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Monday, October 2, 2017

Putting the Las Vegas Massacre & Catalonian Pro-Secession Vote In Context

Things are happening fast and furious now, just as I anticipated they would. I mentioned in earlier blog posts my tiny visions of the dates, September 4th and February 3rd.

I now understand that September 4th represented a sort of watershed date, around which time the pace of major world events seemed to dramatically accelerate -- terribly destructive hurricanes in the Caribbean and the USSA, major earthquakes in Mexico, horrific flooding in Asia, threats of nuclear warfare between North Korea and the USSA, and more. Given all that has happened over the last month or so, God only knows what to expect as we move through the coming months to the first days of February.

But I fully expect more chaos. Why?

Very simple. The USSA/NATO/Zio-NAZI Empire is dying and like all dying dinosaurs, it is lashing out in its death throes. As it sees the end approaching it uses every dirty trick in its reptilian arsenal to try to retain the supremacy to which it has grown accustomed.

Yesterday's Catalonia Secession Referendum

Yesterday, the Catalonians in the northeast region of Spain overwhelmingly voted, by 89%, to secede from Spain and become independent.

But the vote took place under real duress, as Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy sent in squads of national police to brutally beat Catalonian voters in a desperate bid to try to suppress the vote. The neo-fascist, police tactics failed, however, and the Catalonians resoundingly rejected continued rule by Madrid.

Rajoy is a real SOB, but then a lot of politicians are. His considerable arrogance is exceeded only by his even more impressive stupidity. He can be reliably depended on to make further, dumb, neo-fascist blunders.

If he rolls out the tanks it will seal Madrid's defeat, with a time lag of some duration. It remains to be seen what the next steps will be.

But I don't think the Catalonians will just go away quietly into the night. They have their backs up now, and bolstered by an 89% vote for secession, at the least they will want regional autonomy, if not outright independence from Madrid. This is a real big deal for Catalonia, for Spain and beyond.

Not least for the European Union. What happens if Catalonia secedes from Spain and then Flanders wants free of Belgium, Scotland wants rid of the United Kingdom, the Basques request their own Pyrenean country, Transdniestria and Corsica demand to be recognized as sovereign states, and on and on. Where would it end? Suppose the Bavarians were to declare their disgust with Berlin's policies and vote to secede from Germany? 

What if the secessionist sentiment were to cross the Atlantic and fire up secessionist movements in Texas and Hawai'i and Vermont and California? I mention these USSA states because in recent times there have been secessionist movements in all of those states, as well as some others, such as Alaska and Montana. Think of it. If states start seceding and are permitted to leave, then before you know it -- there might not be a USSA anymore. If enough states started seceding it could just wither away and fall apart, like the Soviet Union did more than 25 years ago.

There would be no national anthem anymore, no pledge of allegiance to the flag, no Washington, DC, no Pentagon, no CIA, no FBI, no IRS, no Federal Reserve Bank (and hence no Federal Reserve Note).

Why, a genuine secession movement would, therefore, directly imply the extinction of the USSA's Deep State!

Cue the Deep State False Flag Massacre in Las Vegas

Before the news of the bold, Catalonian secessionist vote was more than a few hours old, the global news cycle was overwhelmed with news of the horrific slaughter in Las Vegas, Nevada.

You see how that works? Can't have people in Texas drawing any dangerous conclusions about voting for secession from Washington, DC, to cite but one of many possible examples.

So the overwhelming Catalonian vote to secede from Spain was swept right out of the global news cycle before the night was out.

A lot of these mass shootings are MK-Ultra affairs. The alphabet soup agencies have an endless supply of disposable, mind-controlled assassins. ISIS is part of that picture, as is any violent group that can be used by the alphabet soup agencies.

I have watched several of the YouTube videos of the gunfire in Las Vegas and listened carefully to the sound tracks. To my ear it sounds as if there were at least two, and maybe three shooters -- I hear automatic rifles and also a heavy machine gun, with hundreds of shots.

We are being told that a lone, deranged gunman is responsible for this massacre, but I doubt it. There are so many discrepancies in the news stories coming out of the various government agencies and news media sources that just don't add up. 

Topping it all off, the alleged gunman is -- wait for it! -- conveniently dead. So he cannot tell us anything. We don't even know that the gunshots came from the hotel room that the police have identified as the originating point of the gunfire.

Multiple agendas are being served by this massacre: 1) move the Catalonian secession vote out of the global news cycle ASAP; 2) whip the public in the USSA into a high state of emotional anxiety; 3) brutalize the public psyche in the run up to war against Iran, North Korea, Russia and possibly Syria; 4) advance the plans for overt martial law in the USSA under the guise of "protecting" the people against mass violence; 5) further polarize and divide the public in the USSA along racial and political lines for purposes of social control.

Bottom line: I absolutely do not believe the "official" story on what happened in Las Vegas. I believe the alphabet soup agencies were involved, and that just like the President Kennedy assassination in Dealy Plaza in Dallas, Texas in 1963, that there was more than one shooter involved. There are plenty of trained assassins and psychopathic killers in the employ of the Pentagon, CIA and other alphabet soup agencies. The CIA and Pentagon have killed numerous millions of people in other countries over the years, so what is to stop them from shooting people in the USSA itself? Nothing, absolutely nothing. My best guess is that is what we are looking at in Las Vegas. The dead man that the police have fingered may well be a patsy, set up to take the fall posthumously for a crime in which he may not even have participated, just like Lee Harvey Oswald was set up and killed by the Feds and the Dallas police department in 1963. 

I mean, for Christ's sake, how do you lug a bunch of automatic rifles and an actual, heavy machine gun and ammunition belts up into a hotel room on the 32nd floor without being noticed? It doesn't add up.

The Plain Meaning of the Las Vegas Slaughter

The gloves have come off, and things are getting nasty. It looks like the Deep State has declared open warfare on the people of the USSA. Do you feel like you owe "allegiance" to the flag, or the national anthem, or the government in Washington, DC? 

Silly you! The Feds will mow you down in a minute if it suits their plans for imperial, global control. You're just a slave to them, to be manipulated, lied to, taxed extortionately and even killed at their whim, if they perceive that your death advances their agenda of total control.

It will be very bumpy from now on. Among other things, the USSA is preparing for shooting war with North Korea, Russia and Iran and has already initiated limited, low level combat with Russian units in Syria. The current geopolitical trajectory cannot possibly end well for anyone, but demons and monsters are driving the train, so get ready, that's all I can say.

The Event Horizon is now hard upon us and will be with us for some years to come. Those who make it out the other side will do the best they can with what remains.

For those of you who still harbor illusions and delusions as to the "goodness" and "benevolence" of the USSA, just wake yourselves up, if you can.

And if you persist in your feel good, red-white-and-blue folly, oh well ... there's another sucker born every day.


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