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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Is Hillary Genuinely Evil Or Merely Completely Bonkers?

Just between you and me, I believe Hillary Clinton to be an empty soul, a shell of an entity, having the appearance of a live human being, but devoid of empathy, conscience, sympathy, compassion, a sense of fair play or any other noble human qualities.

It is also growing clearer that on a physical level, her biological organism is quite ill. Her many public bouts of prolonged coughing aside, for the last year or so she has been caught bizarrely and inappropriately nodding in public, to such an extent that it is clear she is expressing a deep abnormality, presumably neurological in character.

In other words, her brain is sick. How could it be otherwise when someone dedicates her life to serving great evil, in order to achieve narrow personal gain at any cost (to others)?

That the USSA power establishment has pushed such a lying, psychopathic, venal, murderous, treacherous, larcenous sack of political offal to the top of the national control structure reflects the unfortunate depths to which it has sunk.

Hillary is bad to the bone. She doesn't have any readily apparent redeeming qualities.

And conspicuously, here lately, her head doesn't appear to always be under her conscious control. It seems to have taken on a spastic life of its own. Are her inner demons coming to the fore? Is her MK-Ultra mind programming starting to fail; or, alternatively, is her MK-Ultra mind control programming just now starting to kick in? Is she being visibly consumed by evil on the public stage? Is she going progressively mad?

Or as one wag commented in recent days, after all these years has she finally begun to outwardly manifest her inner reptile?

I don't know. Take your pick.

Bernie Sanders recently endorsed Hillary, after failing to get enough votes to win the Democratic Party's nomination for President of the USSA. Look at this clip from his endorsement speech. Hillary is standing onstage at his side; within several short minutes she nods her head an incredible 406 times!

Can you imagine? The normal person might go weeks without nodding their head 406 times.

Or how about this one? She nods nonstop for more than 3 minutes.

Here she is, nodding in Iowa. Pay attention at the 33 to 40 second mark. It looks like the nodding gets out of control for a bit, and she uses her hand to steady her head. Take a look:

How about another video from a Hillary campaign event? She does an extraordinary amount of nodding in the first part of this one. The thing that really grabs your attention is her eyes -- how would you describe those eyes -- cold, psychopathic, empty, evil? It's not a normal human expression, probably because she is not a normal human being. Here you go:

And finally, here's one from about a month ago. She seems to completely lose control of her head for several seconds. She tries to recover and make light of it, but it doesn't look normal. Either she is very ill with a serious brain abnormality or something even more disturbing is going on. See for yourself:

The alarming thing is that Hillary Clinton is being so prominently and persistently advanced by the USSA power establishment to hold the Office of the Presidency when she is manifestly a defective, deficient person on every level of her being, both physical and nonphysical.

Even worse, just yesterday, Wikileaks released a huge batch of Clinton and Democratic National Committee (DNC) e-mails that reveal the criminal extent to which Hillary and the DNC conspired together to rig the primary election process against Bernie Sanders, effectively criminally subverting the democratic voting process.

As I have mentioned repeatedly in my blog in recent years, we are living in a massively fake, rigged, fraudulent, false, artificially controlled system, at the national and also at the international, global level.

In fact, the whole planet and the systems that govern it are so fake and so false that it is hard to wrap one's mind around the enormous extent of the fraud that is being put over on us, at virtually every level, and in every particular, of our existence as individuals and a race.

The fake reality, a global fraudulent virtual reality, if you will, will go on and on until and unless enough people decide to say "that's it - - no more!" and make the conscious decision to analyze and concretely deal with the situation as it is. Lamentably, until that day, which has so far not occurred, the false manipulation and control will continue. 

By the way, I will not be voting for Hillary or for Donald or for anyone else. The fraud in the system is transparent. It's all criminally rigged. Why would any thinking person willingly participate in such a transparent, criminally rigged fraud?


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Monday, July 11, 2016

USSA Plans War With Russia and China

You can see it coming, the planned WW-III.

It doesn't have to happen. We'll all be much better off if it does not, and yet it draws closer.

This is not my view alone; many bloggers, commentators and political analysts are in agreement.

The evidence is ubiquitous; a person would have to be blind not to see the obvious, not to notice the drift towards open military conflict. Most observers, myself included, see the USSA as the belligerent, bellicose antagonist in the coming conflict.

The Syrian war, engineered by the USSA to illegally topple President al-Assad from power, is one of the potential mine fields. Russian President Vladimir Putin is no fool. He recognizes the danger of the USSA's military build up in the region.

Putin certainly took note when just last month the USSA Navy deployed two aircraft carrier battle groups to the Mediterranean, allegedly to "check" the Russians. 

In response, the Russian Navy announced shortly thereafter that it was dispatching the heavy aircraft-carrying missile cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov to the eastern Mediterranean in October. The interesting thing about the Kuznetsov is its armament: it includes 12 Granit anti-ship missiles. The Granit has a 300 to 350 mile range, comes screaming in at Mach 2.5 and can carry a 500kt nuclear warhead. The Granit missiles would simply vaporize the USSA's aircraft carriers.

In short, the Kuznetsov would eliminate two aircraft carrier battle groups in less than 15 minutes. If the USSA Navy decides to tangle with the Russian Navy, the casualties likely would  be in excess of 15,000 within mere minutes. That would be just the first 15 minutes of battle, with much more to come.

Look at this recent clip of Putin publicly lecturing a group of western presstitutes over their propagandistic disinformation. He is telling them that the missiles that the USSA is installing in eastern Europe are a threat to Russian strategic interests and therefore are leading toward war. They look at him blankly, like semi-intelligent dogs.

Another mine field lies in the South China Sea, where the USSA Navy disputes Chinese territorial claims. Last month, the USSA Navy moved two aircraft carrier battle groups into the nearby Philippine Sea.

This maneuver brings the very real prospect of a military clash with Chinese forces. In recent days, China has warned that there will be a price to pay for the USSA, if it intervenes militarily in the South China Sea territorial dispute. China has threatened military confrontation in defense of its claimed rights.

These are serious matters. Like Russia, China is also a nuclear armed power. A military conflict between the USSA Navy and Chinese military forces thus brings with it the ugly potential for nuclear war.

What Could Happen?
In the event that the USSA does elect to go to war against Russia and China, it is by no means certain that the Pentagon forces would prevail. Incompetence abounds in the USSA military. Watch the following three, short videos of recent American military training exercises.

I am willing to bet that these videos represent the tip of the iceberg of the problems within USSA military ranks

To further illustrate the point, consider the recent announcement that the USSA Marine Corps will now accept chubby women who cannot do pull-ups. The Marines don't care if you are 1) female, 2) over weight or 3) cannot do a pull up. They'll take you. 

The USSA military has also recently announced that it will accept transsexual troops and will even pay for gender reassignment surgery. 

Translation: it won't be too much longer now. War is coming. The Pentagon needs tactical nuclear missile fodder. Why not chubby women, transsexuals, LBG, etc., many of whom cannot pass the traditional minimum physical requirements of the military? -- it doesn't matter, because in modern combat many of them will only have a shelf life of 30 minutes or less.

So what if they cannot do any pull-ups?  - they'll be dead in 17 minutes anyway, the time it takes a Granit anti-ship missile to vaporize their aircraft carrier

I am not a military man, but it seems to me that when the USSA/NATO do finally go up against the Spetsnaz the Russians will more than hold their own.

The Spetsnaz will make short work of LBG platoons of weak, chubby, 20 year old women and transsexuals. 

The Russians will mow them down by the thousands. They will lay down tactical nukes and incinerate them; the blast from thermobaric bombs will rip their lungs right out of their chests. 

They will sink aircraft carriers and down fighter jets and bombers by the scores.

If it comes to war in the South China Sea, the People's Liberation Army will unleash waves of anti-ship missiles against USSA Navy battle groups. Casualties will be very high.

The Pentagon forces will make the decision early on in the coming conflict(s) whether to employ nuclear weaponry. If they do, expect the Chinese and Russians to reply in kind. Further expect the nuclear battlefield to come home to the North American mainland, the more so if the Pentagon forces strike strategic targets on Chinese and Russian soil.


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Thursday, July 7, 2016

It's A Vicious Evilocracy Now

It's in your face now.

The USSA has been a violent, lawless, predatory system all along, for centuries.

But 5 July 2016 is the day all pretense of rule of law and of a Constitutional republic decisively ended in the place known as the USSA. It is a naked Evilocracy now.

When FBI Director, James Comey, publicly recited Hillary Clinton's many felony violations of the USSA criminal code and then announced that he would nevertheless not recommend her criminal indictment, the thin veneer of so-called "legality" under which the USSA government feigns to operate cracked apart and fell away.

The fraud of the system, the duplicity, the law that applies to the so-called "little people" but not to the so-called ruling "elites" - - it all fell away and was revealed to be nothing but one big con job. It's all fake as hell. A massive red-white-and-blue fraud.

It's plain to see that the so-called "ruling elites" do not obey the law, do not hold themselves to it, have no regard for it - -  even as they haughtily demand that you must obey every last little jot and tittle of it - - or else!

In plain English, Washington, DC just had its Humpty-Dumpty moment. Things will not be going back to the way they were. The status quo ante is no longer an option, because now everyone sees perfectly well how the game is played - -  and it is thoroughly rigged against everyone but themselves.

It's a big con game. 

I imagine a lot of people these days are thinking along similar lines as "Doomer Doug" McIntosh, who wrote in his blog: "The entire basis for the rule of law in the United States just collapsed ........... The rule of law is now officially dead in the USA. The AG and FBI head have dealt the death stroke."

A friend had e-mailed me the day before to wish me a happy 4th of July. I responded on the 5th of July: "I don't celebrate the 4th of July. Why should I?"

She replied: "No reason.  A government that won't follow its own rules and laws is not worth supporting."

The ruling elite and the cops say that you should obey the law, but they don't.

The cops are gunning people down on virtually a daily basis. Who can respect that - - or them?

Look what just happened to Philando Castile up in Minnesota:

A traffic stop for a defective tail light (was it even defective?) and shortly thereafter another summary execution by cop. The cop blasted him with lethal force at point blank range.

It happens a lot these days. 

It's gotten to the point where living in the USSA is like playing a negative red-white-and-blue lottery: you never can tell for sure when it is going to be your very unlucky day and you lose everything you have, including your life.  

My regular readers know that I have a history of nonviolent civil disobedience as an anti-nuclear activist, for which I have been arrested multiple times and incarcerated in a variety of jails, prisons and correctional centers in several different states in the USSA. 

The charge against me was always a petty misdemeanor, but the FBI and Marshall's Service have never wasted any time in handcuffing and chaining me and hauling me off to jail or prison or federal court. It has always been instant and automatic. 

My experience has been the polar opposite, night and day, of how the system has treated Hillary Clinton.

But then I have not spent my life Arkanciding scores of people, fraudulently laundering billions of dollars for the Clinton Foundation, covering for massive narco-trafficking in Arkansas, and ruthlessly invading small countries (like Libya) and killing their populations and/or national leaders without cause.

That's the difference.

Where Do We Go From Here?

I am afraid that really bad events are planned for the next months and few years. I have said so before in this blog, and have seen nothing to this point to make me change my opinion.

It is apparent that the so-called "ruling elites" are in the service of great evil and are bent on causing chaos, mayhem and destruction, here, there and everywhere all around the world.

In the USSA itself, the clear trend is in the direction of an open police state or martial law. 

Recent hacked communications of some of the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement purport to reveal plans in concert with the Obama government to create social disorder in the coming weeks and months, with the objective being to pave the way for martial law. 

Beyond that, in the international arena the USSA/NATO military bloc is pushing very close to open warfare with Russia. In the Pacific theatre, the USSA is very close to open warfare with the Chinese in the South China Sea.

I would not minimize the chances of overt martial law in the USSA. The trend of current events is very clearly in that direction. Nor will I minimize the threat of open warfare between the USSA/NATO and Russia and the USSA and China, warfare which easily can be, and quite possibly will be nuclear.  

As societies, the USSA and NATO countries are headed towards really dark, grim days, unless the societies and/or governments make a decisive turn in more positive and constructive directions. But time in which to act grows short. If positive and constructive changes are not made, and soon, then the outlook is bleak. That is a realistic view.

It is not doom porn. It is a forthright assessment of the situation as it is.


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Friday, July 1, 2016

Deconstructing Paul Craig Roberts' Disingenuous Psy-Op : Part I

Paul Craig Roberts is everywhere these last 15 years or so, weighing in on the manifest crimes of the USSA regime in general, and the crimes of the Clinton, Bush II and Obama regimes in particular, pointing out the obvious 9/11 false flag attacks and the obvious evil of the preparation for war against Russia and China, and much else of note besides. None of which major criticisms I disagree with, by the way.

For years he has raked many of the major policies of the Clinton, Bush II and Obama regimes over the coals (with complete justification) while repeatedly assailing his own (Paul Craig Robert's) critics, declaiming high praises of the Ronald Reagan regime and his role in formulating Reagan's economic policy; at the same time saying little to nothing about George Herbert Walker Bush (Bush I), most especially not in any negative sense, and saying comparatively little about the 200 years of USSA political, military and economic history that preceded the Reagan and Bush I regimes.

And that is where I have to pick a bone with Paul Craig Roberts. As much as I agree with quite a lot that he says, he is found wanting in what he conspicuously does not say. In effect, I find his entire shtick to be a classic,  limited hang out. Is Paul Craig Roberts unconsciously glossing over the historical record of the USSA government and his own participation in it during the Reagan regime? Or is he, in fact, aware of the things I will lay out in this blog post, and prefers not to mention them, for a variety of professional and personal reasons? In other words, does Paul Craig implicitly still fundamentally support the essential elements of the corrupt USSA regime, even as he would have all of us to think that he is making a radical critique of it?

As I will shortly show, neither when Paul Craig Roberts was in the government, nor now, when he is out of it, has he ever addressed the root causes of what ails the political economy of the USSA government, and indeed, of most of the rest of the world.

But first, how about a musical interlude from one of my favorite singers, Chris Rea, to set the mood?

She closed her eyes
And let the walls of her prison fall away
The walls which ached with a timeless wait
They had become her walls of this modern TV life
She closed her eyes
And let them fall away
And in her dreams she is standing by an ocean
She is gazing out to sea
She can remember with just a fleeting glimpse
That she was once free
So long ago now, so long it was as if it had never been
Was it a holiday
She thinks it could have been, ah yes, Italy ...

And he closes his eyes
And he is gone far away
Gone from all his confusion
Gone from the pain
He can easily see what a pointless waste
His modern life has become
Chasing the gravy grain
Chasing the dollar
Chasing the clock
Chasing his male friends
Chasing the boss
Chasing it like it was everything
It was nothing

Only the sound of his own breathing was all he really had
At the end of the day
And reasons to wonder, reasons to cry
Too late for this selfish sinner who never asked why

... and now, back to hard economic reality.

In the USSA Only Silver and Gold Are Constitutional Money

The United States Constitution is unambiguously clear that only gold and silver coin shall be legal tender. It states:

No state shall ... make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts. (Article I, Section 10, Clause 1)

It is also very clear that the Congress has the power to issue the nation's money:

The Congress shall have power ... To coin money, regulate the value thereof ...  (Article I, Section 8, Clause 5)

The United States constitution is also unambiguously clear that all executive officers of the United States are bound by oath or affirmation, to support the U.S. Constitution. Please see:

The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the members of the several state legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the United States and of the several states, shall be bound by oath or affirmation, to support this Constitution ... (Article VI, Clause 3) 

Why does this matter? 

Well, because when Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury for Economic Policy during the Reagan years he simply ignored these clauses of the Constitution that set out who is to issue the nation's money, and that that money is to be silver and gold coin, and nothing else. In other words, he swore to support the Constitution and then turned right around and, as a matter of high level policy, participated in a blatantly unconstitutional, ongoing repudiation of the spirit and letter of the Constitution.

And now for years he has been running around the Internet constantly blogging about how concerned he is about the direction of the USSA political system, and its blatant disregard for the law.

When he was able to do something about the deeply fraudulent character of the so-called "money" of the USSA, he merely reshuffled the deck chairs on the sinking ship of state and loudly announced that he had reformed the national economy.

But, no, he did nothing of the sort, not really. 

How About a Little Context

That is because in 1971 Richard Nixon, in consultation with Treasury Secretary John Connally, Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Arthur Burns and Undersecretary for International Monetary Affairs, Paul Volcker, undertook to remove the USSA dollar from convertibility to gold, effectively creating the 100% fiat currency we have today, that is willy-nilly conjured up right out of thin air by the billions and trillions and lent into circulation at interest.

All of these men knew what they were doing was unconstitutional. They did it anyway.

Ten years later, Paul Craig Roberts, then Ronald Reagan's Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy, set about remedying the problem of stagflation by introducing so-called supply side economics, which ostensibly solved the nation's economic woes.

In reality, without addressing the underlying issue of unfettered issuance of astronomical amounts of fiat currency the economic system cannot possibly function to the benefit of the citizenry at large, because it will always be out of equilibrium. And what is out of equilibrium and unbalanced will always crash. It's inevitable. In fact, the economic system is highly unstable and beginning to crash right now.

The USSA national debt really began to explode under Ronald Reagan, Paul Craig Roberts' boss. The printing presses were turned on in a big way, and continue to hum at a feverish pitch, right to the present day. Under Reagan the national debt leaped upward by $1.412 trillion, a 142% increase in just 8 years, more than 5 times the size of the debt that Reagan inherited from his predecessor, Jimmy Carter.

Interestingly, Roberts has often criticized various aspects of the USSA Federal Reserve Banks' policies, but has never directly challenged the existence of the Federal Reserve itself, which he certainly knows is nowhere authorized by the Constitution, and which is therefore, a blatant abrogation of the Congress's power to issue constitutionally mandated gold and silver money.

He is certainly aware of the fact that the so-called "money" of the USSA is in reality a debt instrument, the individual notes of which carry the words: "This note is legal tender for all debts public and private." He knows that the notes are issued by the Federal Reserve Bank and are not actually constitutional money; he knows all of this and yet he publicly says nothing about it.

Nor to my knowledge has he ever pointed out the peculiar tax status of the Federal Reserve bank under the USSA national legal code:

Federal reserve banks, including the capital stock and surplus therein and the income derived therefrom shall be exempt from Federal, State, and local taxation, except taxes upon real estate.

Got that? The Federal Reserve creates money out of thin air, just churns it out by the many trillions of dollars, lends it out and collects interest on it, but pays no tax on any of that massive economic activity - -  just a comparatively trivial tax on its real estate.

You, by comparison, are taxed in many ways on most of your economic activity. Which raises the question as to why? If the point of taxation is to raise funds that the government must have to function, then why doesn't the government simply use the constitutional money power vested in the Congress to issue into circulation the money that it needs to function? Since the government creates all the money that is in circulation in the first place, why must it obtain money from you, when it can simply create all the money that it requires, on its own authority?

All of which calls to mind another peculiarity: neither the Federal Reserve Bank nor the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are listed in the USSA national legal code as agencies or bureaus of the United States Treasury Department.

Though the IRS is often referred to, most especially in Title 28 of the federal code, it is never specifically listed as a Treasury Department agency, and yet it acts as a national tax collection agency for the Treasury Department. How can this be? Note that there is a United States Mint and a Bureau of Printing and Engraving, as well as a Fiscal Service, a Treasury of the United States, a Federal Financing Bank and an Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. And yet the Federal Reserve Bank which is nowhere listed as an agency of the Treasury Department, and which is nowhere mentioned in the Constitution as having any authority to issue the national money, has taken over the issuing of the national money. Do you see the problem?

Paul Craig Roberts skates over all of this without even mentioning the obvious legal and constitutional issues, all the while claiming to be a stalwart defender of the USSA.

31 U.S. Code Chapter 3, Subchapter I - ORGANIZATION

But Paul Craig Roberts digs himself an even deeper hole. In recent years, he has often bemoaned the multiple, international free trade agreements that various USSA presidential regimes have been negotiating, on the grounds that they usurp the authority of the government, and deliver too much economic and political control to corporate interests, thereby effectively stripping the government of its sovereign, constitutional power.

Keep in mind that Roberts is a PhD economist, a man who has worked at a very high level in the federal government, and who has taught at major universities and written for prominent newspapers. 

He must know that the USSA government is itself a corporation, and has been for a very long time. The government has already been stripped of its sovereign, constitutional power, and long ago. But Paul Craig Roberts blithely skates over that fact, never mentioning it.

For those of my readers who for whatever reason still hold the charmingly quaint notion that they are a "citizen" (whatever that means) of a so-called "country" known as the "United States" let me disabuse you of that childish fantasy right now: you are the subordinate subject of a corporation known as the "United States". Please read and ponder this section from the USSA national legal code:

§ 3002 - Definitions(15)

(15) “United States” means— 

(A) a Federal corporation;                    

(B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or  

(C) an instrumentality of the United States.


"United States" means a Federal corporation ....

Could it be any clearer?

It All Has To Do With The Money 

Paul Craig Roberts sings the praises of Reaganomics, but let's take a quick trip down memory lane to the 1980s and take a look at what really happened.

The crack cocaine explosion that devastated the inner cities of the USSA, and created a tidal wave of associated crime, was a consequence of Reagan's uncommonly ignorant Central American policy. It all had to do with Iran Contra, with trafficking arms to Iran, funneling payment for those arms to the paramilitary CIA Contra army fighting against the Nicaraguan government, and then flying back industrial quantities of cocaine on CIA and USSA military aircraft to the USSA, in particular to Arkansas, where Bill Clinton was then governor.

I lived in the Deep South at the time. I knew people in Arkansas and visited the state on multiple occasions. Even I heard stories from local people in Little Rock about USSA military C-130 airplanes flying in and out of Little Rock Air Force Base, taking weapons down to Central America and then returning to Arkansas with cocaine. 

That's the way it worked. The airport in Mena, Arkansas was also a big hub for illegal weapons and cocaine smuggling in those years. Bill Clinton and members of Ronald Reagan's government were heavily in the know on these operations.

The cocaine was funneled into the black market in the USSA, creating a national societal crisis, the woeful effects of which persist to this day. Hundreds of billions of narco-dollars were laundered through a variety of banks and financial houses in Arkansas, Florida, Wall Street and elsewhere.

I certainly know about these events and their connection to Reagan's policies. But somehow, Paul Craig Roberts was in charge of federal economic policy and never noticed any of this. Never questioned or challenged any of it?

Narco-trafficking became a major component of the national economy under Ronald Reagan as a consequence of Iran-Contra  but Paul Craig Roberts, then or now, has somehow never managed to connect any of the dots that lead right to Ronald Reagan's policies?

Roberts has stated in his blog that he was in charge of economic policy, not foreign policy, and so could hardly be expected to have poked his nose out of his economic bailiwick.

But his response is insufficient.

Reagan's cocaine trafficking Central American foreign policy that led to the crack cocaine explosion on the streets of the USSA had everything to do with a dramatic rise in imprisonment during the 1980s, with devastated inner city communities because of the CIA's massive narco-trafficking, and gutted urban landscapes and economies which directly fed the massive growth of the police state and prison-industrial complex that Roberts now says he opposes.

Paul Craig Roberts' response to all of these issues is quite simple: he mostly ignores them, all the while loudly declaiming the praises of Ronald Reagan.

And that raises questions about his highly selective memory and feigned ignorance of the most fundamental elements of USSA political economy.


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