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Friday, July 27, 2012

This Whole Planet Is A Compartmentalized Operation

The latest Colorado massacre is but the most recent in a long line of obvious "black operations" designed to cow, intimidate, terrorize and condition the global human herd to a higher level of violent control. Ditto for the probable Mossad operation, involving the slaughter of several Israeli tourists, in the recent Bulgarian bus bombing.

Unfortunately, the sad reality is that the majority of human beings on the planet at this time are so programmed, so mind controlled and so deep in all encompassing denial that many of them couldn't find their own hind parts with both hands, a map and a flashlight. And that is how the so-called "ruling elite" continue to lord it over humanity. So many people are so willfully deaf, dumb and blind that they adamantly and obstinately refuse to see glaring truths that are conspicuously displayed front and center for their personal inspection.

As it happens, the build-up for war in the Middle East continues. A large Russian war fleet arrives in the eastern Mediterranean this weekend. The USA continues to bolster its military forces in the region. It is clear that the danger of the initiation of major warfare is very high. The threat of a widespread military clash between American, Israeli, NATO and Iranian, Syrian, Russian, and perhaps Chinese forces, is quite possible, maybe even likely. The peril is definitely real.

In that vein, it is absolutely not lost on me, nor a growing number of other commentators, that the London Olympics are positively awash in Illuminati symbolism and that London has been militarized to a degree not seen since World War II. Cops, military troops and security personnel are everywhere. It is as if the global movers and shakers are planning for major trouble at the Olympic games.

Which begs the question: are they? Are they going to perhaps stage a flagrantly notorious "false flag" event to shock and outrage the watching world; and use that shock and outrage to galvanize popular support for even more outrageous retribution against the "officially" designated villain(s), retribution that would never be supported otherwise, absent a sufficiently notorious "false flag" event to gin up the requisite level of blood lust on the part of the (willfully) ignorant and easily manipulable masses?

I don't presume to know the answer to this question, though my sense is that the plain import of the murderous "black ops" in Colorado and Bulgaria is that the decision has been made behind the scenes to commit to a course of terroristic, false flag attacks to violently condition the global public to the onset of a horrific war in the near future, probably within the next six months.

No event is for certain until and unless it concretely occurs; notwithstanding, the international news cycle is full of abundant evidence that we are well down the slippery slope to a big war, quite possibly a nuclear war. The reality is that it could start at any time.

The very mention of that dark, stark, hard truth reminds me to say that I have actually had friends and acquaintances tell me that they don't like where my blog is going, that they "don't want to go there" with me. They don't like that stark, hard bluntness.

My response to that has been and will continue to be: I'm very sorry, my Dearest Ladies. I truly am.

But we are already there, whether you like it or not. We are there because so many millions of people have foolishly voted for transparently corrupt politicians, so many millions of people have financially supported a transparently corrupt USA (or UK/ French /Israeli /German / Australian etc.) government, and so many millions of people have foolishly plugged their loyalties and life energies into the insanity of the war program put forth by the global, psychopathic, military-industrial complex.

We are there, whether you like it or not.

As a matter of fact, this turn of events does not agree with me whatsoever, and I have consequently three times personally gone out onto the nuclear missile silos in the USA to nonviolently, peacefully register my dissenting vote.

Now that's participatory democracy! Go straight to the scene of the crime to register personal opposition. But it's very lonely out there on the nuclear missile silos. Very few people have bothered themselves to do that. An extremely small fraction of one percent of humanity have troubled themselves to voice any significant opposition to or disapproval of the Hell on Earth that is poised to be unleashed from any given second to the next.

It's all set up and waiting to go. Set up by the politicians the people voted for. Funded by the taxes paid by the people. Missiles and bombs built by the corporations that the people work for and whose products the people purchase.

And so, My Dearest Ladies, we are where we are precisely because you elected to avert your gaze, you elected to just send in the taxes every year, you chose to participate in the sham elections, you accepted the fake, official lies, you went along and you got along, and now we stand poised at the edge of the abyss and you say you don't like it?


Because I didn't see you out on the nuclear missile silos.

Of course, you might rejoin that it's dangerous to protest on a nuclear missile silo, and I will assure you that, quite so, based on my personal experience it is indeed dangerous to do that.

Nevertheless, it is a well accepted legal principle that "silence equals assent." And when did anything really worth having ever come easy?

So I find the assertion that people don't like where my blog is going to be disingenuous.

On the contrary, we are exactly where we are because in their heart of hearts, it is precisely the place where so many millions and billions of people want and need to be.

I suppose there is a karmic dynamic involved. You can only engage in so much corruption, deceit, willful stupidity and ignorance, animal sucking at corrupt Fortune 500 teats and self-serving, abject, sycophantic groveling in the service of naked tyranny before righteous payment comes forcefully and dreadfully due.

I mentioned earlier that the threat of a major war is very real and it is, not least due to a planned, joint Israeli/NATO/USA attack against Iran, which will easily and instantly spin off on scores of ugly tangents.

If this war is prosecuted my view is that the outcome is likely to be unpleasant in the extreme. I recently participated in an ayahuasca ceremony in which I forthrightly asked ayahuasca to show me the outcome of a war against Iran.

Understand that ayahuasca is well capable of showing vivid, colorful visions. I thought that is what would happen, that ayahuasca would show me a colorful vision.

Nope, not so. Ayahuasca replied in four other vivid manners, none of which I had expected, over the following 24 hours.

The first response was an almost immediate and hours-long bout of vomiting such as I have never experienced in my life. The retching just would not stop. And I had fasted for the previous 24 hours. There was no food in my gut.

Translation: the outcome of a war against Iran will be repugnant, revolting, disgusting and vomit inducing.

The second response was the vivid sound of many motorbikes coming and going.

Translation: the outcome of a war against Iran will result in a motorbike-based society. Not such a big deal for Third World societies that are already heavily motorbike oriented, as in much of Latin America, Africa and Asia. But a much bigger deal for countries such as the USA.

The third response, along with the violent retching and the sound of the motorbikes coming and going, was the appearance of swarms and swarms of innumerable, fleeting Dark Shadows flitting all over and around the vicinity.

Translation: very large numbers of ignorant, frightened, spiritually unaware people will be catapulted out of their physical bodies (slaughtered) and hurled willy-nilly into the astral plane where they will become wandering, confused, fear filled, traumatized Dark Shadows. The shaman concurs that in the native tradition these Dark Shadows represent the spirits of the large numbers of people who will die in the upcoming war.

The fourth response was the sudden, physical appearance of myriad thousands of swarming ants which covered the walls, floor, bed, suitcases, shelves, clothing, etc. of the simple house where I currently reside. It was like a nightmare, like a bad movie. They were everywhere, over everything. It was the middle of the night and I didn't know what to do. So I simply shut the door and spent the night elsewhere. In the morning they were all gone. The swarming multitude quietly vanished without a trace. Disappeared. It was as if they had never existed at all.

Translation: the shaman told me that the ants represented a very large number of people who will suddenly appear. My own interpretation is that the coming events will cause social mayhem, and that swarms of people will take to the streets, highways, byways, and even set off across the countryside, by the hundreds of thousands and millions. But only for a short time. And then it will suddenly be over. They will just disappear. Vanish without a trace. It will be as if the swarming, ignorant masses of willfully stupid humans never even existed.

Think about it. The masses of humanity in the world today are urban citizens. What physical survival skills do most of them have? What will happen to them when the trains stop running? When the long haul trucks stop running? When their cell telephones no longer operate? When their credit or debit card doesn't work? When the ATMs fail? In the USA, close to 50 million people rely on food stamps to purchase food to eat. Think about 50 million people who are no longer able to purchase food, the vast majority of whom have close to zero emergency survival skills.

Now think of them swarming by the millions, in a frantic, chaotic panic. How long will that last? Days, a couple of weeks at the most, until they begin dropping dead?

Who will feed them? You?

And if they break down your door?

Listen to me, there has just been a 40% failure of the rice crop in Ecuador this year, due to a devastating plague of snails that are munching their way through the national rice harvest. This matters, because Ecuador is a poor country, and the average Ecuadorean eats rice just about every day, often two or three times a day. Rice is cheap and filling and so that's what people eat. Except that with the 40% loss of the national rice harvest, later this year there will suddenly be a lot less rice, and prices will go up.

There are also grave problems with the harvest of corn (maize), wheat, soya and other crops in the USA this year, due to a searing drought that is burning up the harvest in the fields. Crops that wither in the field never make it to market or table, and hence, cannot be eaten.

Imagine a scenario where hordes of hungry people flee to the countryside in search of food only to discover endless miles of parched countryside, devoid of crops. The outcome is as predictable as it is grim. They won't last long.

Perhaps these musings strike you as beyond the pale. But consider the steady march toward war, the major failure of crops in multiple countries this year, the rapidly failing, fiat-currency-based, global economy and the erratic climate swings of recent years.

I am simply remarking upon the readily observable trend of current events.

My Curious Readership

And by the way, upon checking the readership of my blog, I can't help but notice that it includes the APO. Armed Forces Europe, Middle East & Canada, from a geographic position at sea off the coast of west Africa, nonetheless, where there is no island. Many times I see a connection from there. Of course, APO is the military abbreviation for Army Post Office or Air Force Post Office. The location appears to be at the intersection of the Prime Meridian and the Equator, not in São Tomé and Príncipe, but to the west, in the Gulf of Guinea.

Is there a USA military base there, maybe undersea, or on an offshore, oil-drilling platform? If so, is there some significance to having a military presence at the exact geographic coordinates, "0,0", on the grid system used to reckon geographical position? Certainly, the USA military has had the capability to construct mammoth, technologically sophisticated, manned facilities at great depth undersea for at least the last half century. I have conclusively demonstrated the American military capability to do this in my two books, Underwater and Underground Bases and Hidden in Plain Sight: Beyond the X-Files. I don't know one way or the other, but there is absolutely no question that it is within the realm of possibility for there to be a USA military base there, undersea. Modern, sub-sea, marine engineering technology is quite capable of putting a manned base down beneath the seafloor, in the bedrock beneath the Gulf of Guinea.

Or is there a more prosaic explanation? Does the military communications network simply arbitrarily assign geographic coordinates of "0,0" to the computer being used to read my blog, to disguise its physical location, which could be at another place entirely?

Or might both of these scenarios be true?

Might there really be a secret, undersea base there? AFRICOM is the new USA military command dedicated to projecting American military power into the African continent and region. Global Research reports that "A major focus of AFRICOM will be the Gulf of Guinea, with its enormous oil reserves..."

I also regularly get hits from the City of London, the Île de France (Paris), from Beijing, China and very frequently from Colorado Springs, Colorado, home of the U.S. Air Force Academy. I also get hits from the Barry M. Goldwater U.S. Air Force Bombing Range in southern Arizona.

Who knows why I get hits from Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), the Red Sea port and entrance city to the Muslim holy city of Mecca?

But Jeddah itself has a fascinating history. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica online, one of the multiple possible transliterations of Jeddah into English is "Juddah," Arabic pronunciation and spelling being notoriously hard to translate into English; thus, the various different spellings you will frequently see for Arabic names, places and words, when rendered into English.

But hmmm. Juddah, as in...? -- well, you know. The city's name means "ancestress" or "grandmother" and is said to be the burial place of Eve. Yes, that "Eve" who is mentioned as the mother of humankind in the Jewish religious scriptures, the word Jewish, of course, deriving from, or having to do with the inhabitants of the ancient kingdom of Judah.

Judah, Judah. Now, where was I?

Oh, yeah, Juddah, better known as Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, well known for its "legendary money changers," -- that's right, legendary "money changers" -- and which is the historic starting point for the traditional Muslim pilgrimage to the nearby holy city of Mecca, and to the city of Medina, also holy to the Muslims, which every Muslim on Earth is duty bound to visit, at least once in his or her lifetime. Now of course, these hordes of people from many different nations will arrive at the tables of the "Juddah", er, Jeddah "money changers" to change their foreign money into the coin of the realm, before heading on to Mecca.

I said at the outset that this whole planet is an "op" and I am not kidding.

Think it through. Suppose you were a "Juddah money changer" and you had to think up an ingenious enrichment scheme to get more money to change, understanding that you make a percentage off of every single dinar, peso, dollar, euro, franc and pound that passes through your fingers. But you live in an isolated backwater town in the middle of nowhere. How to drum up more business? How to bring the whole world to your very money changing tables, with fistfuls of money to change?

What if you established a religion that mandated that its adherents absolutely must come from the very ends of the Earth in pilgrimage to the neighboring city, for which your own town is the gateway city? And what if you violently expanded the membership rolls of said religion by military force to compel obligatory membership in said religion? The whole scheme is set up from the get go to produce a centuries-long, ongoing, global cash flow into your very hands.

Well, don't you know that there is some evidence that "Juddah, or Jeddah, was founded by the Quda'a tribe, a Himyarite tribe from Yemen, one of the so-called "Jewish tribes of Arabia." It is a fact that the ancient Himyarite kingdom had strong ties to ancient Judah. In fact, at times the Himyarite kingdom was directly ruled by Jewish kings. And Jewish legend refers to the settling of Yemen by 75,000 Jews in the time of Jeremiah. Clearly, there is a certain resonance between Juddah, Judah and Quda'a.

So how deep does the rabbit hole go? What is the true history of the relationship between the power structure of Judaism and Islam? What is the true nature of the relationship between Judaism and the political power structure on the Arabian peninsula, both in antiquity and also today, as far as that goes?

Who really are the House of Saud? Who really are the bin Laden family? They are Yemenite by heritage, and Yemen has an ancient history of powerful Jewish political connections. So what are the true deep politics of the Semitic tribes, whether Jewish or Islamic?

Or at a deep enough level is there even a difference?

Of course this entirely sets apart the issue of exactly who the Ashkenazis are, who pop up in Europe in the Middle Ages, whom the Jews' own scriptures suggest are a Germanic (Gentile) people and who, until recently, have in fact historically spoken a Germanic language (Yiddish), though they have for more than a millennium self-identified as Jewish. I've known a fair number of Ashkenazis over the years and many of them do have blue, hazel and green eyes, freckles, blond or red hair. They are a very fair skinned, Caucasian people.

So who are the Jews? And who exactly are the Ashkenazis? Have they hijacked Judaism for their own nefarious purposes, to produce a genocidal Zionist power base? And what are the deep politics of Judaism and Islam? At its deepest level is Islam perhaps really a Jewish, hidden-in-plain-sight, "compartmentalized operation" designed to fleece wads of cash from the unsuspecting, pilgrim masses? Just how much money has the Juddah money changing operation generated over the last 1300 years, anyway? I have to believe the numbers must be staggeringly huge.

As George Ure, at is always saying, "Everything is a business model." And that definitely includes the "Juddah money changers."

Nothing is as it seems.

Why I Have Removed Comments

Government trolls, insane Christian fundamentalists and incoherent, psychotic abusers of prescription meds. That's why. They're like piles of dog shit on the sidewalk. Every time you turn around there's another one. I can't babysit the blog around the clock, so I pulled the plug on the comments. publishes a lot of my stuff and they have taken to putting the following disclaimer on a lot of their pages:

“ and other alternative media outlets have been trolled by government sock puppet accounts and or literally mentally ill individuals. We are no longer allowing ANY sort of trolling in our comments section. This is not censoring free speech, this website is our property and will not be used to spread lies, hate, and outright disinformation..”

I understand completely.

Revisiting Carlos Castañeda

One of my readers has wondered if I will be writing a book like those of Carlos Castañeda.

The answer is, no, I won't be writing a book like Carlos Castañeda. Carlos is Carlos and I am not him, so I definitely won't write a book like his, though I certainly may write another book.

Anyway, I have a blog. Does Carlos have a blog? I don't think so.

And does he ever listen to the stupendous Glenn Miller orchestra? He's never mentioned it to my knowledge.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The USA Federal Agent In The Wheelchair

I recently had a very vivid dream in which a USA federal agent in a wheelchair figured prominently. He wasn´t happy at all about being immobolized and complained bitterly to me that his injury had happened very unexpectedly; it came out of left field and caught him completely off guard; he hadn´t anticipated being crippled and grouched that his life confined in a wheelchair was a real bitch.

I consider this to be a prescient dream. The inward and outward signs of the present decline, and imminent fall of the USA empire are ubiquitous. The USA is going down, fast and very hard.

Of course, the Pentagon has made wicked contingency plans for the dystopian, "Mad Max World After The Fall." The extensive underground and undersea labyrinth of secret bases and tunnels is one part of their elaborate preparations.

But here`s an even more chilling aspect of the Pentagon´s preparations for coming attractions:"A newly leaked US Army Military Police training manual for Civil Disturbance Operations" authorizes killing demonstrators in the USA. On page 20 of the manual, rules regarding the use of “deadly force” in confronting “dissidents” are made disturbingly clear with the directive that a “Warning shot will not be fired.”

I am reminded of my ayahuasca vision of several months ago, when I asked what the future holds for the USA, and ayahuasca showed me clearly that a military dictatorship or police state, replete with NAZI or Soviet-style prison camps was in the cards.

It also showed me an electronic, totalitarian, control network shimmering overhead in the air. Within mere days stories began to appear in the daily news cycle about USA Army plans to put 30,000 drones into the skies over the USA.

This should all be clear enough. The war on terror is coming home to roost, and it is thirsty for more blood. There will be troops roaming the streets and they will kill people. There will be drones in the skies and they will also kill people.

If you object to these things, well, tough shit, there will be USA Army troops with guns and USA Army drones overhead that will simply kill you. There won´t be a warning shot.

As if this were not madness enough, The Great Whore of Babylon, has taken in recent days to publicly lecturing the Chinese and Russians for not supporting the NATO proxy war against the Bashar al-Assad government in Syria, earning the retort from Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, that the West runs the risk of igniting a very big war if it persists in its meddling in Syria.

Translation: if the USA, NATO and Israel invade Syria it could act as the trip wire for direct military confrontation with the Russian military, a conflict that could easily go nuclear very quickly.

The Russians have made it clear that they will not play with the USA and Israel. Ditto for the Chinese. The Iranians have already said very publicly and repeatedly what they will do if the USA and/or Israel attack their national territory -- they will massively retaliate, within minutes, against both USA and Israeli targets.

This matters, because Iran and Syria are allies and have a mutual defense pact.

Unfortunately, NATO, Israel and the USA are hell bent on major warfare. The preparations for a major military conflict are at an advanced stage of completion.

My dreams and visions suggest that the USA, NATO and Israel will fare very, very, very badly in the upcoming war. If the war is prosecuted, the loss of life will be extraordinarily high. The average person in today´s society has no realistic conception of how savagely destructive modern military technology is. The reality is that hundreds of millions of people can easily be slaughtered in less than 30 minutes. The technology is so rapid and so lethal that it boggles the mind, and so most people remain in deep denial about what has been set up -- with their tax dollars, by the politicians they voted for, by the corporations they work for, and operated by their own sons and daughters in military uniforms.

A great deal of the slaughter will be automated; the killing will be done by machines following a pre-programmed order of battle. The scale, velocity and ferocity of the combat will be so grand and intense that it will absolutely overwhelm the human combatants and victims.

And this is all the work of The Machine on this planet, as ayahuasca has graphically pointed out to me.

The power that is assaulting this planet is so grotesquely hideous that the natural human mind and emotions recoil in loathing and disgust upon beholding it, and so the majority of the human race remain in deep denial about the foe that we face, which is located both within and without us. It´s in our minds, emotions and bodies, and it´s also out there -- outside in the larger society, abroad in the world. The system that The Machine has put in place to dominate the Earth is seedy, tawdry, despicable, vile, repugnant, heartless, cruel, savage, exploitive and demonically sadistic. And it delights in its wickedness, in its depraved working, if emotions can even be ascribed to The Machine. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that it achieves satisfaction, in the sense of completion, in completing its appointed task(s) of sowing and fomenting death, destruction, fear, horror, terror, dread, sorrow, despair, decay, exploitation, ugliness, filth, decadence and comprehensive darkness and suffering.

Its agents are everywhere -- in the CIA, Mossad and MI-6, in criminal gangs and mafias, in the Christian Church and Islam and Judaism, in the Pentagon and Kremlin, on Wall Street and in the City of London, in the universities and corporate boardrooms, whether at Yale, Harvard, Oxford or the Institut d'études politiques de Paris, in Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Washinton, DC, Chicago, London, Strasbourg, Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, Moscow, Delhi, Tel Aviv, Riyadh, Beijing, Los Angeles, Mexico City and a million other places.

The onslaught of The Machine is beyond belief. Its servants are legion, including both the lowly and the mighty, and they are everywhere.

We are in the fight of our lives, and I am not exaggerating. The fate of humanity and the planet hangs in the balance. Our situation is that precarious.

You want to know what the (in)human face of The Machine looks like? I can think of no better example than this interview with Charles Manson, the notorious mass murderer. There are many more like him, untold thousands and thousands. I know, because I´ve been locked up with more than a few of them over the years, as a result of multiple nonviolent peace demonstrations, and these individuals are revolting. It´s extremely hard for a sane human to be locked up in a cell or on a cell block with them, day after day, week after week, month after month.

Watch this clip of Charles Manson.

That´s what we´re up against. There you see one of the (in)human faces of The Machine. It explains itself very directly.