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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Deep Dark Thoughts About The Satanic Darkness Of The Deep State

For most of my life the so-called "missing persons" phenomenon has been an unresolved issue that has been in and out of the news. And by the way, it is an international problem, not limited to the USSA by any means. 

Since I have been in Ecuador I have come to understand that there are also thousands of missing people in this small country. It's a global issue that involves large numbers of people of both genders and all ages, not just children. Something really vicious and evil is happening and we simply have no clear idea of its extent.

I have long suspected, but cannot begin to prove, that at least some of the myriad thousands of missing people all over the world are taken to some of the secret underground and underwater installations that I have been writing and talking about for more than two decades now. 

We simply do not know with any degree of specificity what happens in a lot of the underground and undersea facilities. The level of secrecy is extreme and there must be a reason for that -- a reason along the lines of policies that are so ghastly that no public mention dare be made of them.

It so happens that the various agencies of the USSA government operate a whole slew of underground bases, including a good many in and around Washington, DC. There is a veritable anthill beneath Washington, DC.

Both with the myriad thousands of missing people, as well as with the underground bases, the alphabet soup agencies are heavily in the know.

With the pervasive surveillance of national and global society by the NSA, FBI, DHS, CIA, etc. the Feds certainly know a hell of a lot more about the very large number of missing people than they are saying. They certainly also know about the underground bases, because the Feds operate so many of them. 

This amounts to saying that the Federal government is a cover for unimaginable evil. The FBI, NSA, CIA, etc. clearly know a great deal about the missing persons issue and say and do nothing. What does that say about them? I don't even know why people vote anymore, or pay taxes, or salute the flag, or recite the pledge of allegiance.

As I have demonstrated in my books, available in the right-hand sidebar of my blog site, the Federal agencies also operate an extensive network of major underground facilities about which we know practically nothing. I am not able to prove it, but I strongly suspect that hideous, unimaginable crimes are taking place in some of these facilities.

Why do I say that? -- because of the near total secrecy surrounding them, that's why. If everything is on the up and up, then why does the deep underground Black World characterized by almost absolute secrecy exist?

Back in the Clinton White House years in the 1990s, when Bill and Hillary would venture out into the Washington, DC underground -- literally -- the Secret Service agents would shout, "Hogs in the tunnel!"  to alert others that the Clintons were venturing out into the shadowy network of underground tunnels that underlies Washington, DC. Who knows what the Clintons (and others) have done and are doing in those tunnels?

Of course, the "hogs" moniker is a reference to their Arkansas origins. The University of Arkansas athletic teams are known as the Razorbacks. Razorbacks are wild hogs that live out in the woods in the rural South.

The call "Woooooooooooo! Pig! SOOIE!" at Arkansas football games is a deafening roar that can be heard a mile away, when bellowed by tens of thousands of fans at a time. I know. I'm from the South. I've heard it. It's impressive.

There is a labyrinth under Washington, DC with many miles of tunnels, and secret elevators, offices, rooms, etc., about which most visitors to Washington, DC remain completely oblivious. To cite just one example, what secretly lies beneath the White House vastly exceeds what you see when you walk by on Pennsylvania Avenue. As of the mid-1960s it was reported to go down at least 17 levels, accessed via elevator from the surface, with tunnels and corridors radiating outward beneath the surface. In recent years it has been enlarged even more.
And then there are underground tunnels going to and from the Capitol, and much more.
Many years ago, John Elvin, a longtime political reporter in Washington, DC, wrote an obscure, little booklet about some of the underground tunnels in Washington, DC called: "Hogs in the Tunnel!" You can do a word search for it. There are copies available.
Those in the know in Washington, such as Podesta, the Clintons, the Bushes and a host of others, certainly know about and use the miles of secret tunnels beneath Washington, DC. Let your imagination run as to what happens in the tunnels. These are evil people and they do evil things.
Here is a partial list of underground facilities or facilities with underground tunnels or facilities in the Washington, DC area. 
White House -- a real anthill lies below
Capitol Building -- tunnel system radiating out to nearby buildings
Pentagon -- multilevel underground facility
Vice-President's mansion -- major subterranean work in the 2000s
Treasury Building -- underground tunnels
NSA in Laurel, Maryland --- massive, sprawling, deep, multi-level facility
FEMA on Riggs Rd. between Olney and Laytonsville, Maryland -- at least seven levels
Camp David beneath Catoctin Mountain, Maryland -- huge, multi-level, so large and complex that any one person is unlikely to know the full lay-out
Warrenton Training Stations A&B, Warrenton, Virginia -- former CIA bases, now run by other agency
Mount Weather in Blue Ridge Mountains -- vast, deep, complex, highly secretive.
There are bound to be many more than these. These are just some that are publicly known. Note that some of them are vast, truly large, like the ones beneath the White House, Mt. Weather, NSA in Laurel, Maryland, Camp David.
I have been told by one man who regularly used to go into the Camp David labyrinth on a classified federal contract that the underground component of Camp David is so large, vast, complex and extensive that he doubts that any one person could have the full layout of the place in his or her head. The Seabees built the place; the Marine Corps guards it now.
One of my other sources described to me a vast, twenty level deep, labyrinth beneath the NSA in Laurel, Maryland that extends for acres on each level. What does the NSA do underground in Laurel, Maryland? What do they have underground there? Who the hell knows?
What really goes on in these massive, secret, sprawling, labyrinthine, underground complexes? How many people work and/or live in there? What do they do?
We simply do not have a good idea of what is going on. They are not the kind of places that you just walk into off the street. They are guarded with heavy armed force.

This is another way of saying that the American people live under a dictatorship. The underground bases are analogous to the castle on the hill in medieval times.

Now the castle on the hill is a secret, underground base and the peasants, er, the American people, are not allowed to go inside.

Why not? Because, that's why. Like I said, its a red-white and-blue dictatorship and it will remain that way so long as the American people accept their subservient, serf status and meekly comply with the dictates of the dicatorship.

The only way they will find out what is in those bases is if they go into them. So far they have elected not to do that. They have meekly accepted their subservient, peasant status.

God only knows what horrors and crimes are taking place underground and therefore out of sight and out of mind.


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