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Saturday, March 20, 2021

A Mumbling, Bumbling, Stumbling, Fumbling Fool

I am sure that most of you saw the photos and/or videos of Joe Biden's pathetic attempt to climb the 25 steps to the door of his airplane yesterday. For those who did not, take a look:

Joe Biden, the corrupt, decrepit entity that fraudulently alleges itself to be the President of the USSA could not even successfully navigate the 25 steps to the entrance of his big boy airplane yesterday, without tripping and/or falling down three separate times!

His most spectacular fall took place right beside the big Presidential Seal painted on the side of the airplane.

It couldn't be more obvious, could it?

His pathetic tripping and falling is a blatant foreshadowing of the already begun, stupendous fall of the USSA. For those who do not yet grasp that the USSA is going to be going down, very, very, VERY hard, just wait, they will by the time it is all over.

From everything that I am hearing, the next 1140 days will be extremely difficult, with a greatly elevated risk of multiple, mass mortality events, nowhere more probable than within the USSA. 

And for those who do not yet grasp that hard reality, they will, oh, will they ever. 


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Friday, March 12, 2021

Rock, Rattle And Roll

I couldn't help but notice the recent news item about the earthquake-like, unexplained shaking that many people in San Diego, California have experienced in recent days and weeks.

Mysterious shaking again rattles San Diego County

According to the brief news item, the United States Geological Service (USGS) has said that the shaking is not due to seismic activity.

But I am skeptical. I believe that people really are feeling seismic activity and the USGS is simply lying. 

During the course of my secret, underground base and tunnel research I was explicitly warned by a bona fide, PhD level STEM discipline polymath, who was corkscrewed into the Black Budget and Top Secret programs just about as far as you can be and still be on this planet, that the USGS routinely lies about all sorts of things.

I'll get right to the point: major geophysical activity will definitely be occurring on a planet near you. It has already begun and will greatly intensify. Sadly, the so-called "government" will be the very last one to tell you the unvarnished truth about what is going on.

To begin with, the USGS knows as hard fact that a massive, M9+ earthquake is absolutely going to wallop the northwestern coastal region of the continental USSA, as well as southwestern Canada in the Vancouver Island region. It could happen at any time, any day, any week from here on. When it strikes, it will be positively catastrophic. It will demolish the infrastructure of the region, and occasion such cataclysmic chaos that millions of people will die. Imagine what will happen when roads, highways, railways, bridges and airport runways are all twisted, collapsed and buckled. Transport of people and goods will be paralyzed for at least weeks, and probably months. Seaports, electrical generating plants, high tension electrical power lines, hydroelectric dams, water mains and sewage systems, cell phone towers, radio towers, warehouses, schools, skyscrapers, homes, offices, natural gas and petroleum pipelines -- all will be very heavily damaged, irreparably ruptured and/or collapsed into ruins.

Pandemonium will reign across (at least) Vancouver Island, the San Juan Islands, Washington State, Oregon and California, and probably for a good two or three hundred miles inland, extending into Nevada, Idaho and Utah. When the Cascadia/Juan de Fuca mega-thrust earthquake happens it will be one for the history books.

Millions of people will end up dying -- from being drowned by the huge tsunami that will inundate many hundreds of miles of coastline, from being trapped in collapsed buildings, from lack of clean water in the aftermath, from lack of basic sewage and sanitary services, from lack of electricity which will result in lack of food refrigeration, from lack of medical care, lack of food (the food in the supermarkets will be completely stripped from the shelves by panicked survivors and will not be resupplied), from lack of fuel (due to completely impassable roads, gasoline and diesel tankers will not be going into the affected region), and much more. It will be a hard, brutal stop to modern life for many millions of people, the majority of whom will frankly not survive the ordeal. The mortality level will be stunning, mind numbing. But what happens in the Pacific Northwest of North America will not stay there. The secondary, tertiary and quaternary impacts will be felt far afield, within Canada and the USSA, but also in other countries. 

For instance, here in Ecuador where I live, the coastal villages, towns and cities will be subject to the tsunami that the huge earthquake will generate. It will come down the western coast of the Americas, flooding towns and cities all the way down to Chile. Will it be 10 feet tall by the time it reaches Ecuador? 25 feet? More? Less? Who can tell? We'll find out when we find out.

For what it's worth, I often read visionary and prophetic websites to get a feel for what people around the world are seeing in their dreams and visions. Not surprisingly a lot of people have inwardly seen this monster, upcoming, North American West Coast seismic event. The mass subconscious mind is picking up this huge event in advance of its occurrence. It will be immensely devastating, judging by what people are seeing inwardly

Beyond that, I also have access to my own visionary experiences which began in infancy and have continued right down through the years to my present life in Ecuador. What is coming will be Fall of Rome serious, Fall of Atlantis serious, in fact, it will be more serious than anything that you can imagine.

From my own inward revelations, and those of others which have come to me first- and second-hand, the geophysical upheaval that is on its way is coming from a very deep level within the Earth.  It has a major, geological component and a major, spiritual or karmic component. The two are related and inseparable.  The Earth is like a veeery long play, vinyl record, turning endlessly in time-space; around and around and around it goes. Everything is archived in the geomorphic field, going back thousands and millions of years. It's locked into the geological structure of the planet, indelibly etched in at the atomic level, welded into the rocks, every jot and tittle. When the Earth plays the entire archive back in real time, for the greater edification of the entities and souls who have painstakingly, laboriously created that stupendous archive, well, that will be a truly momentous event.

Let me put this into context.

The World Economic Forum (WEF), and its assorted thousands of affiliated, multi-billionaire riffraff, have taken to self-importantly yammering about a "Global Reset" in recent years, a "Global Reset" that they will direct and coordinate.

Poor things. In their overweening hubris they have no concept of the real order of events. There is a certain, hierarchical arrangement of the Universal Order; at the most fundamental level, or the pinnacle of the reality scheme, as you wish, there is a comprehensively, supremely conscious and powerful actor that can most expeditiously be referred to as God Almighty.

In their demonic zeal, the WEF (and assorted, affiliated, multi-billionaire riffraff and scum) skipped Kindergarten and jumped straight to wholesale genocide and planetary destruction, which we see in rabid action now, the world over. They've been at this for some time. Entire so-called "bloodline families" and their attendant criminal mafias devote themselves to ghastly, satanic activities nonstop, 24/7, day after week after year after month.

But not to worry. God himself will rectify their glaringly substandard education, and provide appropriate, remedial instruction that will fill in all the gaping gaps in their karmically lagging syllabus. They will learn the simple truth of the timeless maxim: "Wherever you go, there you are."

The earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, floods, killer heat and cold waves, and more will prove most salutary in that regard. They will all be brought down to nothing, they and countless millions of others.

It is no small thing, what is about to happen. The next 1150 days or so will be off the charts. Prepare yourself. It's coming, ready or not.


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