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Monday, February 20, 2012

If You Think It`s Crazy Now, You Just Wait ...

I have read just a little bit of the attack being mounted against Jeff Rense, and I`ll tell you this much:

Jeff Rense has linked to my articles when many other sites would not and did not. He linked to my Minot Manifesto when others would not.

He has treated my research and writing seriously from the very beginning, going back many years.

There are other alternative websites whose editors will not even respond to my e-mails.

Jeff Rense was supportive of me when I went to jail in North Dakota in 2010. You learn who your real friends are when the jackboot of the USA government is on your neck.

There are some really big names in the alternative media, darlings of the alternative Internet community who don`t even give me, my research and activism the time of day.

So I have to count Jeff Rense as a friend and supporter -- for years.

Here`s the way I see it: really big events are going to be coming down in the near future, in March, April, May, June, July ....

So you may see more hatchet jobs and vicious attacks on websites, personalities, radio shows, etc. at the same time as, or as a prelude to global financial chaos and collapse, possible nuclear warfare, notorious false flag attacks, coups d`état, assassinations, geological upheaval, catastrophic failure (by accident or evil plots) of more nuclear power plants, and so forth.

It`s all part of the fog of war, it`s all part of a huge play of maya, a huge conspiracy to confuse and cloud your thinking, to keep you from seeing clearly and understanding clearly what is happening.

The hard reality is that we are skating on the razor thin edge of nuclear war right now, in these very days and weeks. The machinery of war, and false flags is all set up, primed for action, ready to go at any time.

Let me illustrate part of what I mean with two brief YouTube clips. They are just two or three minutes long and are well worth watching. The first is from Stanley Kubrick`s film, "Barry Lyndon."

Barry Lyndon, La marche avant la charge

We are just about at the stage where the French officers start shouting orders to their troops and they open fire on the advancing British infantry with repeated, deadly, musket volleys at point blank range.

The next clip also illustrates starkly what is being rapidly set up right now.

La charge à Eylau - Le colonel Chabert

We are about at the 25 to 35 second mark right now, where the cavalry unsheath their swords en masse and the officer gallops down the line just before the massive murderous charge begins.

Have you ever faced off, all by yourself, unarmed, against overwhelming military force?

I have. More than once. I`ve watched it build layer by layer, weapon by weapon, directed against me personally. Starting with the first hurried drive-by military patrol. Then comes the marksman with the sniper rifle aimed directly at my head, lying prone just over the brow of a nearby hill. At any second he could squeeze the trigger and my head would explode like a watermelon before I could even flinch. I wouldn`t even hear the shot. Then come more troops with automatic rifles. Then come the helicopters with heavily armed assault teams, audible from miles away, whop-whop-whopping their way towards me. Then comes an armored vehicle with a heavy machine gun and machine gunner. Then comes an assault team advancing on me physically with weapons drawn, pointed directly at me, sternly shouting orders to put my hands in the air and fall forward on my face on the ground. Next come the handcuffs, chains and jail cell after jail cell.

At any point in this process I could be killed, by the USA military, by guards or inmates in jail, or here in South America by the CIA or its hired killers, suddenly and without any warning whatsoever, even now, just for writing these words, or maybe even especially for writing these words. Or I could be arrested here in South America by the FBI or CIA and flown to a secret prison and tortured or murdered.

The difference between me and many of those reading these words is that I recognize this harsh reality, whereas many of you remain in deep denial.

There is a really dark and violent control structure on this planet.

It enslaves people -- by the millions and billions. It exploits people. It ruthlessly kills people, in very large numbers. It mind controls people, by the millions and billions. And some of its most hideous, darkest control centers are in places like Washington, DC, Tel Aviv, Paris and London.

All I can say is: Free yourself if you can. Free your mind if you can. Wherever you may be.

The sacred, hyper-conscious plants of the Amazon have shown me that better days are certainly coming for humanity and the Earth, as surely as brightest day follows darkest night.

At the same time, even a cursory reading of the financial headlines and a quick look at the state of international relations and the preparations for major warfare in the Middle East with a real danger of spreading to other regions of the planet, show that it is probable that we, the human race, are just about to go through a real darkly violent and grim period in our history.

From everything I have seen March, April, May and June will be very trying and eventful, and the second half of the year may even exceed the coming months in drama.

That is why I have staged repeated nonviolent peace demonstrations on nuclear missile silos in the USA during my lifetime, in the hope that somehow others could be awakened and nuclear war can be avoided.

Nuclear war is not necessary. It does not automatically have to happen.

But enough humans have to concretely PERSONALLY DO SOMETHING to create an alternative scenario without nuclear warfare.

And please don`t engage in any childish, magical fantasies that feature you somehow miraculously catching the last flight for New Zealand out of Heathrow or LAX or JFK or Charles de Gaulle -- as apocalyptic mushroom clouds billow up behind you in the rear view mirror.

If you don`t stand up to be counted in times like these, then you simply lack the courage to stand up and be counted.

If you need a model to copy, if you can`t think of any courageous action to perform on your own, then you can always copy what I have done.

I won`t pretend that it is easy. I certainly cannot promise you that you will be safe.

In fact, I can tell you that going out on the nuclear missile silos is very hard, and fraught with danger.

By the same token, I very solemnly assure you that nuclear war is also neither safe nor easy, and absolutely fraught with the most hideous danger imaginable.

So we all choose to act or not to act, to publicly vote or not to publicly vote, according to our will.

What happens next is a result of our joint global preference. What is your preference?

And that, my friends, is not an academic question.