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Monday, August 29, 2016

Trump This! --Part 3: America Was Never Great and Is Not Great Now

I have been watching the surreal USSA presidential election charade from the vantage point of the southern continent. It is a mind-numbing spectacle, intended to bedazzle, mesmerize and confuse the masses, rendering them docile, tractable, servile and, above all, meekly dumb.

So far, the process appears to be working precisely as designed.  

To begin with, it doesn't matter for whom you vote. Your vote can be easily altered or stolen, and quite possibly will be. On an electronic voting machine, your vote can be deleted, switched to another candidate or diminished by a programmed algorithm to represent one-half of a vote or one-hundredth of a vote -- whatever the election riggers desire. A paper ballot can simply be thrown away after you leave the polling station and not counted.

What you personally do on election day does not matter!

Bev Harris at has amply demonstrated how thoroughly, criminally rigged the election process is in the USSA. You can get her free book about rampant voting fraud here:  Black Box Voting Book

It has been going on for many, many years. It is a vast criminal conspiracy.

Perhaps you are thinking: "But, but ...  if I don't vote for my preferred candidate, the opposing candidate will win!" 

And this is where you need to read the information that Bev Harris has compiled very carefully. Listen to me: what you do on election day is irrelevant. The shady individuals, companies and parties who program and control the voting machines and who do the vote counting, whether of electronic or paper ballots, determine the outcome of the election. And they will not ask you.

The entire business of campaigning, primary elections, party conventions, political advertising, and so forth, is naught but Black Magic, political sleight of hand, a massive carnival sideshow, a hypnotic exercise in national stage craft intended to massage, manipulate, direct and harvest the mental and emotional energy, and not a little money, from the masses, the better to harshly rule them, under the grand illusion and delusion of popular freedom and a mass exercise of voluntary political organizing and selection of political leaders -- when nothing could be further from the truth!

It's all grand theatre, to dazzle and amaze you -- got that? -- to so thoroughly imprison you in a maze of deception and confusion that you never find your way out.

It seems unthinkable that the scale of the crime could be so large and so brazen and so long-running. And yet that is the case.

All of the extortionate taxation, the incessant war mongering, the insane monetary policies that further enrich the rich while more deeply impoverishing the poor, the destructive immigration policies, the profoundly dysfunctional education systems, and more, are spun up out of thin air by the thoroughly corrupt, degraded and degrading political systems that presume to lord it over us and mandate that we knuckle under to their psychopathic edicts, under color of law, as arbitrarily prescribed by them, under their own self-appointed authority.

Once you first see it and first grok the immensity of the criminality, it makes such an impression on the mind that you can never again in your life not see it.

It's all hollow, fake as hell, and ruthlessly imposed by physical force. That's what all the courts, jails, prisons, police and armies are for -- to control you.

Remember this: all authority is assumed. 

Authority (whatever that word means) assumes that is has but to order you to submit to its commands, because it is authoritative, and that you will reflexively obey. Of course, whether you will submit to arbitrary, assumed "authority" is always your personal decision.

Getting Down To Concrete Examples 

Let's take the case of Hillary Clinton, who is now standing for election as the Democratic candidate for President of the USSA.

Anyone who has been following the daily news cycle at all in recent months and years knows that she is a pathological liar, unindicted felon (for a long grocery list of major crimes), untrustworthy, not notably intelligent, seriously physically ill, ill tempered, mean spirited and petty, and that, moreover, she conspired with the Democratic National Committee to criminally rig the Democratic primary elections in her favor, and against her main opponent, Bernie Sanders, so that she prevailed and fraudulently gained the party's nomination.

All of these facts have been copiously exposed by the alternative news media and even to an extent by the mainstream news media, and are easily available on the Internet. In the event that two or three of my readers, for whatever reason, do not believe or know these essential facts about Hillary Clinton, please don't send me indignant e-mails and bother me with your own, self-imposed ignorance; you will be better advised to devote that same time and quantum of energy to do a few simple keyword searches online and educate yourself as to her genuinely vile character.

And yet the political power structure provides untold millions of dollars, endless reams of favorable newspaper coverage, and hour after hour of favorable TV and radio broadcast time in support of her candidacy.

A manifestly deficient human being, with severe, obvious, moral, mental, psychological, spiritual and physical shortcomings is being heavily promoted by the system as the preferred person to be national leader.

The utter emptiness of the entire process, on every level, and of the candidate herself could not be more evident.  

Nevertheless, the system is advancing Hillary Clinton as its favored candidate to occupy the office with the most authority in the USSA's formal political structure.

What fool would vote for, or accept, the so-called "authority" of such a hideous monstrosity of a human being?

And yet there is Hilary Clinton being put forward for the most "authoritative" position in the land, front and center on the national, political stage. Yes, political stage -- remember it is all a staged production, expensive theatre, an elaborate show intended to suck you in and exploit your time, personal energy and attention, and your money and allegiance. 

The process is intended to enslave the herd, to mentally shackle the sheeple, which it does with impressive efficiency to millions and millions and millions of people. 

On The Other Hand ...

For those who don't and won't buy into the Hillary Clinton illusion, the system offers up a putative, "outsider" candidate from the Republican party: Donald Trump. 

Many millions of people are vesting their hopes for positive political change and reform in Donald Trump, who has grandly vowed to "Make America Great Again!" 

Oh, how he prances and struts across the national political stage! And millions rally to his campaign.

But let's take a look at this man. Trump says that he is a multi-billionaire tycoon and I won't quibble with him.

That one fact alone means that he is a member of the small fraction of one percent of humanity who are multi-billionaires on this planet. As a multi-billionaire, his interests obviously lie with the monied, established power centers that run the criminal, fraudulent system. 

By definition, if you are a New York City, multi-billionaire, real estate tycoon, you are a creation of the system! You cannot accumulate billions of dollars, and build, own and maintain numerous skyscrapers in Manhattan without being part of the criminally corrupt system. 

Trump has spent his career in the New York City skyscraper business, so he certainly knows about and has heard insider rumors and information about what really happened on 11 September 2001. He certainly personally knows Larry Silverstein, the owner of the destroyed World Trade Center towers, who received a huge insurance payout after the towers' destruction on 9-11.

Big Jewish money (see: Larry Silverstein) and the Mossad have their fingerprints all over what happened to the World Trade Center on 9-11. Trump knows this, he's not a total fool, and yet he is on record pledging 100% support for Israel. He is also on record publicly endorsing war criminal Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu for Prime Minister of Israel as a "great guy."

Trump then compounded all of that by going to AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee) in Washington, DC earlier this year to reiterate his support for Israel. He went still further, and averred that the 9/11 attacks were committed by Islamic terrorists, though he knows full well, as do all powerful insiders, that the attacks were carried out primarily by nefarious Israeli and USSA alphabet soup operatives and agencies.

He also maintained that Iran is the biggest sponsor of terror around the world, when it is actually the USSA that is by far the biggest sponsor of terror around the world, followed by states such as Saudi Arabia, Israel, the U.K. and France.

And he went on and on about alleged Palestinian crimes, without ever once acknowledging the Jewish invasion, theft and ongoing illegal occupation of the lands and properties of Palestine and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people by illegal Jewish occupiers.

In short, Trump has repeatedly revealed himself to be just another Zionist lickspittle.

Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

And yet he stalks the length and breadth of the USSA pompously braying that he is going to "Make America Great Again!"

Of course that assumes that the USSA was ever "Great" to begin with, which I do not necessarily assume.

Remember that it all got started with the Virginia Company, in the early years of the 17th century, in Jamestown, Virginia. The Virginia Company was a royal company chartered out of the City of London. So the entire USSA enterprise, from its beginnings as a royally chartered, profit making company in Virginia more than 400 years ago, right down to the violently confusing present day, has always been all about the money. I have previously pointed out, here, here, here and here, that the thing called the "United States" is not a so-called country at all (whatever the word "country" may actually mean), but a major business, a global commercial enterprise, or, as the United States Code puts it: "a Federal corporation." 

Enter the multi-billionaire, Donald Trump, who bids fair to be the Chief Executive Officer of said "Federal corporation."

It's all about the money, multi-billions, multi-trillions of dollars and control of global markets. Of course, control of global markets has entailed for centuries, and still entails today, control of numerous millions of human beings by lethal force.

Consider just a partial, fragmentary recounting of some of the "Great" history of the USSA:

- The ongoing, not yet totally completed theft of Native lands and resources on the North American continent, with centuries of associated, genocidal warfare and concomitant political and economic oppression

- A long and cruel history of Black African chattel slavery that cost the lives of unknown millions, both in slavery itself and also in the brutal "Middle Passage" of the slave ships crossing the Atlantic Ocean from Africa, in which unknown millions of Black African captives were flung to their death in mid-ocean, if the slave ship crews judged them to be too sick or too weak to fetch a good price on the slave auction block, upon arrival in "America"

- A full century of draconian Black Codes and subsequent Jim Crow laws that imposed a harsh, authoritarian, sociopolitical oppression on Afro-American people in the USSA

- A viciously bloody and murderous, fratricidal "Civil War" in the 1860s that killed and maimed soldiers by the hundreds of thousands and millions and resulted in deep societal division that persists in some form to the present day

- A whole series of devastating wars against Native peoples in North America beginning with the Indian Removal Acts of the 1830s in southeastern North America, and the consequent Trail of Tears, as whole Native nations were uprooted from their ancient homelands and marched on foot at gunpoint by the USSA Army halfway across the continent,  and continuing through the so-called Indian Wars in the western USSA in the decades following the Civil War, as Washington, DC imposed its brutal, "Manifest Destiny," imperial project of continental-scale, political, social and economic subjugation of North America

- The Mexican-American War of 1846-1848 which stripped Mexico of more than half of its national territory, and ceded it to the USSA under the one-sided terms of the so-called Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, creating social and political divisions and ill will that to an extent linger to the present era

-  The savage war against the Philippines in the years following the War with Spain at the turn of the 20th century, in which as much as 25% of the Philippine population may have been exterminated by the USSA military

- The so-called Vietnam War of the 1960s and early 1970s which killed and maimed millions and extended beyond Vietnam to neighboring  countries in Southeastern Asia

-  Numerous coups d'etat, invasions, military occupations and assassinations throughout Latin America and the Caribbean region during the 20th and 21st centuries

-  Rampant environmental destruction both in North America and throughout the world as the American Way is imposed by force and forests are leveled, mountains are strip mined, seas are industrially depleted of fish, etc.

-  Economic hit men sent in by the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Inter-American Development Bank, the USSA Commerce Department, etc., to financially rape and plunder poor Asian, African and Latin American countries, on predatory terms favorable to American business and banking interests. One of my professors in my doctoral program was an economic hit man. He described to me how the process works. He would be sent in by one of the institutions mentioned above and would mandate an "orthodox" national economic policy to the government that was receiving economic assistance, i.e., a predatory loan package. Under the terms that he would impose on the government the recipient country would be required to cut child nutrition programs, slash public education spending, cut public utilities, public transport, cut food and fuel subsidies, cut public health programs, cut everything in order to service the loans that were funneled directly and indirectly from the USSA and from the global financial institutions under its political and economic control

Kill The 'Traitor'

Is that the "Greatness" that Trump wants to bring back? Because when you objectively look at the history of the USSA as it is, it is positively merciless and hideously savage.

But not only is Trump blind to the unfeeling savagery of the American system in past years and centuries (or does he perhaps agree with it, and by insisting that he will "Make America Great Again" is Trump signalling that he is all in with the systemic, genocidal violence of the so-called "American Way"?); in the present time he is on record publicly calling for the execution of Edward Snowden for publicly revealing the rampant, lawless, unconstitutional, global, digital surveillance of the NSA, thereby openly signalling that he supports the authoritarian/totalitarian, police surveillance state that is being clamped down on the USSA and most of the rest of the world, as well.

Beyond that, there is no evidence at all in Donald Trump's business career or public campaign for President of the USSA that he has any grasp or awareness whatsoever of the following vital issues that have to do with the survivability of the planet's biosphere and humanity itself

He mentions nothing at all about:

ongoing methane melt down in Siberia, Canada and Alaska
Fukushima nuclear contamination
global die off of insects, amphibians and other species
oceans in rapid decline
disappearing tropical forests
grinding, brutal global poverty for billions of humans
chemical contamination of food, water, land, sea, air
the A.I. (artificial intelligence) danger/threat
genetic engineering threats to the biosphere
nano-technology dangers
totalitarian digital surveillance
oppressive, debt-based, adversarial, zero-sum, economic system
desperate need for humanity to elevate its state of consciousness

There is no evidence that any of these pressing issues are remotely on Donald Trump's mental horizon. Or on Hillary Clinton's either.

And one of the two is likely to be the next Chief Executive Officer of the "Federal corporation" known as the "United States."

That tells you everything you need to know about the relevance of the political process in the USSA to the life and death situation that humanity finds itself in, here in the first decades of the 21st century. We are in dire straits and morons and maniacs are in control. Look to your own salvation, because they don't have a clue and are fully capable of thoughtlessly destroying you, and everyone you know, without even noticing or even beginning to comprehend the grand, breathtaking scale of their careless ignorance.


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