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Thursday, March 31, 2022

We Are Just Two Weeks Away Now

We are a little less than two weeks away from dramatic events, easily as impactful as the events of the last week of February, when the Russian military entered the Ukraine in force.

The dates of 11-12 April 2022 are important astrologically and numerologically, and augur great, world-system-shaking/shaping events to come. Precisely what will occur remains to be seen, but at least part of the foundation and context for what is shortly to transpire has already been set: a) Russia has in recent days pegged the value of its national currency at one gram of gold to 5,000 rubles, as well as announcing that b) as of March 31st all "unfriendly" countries, which include the USSA, Canada, the EU, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and more will have to pay for Russian natural gas and oil in rubles, not in petro-dollars or euros. The response from the EU was not long in coming: the French President announced earlier this week that the EU countries will not pay for Russian energy exports in rubles.

And so the stage is set for very big, near-future, political-economic events in April. If Russia sticks to its guns, then the economies of the EU and the USSA have been willy-nilly chopped off at the knees by the above mentioned, Russian policy maneuvers, which in tandem amount to a de facto roll out of a gold backed, petro-ruble, in direct competition with the petro-dollar and euro, on trade terms favorable to Russia.

Either the EU and the USSA will: a) peacefully acquiesce to this radically new and different economic order that has been forthrightly declared by Russia; or they will b) have to go to war to try to preserve by military force the global market share of the petro-dollar and the euro. In my view the situation is just that stark and simple.

In light of the rabid, anti-Russian hatred and war fever that has overtaken Western governments and populations in recent months (but which actually has a long, violent, on again-off again, simmering history of centuries), war by the USSA/NATO/EU against Russia is very possible. I therefore assess that a notorious, false flag attack in early April initiated by the USSA/NATO/EU, and falsely blamed on Russia as a fraudulent casus belli for a third world war, or some other, spectacular, violent incident, is an unpleasant possibility over the next week or two.

SITREP in Ecuador

As most of my readers know, I live in Ecuador, one of the Latin American countries that use the petro-dollar as the national currency, so the impending collapse of the petro-dollar will very probably have a huge, chaotic impact here. Moreover, Ecuador exports bananas, cut flowers, chocolate, cacao, seafood, wood and other products to Russia, to the tune of $900+ million per annum. Exports to the Ukraine run at about $120 million. So the current war in the Ukraine is, so far, threatening to shut down just over one billion dollars worth of Ecuadorean exports, with consequent, negative impacts on Ecuadorean labor, industry and balance of payments. A billion dollars is a lot of money anywhere, but especially so in a small, Latin American country that is already reeling from two, very economically destructive years of the CV-19 plandemic that have shuttered many thousands of businesses for good, thrown countless thousands of people out of work, and severely degraded the financial prospects of millions of people, in a country that was already poor to begin with. The longer the war continues, the worse it is for Ecuador. If the war spreads and engulfs the countries of the European Union, that will be even worse for Ecuador, in that Ecuador has annually exported about $4 billion worth of products to the EU in recent years. Ecuador's exports run about $20 billion per year, so if it were to lose 25% of its annual, export income -- between the EU, Ukraine and Russia -- that would send this little country reeling. It would be a staggering blow.

If the war also spreads to the USSA, and potentially includes crippling EMP or nuclear strikes that shut down the USSA's economy and infrastructure, then that would eliminate another 24% of Ecuador's global exports, amounting to a cut of about 50% in lost markets in the USSA/Russia/Europe -- or annual lost revenue to the Ecuadorean economy of about $10 billion -- a knockout punch to this tiny country, and undoubtedly the end of the modern state of Ecuador. Unfortunately, with the war between Russia and the Ukraine, this dire scenario has already begun to play out; exports have already started to decline.

For that reason, I assess the probability of severe social unrest and political instability in Ecuador over the next 12 months to be extremely high. There is already a high level of social discontent and economic privation in the country, a big wave of under- and unemployment, a rising tide of street crime and organized crime, as well as a troubling level of political corruption and incompetence. It won't take much more for the country to erupt in a national uprising that sweeps away the present government and replaces it with --- what? I don't know. I live in Ecuador and I don't know. These are unusual, unpredictable times.

The agricultural production and food availability and price issue is a further, complicating issue. Russia and the Ukraine are major, global exporters of wheat and agricultural fertilizers. With Russian and Ukrainian wheat and fertilizers off of the global market this year, agricultural production and food supply in many countries are going to be very seriously curtailed, with consequent, grave implications for food availability and prices.

In Ecuador, fertilizer prices have sharply risen by 30% to 40% this year, easily enough to put some producers out of operation. Those who remain in business will necessarily have to pass the higher cost of production on to consumers.

Food prices have already begun moving higher. To cite just one example, lentils that I was recently able to buy in bulk in the cholo markets for 50 or 55 cents per pound, now run 85 cents to one dollar or more per pound. In other words, the price has increased by 60% to 100% in just a month or two. Lentils are a staple food, widely eaten in Ecuador, particularly as a menestra. As prices of food staples such as lentils climb higher, the effect on the poor, of which there are millions in Ecuador, is going to be savage.

Millions of people in Ecuador live off of less than $5,000 per year; a great many even make do with less than $2,000. It is not uncommon in rural areas for a laborer to work all day clearing land of weeds and brush with a machete for only $3, $4 or $5. Notwithstanding that the basic salary here is officially, approximately $400 per month -- though as I have observed many people fall well below that income level -- out of which a household must purchase food, clothing, sanitary and cleaning products, pay for transportation, electrical and water service, gas for cooking, and other sundries.

Unquestionably, as food prices spiral higher, millions of people will not be able to afford to purchase an adequate or sufficient diet. To put things into brutal perspective, in Ecuador about 25% of the infant population presently suffers from malnutrition. As food grows more expensive, that percentage is sure to climb higher. The upshot is that a lot of children are going to perish from hunger.

But you see, it's not going to only be Ecuador. Other countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, in the Middle East, in Africa and elsewhere will also be slammed hard by food price hikes that many millions of people will not be able to afford, and also by greatly diminished agricultural production, that will inevitably lead to much less food available at any price.

The painful reality, thus, is that a deadly, global famine is in the offing, that will cut people down by the many millions as we move through 2022 and 2023. A whole lot of people are going to die, for want of food, and for want of money to purchase food.

The whole world is going to be rocked very hard, directly or indirectly, by the parallel: a) collapse of the petro-dollar based, global, economic system; and b) the outbreak and conduct of a very violent, destructive and deadly World War III, which has already begun. The current war in the Ukraine is but the opening skirmishes of a far greater conflict to come.

The astrological alignments and numerological significance of 11-12 April 2022 point to very great changes just ahead. As eventful as the past two years have been, the two years that lie ahead will be immeasurably more tumultuous, so much so that many people will not physically survive them.

I've said it before, but it's true, the death rate is going to soar horrifically -- from famine, dire poverty, natural catastrophes, warfare, the mRNA jabs, economic collapse, massive infrastructure failure, disease and more. I wish it were otherwise, but it is not going to be. This is the path down which humanity is just about to plunge headlong. It's going to be dreadfully brutal.


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