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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Aaaaaaaand ..... High Muckety-Muck Ash Carter Is Out Of Here!!

Ash Carter (long-time Washington-DC, high muckety-muck and Pentagon Chief) was abruptly called home for an urgent consultation with Jesus two days ago.

The news reports are sketchy, but he reportedly had a "sudden cardiac event." Lights out. 

Ash Carter was not the first, and certainly will not be the last, of an enormous wave of human mortality that is going to play out over the next year or two or three. The deaths have already begun and will reach staggering numbers. I am seeing projected numbers of anywhere from about 700 million dead, to as high as 6 billion dead -- or maybe even more (!) -- by the time all of the warfare, nuclear missile strikes, violent crime, incoming space rock impacts, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, vaccine deaths, economic collapse, government failures, fires, crop failures, droughts, and so forth have run their fated course.

Back to Ash Carter. For many years and decades roaming the corridors at the Pentagon, the White House and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard -- and all of an abrupt sudden it was: Come To Jesus Time This Split Second!!

In my humble experience Jesus is regal, majestic, magnificent, charismatic beyond belief, authoritative, a burly alpha male, extremely masculine -- and all of that in the most perfect way imaginable, in that he doesn't lord it over you in any way, or engage in petty power trips. There is not one speck of arrogance or haughtiness in Jesus. And yet in his presence you instantly, instinctively, automatically, reflexively submit to the unequaled, transparently evident POWER that he exudes. At the same time, it seems like he is your loving brother, a close family member whom you have always known, ever since you were a little kid. He is peerless, without equal, the King of Kings.

Ash Carter was political/military hot stuff for decades -- security clearances, hobnobbing with the high and mighty, flying around in Lear Jets and Gulf Streams, personal butlers and aides, the limousines, officers club, White House meetings, the JEEP card, Top Secret briefings, underlings snapping to attention whenever he burped -- and then within 5 very confusing seconds he unexpectedly came face to face with Jesus. The ultimate (de)briefing.

Ooopsie ......

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Sunday, October 23, 2022

More Turmoil Ahead: Upcoming Eclipses Set the Stage

The beginning of wisdom is to understand that we are in a programmed reality, a technologically fabricated artificial reality, a sort of false-reality-machine, if you will, that is heavily demonically oriented, and Satanically infested by all manner of dark, evil spirits and entities, which are physical, mental and spiritual in nature --- and, oh, so very real. These malignant, malevolent, malicious, malign, merciless entities, any of which can outwardly appear to be human beings of any gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, size or age, and walk among us in any level of society -- are on the world scene in a major way, utilizing all sorts of wicked technology to manipulate, dominate, subjugate, captivate, imprison and enslave humanity, individually and as a whole.

There is real technology behind this massive, Satanic agenda -- nuts and bolts, physical technology, and also "softer" (but very real and influential) mental and spiritual technology that will come right into people's bodies, minds, thoughts and feelings. Think of it: electronic brainwashing via radio programs and transmissions, TV programs and transmissions, cell phones and cell towers, orbiting satellite transmissions, radar and micro-waves; genetic influences via mRNA vaccines and GMO foods; overt and subliminal mental influences via the content of newspapers, magazines, billboards, store signs, movies, popular songs, video games, religious and government propaganda, educational courses and programs, cultural norms; totalitarian and authoritarian legal structures enforced by laws, regulations, fines, police, tear gas, guns, clubs, water cannons, sonic cannons, handcuffs, courts, jails, prisons); health and mind altering food additives such as artificial sweeteners, artificial flavorings and colors, artificial preservatives, artificially refined or modified sugars and carbohydrates, artificially refined fats and oils, hormones and hormone-mimicking substances; the money control scam of mass scarcity, widespread poverty and global economic exploitation -- with a privileged billionaire class of a few thousand alleged "people" lording it over everyone else on the planet; etc. No doubt you can supply many additional examples of your own.

All of these things represent types of technology used to corral and control human beings, body, mind and soul. We are ensnared in a false, technologically fabricated "realm," that we are told is called planet Earth, about which our heads are filled with so much nonsense, from cradle to grave. 

What I am suggesting is that the Earth "realm," as we presently know and experience it, is in many ways a diabolical, devilish, demonic, technological construct, a highly sophisticated, fiendishly engineered machine -- a sort of alluring trap to entice, snare and confine organic, human beings; to feed off of them, to use them, to captivate them and enslave them in a realm where time has no meaning; to go around and around, infinitely, in a soulless machine, a giant mechanism designed to cycle consciousness through eons of artificial, manufactured time; somewhat like dallying endlessly in a vastly diverting theme park without beginning or end, offering an infinite menu of experience(s) -- vice, hatred, drugs, war, torture, murder, slavery, poverty, discord, dread, danger, ugliness, illness, suffering, boredom, fear, agony, pain, sloth, darkness, dimness, confusion, loss, weakness, ignorance, stupidity, failure, deceit, lies, penalties, shame, theft, exploitation; and also pleasure, excitement, joy, success, victory, anticipation, longing, desire, achievement, satisfaction, awards, benefits, earnings, profits, gains, thrills, love, gentleness, good luck, hope, fortune, wealth, health, strength, intelligence, confidence, abundance, beauty, light, clarity, resolution, harmony, resonance, peace, tranquility, safety, security, understanding, knowledge, truth, etc. All of the foregoing is hopelessly, intricately, mixed up together, by design, to be a kaleidoscopic, fragmented reality in every sense.

It's like an infinite, Carnival Side Show -- with gaudy, flashing lights, spell binding drama aplenty, numberless plot changes with permutations that cycle for thousands, millions and billions of artificially generated -- non-existent! -- technologically manufactured years of time, with a constantly changing cast of star players and teeming billions of extras -- and cosmic-level special effects that are second to none. It is akin to a global, Hollywood, feature film with an unlimited budget -- the sky is the limit -- and any and all available/imaginable technology to keep the body-and-mind-entrancing circus running 24/7 -- and keep the audience captivated and coming back for more, again and again. You know, repeat business, the marketer's ultimate "warm list."

The Cosmic Drama Machine: Negative Astrology Lies Just Ahead

Which brings me to perhaps the major thrust of this blog post: eclipse season is here in a major way, with a partial solar eclipse this week on 25 October --  covering Russia, Eastern Europe and western Asia, and a lunar eclipse over the Pacific and East Asia two weeks later on 8 November -- which also happens to be national election day in the USSA. 

This matters, because of the powerful, negative impact of eclipses on humans, due to the nefarious activities of Dark Magicians. These negatively inclined beings, who are called Mantriks in Sanskrit, use eclipses to siphon off human energy and direct it to the Hell realms where they hold dominion. The Spiritual Research Foundation has provided a concise explanation of how this works on their website:

Please read the article and note that the Mantriks consciously use the energy that they accumulate at the time of eclipses for evil, nefarious purposes. In the case of the eclipse later this week over Russia, Eastern Europe and western Asia, it is concerning that the war in the Ukraine appears poised to widen in coming days and weeks. Just today, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu called his counterparts in Turkey, France and the U.K. to warn of  "a steady tendency towards further, uncontrolled escalation" of the war in the Ukraine, and of feared, Ukrainian plans to employ a radioactive, dirty bomb as a provocation. Shoigu also telephoned the USSA Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, to discuss the situation in the Ukraine.

Is the Russian Defense Minister's heightened level of concern over further escalation of the war in the Ukraine related to developments associated with the building, negative energies of the solar eclipse in two days? 

Of course it is, though Shoigu would never say so publicly. He will mention only military matters.

Astrology is used by all powerful players on this planet, both benevolent and malevolent. They are all certainly aware of the nature of the eclipse this week, and will act according to their fundamental spiritual orientations, whether positive or negative. Furthermore, the energies of an eclipse are not narrowly limited to the specific day of the eclipse; the effects linger for weeks, even months afterwards, gradually dissipating as time goes by.

As regards the lunar eclipse on 8 November, this takes place over the Pacific Ocean and East Asia (China, Japan, the Korean Peninsula, the Philippines), and also occurs on the day of the elections in the USSA. Should we therefore look for contentious political issues surrounding the conduct and outcome of the elections in the USSA, and issues surrounding geopolitical affairs in East Asia, as between North and South Korea, Taiwan and China, the USSA and China, the USSA and North Korea?


It's All Rigged

Note that the Spiritual Research Foundation says that not all eclipses are visible; in fact, many are invisible. This implies that the solar system in which we purportedly live is not arranged at all as mainstream astronomy tells us that it is. 

In fact, there is supportive evidence for that, which very much calls into question the mainstream, astronomical narrative that we are taught at school. 

See, for example, Jon Levi's evocative video:

Invisible Moon and Orbs

I love Jon's droll, dead pan, send up of the standard astronomical explanation for eclipses. Watch the entire video if you like, but pay special attention from about time stamps 6:00 to 11:00, where he mentions the many eclipses that have been recorded, in which both the Sun and the Moon were visible above the horizon at the same time, and still there were eclipses! Dozens of them.

Ergo, the standard, astronomical explanation for eclipses  << cannot >> be true. It's false. We're being played. We're being lied to. The solar system is not aligned as we have been told. Something else is going on.

Notice that Jon Levi brings so-called "black orbs" into the eclipse discussion. These bodies are real. They evidently play a role, at least in some eclipses. People see them and even photograph them, as did the airborne, eclipse chasers in Jon Levi's video.

In other words, the eclipse anomalies that Levi points out in his video raise uncomfortable questions that are somewhat reminiscent of what the Spiritual Research Foundation calls "invisible eclipses." 

Eclipses can and do occur when the Sun and Moon are both simultaneously visible in the sky, and astronomers know it, because they document them, which bluntly puts the lie to their so-called "science." 

The astronomers are transparently wrong; something else is going on that they aren't revealing.

Now, some of you are probably thinking to yourself: "Are you really saying that the astronomers are lying?" 

Answer: Yes, I am!! They're lying about all sorts of things.

And Ivy League "educated" goobers, allegedly with PhDs in astronomy and astrophysics, court jesters like Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson, are trotted out to flimflam the public with absurd, pseudo-scientific razzle-dazzle. It's all a show, a flimsy charade, the most convoluted, concatenated fib imaginable. 

Getting back around to black orbs, invisible eclipses, a fake, technologically engineered Earth "realm," and the pretentious, pompous fakeness, phoniness and quackery of modern astronomy and space "science," I am drawn again and again to the inspired videos of the woman with the Universal News Media channel on YouTube, who has been putting out videos for years, with the numerous astronomical anomalies that she has detected in photos taken by FAA weather cameras in Alaska and Canada. She has had a number of channels with different names over the years. I think YouTube or someone periodically shuts her down. But she is irrepressible. She pops back up again with a different name, and goes at it again. She has a fundamentalist Christian orientation. but my interest in her work centers purely on her fascinating, astronomical discoveries -- that stand mainstream astronomy on its head!

To cut to the chase, her work clearly reveals multiple other planets in close, naked-eye, visible proximity to the Earth, the existence of another, artificial Sun, technologically staged eclipses, the use of unknown optical technology and aircraft and spacecraft, stunningly massive, technological machinery in proximity to the Earth -- and more. What she has found clearly implies the active complicity of the professional, astronomical guild, as well as the world's space and military agencies. They have to know about these things. They must know. They surely are involved. The scope of what is going on and the scope of the cover-up are enormous. There is absolutely no question in my mind that many of the missing, Black Budget trillions of dollars that people like Catherine Austin Fitts have documented are tied up in this massive con job. 

Look at her short video with your thinking cap on.

Eclipses, Fake Sun(s), Uknown Nearby Planets

This entire solar system is rigged -- literally! -- it's a big, artificially fabricated mechanism, and NASA is a farcical, dog and pony show that is heavily involved in a cover-up of that salient truth. Don't believe it? You think I'm blowing hot air? Watch this video about how the International Space Station is green screened, using a huge, NASA "training" (nudge, nudge, wink, wink....) swimming pool, teams of frogmen and Hollywood special effects. It really is The Truman Show:

How much of what NASA does is real, and how much is Hollywood-style hocus-pocus? It's almost impossible to know.  You can't tell, and neither can I. The deceit is just that deep.

One more anecdote from when I still lived in the USSA. I visited the NASA photo archives in Washington-DC in the late 1990s. I asked the archivist on duty that day to please bring me archival photos of the Apollo manned Moon landings, which he promptly did. Looking them over, I could see the lunar lander, the Moon buggy, the astronauts -- and some bright lights hanging in the near background that looked like studio lighting about 40 or 50 feet above the surface.

I was perplexed. I called for the archivist to come over, and asked him about the bright lights in the near background. 

I said: "What are those lights?"

He replied: "Well, those are the studio lights."

I was incredulous. "Studio lights? On the Moon?"


"How did they get there?"

He replied with a straight face: "The astronauts brought them along in the lunar lander."

His response was preposterous in every way. None of what he said made any sense. I did not know what to say. I knew far less 25 years ago than I do now. I had no funds at all for getting copies of those photos. It cost money that I simply did not have. I barely had enough money to pay the rent on my cheap little place and take the Metro into downtown DC. There was nothing extra for research costs of many hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. 

Of course now, decades later, I realize that the public space program is a big con job, the fix is in, money is being poured into Top Secret Black Projects by uncountable, unaccountable billions and trillions of dollars -- and NASA is just a false fa├žade to paper over the MASSIVE, ongoing project and reality having to do with the other, nearby, unmentioned, unnamed planets, the artificial Sun, the engineered eclipses, the huge unexplained technology set up in near-Earth space, and more that has been detected by researchers such as the Universal News Media channel on YouTube.

We're frooked!

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Thursday, October 20, 2022

It's Much Worse Than JEEP Card Time

 A few days ago I wrote about a dream and inner, telepathic message that I received about "JEEP card time in four days..."

And don't you know that the dream and inner, telepathic prompt did prove prescient, because events over the last few days indicate that we are now in a time of very high, military tension. No doubt whatsoever that the nuclear bunkers are humming with activity right now. As if on cue, just two days after my dream, the following article made the rounds in the daily news cycle about Joe Biden being rushed to Site-R in the event of a nuclear war, Site-R being the huge, subterranean, alternate Pentagon command center on the Pennsylvania-Maryland border. 

There is no question that the status quo is imminently going to be upset by destabilizing events, not least because eclipse season is here. And, yes, the military-political-espionage elite absolutely do make decisions based on astrological alignments, as do business and financial heavy hitters. They rely heavily on astrology and also esoteric numerology.

Next week, on 25 October, there is a solar eclipse that will be seen in Eastern Europe, Russia and western and central Asia, boding very ill for that region of the world. In brief, the eclipse is announcing that war season is here. And, yes, I know, there already is a war in the Ukraine, but things will very soon ramp up to an even more intense level.

And only two weeks later on election day in the USSA, 8 November, there is a lunar eclipse that will be seen in East Asia and the Pacific Ocean region. As it happens, China is already making noises about soon resolving the Taiwan issue, possibly with force -- and maybe Beijing will. 

Nothing would surprise me at this point, not even a spectacular, false flag attack by the EU/Pentagon/NATO to be falsely blamed on Russia, in order to excuse wider military intervention by the EU/Pentagon/NATO in the Ukraine war.

As if in anticipation of such a turn of events, in recent days the Kremlin has been sending trainloads of weapons and many thousands of troops into Belarus, emblazoned with the number "2". The logical conclusion is that the Russians are preparing for, or at least suspect that there may soon be a second, western front in the Ukraine war, and are building up their forces to the west of Kiev in advance of a second phase in the war.

As if to drive the point home, a couple of days ago Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke bluntly about the Kremlin's plans to draw down Russia's diplomatic presence in the West, in light of Europe's decision to cut itself off from Russia, and to focus instead on nations in Africa, Latin America and Asia. 

In terms of Realpolitik, when diplomacy is curtailed, when communications between antagonistic powers are fruitless, or scarcely occur at all, then other dynamics such as military conflict come to the fore. Lavrov's matter-of-fact statement amounts to just such an implicit admission. In truth, the gulf between the Kremlin and the West is widening and deepening. A much broader war approaches.

We Don't Have 20 or 30 More Years

Sadly, I say everything above as preface to an even harder, much harsher reality: we live on a dying planet. The biosphere of the Earth is crashing very hard. Even if there is no nuclear war in the coming months and years (and that is very much up in the air at this point), the ability of the Earth to sustain higher, biological life forms is rapidly failing across the board. Human beings are higher, biological life forms, too, so as the biosphere crashes the Earth's ability to sustain teeming billions of human beings will simply no longer be tenable.

I have previously written about such ecological issues as declining bird populations, dwindling insect numbers, the ecological destruction in the Amazonian region here in South America, and other environmental problems. 

In recent days, some of this has seeped through to the mainstream news cycle in articles like this:

Half the world's birds are in decline. In the last 50 years, 69% of the world's wildlife has died out or been killed off. In other words, we are the last human generations for which wild Nature remains, albeit  very much reduced.

Here in Ecuador, over the last year or two, I have suddenly become aware that I am seeing far fewer birds of all kinds, as well as fewer bees, butterflies, wasps and other living things. To be clear: I still see these creatures, but not as many. 

When I was a small boy, 60 or 65 years ago, I would see flowering trees or bushes covered with hundreds of energetically buzzing, honey bees -- and the intoxicating fragrance of the myriad blossoms perfumed the air!! I remember it all with vivid recall. There were bird nests everywhere in the spring and summer -- in the underbrush, in the lawn shrubbery, in hedgerows, in the trees, weeds and bushes. 

And now? I haven't seen a honey bee in a few months, not many butterflies, and maybe two hummingbirds. I see virtually no profusely flowering trees and bushes, and certainly not covered with hundreds of honey bees. The Earth is losing its vitality; its life force is fading. The biosphere is being killed off, the web of life is frayed and tattered. 

Our days as a multi-billion member species on this planet are numbered. The death of billions of people as the global ecology collapses -- and it is collapsing right now -- is inevitable. Humans are what ecologists call apex predators; the species at the top of the global food chain that feed on the life forms at lower levels -- cows, chickens, corn, potatoes, fish, crabs, etc. 

I recently watched a short interview with Shunyamurti where he succinctly made much the same points: we don't have 20 or 30 more years, maybe not even 5 years remain. 

It's all ending now and in the near future. The mortality will be extreme. The dying has already begun. I have seen it in my own neighborhood. Earlier this week I heard disconsolate weeping from one of the apartments just above mine. I inquired of a neighbor and learned that a family member had died. Now there has always been death, true enough, but the death rate right now is already elevated well above normal, and will be going steadily higher and higher over the next few months and years. We haven't seen anything yet. The troubles and travails are just beginning. The last 30 months have been very trying for all of us, and frankly downright lethal for many. But they are almost as nothing compared to what the next 30 months will bring.

It's all collapsing or being made to collapse: the global ecology, the global economic system, the normal social fabric, the global political order. Mass death from famine, drought, warfare, plague, rampant crime, vaccine mortality, energy shortages, supply chain failures, failure of industry, and so forth, are in the near future cards for this planet.

There are always survivors to carry on. Not everyone will die. But what is heaving into view is fearsome and dreadful, without parallel in the living memory of any of us, and perhaps without equal ever in history. 

One of my e-pals in Germany laconically commented to me a couple of weeks ago: "It's going to be severe."

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Sunday, October 16, 2022

"JEEP Card Time In Four Days ..."

For those who do not know, the so-called JEEP cards are issued to muckety-mucks in the USSA alphabet soup and military agencies. They grant the bearer access to secure, underground bases and installations at times of "national emergency" -- as in the case of imminent nuclear war, for example.

Anyway, three days ago I had an early morning dream in which I was intently discussing JEEP cards with two other men, one of whom I know well in real life, and the other of whom is unknown to me. I asked them both if they had JEEP cards. The man whom I do not know said that he did not have a JEEP card. The man whom I do know, and who I have reason to believe does have ties to Federal agencies, said that he believed that he had been given a JEEP card. The dream ended there, but as I was dozing lightly, thinking over my interchange with the other men, a quiet voice softly spoke these words in my inner hearing: "JEEP card time in four days."

Whoa! That got my attention. I immediately awoke. 

Since that time, as many as 22 Russian soldiers were reportedly shot and killed yesterday and 16 others wounded (the reports of numbers of dead and wounded vary), in a murderous assault at a Russian military training base near the Ukrainian border in Belgorod. The shooters were allegedly from Tajikistan, but the incident remains clouded in confusion. 

Then last night, China abruptly told its citizens in the Ukraine to leave the country.

While today, thousands of Russian troops and trains with war materiel began to arrive in Belarus, to the north of the western region of Ukraine.

While news from the Ukraine is fragmentary and full of propaganda, making it hard to dope out exactly what is going on, my sense of things is that Russia is preparing a second, more intense phase of the war, which could extend farther afield to other countries in the region. Whether wider combat will begin in the waning months of this year, or hold off until sometime in 2023, remains to be seen.

But with NATO's Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, all but declaring war against Russia this past Tuesday: "Our message is clear. NATO stands with Ukraine for as long as it takes" -- the writing is on the wall. The Kremlin now understands with crystal clarity that it is in military conflict with NATO, as per Stoltenberg's unambiguous statement of open ended war.

From the Kremlin's perspective, it is thoroughly justified in securing Russia's western borders against militarily aggressive encroachment from the relentlessly expansionist NATO bloc lead by the Pentagon.

This is an existential fight for Russia, and also for the corrupt Western Bloc, which has now stupidly cut off practically 100% of the enormous energy supplies that Europe was reliably receiving from Russia, as recently as only a year ago. But with Russian coal, natural gas and petroleum deliveries now nearly completely cut off -- by the Europeans, not the Russians! -- a horrific collapse of European economies, industries and societies is in the offing. Unless the situation changes radically in the next few weeks, Europe as we have known it is done for.

It's mid-October and winter is just around the corner. Countries like Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Belgium, Holland, Romania, Denmark, Austria, etc. have a very serious winter with ice, snow and months of below freezing weather. What will hundreds of millions of Europeans do this winter without coal, kerosene, gasoline, diesel fuel or natural gas to run their factories and transportation systems (trains, planes, urban mass transit, trucks, automobiles, ships, barges), power their electrical generating plants, and heat their homes, businesses, schools, office buildings and the like?

I haven't the faintest idea how they will carry that off -- and neither do they! They have scuttled their Plan A -- and there is no workable Plan B. It's astonishing. I am looking on in dumbfounded amazement.

Maybe the European countries will outright fail and millions of people will die. I don't know. We are about to find out. I have multiple degrees in different fields. I've read very widely across disciplines and I have never in all my extensive reading and studies encountered anything of this degree of total, demonic stupidity. It staggers the imagination.

Jorge Vilches laid out in detail yesterday why Germany's industry and economy -- and that of a big part of the rest of Europe -- are destined to crater over the next few months. It's going to be brutal. His analysis leaves no doubt. Germany and much of the rest of Europe are about to hit the wall at 100 mph, without seat belts or airbags, with no hope of salvation. It's extraordinary. I am agape in wonderment and befuddlement. Read what he says:

To be sure, my blind lexical scrying detected this looming disaster earlier this year, and now in light of events in the intervening months others, such as Jorge Vilches, are coming around to the same conclusion, using their own methods of analysis.

Of course, the question is: as Europe and the USSA reap the civilization ending, bitter fruit of their evil diplomatic, economic and military policies, and their societies collapse into chaos and pandemonium -- and chaos and pandemonium are coming, that is a sure thing at this point! -- will their final policy decisions be to authorize nuclear war against Russia?

I have to ask, because that is clearly the direction that these dreadful events are trending.

We are on a very slippery slope and rapidly picking up speed in the wrong direction.

Which brings me back around to my JEEP card dream of a few nights ago, and the quiet voice that softly told me: "JEEP card time in four days."

Are we that close? Are the muckety-mucks on the verge of heading to the nuclear war bunkers? I'm not in that loop -- not formally, not in any way, thankfully not -- so I cannot tell you with assurance, but maybe my subconscious is discreetly keeping tabs of those goings on in an understated, background way.

In the final analysis, whether the nuclear clock is running down to four days, four weeks, or four months, we are in parlous times. Very heavy events are underway. Only fools who live under logs with their eyes tightly shut could possibly be unaware of what is in the karmic wind.


I absolutely need and gratefully! accept any and all donations. Everything that we have known in our lifetimes is about to go bye-bye and will never be back again, not ever. I know that I keep repeating this like a mantra, but it is nonetheless true. If you are able and willing to donate I really do need your support at this time in order to better prepare. The USSA and Europe are going to get royally hammered, and also indirectly Ecuador, but with any luck, life here in South America will continue on (you know, papayas, potatoes, mangoes, bananas, avocados). For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now. Do NOT send PayPal.

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Kerch Strait Bridge Attack: The Plot Thickens

So who dunnit? Who is behind today's bombing of the Kerch Strait Bridge that links southwestern Russia with the Crimea?

Coming mere days after Ukrainian Puppet President Zelensky was very publicly running his mouth about the need to make preemptive attacks on Russian territory, the finger of blame obviously points squarely towards Kiev as the culprit. 

But more than that, it plainly points even farther afield, to Brussels, London, Washington-DC, Paris, etc. After all who has been arming the Ukrainian military with billions of dollars worth of weapons and sending thousands of mercenaries and military "advisors" to the Ukrainian war theater? Being that Zelensky doesn't so much as fart without getting the green light from his NATO/EU/Pentagon/CIA/MI-6 handlers, there is no doubt that this is a conspicuous deepening of the western bloc's military provocations against Russia.

As it happens, bombing the Kerch Strait Bridge is roughly analogous to bombing --oh, let's say, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel that carries traffic between Norfolk-VA and the Eastern Shore of Virginia, at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. Needless to say, if the Russians bombed that bridge, all hell would break loose. 

Equally so, the bombing of the Kerch Strait Bridge represents a dangerous crossing of a Russian red line: a violent attack against a vital transport artery within Russian territory.

This is no small matter. Russian retribution is certain, probably within days at the most. 

Take a look at the first train to cross the damaged bridge after hasty repairs:

Fourteen, green, very solid, military-looking freight cars, followed by a tank car with the word, LOGISTICS, stenciled on the side. Given today's events, the freight cars probably contain weapons, and who can tell what sort of "LOGISTICS" are in the white tank car?

No doubt we will know more in the coming days.

Even before today's destructive blast on the Kerch Strait Bridge, the Russians were already well into the process of moving trainload after trainload of armor, missiles and other weapons into their new, formerly Ukrainian territories. This latest attack, especially coming so soon after Zelensky's very public braying earlier this week about making preemptive strikes on Russia, which itself followed by mere days the equally spectacular attacks on the Nord Stream gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea (almost certainly carried out by the USSA Navy), means that war against Russia has de facto been declared.

That much is abundantly clear. The Kremlin has unquestionably gotten the message. I don't think there is any question that military conflict may greatly intensify from this juncture, perhaps in unanticipated ways.


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