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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ayahuasca's Message For Humanity

Humanity stands at a momentous crossroads, poised on the knife edge of a precipitous chasm.

In short, we are faced with a thorough-going Apocalypse. I don't shrink from saying that, even though I have been mocked by many for doing so, including by people I have known my entire life. There have even been threats against me and my well-being. Ten months ago I was so harshly abused that I was hospitalized for more than four months and have still to recover from the very grave harm to my body and being.

Let me briefly recapitulate for those who are new to my blog and thought.

In recent years I have warned of oncoming economic catastrophe.

I have warned about the dire effects of the Fukushima nuclear crisis, and of the nuclear industry in general..

I have warned of the perils of nuclear warfare, including the danger of possible, false flag nuclear attacks against American cities.

I have warned about a cunning, powerful, relentless Machine intelligence that is absolutely hostile to and destructive of humanity and this planet, and how it has insinuated itself into every aspect of human society and being.

I have written about the dangers of deforestation in the Amazon.

I have spoken out about the multi-facted, multi-dimensional dictatorship that is being set into place and harshly activated, step by step.

Can you say that I have been wrong? And yet, there are those who mock me, even as the old economic order collapses from its own runaway corruption, even as the radioactivity spewing from Fuksuhima bids fair to extinguish life in the Pacific Ocean, at a bare minimum, even as we see multiple high ranking officers in the American military's nuclear command structure being nearly simultaneously cashiered against a back drop of troubling rumors of nuclear weapons being moved about without authorization. And all of this in the context of the USSA government's open surveillance and espionage against ALL OF HUMANITY, amid extensive preparations for a massive crackdown against, and suppression of, the civilian population of the USSA as the evil control structure behind it all ratchets up its planetary subjugation agenda another notch or ten.

Lurking behind all of this is the The Machine that ayahuasca first called to my attention three years ago. The Machine uses everything -- individual people, organizations, institutions, technology, money, threats, inducements, praise, violence -- to further its long campaign for full-spectrum domination of humanity and this planet.

For a little idea of how far full-spectrum domination can extend, please ponder the exploded remnants of the planet that used to orbit between Mars and Jupiter, known by us as the Asteroid Belt, i.e., thousands of gigantic chunks of rock and nickel-iron core material that are all that is left of that destroyed planet.

I don't care if you believe what I have just said. The control mechanism of The Machine extends to clouding the minds of those whose home planet it would destroy. Wake up if you can.

Lest I forget, the destruction of the Amazon is also a part of The Machine's total domination plans. All it has to to is destroy 20% to 30% of the Earth's oxygen production capacity and the resident, dominant, oxygen-breathing species (us) will die en masse. Try getting along on 30% less oxygen. It will not be pleasant. But that is how much oxygen the vegetation in the Amazon region produces, so if the Amazon dies, you will too.

What are you doing about that?

What are you doing about the nuclear threat?

Now Then ...

Either we save the Amazon or we do not. Either we very quickly resolve the nuclear crisis at Fukushima, Japan or we do not. Either we rid the Earth of the nuclear arsenals or we do not. Either we establish a more equitable economic system or we do not. Either we bring to heel totalitarian organizations such as the NSA or we do not.

If we fail to do these things, then the future of this planet, if there even is a long-term future, will be grim beyond imagining.

Speaking of the very near future, I intend to issue a small book that will sell for just a few dollars. It will be easily readable and very affordable. I mean it to be widely read and discussed.  It won't be lengthy, and yet it will succinctly describe the message that the shamanic plant decoctions of the Upper Amazon region, ayahuasca and malicagua, have revealed to me in recent years.

The plant kingdom, that vast community that so many of us take for granted, does have something to say, does have a message of tremendous import for all of us in these perilous, defining times. The plants with whom we share this planet are awake, and how.

I am only a translator, one lone man on a journey of discovery like every other being on this planet. For whatever reason, and however we have jointly conspired to arrive at this momentous tipping point in our prolonged, joint sojourn on the Earth, we are now at the decisive momemt of Truth and Consequences.

The moment may last one year or ten or twenty, but it assuredly won't drag on for centuries or millennia. Things are happening faster now, on a grander scale, happening to people by the hundreds of millions and billions, more or less simultaneously.

That process will not stop. It will only intensify. How we deal with that, with everything that is occurring on our planet, defines us a species, and as individual members of a vast soul group, me no less than you.

I am only one man and yet I have something to say. The plants of the Amazon also have something to say.

Now is the time for any and all beings with something to say, to speak their mind, to reveal their underlying motives and show their overarching intentions. It's a grand game that we are caught up in and as the climax to the big spectacle descends upon us, it behooves those that care to demonstrate what they care about.

Those that do not care will also demonstrate what they do not care about by their silence and their inaction.

In their case, nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Further commentary in that regard is therefore superfluous.

My Present Situation

Those that have followed my travails of the past months know that I am struggling with three major issues simultaneously.

I am in an ongoing rehabilitation and recuperation phase that entails regaining the ability to walk normally. The assault I suffered on 29 December 2012 hurt me so badly that it landed me in the hospital for more than four months. To this day I have persistent damage in the tissues and nerves of my lower extremities that the doctors do not understand how to remedy. So I have forged ahead on my own with electrotherapy, nutritional supplements, massage, and a program of exercises that I independently pursue. The electrotherapy and the nutritional supplements cost money that I do not currently have.

I filed a criminal complaint against the shaman who so badly mistreated me and that process is now ongoing. I have already incurred thousands of dollars of legal fees to pursue justice and have thousands yet more to pay, before the legal process runs its course. Without legal representation my case will not receive a fair hearing, or perhaps not be heard at all. And I will not permit that. There are serious crimes occurring in the Amazon, including crimes by shamans, who should be the sacred ambassadors or go-betweens for humanity and Mother Nature, and yet so many criminally abuse their sacred position of trust. We can neither advance as a species, nor save the Amazon, if we do not deal with this fundamental problem. The only way to do that is to do the hard, difficult work, one person at a time, one situation at a time. That is how the global, human fabric is put together. So I have started where I am -- in Ecuador, in the Amazon, with one corrupt shaman who assaulted me. If one individual situation cannot be remedied, then how will the whole region be put to rights?

Simply to bring my case to trial, I urgently need a lump sum of  $1,750. Attorneys in Ecuador are like attorneys everywhere -- they work for payment, and I have to pay them.  My case is important, maybe even crucial, in that there is a great deal of crime in the Amazon, but very few people speak out or file criminal complaints for fear of reprisals by the criminal elements. It is like a mafia. If no one stands for justice, then there is no justice, and the crimes continue, unchallenged. So I am humbly asking for your help and I need it now.

Lastly, as many of you know, I have a decades-long record as a public, anti-nuclear activist, for which I have been jailed multiple times by the USSA government, including in Arkansas, Georgia, Missouri, Texas and North Dakota.  I always acted nonviolently in my peace demonstrations on USSA Air Force nuclear missile silos and at USSA Navy bases where nuclear weapons are either stored or deployed. I have also been for many years a leading investigator and author on the topic of the many, secret, underground and underwater bases and tunnels created by the numerous, clandestine, compartmentalized, Black Operations of the Shadow Government, the occult, multi-trillion dollar MATRIX control structure that runs this planet.

Due to the increasingly repressive, harsh, police-state-nature of the USSA government, and given my background as a very public critic of its nuclear weapons programs, for which I have been repeatedly jailed,  and as a well-known investigator of clandestine, Black Operations projects I have formally requested political refuge in Ecuador. I promise you I will not be the only, or the last, American dissident to seek political refuge outside of the USSA. I take the provisions of the NDAA of 2012 and 2013 very seriously. They provide for the secret arrest, indefinite secret military detention and /or outright secret murder of anyone that the USSA security apparatus determines it must make disappear.

There is no way to know if you are on the "disappear" list. And so I have retained legal counsel here in Quito to assist me with my political refuge petition to the Ecuadorean government. I have to pay for that.

For all of these reasons, I am asking for your urgent assistance. I need a sum of $2,250  just in the near term to meet my legal fees. I am where I am, in the situation that I am in, because I spoke out when almost everyone else was silent. I nonviolently went out on the nuclear missile silos when so very few others did, a few Catholic priests and nuns, and almost no one else. And for that I have paid a heavy price. I self-identified as an opponent of the regime and its plans for nuclear Hell on Earth. I have foregone years of earnings, and acquired an FBI record as a political dissident, because I did what probably not one of my readers have done.

In that sense, I am your advocate, your representative. I acted when you did not. I paid a severe price for that, for being the odd man out. And yet the nuclear menace threatens us all with annihilation, me no less than you.

Equally with the assault by the shaman. I came to the Amazon region to see for myself what is happening, to learn directly from the ancient shamanic plants, to live there, to spend an extended block of time there, to immerse myself in what is happening. So I did that, and at the end of the day, I was deeply betrayed, profoundly harmed by the very one who should be helping, and teaching, but is instead harming and impeding. And I will have more to say about that, because much more needs to be said about it, or we are all done for. The Amazon is just that important, and if we are to save it, we absolutelty must put an end to the crimes of the region, inlcuding crimes against persons.

And no, I am not the only victim of serious crime in the Amazon, but it appears that I am, again, one of the comparative few willing to publicly stand up and address systematic wrong that threatens the broader human community on this planet.

I don't care overly much what anyone else thinks about that, either. Someone has to do it. I am here. I am on the scene. And I am willing.

But I cannot do it alone. I really do need your support and I am asking for it right now, especially as regards my legal fees for political refuge and for taking my assailant to trial. I was almost killed and I cannot permit that to go unchallenged. I have more work to do, important work.

If you are unable to directly involve yourself in direct, anti-nuclear activism, if you are unable to put your life on the line and risk repeated jail sentences, if you are unable to travel to or work in the Amazon and confront criminal injustice there, then please, if you are able, support one who has done these things and intends to do much more, and who comes to you now asking for your support.

Please-mail me at or you can  Skype me at richard.sauder333 (no, I am not a Free Mason) and I will inform you as to how to donate. I also do accept Bit Coin (BTC) in any amount, large or small.

My Bit Coin (BTC) address is: 1Dht92qEzCmvuLRKQD2MSJ1JdQ7rFRMVdA

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Nothing More Surreal Than Fed World

Federal reserve banks, including the capital stock and surplus therein and the income derived therefrom shall be exempt from Federal, State, and local taxation, except taxes upon real estate.
Got that? The Federal Reserve banks have trillions of dollars in assets – TRILLIONS – and by law they do not pay even one penny of tax on any of that. NO TAX. None. Only real estate taxes.

Yet you are obligated to pay all kinds of taxes, for all kinds of things, to the USSA federal government, to the state government, to the county and city. 

But not them. Not the federal bankers. Not Mr. Federal Money Bags. No, sir.

See, he thinks he's better than you, with his trillions and trillions of dollars. Which he creates out of thin air, from nothing. But Mr. Federal Money Bags, having manufactured trillions of dollars for himself and his friends, and then having lent those trillions of dollars at interest to you, pays no tax at all, not on the original trillions, nor on the myriad billions of dollars that he reaps in interest payments from you.

You must pay many kinds of taxes, by law, at multiple levels of government, but not Mr. Federal Money Bags. He is exempt from paying ANY TAX AT ALL on the trillions of dollars that he manufactures for himself right out of thin air, and also pays NO TAX AT ALL on the billions and hundreds of billions of dollars that he collects in interest, calling directly to mind the "... surplus therein and the income derived therefrom ..." so succinctly cited in the USSA federal statute reproduced above.

Mr. Federal Money Bags fancies himself to be better than you. Because he makes money, no, I mean he actually MAKES money, he physically creates money, he physically manufactures money by the train car load full of shrink wrapped pallets of hundred dollar bills, millions and millions of them. And pays no tax on that.


Wrap your head around that if you can. In one simple sentence the USSA government tells him that, hey, he doesn't have to pay one penny of tax.

Now go to Title 26 of the USSA Federal Code, the Internal Revenue Code, and it runs to more than 3.4 million words, the equivalent of 7,500 letter-sized pages.

Those are your tax instructions.

Do you see the two sets of law? It's right there in black and white. A whopping 3.4 million words and 7,500 pages of law for you, and just one sentence for Mr. Federal Money Bags that tells him he don't need to pay no steenkin' tax at all to no federal, state or local tax man.

But you do. And if you don't, Mr. Federal Money Bags will send men with guns to force you to pay, against your will.

But he never pays. Not one penny.

That's how it is set up.

Now you understand everything you need to know about the banking system in the USSA. 

But There Is More 

Just to drive home the thorough illegality of it all, the pervasive, fake phoniness of it all, the sheer, unchecked criminality of it all, the audacious, in-your-face nothingness of it all, check out the organizational structure of the USSA Department of the Treasury. You will not find the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)  listed there. It just is not there. Notwithstanding that your whole life you have been told that the IRS is an agency within the USSA Treasury Department. And yet, when you go directly to the federal code to ascertain the organizational structure of the Treasury Department, it's not there. To be sure, the website of the USSA Department of the Treasury lists the IRS -- but an Internet website is not statutory law. It is true enough that the IRS will send out notices that say at the top "Treasury Department," but then many organizations, including fraudulent organizations such as criminal mafias, have treasurers and treasury departments. The fact remains that the governing legal code of the USSA government does not list the IRS as an agency or bureau of the national Department of the Treasury. The United States Mint is listed, as is the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, the United States Customs Service, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Office of Thrift Supervision, etc.

But not the IRS. It simply is not there. The sheer scale of this massive, century-long criminal scam is breathtaking in its effrontery, uh, I mean, chutzpah. The import of this gigantic, under-the-color-of-law swindle is that the entire national government of the USSA is one, huge, red-white-and-blue criminal syndicate.  As hundreds of millions of previously blissfully ignorant people are imminently going to discover.

And they will be shocked -- shocked !! -- just so shocked.

Anyway, go ahead, look, I triple dog dare you: 

USC  Title 31 - Money and Finance, Subtitle I - General, Chapter 3 - Department of the Treasury,  Subchapter I - Organization

  • § 301 . Department of the Treasury
  • § 302 . Treasury of the United States
  • § 303 . Bureau of Engraving and Printing
  • § 304 . United States Mint
  • § 305 . Federal Financing Bank
  • § 306 . Fiscal Service
  • § 307 . Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
  • § 308 . United States Customs Service
  • § 309 . Office of Thrift Supervision
  • § 310 . Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
  • § 311 . Office of Intelligence and Analysis
  • § 312 . Terrorism and financial intelligence
  • § 313 . Federal Insurance Office
  • § 314 . Covered agreements
  • § 315 . Continuing in office


To donate for my mounting legal and medical treatment fees, related to my assault-by-shaman and subsequent,several months of hospitalization and ongoing recuperation, as well as my present petition for political refuge in Ecuador, please contact me at or Skype me at richard.sauder333  I am in genuine need of thousands of dollars to cover these expenses.

Of course, you can purchase my last book about secret underground and underwater bases here.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Drinking Mother Nature's Yummy Mommy Juice

“Just because I'm telling you this story doesn't mean I'm alive at the end of it. This could all be pre-recorded and I could be talking to you from the bottom of the ocean. Yeah, it's that kind of a story. Because things just got so out of control. But let's go back to where it started. Here, in paradise.“

These opening lines of the dialogue from Oliver Stone's 2012 film, "Savages,"  cut to the quick of our present pass. 

How did we ever get here? So out of control. On the verge of planetary, economic melt-down such as none of us have ever seen. On the verge of global warfare, quite possibly nuclear. On the edge of ecological melt-down, as we lose more and more of the Amazon and the other, large tropical forests, even as the Pacific Ocean is radioactively poisoned by the ongoing nuclear apocalypse at Fukushima, Japan.

As the world turns and lurches from crisis to crisis. An unending series of crises that defy resolution by the current bevy of world leaders, and that the vast bulk of humanity but dimly comprehends. 

How did this paradise planet on which we all took birth ever happen to descend into such a hellish concatenation of intransigent predicaments that admit of no easy issue, and perhaps no issue at all?

Enter Inanna and Associates From Elsewhere in the Galaxy

The available evidence suggests that there has been profound involvement in our history, intimate meddling of the worst sort  in the affairs of our species and our planet, if you will, by beings from other sectors of the galaxy who fancy themselves our masters and overlords. It is not far from the truth to say that they have a God complex. By terrestrial human standards they are very long-lived beings. They tinker with DNA at will, creating and annihilating species according to their whim. They employ weaponry that makes atomic bombs look like tinker toys. They geo-engineer planets. And they roam the recondite fastness of the infinite time-space corridors of the galactic vastness.

And they are as slippery as you may please. I mean they make Machiavelli look like a kindergarten, sandbox bully. Their mendaciousness is limitless. What I mean is that they lie, they are sly, covinous, not veridical, not truthful, not veracious, they speak out of both sides of their mouths, they are deceptive, deceitful, dishonest, collusive, evasive, cunning, too clever by half, perfidious, fork-tongued and treacherous.

For all I know, they secretly walk amongst us to the present day. Clearly something went very wrong on this world in remote antiquity and we have been suffering the consequences ever since. There is an auto-destructive burr somehow inserted way down deep in the fundamental fabric of our being, intricately embedded in the very warp and woof of our genetic code, with the result that things are not going well for us at all, no sir, no ma'am.

I don't presume to know all the reasons for that, all the terrestrial and galactic antecedents for how things came to be the way they are, and/or are not. Though I do believe that you could profitably read the following books and web pages and discover at least part of the truth of what has transpired on this planet, in this solar system and in this sector of the galaxy in the remote past, with profound, immediate implications for what is happening today.

Inanna Returns and Inanna Hyper-Luminal by V.S. Ferguson. Then there are The Chronicles of the Gírkù, by Anton Parks, part of the Ages of Uraš. Or you might peruse War in Heaven, by Kyle Griffith.

To say that this is mind-bending literature is a substantial understatement.. What it all amounts to is that there is an enormous, multi-dimensional, multi-level, interplanetary, galactic struggle or contest going on for the disposition of your soul! The only thing that will save you, me or anyone else is awareness, consciousness, soul maturity and psychic development. Those who remain ignorant, unaware, immature and susceptible to cultural, religious, political and social programming of whatever sort are highly vulnerable to predation by more powerful and cunning beings. That seems to be the order of the Universe. Free yourself if you can. It will take everything you have.

I also found parts of George Kassivalas' book, Our Universal Journey, to be very intriguing, especially the parts about the control matrix that dominates and suppresses the Earth, and the information about the Moon's past and creation, how it came to be in orbit about the Earth, why it is so desolate and how it is used to negatively control the Earth.

A lot of his material dovetails with the information in the books and web pages mentioned above. It also corresponds to an extent with some of the things that the shamanic plants, ayahuasca and malicagua, revealed to recent years, pertaining to the spirit world and The Machine intelligence that has this planet in its unrelenting, merciless, destructive grasp. As far as spirits are concerned, I now understand that they are always all around us, a great variety of them -- human, nonhuman, terrestrial, extraterrestrial, animal, plant, bird, etc. Some of my favorites are the tree spirits. I call them the tree-people. They are very peaceful, good natured, gentle and patient.

Where the negative, destructive, deadly agenda of The Machine is concerned, look around. At Fukuhsima and Chernobyl, at the destruction of the great tropical forests, at the dying oceans, at the proliferation of chemicals in the food, at the genetic engineering and modification of more and more plants and animals, at the universal espionage of the NSA, at the dysfunctional global economic system, etc. The evidence for the predatory, parasitic Machine's destructive rampage across this planet and within humanity itself is plentiful and ubiquitous.

So How Do We Free Ourselves?

In my view, there are only a small handful of genuine paths. Unswerving, deep meditation is one path. This takes real dedication, most of all to oneself and the ability to look unflinchingly at the truth. Over time, you drill down, deeper and deeper, stripping away the falseness, penetrating through the cheap, superficial, plastic fraud of this matrix world, until you hit pay dirt and break through to a purer degree of perception and understanding. Not many people do that and that is why humanity is in the predicament it is.

Another way is through intelligent use of, or communication with hyper-conscious plants, the so-called entheogens. These are plants such as salvia divinorum, ayahuasca, malicagua, San Pedro, ibogaine, peyote, etc. I have used the first three, and have yet to consult the latter three. There are many others. These are just the six that occur to me right off the top of my head. 

For me, their great value has been to open me up to direct communication with the vast consciousness of the natural world, and to more fully acknowledge and embrace its fundamental spiritual character. There are multiple levels in the spiritual realms, and many different types of spirits. After physical death, your consciousness will depart this physical realm and you will be dealing, face to face, with one or more spiritual dimensions and their myriad denizens. To me, there is considerable value in familiarizing myself with the physically unseen realities that constantly surround us. You may pretend they do not exist, but I have seen otherwise, and once you begin to see how things actually are, it is not really possible to backtrack, and close your eyes to reality as it is, in its essence. 

I agree with Graham Hancock that humanity has lost its connection with Nature, with Mother Nature, if you will, with the Divine Feminine. Graham has posted a great deal of information about his experiences with ayahuasca to the Internet. Just do a word search on his name and ayahuasca to find his articles and videos. The entheogens, the hyper-conscious plants offer us a direct connection to the sacred, creative spirit or essence that underlies and informs the entire Universe. For whatever reason, we have lost or forgotten that connection, and this is perhaps the prime, contributing reason for or cause of our accelerating, self-destructive trajectory as a planetary species. Either we get back in touch with Mother Nature, in a major way and real soon, or we are done for. Because we are hurtling towards absolute disaster right now.

Like Graham Hancock, I also distinguish between the entheogens and so-called recreational drugs. There is no comparison between a synthetic substance, a chemically refined or processed compound, and the awareness of biological, hyper-conscious organisms, like the entheogenic plants. Beyond which, for me, ayahuasca, salvia divinorum, malicagua, etc. are not something that one does just for kicks or to see crazy sparkles, or whatever. If you are ready, willing and open to what they have to offer, they can show you the meta-code that underlies reality itself. They can directly show you the control matrix, the spirits, your own soul or deep emotional structure, your karma, anything you like -- or really don't like. They may show you your own personal "stuff," especially if you are oblivious to your own "stuff" and resist acknowledging it. The entheogens are extraordinarily deep, universally wise, intelligent and aware. And then on the physical level, ayahuasca, for instance, tastes so dreadfully awful that I cannot imagine anyone would ever develop an addiction to, or physical craving for it. From what I have read of ibogaine, its taste is also very unpalatable and nausea and vomit nducing.

I should also mention, while I think of it, that ibogaine also has the useful effect of dramatically ridding many people of addiction to alcohol, cocaine and other addictive substances. This frequently happens after ingesting ibogaine only once or twice. And the addictive hooks are gone. Ibogaine just takes them away. It hunts around inside a person and fixes whatever caused the addiction. It's a remarkable plant.

One of my readers is intending to visit an ibogaine clinic for just such a course of therapy. I wish him the very best in what should prove to be a richly rewarding voyage into the great, stupendous within of ibogaine and his own immortal soul.

See for example, Awakening In The Dream House.


To donate for my mounting legal and medical treatment fees, related to my assault-by-shaman and subsequent,several months of hospitalization and ongoing recuperation, as well as my present petition for political refuge in Ecuador, please contact me at or Skype me at richard.sauder333  I am in need of thousands of dollars to cover these expenses.

Of course, you can purchase my last book about secret underground and underwater bases here.

P.P.S.  And Here's a Little Something From Brenda Fassie

Sunday, October 6, 2013

It's Open Season Now On Everyone: R.I.P. Miriam Carey

The mainstream news media in the USSA were fixated last week on the unsettling, very public assassination of young Miriam Carey in Washington, DC.

Of course, the crucial question is not so much what led Miriam Carey to act as she did, in going to Washington, DC, but what led the federal police to act as they did.

They cruelly executed an unarmed young woman, a young mother traveling with her infant child, who appeared to have done nothing more than take a wrong turn and who then failed to grovel on command when multiple police officers surrounded her car with weapons drawn and aimed directly at her. 

How did her car come to be where it was? It is said she “rammed" a White House "barricade," yet there is no damage to the front of the car, neither is the car at the White House. It looks to me that she may have simply made a wrong turn, and ended up surrounded by a swarm of cops near the Capitol building.

Be that as it may, the cops gunned her down when she fled from the menacing confrontation.

Translation: take a wrong turn in Washington, DC and you too can be road kill.


The police will kill you. Doesn't matter if you are unarmed. They'll just gun you down right there in the street.

The cops pulled her baby from the car and then immediately executed Miriam Carey. Or lynched her. You choose whatever word you like because we are dealing here with subhuman evil. It is just brute wickedness staring you in the face. That is the level to which (so-called) “law” enforcement in the USSA has descended.

Oh, it's a new day in America.

The news media are saying that the police investigation will focus on whether Miriam Carey had mental health issues that caused her to act as she did.


Shouldn't the investigation focus instead on whether the police who murdered her have mental health issues that predisposed them to kill a young woman in front of her infant daughter? Can you imagine the horrific emotional trauma to the child to have witnessed that?

As for Miriam Carey's reported belief that Barack Obama was stalking her, I would simply observe that this is actually not far from the truth. Indeed, the reality is far worse than that. In fact, the federal agencies that are under Barack Obama's direction, as chief executive officer of the USA government, are constantly monitoring ALL OF US.

Was Miriam Carey perhaps singled out for special surveillance by some agency and provoked into driving to Washington, DC? I do not know, but on one level she was certainly correct in thinking that she was being stalked.

WE ALL ARE. Me, you, everyone, all the time, everywhere. Edward Snowden's universal NSA espionage revelations of recent months have made that abundantly clear. Any time they want, the Feds cut someone out of the crowd and obliterate them.  Just because they can. Just because they have guns and badges.

Miriam Carey's mistake was that she took her concerns right to the source of the problem, and got summarily executed for her trouble.

So that is Miriam Carey's parting gift to us all.

To dramatically clarify that we are all considered to be potential dead meat by the Feds, to be mercilessly slaughtered right in the street without arrest, without charge or trial or a public hearing.

It's open season now.

On us.

Miriam Carey was one of us and heavily armed agents of the USSA government riddled her with bullets in front of her infant daughter.

That's the message. If the cops feel like it, they'll just kill you on the spot. They don't need no “steekin' arrest,” or trial or evidence or habeas corpus. They'll just f***ing take you out. We owe Miriam Carey a debt of gratitude for clarifying that for us.

We are considered as prey. And federal police agents have a license to hunt us down and kill us at their whim. The whole world is their “game park.”

It's all coming into real sharp focus.


To donate for my mounting legal and medical treatment fees, related to my assault and subsequent, lengthy hospitalization and ongoing recuperation, as well as my present petition for political refuge in Ecuador, please contact me at or Skype me at richard.sauder333

Of course, you can purchase my last book about secret underground and underwater bases here.