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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Victoria Nuland & Bad Bunny Blow Into Quito

It's like a bad dream, the very idea of Victoria Nuland and Bad Bunny in the same urban space on the same day. It conjures up truly rare, bizarre, mental associations; and yet so-called "reality" not infrequently yields improbable >>> -- kaleidoscopic permutations (any question that this "bunny" is a fragmented, mind controlled project?) that outstrip even the most perfervid gyrations of the foul MATRIX conspirations of the Satanic likes of the very badly gender bent Bad Bunny and the even more wicked Victoria Nuland, who savagely lit the fuse for the meat grinder of a war that is now raging in the Ukraine.

Normal reality -- whatever that is -- was flipped on its head, weirdly transposed, and Victoria Nuland and Bad Bunny brought their outrĂ©, outlandish acts to Quito on the very same day earlier this month -- 16 November 2022. It was so implausibly coincidental that it immediately struck me that it probably was not coincidental -- that these two, very dark, warped ones were intentionally brought together at precisely the same time-space nodal point for unknown sinister purposes, which were kept out of the public eye, even as these two entities openly strutted across the TV screens and newspaper pages of Quito.

Bad Bunny installed itself with great pizzazz in the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium on United Nations Avenue on the northside of town -- streets cordoned off for blocks around --  where it held forth for hours in front of thousands of delirious fans, while whatever or wherever it may have gotten up or down to in the hours before and after its "performance" remain largely unknown. But just look at the symbolism of the venue: a) United Nations Avenue, b) Olympic Stadium, and c) Atahualpa, the last ruler of the Inca Confederacy who was strangled to death by the Spanish Conquistadors in about 1532. One of his palaces was right here in Quito, from where he ruled the northern precincts of the far-flung Inca territories, which stretched from present-day, southern Colombia all the way down to what are now northern Chile and Argentina. 

You can see the Satanic, subconscious, psychological programming -- the schlock, Bad Bunny shtick overlain on/juxtaposed with the meaning of the United Nations/Atahualpa/Olympic Stadium symbolism, yielding a confused, discombobulated, mental melange designed to simmer and stew in the shadowy depths of the excited mass mind, and render up a twisted, confused, disjointed, cultural miasma in which the Bad Bunny persona is subconsciously conflated with the United Nations, the Olympic Games and the executed Inca ruler, Atahualpa. It's nefarious. 

The Spanish Conquistadors may have begun the process 500 years ago, but the conquest of the Andes and traditional Andean culture continues to the present day, with the depraved Bad Bunny following in a long line of malign agents, sent in one after another, century after century, to this specific time-space node to ever more deeply enslave the resident population -- to conquer and contort their minds, their thoughts, their passions, their sexuality -- and, oh, by the way, to skim off yet more millions of their dollars, further financially impoverishing them. It's a total conquest, you see, of body, mind, culture and soul -- and earthly treasure, wallet, purse and bank account.

Take a gander at the Bad Bunny Thing (whatever it is) in a white skirt and jacket, flashing the Satanic, devil sign with its right hand on the hip:  It's a real bad one, a member of the club, you can be sure of that. Here's another view of the fey creature: It has a fake third eye plastered on its forehead, a little nose ring and also a tiny diamond nose stud, a prissy little earring, and a shirt covered with death skulls and burning skeletal remains. Oh, yeah, this is an Illuminati slave, no doubt about it, a Satanic wind up doll that has sold out big time to the Dark Side -- for fame, for money, for who knows whatever loathsome trinkets and horrors.

And Victoria "Jabba the Hutt" Nuland -- think I'm exaggerating? -- -- also in town on 16 November to discuss child malnutrition in Ecuador, narco-trafficking, regional migration, the climate crisis, regional security, international organized crime, human rights, bilateral trade, anti-corruption, democratization & yada-yada-yada-blah-blah and blah.

Of course, this one is a devoted minion of Evil, Inc. so the Hell world, inverse translation of what the politicians and news media put forth to the unwashed masses as the justification for her visit to Quito runs something like this:

Deliver marching orders to the Satanic U$$A's Ecuador affiliate pertaining to: a) fully and promptly remitting multi-billion dollar profits from the brutal, international narcotics trade which is ravaging Ecuadorean society; b) the timely, regular delivery of X-number of scared, terrified, "disappeared" Ecuadorean children to the demonically depraved, Satanic, Washington-DC/Hollywood/Wall Street/Forbes Billionaire List, "Elite" monsters/mobsters who rule the U$$A; c) keep the "spice" flowing, i.e., maintain porous, violent, poorly controlled borders with Colombia and Peru, and loosely controlled seaports and rural, airplane landing strips, so that cocaine can move more freely to markets in the U$$A and Europe; d) continue accepting tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of refugees from Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and elsewhere, the better to foster social ferment and foment a certain level of internal chaos and discord in the society, in order to facilitate the sort of lack of social cohesiveness that permits thousands of people to be criminally disappeared for Satanic, human sacrifice rituals, black market organ harvesting, sex slavery, forced labor slavery, and other horrors that do not even occur to the normal person's mind or psyche; and e) make sure to maintain the National Police and military forces at a sufficient level of criminal corruption to ensure that all of the necessary money laundering, gun running, gold smuggling, human trafficking and narcotics trafficking can be carried out without undue interference from any remaining honest, ethical, societal sectors who may understand or see what is happening, and wish to curtail the evil rot.

There, now, see how easy it is to decipher U$$A "embassy speak"?

About Those Secret Tunnels Under Quito ....

Which reminds me that Bad Bunny and Victoria Nuland are far from the first famous celebrities and politicos to skate into Quito during my decade here.

Some others whose visits have come to my attention during that time include:

Justin Bieber
Pope Francis
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Xi Jinping
Mike Pence
Senator Bob Menendez (with four other Senators in tow)
German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier
Spanish King Felipe VI

The Bieber hubbub was quite something. Fans bused in by the thousands from all over Ecuador, and even from Peru and Colombia. Pope Francis's visit raised a lot of questions in my mind. He's from Argentina, but on his first foreign visit he made a beeline straight for Quito.


He came right by my corner, headed down to the historic center of Quito to say an invitation-only mass for Ecuador's high and mighty in the huge, colonial-era San Francisco cathedral. He was standing on his Pope mobile with his security detail hanging on the sides, a funny little, fake smile on his face, waving to the people lining the sidewalks, a big squad of moto-cops in front, more cops in back, and a police helicopter clattering around overhead. It was a surreal scene.

Xi Jinping was a bit more reserved -- a sleek, black car with tinted glass, security in front, security behind and traveling fast, with swarms of moto-cops clearing the way in front and behind. I watched him coming and going, zipping around Quito -- doing what? 

Why do these high-profile people come to Quito, a drab, blue-collar, poor city, in a small, postage stamp country in the Andes? What's in it for them?

There must be something about this place that does not meet the eye. 

I suspect that this is probably where the mysterious tunnels come into the picture, though precisely how I am not sure. Anyone who is in the know in Quito knows about the tunnels, or has heard about them. They are ancient.

Some lie beneath the central historic district, going back at least to Spanish colonial times, and possibly much before, back to the time of the Quitu people (from whom the name Quito descends), as long ago as 2,000 BC. Or who knows? -- maybe even long before that.

The point is that it's hard to know. To my knowledge, most all of the tunnels are closed off by the Catholic Church and/or various units of government. The general public does not have routine access to them. I've lived here for ten years and I wouldn't even know where to find the entrances. For just one example, it was a number of years before I learned that a large hill in my former neighborhood had tunnels inside it. I made inquiries, but no one with whom I spoke was able (or willing?) to tell me who had made the tunnels, or when, or why, or how, or how or where to gain access, or how many tunnels there are. My understanding is that another large hill in Quito also has old tunnels inside it. 

The thing is, Quito is an ancient place, with a largely unknown history going back thousands of years. First (allegedly) were the Quitu people, later followed by the Quitu-Cara people who invaded this area of Ecuador many centuries ago, arriving by sea from elsewhere in large balsa rafts, who were in their turn superseded by the Incas, who were subsequently invaded and conquered by the Spanish, who after a few centuries lost this Andean part of their American empire to a series of rebellions, wars and uprisings that ultimately resulted in the contemporary Ecuadorean state.

And somewhere in all of that long stretch of history or before, which may or may not be true as told, an unknown number of tunnels were dug under Quito and its surrounding hills, at an unknown time or times, by unknown parties, for unknown uses and reasons. You can live here for years and practically never hear a word about them -- and yet they are here.

And then in recent years, the large, Spanish civil engineering firm, Acciona,  was contracted to construct an underground metro line beneath Quito, ostensibly to relieve the urban, vehicular congestion that grows steadily worse as the city continues to grow in size and population. Acciona came in with big, tunnel boring machines and a bunch of other heavy machinery to dig out a 22-kilometer-long metro tunnel.

Well, don't you know that the metro was supposedly completed about three years ago and is still not open for public service. The government has advanced a whole list of reasons as to why the system remains unopened to the public, which have changed somewhat over time, but one thing has not changed, at least so far: the entrances remain blocked and locked off with fences, chains and padlocks. There was some talk during the construction phase of many artifacts having been found, but to my knowledge none of that archaeological haul has yet been put on public exhibit. Will the artifacts ever be shown to the public? Are they Spanish colonial artifacts or perhaps more ancient, from thousands of years ago?

Given Quito's thousands of years long history, and the old tunnels that are known to exist beneath the city and surrounding hills, who knows what the tunnel excavation may have uncovered or broken into, as the work crews laboriously made their way along, 50 to 100 feet below ground?

Will the metro ever open? Maybe it will, it seems possible -- hope springs eternal! -- though it has not yet. Or will it permanently, always be just about to open -- in another six months, or next year, or the year after that, for underlying reasons that are concealed from the public?

I don't know. It's a little peculiar. Either the metro opens, or it does not open. To this point it remains padlocked and chained off. At a cost of more than $2 billion + interest payments, mind you, for which the tax paying general public are on the hook. 

Ancient tunnels, modern tunnels, blocked off, locked off tunnels + billion$ of dollar$ of ca$h + secrecy + many visits of powerful/high profile people to Quito = ???

I'm starting to wonder, I really am, about what is happening beneath Quito.

I see other things. 

I have repeatedly seen large, heavy, dark, armored trucks with military grade, armed escorts in front and behind traveling fast, down major highways and boulevards in and around Quito. Clearly whatever -- or whoever? -- is in the trucks is of high value and requires armed muscle for protection. Tons of cocaine? Shrink wrapped pallets of $100 bills to pay off corrupt politicians? Tons of black market gold? Disappeared children? V.I.P.s traveling incognito, secretly and undercover? E.T.s? Exotic archaeological or technological artifacts dug out of the jungles and mountains of Ecuador? Something or someone else?

I sometimes see enormous, grey, unmarked, four-engine jet airplanes lumber low over Quito, as they get into the landing pattern to touch down at the international airport on the outskirts of town. Who or what is operating those aircraft? Are they delivering cargo, or hauling cargo from Quito to somewhere else? Tons of cocaine? Shrink wrapped pallets of $100 bills to pay off corrupt politicians? Tons of black market gold? Disappeared people/children? V.I.P.s traveling incognito, secretly and undercover? E.T.s? Exotic archaeological or technological artifacts dug out of the jungles and mountains of Ecuador? Something or someone else?

One night when I lived in the Amazon region, I was walking along the Amazon highway after dark. To my surprise, a convoy of several dark trucks suddenly appeared with tarps covering the back of each truck. There was a National Police escort preceding and following the trucks. None of the police vehicles or trucks had their headlights or taillights on. Why travel in the dark with all lights extinguished? Why the National Police escort in front and behind? Why so hush-hush and undercover? What -- or who -- was in the trucks? Tons of cocaine? Shrink wrapped pallets of $100 bills to pay off corrupt politicians? Contraband weapons? Tons of black market gold? Disappeared people/children? V.I.P.s traveling incognito, secretly and undercover? E.T.s? Exotic archaeological or technological artifacts dug out of the jungles and mountains of Ecuador? Something or someone else?

I have seen these things -- and I keep seeing them -- but I do not have ready answers. Ecuador is an ancient place, with a largely unknown history, awash in corruption and many mysterious goings-on that defy easy understanding.

Not least of the troubling mysteries is the steadily growing number of disappeared people in Quito and Ecuador. The government says next to nothing about them, but from the information available their numbers run well into the thousands -- small children, teenagers and young people, adults, even 80 year-olds with Alzheimer's disease. Who is taking them? Why? What is being done with them? I see the missing person flyers all the time: "Help us find such-and-such a person, last seen at such-and-such a place, on such-and-such a date." 

Secrets, so many ghastly, lurid secrets. The government of Ecuador has large, unpayable debts running into the many billions of dollars. The government struggles even to service the national debt. Is it paying in other non-monetary coin, in ways too terrible to even think about?

I wonder, I really do. What really goes on in the tunnels under Quito?

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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

What Is Coming << Cannot >> Be Stopped

Things are changing. Reality is changing. I know this to be true. One small indication is that I've been vibrating for years now. I mostly feel it during the night when I am asleep or relaxing. I also have a lot of dreams and occasional visions, some of which are quite peculiar. From time to time I have strange sensations in the ears or in the head that are hard to describe, though I intuit that they are something paranormal or transdimensional in nature, having to do with subconscious energetic or information downloads. At the same time I know that this is also happening to a great many other people. It's not unique to me.

Thankfully, there are higher, positively oriented beings and energies that are counterbalancing the lower, negative ones operating to very evil effect on the world stage these days. If there were not, this planet would not even be here anymore. I am well aware of the wicked, transhuman agenda to turn Humanity into an enslaved, cyborg race, cut off from God and all that is natural, good and true.

Though better days will certainly eventually appear, Humanity is first going to live through a terrible, trying time of horrific, global ordeals without parallel in this, or maybe in any era ever. Many commentators and analysts are predicting an imminent economic collapse, a Great Global Depression, and/or a devastating World War III that will culminate with nuclear missile strikes.

Many Christian prophets have for years also been speaking and writing about these upcoming events, and the history-changing impacts they will have. In the Hindu tradition, the meditators and yogis of the SSRF in India have also received warning visions about the tumult soon to come. The last two and half or three years have been extremely difficult for billions of people, in countries all over the world. But what is going to take place over the next two or three years will be far worse.
The SSRF lay out some of the most salient points in the following article: 

Start of World War III, Events Which Precede It and Events Which Follow

The SSRF's visionaries have been shown that 50% of Humanity will die or be killed by about the year 2025. The SSRF mystics, meditators and yogis, like my deceased friend, Greg Caton, and a whole passel of Christian visionaries and prophets -- and myself! -- have been inwardly told that the conflict and great upheaval that are in the time-space pipeline headed our way will take place. This current iteration of Humanity will be very harshly brought to heel. So many people have willfully chosen wickedness and darkness that severe penalties are very soon going to be imposed. What transpires over the next 700 to 1000 days will be stunning in its scope. It cannot be avoided.

The death rate will be astonishing. There are going to be a lot of cadavers. My deceased friend, Greg Caton, was shown that exact scenario multiple times by ayahuasca. He told me that there will be so many dead bodies that there will be burial brigades to go around and collect all the corpses. There will be so many that there will be no coroner's inquests, no death certificates, no funerals, no autopsies. The urgent priority will be to simply bury the thousands and thousands of dead bodies ASAP in common graves, big burial pits.

I was also personally shown this terrible time and its ghastly events by an entity whom I spontaneously named The Bone Lady when I was three years old, in 1958. From the time I was a toddler I always knew what was coming. The Great Earthquake is coming, big space rocks will impact causing massive tsunamis, big volcanoes will erupt, famine will occur and WW-III with huge battles and nuclear missiles, economic collapse, government collapse, etc. These things cannot be stopped. The events have untold thousands of years of huge karmic momentum behind them. The instigators of so much mayhem and harm in our world, entities  like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Bill & Hillary Clinton, the Bidens, the Bushes, the Obamas, David Rockefeller, Nathan Rothschild, Macron, Sunak/Truss/Johnson, Zelensky, etc., are so evil that they are incapable of reform. Evil cannot be made good; it cannot be reformed or "saved." If that were so, then Evil would not be Evil.

That is why God + the Earth + Jesus + a holy host of Angelic & Galactic beings and alliances are going to powerfully smite Evil. It will be biblical, apocalyptic, end of the era, history altering stuff. I realize that
myriad millions of people do not believe in God, and categorically reject the very idea of God, but not to worry, God will massively help their unbelief. If they so happen to uncontrollably shit themselves from sheer, stark terror in the process of having their wicked preconceptions destroyed by the very One whom they deny -- oh, well.... 

As for the rest of Humanity, you won't have to ask if something is going on. You will have your hands full with survival, and in fact, a lot of people are not going to survive the upcoming events. 

But don't be afraid! Don't panic. Everything will be changing. Freaking out and getting hysterical is a sure recipe for an early demise, due to an inability to adapt and cope with dramatically changing circumstances. Keep your wits about you. As some of you will remember, i
n past years the alphabet-soup-agency connected website,, was predicting approximately 750 million dead on or by 2025. The SSRF say that what is about to happen will actually be 5 times worse than the numbers. In even more obscure corners of the Internet I have read prognostications that are still more dreadful than that.

What is about to happen over the next 1000 days, or so, will be multiple times more impactful and more dramatic than the Great Depression and World War-II put together -- and the period of 1929 to 1945 massively rocked Humanity. What is coming is FAR worse.

And then afterward things will slowly begin to get better again, but we will start over amidst the shattered ruins of the old world and old order, with a vastly reduced global population, and very different ways of living and thinking.


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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

The Di$mally Corrupt U$$A Midterm $election$

Well, the midterm $election$ have turned out to be everything that I thought they wouldn't be -- and even less than that. Worse than ominous.

Why even vote? I mean, who really knows what's going on, beyond the obvious fact that the whole, murky shambles of the Federal $election$ process is massively criminally rigged beyond any realistic hope of repair? Untold billions of dollars of dirty money, hordes of unctuous lickspittles and oleaginous functionaries  -- in both major parties -- combined with millions of perfunctory voters and a bought-and-sold amen chorus in the news media, have yielded the preordained, ineluctable, programmed outcome: the proverbial, political, sh!!!!!t burger.

A full week after the polls closed ballots are still being counted in Arizona and other places. I have read that the Democrats have won the U$$A Senate; and that something on the order of 20 or 30 contests for seats in the House of Representatives remain undecided, a full week after the election. The Democrats are slowly closing the gap in the House, and who knows? -- with another month or two of diligent counting of all of the dog-chewed ballots that lie yet undiscovered in trash cans and dumpsters throughout the land, they may yet take control of the House of Representatives, thus institutionally solidifying their political control of the Federal government.

To be sure, as this great, criminal con job unfolds it is far too simplistic to selectively decry Democratic Party electoral corruption, although there is clearly a monster tidal wave of that, without simultaneously acknowledging that without equally massive, criminal acquiescence on the part of the Republican Party, none of this would be happening.

Meanwhile, Trumpty-Dumpty is loudly trumpeting his displeasure and snipping and sniping, even going so far as to publicly talk down and childishly belittle crucial political allies who would be essential to any plans he may have to run again for President in two years -- people like the governors of Florida and Virginia, for example. Thereby, Trump is very publicly undercutting his own, future, political prospects, and unnecessarily sowing deep ill will in the very party from which he seeks support.

Moreover, he had four years in which to reform the electoral machinery in the U$$A, during which time he did nothing. He could have established a Presidential Commission to systematize elections and guarantee their timely accuracy, legality and security, but he didn't. Instead, he waffled and dithered for four entire years, while the problems festered and worsened.

Far from being a solution to the systemic crisis of corrupt, rigged elections in the U$$A, Trump's a big part of the problem. He's an ineffective administrator, a weak, rudderless, bloviating, political Pied Piper who whips up a populist frenzy to no productive purpose. A rich, fat man from New York City who likes to hear himself talk in circles.

I simply can't imagine why millions of people believe that Orange Jesus will lead them to the political Promised Land. It's a mystery to me. He's only a man, and a quarrelsome, unintelligent, narcissistic one, at that.

The FTX Brouhaha

Enter one, shifty-eyed, Scam Bank-Man-Fraud, erstwhile CEO of the notorious FTX crypto-currency exchange ----  er, I mean, Sam Bankman-Fried, yeah, that's it, who in little more than one week has nearly single-handedly torpedoed the world's cryptocurrency markets, defrauded millions of (ahem) "investors" in his multi-billion dollar FTX crypto-Ponzi scheme, and shone a global spotlight on the reeking cesspit of U$$A political campaign finance and a vast U$$A-Ukrainian-NAZI money laundering operation.

The whole operation is so enormously improbable that it staggers the imagination. The tentacles stretch everywhere -- Washington-DC, the Democratic Party, the crypto-currency sphere, Kiev and far beyond.

Wealthy sports and political celebrities are evidently caught up in this hare-brained scheme: Tom Brady, Shaquille O'Neal, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, as well as a teeming, multi-million host of lesser lights. There is much more yet to come to light.

Meanwhile, I have read and viewed various threads online about the supposed whereabouts of the con man, Sam Bankman-Fried. He is variously said to be holed up in a luxury Bahamian resort owned by Tiger Woods, Justin Timberlake and the British billionaire, Joe Lewis, or, alternatively, on the run to Argentina or maybe Dubai, or perhaps already scooped up by the Feds and under interrogation. 

And then there is Sam Barfman-Fraud's, screeching-finger-nails-on-chalkboard-goofy, "girl friend," aka, Caroline Ellison, the CEO (sic!) of Alameda Research who handled billions of dollars of "trades" for FTX. Watch and learn; it has to be seen to be believed:

You can't make this stuff up! 

Someone wake me up when it's over. Please tell me it's not real.

Why The $ham $election$ Don't Even Matter

The political system in the U$$A is hopelessly corrupt and rigged. Obviously the country will not and cannot vote itself out of the venal, bought-and-sold, political quagmire in which it is hopelessly stuck. The people just voted and look at the ensuing, electoral train wreck. Voting is clearly no recourse. It doesn't change anything.

What comes next can only be highly, negatively dysfunctional. Demons without scruples are in charge of the system. They are deeply entrenched in the courts, the state and Federal legislatures, the governmental bureaucracy at all levels, in the police, the military, industry, Wall Street, the universities.  

Homelessness, hunger, financial hardship, infrastructure decline and failure, supply chain failure, an ever rising death rate, dictatorial public policy, a falling standard of living, war, societal discord and loss of social cohesiveness, more street crime & so forth. It wearies me to say so, but that's what's coming, and that's just a partial listing, as woeful as it is. 

What Is Not Being Discussed

The flip side of the not-yet-ended, $election$ charade is that almost everything about them has been so banal, so trite, so superficial, so jingoistically shallow and criminally corrupt that a whole long suite of vitally crucial issues has gone barely mentioned -- or completely unmentioned -- in the national, public, political discourse.

The following themes, issues, policies or subjects will certainly not be treated in a serious manner by virtually any of the mainstream political "actors," present or past, virtually all of whom are phonies, charlatans and/or confidence wo/men (that's another can of worms), and some of whom really were/are TV and/or movie actors: Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse Ventura, Al Franken, Sonny Bono, Jerry Springer, Clint Eastwood, Fred Thompson, Shirley Temple, etc. 

In no particular order:

organic agriculture -- as long as this is not dealt with, Humanity's food will continue to be toxic and hazardous to health

interest free money and banking -- as long as this is not dealt with, Humanity will continue to be hopelessly shackled by debt-ridden, global, economic slavery

free energy straight from the vacuum/aether --as long as this is not dealt with Humanity and the planet will continue to be beset by toxic, environmentally destructive uranium, coal and petroleum industries

natural, holistic health -- as long as this is not dealt with Humanity will continue to be mortally afflicted with the ongoing, lethal, allopathic, medical scam that kills and maims myriad millions the world over, for filthy, financial profit

reforestation -- as long as this is not dealt with the planet will continue to be deforested, with the direst ecological consequences for the whole world

species extinction/loss of natural habitats -- as long as this continues, the biosphere on the Earth will continue to crash, and Humanity itself may well go extinct

chemtrails/geoengineering -- as long as this horror is not dealt with, the Earth and Humanity will continue to be Satanically poisoned

genetic engineering -- as long as the travesty of artificially tampering with genetic codes continues, the entire biosphere on this planet is under the gravest threat imaginable

A.I. -- as long as the development and implementation of artificial intelligence is permitted and promoted, biological Life itself is under immense threat of being usurped and outright exterminated

5G technology -- a long list of researchers and their technical findings have demonstrated the deadly consequences of this "Internet of Things" network; it's much worse than merely bad, it's frankly demonic

paper ballot elections -- digital voting systems can be and are criminally hacked to corruptly alter election results; this is a profound governance issue in many countries

getting rid of nuclear weapons -- nuclear war directly jeopardizes the biosphere of this entire planet; it's an insane game that no one but demons can win

... and I'm sure that each and every person who reads this blog post can add some issues and policies of their own to this list. What I have set out here is not exhaustive, only indicative of the sort of direction in which Humanity must move, if we are to have any sort of sane future at all on this world.

If these issues and policies are not substantively addressed in a meaningful manner, nothing will fundamentally change for the better.

Failure to do these things will mean that as a species we have senselessly abdicated the proper stewardship role on the Earth that we should have, and have acquiesced in the destruction of ourselves and our planet.

Regrettably, the stupid is very strong with the great mass of Humanity these days, and so we slide precariously towards oblivion.


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Friday, November 11, 2022

U$$A Death, Inc.

I'm going to have something to say about the U$$A's midterm elections in another day or two, which unfortunately turned out to be much worse than bad, but in this installment I want to do a short update on the growing death situation.

It's already alarming right now, but the true degree of the horror is still building, en route to a lethal crescendo two or three years down the line. 

There are/will be a lot of factors -- the vak$$tings, war, financial collapse, industrial failure, supply chain failures, starvation, natural and unnatural disasters, freezing to death, and more.

But that the die off has already begun, of that there is no doubt. I have recently written about how I suddenly have begun to see fewer pregnant females and young babies here in Ecuador. The government is so far saying nothing about it, but then I don't need an official "authority" figure to tell me what is happening. I can see it for myself. While there is no question that yin-yang activities are still very popular, lower fertility rates for both males and females, as well as higher rates of still birth and spontaneous abortion, as well as newly legal abortion in Ecuador, are obviously resulting in noticeably fewer, viable, full-term pregnancies and live births. 

Ecuador's fertility and demographic crisis has, therefore, already arrived and will only worsen as the next few years go by. The collapse of the modern state of Ecuador is a foregone conclusion at this point. The only question -- and it's a huge one -- is exactly how that collapse will play out over the coming years. There are so many factors in play that it is virtually impossible to predict with exactitude how the situation will shake out. But that Ecuador and everything and everyone in Ecuador will be dramatically, immensely changing is in no doubt whatsoever.

Ecuador is not the exception. This scenario is occurring in many countries. Look at this statistical graphic from earlier this year, in the Canadian Province of British Columbia:

Examine the data, which detail the health outcomes for the "problem" that we all know about, from 8 May to 4 July 2022, by "vak$$ting" status. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and the death rate for those with the vak$$ting is 3 times greater than that of those without the vak$$ting. In other words, take the farma$$ting and your odds of death jump by a factor of approximately 3. Not good odds at all. 

Here's an example of the sort of thing that is happening; this was at a public hearing in Canada two days ago:

The guy topples over and starts pitifully moaning like a dying, baby goat.

That's in Canada. Here is one in India that went viral:

The guy just keels over dead. 

Of course, there have been innumerable sudden deaths since the dawn of time. It happens. What is different now is that sudden, unexpected collapses and deaths are happening with uncommon frequency, out of the blue, and in public, often while being filmed or live streamed.

Here are some recent collapses and deaths of professional athletes since the vak$$tings became required in many leagues and sports:

1451 cardiac arrests and serious issues so far, and at least 990 deaths. Mind you that these are young athletes, in prime physical condition, the healthiest human cohort in the world -- and they have begun dying by the many hundreds. This is unprecedented. It is a bad situation, a very serious, grave situation. It will get worse, much worse.

As an aside, I know a man who has gotten "stung" four times. He recently informed me that he has had the "CV problem" twice already, but that the "stings" have saved his life. It evidently has never occurred to him that he has twice had the "thing we all know about" because of the multiple stings having weakened his body's natural defenses, thereby leaving him vulnerable to opportunistic infections. What do you want to bet that he goes for No. 5, and sooner or later has another bout of the "thing we all know about"? He categorically rejects any and all evidence that I bring to his attention, so I don't even try anymore. 

My deceased friend, Greg Caton, who died last December, repeatedly told me that in his many ayahuasca visions in recent years he was shown that there is soon going to be a staggering wave of human mortality, where people will be dropping like flies, dying left and right; they will just flop over dead, in droves. He was shown that there will be mass graves, communal graves, emergency corpse disposal brigades, and no coroners, no funerals, no medical examiners, no death inquiries. From what he inwardly saw, there will be so much death that the urgent, overwhelming public health priority will be to just get the myriad cadavers in the ground ASAP. 

The system will be overwhelmed and will break down, as the division of labor collapses. Who will be dying? -- bus drivers, truck drivers, funeral home operators, airline pilots, train crews, railroad maintenance workers, prison guards, policemen, firemen, paramedics, electrical engineers who operate and maintain electrical generating plants, garbage truck drivers, power line crews, diesel mechanics, nurses, warehouse workers, supermarket shelf stockers, school teachers, coal miners, oil rig crews, welders, construction workers, farmers, electronic engineers who keep TV and radio stations on the air, etc. 

You will be on your own. There will be infrastructure failures, for want of money and trained workers to keep things running.

The death rate will be extreme, astonishing. Of course, for people who are familiar with the death projections that were on the website in past years, this is no surprise. was forecasting 200 million or more deaths in the U$$A for or by the year 2025, just three years from now.

A day or two ago, I ran across an obscure YouTube video with only 13 views; however, what the narrator says comports 100% with what Greg Caton was shown and what the website projected for 2025: mega-death in the U$$A.

The Christian woman who relates her vision from Jesus says that she was shown and told by him that there will be genocide in the U$$A within the next two years. She was shown dead bodies stacked in piles. The time frame and mass death scenes that she says Jesus revealed to her are perfectly consonant with the numbers of years past, and with the ayahuasca visions of Greg Caton, as personally communicated to me in recent years by him.

What is coming is brutally nasty. It's ghoulish, demonic.

Here, look at this, New York City has begun installing 5G Internet towers across the city:

You know, blindingly fast, broadband, Internet service. 

The new Internet of "things" -- and just what are the "things"? Why does the "Internet of things" need blindingly fast broadband, saturation coverage of New York City?

Simple: the Presiding Demonic A.I. must administer every "thing" in real time, monitor every "thing" and control every "thing" -- millions of "things" in real time, all in reach of its all knowing, electronic beck and call and control.

5G is psychoactive and acts at the sub-cellular level of the human body. "5" -- the Satanic pentagram number, the Pentagon number, the Baphomet pentacle number. 

As for G ... ? Aw, gee, let me think ..... wait, I got it! --

The "G" thing for dummies. There you have it, the symbolism of 5G decoded.

The demonic, A.I., alchemical marriage of The "G" thing for dummies + The Pentagon/Satanic pentagram/Baphomet pentacle.

None of this is by chance. It's all planned out and it's not good. It's an evil working, a vile weapon, the foul marriage of high technology and grotesque wickedness.


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Saturday, November 5, 2022

Lunar Eclipse: U$$A Chaos & Crack-Up Starts on November 8

Every astrologer worth his or her salt is warning about the negative impact of the lunar eclipse on this coming Tuesday, the 8th of November -- which so happens to coincide with election day in the U$$A. Words and phrases pop up in their analyses such as: revolutionary, expect the unexpected, rapidly changing conditions, upheaval, fearful peoplepolarized thinking, emotional volatility, misunderstandings, major disruptions, terror attacks, explosions, hidden agendas, and more. 

This lunar eclipse is therefore no small matter. Its influence on Humanity and world affairs will be quite intense.

The lunar eclipse on 8 November is absolutely a powerful omen for the conduct and outcome of the elections in the USSA, and for world affairs in general. 

Based on the astrological aspects alone, I personally fully expect a chaotic, confused outcome of the elections, with a marked deterioration of social, political and economic conditions in the U$$A in their aftermath, as well as major events of every description in other parts of the world: social, political, military, economic, industrial, agricultural, geological, oceanic, etc. Wait another day or two, and by 7, 8, and 9 November things will begin to ramp up to the next level. The events of next week and the rest of November will be quite powerful.

Unbelievably, I know people who tell me that things are fine, that they are doing O.K., that things seem to be operating on an even keel -- and I don't know what sort of weird, insular, self-deluded, fantasy land that they are living in!! 

The reality is that there are multiple, severe, ongoing issues: with diesel fuel and kerosene supply and prices in many countries, the commercial supply chain across the whole world, agricultural production and food supply in numerous countries, impending economic collapse/currency crisis at an international level, rising, accelerating death rates in country after country, rising incidence of violent crime in many countries, tremendous geopolitical and military tension in multiple regions of the world with the threat of major military conflict -- even possible nuclear war-- between global military powers, and more.

Eventually, all of these issues will be resolved; but not this week, not this year, and not next year or the year after that. The cold reality is that Humanity is going to live through a brutally dangerous, crisis period of at least two to three years, and maybe even longer than that. A lot of people are going to die -- many millions, and depending on how bad things get, maybe even billions. The mortality level in the coming years is going to be stupendous. 

Famine, war, starvation, the Big Pharma "jabs", violent crime, earthquakes, electrical grid failures, lack of diesel fuel and kerosene, tsunamis, governmental collapse, economic/currency collapse, agricultural and food distribution failure, supply chain failure, problems with the distribution of labor, loss of social cohesion, galloping mental illness, raging fires, loss of crucial infrastructure -- water, sewer, telephone, mass transit, and on and on.

It is all about to come crashing down, starting right about now, due in no small measure to the negative effects of the upcoming lunar eclipse. Going forward from here, through the rest of November and moving into December and January, things will be getting more intense.

Put it this way, the normal Holiday season in Europe, North America, Latin America, and beyond -- will not be normal this year, and will not be normal ever again. The changes will be just that dramatic and abrupt. Everything will be changing. 

If you live in New York City, and I have readers who do, I don't know what to tell you. Maybe relocate as soon as possible to a saner and safer place, if you can. If you cannot, then prepare to do as well as you can where you are. The same advice goes for Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Washington-DC, Hamburg, Paris, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Warsaw, etc. 

BIG EVENTS are on the way. There is no stopping them at this point. They will run their ruinous course. The die has been cast. Alea iacta est. The Rubicon has been definitively crossed.

As For This Coming Tuesday ....

Ominous. I did some blind lexical scrying and got a whole string of concerning words. Not good at all.

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