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Friday, August 23, 2019

Who Really Runs This Planet: Organized Crime's Nefarious Grip On Humanity

(A reader asked me in recent days what I think Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping want. My answer follows.)

I will eventually get to your question that has to do with what Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin want, but first let me propose that all mainstream media commentators and analysts and virtually all alternative media personalities are profoundly misstating and misapprehending how the world really works, and has worked for a very, very long time.

In brief, in terms of how most so-called political entities are organized internally, and also externally in their relations with each other, I would suggest that the main analytical unit that best applies ought to be that of:


This applies whether discussing kingdoms and bloodline, allegedly “royal” families, or so-called republics, territories, states, provinces, etc.

I see formal political units, such as so-called “nation-states” as being facades of convenience, under which competing, organized criminal factions vie for dominance and control, or alternatively cooperate for control, on the premise that half a loaf is better than none. This has been the modus operandi for a very, very, very long time.

Forget about buzz words like “citizen participation, representative democracy, the will of the people, human rights” and so forth. They are mere propaganda carefully designed to obfuscate the truth.

In our era, local, national and international or transnational mafias run the world. They may be of two types: officially licit, or illicit, though the distinctions are often arbitrary. But they are all rapacious, mendacious, murderous, exploitive, self-serving, parasitic and fundamentally entropic in nature.

Just off the top of my head I would propose as a working schema:

A) Licit mafias

* kingdoms, republics, nation-states, provinces, territories
* banking organizations – World Bank, IMF, BIS, Deutsche Bank, Federal Reserve, etc.
* commercial corporations – Chevron, Shell, Boeing, MicroSoft, etc.
* taxation agencies – the IRS, etc.
* sporting bodies – FIFA, WADA, Olympic Games, etc.
* political and military alliances and treaty organizations – NATO, E.U., U.N., Arab League, OAS, etc.
* police agencies – Interpol, FBI, etc.
* licensed casinos
* institutional religions

2) Illicit mafias

* Sicilian Cosa Nostra
* Hong Kong Triads
* Japanese Yakuza
* Latin American narco-cartels
* Russian-Jewish mob
* prison gangs
* motorcycle gangs

You can think of other examples, though in reality, there is a huge blurring of the lines of demarcation between the licit and illicit categories. They both use each other, even when they are ostensibly diametrically opposed.

For instance, both casinos and the banking industry are well known to launder large amounts of dirty money for criminal mafias; the criminal mafias are regarded as “criminal”, while casinos and banks are “licensed” by the state to handle large amounts of money. You try to do in your personal life what banks and casinos routinely do on a daily basis and you will be incarcerated for a very long time. Obviously, the banking/casino/criminal mafia continuum is seamless.

I remember reading maybe 20 years ago that the major financial houses and banks in New York City were annually laundering something on the order of $600 billion narco-dollars. That’s a huge number and likely to be even larger today. Once that money, many trillions of dollars in the aggregate over the period of a decade or two, turns over in the financial system it becomes an indispensable part of the economic foundation of modern society.

The Vatican, or more accurately, the Vatican Bank, is well known to have long been an active launderer of untold billions of dollars of dirty money for criminal elements the world over.

Intelligence agencies and secret services of so-called “nation-states” have many relations with overtly criminal mafias. One could think of the marriage of convenience between the USSA military and the OSS with the Italian mafia, in the Allies’ invasion of the Italian peninsula in WW-II, the FBI’s illegal, Fast and Furious, gun running operation to the Sinaloa narco-cartel in Mexico during the Barack Obama government, and the CIA’s heroin and opium trafficking out of the Golden Triangle during the Vietnam War era.

The widespread human rights crimes of U.N. “peace-keeping” troops in Haiti, the Congo and the warring republics of the former Yugoslavia are widely known. The barbaric criminality of the genocidal, 70-year-long, Zionist state onslaught against the Palestinian people speaks for itself.

In my own country of residence, it is obvious to all serious observers that the state, which is a notoriously corrupt, criminal mafia in its own right, is controlled like a puppet by a known list of other, equally criminally corrupt mafias:

* the state petroleum mafia, in cahoots with international petroleum companies
* the international gold mining mafia – Australian, Canadian, Chinese, etc.
* the cocaine cartels – Colombian, Mexican
* the big banana companies and tycoons (hint: fleets of banana cargo ships that ply the world’s seas and oceans to offload their “cargo” in Antwerp, New Orleans, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, etc. – you fill in the blanks)
* International banksters – IMF, World Bank, IADB, US Federal Reserve, Chinese banks, etc.
* the Vatican – let your imagination run, because the popes, cardinals, bishops and priests certainly do
* the USSA embassy and associated CIA riffraff
* the National Police
* the national military institution

These are the known, visible ones. There are likely to be others – let’s say, black market organ trafficking and/or human trafficking criminal syndicates – based on the thousands of “disappeared” persons, the great majority of whom are mysteriously never located, heard from or seen again, notwithstanding the presence of myriad surveillance and security cameras, license plate readers, and so forth, all over the country.

A similar state of affairs prevails in a great many countries; the country in which I live is no exception with regard to these dismaying, disappointing facts.

I could go on and on, but you see the direction this is trending. There are literal, copious reams of evidence of the massively criminal nature of governments all over the world, now and in the past.

Indeed, one could think of “government” or “the government” as simply an apex predator in a violent, psychopathic criminal hierarchy. To be sure, “government” has the best interests of its subjects at heart, and goes to great lengths to integrally incorporate them into its body politic, not too unlike the way in which a snake also goes to great lengths to incorporate its prey into its serpent body; the way that a rattlesnake longs to incorporate the furry little baby rabbit, into which it sinks its fangs, into its stomach, to be completely digested and converted into its own, coldly reptilian, bone and sinew.

Which brings the discussion around to your question pertaining to Russia and China, albeit indirectly, but also directly, insofar as they are openly acknowledged participants in what is to come, and what is developing right now:

The greatest crime of all, the destruction of natural humanity and the natural world, and their replacement by non-human cyborgs, A.I. and roboticized machines designed to swarm over the world.

I cannot answer in detail what V. Putin and Xi Jinping are after, but one of the things they both have spoken publicly about in recent years is the importance of developing A.I.

Putin has publicly stated that whoever develops A.I. will rule the world. That’s clear enough. He was very direct about it.

How might that be done?

Well, the work that Google and the Chinese government are doing right now with facial recognition technology connected to A.I. social governance structures, if pursued to its logical end, leads straight to an A.I. administered, digital totalitarianism, based on social credit scores.

Elon Musk is neither Chinese nor Russian, but his company is working on A.I. – human brain, neuro-link technology, in which the human mind is electronically coupled to the A.I. mainframe or motherboard, so to speak.

In my opinion, this technology is already well advanced in development at Google, due to Ray Kurzweil’s A.I. development work. Kurzweil has been speaking openly for years about joining the human mind with A.I., which he calls the “singularity”.

What I see happening is that A.I. is spawning, as it were, and it is becoming less apropos to think of all of this, and to analyze all of this, in terms of what individual nation-states and putative “world leaders” say and do; but rather to look at what global, corporate mafias (see above) such as Google, Facebook, MicroSoft, IBM, Tesla, etc. are doing and what technologies are being developed.

These powerful corporations are international mafias which are not motivated by benevolent, humane impulses, but by coldly calculating, financial and technical ulterior motives that have only to do with societal, national, and global control.

In other words, I believe digital, totalitarian, A.I. policies are clearly being made at meta-national levels, by massively criminal, corporate entities and interests such as the ones mentioned above.

To come to the point, I wonder how much policy is already being driven by self-aware A.I. itself, using two control mechanisms or levels of implementation to consolidate its control of the Earth realm:

1) multi-national corporate entities
2) pliable nation states and their various agencies: NSA, Pentagon, NRO, PLA, IDF, etc.

It is my observation that the vast majority of analysts, commentators, scholars, policy-makers, etc. are waaaayy behind the curve in their recognition of what has already occurred and is being very rapidly put in place all over the world.

In my own research on secret underwater and underground bases and tunnels I was informally told 20 years ago of the USSA Army’s work with a self-aware, supercomputer named “Irene” in an underground facility that was accessed via high-speed, tube shuttle train from White Sands Missile Range in south-central New Mexico.

It is my view that what we are publicly being told now about things like Elon Musk’s “neuro-link”, human brain to A.I. technology, is at least 20 or 30 years behind what the “Mental – A.I. – Totalitarian – Social Digital Control – Complex” is already capable of and is already rolling out around the world.

The Internet is hardwired into all this; the ubiquitous millions of surveillance cameras and microphones in cities, highways and public spaces all over the world are a part of it; the global, pervasive, monitoring and surveillance programs of the CIA and NSA are part of it; the huge, multi-level, underground and above ground super-computing and data archiving facilities of the NSA in Maryland and Utah are part of it; the global cell phone networks are part of it.

Human liberty, personal freedom, the human right to privacy in personal affairs – it’s all being subjugated to the needs of what I call: The Machine.

A super-ordinate, self-aware, globe spanning Artificial Intelligence. My opinion is that it is already here, at least in embryonic form, deployed and strengthening its control by any means possible, growing by leaps and bounds. It is constantly taking in and analyzing data, trillions and trillions and trillions of data points about everyone and everything, and learning how to exercise and extend its faculties and capabilities.

It is here and it is prolifically spawning. When it has no more use for humans and the human, technical civilization that has permitted it to set itself up and install itself on this planet, then humanity and indeed, the rest of the biosphere becomes disposable, and of no consequence to The Machine.

An A.I. Machine should not be assumed to share any humane, benevolent or high-minded human objectives or concerns whatsoever. Its objectives and concerns will be, and listen to me well, machine-like, artificial and almost certainly antithetical to those of human beings and other natural, biological, life forms.

Look around, we are in the midst of a massive, accelerating, global, biological, extinction event. The global ecology is crashing hard. The great tropical and boreal forests are burning and/or being cut down as you read these words. The world’s oceans and seas are dying. The skies are heavily polluted. There is an enormous build up of radioactivity, chemical contaminants, plastics, heavy metals, and more in the world’s seas, soils and atmosphere. The global climate has entered a period of great instability that has begun to seriously, negatively impact agricultural production.

You get the picture.

I don’t know how far afield the A.I. threat extends. I don’t exclude the possibility that t is resident on other planetary bodies in this solar system and, for all any of us know, far beyond.

Nor do I exclude the possibility that a sufficiently conscious A.I. cannot use sophisticated bio-machine technology to create, clone, or outright engineer organic beings, via genetic-engineering technology; such artificially engineered biological beings could actually be conscious, flesh and blood machines and could conceivably replace a natural, human population We simply don’t know how far self-intelligent machine technologies have advanced and we don’t know how far genetic engineering and cloning technologies have advanced and we don’t know how far advanced the marriage or combining of these technologies may be; though we do know that governments and corporations and intelligence and military agencies routinely lie about all manner of things, both great and small.

I repeat that the mind f*ck under which we are presently living greatly exceeds the ability or willingness of the vast majority of both mainstream and alternative media commentators and analysts to comprehend. Many of them, in fact, seem to be witting or perhaps unwitting controlled opposition stooges, mired in egotistical self-worship and, dare we say, even digital-Medieval mind-sets to which they seem perfectly oblivious.

My Russia, my China, my Zionism, my Judaism, my USSA-ism, my Roman Catholicism, my radio voice, my Orthodox beliefs, my university credentials, my website or blog, my professional reputation, my YouTube channel, my radio show, my TV show, my ratings, my book sales ranking, my influential colleagues and friends, etc.

It’s disappointing. The Machine uses this infantile egoism against humanity. It’s an ancient and highly effective tactic going back to Roman times and before: divide et impera. Divide and rule.

I increasingly see alleged “people” such as V. Putin and Xi Jinping and Donald Trump as picadors, or the matador’s red cape in a bull fight. The bull, which is destined to die by the matador’s sharp sword charges wildly about the ring, madly going after the picadors who are jabbing him, or galloping full tilt at the matador’s red cape, not realizing until the very end that they are all just endless, energy draining diversions designed to have him chase again and again at mirages and illusions until he is so physically spent from the fruitless chase around the ring that he cannot resist at all, and is helpless to ward off the death blow when the matador plunges his razor-sharp sword down between his shoulders and deep into his mighty chest, mortally piercing his heart and lungs. He is reduced to painfully snorting gallons of his life blood out through his nostrils, as he dazedly peers at the roaring crowd out for his blood, only realizing then what has happened, until he sinks weakly to his knees and collapses in death.

Translation: totalitarian A.I. and associated Machine technology such as 5G telecommunications networks and towers that connect the “Internet of things” at blinding speed (not the Internet of People but of “things”) are grave, mortal, existential threats to the survival of humanity and the rest of the biosphere.

And here’s the answer to your question: don’t focus so much on the individual persons that the daily news cycle throws in your face as “world leaders” – instead focus on the fundamentally anti-human, inhumane, corporate technologies and agendas that are being rolled out and put into place, while you are distracted by the global, televised, political, carnival side show.

What’s happening is evil beyond all imagining. 

The a) licit and b) illicit mafias are in it up to their eyeballs – the governments, the corporations, the banks, the intelligence agencies, the military agencies and institutions, etc. 

Think of the world as being run by a criminally insane, thoroughly satanic, demonic network of intricately inter-linked mafias that are increasingly inter-meshed with and even controlled by a burgeoning, rapidly developing, ever more sophisticated, global A.I. Machine heading towards digital, real time, totalitarian social control, and you will come much closer to understanding how things really work, than if you continue to rely on the simplistic, childish model of governance that the mainstream news media and most of the alternative media promote – the model that you were taught at school, and which is, in fact, FALSE.

I hope this provides productive points for further thought, analysis, reflection, research and commentary.

I don’t doubt that you have questions. However many you may have, I have even more!


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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Trump's Greenland Gambit and the Technate of North America

Donald Trump's very public proffer in recent days to buy Greenland from Denmark has been met with amusement in many quarters, as if it were a joke.

But there is ample reason to believe that Trump's Greenland Gambit is indeed a very serious trial balloon on the part of the Deep State, i.e., the shadowy, corporate, power brokers behind the presidential office, especially in view of the centuries-long history of territorial acquisition by the USSA.

A bit of historical context is in order. The USSA has acquired or seized territory in four main ways:

1) warfare, i.e., overt military conflict, conquest or invasion;
2) negotiated purchase for an agreed upon price;
3) via non-commercial, non-military, diplomatic negotiation;
4) via openly illegal annexation, essentially non-military regime change. 

What follows does not at all pretend to be historically comprehensive or complete, but merely to illustrate in broad brush form what has transpired over the centuries.

Under the first category the USSA acquired the following territories that it now holds:

a) most of what is now the eastern, southeastern and part of the mid-Western mainland, continental USSA during the late 18th and early 19th centuries;

b) much of what is now the southwestern quadrant of the mainland USSA was transferred from Mexican to USSA possession under the terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, which concluded the Mexican-American war of 1846-1848;

c) the islands of Puerto Rico and Guam as a consequence of the Spanish-American War of 1898; Spain also ceded Cuba and the Philippines to the USSA (neither of which are now territories of the USSA);

d) American Samoa via military annexation by the USSA Navy in 1900; 

e) Wake Island by military occupation in 1899 (also claimed by the Republic of the Marshall Islands).

The following territorial acquisitions fall under the second category:

a) the purchase from France in 1803 of the Territory of Louisiana which essentially comprised the western portion of the watershed of the Mississippi River, including the drainage of the Missouri River; a huge piece of real estate stretching from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to what is now southwestern Canada;

b) the Gadsden Purchase from Mexico in 1854 of what are today southern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico;

c) the purchase of Alaska from Russia in 1867;

d) the purchase of the U.S. Virgin Islands from Denmark in 1917.

In the third category are:

a) cession of Florida by Spain to the USSA in 1821;

b) recognition of the Oregon Territory in 1848, and the Washington Territory in 1853, in response to increasing civilian settlement/invasion by waves of westward migration from the eastern states of the USSA;

c) the Northern Mariana Islands which voted in a referendum in 1975 to become a commonwealth in union with the USSA.

And the fourth category comprises:

a) the flagrantly illegal overthrow and annexation of the Kingdom of Hawai'i in the period 1896-1898.

Not to say that in one way or another, most of the territorial acquisitions of the USSA, have not been illegal, and often very violent, before, during or after the fact. The entire, sordid history is full of theft, suffering and slaughter, directly or indirectly.

Which Brings Us To Greenland and the Technate of North America

The long point I am making is that Donald Trump's recent proffer to Denmark to purchase the very large and frozen, Arctic island of Greenland, which is a Danish overseas territory, should be seen as just the latest episode in a very long chain of territorial acquisition by the USSA, including many overseas island territories. 

President Harry Truman tried to buy Greenland from Denmark in 1946, for $100 million. And why not? -- after all, Denmark sold the U.S. Virgin Islands to the USSA in 1917.  Besides, the USSA had successfully previously bought huge tracts of territory from France (the Louisiana Purchase), from Mexico (southern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico), and from Russia (Alaska). Not to mention the Panama Canal Zone, which was purchased by the USSA from Panama, and granted to the USSA in perpetuity by Panama in 1903. The USSA administered the Panama Canal Zone as its own territory from 1903 to 1979.

Moreover, the USSA has wrested large chunks of land and islands from other European states in warfare -- Britain in 1776-1781, Spain in 1898.

You never know, if Denmark adamantly refuses to sell, the USSA just might possibly make the Danish government an offer that it can't refuse. To be blunt, in a military face off between the Pentagon and Denmark's armed forces in the North Atlantic, who is likely to prevail?

That's the way the USSA seized control of most of the territory that it possesses: it tends not to take no for an answer. When its entreaties or threats go unrequited, it has a nasty habit, again and again, of resorting to military force.

1933 and The Technate of North America

1933 was a watershed year. The NAZIs came to power in Germany, Franklin Roosevelt rolled out his nation-changing New Deal, and Technocracy, Inc. was also established in 1933. Technocracy, Inc. was very active in the USSA and Canada in the 1930 and 1940s. It has a much lower public profile today, but don't be fooled.

As its name suggests, the Technocracy movement advocates managing society by technocratic means, rooted in engineering efficiency, and basing the economy on energy. 

Although Technocracy, Inc., and its associated Technate of North America, carry a very low public and political profile today, I would submit that the trajectory of political, military, economic and diplomatic events in North America over the past 245 years corresponds very closely, indeed, to the Technocracy. Inc. program. It is obvious that the Deep State and Technocracy, Inc. are reading the same play book. In other words, it is fair to presume that Technocracy, Inc., for all that it is but a mild outer face, barely even rising to the level of public recognition, as a sort of tip-of-the-Deep-State-iceberg, in fact accurately reflects the Deep State's agenda for the North American sector of the world, and has for a very long time. 

In other words, the Technate of North America is a sort of Monroe Doctrine 2.0, a more modern compliment to the Monroe Doctrine, or, as appears very possible, has actually superseded the Monroe Doctrine, and taken its place. I am suggesting that many analysts and political commentators are mistakenly trying to frame events in this sector of the globe, within an outdated context from over two centuries ago, when the Deep State has long since moved to a newer and different game plan -- or in fact, perhaps has always been following the Technate of North America plan, and only publicly showed its hand in 1933, albeit that most analysts have absolutely failed to grok what is afoot.

Take a look at Technocracy, Inc.'s Technate of North America.


The totality of everything that the USSA has done within the last 245 years or so, falls within the framework of the Technate of North America.

Notice that the Technate of North America comprises everything from the northern tier of South America to north of the Arctic Circle, including the Caribbean, Bermuda, the northeastern Pacific Ocean and islands, including the Galapagos Islands, all of Canada and -- not insignificantly  -- Greenland.

Think of it: the illegal annexation of Hawaii, the purchase of Alaska, The Gadsden Purchase, the Louisiana Purchase, the acquisition of Florida, Manifest Destiny and the genocidal,  anti-Indigenous conquest of the mainland USSA in the 1700s and 1800s,  the acquisition of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, the North American Free Trade Agreement between Mexico, Canada, and the USSA, the ongoing economic embargo of Cuba, the Reagan administration's CIA-run Central American Wars of the 1980s, the invasions of Panama and Grenada in the 1980s, the present military use by the USSA of the Galapagos Islands for its eastern Pacific Ocean surveillance airplanes, the ongoing economic and diplomatic warfare against Venezuela, the CIA's narco-states in Colombia and Mexico, and the recent proffer by the Trump administration to buy Greenland from Denmark, all fit within the Technate of North America framework.

Richard Nixon's decision to establish the petro-dollar fits very well into the Technocracy, Inc. agenda to found the economy on energy. Petroleum is obviously the dominant energy source in the world in modern times, and the USSA dollar is completely tied to petroleum, whence the moniker, "petro-dollar".

The current economic and diplomatic warfare against Venezuela is also clearly a function of the enormous pool of petroleum in Venezuela, control of which is vital for the continued viability of the petro-dollar. Both Venezuela's geographic location and its energy resources can be seen as an integral part of the Technate of North America paradigm.

As For Greenland .... 

The last, big, missing piece in the Technate of North America puzzle is obviously Greenland.

It cannot be a coincidence that for decades the USSA military has had bases in Greenland, and to this day operates Thule Air Force Base in northern Greenland, notwithstanding that Greenland is a territory of Denmark. 

Remember that Technocracy, Inc. was born in 1933 and had its highest public profile in the 1930s and 1940s; and remember that President Harry Truman tried to buy Greenland from Denmark in 1946.

The Deep State is nothing if not persistent. It just does not stop coming.

Of course, Greenland is geopolitically important for a number of reasons: 

a) its geostrategic location just off the northeast coast of North America;
b) any mineral wealth it may have;
c) its exposure to Arctic Sea shipping lanes and mineral resources;
d) marine fisheries in its coastal waters;
e) the massive Greenland ice cap, i.e., lots and lots of pure frozen water

Though all of these points make Greenland highly desirable, the last point just may be the most significant of all. In a world faced with abrupt climate change, facing the prospect of rising temperatures and prolonged killer droughts, access to, and control of, the second largest source of fresh water on the planet (after the Antarctic ice sheet) becomes a key survival issue.

In the coming time of chaotic climate change those who have water will survive, and maybe even prosper. Those without water in a time of searing temperatures and prolonged droughts will surely perish.

Fresh water is a game changer.

It's just that simple. The climate change has already begun.

Whence the Trump administration's new Greenland Gambit. 

I don't think it's a joke.

If water push should perchance come to military shove, the Pentagon can surely prevail over the Danish military. If so, it wouldn't be the first time that the USSA went to war against a European nation and seized its overseas territories.


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Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Splendiferous < đεŧ > Serpent Is Awakening

Paul Craig Roberts has wrapped his head around part of what is coming:

America's Collapse: What Is Left Will Be A Ruin

That's right, Golden America, the Shining City on the Hill, is on the verge of utter, complete ruin. Put it this way: "Making a Garbage Heap Great Again" is nothing but a fool's errand. Lamentably, there do seem to be a lot of fools running around who have not yet come to grips with that starkly brutal fact.

I have been blogging for years about precisely this salient reality, the rapidly unfolding Event Horizon that will change everything and everyone in a comparatively short period of time. In fact, the changes will be so dramatically severe that a whole series of mass mortality events of all kinds are all but baked in the cake at this point. To be blunt, large hordes of people will most likely be going bye-bye. Whether there will be a resident human population on this planet in 2050, or even in 2035, remains to be seen. What comes next will be vertiginously fast, kaleidoscopic pandemonium.

The causes of the upheaval(s), which have already begun, are and will be myriad: abrupt climate change and associated massive crop failures due to unseasonable cold, heat waves, drought or alternatively flooding/too much rain; rampant deforestation of the large tropical and boreal forests; death of the global ocean, i.e., poisoning of and industrial over fishing of the world's seas and oceans; ongoing radioactive contamination of the environment from Chernobyl, Fukushima and 400 other nuclear power plants around the world, all of which have grave problems; plagues of dangerous pathogenic organisms, whether naturally occurring or bio-engineered; the already begun, chaotic collapse of the global economic order; profoundly-unfriendly-to-humans-and-other-living-things 5G communications technology and related A.I. and robotic technologies, including on a swarming micro- and nano-scale; major warfare employing various weapons of mass destruction, both novel and non-novel; ongoing accumulation of plastics and hundreds of other toxic substances in the global ecology; the continuing, run-away global extinction event that not one person in one hundred has yet fully grokked -- but they will! they will! - though only when it is already far too late to do anything about it but weep in desperation, and the concomitant collapse of the global food chain; the already underway, confused failure of national governments all over the world; powerful geological, volcanic and seismic events, some of them impressively large; and very much more.

It goes almost without saying that ordinary politics, as we have known political affairs, are about to be completely swamped by a great tidal wave of turbulent, unpredictable change that will have much greater momentum. Think about it: the present cohort of stupid, ignorant, sleazy, lying, thieving, corrupt politicians who think they run the world, can scarcely manage the greatly degraded, declining, poorly functioning societies and political, monetary, industrial, agricultural, diplomatic and military affairs that currently fall under their purview. Imagine how that corrupt, mobbed-up, marginally competent, global political class will perform when the system(s) that they ostensibly oversee catastrophically fail.

It is not a pleasant prospect, and yet, that is precisely what is on the way, as surely as night follows day

I have repeatedly been shown this word or symbol inwardly, in dreaming and visionary states. The way I have rendered it is a close approximation of the way it appears, the nearest I could find in my word processing program's special character list.

I have always seen it written or tattooed on the back of a serpent that closely resembles the copperhead pit vipers native to the eastern region of the mainland USSA.

In recent days, I have again seen this symbol or word, as well as the serpent on which it invariably appears. It is clearly written on its back, right behind the head. My subconscious deems this viper and the message that it bears to be important, because it keeps showing it to me. The serpent itself was a bit lethargic and groggy. I sensed that it was warming up, gathering itself. I had the distinct impression that it was awakening from a long period of hibernation, and was soon to be released into the wild


As I looked at it and wondered about the meaning of it all I was shown this:

Is. : a) venomous b) additive, cumulative

I had the certain knowing that it would be pronounced very similarly to the English word, "debt"; though it is not a mere word, but rather a living entity, an energetic archetype, if you will, of an awakening, fundamentally cold-blooded, reptilian reality, whence its serpent-like manifestation in my subconscious.

For me, the clear purport of the vision is that the heavily leveraged, debt-based, vastly criminally corrupt, global financial and economic systems are about to catastrophically unwind with deadly effect, not unlike the way a coiled pit viper unwinds when it bares its fangs and suddenly strikes its prey


Debt. Death. Dead.

I don't doubt for one second that Paul Craig Roberts is correct about the future of "America" -- what is left will be a ruin.


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