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Friday, January 17, 2014

Dumfukistan We Hardly Knew Ye -- Neutron Flux To Infinity

I love Gerald Celente's stuff. He's justifiably irascible and, more often than not, he's right. I thought his most recent video was especially on the mark.

The video is also memorable for his use of the term Dumfukistan as a moniker for the USSA and his mention of the global opinion poll which showed the USSA as the greatest threat to the world, followed by Pakistan, China and North Korea. This is the growing international perception of  the USSA and it is accurate. More and more observers are noting that the USSA is preparing for war against China and Russia. This is part and parcel of the global agenda of total domination by the Pentagon, the NSA, the CIA, the USSA Federal Reserve Bank, etc. The intent is to impose a global dictatorship over the whole world and it will be ruthless and unrelenting.

John Whitehead understands what is going on. His recent article,  Life in the Electronic Concentration Camp: The Many Ways That You’re Being Tracked, Catalogued and Controlled gets it just about right.

A massive, huge, life and spirit crushing concentration camp of TOTAL control. That's what's being set up and FAST. Earth -- the prison planet. Your whole life intended to be a slave hell. That's what ayahuasca showed me not quite two years ago. And it is, and will be brutally, harshly, cruelly ruthless. It's being put in place right now. John Whitehead has grokked what is being clamped down on all sides and from above, visibly and invisibly.

The interesting thing is that so many millions of people, nowhere more so than in the USSA, but also elsewhere, think that they will merely read about this in Internet blogs, or watch/hear/read about it on CNN or FOX or MSNBC or CNBC or the BBC or CBC or the Deutsche Welle or Radio France. They think if they say and do nothing, that nothing will happen to them. Whence, the term, Dumfukistan, inhabited by hundreds of millions of people who are dumber than f***.  I know a few Dumfukistanis. Probably you do, too.

The globe-spanning projection of military force by the Pentagon is part of this darkly wicked project.  The USSA has sent its hired killers into every corner of the world and they do not mean well. The living hells they have already produced in Libya, in Syria, in Iraq, and in Afghanistan are just the barest beginning. They are just getting started.

I'm talking about the rise of the military’s secret military.  Only it's not really so secret as all that. The USSA government and its military forces intend to kill a lot of people. Millions and millions and millions. Truth to tell, they already have killed millions and millions -- in the Philippines, in Korea, in Vietnam, in Central America, in the Caribbean, in Iraq, in Libya, in Afghanistan, and before that in Germany and Japan, and before that there was horrible genocide on the North American continent against the Native peoples. The USSA Army roamed over the land and killed Native people in large numbers. It was an ugly, cruel, pitiless, vicious business.

Yes, that's right, it was and still is a business. Ugly. Vicious. It's done for money. Weapons contracts, contracts for ammunition, tents, huts, runways, ships, submarines, warehouses, uniforms, trucks and jeeps, satellites, underground bases, tunnel boring machines, underwater facilities, fuel supply, food services, medical services, construction contracts and reconstruction contracts. Modern warfare, and the preparations for it, cost untold billions, and even trillions, of dollars.  So when someone in the USSA military tells you that they are in the service, you might properly ask them: "The service of precisely what?" Because besides squandering trillions of dollars all over the world, the unrelenting industrial slaughter of the USSA military has left a long trail of many MILLIONS of murdered human beings. It's a ghastly business.

And they are getting ready to kill a lot more. Only a complete dolt could be blind to the USSA's march to war against Iran, Syria, China, Russia. That's the planned order of battle. And once those are taken down, the resource rich continents of Africa and South America lie ripe for the taking. But understand that going to war against China and/or Russia and/or Iran and probably against Syria, as far as that goes, carries a real risk of escalating to a shooting nuclear war; the more so seeing as neither the USSA nor NATO, and especially not Israel, are capable of waging a major, protracted, land war in Europe or Asia, So in the event of major, open hostilities against Russia, China, Iran, and perhaps with Syria, the nukes may come out, sooner rather than later.

Please understand that there are those in positions of power, especially in the USSA (and allied power centers in Tel Aviv and the City of London) who certainly are willing to risk nuclear war, in order to maintain their present, vaunted position of perceived military, political and economic ascendance.

The Amazonian shamanic plant, malicagua, called to my attention an insidious plot by a shadowy, wicked, very well organized, international conspiracy to set off low yield nuclear or atomic devices in several American cities, in order to create a war panic, and set off what the plant intelligence referred to as totalitarian nuclear warfare. That is a plan that evidently exists. Were it to happen, it would be a false flag attack, or series of coordinated false flag attacks.  The perpetrators would operate from great secrecy and treachery. They will lie and falsely implicate others to conceal their own massive crimes.

By the way, Baltimore was one of the cities mentioned to me and don't you know, the Feds actually have a low flying helicopter circling over Baltimore looking for nuclear hot spots. Maybe some of the USSA's (ahem)  "friends" are not so friendly after all?

Don't believe it? Look -- click the link.

Helicopter Over Baltimore To Monitor Radiation

Some of the other cities mentioned to me were Chicago (one device downtown and the other more on the south side), San Diego, Phoenix, Albuquerque, San Antonio, Atlanta and several other cities that I have forgotten. It seems to me one of the others was in the mid-West. I just cannot remember if it was St. Louis, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Cincinnati or. ... There was a good bit of information and it was dark stuff. Not the kind of thing you want to think about and yet the plant called it to my attention.

Bottom line: there is a real nasty faction that is well-organized internationally who want to spark a nuclear holocaust. And they are prepared to nuke American cities, in false flag attacks, to try to start a nuclear war, and then lie and falsely blame others for their own, bottomless evil and wickedness.

I am not saying that this will happen, only that the plants called to my attention that there is a plan by one faction to do this. God willing, they will fail in their plan, or be thwarted by others who know of their intentions.

And don't you know that the guilty will speak ? As if on cue, a warmongering, stupid little Jack-in-the box from the Atlantic Council pops up in the daily news cycle braying his apocalyptic tidings. Several months back he wrote a piece speaking of the need for an "extraordinary crisis" to preserve the New World Order, aka the present, hyper-violent, deeply corrupt, international (dis)order presided over by "The Powers That Be".

Extraordinary Crisis Needed To Preserve New World Order

It appears that something more wickedly spectacular than the 9/11 attacks is on the Atlantic Council's Satanic drawing board.  Who knows into what vile crannies the foetid tentacles of the Atlantic Council reach? To get an idea of the possibilities, take a look again at the link above about the helicopter circling around over Baltimore looking for nuclear hot spots. Ponder one more time what the Amazonian plants brought to my attention. And if SPECTACULARLY horrific events occur, please do keep in mind the evil people at the Atlantic Council, who need an "extraordinary crisis" to keep their violent system of global control operating. 

Which reminds me about ...

That Pesky Neutron Flux to Infinity At Fukushima

The so-called "Powers That Be"  may not even need a SPECTACULARLY horrific event (or events) to occur in the USSA or Europe or elsewhere. They might just decide to give the already gravely dire situation at Fukushima, Japan a little nudge and raise the ongoing nuclear crisis there into the radioactive Twilight Zone.

So please pay attention, dear Readers. What follows is of immense importance and relates directly to the survivability of our home planet and us.  It has to do with the ever worsening situation at the exploded and melted-down nuclear reactors at Fukushima, Japan, Please read carefully. It's only four paragraphs. My comments follow.

It is known that after the loss of coolant at three nuclear reactors during Fukushima nuclear accident its nuclear fuel melted. It means that the temperature in the active zone at some moments reached the melting point of uranium-oxide fuel, i.e. ~3000°C.

Surprisingly enough, scientific literature today contains absolutely no either experimental or even theoretically calculated data on behavior of the 238U and 239Pu capture and fission cross-sections depending on temperature at least in 1000°C - 3000°C range. At the same time there are serious reasons to believe that the cross- section values of the mentioned elements increase with temperature. At least we may point, for example, to the qualitative estimates by Ukraintsev, Obninsk Institute of Atomic Energetics (Russia), that confirm the possibility for 239Pu cross-sections growth in 300°C - 1500°C range.

Obviously, such anomalous temperature dependence of 238U and 239Pu capture and fission cross-sections may change the neutron and heat kinetics of nuclear reactors drastically. This is also true for the perspective new gen-eration fast reactors (uranium-plutonium of Feoktistov and thorium-uranium of Teller type), that we classify as fast TWR reactors. Hence it is very important to know the anomalous temperature behavior of 238U and 239Pu capture and fission cross-sections, and furthermore it becomes critically important to know their influence on the heat transfer kinetics, since it may become a reason of the positive feedback (PF) with neutron kinetics leading to undesirable solution stability loss (the nuclear burning wave) as well as to a trivial reactor runaway with a subsequent nontrivial catastrophe.

A special case of PF is a non-linear PF, which leads to the system evolution in so-called blow-up mode, or in other words, in such a dynamic mode when one or several modeled values (e.g. temperature and neutron flux) grows to infinity at a finite time. In reality, a phase transition is observed instead of the infinite values in this case, and this can in its turn become a first stage or a precursor of the future technogenic disaster.
( source: )

First, note that this abstract is from a scientific paper by researchers at the Odessa National Polytechnic University, in the Ukraine. That would be the same Ukraine where in 1986 a nuclear reactor at Chernobyl blew up and melted down. So the authors of this paper are nuclear experts who presumably know a little something about exploded and melted down nuclear reactors.

I'll cut right to the chase. I started to get nervous right about the point where they mention: "...neutron kinetics leading to undesirable solution stability loss (the nuclear burning wave) as well as to a trivial reactor runaway with a subsequent nontrivial catastrophe." 

Oh, Lordy, Lordy. The phrase, "nuclear burning wave", has a very ominous ring to it, not made any more soothing by following it with the prospect of  "...a trivial reactor runaway with a subsequent nontrivial catastrophe." That accurately describes the reality of Fukushima right now. Three reactors ran away, exploded and melted down, and we now have an extremely "nontrivial catastrophe".

But they don't stop there. They continue on to talk about "non-linear positive feedback" which can lead to "blow-up mode," when "temperature and neutron flux grow(s) to infinity at a finite time." In layman's terms I think they just said: "KA-BOOM !!" They finish by saying that a "...phase transition is observed instead of the infinite values in this case..."

I believe they mean to say that in spite of the temperature extremes and elevated neutron flux, that there is not an explosion after all, but a "phase change" to another state of matter.

But I am not reassured in the slightest. I have seen Michio Kaku say that no one really knows what is going on and how to handle it, that the nuclear engineering text books have absolutely no protocol for, or understanding of, the exploded and melted down nuclear reactors at Fukushima. He has referred to what is happening at Fukushima as a "science experiment". In  atomic or nuclear bombs and warheads the explosive core contains pounds of uranium or plutonium At Fukushima we are talking about thousands of tons of uranium, plutonium and highly radioactive waste, all in close physical proximity and absolutely under no meaningful control whatsoever.

What happens if there is another one or two or three explosions, or another mega-earthquake, and tons of plutonium, and/or uranium, and/or some mixture thereof, are slammed violently together ? Would that not produce an intense neutron flux and possibly subsequent fissioning, i.e., a mushroom cloud ? Would that not constitute a "phase change" to a hyper-kinetic, hyper-radioactive plasma state, better known as a mushroom cloud ? Only in that case, given the myriad tons of uranium, plutonium and high-level radioactive waste at Fukushima, it would produce an incredibly, radioactively dirty fall-out cloud, such as the world has never known.

But even if that doesn't happen, the present level of radioactive contamination emanating from Fukushima is already killing the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Ocean covers 30% of the planet's surface, so the implications for global ecology are crystal clear. Anyone who thinks that the death of the Pacific Ocean will not impact them personally is seriously divorced from reality. That scale of an event is on a par with the extinction of the dinosaurs. It is life-, species- and planet-changing stuff.

I am also not reassured by the recent news that now  "... the entire (Fukushima Daichi) plant has a gamma ray haze over it to the tune of about 1,000 millirem a year [...] There’s essentially a haze of radioactive particles." Past a certain point, no humans will be able to enter to observe or do work of any kind at Fukushima. That is when the whole situation runs irretrievably away and anything can happen, and just might.

My sense is that we are very close to that point. We are certainly not talking about a time frame of decades, and maybe not even another two or three years. My feeling is that we are rapidly approaching the point where events will begin to move much more quickly, and on a large scale. 

Maybe the Atlantic Council will get its "extraordinary crisis", after all, courtesy of General Electric, TEPCO, and the deeply criminally corrupt Japanese and USSA  governments.

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