rest of Europe,  North Africa and parts of the Middle East and Black Sea region.

Not many realize, however, that long before the ancient Romans there was another civilization that built in stone, on an even more impressive scale than the Romans, and about whom we know exactly nothing.

History is silent about these people. There is nothing. I was certainly taught nothing about them in school.

But have a look at the structures they left behind, still impressive after the passage of unknown thousands of years. Italy is littered with the huge ruins those unknown people left behind. 

But they are uncannily reminiscent of the pre-Inca ruins that can be seen in the Andean region in South America, half a world away.


The massive ancient ruins of Sacsayhuamán near Cuzco, Peru are conventionally thought to have been of Inca construction. However, I am among those who believe that the site was actually built much earlier by an unknown civilization that greatly predated the Incas.

For one thing, the large blocks used in the foundation of the huge walls weigh up to 100 tons or more apiece, and were fitted with an extreme precision that would be difficult to duplicate with modern technology -- if it could even be done. And yet contemporary archaeology would have us to believe that a civilization with only human porters and llamas for transport could move blocks of stone weighing hundreds of tons, from quarries that were located nine and twenty miles away, on the other side of a steep mountain range, on the other side of a river. 

You try that. Get a bunch of llamas together and see how far you get. The implausibility of the conventional, archaeological view is clear on its face. What is more likely is that the Incas built on top of huge, stone ruins that were already thousands of years old when they arrived on the scene


Or at Ollantaytambo, where another, huge, pre-Inca monument of very finely dressed stones is located.  The quarries for the stones are on a mountain seven miles away. The stones themselves weigh 50 to 100 tons, and had to be lowered down the mountain, across a steep river gorge with sheer, 1000 foot cliffs and then transported to the mountain where they are presently located.

This was certainly not done by manual laborers and llamas.  Who did it, and when and how and why, remains unknown.

The Andes are positively littered with extremely ancient, enigmatic ruins. Something very important happened in South America and the mother of all historical and archaeological cover-ups has been clamped down for centuries now, to prevent humanity from knowing about it.

I continue my vision quest here in South America, persuaded that understanding our deeply concealed, remote prehistory is absolutely indispensable to understanding our present, and our future -- if humanity even has a future on this planet.

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