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Monday, December 21, 2020

Trump's *Bigly!* -- Soon -- Desperation Chess Gambit

A long-time reader sent me the link to remote viewer Dick Allgire's latest remote viewing of the ongoing November 3rd election chaos and confusion. If what Dick Allgire has foreseen is accurate then whatever chaos and confusion exist now are about to ramp up to much more frenetic levels at some point within the next one to thirty days, as some near future day Donald Trump is going to make a momentous, history-changing, desperation chess move. Take a look:

Remote Viewer Dick Allgires Sees Trump Giving A Deadly Serious Nationwide Address From Oval Office

In other words, Trump is between a rock and a hard place. From my perspective, he is a constitutional USSA government officer who has solemnly sworn to uphold the USSA Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, and is in the unenviable position of having won an election that was massively, criminally stolen from him, with every variety of vote fraud known to man having been committed and promoted by a host of other USSA federal and state government officials.

So what to do, when a large segment of the governmental apparatus in the USSA does not obey its own laws, and willfully, flagrantly violates the national Constitution? We are probably about to see what Donald Trump has decided to try to do about it. From an objective point of view, that is his constitutional, official prerogative. As Chief Executive Officer he has worn to uphold and defend the laws and Constitution and that is what he intends to do. He has no choice under the circumstances.

But please understand that what we will see in response is the overt crack-up of the USSA! The wheels will be coming off. Though, in reality, the wheels already have come off. The system is already so irretrievably broken that what comes next is totally inevitable, and will be highly unpleasant. 

Many people on the alt-right for some reason think that Donald Trump has been masterfully playing 5-D chess for the last four years. But the sad reality is, as one of my readers has written to me: "Donald Trump probably doesn't even know how to move the chess pieces on the board. He couldn't beat his own son, Baron, at checkers!"

You see, if Donald Trump were playing masterful, 5-D chess, the present, massively criminal, unconstitutional,  electoral muster-fl*ck would not even be occurring. If Donald Trump were a masterful 5-D, political chess player, he would have used the last four years to thoroughly reform the national elections process, so that the sort of massive, unconstitutional, illegal vote fraud that has occurred this year would be impossible.

But Trump conspicuously failed to do that. The truth is that he does not have a 5-D chess, political master mind. He is not a particularly savvy political strategist. So he frittered away four years, surrounding himself with Zionists, Neocons, corrupt multi-billionaires and career Washington, DC insiders.

Instead of draining the Swamp he floundered around in it for four years, and what is happening now is the unfortunate result.

Trump's *Bigly!* Desperation Chess Gambit

Donald Trump is therefore now boxed into a deadly corner, of the "damned if you do, damned if you don't" variety. Lamentably, it is largely of his own making, in that he could have avoided this dire conundrum, if only he were a more savvy and adroit political operator. But he isn't. He's ham handed and clumsy, and not especially knowledgeable.

So what comes next is not going to be a 5-D chess move, but an inevitable, unavoidable, desperation, political chess move on Donald Trump's part.

In some combination of dramatic maneuvers that will play out over the next one to thirty days, there are likely to be arrests of prominent and powerful public figures, a certain amount of military activity within the CONUS, and probably a resulting, national and even international uproar that could turn very violent.

If Trump fails to make the desperation chess move that Dick Allgire has seen with his remote viewing, then 30 days from now, he is political toast, and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will take the reins of power in Washington, DC and reign in his stead.

However, based on everything that I have read, seen and been told from a variety of sources, both inwardly and outwardly, I think it unlikely that Biden and Harris will be installed in office thirty days from today.

Instead, I do think it is more likely that something along the lines of Dick Allgire's remote viewing is likely to occur.

The aftermath will be tumultuous.

Buckle up, buckaroos! 

If you thought that 2020 was trying, it has been but prelude to what is headed our way in 2021.

And by the way, even if Trump fails to make a desperate, *Bigly!* political chess move, and Biden and Harris are somehow sworn into office on 20 January 2021, much of what I have written above still holds. 

Either way the system in the USSA is broken so badly, in so many ways, at such a fundamental level that the demise of the USSA is already underway. Whether Trump acts or not actually does not affect the big picture that much.

In broad outline, the wheels have already come off of the USSA. 2021 will be tumultuous no matter what Trump does or does not do over the next 30 days or less. 

Count on it.


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Friday, December 18, 2020

The *Bigly!* Red-White-and-Blue Political Carnival Show

Are you not entertained? It's the greatest show on Earth, designed to keep the audience on the edge of their seats, oohing! and aahing! at every new, dramatic development.

It's a political magic show, full of sleight of hand and slick misdirection of the audience's attention.

Paul Craig Roberts is beginning to understand, after having worked for decades in journalism, politics and the academic world. Better late than never, I guess. With respect to the Covid-19 plandemic Roberts writes:

We Live in a World of Hoaxes

Yes, Paul, right you are, it's all faker than fake. Hoax after hoax. Fraud upon fraud. 

Take the JFK murder in 1963, for instance. A reader sent me a link to the following article by Laurent Guyénot, which asks:

Did Israel Kill the Kennedys?

Yeah, do you think maybe? The Mossad has been known to blow people's brains out. Who else? The Secret Service, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, George Herbert Walker Bush (and those three men subsequently became President -- what a surprise!) -- and as a side note, one of the members of the Warren Commission that sanitized the murder of President Kennedy, Congressman Gerald Ford, also just ten years later was ***appointed*** President (big surprise!), elements of the Texas petroleum mafia, er, petroleum industry, elements of the Carlos Marcello Sicilian mob family in New Orleans with the collusion of the FBI and CIA, elements of the Dallas police force, professional hit men brought in from the Corsican mafia in Marseille, etc. -- and, you know what? --- the list of those who weren't involved in murdering President Kennedy is probably shorter than the list of those who were.

Right there, you can see that your vote matters -- it truly does! Unless it gets cancelled by a bullet from a Mafia hit man's high powered rifle.

It's fraudulently rigged, all of it, and if necessary it's rigged with lethal violence. 

You know what? It's been rigged for a long time. Nixon probably beat Kennedy in 1960. Reagan and Bush's "October Surprise" torpedoed Jimmy Carter's reelection chances in 1980. Gore probably beat G.W. Bush in 2000 and Kerry probably beat G.W. Bush in 2004.

But they're all insiders, they're all criminally corrupt, they're all members of the club, and from the point of view of the shadowy controllers behind the scenes they use whoever gets elected to carry out their nefarious policies, by fraudulent hook or crook. If the controllers deem that the situation warrants severe correction they simply send a hit man around to murder the individual in question (please see: JFK, RFK, MLK, etc.).

But all high level politicians, financiers, businessmen and bureaucrats are playing a very corrupt and violent game. Jimmy Carter, the peanut farmer from Georgia who became President, was/is a creation and asset of the Trilateral Commission. You don't get more inside than that.

George Herbert Walker Bush and his son, George W. Bush, were both members of Chapter 322 of the Skull and Bones Society at Yale University. Both became President. It's all rigged. The secret societies are heavily involved in power politics and high finance, and Skull and Bones is one of the most ruthless that there are.

In 2004 G.W. Bush ran against John Kerry for President. When he was young, John Kerry was also initiated into Chapter 322 of the Skull and Bones Society at Yale University. From the standpoint of the shadowy controllers behind the scenes they therefore could not lose: either way a member of Chapter 322 of the Skull and Bones Society would be elected President.

And silly you, thinking that your vote mattered. It's all rigged. No matter what happened in 2004, and it was indeed a close election, Chapter 322 of the Skull and Bones Society at Yale University would have one of their men in the White House. And so they did. It was all arranged.

And thinking of the magic number "322" -- why does it even matter? I don't know, but the Dark Power elites use esoteric numerology all the time, and have for a very long time. 

Consider the biography of Ronald Reagan, for example. In the years before World War II, Reagan enlisted in the Army. But he did not enlist in just any Army unit, oh, no! 

In 1935 Reagan enlisted with Troop B of the 322nd Cavalry in Des Moines, Iowa, of all places. There's that pesky number 322 again, associated with a future President of the USSA. Also note that the man who went on to become a famous "B" movie actor was assigned to Troop B.  (what a coincidence)

Let me tell you, it's all rigged six ways from Sunday, and waaay in advance. Six years later, the USSA entered World War II, Reagan was commissioned an officer and then spent the war making some 400 different movies for the military. After the war Reagan segued into a Hollywood movie career, became a well-known face and name in popular culture, and then was (s)elected the 33rd governor of California.

Got that? The 33rd governor of California. Speaking of pesky, secret society numerology, 33rd degree Freemasonry and the like, Ronald Reagan was also a member of the secretive Bohemian Club in northern California which counts as members a select list of the most powerful politicians, public figures and businessmen in the USSA.

George Herbert Walker Bush and Richard Nixon were also members, as were Herbert Hoover and Theodore Roosevelt. It's all rigged. It's a big club and you're not in it.

The Real "Corporate" Control Structure

You see, it's all corporate and always has been, right down to the present day. The beginnings of what are now the so-called "United States" go back to early English colonies in Jamestown, Virginia and the Plymouth settlement in what is now Massachusetts; respectively established by the Virginia Company and the Plymouth Company, which were both joint stock companies chartered out of the City of London, by the British Crown. Yes, that very City of London, also called the Square Mile, established centuries ago on the same site of the Imperial Roman town of Londinium (which was laid out 2,000 years ago by the Roman surveyors as a square-mile military fort), whence the name "City of London" which is an ancient, distinct, self-governing, corporate and political city-state going back centuries, and which is politically separate from the much larger, metropolitan urban area popularly known as London which has grown up around it.

So it was that the British Crown, through corporate structures in the City of London, which has for centuries been precisely sited on an ancient, Imperial Roman, political, administrative and military power center on the island of Britannia (Britain), spawned the present day, corporate USSA, with a delay of a few centuries. The roots of all of this corporate control go back centuries, even thousands of years. It is essential to understand that the Dark Powers don't think and plan in terms of years or even decades. No! They are organized beyond belief, and play a very long game, over a time span of centuries and multiple thousands of years.

Just how deep does the corporate control structure go? Well, deeper and weirder than you might expect. A reader called the following news item to my attention. 

On a recent Joe Rogan podcast, the noted French astronomer and Ufologist, Jacques Vallée, indicated that the Battelle Memorial Institute is the organization that in actuality pulls the strings of the CIA and the Pentagon. For the past century it has been heavily involved in every sector of cutting edge science and technology, has run national laboratories, has had the highest security clearances, and has interfaced with a whole grocery list of corporations and government agencies. All the while that the general public have known nothing about any of that.

I won't argue with Jacques Vallée about the Battelle Memorial Institute being a major, secretive player in the real power structure of the USSA. He's a very intelligent man who knows a lot about a lot of things, and who moreover knows a lot of people who know a lot about a lot of things.

Anyone who researches in any depth into the workings of the Shadow Government, the Black Budget, Top Secret projects and the like, inevitably stumbles across the Battelle Memorial Institute.

But not only the Battelle Memorial Institute! Also:

Lockheed Martin
Northrop Grumman
Jacobs Engineering
Kellogg, Brown & Root
Black & Veatch
RAND Corp.
... and more

If you want to get to the truth of UFOs, underground and underwater bases and off-planet projects of all sorts, then this list of organizations and corporations, Battelle, Bechtel, RAND, Black & Veatch and all the rest, is as good a place as any to start -- if you can get through their corporate wall of secrecy!

Or maybe just ask Haim Eshed, former head of the Israeli government space programs, over to your house for dinner, and have him spill the beans on what he knows. That might be easier and less time consuming -- if he'll open up to you. Dr. Eshed recently told the Israeli press:

“The UFOs have asked not to publish that they are here, humanity is not ready yet. … There’s an agreement between the U.S. government and the aliens. They signed a contract with us to do experiments here. … There’s an underground base in the depths of Mars, where their representatives are, and also our American astronauts.”

In one short paragraph Haim Eshed reveals so much: UFOs, E.T.s, a secret agreement between the USSA government and E.T.s, an underground base --  on Mars of all places, secret E.T. experiments on Earth and USSA astronauts meeting E.T.s underground on Mars. If he blurted out all of that in just one paragraph, imagine what an entire conversation with him would be like.

Forget Returning To Normal

I said a year ago that if you lived to be one thousand years old that you would never forget the year 2020, because it would be so eventful. In light of all that has transpired so far, I stand by that comment.

I would add, moreover, that almost two weeks remain in 2020, so the year is not finished just yet. Plenty more big events are in the global, current events pipeline. For one thing, the presidential election in the USSA is still not decided. I know that the mainstream, corporate news media are widely and loudly bruiting it about that Joe Biden has prevailed against Donald Trump at the polls, though in light of the massive vote rigging and ballot fraud that occurred all over the USSA, before, on and after election day, that position has to be regarded as the rankest sort of propaganda -- just one more hoax in a long line of hoaxes.

Personally speaking, I doubt that Joe Biden will ever become President of the USSA -- and even if he does, I doubt that he will last for four years in office. The reality is that he is a physically weak, senile, incompetent, ignorant old man whose use by date expired long ago, and all of the foregoing is quite apart from his thoroughgoing, long-term, criminal corruption.

Theoretically, on this coming 20 January 2021, there is supposed to an inauguration ceremony in Washington, DC to officially install the next President of the USSA into office.

But I increasingly doubt that that will occur as normally scheduled. From a steadily growing body of information that has come to me from both outer and inner sources, I am inclined to think that 2021 will be even more eventful than 2020; and, mind you, 2020 has been extraordinarily eventful in all sorts of ways, truly a historical, red letter year.

I sometimes read the articles of the Christian blogger, Byron Searle. My understanding is that he is an ex-military intelligence operative who now devotes a large block of his time to Bible study and prayer. His blog posts center around communications that he says he receives from Jesus -- and maybe he really does receive messages from Jesus. I am prepared to admit of that possibility. To get to the instant point, in his latest blog post he writes that he asked about the outcome of the USSA Presidential election and Jesus told him:

"I will put in office whom I have chosen.  Either one will still bring about chaos, martial law, war, and collapse."

Jesus continued:

"Prepare for major chaos and war. Much death will occur in the coming days."

And he added:

"Prepare, for the cities are about to burn.  ... The chaos will happen so fast it will catch many unprepared.  They will be in shock ......"

This message that Byron Searle says is from Jesus is very close to my own understanding of what is happening now, and of what is yet to come in the near future. It comports well with a solid block of information that has come my way from a variety of different, unofficial sources.

I think it is likely that the political chaos that has ensued since the election on this past November the 3rd is only getting started, and will greatly intensify over the coming weeks. From what I am hearing and reading from a variety of sources, the imposition of martial law sometime within the next few weeks is probable, along with numerous arrests of high profile, political, legal, business and media personalities for treason or other, serious, major felony violations of the USSA Penal Code. 

Due to foreign entanglements of these numerous personalities and their political and business dealings with foreign powers, among which China figures large, all out warfare may subsequently develop. It's a very combustible and confused situation, even chaotic. 

In my view, the USSA is broken so badly in every way --racially, politically, socially, economically, legally, se*ually, ethnically, regionally, religiously and more -- that it is at this point a failed state, a broken society, a very badly failed state, albeit a very large and heavily armed failed state.

The world has never seen anything quite like this, at least not for about the last 15,000 years since the cataclysmic Fall of Atlantis. What is about to occur will rock the world more than the break-up of the Western Roman Empire 1600 years ago,  the disintegration of the Spanish Empire in the 19th century, or the failures of the British Empire and the Soviet Union in the 20th century.

By 2025, I honestly do not expect for there to be anything remaining that resembles the so-called "United States" that we all knew in the 20th century. The imminent chaos, confusion, violence and bloody strife that is just now looming up over the horizon will probably put paid to the mythical "United States." It may even all be over by the end of 2021. What is coming will be just that brutal, cruel, cold and hard. 

All empires fail.


The USSA will be no exception to the rule. If anything, its rapid decline and fall will be more spectacular than that of most of its predecessors. The causes are always the same: massive criminal corruption by the ruling classes, economic failure of the state, ruinous imperial warfare and military adventurism,  endemic palace intrigue and political backstabbing, imperial overstretch that exceeds the regime's practical capabilities, and so forth. All of this and more is characteristic of today's USSA. Its imminent collapse is baked in the cake at this point; whether it takes one year or four matters but little in the grand scheme of things.

As regards regime ending warfare, there is great alarm at present on certain Internet sites that the communist Chinese are right now staging troops and war materiel near the USSA mainland, in preparation for an invasion. I honestly do not know if that is true or not, but for the sake of argument let's say that that really is happening. Maybe the Chinese People's Liberation Army really is preparing right now to launch a massive military operation against the USSA.

But even supposing that that is, in fact, the case (and I reiterate that I do not know one way or the other), is that not ****exactly**** what the USSA has done to an ever lengthening list of other countries for our entire lifetimes, and for the better part of the previous 150 years?

Many other nations and peoples all over the world have been savagely ravaged, invaded, militarily occupied, bombed, etc. by the USSA over the past two centuries.

Vietnam, Laos, Iraq, Grenada, Panama, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Nicaragua and before them -- Korea, Guatemala, Cuba, the Philippines, the Kingdom of Hawai'i, Mexico and before them in North America -- the lands and peoples of the Sioux, Cherokee, Ouachita, Navajo, Kiowa, Apache, Hopi, Seminole, Iroquois, Lenape, Mandan, Chippewa, Crow, Paiute, Ute, Yaqui, Lumbee, Shawnee, Algonquin, Anadarko, Arapaho, Chitimacha, Houma, Havasupai, Narragansett, Inuit, Aleut, Zuni, Huron, Tewa, Acoma, etc.

So, you see, if the USSA mainland really is about to be brutally attacked and invaded by, for example, the Chinese -- is there not a karmic element in that, were that to occur? That the nation and people who have attacked, invaded and slaughtered so many ***MILLIONS*** of others all over the world, for centuries, should themselves, in their karmic turn, be attacked, invaded and slaughtered?

One is reminded of Jesus's admonition: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Is the USSA about to learn what happens when a nation and its people set out on a centuries-long, imperial rampage that brutally, bloodily, viciously violates that divine injunction?

The coming year will dramatically clarify many things.


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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Jingle Bells! -- Momentous Supreme Court Christmas Ruling

The contested, 2020,  USSA presidential election that never ends is into its second month without a clear, officially declared winner. 

Though I do not vote and do not support either of the two major candidates, it is clear that massive, criminal, electoral fraud was committed by operatives, employees and agents of the Democratic Party in many states, thereby criminally rigging the outcome of the November 3rd election in the favor of the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

That's not fair, not ethical, not just, not legal and not constitutional. While I did not participate in the election in any way, I do believe in fair play, and my observation is that the actions of the Democratic Party are simply unacceptable by any civilized standard.

In response to the rampant vote fraud by the Democrats, as many of my readers must know, the State of Texas has brought a suit in the Supreme Court of the United States challenging alleged, unconstitutional irregularities in the elections held in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Seventeen other states have now joined Texas' suit in the Supreme Court, as of this writing. It's always possible that more states will also join in the coming hours and day or two.

Legal Civil War – 17 States Join Texas Lawsuit In Supreme Court Against PA, GA, MI, and WI

At the very latest there will have to be a legally binding Supreme Court decision of some sort on the legal merits of the Texas suit by January 20th of 2021, the inauguration date of the next President of the USSA. If not, it will mean that the country and the government are so badly broken that the federal union of 50 states is over, finished, kaput. If the Supreme Court fails to issue a ruling, it means that the government has decisively broken and no longer works.

While I am not a legal scholar it seems reasonable to expect a ruling by Christmas eve, if not before. That's just two weeks from now, or maybe even next week.

The Supremes cannot ignore this suit. They have to hear it. It's too big, too momentous, too important.

Time is tolling. There are 41 days remaining before the 20th of January 2021.

Whichever way the court rules -- or if it fails to rule! -- the country is so highly politically polarized that there is a real serious possibility of (un)civil warfare as a result, no matter what the Supreme Court does or does not do. Emotions are running so high, and the issue of legal, ethical, open, fair elections is so fundamental to a functional political system that these weeks that the people of the USSA are living through right now, and the political events that are occurring, are likely to determine whether there even is a federal union of the 50 states by this time next year.


I have a very special plea to make at this time. In view of the planned, global chaos that is now descending on us, will those of my readers who were already intending to donate to me and my blog before year's end, please do so as soon as possible?

I understand that the crisis of the past nine months has reduced many of my readers to very hard circumstances, for which I am fully sympathetic, and I am not asking anything of them. But other readers are more well off, and over the years have tended to donate more in the months of November and December, and it is to them I am primarily addressing this appeal.

I can feasibly use any and all FRNs that come my way to prepare for the very rapidly oncoming time of trouble -- and I do very much need and can productively use the money right now. But if things get too chaotic and violent, and financial services, international communications, the electrical grid and the like, go down or get taken down, then that will be the end of any preparing and the stark, harsh start of a real grave emergency such as none of us have ever known in our lifetimes.

For how to donate, please contact me at:

Thank you! I am truly grateful for any and all who choose to support me at this highly troubling, bizarre and critical time. I do greatly need and appreciate your support. Everything that we have for so long taken for granted may very soon go unpredictably and chaotically out of control. The time left to prepare grows short, things may go wildly off the rails at any time. Things are just that serious.

This blog is entitled The Event Horizon Chronicle for a reason. We are just about to go very deeply into the next phase of the ongoing Event Horizon which we have already entered; and it bids fair to be a very dark and ugly passage in the sojourn of Humanity on this planet.