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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Is The MATRIX Cage Visible?

I have featured the Final Days YouTube videos before, not because I believe in the channel's fundamentalist Christian interpretations of what she sees on the FAA's weather cameras in Alaska and Canada, because I don't, but for the objective photographic content that she routinely detects in the skies of the far North.

What she is uncovering is positively stunning in its import. (Please ignore her fundamentalist Christian propaganda if it bothers you. Just focus on the photographic evidence, which is quite interesting.)

Watch the video. Look at time stamp 1:10 of the video, for example. Are we seeing an immense matrix of gigantic filaments in the sky, a sort of cage that is being installed around the Earth, or that already has been installed around the Earth? Is this perhaps what the missing $21 trillion dollars at the Pentagon have been used for? To build a huge cage in space around the Earth, a cage that is visible under certain lighting and magnetic conditions that are prevalent in the polar and sub-polar regions? 

I reflect on the years-worth of goofy, cringe-worthy videos and news clips that NASA has released to the public, for decades now, of astro-"nots", or as some say, "actor"-nauts, throwing frisbees to each other, or trying to catch floating globs of Jello in their mouth, and similar frivolous bullshit. You know and I know that space agencies don't spend billions of dollars, decade upon decade, to send hundreds of people into space to throw frisbees and eat globs of Jello.

Whatever they are doing up there that's obviously not it. In truth, we have essentially no idea at all what the space agencies are really doing in orbit.

Zip. That's approximately what we know.

Assuming that the FAA weather camera has caught a physical structure that is really up in space near to the Earth, what is it and who built it?

I am thinking that we may be seeing the work of an intelligent machine technology, self-assembling, self-replicating components of a gigantic structure being built around the Earth.

I believe that we are so deep in the weeds as a profoundly mind-controlled slave species that we have no idea at all what this place called "Earth" really is and why we are here, who or what else is here, and the great, mysterious "why?" of it all. We are being played for total fools.

Are we perhaps looking at a war machine, being assembled around the "Earth" to broadcast/reflect/focus/entrain/impose a set of artificial, false realities and programs  to mimic and replace divine, base reality, such that the false realities and programs induce the targeted race(s) to destroy both themselves and their home planet?

Are NASA, the ESA, the Pentagon and other agencies in on it? Are they part of the enslavement and mind control programs here on this planet? Do you think maybe? \\sarcasm\\

And then the whole operation moves on to the next inhabited world to repeat the same exercise over again? In this way, The Machine destroys race after race and world after world, making its way across the galaxy, solar system after solar system after solar system. Time make no difference in this scenario. Whether it takes 50 years or 250,000 years to subdue and/or destroy a race and its home planet is irrelevant in a Universe that is unknown billions of years old. There is all the time in the Universe, endless billions and billions and billions of years of it. A self-intelligent, self-assembling, self-replicating war Machine can endlessly reproduce, plundering resources and materials for its endless campaign from the moons and planets of the solar systems that it conquers and destroys. It can clone itself a million times over.

When it encounters a race with an ignorant, slave mentality (such as terrestrial humanity) it enlists them in its project and they eagerly join in and partake in their own annihilation and the destruction of their home planet. They stupidly plug into The Machine's destructive program and call their mindless enslavement "patriotism" or "military heroism" as they methodically slaughter each other by the millions, for the greater glory of the colorful scraps of cloth that they call "national flags", for which they go forth again and again, century after century,  to slaughter and to be slaughtered.

The Machine uses advanced electronic technology, electronic telepathy, to decode and analyze the brainwave patterns and thoughts of the targeted race, the better to push their mental, emotional and psychological buttons. It finds out what they desire, what motivates them, and then it rewards them for destroying each other. It gives them whatever they want: glory, fame, money, power, sex, drugs, influence, clout, secret information, status, little war hero medals to pin on their chests, 21 gun salutes,  etc. It rewards the most destructive and psychopathic of them,  and moves them along, promotes them higher in the pyramid of control and power. Using electronic telepathy it can even project a voice into select, susceptible individual's minds and tell them that they have been chosen by God to rule, that they are the "chosen" ones, the "chosen" people, that it is their destiny and duty to slaughter or enslave those who are not "chosen". In this way, religions are founded and genocidal pogroms are put into motion.

I am thinking more and more that this is exactly what we are seeing on this planet, because whatever else you can say about the present trajectory of world events, they are surely monstrous, soulless, inhuman and inhumane; so much so that the logical conclusion is that whoever or whatever is behind the foul events that occur with regularity must be a soulless, inhuman, inhumane monster.

Look around and you see the evidence for what I am saying everywhere. Real reality, base reality, ***does*** exist. But this present reality in this Earth realm has been hacked, hijacked, if you will, by what appears to be incredibly sophisticated, deeply malevolent, satanically malicious A.I. Its tentacles are into everything, everywhere and it appears to be spawning. You can see the evidence for that: the global push for 5G wireless technology, massive digital surveillance of the human population in real time, rapid development of robotics and A.I. technology, nanotechnology, the accelerating extinction of biological life on this planet, etc.

Always remember that base reality, Real reality, does exist. But we appear to be ensnared in a massive, technological, A.I. dominated reality and mind f*ck beyond all belief. 

I am guessing that the MATRIX filament structure that The Final Days YouTube channel has detected on the FAA weather cameras is a major component in it.

The control programs on this so-called "planet" are very harsh and rigid. Free yourself if you can, because there are some very serious slave programs being run on me, on you and on everyone. Much, perhaps most, of the freedom struggle has to do with personally reprogramming the individual subconscious, as more and more people are realizing. I am working on this myself. It is a real (re)learning process.
The realm called the "Earth" appears to be a complex, deeply flawed, virtual reality simulation that has developed major, negative, malevolent glitches. We evidently are caught in a satanic, intricate, virtual reality video game, as it were, that has gone completely, diabolically mad. It seems so extremely real -- with piss, shit, blood, pain, joy, ecstasy, fear, boredom, suffering, delight, etc. --  and that is precisely the point of virtual reality. It is a fake, ever-so-believable simulation of real reality that fools you, that pulls the wool over your eyes.

Real reality, so to speak, does exist. but it is difficult to access it here on this "world" due to the brutal control programs that are being run to obscure it.

Welcome to Planet Earth, the Satanic Game Room run by heavily armed, demonic control freaks from Hell: the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, Mossad, NATO, IDF, narco-cartels, petroleum cartels, "entertainment" cartels, the Vatican, Talmudic Judaism, Wahabi Islam, banking and taxation cartels & etc., ad nauseam.


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Monday, May 6, 2019

The High Strangeness of The Oroville Dam Saga

Well, just when you think that things can't get any stranger at Oroville events  take yet another bizarre twist.

Look at these raw water data from the Oroville Lake today (click on the image to enlarge it):

According to the California DWR's numbers, the inflow and outflow at Oroville Lake have abruptly equalized this morning and for three hours, from 10:00am to 12:00 noon, the water storage of the reservoir remained precisely at:

3,333,009     (presumably millions of acre-feet of water)

That is a blatant Illuminati signal. 3,333 is an Illuminati number. The 009 is also a corny "secret agent" code (9 = 3+3+3, get it?). The three is repeated three times for emphasis. You can't make this stuff up!

So what is the "Code 009" secret agent gambit that we can expect the Deep State to pull at Oroville?

It is obvious that the water in the reservoir has not held precisely at 3,333,009 for 3 hours. There is always natural variation when there is water flowing in a huge lake. So the number is clearly a phony, artificially created and repeated numeric code.

This is, therefore,  an obvious signal to someone to do something. But what? 

Oh, yeah, as I go to publish this I see that the 3,333.009 number has now been repeated for yet a fourth hour. 

So what is the real water level at Lake Oroville? You tell me, because the California DWR is now obviously playing with the numbers and not reporting the actual water level.


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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Oroville Dam Imminent Failure -- Again?

Ever since the near failure of the Oroville dam and reservoir complex (in California) a couple of years ago, I have been keeping occasional tabs on the ongoing repair, remediation and construction work that is underway at the site. Until recently I blithely assumed that all was well, and things were being built back better than ever. But the last couple of months, as the water level in Lake Oroville has edged higher and higher, I have begun to have misgivings. 

To begin with, I have noticed that the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) and Kiewit, the large, well-known engineering and construction firm that is heading up the project, have removed most of the vegetation from the hillsides on both sides of the main spillway, and also from much of the slope below the emergency spillway area. They have also done extensive excavation, grading, removal of rock and soil, terracing, and even some blasting in those areas. It seems to me that much of that work runs the risk of destabilizing the hillside, so why have they done these things?

They have even done some drilling and blasting in the rock under the main spillway, not too far from the main spillway gates. I also have questions about that. 

Now that the main spillway repair and reconstruction are complete, it is obvious that there are multiple unexplained cracks and leaks from one end to the other, from top to bottom. The DWR and fellow travelers say that all is well, not to worry, things are going as planned.

However, when the DWR opened the spillway gates in April 2019 (a month ago) to test the spillway and gates, they only released 25,000 cfs (cubic-feet per second) and shut the spillway down after only a few days. They have not reopened the main spillway since, though they have continued to extensively wrk on the emergency spillway area.

That peculiar behavior raises obvious questions as to whether something is wrong with the new and improved spillway, or with the gates, or both? If the spillway is in operating condition, why not use it? If the gates are in good working order, why not open them? Is the plan, perhaps, to avoid use of the main spillway and spillway gates, and to rely instead on the emergency spillway? If so, why?

As of this writing (the evening of 5 May 2019), the reservoir water level is at 886.5 feet. At 901 feet the emergency spillway will overtop, with a water level rise of just 14.5 more feet. Every couple of days, the reservoir water level has been edging up another foot. Clearly, if the main spillway remains closed, the day is coming soon when the emergency spillway may overtop again, as it did previously in February 2017, and a whole raft of major issues will ensue, including possible loss of the slope below the spillway(s) area, and potentially even of the dam itself, if the situation cannot be controlled.

And yet, the DWR and Kiewit dither and say little or nothing, even as heavy equipment and workers continue to crawl all over the site.

It is a curious and unusual spectacle that invites all sorts of speculation in the face of the question that begs to be asked: why not open the main spillway? And the corollary question: why even have a main spillway if it is not used when the reservoir water level is at 886.5 feet, close to overtopping and rising daily?

On casual inspection and reflection, things don't add up. On closer inspection, the observer can be forgiven for thinking that the spillway gates are not being opened up for fear that they and/or the new, main spillway will catastrophically fail.

I am not going to write a detailed treatise on the Oroville reservoir, dam and spillways(s) complex. It's unnecessary, and even if I did, 99.9% of you wouldn't read it anyway!

Suffice it to say that it appears something may be wrong at Oroville. My informed, layman's analysis is that the entire project was misconceived from the beginning; a major dam and reservoir complex should never have been built there. The geology of the area is simply not adequate to support a huge dam and reservoir. The local rock is fractured and crumbly, or, as the mining and geological engineers would say, the rock is not "competent". It's poor rock, and the rock and the associated dam and reservoir structures built on it cannot withstand the tremendous stresses and pressures brought to bear by several hundreds of feet of water and/or thunderous discharges of tens of thousands of cubic feet of water per second. That's what led to the near failure of the complex in 2017, and it may yet lead to severe issues this year, perhaps even in the coming days and weeks later this month. 

I like the information in the occasional Youtube videos of Susan Wolding. She's not a dam engineer or a hydrologist or a hydraulic engineer, and is not affiliated with the DWR or Kiewit. She's an interested observer who simply catalogues what she discovers in her dam inquiries and puts it out on the Internet for the interested public to do with as they like. The main points she raises are the many cracks, seeps and leaks, the problems with the gates and their linchpins, and the huge and growing crack in the structural concrete on the side of main spillway gate number 8. Is that one of the reasons why the main spillway is not being opened up? There is also some evidence of seepage and erosion at the site. Does it rise to the level of concern?

Other Oroville dam-related sites that I have found informative are:

Lake Oroville Water Level (overtops at 901 ft.)

Jack in Virginia running commentary

Oroville Is Just The First Of Many More To Come

A whole series of natural and unnatural disasters in the time-space pipeline is just waiting to unload on the USSA, and how! Some of what is to come may be karmic, maybe deeply so; or just the result of plain old stupidity and good old fashioned corruption and inefficiency that have worked together for decades to diddle and fiddle and piddle around while infrastructure such as dams, levees, bridges, seaports, airports, highways, aqueducts, pipelines, waterworks, sewers, power plants, power lines and more deteriorate and fail due to negligent maintenance, no maintenance, or outright failure to plan for timely demolition and replacement of obsolete or failing infrastructure.

The Oroville dam on the Feather River in California falls into this category of infrastructure failures that are just waiting to happen. 

Or is it perhaps planned to fail, in a grandiose way? Is all this being very carefully, technologically and expensively scripted to take place? Sometimes I wonder, I really do.

Here's one reason why: Kiewit, the company doing the Oroville dam spillway renovation, reconstruction and engineering, is a very well known Deep State player, a huge engineering and construction company that has worked on scores of major government projects, both overt and covert, including major underground construction projects such as the secret labyrinth of tunnels under Washington, DC. Over the years, I have run across multiple mentions of, and references to Kiewit in my underground bases and tunnels research. 

Of course, Oroville derives its name from the fact that there are extensive deposits of gold in the hills, creeks and rivers of the region, oro being the Spanish word for gold. And what a coincidence! -- Kiewit is a major player in the gold mining industry in the USSA. Please click and read:

Kiewit also does dam demolition work. Here's a minor, Kiewit dam demolition project from last year: Bloede dam on the Patapsco River in Maryland. I personally know the river and the dam, which is now part of history. I have stood where the photographer stood who took the news photo in the following article.

Bloede Dam removal blasts off

On a much larger scale, Kiewit is now engaged in a massive, $400 million removal of four dams on the Klamath River in northern California and southern Oregon:

Contractors prep for dam removal

Kiewit wins contract for Klamath River dam removal

Do the Kiewit gold mining expertise and major dam demolition expertise coincide in the case of the massive Oroville dam spillway project now underway?

I don't know, but it occurs to me to wonder.

Watching everything underway at Oroville, it is clear that the public are not being told the full truth of the situation. The structural stability of both the Oroville dam and spillway(s) going forward are legitimate question marks. The structural integrity of the underlying geology is also legitimately in question.

Has a major Deep State player, with extensive covert construction, gold mining and dam demolition experience, been brought in to expertly "fix" a politically, economically, geologically, hydrologically and environmentally delicate situation involving a major, highly problematic, failing dam that just so happens to sit astride rich, known, gold bearing geology in the crucial state of California?

Oh, yeah, lest I forget, the USSA paper dollar, AKA the Federal Reserve Note (FRN), is very rapidly losing value and global, market share. At the same time, the Russians and Chinese are very busily stockpiling gold by the thousands and even tens of thousands of tons in the run up to a probable, near future, global economic reset that will be based, at least in part, on securely holding extremely large quantities of tangible, physical gold.

Has the Deep State, therefore, made a decision to go after the gold in the California Sierra Nevada as a National Security priority, knowing that its phony-baloney paper "dollar" will soon revert to toilet paper status? If so, has Kiewit been brought in for a twofer? 1) To take down the Oroville dam (as discreetly and carefully as possible, of course)  and 2) to then gold mine the living daylights out of the hills and rivers in the Feather River watershed to help the Deep State bolster its holdings of physical gold?

Is there a Deep State agenda at Oroville? Is gold perhaps the underlying priority, and all else just a confusing, noisy, carnival sideshow to divert the public's attention from the real game?

I wonder, I really do.


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