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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Ayahuasca's 2018 - 2021 Message For Humanity As Seen By Greg Caton

My interview guest for this installment of The Event Horizon Chronicle is my good friend, Greg Caton, the well known medicinal herbalist and alternative health advocate and activist. Beyond the fact that we both live in Ecuador, Greg and I have both extensively explored the personal use of so-called entheogens, visionary shamanic plants such as ayahuasca, that can and often do provide inner, revelatory communications of great wisdom, and of personal, global and even cosmic relevance. Greg recently drank ayahuasca, on 13 October 2018, and received a compelling download of information. When he related to me what had come through that night I instantly felt that it warranted a wider audience. And so I present the first interview in the eight year history of The Event Horizon Chronicle, in which Greg Caton relates some of the salient points of what ayahuasca perceives will be impacting us and our world in the very near future. Please do browse Greg Caton's websites and explore the links just below. He offers a wide variety of reasonably priced herbal products and more. The interview commences below the website links.

Greg Caton: Oh, man. Where do I start? Well, the chaos doesn't get any better in the short term. Enormous geopolitical upheaval until around fall of 2021. A shift in consciousness occurs about that time as there emerges a sense within the global consciousness that "this is what you get when there is complete abandonment of the Divine . . . "

After that, having reached the nadir, the ascension begins, accompanied by unspecified external forces that result in the emergence of a new Golden Age. It's much more involved than that, but this is the gist of it.

Richard Sauder: O.K., I get the picture! Things are going to be changing a lot, and soon. I absolutely want to explore all aspects of what you were shown, point by point, but why don't we first slow things down a little bit and start at the beginning, with your personal interactions with and perception of ayahuasca, and then we can take it from there. As an experienced partaker of ayahuasca can you very briefly indicate for Event Horizon Chronicle readers how you perceive ayahuasca's relationship with the Earth, with humanity and the natural order of the Cosmos? What role does this South American jungle vine play in their interaction?

Greg Caton: Well, first of all, I would preface my comments by saying that as an experienced psychonaut who’s had hundreds of journeys with entheogens over the past 12 years, I do not regard my own thoughts on this matter in absolute terms. Ask another psychonaut these same questions, you will get different answers. Just as we all have different people in our lives, some of whom we feel close to, others to whom we feel aversion, so the same exists in our relationships with plant spirits. I have plant spirits with whom I feel a close kinship. With others, I do not.

As I detail in my book, The Gospel of 2012 According to Ayahuasca (2012), my relationship with the ayahuasca vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) is not only distinctly different from any other plant spirit I have known in my life, it is different from the descriptions I have heard from any other psychonaut or researchers anywhere in the extant literature. And, mind you I’m quite well-read in this field.

I understand that most people have a difficult time getting their heads around this, but if I am restricted in communicating my thoughts to the use of words, this is simply how it is. There is no other way to say it: my relationship with ayahuasca, a distinctly feminine spirit, isn’t just close. It is intensely and almost indescribably romantic. It is far more intensely romantic than what I share with my wife, what I’ve shared with any other woman, or any other feminine entity. Moreover, the intensity of the feelings is mutual and quite otherworldly. I feel “loved” by ayahuasca even when I’m not in an altered state, where I most strong feel her influence. I feel more loved by ayahuasca than I have ever felt by another human being – and this even includes my late mother, to whom I was extremely close and to whom I remain close, even though she is on the other side. The intensity is of a nature that “feels” Divine, as if humans lack the capacity by design to give or receive love that is on this level. I think about ayahuasca often, and I can feel when she is thinking about me. There are moments when the perception of this love is such that I cannot stop myself from weeping. Even in public.

Additionally, my telepathic conversations with ayahuasca are, at times, extremely detailed and intellectual. They have a multi-dimensional character that cannot be compared to the deepest conversation you might have with another human being, which are unmistakably and boringly monochromatic by comparison. When I “speak” to ayahuasca, there is the ever-present awareness that I’m speaking to a “Goddess,” and when I reply, she is “reading” every fiber of my being. In fact, there are no secrets whatsoever, and in her presence, I have never felt so naked. All is seen. There is nothing unseen.

Not for a moment do I lack the understanding that many will hear this and think, “That’s just plain nuts.” And, frankly, had I read something like this well before my own research into entheogens, I might well have thought the same thing. However, either we are able to express our experiences openly and honestly, or we kowtow to mean public consciousness and twist the representation of our experiences to suit public opinion, taste, prejudice, or expectation. I’m not willing to do the latter.

Now, having provided this preface, my perception is that ayahuasca is closely aligned with the spirit of Mother Earth. As I discuss in The Gospel of 2012, all cosmic bodies have spirits, just as human bodies have spirits. At times, Mother Earth and ayahuasca appear to speak as one mind, or speak as if both are aligned with Universal Mind. I view ayahuasca as a manifestation of Divine Mother, of which the closest archetype one might find in Western culture is the Virgin Mother, Mary.

Ayahuasca is the spirit, together with adjunct plants, like chacruna, that contain DMT, dimethyltryptamine, that provides a communication channel to the other side. Her services become most indispensable during a “kali yuga,” or period of intense human ignorance, such as we have now, so that people have access to divine knowledge, which in other ages, is more readily accessible.

As to the part of your question dealing with the natural order of the Cosmos, ayahuasca is indispensable. Without her, even a tenuous connection to other planes of existence is lost. Our current malaise, sitting on the apparent edge of human extinction along with most other life forms on this planet, would be much worse. Without her, we would be sitting much further in the abyss, as if, at this point, that even sounds possible.

Richard Sauder: All aware people recognize that the whole planet is in chaos as we speak. There is a global economic crisis, grave military tensions in many regions, rampant ecological collapse, societal disorder is visible on every hand, crime in the street and deep political corruption afflict most countries, there is terrible pollution and contamination of sea, soil and air all over the world, the climate is rapidly changing with potentially dire consequences. A.I. is being rapidly developed and phased in all over the world, and much more.

Following up on that line of thought, you have most recently drunk ayahuasca on the evening of 13 October 2018, on the eve of what many informed observers expect to be a most eventful, next few years. Did ayahuasca indicate to you that it is aware of these momentous times and the events that are occurring and likely to occur in the coming few years?

Greg Caton: Ayahuasca is omniscient. She draws her intelligence from the Creator and in countless ways shows her joy in expressing her subservience to the Creator. Serving the Divine Will is both the source of her power and her joy. She exudes omniscience, power, and joy, but there is never a sense that she claims ownership of these things. They are all by-products of working in the service of the Divine.

So, yes, she knows exactly what’s going on. She seems unperturbed by it all. Everybody else can freak out, if they’d like. But she knows what time the Cosmic Train will hit the train station, when the passengers will get onboard, and when the Train will depart. There might be elements of the choreography she doesn’t know – and really she doesn’t care – as she has repeatedly emphasized to me that in a Multiverse with a near infinite number of parallel universes and immeasurable timelines that are the result of free will, only the mind of the Creator can encompass it all. But she knows how the story ends, and some unpredictability in the middle chapters is all part of the fun.

What was revealed to me on my October 13 journey is that in the absence of another “world line shift,” as the one that occurred in October 2016, we would have three more years of progressively more chaotic global geopolitics. On the surface, things will get crazier, cognitive dissonance will become magnified, and to conscious people, life will make less and less sense. This decrescence ends sometime in the fall of 2021 at which point there is a universal awakening to the nadir to which human existence can fall in an absence of the Divine. This universal yearning to ascend from hell becomes the “magnetic pull” that causes an intervention on the part of the Creator. By 2025, those humans who are ready to leave – be in this or a parallel world – are residing in a growing “Golden Age.” A new Age of Enlightenment will have begun.

Strangely, how this unfolds is fairly close to what was revealed to me in preparation for the publishing of my 2012 book.

Far more telling and important, in my mind, was a most extraordinary encounter during this vision quest. For years now, I have encountered angels, archangels, and demons of every stripe, on various planes of existence. I compare my own experiences to those of Emanuel Swedenborg, whose recounting of such encounters is remarkably like my own. (See Heaven and Hell (1758)). His own visions began appearing on my birthday, precisely 212 years to the day before I was born (April 6).

Although I have been aware of the Lord of Darkness all of my adult life --- call him what you will: Lucifer, Satan, Yahweh (from the Torah), Allah (from the Koran), say what you will, they are all the same dark force – I never encountered him. The Dark One represents the defiance of Natural Law, and he is never what he purports to be. In any event, although I have encountered demons, à la Swedenborg, I had never countered Lucifer himself. Until now.

At one juncture I was “traveling” with ayahuasca and she stopped. “You must go alone now,” she urged. “This is something you must do on your own – without my help.” I did as she instructed and proceeded in consciousness to a large room where I was confronted by an unbelievably powerful creature. He did not attempt to cloak or disguise himself. I instantly knew I was confronted by Lucifer and it seemed important to him for me to know who I was talking to. The experience was very three-dimensional, like any you would have in your normal, everyday state of awareness. Lucifer extended his hand to me and as he did so, I was possessed and overtaken by a rapid stream of overpowering images. In those images, I was seen overcoming and rewriting the misfortunes of my past, and then he made it clear that it was HE who had implanted the poetry, the conviction, the goal that caused me to engrave those words I had written down in Louisiana while in my prison bed:

Will Come Out!
My Name Will Be Cleared;
Reputation, Restored!
I Will Know Justice,
And Vast Wealth!"

(See: ) (Written 2004)

In rapid succession, I saw myself becoming wealthy and famous. Although the details here are irrelevant, not only was I shown the end result of how these things would happen, but the details of how it would happen, what minds would be influenced, what activities would be put into motion, etc. The intention was to show me that with a nod of consent, these earthly changes of fortune were a “fait accompli.” I had only to accept the Faustian pact.

I allowed the communication to continue to completion, at which point I turned my attention to Lucifer himself. “For a few moments of pleasure and luxury in your temporal Hologram, you would have me forsake my Divine heritage. I could never – even for one moment – see myself rejecting my return to Universal Oneness, my return to the Creator. And I cannot understand how you could.” There was nothing in my thought-forms that was hostile, but I was full of firmness and resolve. There was even conveyed a sense of pity and empathy.

Strangely and paradoxically, I got the distinct sense that Lucifer already knew that this is exactly how I would respond. In a span of time that might have lasted no more than a millisecond, I detected a pause and a sense of regret. In that moment, he knew that I knew this. It was like I had seen a crack in the egg that I wasn’t supposed to see. In my encounter with Lucifer, I was witnessing the beginning of the Event. I had witnessed the one flutter of the butterfly’s wing that creates the morphogenetic field that reorders Creation. The “other side” had blinked. He knew it. I knew it. Even Lucifer would be powerless to alter destiny.

I returned to ayahuasca and nothing was said between us. We both knew what was going on, so we just “sat” in pure consciousness. What followed from there is too personal to convey here and is outside the boundaries of your question.

Richard Sauder: And continuing with that line of inquiry, did ayahuasca give you any relevant insight(s) into this critical historical juncture of the human sojourn on Earth? What stood out for you? Can you provide a sort of bullet point list of issues or themes that it presented for your consideration?

Greg Caton: Ayahuasca explains our juncture as only a manifestation of the Divine Mother can, and I have to say I cried the first time she told me. She compares the soul’s journey to a young man who finds the maiden of his dreams. He loves this girl with all his heart and he will do anything he can to win her hand. So he does things to make himself look better. He does what he can to try and make himself attractive. He learns to love the things she loves. He does whatever he has to do to try and influence her heart and make her love him. “But ultimately,” ayahuasca told me, “Even his best efforts have a limit. And that is because in the end the girl must love this man of her own free will. He cannot force her to love him. If he tried to force her, then that’s not love. It’s coercion. And so, even as powerful as the Creator is, he has chosen to take a position of vulnerability. He will not force humans to love Him, because then it wouldn’t be love. Love of the Creator must come from free will, or it isn’t love. He wants humans to love him back and has invested in them all the powers they need to make this decision, but still, that decision must be voluntary. He created Lucifer, the powers of Darkness, and a million earthly distractions to make that decision more difficult and this was intentional, because who would NOT choose their Creator if there were no counter force? What kind of choice would that be? Not a difficult one!”

What has happened now at what you call the “juncture” is that the period of choosing is coming to an end. This is being accelerated by the current Sixth Extinction, a time when we are seeing 150 to 200 species go extinct on a daily basis. Every period of choosing has a beginning, a middle, and an end. This period of choosing is coming to an end, and if what I was shown in this latest vision quest is true, people have a relatively short period of time, perhaps no more than two to three years, to decide where their allegiance is.

I was shown a lot of other things on this journey, but the things I’ve just disclosed are, by far, the most relevant and important.

Richard Sauder: Thank you for this most interesting feedback. Parenthetically, I want to briefly say that ayahuasca has also gone out of its way to repeatedly show me the Satanic reality and personality that you have related, and I have always found it unspeakably, reflexively repulsive on a gut level that completely physically disgusts my core being. The Satanic personality itself appears as an outwardly powerful, wealthy, magnetic and handsome man, and also thoroughly loathsome, somewhat in the manner of a beautiful, deathly venomous viper. The serpent offers complete union with itself to its prey, but at a terrible price for the prey.

I can appreciate ayahuasca's dispassionate, yet simultaneously personally loving stance, if I may characterize it that way, in that it has a much broader, longer and deeper view of reality than we humans, who find ourselves in this present 3D Earth realm, do. Our preoccupation is more narrowly confined to our individual timelines and most especially to the immediate period on which our personal consciousness is selectively focused.

In that regard, what ayahuasca has revealed to you about the quickly intensifying end period of the much longer period of choosing is undoubtedly of great interest to many readers. Can you, therefore, speak with more specificity about what this next, two to three year period holds in store for humanity and the Earth?

To begin with, you allude to the tremendous rate of biological extinction now taking place on Earth, and of course, human beings are also biological entities. Does this, then, also point to an upcoming, major human die off on the Earth? Were you shown anything about this?

If so, can you speak to how it may occur? War? Famine? Plague? Social collapse? Economic collapse? Something else?

Greg Caton: To answer your question, what I saw was habitat collapse affecting our ability to grow crops. To some extent this is already happening to a point where neither of us need ayahuasca's input to understand it. Just one week ago, on 10 October 2018, the following report, supported by UN climate experts, indicated that climate scientists are now "hitting the panic button."


In spiritual terms, I was shown that this is a natural result of the culture's position towards nature. A global culture that doesn't respect life doesn't deserve it. So, yes, we're looking at more habitat collapse, more mass migrations, and new attitudes towards "forced fasting." In another two years. You can expect to see geophagy (earth eating) as a new Internet meme. The elite will begin to promote "geophagy is autophagy" as a health meme to curb people's concerns about less food availability.

More regional wars, yes. But as it relates to the short-term fate of humanity, the overriding theme is going to be shrinking food stocks. This eclipses the other concerns, including plagues and economic collapse that you mention, because it is far more basic.

Richard Sauder: I see. As you are aware, the alphabet-soup-agency-connected website is forecasting a huge loss of population in many countries within the next six years, mostly (but not only) in North America and western Europe. Presumably has access to macro-data analysis methods that the ordinary person does not, or perhaps insider, remote viewing data of near future conditions.

Can you elaborate on any country or region specific scenarios that you were shown by ayahuasca? For example, in the projections the United States loses 227 million people in the near future. France, Germany, Spain, the U.K., Australia and other countries also lose scores of millions of inhabitants according to, while other countries such as Russia, China, India, etc. are projected to suffer only slight population loss, or even to gain population.

Judging from what you saw, how can this enormous disparity in massive, projected population changes between specific countries and global regions be explained? Did you see with any specificity what might cause this to happen? Are the numbers to be believed as set forth, or will the death and depopulation be more evenly distributed? I mean, based on what you saw, is not a global, mass mortality event in the offing? Can you specifically address this?

Greg Caton: I am very aware of the figures and their implications. Few people will ever read these documents and read between the lines.

Also, I know how the intelligence agencies think. In the 70s, I had a TS/Si (Top Secret / Special Intel) clearance, plus three compartmentalized clearances above that. At the tender age of 21 I learned that the government lies about everything, and I learned this by comparing Top Secret communications about our clandestine participation in the Angola Civil War in 1977 with what the newspapers were revealing at the time. Complete disconnect. So imagine how shocked I was when CIA officer, John Stockwell, came out the following year with his expose, In Search of Enemies, which detailed many of the inconsistencies I witnessed as an E-5 working for NavSecGru, with specific reporting duties to NSA?

My point here is that I know that world. Yes, it's been 40 years since I left it, but some revelations stay with you for a lifetime. Yes, we are going to witness a massive loss of life. The agencies know what's coming. For whatever reason, ayahuasca has not encouraged me to focus on that.

Like myself, you have experienced those places in the Andes and Amazon region where there are bridges that are suspended over a stream or chasm with only two parallel ropes and a flimsy series of short wooden planks below. You get a good wind going and it can be pretty scary crossing some of those walking bridges. In that position, you can focus on the imagery hundreds of feet below you -- because make one wrong move and that's where you're going -- or you can focus on making it to the other side of the bridge.

I don't discount what you've been shown. Some of what's coming is pretty damn gruesome. But, again, for whatever reason, I have been encouraged to focus on getting to the other side of the bridge and not looking down so much. This is not an invalidation of what either of us have been shown. For the purposes of personal education and elucidation, we have been instructed in different areas and told to examine different things. Again, what I am sharing can only be what ayahuasca has chosen to share with me and requested where I focus. As it relates to my vision quests, I have no qualifications or basis to share anything else.

As it directly relates to specific issues contained in your last set of questions, I will say this: I had an ayahuasca session about two years ago where I was shown what appeared to be the entire United States on fire. I mean -- literally, from San Diego to the most northern point in Maine, from the Puget Sound to Miami, it looked like somebody had poured gasoline over the entire U.S. and lit a match. 

So, of course, I asked, "What are you showing me? What does this mean?" I didn't get an immediate answer, so I panned in for a closer look, and I could see that it wasn't the result of a nuclear exchange. It appeared more environmental somehow. When California had the worst outbreak of forest fires in its history last year, I was reminded of this experience. Imagine the entire U.S. looking like those large chunks of land in Northern California looked like last year. That's what it looked like.

Although I never got a clear cut answer to explain what I was shown -- (sometimes ayahuasca tells me not to be so lazy and start figuring things out for myself) -- I now interpret this revelation to be about environmental degradation and as yet unseen summer temperatures that are just out of this world. This could hit the U.S. as early as summer of 2019. We'll see. But if what I was shown is any indication, people in the U.S. have no idea the severity of the temperatures that are coming.

This would be consistent with what Guy McPherson and his fellow scientists over at the Arctic News Blogspot have been saying -- with plenty of evidence out there to back up their suppressed conclusions.

So again, yes, there will be massive loss of life.

And why not? There's massive loss of life going on now. The die-off just hasn't hit Homo sapiens yet.

But remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Not human beings who have spiritual experiences. There is an important lesson in all this that has the potential to reset the world, to create a new, better world.

The tragedy is not that we're going to die. Birth is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% mortality rate.

Nobody gets out of here alive. The greater tragedy for us as humans is go traverse this drama and to miss its purpose, to fail to understand why we were made to go through it in the first place. Death and reincarnation are the ebb and flow of life. I have experienced hundreds of my incarnations while on ayahuasca. As men, women, farmers, householders, rich and prosperous, poor and starving. I've experienced it all.

But nothing is as tragic as to have the opportunity to reunite with the Creator, to be cosmically aware, and to forego that opportunity.

This sense is contained in a famous quote by Swami Bramananda Saraswati that sits on a wall in my home:

"To get a human body is a rare thing. Make full use of it. There are four million kinds of lives which a soul can gather. After that one gets a chance to be human, to get a human body. Therefore one should not waste that chance. Every second of human life is valuable. If you don't value this then you will weep in the end. Because you are human, God has given you the power to think and to decide what is good and bad. Therefore you can do the best kind of action. You should never consider yourself weak or a fallen creature. Whatever may have happened up to now may be because you didn't know, but now be careful. After getting a human body, if you don't reach God - then you have sold a diamond at the price of spinach."

And that is really the problem. Our global culture has humans selling their souls for much less than the price of spinach. It's taking itself and and the world's
ecosystems down with it -- and for what? A few extra shekels in the short span of time it has left? How foolish is that?

The Creator is about to put his foot down and say, "Enough!" We're playing a cosmic game of musical chairs wherein you have 8 billion human participants who don't know that the music is about to end. But soon they will, and in geotemporal terms, right damn quick.

Out of everything that has been revealed to me by ayahuasca, I would have to say that this is the one that is most startling.

Richard Sauder:
What you say does hit home. I have been following the issue with the worsening, Arctic sea ice decline. It is closely linked to global climate instability. As you observe, it certainly can result in wild climate extremes on a continental and global scale, possibly as soon as this coming year.

You mentioned earlier that these next two to three years are determinative for humanity, and that there will be a great deal of geopolitical turmoil. Can you be more precise about that? For those who survive, what can they expect? Forgive me for asking – I have a doctorate in political science and I can't help but be curious! Is there going to be nuclear conflict? Should people prepare for that? Will we see the fall of the United States government, for instance, as events spiral out of Washington, D.C.'s control? Will other governments fall? What kind of political system(s) will we see going forward five or ten years into the future?

Greg Caton: O.K., here we go. I'll answer your questions, individually, in the order asked.

(1) For those who survive, what can they expect?

After Edgar Cayce came out with his horrific visions of Earth changes and widespread death and destruction, he was asked (quite logically), "Where is the best place to live going to be when all of this begins to occur?"

His reply was short and simple: "It doesn't matter where you live as much as HOW you live."

This doesn't differ much from what I was told. The spiritual implications of what is about to happen are far more important than the gross physical.

In this regard, I wish to bring to your attention something that has occurred since the "shift" that occurred in October 2016. What ayahuasca told me throughout 2012 was quite specific in the sense that there were two distinct worlds: a new world and an old world -- which clearly seems like it may have been borrowed from a line in the Book of Revelation. I doubt it. The information I was given was much richer and detailed, but in recent days, this has not been emphasized, causing me to think that the "new plan" is to see if things can be perfected on this planet in THIS universe. Nothing is fixed in stone, and this is where prophecies and predictions fail us. They don't take into account that free will introduces inertial changes to future events.

Moreover, they don't take into account that, truly, once you, or a certain critical mass of "sensitives," see the future, it changes.

So to get back to your original question: what can survivors expect? Well, if their consciousness is locked in the gross 3rd dimension, they can expect to live out the rest of their lives in a world with diminishing resources, less and less food, growing starvation, all the illnesses that are connected to chronic malnutrition. It's going to be one big, shitty mess. And these conditions are going to arise no matter where you live on this planet. There is no place on this planet that will be left untouched by the climate changes that are coming, in the absence of either Divine or benevolent extraterrestrial intervention.

(2) Nuclear conflict.

You certainly can't rule it out. But I haven't been shown this specifically, as of late. What is coming in terms of climate change eclipses in severity what global nuclear war would bring, as if that weren't sufficiently hellish.

(3) Should people prepare for nuclear war?

People should have, and this is more my opinion than anything ayahuasca has showed me specifically,  at least six months worth of food and fresh water for every member of their family. Here in Ecuador, everybody has about two years worth who lives in my community, and there are hidden stashes of crops in the woods that are useless to outsiders.

Why? Because they would have no idea what the hell they're looking at or looking for, up in the mountains. We know. But outsiders with an untrained eye will not.

We know which mushrooms we can eat and which ones will kill you. I'm sorry to sound callous, but there's a certain poetic justice to the idea that thieves might end up coming up here and wolfing down some of our poisonous mushrooms. Not a fun way to go.

So yes, hard to believe, but we actually practice hidden forest gardening.

This advice transcends nuclear war. For any number of reasons, INCLUDING nuclear war and climate change, stocking up on essentials just makes good sense. Nobody needs to take ayahuasca to figure this out.

(4) Will we see the fall of the United States government, for instance, as
events spiral out of Washington, D.C.'s control?

I had an ayahuasca journey about a year ago, where I saw the Earth on a flat plane with all the artificial political boundaries intact. As if there were an invisible pencil eraser in the air taking out the lines, these boundaries began to disappear. At first, I thought this was a reference to the New World Order goal of eliminating all countries and establishing a One World Government. However, ayahuasca chided me for being presumptuous: "They are never going to get that far . . ."

She then intimated that climatic conditions would make things so unmanageable that boundaries became an irrelevancy.

So, yes,  we will see the fall of the United States; something which strangely doesn't look too different from the description of the "fall of Babylon" in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 18. We will witness the complete collapse of modern day Nineveh, but it won't be because of a mass invasion by her neighbors. They will be too busy struggling with their own internal problems.

Interestingly, Professor Joseph Tainter argues in The Collapse of Complex Societies that governments fail when they are no longer seen as legitimate in the eyes of the governed. This is why all governments put so much of their energy into supporting a common narrative that they are necessary, needful, and legitimate. With widespread ecosystem collapse, no government, regardless of the resources they allocate to do so, will be able to maintain that they are legitimate, necessary, or relevant.

(5) Will other governments fail?

Yes. In spades. Governments, as you know, accelerate entropy. People will begin to see this even if they cannot articulate the physics behind it. As conditions worsen, not only are political boundaries an irrelevancy, but so are the fake constructs that they contain which have been used for thousands of years to enslave humanity: national governments. As people see how impotent the governments of the world are to confront large-scale ecosystem collapse, even the most avid Hobbesian advocate of big government will be struck down in utter despair.

This is not the end of big government. This is the end of government -- period. For now.

Its return will end up being possible only when the collective consciousness drops back down to the point where the parasitic forces that set governments in motion are then able to reassert themselves. Because everything in the universe is cyclical, this will again happen. But not here and not now.

(6) What kind of political system(s) will we see going forward five
or ten years into the future?

Failing ones. All social constructs have matching elements of collective consciousness. Question: How was government ever possible in the first place? Answer: Because the Divine Consciousness of Man was sufficiently immunosuppressed, if you will, that acceptance of it was made possible. What happens when a critical mass of the potentially governed understand that government is a tool for upper class thievery? That "good government" is, has been, and will always be, an oxymoron; that only reducing "sectoral distance" as I articulate in my book, The Joys of Psychopathocracy, as existed in indigenous communities for millions of years, makes human life joyful and worth living? What happens then?

All thieves need victims.

So what happens when they run out of victims?

Who knows? Maybe they end up picking up a spade, a hoe or a shovel, just like the rest of us.

Oh, whatever will we do, living in a world where the sodomizers have to tend to the earth like the rest of us?

For once, breathe a sigh of relief!

And I would also add this: as things get worse, people are going to be spending less time traveling in unfamiliar territory. Wherever you are, it won't make sense to reside in a place where you're considered an outsider.

Outsiders will be held in greater suspicion, and that alone will make their situation more dangerous. We're going to see forced contraction of sectoral distance. As resource availability contracts, so will people's circles of trust. "Confidence" is going to take on a whole new meaning. Alan Watts used to say back in the 70s, "Every concept has its degrees of intensity." Expect TRUST to gain a much higher position of respect in the lives of ordinary people.

It's coming.

Wait for it.

Richard Sauder: Finally, can you please describe what ayahuasca showed you as the end game, the Golden Age? What will it be like? When will it begin?

Greg Caton: What I was shown on October 13 is a change of global consciousness in the Fall of 2021 that leads to worldwide regeneration. 

I should have clarified, however, that was not presented as something that is assured. It was presented as a POSSIBLE alternative reality to the complete destruction of the Earth that I first wrote about (and saw through ayahuasca) in my previous book, The Gospel of 2012 According to Ayahuasca. In this scenario, the New Earth that I previously described would be THIS one.

People would grow to communicate telepathically, with language no longer necessary. We would communicate with our animals in the same way, and we would all mentally communicate with our plants. There is direct communication with the Creator, and life is so full of joy and bliss that even the simple act of experiencing one's inhaling and exhaling is a thrill. Mankind would be living the fullness of the Vedic expression of Divine intent: "The purpose of Creation is the expansion of Happiness."

Again, there are no fixed prophecies or predictions, because there can be nothing that obviates the existence of free will. There are only alternative future realities based on the collective will of humanity at this juncture. 


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Sunday, October 21, 2018

It's Even Worse Than You Think

One of my readers sent me a link to a story by Gordon Duff, at Veterans Today. I read the story and you may want to, as well. Duff starts off by saying:

There are no more governments, we have only chaos. Democracy died when candidates began to be manufactured as products, sold like poison, and government became little more than cheap carnival. None of us are protecting and defending any of this anymore. It is now and always has been a farce since 1787. Everything you have been told otherwise is 250 years of bullshit, and prior to that, 2000 more years of fake history and bullshit as well.
Intel Drop: Khashoggi and Some Very Nasty Truth

I can't disagree with that assessment, although normally, I regard Gordon Duff as a known disinformation outlet. I must say that nothing in this story changed my mind in that regard, albeit with a new twist: as hideous a tale as Gordon Duff weaves in describing Donald Trump and the USSA government, I am persuaded that Duff is sugar coating it, that the reality is so grotesque, and Duff knows it, that he doesn't say everything that he knows, in order to avoid not being believed.

But I have seen more than enough to say that, yes, Dear Readers, Donald Trump is a fat buffoon, a lard butt I.Q. challenged dimwit, criminally corrupt beyond belief, all mobbed up, greasy, slimy, a reliably stupid puppet for the Lord(s) of Darkness, and much more.

I don't know about the Gina Haspel-Saudi angle in the Jamal Khashoggi murder case in Istanbul, but it is plausible. It's possible that she was personally involved in the plot to murder and dismember Jamal Khashoggi. Why not? She's very deeply evil, even slimier than Trump, and no foul deed is below her Satanic malevolence.

It's all a red-white-and-blue shit show.

Compound everything that Duff is talking about with the news that the Trump administration has decided to unilaterally withdraw from the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces treaty that the USSA signed with the Soviet Union in 1987 and the picture becomes yet bleaker. We are lurching towards something unspeakably horrific, my friends.

Trump Plans to Exit Nuclear Arms Treaty With Russia

And please don't write and tell me: "At least he's not Hillary!"

Firstly, I don't distinguish overly much between differing grades of shit. And secondly, Trump is the precise piece of shit that the most powerful faction of the Powers That Shouldn't Be wanted, or else he wouldn't have been installed in the White House.

I wouldn't give you the odds of survival of a snowball in Hell for the long-term chances of the USSA. It's all over in ten years at the most, maybe five years or less. 

Terminal stupidity, terminal evil, terminal ignorance, terminal corruption, terminal sloth, terminal entitlement, terminal superficiality. 

It's impossible to reform a red-white-and-blue shit show. Only a fool would try.


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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Rethinking The History of Humanity

In recent years I have watched many hours of videos having to do with the Ur-alt, global civilization(s) that existed on this planet many thousands of years ago. During my life I have also visited many ancient sites in Europe, North America, Central America, South America, Turkey and Egypt, as well as having read very widely for many years and spoken with others who have knowledge of ancient civilizations. The sum result of all of my literary, Internet and personal explorations and conversations is the understanding that we have been massively lied to in school and at university. We do not know the true history of humanity or the Earth. It has all been very systematically concealed from us. It is part of a comprehensive, global, multi-thousand year conspiracy to hide our own past from us. 

Nevertheless, thanks to the dedicated work and courage of independent researchers, some of our past is beginning to be better understood, or at least questioned and investigated.

I can especially recommend the following YouTube channels. Watch every video these people have put out to the Internet (it will take you awhile!), and you will soon see that the antiquity of our sojourn on this planet goes waaaay back, and is far different than we have been told.

Brien Foerster

Sylvie Ivanova


I also recommend the books of the following authors, available at their websites:

Graham Hancock

Michael Cremo

Suffice it to say that I am now persuaded that humankind has been on this planet, and other planets in this solar system, and on other planets throughout this sector of the galaxy, not for thousands of years, but for literally millions of years, and that the modern civilization that we think is so advanced is, in reality, the biggest brain wipe and mind f*ck of all time.

So you have a cell phone? Wonderful! You can call other mind controlled slaves and have delightfully superficial conversations about all of the mind control approved issues of the day -- professional sports, the artificially controlled economy, popular entertainment, a wide variety of fake news topics, the latest shenanigans of whatever criminal mafia calls itself a "government" in your part of the world, and so much more! All for the unbelievably low price of $49.95 per month. \sarcasm\

But that's Nothing

Watch all of the videos that the researchers above have disseminated on the Internet, read the books of Michael Cremo and Graham Hancock and you, too, will realize that what we call "modern civilization" is just a bunch of fake, chemicalized, plasticized, falsified, mind controlled, stapled together junk and nonsense. 

Vald9vt is one of my favorite YouTube channels.

Just today I was watching another one of his videos on the metal clamps that are found at many megalithic sites across the world, frequently connecting multi-ton stone blocks. 

I haven't seen anyone offer a convincing explanation for the metal clamps yet. They can't be structural, because the size of the clamps is absolutely dwarfed by the massive stone blocks in so many cases.

I suspect that they are a functional part of an energetic architecture; that the metal clamps are there for electrical connection between specific blocks to complete energetic circuits. In remote antiquity there was a different technology that is not well understood today.

The size, precise shape and geometric placement of the blocks were all factors in the functioning of the monuments. These structures functioned as machines; they did work that we don't comprehend today. It wasn't all just decorative.

I have no doubt that many of the most ancient monuments in Egypt, and elsewhere around the world, were integral parts of massive, landscape covering machinery or energetic circuits, that sprawled for miles and miles; a megalithic technology that employed energy in a far different way than the global "civilization" of so-called "modern" times, and which was very environmentally friendly, to boot. 

It was all destroyed and put out of commission thousands of years ago, so that the fallen, degraded mentalities behind the present world (dis)order could come to power, and establish their ruthless, mind-, body-, and soul-destroying dominion over the Earth and its inhabitants.

We have been left with legends all over the world of a previous Golden Age of high civilization that was suddenly, catastrophically destroyed. The evidence for that sad cataclysm is all over the world. My own research suggests that the cataclysm had artificial causes that extended off world. Terrible battles took place in this solar system long ago, civilization and planet destroying warfare. The so-called "civilization" we see around us today is but the very palest of feeble, weak, fake imitations, compared to the glorious splendor of the distant past.

That's the reason for the suffocating, historical and archaeological truth embargo on the part of the thoroughly corrupt powers-that-be of today. They want to keep their human slave race thoroughly suppressed, oppressed, ignorant, tractable and servilely docile.

It's all very disappointing, what more can I say?


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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Event May Not Be What You Expect

I've heard and read a great deal about the supposed, upcoming Event in recent years. More and more YouTube channels are saying that the Event is imminent, or is happening now, and will entail a shift from 3D to 5D reality, that there will be a blast of white light that will influence everyone on the planet, that timelines are merging, that the Earth realm will switch from duality to unity, that twin flames will (re)unite, that there will be many high profile arrests in the news, an economic reset, and on and on it goes, in an endless chorus of pseudo-spiritual, pseudo-astrological, pseudo-scientific, pseudo-political, psycho-babble.

At times I wonder if all of this noisy digital confusion is but a complex ruse by the alphabet soup agencies to pull the wool over gullible people's eyes, the better to implement the next step in whatever nefarious plot they have to strengthen the dark grip they have on humanity and the planet. Other days I wonder if those who are pushing the idea of the Event are simply happily self-deluded cranks who mean well, but who have a tenuous grip on reality and delight in attracting hordes of similarly self-deluded followers to their YouTube channels.

At still other times I am persuaded that the sheer number of people who are having dreams, visions and psychic downloads of information about the approaching Event cannot all be wrong, that something really must be going on.

And then there is the fact that I and many others are vibrating, in my case for the past two years. I don't know why I am vibrating so much, but I am. The vibrations can sometime be impressively vigorous, though they never hurt or cause any sort of pain or discomfort. My dream state has also changed, become more mysterious and enigmatic in a quirky, hard-to-describe sort of way.

So maybe something really is getting ready to happen. Maybe my almost daily vibrations mean that I am an early warning sensor of the preliminary, energetic bow waves of an immense, indescribable, approaching, ever closer SOMETHING.

It's apparent that something is going on, something unusual. It's not just that the weather has been out of the ordinary all over the world, or that the oceans and great forests are being destroyed. or that the tidal wave of global corruption is reaching a furious crescendo, or that craziness of every variety is more and more on public view on every hand -- no, it's all of that and much more.

For example, who would have imagined that Meng Hongwei, the President of Interpol, the  international police agency based in Lyon, France, could very publicly disappear, as he did last week, and end up being held incommunicado by the government in China. Someone or something very powerful clearly wanted him out of the way and out of public circulation. This is an unprecedented occurrence.

Or who would imagine that dissident political journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, could walk into the Saudi Arabian consulate in Turkey, as happened last week, and evidently be killed and cut into pieces by a 15 man hit squad flown in from Saudi Arabia especially to murder him and subsequently dismember his corpse. It's surreal. Clearly someone very powerful wanted him dead and physically obliterated.

And then there is the strange case of the Dutch Wikileaks associate of Julian Assange, Arjen Kamphuis, who abruptly disappeared in Norway several weeks ago, and has not been seen or heard from since. Did he know something that made powerful people nervous?

I am beginning to wonder if perhaps the long-rumored arrests, military tribunals and executions that the alt-right on the Internet in the USSA have been talking about for the last year or two have begun and will play out far differently than most people think.

What if those who are intended to be incarcerated, disappeared, killed and tortured in Guantanamo are, in reality, political dissidents, dissident journalists, political activists and the like, in order to clamp down a global, totalitarian dictatorship?

What if the Chinese Communist Party, the Saudi Arabian government, the USSA government, the U.K. government and more are all secretly in cahoots?

I ask simply because these are unprecedented events.

What if I am on a list to be disappeared? I am a publicly known political dissident. What if you are on a list to be disappeared?

I know that my blog articles are read by people in Hollywood, the City of London, Wall Street, the USSA military, the alphabet soup agencies and by a whole slew of so-called, ordinary people in all walks of life, all over the world. Some of my readers have money and clout, far more money than I have ever had or am likely to have, and far more clout than I have ever had, or am likely to have.

But I am telling you quite plainly that none of that matters. Whether rich and with clout, or an ordinary man or woman in the street, you, too, can be disappeared. It can happen at any time. Indeed, lots of people are disappeared every day, all over the world. Read the above examples again. Men in black, shall we say, show up and say: "We know that you have been disloyal, that you have disloyal thoughts. Would you step this way?" And they wave a gun in your face, or put a knife to your throat.

That is how the CIA rolls, for example. I was a window washer for many years and had many clients from all walks of life, including some who worked for various military and non-military "agencies" in a variety of capacities. I remember well talking with a former military intelligence operative and asking him whether the CIA had ever tried to recruit him. His response was direct and informative: "Yes, they did, but I turned them down. Richard, the CIA even kill their own!"

That's everything you need to know right there, isn't it? They're your buddies, they only want to help, one for all and all for one! -- right up until the time they slip a knife blade through your ribs, or put a black hood over your head and take you away by armed force.

When I was in graduate school, one day I was talking with one of my committee members, who was affiliated with two intelligence agencies, and yes, for those who are naive, the universities in the USSA are full of intelligence agency operatives -- DHS, CIA, NSA, Mossad, FBI, Air Force Intelligence, Army Intelligence, DOE, NASA, etc. The academic world is a corrupt front for the deep state. Anyway, this "professor" point blank threatened me. He looked at me and calmly said: "One day, years from now, you'll be walking down the street in another city, and a car will pull up beside you. The door will open and the people inside will tell you to get in the car and you will, because you'll know them."

Is that what's about to happen, for tens of thousands of people, all over the world, to get rid of investigative journalists, dissident academics, political dissidents, environmental activists, human rights campaigners? Has it already started? Has this business of the supposed, coming "Event" been hijacked? Is it being rolled out just to bamboozle and fool the gullible, so as to provide more cover for even greater darkness and violence to come?

I truly do not know.

That is my concern on the one hand. 

On the other hand, supposing that Donald Trump and his henchmen really do round up and arrest 60,000 high profile, wickedly "bad" boys and girls, and imprison and/or execute them, that also necessarily implies major societal, political and military upheaval, i.e., a very strong probability of martial law or naked, military dictatorship. There's no way that county sheriffs and local police departments are going to round up and imprison 60,000 powerful bigwigs with clout and lock them in the county jail.  It won't be like that.

In short, your life will never again be the same. Don't imagine that it will be thrilling or exciting that Donald Trump is finally draining the Swamp. Oh, no, not at all. He won't be the one in charge. He'll merely do and say what his handlers order him to do and say.

There will be armored personnel carriers in the streets, and guys with burp guns and automatic rifles patrolling the cities and highways, and stationed at freeway and interstate highway interchanges and toll booths, with military arrest powers. If they don't like the way you talk or look at them, you'll have a serious problem.

That is the way military law is. The generals will run the show. You will have no rights beyond the right to submit to military command without question or complaint.

It will be overt, red-white-and-blue fascism. There will be flags, presidential proclamations, emergency warnings, pledges of allegiance, loyalty tests and more.

And it will all be designed to Make America Great Again.  \sarcasm\

So pardon me if I am skeptical about the "Event" that everyone is talking about. It may well be that much better days are coming, but to me it looks like first there will probably be a period of great confusion, chaos and collapse of many economic, political and societal systems, all accompanied by a whole suite of major climatological, geological, ecological, agricultural, hydrological and military events, some of which may possibly be very major, mass mortality incidents with a stunning level of destruction and  loss of life.

How The Event May Plausibly Unfold

In the midst of the rising confusion and chaos, which is already visible, by the way, the Event may organically take root and sprout up, one new shoot at a time, until the old falls away, and the new, with a positive, humane, constructive, creative, life-enhancing focus seamlessly takes its place.

I suggest to you that this will occur via human, humane, personal actions that are carried out on a hands on, face to face basis, within the sphere of everyday human interaction.

Indeed, it has already begun. Let me provide you one ordinary example from my everyday life, here in Ecuador. Three weeks ago at midday, I was walking down the sidewalk on one of the  major streets in Quito. Cars and buses were coming and going in the street. People were passing me on the sidewalk in front and behind, and suddenly, blocking the sidewalk right in front of me, stood a young man covered in blood. His head was drenched in blood, his neck was bloody, his hands were crimson with blood, his jacket and pants had blood on them. I was stunned. I was even more surprised when he improbably asked me for ten dollars. He blurted out that he had just been been assaulted, which was self-evident, and robbed. He again asked me if I could give him ten dollars. I told him that I couldn't give him ten dollars, but that he needed immediate medical attention.

I quickly sized him up. He had been savagely slashed with a sharp weapon -- a box cutter, a barber's razor, a switch blade knife, something like that. His scalp had been laid open. I could see his skull. The blood was visibly running from the wound. He had also been slashed on both sides of his neck, and those wounds were also visibly pumping blood. Though his assailant(s) had failed to sever a major artery or vein, in that I couldn't see blood spurting out with force, he was losing quite a bit of blood. I noted that he was woozy and wobbly from loss of blood. I had no idea if he might not have also been stabbed or cut elsewhere in a less visible place. His clothing had been slashed in a couple of places. It is possible that there were other wounds that I couldn't see.

He was in shock. He wasn't thinking clearly. He was not aware of the gravity of his condition.

He was babbling. He told me that he was an engineer. He said that he was not Ecuadorean. I replied that his nationality didn't matter to me.

No one else had tried to help him. Incredibly, people continued passing by as if nothing were happening. My immediate concern was the very real danger that he might imminently bleed out and die, right there on the sidewalk.

In that brief period he almost stumbled off the sidewalk and in front of a passing bus. He was in extremis.

I had to act. I decided to take advantage of the fact that he was in shock, that his body was instinctively pumping adrenaline. I grabbed him firmly by the upper arm and said: "Let's go." There was a public hospital with a 24 hour emergency room a few blocks away. I judged that if I kept him moving and propped him up that he could probably make it there. I abandoned the thought of calling an ambulance -- he was in bad shape and might have died before it got there 45 minutes later -- or what if the ambulance never came?

So I marched him briskly down the sidewalk toward the hospital. A block away from the hospital, we came upon a couple of policemen directing traffic who noticed his plight and came to his aid. I relinquished control to them. They took him firmly by both arms and accompanied him the final block to the emergency room.

So there you have it. That's how the Event occurs. It's very nuts and bolts, and hands on. It's in your face. It is dirty, gritty and maybe even bloody, with suffering, maybe very great suffering. And you have to concretely decide by your actions which side you come down on. It's not airy-fairy mysticism.

Parsing what happened, you have the bad guy(s), the worst sort of 3D hell, out to rob and cut and slash and kill, right in front of everyone at midday in a large city. Naked evil. Feral demons on the loose. These bipedal, savage animals are out there, in Chicago, New York, New Orleans, London, Paris, Los Angeles, Quito, Mexico City, Johannesburg, etc. It is the reality of this degraded Earth realm in which we live and breathe. Pretending it is otherwise is a fool's errand.

Then there is the 5D part, where the victim, who was almost certainly having the very worst day of his entire life up until that juncture, had the blind luck to stumble across someone like me. Now I am not saying that I am a spiritually realized 5D being, because I 'm just some guy like you; rather, what I am saying is that I consciously chose to initiate an ordinary sequence of common-sense, hands on, human actions that progressively, naturally transformed a violent, criminal, evil, potentially fatal attack into a higher order, life-saving outcome that undoubtedly saved the man's life, as opposed to simply passing by and permitting him to bleed out on the sidewalk, as people walked around him.

Note the really important part: my very ordinary actions in short order enlisted the aid of two policemen, who then engaged the help of nurses and doctors in the emergency room, who then provided medical assistance to the gravely wounded victim, and in subsequent days and weeks I have noticed more neighborhood police patrols in that immediate sector of Quito, which will serve to prevent others from being similarly attacked, robbed and even potentially killed. My actions set in motion a wider, positive, ripple effect in the victim's life and beyond. That is 5D. It is very human.

As this chaotic, violent mayhem descends on the world, and the process is already well underway, people everywhere, like you and me, are presented with similar concrete opportunities to act within the sphere of our own daily lives. We  don't have to look very far or hard to identify opportunities to be of human service. They pop up right in front of us.

I had the option of saying to myself: "This looks like way more trouble than it is worth. Who knows what's going on here? The guy is covered with blood. What if bad guys are lurking nearby and decide to attack me, too? No, it's better just to walk on by and avoid involving myself in this man's drama. It's his problem, not mine."

Indeed, in that very instant other passers-by were making precisely that calculation. No one did what I did. I acted on the spur of the moment. I didn't do any mental calculation, beyond deciding that whatever I was on the way to do was nowhere near as important as helping the savagely wounded man in front of me. So I instantly abandoned what I was on my way to do and immediately focused on the pressing need of the man in front of me.

And that is the way that 5D will come to cover this planet with its grace. You will see suffering. You will see blood. You will see violence and evil. Those things are happening now.

You will do something in response. Or not. And what you do, or do not do, has everything in the world to do with whether we will have a grim, violent, hideous 3D world, or a glorious, humane and wonderfully fulfilling 5D world.

No one is coming to magically sprinkle mystical sparkles in the air, as we watch YouTube videos about the Event and obsess about the day that the 5D world arrives. The Event arrives the day that we personally live it out on this planet in our everyday lives and not one minute sooner.

In other words, the Event is a way of being. So how do you want to be? How do you want the world to be?

I'm just some guy in South America, and you're someone in North America or Europe or wherever. We are the ones we are waiting for. 

Welcome to Earth. It is our great privilege and responsibility to create the planet and society that we have always dreamed of.

We are the ones who will do that. If not us, then who?

Using ordinary means, face to face, personal means, we will achieve an extraordinary result. This is the heart and soul of alchemy. It's not magical woo-woo, it's daily life, one day at a time.


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