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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Ecuadorean Situation Report: The Battle for Middle Earth Against the Empire's Orcs

Much of the Ecuadorean government fled Quito more than a week ago with their tails between their legs. The government seat is evidently now in Guayaquil, in the south of the country.

We'll see how long that lasts.

I am reminded of how the British governor of colonial Virginia, Lord Dunmore, fled Williamsburg, Virginia in a panic in May of 1775 to Porto Bello on the York River, before sailing away on a British ship that was laying at anchor awaiting his arrival; all of this succedent to the approach of Patrick Henry and his well-armed, 150 man Hanover County Militia down the Lower Peninsula  to the outskirts of Williamsburg, on the eve of the so-called American Revolution.

The harsh terms of the multi-billions of  dollars of IMF loans are unbearable for the majority of Ecuadoreans, most of whom are quite poor. So many thousands of people have taken to the streets. 

The current chaos in Ecuador is a broad-based, popular uprising against a criminally corrupt government.

Discretion being the better part of valor, the President and Vice-President and others saw fit to abandon the national capital more than a week ago.

Yesterday, in my part of town, there were running battles in the streets between hordes of protesters and phalanxes of police. Actually, my neighborhood is not the exception, but the norm. There are protests, marches, confrontations with the police and military, road blockages and more, all over the country.

Protesters broke into the National Assembly building and the National Comptroller's offices yesterday, and set fires and sacked offices.

Many roads and streets are blockaded by protesters. Many streets are clogged with rubble and barricades, especially, but not only, in central Quito.

The protests in Quito yesterday morning and afternoon, and in previous days, were MASSIVE. The government has lost control of the Ecuadorean street, and has lost popular support; that is why it has relocated to Guayaquil, in the coastal south.

What does it mean when a national government abandons its own capital city? This is an unprecedented event in Ecuadorean history, and in the history of most countries, I should think.

There was a lot of tear gas in the air yesterday, and pitched battles raging around major government buildings between protesters and government police forces and military units. Helicopters came and went to the National Assembly building through the smoke, explosions and chaos, delivering more munitions to the government forces. To say that the scene was violently chaotic and surreal is an understatement.

I hasten to caution that the Ecuadorean chaos should not been seen in isolation from events in the rest of the world. The whole world system is going to be rocked by the time the period of great change that we are now entering  runs its course. Indeed, major events are already beginning or are underway all over the planet. But there will be a noticeable crescendo as we approach the second week of January. All of these events in Ecuador, in the USSA, in Syria, the Ukraine, Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Venezuela, the BREXIT situation, the collapsing $$ dollar, the collapsing bond market and pension funds, the sharp uptick in earthquake and volcanic activity, the appearance of  extra-solar-system "comets" that are just happening to zoom through the solar system at this particular time, the appearance of other planets in the near Earth vicinity, and much more, will all come to an immense crescendo in 2020 and won't let up for a period of years. Much of what is to come, and has already started to occur, will be extraordinarily intense.

Much of this is karmic, in that so many souls have so much negative karma that they require the opportunity to balance their karmic debt. And the negative karma will be balanced, spectacularly so.

What is coming won't be an academic exercise. We will all live it; and hordes of people may well die in dramatic, mass casualty events.

As I said, we are about 90 days away from very MAJOR events that won't let up for about 2 to 4 years. The aftermath will be of an extended duration.

Very heavy events are getting ready to go down.

As for Quito, it is crawling with spies. I assume that most of them work for the IMF, the CIA, the National Police, etc. Over a thousand people have been arrested. I am a known dissident, so if I disappear, make an uproar. The Feds/CIA and/or the National Police/military here in Ecuador are well capable of disappearing dissidents in all of this confusion. They have been arresting people in recent days and hauling them away by the many hundreds. Who knows if all of them will make it back home again in one piece? 

The tear gas projectiles that the police are firing by the thousands are actually 12 gauge shotgun shells with a tear gas cartridge, instead of the pellets of a normal shotgun shell. They are not really sub-lethal munitions.  If you get shotgunned at short range with that stuff you are either dead or badly wounded, and there are now many dead and wounded. I have seen some hauled away in jury-rigged stretchers made of blankets and wooden poles who were in very bad shape. I attended the solemn funeral procession of one of the first, fallen warriors a couple of days ago, as pall bearers carried his coffin down the 12th of October Avenue under the watching eyes of a horde of National Police and Army soldiers surrounding the National Assembly. It was a very dignified and moving event.

As I said earlier, many of the main figures in the government abandoned Quito last week and fled to Guayaquil in the south of the country.

What does it mean when a national government abandons its own capital city? Isn't that a retreat, or  a de facto concession of defeat? We're in uncharted waters here in Ecuador.

Last night there was a "banging pot" protest starting at 8pm, the hour when the government mandated curfew begins. People appeared in their windows and balconies in defiant protest,  loudly clanging cooking pots with spoons and knives.

The national government is despised by many at this point. There is no government, only oppression. The monsters have taken off their masks.

It's an open dictatorship now in Quito.

Just wait, what will happen in the USSA in 2020 is likely to make events here seem like mere child's play, by comparison.

My neighborhood is at the epicenter of the massive battles that have been taking place. Yesterday the demonstrators burned and sacked the Ecuadorean Comptroller's Office. It was very chaotic. Lots of streets and highways are blockaded and barricaded. There were many thousands of people out in the streets and parks. The word on the street is that 30 people have been killed. More than 1,300 have been wounded. I have seen many wounded myself, some of them severely wounded. If you get shotgunned at close range with one of the 12 gauge, tear gas projectiles that the police are firing by the thousands, you're going to go down very hard, and may lose a leg, or an eye, or may even be outright killed. 

The police and military moved in with great force and violence yesterday afternoon and swept through the streets and parks in packs, on foot, on horseback, on motorcycles and in trucks, dressed in black body armor, firing tear gas everywhere. I couldn't see, couldn't breathe, was gagging and retching uncontrollably, could barely walk, stumbling blindly along. It was overwhelming. It was a Hell scene with choking, searing clouds of tear gas everywhere, incessant explosions from the tear gas bombs and loud, flash-bang bombs all over the place. I somehow made it back to my room, but there were swarms of cops in packs all over the place going through the streets. They swept down the avenues in motorcycle platoons dressed all in black. The horses of the police cavalry are also covered in black padding, body and head. It's fascism, no doubt.

It was like something out of a science fiction movie, or the Lord of the Rings movies. I am not exaggerating when I say that what is happening in Ecuador and in Quito is a battle for Middle Earth against the Orcs of the Evil Empire. The cops and military look like Orcs and they act like Orcs. Ecuador does sit directly on the equator, and really  is in the middle of the Earth. Just a few miles north of Quito is the internationally known tourist  spot called the "Middle of the World" -- La Mitad del Mundo.

I can tell you that over the last 11 days I have had more than my lifetime quotient of tear gas. Lord have mercy. It's strong stuff.

Don't get me started on the armored vehicles from Hell that roam the streets firing tear gas. I mean it, they look like they're from Hell and are operated by Satan himself -- and maybe they are.

There are more than 1,300 of injured and many deaths. The word on the street is that there have been 30 killed, and maybe more.

The government has declared war on the people. We're dealing with deep evil, great Satanic evil in positions of power. in Ecuador.

President Lenin Moreno has imposed military control on Quito. I don't know what happens next.

Despite what the government says, this is a spontaneous, popular uprising against a totally corrupt government. The repressive measures and violent policies that Lenin Moreno has mandated only make him more extremely unpopular than he was before. There is now broad based disdain and opposition to the national government.

Many of the young men battling in the streets against the government forces have served a year or two in the Ecuadorean military. They have had weapons and combat training. The front lines of these battles are quite dangerous, with protesters and police/soldiers engaging at very close range. I don't go closer than a block or two away. I  am not involved at all in that combat in any way. People are getting badly wounded and even killed at the barricades. It's very extremely noisy and violent. The tear gas is overwhelming beyond belief, and the government forces are firing a lot of it. Clouds and clouds and clouds of it. It will bring you to your knees or lay you right out.

The Ecuadorean government no longer has any meaningful base of support in the capital city, especially in the central and southern neighborhoods. Lenin Moreno, the National Police and the Army have burned right through whatever goodwill they may have formerly enjoyed.

For now I am O.K. I'm taking it a day at a time, a week at a time.

Mind you that we are just 90 days away from a time of incredible upheaval, in politics, economics, military affairs, geological dynamics, and more. The Saturn-Pluto astrological conjunction on 12 January 2020 will set the tone for a very tumultuous 2020. What is happening in Ecuador now is likely to be totally eclipsed by much larger events in the USSA and elsewhere.

The Lenin Moreno regime is highly unstable and is unlikely to persist. The more he clamps down,  the more he is despised. The protests in Quito have been massive and widespread. The people do not want this government.
All of the links that follow are of scenes in Quito over the last few days and couple of weeks.. As compelling as they may be, they do not begin to do justice to the incredible ferocity of many of the events transpiring here.

Ecuador cracks down on protesters over austerity & IMF loan, President moves govt from capital

Protesters attacking armored vehicle

God help us all if the USSA decides that it needs to send in the Marines to restore "freedom and democracy" in Ecuador, as has happened in so many other countries over the years, including elsewhere in Latin America.. They always -- always -- make things much worse.

In my part of Quito everything is closed -- stores, markets, banks, shopping centers and malls, government buildings and offices, many of the highways and the airport are closed down, thousands of people are in the streets.  There are no local buses, no inter-cantonal buses, no inter-provincial or inter-city buses. This matters greatly in a country where the majority of the population do not have a car (though there certainly are many people who do own cars). The government estimates that the social and political unrest is costing a quarter of a billion dollars per day to the national economy. I saw what was coming, so I went out and bought twenty pounds of lentils and fava beans to help tide me over. That'll last me for two or three weeks. It's not 4-star cuisine, but they're cheap protein sources, something to fill the belly.

Hopefully the markets will open up again later this month.

Ecuador is entering a very tough period, no doubt about it. But not to worry, there is going to be real political upheaval and social unrest in the USSA, too. You'll see what I mean over the next 3 to 18 months. It will be quite something. The global system is irretrievably broken. Ecuador just happens to be a small, poor country in South America that is one of the first to spectacularly crack under the burden. The debt in the USSA astronomically eclipses the debt in Ecuador, so just imagine what happens in the Lower 48 when everything dramatically unwinds, as it must and will. Ouchie!

Those of you in the USSA might want to buy some rust-proof, metal trash cans with lids, and fill them with non-perishable foods. Don't take food supply for granted. Starvation will kill as surely  as surely as a bullet or a 12 gauge tear gas shell fired in anger.

Don't assume that current, chaotic, violent events in Ecuador cannot also come to a country near you. They can, and maybe will, with harsh effect.


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