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Monday, July 25, 2022

The USSA Navy Undersea Base Illustrations of Walter Koerschner

For my readers who are receiving this blog post via email or a feed, please be advised that his blog post contains many illustrations below that may be stripped out by your email program or the automatic feed. You must click through to my blog to see the illustrations:

All of the illustrations are from the USSA Navy's "Rock Site" Undersea Base R&D Program at China Lake Naval Weapons Station in California, circa 1966. These are the original illustrations done by Walter Koerschner, the military illustrator attached to the project, and personally passed to me by him almost 15 years ago.

The illustrations must be credited as follows: 

Walter Koerschner, military illustrator for US Navy "Rock Site" R&D Program, China Lake Naval Weapons Station, California, circa 1966.

These illustrations are Copyleft. No one holds the rights to them. They may be used, but not sold as such. They are in the public domain. They were freely given to me by Walter Koerschner with the intent that they be published, and I freely give them to the world public. I provide much more context and explanations for these images in my book, Hidden in Plain Sight: Beyond the X-Files, which may be purchased at this link: 

It is my understanding that large undersea bases of the sort depicted in these illustrations have been constructed and are in use for a variety of purposes.

Walter Koerschner is now deceased. He died several years ago.

I only ask that those who use these illustrations please make a donation in the memory of Walter Koerschner, who was a genuinely good and decent man, in the exact amount of £161.80 or $161.80 or 161.80 or ¥161.8 or 161.80 or 161.80, or using a multiple thereof, such as 16.18, or $1.618, or .01618 BTC, etc., in whatever your national currency happens to be, to a nonprofit food bank or food kitchen that feeds the poor and homeless in whatever country or city you may be: In memoriam of Walter Koerschner.


Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Like I've Said Again and Again

Read the Twitter link below. I have been writing this exact thing on my blog for a long time:

The Pentagon/NATO are sending long-range missiles to the Ukraine right now. If NATO/Pentagon/Ukraine fire on Russian territory, like Sevastopol for instance, Norfolk-Virginia could go bye-bye real fast -- and possibly Mayport-FL, Kings Bay-GA, Groton-CT, San Diego-CA, etc.

If the Pentagon were to then fire nuclear missiles at Russia, there would immediately be a barrage of Yars and Topol-M ICBMs coming back at the Lower 48.

In the words of Dmitry Medvedev, ex-President of Russia and current Deputy Chairman of Russia's Security Council, if the Crimea were to be attacked by the Ukraine/NATO/Pentagon: "Judgment Day will come very fast and hard. It will be very difficult to hide."

Judgment Day. Come to Jesus Time. 

How fast? Well, ICBMs from Russia en route to the Lower 48 will cruise over the Arctic at about 15,000 mph, so they're rather rapid. How hard? An 800 kt airburst over Norfolk Naval Yard, would that be hard enough? Or maybe a 100 megaton Poseidon nuclear torpedo detonation at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay? That would put paid to multiple military bases, in fact the entire region, which is very low, swampy and heavily populated. In other words, "very difficult to hide" from that.

I was born and reared in Tidewater Virginia, so I know all about that area. So do the Russians. Everything is already dialed in with great precision.

Sunday, July 17, 2022

The Crack-Up Will Run Its Fated Course

My blog is entitled Event Horizon Chronicle for a reason. I've seen all of this turmoil coming from decades ago, ever since the age of three years to tell the truth, way back in 1958, when a female entity whom I spontaneously named, The Bone Lady, appeared to me and laid the "Mother of All Information Downloads" on my malleable, young mind. Fifty-two years after that I began writing this blog. Now we are entering into the Event Horizon, which will persist for an unknown number of years or maybe a few decades, before what is left of Humanity -- if anyone at all? -- comes out the other side, into a very different order of world affairs.

Take a look:


Holland -- Dutch Farmers Protest

Sri Lanka Storming Presidential Palace

Ecuador - June 2022

And from yesterday's news cycle:

Highway Blocked In Panama As Protests Persist

And there will be many more national protests, uprisings, marches, strikes, demonstrations and road blockages in countries all over the world in the coming weeks and months. These are just early days. 

The protests in Ecuador have been in abeyance for the last two weeks, as the protest leaders have entered into talks with the national government over the list of deep grievances, but those talks are sure to flounder and founder without achieving much fundamental progress, if any at all.


Because the petro-dollar, the global reserve currency (possibly for only a few more months), and the massive global system based on it -- high finance, commodity trading, arms trafficking, narcotics trafficking, human trafficking, much of the Internet, imperial CIA/Pentagon warfare --- is about to go down for the count, leaving world-changing turmoil in its wake. A long cycle of abusive, political-economic oppression is coming to a violent, chaotic end. And that especially matters in places like Ecuador and Panama (see above), which use the petro-dollar, Federal Reserve Note, call it what you will, as their official, national currencies. Think of what is happening in countries like Ecuador and Panama, on the periphery of the global, petro-dollar system, as early warnings of impending petro-dollar collapse. 

It doesn't help that a very long list of so-called world "leaders" are deeply Satanic and venal: Biden, Austin, Truss, Blinken, Macron, Scholtz, Albanese, Schwab, the Pope, and many others, including the so-called President of Ecuadora card-carrying, Opus Dei member. Click the link and you decide if that's an XY, or perhaps an elderly XX with a wig trying to pass as an XY. Yes, we're just that deep in the weeds, and won't even bother at this time to sidetrack down the "Donna" Trump and "Melvin" Trump and "Ivan" Trump and "Ellen" Musk and "Jill" Gates rabbit holes. They are everywhere.

Here take a look at this creature: Thing No. TGHLB&$#%@!

It's a prime example of what organic humans are up against. Whatever it is, it feigns to be the European Union's Justice Commissioner, and is pictured speaking here about setting up a European wide fund, to seize Russian assets and forward the seized monies to the Ukraine. 

No doubt whatsoever that the European Union's Justice Creature's plan will work out very well for the European Union and for the Ukraine. \sarcasm\

Punted Into The Dust Bin of History

Notwithstanding all of the foregoing, the global insanity will soon be amped up to even more spectacular levels by near future events. For just one example, the Crypto Viewing remote viewers have just recently taken a look at what is soon going to take place in the commodity markets in Chicago. Watch  the video. It's short. Keep in mind that these are some of the very best remote viewers out there.

Right. It's corny. It's Midwest stuff. But just wait. Watch the drama unspool. They're talking about September.

This is very much in line with what I have seen via my lexical scrying, for Ecuador, for the USSA and for Europe in November of this year. In my lexical scrying I have received feedback indicating that very trying circumstances, historically trying circumstances, are going to be taking place. For instance, see:

And in the post below, of 18 June, just a month ago, I received a prompt that dynamite would be a factor in Ecuador's ongoing turmoil, which in my view could break out again into another, full-blown, national uprising at any time, even later this month or later this year. I think it's inevitable, given the grinding poverty that millions of people are enduring. To cite only one example of many, 80% of the children who came with their parents from outlying provinces to the protests in Quito were found by volunteer medical brigades to be suffering from malnutrition. There's a lot of hunger in Ecuador and all around the world. 

Getting back to the dynamite allusion in my lexical scrying on 18 June, just two weeks later on 3 July the national press reported that dynamite attacks by criminal gangs in Ecuador, especially in the coastal provinces of Esmeraldas and Guayas, are a growing problem. Take a look:

If you don't read Spanish, just look at the photo and you'll get the idea. As for the other lexical scrying results, just wait, things will assuredly be getting worse as we move deeper into the rest of 2022 and into 2023.

Economic collapse, false flag attacks, mobs in the streets, civil uprisings. international warfare, crop failures, government collapse, starvation, supply chain failures, rampant crime, labor shortages, ginned up/biologically engineered plagues, and more will be taking place.

One more thing: the war in the Ukraine will likely be expanding beyond the Ukraine in the next months. If the USSA keeps pumping troops, weapons and war materiel into the region and into the combat zone, which it continues to do, then the war could easily cross the Atlantic Ocean to the Lower 48, with a series of 800 kt bangs over USSA cities and military bases: Norfolk-VA, New York City, Washington-DC, Albuquerque, Houston, Chicago, Mayport-FL, Kings Bay-GA, Omaha, Minot-ND, Seattle, etc. The Pentagon, CIA and State Department are playing with nuclear fire, nay, they are practically inviting it to rain down. It's demonic. Satanists are in charge. It's that simple. Great evil is abroad in the world. It grieves me to say so, but that is the harsh reality.