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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Westworld Theme Park -- Vertiginous Financial Crash Or WW-III Dead Ahead?

It's all rigged. It's the rare person who can escape the almost infinitely long (both temporally and spatially), astonishingly intricate maze of fiendishly mesmerizing and enchanting, floor to ceiling, staggeringly realistic, finely polished virtual reality mirrors into which we are born and in which we pass our days, until we exit at death, only to be snatched up, most of us, and reborn into the same devilishly complex maze, again and again.

The Earth, and perhaps even most or all of this whole Universe, appear to be a school of the most exacting standards. Either you figure it out and find the exit(s) to the maze, i.e., graduate, or you cycle through again and again and again. Time does not appear to matter. If it takes you the equivalent of one or two Earth lives to master the course, well and good; if you are a dimwitted, hard headed sort and you require 20 billion years to get the hang of it, no problem, the Earth school and the Milky Way galaxy school have multi-billion year-long, unimaginably tough, remedial education courses tailored to suit every need.

The ancient Hindu wise men, mystics, sages, seers and yogis called it "maya" -- the bedazzling realm of oh--so-real-seeming illusion that ensnares the unwary in its deceptive veils of confusion, wonder, pain, excitement, suffering, joy, ignorance, bliss, agony, boredom and so much more. It's the ultimate carnival ride -- you're up, you're down, you're whirled all around, its dizzying, it's worrying, it's exhausting, it's thrilling, it's tantalizing, it's exasperating, it's entertaining, it's wearying, it's fulfilling and yet you're often left with the feeling that there's something more, or there should be, if only you could put your finger on it, if only you could get a mental purchase on it -- and then you're out of here just before you can quite get it figured out, recycled, and sent back to do it all again, with endless billions of possible variations on the same human theme.

Even Hollywood reflects and plays back to us certain hard aspects of the virtual reality through which we are cycling.

Like, for instance, the new HBO series, West World.

Translation:  Western World Theme Park. Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the U.K., Canada, the USSA. It's a grand Theme Park. A manufactured reality, an artificial, virtual reality.

Which begs the question: what is real and what is an illusion? -- as the Moody Blues so eloquently asked years ago.

And by the way, I am not kidding at all. With the rapid growth in scope and sophistication of A.I. technology, robotics, 3-D printing and related technologies, nanotechnology,  psychotronics and mind control, genetic engineering and cloning,  and more, what percentage of the so-called human population on this planet are real, natural born humans with divinely created souls, and how many are clones, GMO experiments, or have nanotech "upgrades" or other technological  cyborg "enhancements" or implants of various sorts? I ask, because rapidly growing numbers of "people" are now pierced, tattooed up one side and down the other, mutilated, sexually, surgically and chemically altered, injected with digital microchips, etc. Cloning technology has been around for decades. Cows, pigs, sheep, dogs, etc. have been cloned in large numbers for years.  Why would it be any harder to clone a human than a cow or a sheep or a pig? I therefore presume it is happening. The only questions in my mind are: how many are there? Who are they? Who is doing the cloning and why? What is the scale of the operation?

The same goes with GMO "humans". We know that there are many transgenic organisms. I have seen photos when I was studying biology of plants that fluoresced, that glowed in the dark, because they had firefly genes inserted to their genetic code. There are tomato plants with trout genes. There are pigs with human genes. This has been going on for decades now in the public sphere. We simply do not know the scope and extent of transgenic, genetic engineering, though what has filtered into public awareness in the mainstream news cycle is plenty alarming. The terrestrial biome is now being massively hacked genetically. Our DNA is being hijacked without our permission and mostly without our knowledge. It's a massive project and we are its lab rats.

I assume that in the Black Budget world of super-secret, sophisticated R&D facilities that the GMO work, the hacking of our genetic code, started a long time ago, maybe many thousands of years ago.

It is probable that a certain percentage of the so-called "human" population on this planet are GMO. I don't happen to know the percentage -- for all I know maybe it is all of us. Maybe that is the point. And maybe the long-running GMO experiment on this planet is now being carried in other, even more bizarre directions.

It's all fake as hell, and the fake thrills are about to be ratcheted up to an even greater level of emotional intensity, as the bottom drops out and people are sent reeling, by the hundreds of millions and billions.

Remember: it's a grand Theme Park,  a near infinite, devilishly intricate maze of perfectly polished, floor to ceiling, virtual reality mirrors with an exit that is fiendishly hard to locate, and even harder to recognize if you should be so fortunate as to somehow stumble across it -- if you even can happen to find it.

So why bother with life? I don't know, maybe because the eternal disposition of your soul depends on grokking what is going on, and consciously extricating your very being from it? Could this entire galaxy be a giant soul trap?

I suppose that what it amounts to is: free your body, mind and soul from the snares of the MATRIX if you can.

At the end of the day, you will do whatever you most want to do and I will not stop you. I can't. I have my hands full with my own life. I will ultimately do whatever I most want to do and you will not stop me either, not at a soul level.

Current Situation Here In The Terrestrial Theme Park

I find it interesting that the auditors at the Pentagon recently announced that there are $6.5 trillion of military spending for which they cannot adequately account.

Where is the money? What has been done with it? Who knows? Let your imagination run. Anything you might say or come up with will be more informative than what the Pentagon has to say, which is nothing, other than it cannot tell you what it has done with the money, where it is, who has it -- NOTHING.

And yet the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) insists that you must account for every last nickel in your possession -- or ELSE!

You are forced to account for mere thousands, hundreds or even tens of dollars upon pain of potential fines or imprisonment; whereas over at the Pentagon they fail to account for multiple trillions of dollars and nothing is done to anyone.

That is because the government is a large criminal syndicate, a ruthless mafia, and you are its criminally subjugated chattel, forced to labor under duress, under threat of grave harm if you refuse. You are a numbered slave. An economic production unit on a vast, hi-tech plantation called the USSA.

It's all part of the virtual reality theme park, don't you see? -- in which you are incarcerated, with or without your informed consent, with or without your cooperation.

And all around us the natural world is dying, is being made to die, is being artificially degraded, by the exploded nuclear reactors at Chernobyl and Fukushima, by the destruction of the great tropical forests, by the poisoning and over fishing of the seas, by the chemical contamination of the air and water, by the rampant genetic modification of myriad species of plants and animals, by pervasive spraying of harmful substances into the atmosphere (geoengineering or "chemtrails") by planet-killing Pentagon programs, by the proliferation of electromagnetic control grids all over and around the planet, etc.

Meanwhile, the world is subjected to the circus-like, surreal spectacle of the so-called, "Presidential" election campaign in the USSA between a bloviating, multi-billionaire, fat cat, New York City playboy and a transparently psychopathic, syphilitic, pathologically lying, endlessly murderous, deceitful hag who wishes to rule over the USSA and the rest of the planet.

It's a pathetic prospect, to be sure.

And nowhere in their debates and political discourse have they deigned to mention, or even showed that they are slightly aware of the grave issues of global deforestation, the threat to humans of rapidly proliferating robotic and A.I. technology, dying, garbage choked oceans, chemically poisoned air, water and soil, the threats of out-of-control genetic engineering, runaway nanotechnology, approaching nuclear war or the fact that the whole planet and humanity itself seem to be held deeply in the grips of a very negative virtual reality, a fake, artificial MATRIX that has us all held hostage. mind, body and soul.

I have seen this MATRIX control grid in my visions and so have many others. It's real enough, alright, all too real. 

And just when a growing number of people are starting to come to grips with some of the basic elements of the MATRIX structure in which we are caged, the news cycle is suddenly filled with warnings of impending, global warfare, perhaps nuclear warfare, and a concomitant, global financial collapse, maybe on a greater scale and with a greater impact than any human event in thousands of years.

The world is about to make a huge transition to something else. That much is clear.

The German government and Czech government have recently publicly warned their populations to prepare for disaster. The signs of impending, great change are everywhere. 

I truly do not know what will happen in the next weeks, months or few years. But nothing at all would surprise me. 

All I can say is to expect the unexpected, because this enormous, virtual reality Theme Park in which we live and breathe is about to make an abrupt transition to something else. 

Free your mind, body and soul if you can, keeping in mind and taking to heart, that one of the basic laws of this manufactured, created reality appears to be that for everything there is an equal and opposite reaction, i.e., a certain karmic wheel of action and reaction that plays out over a very long time scale, indeed.

In a word, what we need, individually and collectively is to wise up. That's right, we need a good, old-fashioned upwising

Otherwise, how will we extricate ourselves from. the MATRIX with full awareness and in complete possession of all of our natural faculties?

I don't see any hope in the never ending bread and circuses of the corrupt, political arena. From what I can see, the only way out is to dramatically elevate human consciousness. All else plays into the hands of the dark forces behind the false MATRIX in which we are held captive. And I am not speaking about Islam, Judaism or Christianity as ways out, either -- in the main, the so-called Abrahamic religions have been among the most vicious MATRIX prison games on this planet.

No, to elevate consciousness takes time and persistent effort to look deeply within your human essence to reconnect with the infinite, vital source of All That Is. I mean you really have to dig deep and hard and long. And that is something no priest, rabbi or imam can give you; you have to discover it for yourself. It's not a weekend seminar or two weeks of 15 minute meditations. Trust me on this, your personal liberation will be hard fought and will come with great and persistent effort, as with all great victories.


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