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Monday, June 27, 2022

Update From Ecuador -- 27 June 2022

The protests are continuing all over the country. I list some hyperlinks below for just a small selection from some of today's events. I cannot predict when and how this civil uprising will be resolved, but it hasn't been yet. There is widespread dissatisfaction with the government and its policies.

Here's a roadblock on the northside of Quito today, on the Pan-American Highway, a major north-south artery in Ecuador:

Here's a rolling roadblock by protesting taxi cab operators on a major artery leading to the heavily populated, southeastern Quito Valle de los Chillos:

Here's a Twitter video of a raucous protest in front of the Azuay Provincial Government Building in Cuenca, in the southern mountains:

A protest this evening in the southern, coastal city of Guayaquil:

A rolling protest by a trucker's union on the southside of Quito:

A protest in Quito by intercity bus operators:

A boisterous protest in front of the Roman Catholic Basilica in Quito, where protest leaders met today with various representatives of the Ecuadorean government.

But the President of Ecuador did not attend the meeting. He signed in as an observer on Facebook. How weak is that??

Is he even in the country, or is he just too scared to personally be in the same room with the protest leadership? For fear that they would show him up, and reveal him to be the weak, incompetent coward that he really is?

Note: a lot of so-called, national "leaders" are, in reality, very scared, hypocritical, mentally feeble persons with severe "little-big-man" emotional complexes.

My lexical scrying suggests that the so-called "President" of Ecuador is in a very negative emotional state.  It is lamentably true that weak, scared, hypocritical, fearful, nervous men who have insinuated themselves into positions of power via political chicanery, sometimes end up doing reprehensible things to compensate for their tremendous emotional and psychological insecurities -- which have led them to seek political power in the first place, in a vain attempt to fill up the gaping, empty, hollow void they carry around inside themselves.

And on that note, the national protests in Ecuador have continued for another day. At this rate, the National Uprising may soon lap over into July, which is just a few days away.


I very greatly need and gratefully accept any and all donations! Everything that we have known in our lifetimes is very soon about to go bye-bye, and will never be back again, not ever. I know that I keep repeating this like a mantra, but it is nonetheless true. If you are able and willing to donate, I really do need your support at this time in order to better prepare. The USSA is going to get royally hammered, but with any luck, life here in South America will continue on, at least for some of us. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now. Do NOT send PayPal.

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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Very Serious In Ecuador -- Soon In USSA

What is going on in Ecuador is sobering. The National Uprising has not stopped yet. It will grind on and possibly continue into July. There is no clear resolution so far.

Here's a street view of just one, small confrontation between protesters and state security forces this past week. Take a look:

I see the ongoing events here as a possible Beta-test for the kind of thing that will be unleashed in the USSA in the near future. The CIA/IMF/Federal Reserve/USSA Embassy/Vatican/WEF, et al. are doing a practice run in Ecuador, fine tuning their organized brutality as they get ready to sic the Dogs of Demonic Chaos on the USSA. It's ruthless and heartless, but that's all they know. It's what they do.

There are marches, protests, street and highway blockages and disturbances all over the Quito metropolitan area, and all over Ecuador, also including in my neighborhood, in recent days.

A few days ago, there was a huge confrontation for hours, about a half-mile from my place. Hundreds of police and Army personnel faced off with hundreds of protesters on a major, traffic artery. They were trying to prevent access to Quito. But it didn't work. The police and Army had to retreat. The agents of the state fired volleys of tear gas at the protesters. I watched from the distance.

All last week, I could hear the volleys of gunfire off in the distance, and see the police and military helicopters circling overhead a few miles away. The action is all over the place. The specific locales of the confrontations and battles vary over time. The weapon that the police and Army were most using last week is basically a type of shotgun that fires a 12-gauge shell. The shell contains a small tear gas cartridge instead of shotgun pellets. It's considered a non-lethal munition. But if it hits you at short range in a vital area -- the neck, the head, the heart, the abdomen, the genitals, a major artery or vein, you're going to go down hard. It can kill you flat out. If it hits your wrist, it can take your hand right off. There are people being injured and wounded, and some are even being killed in various ways.

That being said, the so-called "President" of Ecuador went on national television a couple of days ago to announce that now the National Police and Army are going to start using "progressive force" against demonstrators; meaning that the use of things like pump shotguns by state security forces is now authorized. There have already been many wounded and several deaths; but if the police and military will now begin firing on protesters with shotguns (shotgun blast = "progressive force"), it is not illogical to suppose that the numbers of wounded and dead may increase in the coming days.

The situation is obviously serious. 

There is reduced public transport in Quito, and in many other areas of the country, due to numerous street and highway blockages, marches, protests, demonstrations, police and Army deployments, etc. A great deal of commerce has ground to a halt.

It's a very troubled scenario. It's not likely to end this week. Of course, eventually it will come to some sort of conclusion or resolution, but that point hasn't happened yet.

Last week, protesters burned multiple military vehicles several miles to the north of where I live, seriously wounded a bunch of Army soldiers, and kidnapped/captured several others.

Follow The Money And It All Becomes Clear

Relax! This sort of civil unrest is coming to the USSA, possibly before Christmas, but it will be even worse in the Lower 48 than it is here. We are rapidly headed into a new order of things.

In fact, we are barreling full bore into an epic, historical, tumultuous change of the entire world order. The upheaval that is coming in the USSA will make the current tumult in Ecuador look like a sedate walk in the park, or the proverbial Sunday school picnic. Not to say that what is currently happening in Ecuador is insignificant, not at all, because it is an event of the utmost gravity.

Nothing says game over for the petro-dollar, aka, the Federal Reserve Note (FRN), quite like .....
 a vertical, multi-trillion dollar M1 curve.

This has to be one of the reasons that my lexical scrying is seeing a major, global discontinuity in, on, or by November of this year. The entire Monopoly game is over. This is the last roll of the dice. The big players are willy-nilly bestowing trillions of dollars on themselves -- right now. Everyone else is going to bite the dust.

And still people don't get it. Really BIG STUFF is getting ready to go down. This M1 curve from the Federal Reserve unabashedly says that the decision has already been made -- in a history changing way -- to burn the furniture, the floorboards, the kitchen cupboards, the stairs, the doors, the garage, the food pantry, the closets, the carpet, the roofing shingles, the window frames, the awnings and eaves, the 2x4s in the walls, the ceiling beams, all the porches -- everything.

It's all coming down. I've been saying this for a long time. The plug has been pulled. The "Fall of 'Murika" will be an epic spectacle for the ages. It will shake, rattle and roll the whole world.

It's going to be brutal. 


I very greatly need and gratefully accept any and all donations! Everything that we have known in our lifetimes is very soon about to go bye-bye, and will never be back again, not ever. I know that I keep repeating this like a mantra, but it is nonetheless true. If you are able and willing to donate, I really do need your support at this time in order to better prepare. The USSA is going to get royally hammered, but with any luck, life here in South America will continue on, at least for some of us. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now. Do NOT send PayPal.

If you would like me to do lexical scrying for you, please write me at the e-mail address above. Great turmoil approaches for us all, everywhere. If you want to look into it, contact me.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

The Rolling Stones: A Mysterious Backstory

Hollywood always distorts the truth, but, in reality, there is the mysterious Case of the "Missing Stones" -- an ancient saga that goes back thousands and thousands of years. Everybody and his brother is out looking for them, at an unimaginable price in treasure and human (and other) life. Thimble, thimble, who's got the thimble?

Zorg -  get it? 

We live in a heavily (pre)programmed, engineered, (un)reality matrix. What we see in the newspaper/TV/social media/magazines is just the daily lie to cover up what is really going on at a deeper level -- and has been, for untold thousands (millions? billions?) of years. The Middle East, Libya, the Ukraine, Russia, Egypt, Mexico, the Southwest USSA, the Andes, the Caribbean, the Antarctic, the Ahnenerbe, the Smithsonian Institute, the CIA, UFOs, NASA, NAZIs, 33rd degree Freemasonry, Atlantis, the Moon, Mars, Orion, allegedly mythological Wars in Heaven. We've never been told what the real game is. 

There is some kind of cosmic principle, known to the Satanic, so-called "elites" and which they abide by, that they must include the outright truth within their endless, intentionally very confusing, convoluted, demonic propaganda -- and so they do tell us!  (sort of .....)

As an ancient sage famously remarked thousands of years ago: "Let those who have eyes to see, see; and ears to hear, hear." He also dryly mentioned: "My Kingdom is not of this world." He represented/represents a different order of things entirely. He was projected with enormous intentionality into this heavily (pre)programmed, engineered, (un)reality matrix to say those things for the explicit benefit of its myriad denizens, as well as carry out other important tasks. He set forth Universal Cosmic Law. He was sent to officially serve Legal Notice in this "Earth" realm, which he admirably did. He was/is a duly delegated Process Server bearing all appropriate authority. Time is now tolling. So you see, nothing is hidden. He told the unvarnished truth, for which he was savagely lynched.

Indeed, a very large truth is also right there on the silver screen: galactic conflict and interplanetary intrigue revolving around various and sundry, violent power factions and cliques deeply involved in the mysterious Case of the "Missing Stones" -- which really do exist -- that's a fact, but they're not just any stones, no sirree, Bob.

But when/where/how are they? The time-space corridors are endlessly looped, artificially engineered, ingeniously blocked, devilishly booby-trapped, concealed, hidden, disguised, intricately locked and even fiendishly fire-walled and disconnected altogether from the original source code, making it exceedingly difficult to coherently unravel everything. Whence (in part) the feverish Case of the "Missing Stones".

It's about time(s). It's about space(s).

In actuality, it's very conCERNing, if you know what I mean.

My goodness gracious. What to do, what to do??!!

If you do not understand what I am talking about, that's O.K. Many will, some will not.

No worries. If it disturbs your rest, just imagine that it's science fiction .... which it both is, and also is not; in that science fiction is often a way of telling the truth, under the guise of an ostensibly fictional tale. 


I very greatly need and gratefully accept any and all donations! Everything that we have known in our lifetimes is very soon about to go bye-bye, and will never be back again, not ever. I know that I keep repeating this like a mantra, but it is nonetheless true. If you are able and willing to donate, I really do need your support at this time in order to better prepare. The USSA is going to get royally hammered, but with any luck, life here in South America will continue on, at least for some of us. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now. Do NOT send PayPal.

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Monday, June 20, 2022

Putin: The Old World Will Never Be Back -- SUPERASTONISHMENT

Vladimir Putin appeared publicly in recent days to say that the Previous World Order is passing from the global stage and will never return, that things will never again be as they were.

Of course, Putin is correct. If I didn't know better, I would think that he has been talking to me in my sleep, and plagiarizing ideas directly from my head! I've been saying virtually the same thing in this blog site for a long time, in a dozen different ways. 

 Take the war in the Ukraine, for instance. Look at this linguistic map of the Ukraine >>

Note the large, primarily Russian-speaking regions in the east and south of the Ukraine. The Russians will take those blue and green, Russian-speaking areas (they've done half of that already) and incorporate them into the Russian Federation, directly or indirectly. I'm guessing that they may also take the part of the central, yellow region that projects eastward into the green and blue zones.  They will also inevitably take in Transnistria, which is the Russian-speaking exclave on the border between the former Ukraine and Moldova. Russian government agencies are already in the Russian occupied regions of the former Ukraine, flooding the local economies with pallets of ruble bank notes, and handing out Russian passports to qualified residents. They are taking back their historical, ethnic Russian territory and population.

As it continues, the war is likely to expand to Lithuania, Poland, and maybe Moldova and Romania. If NATO and the USSA keep flooding weapons and mercenaries into the theater of operations, it's only a question of time before the Kremlin authorizes missile strikes on NATO and USSA military assets and bases. If the USSA/NATO are then so stupid as to fire nuclear missiles at Russian territory or cities -- hasta la vista to Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Warsaw, Brussels, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Copenhagen,  Paris, Lyons, Toulon, Marseille,  London, Manchester, Liverpool, Rome, Milan, Naples, Venice, Washington-DC, New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Denver, Albuquerque, Houston, etc.

The Russians will send the USSA and EU/NATO back to the Dark Ages in one hour.

My dreaming, visions, lexical scrying and extensive reading are all pointing in the direction of IMMENSE tragedy and suffering for the USSA and Europe.

It's mostly karmic. These countries have ravaged the world for centuries, and will soon be ruthlessly brought down. They are playing stupendously stupid games, and will very soon win correspondingly stupid prizes.

I should add that today I did a very brief, additional lexical scrying session over the effect on the USSA of the present war in Europe. I asked: The word on this list that best describes the impact on the USSA of the present war in Europe is?

I instantly received: superastonishment

Not surprise, not astonishment, but superastonishment. As it happens, two of the meanings of astonishment are: to be stunned; to be benumbed. So the USSA is going to be super-stunned, super-benumbed.

Just let the USSA Congress, CIA, Pentagon, State Department and White House keep  aggressively flooding money, weapons, war materiel, troops and mercenaries into the Ukraine and other countries right up against Russia's borders and see what happens. 

Tonight and Tomorrow Is The Battle For Ecuador's Future

Just as I thought, the political situation here in Ecuador has greatly intensified over the last 24 hours. Demonstrators are pouring into the city by the many thousands from outlying cantons and provinces to confront phalanxes of National Police and military troops. The battle is raging right now for control of the city, the government and Ecuador's future. The police and military are deploying tear gas and armored vehicles.

There are protests, pitched battles and highway blockages from one end of the country to another. Look at the following photo from a confrontation last night on just one of the highways here in the Quito area: >> Those are military troops. They look a lot like Roman legionnaires, do they not?

The same is going on right now, with even more intensity, all over Ecuador. I went down to the main thoroughfare in my neighborhood tonight and watched truckload after truckload of demonstrators flooding into Quito. For about an hour the National Police had blocked off the highway, but as things got more intense in central Quito, they beat a retreat down the hill to the city, like the Roman legions being called back to Rome to defend the city against terminal collapse.

I was talking to other people about the night's events as we stood along the highway. One of my neighbors mentioned that farther up the road, demonstrators had earlier seized and burnt an armored vehicle of the Army.

The military and police helicopters have been coming and going from Quito yesterday and today. I do not know what tomorrow will bring, but one possibility is that the Ecuadorean government will fall, that the so-called President will flee Quito and the country -- and what would happen then? 

Stay tuned. We'll know when we know.

But rest assured that the sort of national chaos that has gripped Ecuador over the last couple of weeks assuredly will be coming to places like the USSA, Germany, France, England, etc., and it will probably be even worse.

Ecuador more than likely does not have to worry about nuclear missile strikes from Russia, China and North Korea. The odds of that are really very small. 

But the USSA? France? England? Italy? Germany? Well, let's just say that I am glad that I left the USSA when I did; and that I am relieved to have relocated to a small country in South America, instead of moving to France or Germany, as I had earlier contemplated. 

As my deceased friend, Greg Caton, repeatedly told me (based on his ayahuasca visions): however bad things get in Ecuador, and they are very intense right now, it will still be better to be here, and  UNBELIEVABLY FAR WORSE to be in the USSA. He told me that ayahuasca showed him scenes of such depraved, ghastly horror that would occur in the USSA, and which would be broadcast to the world via television, the Internet and social media, that Ecuadoreans would recoil in stunned shock and disbelief. See my discussion of superastonishment above. See Vladimir Putin's statement above that things will never be going back to the way that they were.

Never say that you were not forewarned.


I very greatly need and gratefully accept any and all donations! Everything that we have known in our lifetimes is very soon about to go bye-bye, and will never be back again, not ever. I know that I keep repeating this like a mantra, but it is nonetheless true. If you are able and willing to donate, I really do need your support at this time in order to better prepare. The USSA is going to get royally hammered, but with any luck, life here in South America will continue on, at least for some of us. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now. Do NOT send PayPal.

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Saturday, June 18, 2022

U.S.S. of A., Inc. Soon Goes Bye-Bye

I just did another lexical deep dive into The Mother Of All Vocabulary Lists. One stab at it, blind, subconscious scrying: The one word on this list that best describes the condition of the "Lower- 48 States" in November 2022 is?

What popped up was: skelps, plural of skelp

This word is unknown to me! -- so I looked up its meaning: severely kicked, slaps, a spanking (as on the butt), heavy squall, hard rain, blows, hard strike with the open hand, a beating, bending and rolling a piece of metal into a hard, round tube, as in gun barrel manufacture.

Translation: before Christmas the USSA is going to get its butt kicked; it's going to get ***** slapped; it's going to get an a** whuppin'; it's going to get a severe beating; a storm is coming to the USSA; it's going to get bent hard and rolled up. A hard rain is going to fall.

I keep getting inner and outer prompts that by, on, or in November BIG EVENTS are going to buffet and rock the USSA. By this time next year, or even by Christmas this year, the "USSA, Inc." could be in the dustbin of history or precipitously headed there. It's all about to fall apart.

Dear Readers, make ready. The USSA is going to go down, very, very, very hard. I've been telling people this exact thing for a long time, but I'm not sure a lot of people appreciate just how extreme the collapse is going to be. And the same is going to happen in Europe, that is becoming clearer and clearer. The great bulk of my world readership is in the USSA, Canada and Europe, and unfortunately life is going to get really hard in those countries (for those who survive). 

And by the way, before I go further with this blog post, I want to say that I am available to do lexical scrying for any readers who may want to have more insight into impending life decisions, life changes and world events. In recent days I did some lexical scrying for a reader who was debating whether to relocate to a more interior region of the "Lower 48" in the USSA, or to settle in one of a number of prospective locations in Latin America. The lexical scrying came up with several sobering, and also surprising results, which helped to reduce uncertainty, and solidify the soon-to-be expat's decision-making. My fee structure is simple: if the results are meaningless gibberish to you, then you owe me nothing. However, if the results are of meaningful, real life benefit to you, then you pay me commensurate with their value to you. You decide on the relevant questions, and you decide on the appropriate payment. 

We are facing huge changes that have now started to kick in, all over the world. I cannot tell you what to do or where to go; ultimately that is your decision, and yours alone. But blind lexical scrying can tap a broader range of awareness, and may assist in making a personal decision, as it already has for one of my readers. I don't do romantic and marital relations questions! Please keep things to a more serious level. I mean, if you have to ask if Felicia loves you more than Fiona; or if Herb loves you more than Frank; or if your significant other is cheating on you; then you are not very perceptive to begin with, and anything the lexical scrying might come up with will probably go right over your head anyway. But for more serious, grounded issues and questions, I am available at:

My Dream Of The Ghostly, Changed USSA

Earlier this week, I had one of the most peculiar dreams that I can remember in a long while. One of my German language teachers from decades ago appeared before me, and unceremoniously plopped an unlabeled, large map of the "Lower 48" states of the USSA on a table. She emphatically said: "I want you to write the names for me on all of the states on this map."  I mean, Achtung! baby, right?

I immediately retorted: "You say that like you think that I can't do it!"  I was thinking to myself: "How stupid does she think I am? I learned this in grade school." I decided to begin with my birth state, Virginia. l could clearly see the jig-jag outline of the western, mountainous border with West Virginia, but the eastern coastal part was vague and indistinct. I was thinking: "The company that printed this map should have used a darker ink. I can barely see the eastern part of the state." 

I decided to move on to North Carolina, but once again, the western outline of the state boundary was clearly visible, while the eastern region was vague, indistinct, almost invisible. In frustration, I moved down to South Carolina -- which didn't seem to really be there at all, along with coastal Georgia. Florida simply wasn't visible, not even a vague outline. The lower half of the Deep South didn't seem to be there, either. I couldn't bring it into clear focus.

In exasperation I moved over to Texas. I spotted the Panhandle and Big Bend country, but much of the rest of the state was only a shadowy outline. I thought to myself: "What's going on here??"

The Northeast and places like Ohio didn't appear to be there. The map was a confusing mess, so I decided to move to the Upper Plains states. I identified North Dakota, and then tried to find South Dakota. Easy-peasy, right? Except that I couldn't locate it.

I was flummoxed! I then had the bright idea to see if I could find Utah -- and I did -- the northern part of it. Where the rest of it was, I could not fathom. So, I decided to abandon Utah and move on to Montana, which I could clearly see -- sort of -- because Montana, and the whole region of the USSA-Canadian border, going all the way over to Minnesota had radically changed; not only the boundaries of the various states and provinces had changed, and the USSA-Canadian border itself, but there was a massive, geographical feature that dominated the landscape that is not there now. I have no idea how something that big could even come to be in existence.

And at that juncture I abandoned the hopeless assignment that my German teacher had given me to label the "Lower 48" states of CONUS. It was impossible.

For me, the import of the dream is that things are going to be radically changing, at a fundamental, political and geographical level. 

My subconscious used the Prussian figure of my German teacher from decades ago to impress on my mind that the USSA that we have known, is going to be irretrievably fractured and broken up, geographically and politically.

How will that happen? I obviously cannot say with specificity, but some possibilities that occur to me are:

>> a barrage of Russian and/or Chinese and/or North Korean nuclear missiles

>> a massive slip of major, seismic faults and rifts like Cascadia, New Madrid, Rio Grande, Balcones, San Andreas, Grenville Front, Southern Oklahoma Rift, Saint Lawrence Rift, etc.

>> civil war

>> collapse of the central government in Washington-DC

>> asteroid strikes

>> tsunamis

>> a shift in the Earth's axis of rotation (which would cause major, geophysical upheaval)

Perhaps some combination of two or more of the above will occur, or other, unknown events. I cannot say categorically; but the upshot of my dream is that thoroughgoing changes are in the pipeline, and will upset all that we have ever known; like tossing a bunch of gargantuan Pick Up Sticks in a jumbled, disordered pile on the floor. Expect the unexpected ....

What Is Soon Going To Happen In Ecuador (As Prelude To the USSA)

Of course, I am also concerned about what is happening in Ecuador. I live here, after all! So I am doing lexical scrying for what will transpire here in the near future. The results suggest that upcoming events will be, shall I/we say: sobering.

Three times in succession I asked: The word on this list that best describes the outcome of the current protests in Ecuador is?

I instantly received:

Nitrogelatine: an explosive compound; a form of dynamite
Pyran: a proprietary, anti-flame compound
Nocuity: harmfulness, noxiousness

A high-explosive allusion, a fire (fighting) allusion, and a reference to noxious harm. Taken together, these words engender unease, and indicate, well, trouble, to be frank. 

So several hours later,  I further asked: The word on this list that best describes the outcome of the National Uprising that is now underway in Ecuador is?

I received in quick succession:

larviposit: laying by female flies of live, fly larvae (like on decomposing meat??)
and Luciferian: of or relating to Lucifer

Whew. That's heavy-duty stuff.

I had a hard time wrapping my head around all this, so I asked again: The word on this list that best describes the effect of next week's protests on the government of Ecuador is?

And received: keen-o-peachy, i.e., a slang form of peachy keen, or mighty fine!  Just between you and me, I think the subconscious is maybe yanking my chain and being a bit facetious or ironic -- irony is a thing, right? -- in that events in the coming days are likely to put the Ecuadorean government under great pressure from the enraged citizenry.

For what it's worth, I asked again: The word on this list that best describes the effect of next week's protests on Ecuador is?

I instantly received: panegyrizer

This word is completely unknown to me, so I looked it up. It's a rare word, but the Urban Dictionary states:

1) A eulogistic oration or writing, similar to an elegy with the difference being in its higher level of formality.
2) A highly complex and specialized piece of music devoted to the eulogy of a person or thing may possibly be referred to as a panegyric instead of an elegy, though this use is rare.

Formal eulogy, elegy. Whoa!

The future is a fluid thing, true enough, but the lexical scrying is repeatedly pointing to momentous events in Ecuador's near future, major events, associated with the present episode o
f civil unrest. Should that prove to be the case, I am very cognizant of the fact that there are many hands stirring the pot in this country -- as elsewhere: the protesters (obviously), the Ecuadorean government (president, presidential advisors and ministers, police, military), the CIA, the USSA Embassy, the narco-cartels, Big Oil interests, the Vatican, the IMF (International Monetary Fund), Satanic Freemasonry, the United Nations, the WEF (World Economic Forum), and more. There are many power factions, many hidden hands, agendas and motives, and a riled up and angry civilian population.

Here, click the link and take a look at a street scene in Quito last night:

Now, you may very well think
 to yourself, "That doesn't look very good, Dr. Samizdat1618."

And truthfully? No, it is not good. Those Men in Black crack heads and smash arms, ribs and legs with the clubs they have in their hands. The Monroe Doctrine, aka, the "Red-White-and-Blue" USSA, Inc., has a very ugly face.

That is why the protests in Ecuador are likely to ratchet up to the next level in the coming days.

I cannot say exactly what will happen, but it does look like the situation will probably intensify, maybe enormously so, in the next week or two. How things eventually shake out -- we'll know when we know, and not before -- though my lexical scrying suggests that it will not be boring, no, not at all.

Heavy events have already begun here in Ecuador. This week has been rough. As for July and beyond? -- Gack. One month at a time.

The situation here is very much a prelude for what will follow later this summer and fall in the USSA. Ecuador has a full range of
 cultural, migratory, business, trade, economic, military and diplomatic ties with the USSA, in addition to using the Federal Reserve Note, aka, the petro-dollar, as the national currency. Ecuador is, thus, part and parcel of the red-white-and-blue, petro-dollar, Monroe Doctrine Empire. As it happens, the Empire of Dominoes is failing fast, that's the long and the short of it, and Ecuador is one of the first, toppling dominoes. Did you ever watch this >> domino video on YouTube, where the winsome Domino Girl sets up thousands of dominoes in an intricate design? Then she flicks over the first domino, and within a couple of minutes every last one of them topples over, thousands of them. 


I very greatly need and gratefully accept any and all donations! Everything that we have known in our lifetimes is very soon about to go bye-bye, and will never be back again, not ever. I know that I keep repeating this like a mantra, but it is nonetheless true. If you are able and willing to donate, I really do need your support at this time in order to better prepare. The USSA is going to get royally hammered, but with any luck, life here in South America will continue on, at least for some of us. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now. Do NOT send PayPal.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Ecuador Erupts In Large Protests

One of the things that ayahuasca showed to my good friend, Greg Caton, before he left this "Earth" realm for another realm, half a year ago, was that there was going to be a major, prolonged, intense, National Uprising in Ecuador in 2022.

In my experience, ayahuasca does not lie, at least not for those who have the fortitude to see the truth and not look away, as unpleasant as it may sometimes be. 

So it is that events of recent days in Quito, and all over the country, indicate that the 2022 National Uprising in Ecuador has apparently now begun, or the preliminary stages of it, at any rate.

Some of the important grievances are: 
>  industrial mining and petroleum extraction in indigenous and environmentally sensitive territories

>  massive governmental corruption

>  massive budget cuts in public education

>  tremendously corrupt courts, prisons and police

>  severe crisis in export agriculture -- bananas and cut flowers, among other exports

>  high domestic gasoline and diesel fuel prices

>  rapidly increasing food prices

>  extremely high unemployment and underemployment

>  high poverty rates

>  a plague of street crime and organized crime
>  a criminally corrupt, quickly collapsing, public health care/hospital system

intense dislike of the IMF, which has insinuated itself into Ecuador like a fatal cancer

This list is not exhaustive, but it suffices to explain a lot of the rage that has brought people out into the streets by the the thousands this week in Ecuador. 

Knowing the possibility of large protests this afternoon, I went into Quito to run a couple of errands at midday. By the time I prepared to catch public transport out of the city back to my neighborhood, the bus line that I took into the city was no longer running. So I walked a few blocks and caught a bus on another line that still was in operation. I crossed the city to a park where I knew I could walk over to catch another bus line that would take me to a transit station that would probably have a bus or two to carry me back to my neighborhood. 

I was right, and did make it back to my apartment -- but barely. By mid- to late-afternoon, public transit was all but shut down in Quito. There was scarcely a bus to be had at all.

Just as I dismounted from the bus, two large, green, Army buses zoomed past the bus stop. I saw soldiers in combat fatigues inside. Through the windshield of the second bus I saw riot shields. In the distance, I saw helicopters circling over central Quito. Just a short while later I was walking beside the highway, when suddenly a horde of riot police, dressed in all black, with helmets and riot shields, came zooming past on motorcycles, headed into Quito. There was also another, green, Army bus with soldiers. Accompanying them was an enormous, black, mobile, police command center, as well as an all black, wicked looking, armored, riot control vehicle, with something like a cow catcher welded onto the front, like railroad locomotives used to have years ago, only it's not for cattle -- it's for human beings, when the Hell vehicle plows into crowds of people.

Tomorrow is another day, and more protests are likely. Indeed, the protests may well extend into a second week --- and a third and fourth and ... ? ---  and even greatly intensify in size and fury in the coming days.

This is why I have been telling people that things are going to be drastically changing, and asking for support to help me prepare for what is on the way. The future is already noisily heaving into view here in Ecuador. It waits for no man. It's like a baby -- when it's due, it pops onto the scene, ready or not.

What's that you say? You don't live in Ecuador? There are no such issues in your part of the world?

Well, then, relax!! You have no worries, do you??!!   \sarcasm\

Because I'm here to tell you that very soon indeed, what is happening here in Ecuador, or maybe something much worse! -- can very quickly come quite rudely knocking on your door. 

Germany, England, France, the USSA, Canada, Belgium, Australia, Japan, etc. -- you'll see. Lamentably, you will see. A lot of what is going to happen is karmic in nature, not that that will make it any easier. 

Here are a few short Twitter videos that will give you some idea of what is happening in Ecuador. Mind you, these are just early days, and what the video clips show is just a small part of what is going on. There are also major, national highway and street blockages, for instance. What things may be like in 5 days from now, or ten days from now -- we'll know that when we know it. Though the trajectory of events does appear to be accelerating and intensifying.

Here, take a look. The video clips are only 30 seconds or 60 seconds, not long, but you'll get the idea. People are not happy, and they are taking their discontent to the street.

In Quito:

In Guaranda:

In Cotopaxi:

In Chimborazo:

In Ibarra:


I very greatly need and gratefully accept any and all donations! Everything that we have known in our lifetimes is very soon about to go bye-bye, and will never be back again, not ever. I know that I keep repeating this like a mantra, but it is nonetheless true. If you are able and willing to donate, I really do need your support at this time in order to better prepare. The USSA is going to get royally hammered, but with any luck, life here in South America will continue on, at least for some of us. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now. Do NOT send PayPal.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Skin Issues: It's War~!!

Several readers have recently written and asked how I am doing. The honest answer is that in recent months I have again been through a very serious, months-long health and financial crisis, from which I am very slowly recovering. It has been very grueling and debilitating. 

I survive on about $4,000 per annum, or less, so I hardly knew whether to guffaw or to weep when I read last week that one-third of USSAers who earn $250,000 per year live paycheck to paycheck. At current prices in Ecuador, I could live well for fully half a century on $250,000. Imagine that! -- and people in the USSA can barely make it on a quarter of a million dollars per year. 

Well, you see, there's the F-350, the golf course fees, the McMansion mortgage payment, private school fees for the kids, the $1,000 monthly electricity fee, house insurance, medical insurance, motor vehicle insurance, life insurance, income taxes, truck repairs, lawn service, pool service, water fee to irrigate an acre of grass and shrubbery, maintenance expenses (roofing, painting, driveway asphalting, lawn sprinkler system upkeep, etc.), home security system fees, credit card service fees, home owner's association fees, the bass fishing boat, the hunting and fishing licenses, the ATVs, the hunting rifles and shotguns, the fishing reels, the big, flat-panel, wall mounted TV, gaming computers, Internet service, cable TV, Netflix, the season tickets to the local MLB/NFL/NBA/NHL team(s), the 10% tithe to the mega-church -- and before you know it, you're pulling down a quarter of a million a year and you're in dire poverty, you're wondering how you will even "survive" for the next 30 days. \sarcasm\

Let me tell you, I get about $1,100 per year in book royalties. The rest I have to make up from donations, so believe me when I say that I am grateful for every single dollar of support that I receive. Thousands of people read my blog, but very few donate. Religious people can sometimes be the stingiest of all, and with a holy, righteous attitude! One of my devout "Christian" readers wrote to tell me how offended he was that I solicit donations. He said that I should depend on the Lord to provide for my needs. We, sir, well, ma'am, is Jesus going to pay my rent, my utility bills, my Internet connection fee? When I go to the used clothing store, or buy a pair of $10 exercise shoes, or go to the municipal market to buy 30 lbs of dried beans, is Jesus going to pay for all of that?

I don't think so, not in my experience. Some of the most famous alternative news and blogger websites on the Internet ask for donations:, The Saker, Paul Craig Roberts, Rumor Mill News, and many more. Syndicated, weekly columnists and journalists in the mainstream news media pull down six-figures a year for writing shameless, superficial, shallow, simplistic, jingoistic, propagandistic, insipid pabulum to cover for the manifold crimes of the system, and yet I get blasted and insulted for making a donation request. Therefore, my very holy Christian friend -- listen very carefully: Jesus himself is on the record as saying: "Ask, and you shall receive." So I ask, and some people, very few people, do very kindly donate. If that offends some readers' tender sensibilities, tough "Christian" ti**y. Am I to survive on sand and gravel? If by asking, I can manage to have an annual income of $4,000, enough to survive another year at an extremely frugal, spartan, basic level, what is wrong with that? I highly doubt that Jesus minds.

As for death? I obviously haven't died (though I came close) -- but listen to this: the kid upstairs from me died a month ago. He was only 24 years old, a decently successful amateur athlete, with multiple trophies and ribbons for races he had won, in both running and swimming competitions. He was studious and quiet. He had just finished his university studies, was preparing to begin his life career, and now he's suddenly dead. His parents are in disbelief. Think of it -- their pride and joy -- and now his life is over, just when it should have been beginning. He is far from the first, and he will certainly not be the last.

My mortuary operator acquaintance whom I run into from time to time, recently told me that the death rate in Quito remains elevated above normal. The "jabbed" population is expiring. Very fast acting cancers are taking them down in mere weeks; also diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, that "virus", and more. Death from all causes is up and going higher, among the "jabbed" population. I asked him if he were willing to go public with that alarming news, and he warily replied that he and his colleagues in the death/mortuary/burial business prefer not to do that, for fear of ugly repercussions.

So far, the government here is still keeping a lid on the deteriorating situation -- for now, barely -- but past a certain point the population will unquestionably grow very uneasy and restive. Exactly when that will happen, remains to be seen. Later this year? Next year?

About 85% of the population in Ecuador have been jabbed at least once. Probably 75% have been jabbed twice, and maybe 40% three times, some of them four times. There will be death and crippling incapacity on a larger and larger scale in Ecuador, and in many other countries. It is inevitable, given the damaging effects of the mRNA jabs on the human body's immune system. The increased rate of death has already begun. It will get worse.

I continue to see numerous apartments, houses, office suites, store fronts, sundry commercial properties, and even entire buildings for sale or for rent as I move about the city (Quito). As the deaths continue to mount, there will be more and more of that, a growing glut of unsold, unrented, unsellable, unrentable, vacant, unoccupied, uninhabited real estate. The day is also coming when the division of labor will become frayed, and less and less functional. What happens when too many electrical engineers die? Who will maintain the electrical power plants? When too many truck drivers die, who will deliver the food and other products that modern societies require? When too many airline pilots die, what happens to international freight and air travel? We haven't reached that point quite yet, but it is drawing closer. As we move deeper into the insanity we will all find out together what that means for us as a human society, in South America, in North America and elsewhere.

And by the way, for those who think that I am just blowing smoke with what I write in my blog posts, look at this:

It's like my dream last year, where Biden resolutely stepped into the water and started walking, until he went under the water and was lost from view. He just kept walking until he was totally underwater. I wrote about what I was shown in a blog post:

Now this new ABC poll shows that Biden is "badly underwater" on all major issues. No joke, Sherlock!!

My subconscious saw this scenario coming and visually depicted it for me. And there are those who viciously mock me.

But I forge ahead! Coming attractions will shut them right up. Humility will be rudely forced upon them, like it or not. 

Catherine Austin Fitts Says: "We Are At War Right Now"

... and she is correct. We're in a multi-front war, and it is going to worsen across the board: food shortages, agriculture failures, water shortages, engineered plagues, economic collapse, unemployment, kinetic warfare and geopolitical upheaval, rampant crime, civil instability, government failure, chemtrails, and much more. Whatever is going on now, just wait, everything is going to be ramping up to still greater levels of intensity. Greg Hunter does a lot of interesting interviews and this one is worth listening to, if you have the time. For me, the most interesting part popped up in the comments below the interview.  A reader wrote:

... the Great Poisoning is real. For the past year my wife and I have suffered from having damaged immune systems. We did not take the injections. We eat healthy and exercise. We are about 70 years old living in Sonoma County, California.
The past year has been pure Hell. My wife’s skin burns and burns. Her hair is falling out. I have a red rash all over my body and my legs and arms are as swollen as Popeye the Sailor Man’s. The itching is driving me mad.....

The reader's comment struck me like a bolt from the blue, because I am just three years younger than he, am also non-"jabbed", and virtually the same thing that he describes has happened to me this year. I bet that we are not the only two, or three, if you count his wife. There must be a great many of us.

You see, earlier this year, in January or thereabouts, I suddenly began to swell up. I couldn't believe it. My legs and arms inflated like the Michelin Tire Man, and were covered with thousands of little bumps and protrusions. My hands and arms got so swollen and covered with little bumps that I couldn't slip on a long-sleeved shirt. My legs were purple, and so swollen that I could barely walk or even stand. It was agonizing. My skin turned leathery and unbearably, intolerably, incredibly itchy. It was horrific. And then it spread to my back and my shoulders -- most of my body, in fact. 

I couldn't sleep from the pain and itching. It was real torture.

Within just a short period of time my skin began to weep a clear, odorless liquid. Mostly from my thighs, the backs of my knees, my legs below the knees and the inside of my elbow joints. To my dismay, I also lost the skin in two places on my left thigh, and on large areas of both legs below the knees. It turned red and came off. And it hurt.  I was worried. 

I smeared organic honey and Lugol's iodine on my raw, oozing flesh to cut the risk of infection. It was very messy, unsightly and painful. My bed sheets were stained with the honey, iodine and clear liquid that was oozing out of my legs. It was hard to sleep, sit in a chair, or walk or do almost anything. I was mindful of the potential danger of runaway sepsis, should infection have taken hold. Gangrene can easily kill when the protective covering of the skin is gone.

I consulted two MDs, the first of whom was so alarmed at my condition that he wanted to immediately admit me to a local hospital and put me on an IV drip -- just for 5 days, he said. I immediately put the kibosh on that idea, for a variety of reasons, including the notable fact that in early 2013 I spent more than 3 months in that very hospital, in a 6-man room, and watched other men fade away and die! The MDs have a lot of tricks in their black bags, and not all of what they do is necessarily life enhancing, if you catch my drift. So I diplomatically demurred. 

I then went that same day to another MD, who was a little less alarmed. He took a look at my body, prescribed me an antihistamine and told me to come back in two weeks. 

My arms were so swollen that neither of the MDs could find a vein from which to draw blood samples to analyze. They ended up blindly hunting for, and successfully stabbing, a vein in my left wrist, which was a little less swollen than my right wrist. The samples did not reveal much of significance, only that I was very inflamed -- which was transparently obvious to casual, visual inspection. But then MDs specialize in symptoms; they're not as good when it comes to root causes of medical problems.

I therefore wrote extremely little there for awhile. The suffering was almost more than I could bear. To tell the truth, the ordeal was so painful and debilitating that I pondered my mortality. At one point, I so strongly felt the presence of my long-deceased, biological father that I actually said out loud: "Thanks! (for looking in on me) -- but I'm not done just yet!!"

About four months ago, I simply stopped eating for 10 days. The agony and suffering were almost more than I could bear. 

I only drank water and unsweetened herbal teas (with no sugar, stevia or honey). The long fast seemed to temporarily help to take the edge off of the worst of the symptoms. It may even be that the 10-day fast saved my life; that's my impression. I have also done some shorter fasting -- 20 hours, 30 hours, and so forth. I have lost a tremendous amount of weight, muscle and strength, though I am feeling somewhat better in recent days. 

I had a terrible relapse on my lower legs last week, but the skin is slowly healing again and scabbing over. I daubed iodine on the worst patches. The pain is somewhat diminished.

It's a process. Certain foods seem to greatly aggravate the condition. I'm learning what I can and cannot eat. The following appear to be O.K. and non-inflammatory.

carrots/carrot juice
hard squashes
lentils (pre-soaked and well cooked)
brown rice
sweet potatoes
white potatoes
apple cider vinegar
sea salt
black pepper
hemp seeds
aloe vera pulp
dried, peeled fava beans (well soaked and boiled)
dried beans (well soaked and boiled)
mozzarella cheese
toasted cashews
dairy butter
herbal teas
maca powder
sacha inchi
olive oil

Food items that I am presently avoiding:

red/green/yellow bell peppers
liquid cow's milk
Kiwi fruit
chocho (an Andean legume much eaten in Ecuador)
peanuts/peanut butter
walnuts/filberts/macadamias/almonds/pecans/pistachios/Brazil nuts
all pasta and bread made from wheat
any fried foods
any variety of corn, including sweet corn, popcorn, choclo, mote (Ecuadorean corn varieties)
bee pollen
chili spice
sugar (which I avoid anyway)

I guesstimate that I am 90% better than four months ago, when I was in terrible, unbearable, unendurable agony. But I have to get at the root cause(s) of this debilitating syndrome. Something is sending my immune system into furious, extreme overdrive. 

One possibility that I am considering is that maybe my body is having to learn to adjust to and live with the spike proteins that the millions of mRNA "jabbed" people that surround us all are shedding. What happened to me may have been a furious, emergency, survival response by my immune system against the spike proteins that the millions of "jabbed" people that surround me are shedding. 

There are many websites on the Internet that deal with the inflammatory effects of foods that contain:


I am avoiding some of the worst offenders such as avocados, chicken eggs, cow's milk, peanuts, chocolate, wheat products, mushrooms, spinach, and others.

Liver intoxication is probably a factor. I don't drink alcohol, but my liver may be overburdened by trying to flush toxins from the body, more than it can handle, so it dumped the overflow to the skin and peripheral tissues away from the body core -- places like the arms and legs, and the skin of the back and shoulders. Who knows what contaminants, pathogens and toxins are being dumped on us in the chemtrails, for example. I see the planes fly over Quito, and then the rainbow-colored mist takes an hour to spread out and slowly fall down like a curtain. The following day I feel like crap. 

I spent money on MD visits and medications that I really couldn't afford, but that's life! I simply lack the money for MDs and meds, so I have to get better on my own.

So I have (at least for now) eliminated some foods that may possibly be aggravating factors in my syndrome: tomatoes, chicken eggs, pineapple (though I recently had a glass of fresh pineapple juice without suffering any ill effects), bananas, cow's milk, peanuts and peanut butter, chocolate, mushrooms, red bell peppers, chili peppers, Kiwi fruit, citrus fruit, avocados, wheat bread and pasta, garlic, broccoli, spinach, tree nuts like walnuts, pecans, almonds, Brazil nuts, filbert nuts, pistachios, macadamias, etc. I don't drink alcohol, so that's not an issue.

Other food items that I initially thought were a problem -- such as mozzarella cheese, butter, olive oil, white potatoes, onions, oatmeal, maca powder, lentils, dried beans, fava beans, brown rice, apples, coffee, raw honey, oregano, apple cider vinegar, and more -- have proven not to be an issue.

I have found that papayas and celery definitely help to take the edge off the symptoms. They are anti-inflammatory foods that have a cleansing, purifying impact on the body. Fasting also helps to relieve the inflammation.

On the plus side, I went out and walked for four miles yesterday, did a few dozen push-ups and also pulled myself up and did some flexed arm hangs on the neighborhood monkey bars, with my chin over or level with the bar. Then I ate a simple meal of fava beans, brown rice and onion.  I took another four mile walk today.

My mentality is not: "I'm getting older now. I've been very sick. I should start taking it easy." If I'm to have more years, I have to crank it up a notch and keep chugging. 

Anyway, I could continue to ramble on for pages about all of this, but several readers have recently written and asked how I am doing, and that's the answer:

I've been terrible in recent months! Seriously pondering my mortality there for awhile. But I've weaned myself from the antihistamines, done some fasting, adjusted my diet, and the worst of the symptoms are abating as the weeks and months go by. At the moment I feel that I've finally rounded the corner and am now on the rebound, at least I hope so.


I very greatly need and gratefully accept any and all donations! Everything that we have known in our lifetimes is very soon about to go bye-bye, and will never be back again, not ever. I know that I keep repeating this like a mantra, but it is nonetheless true. If you are able and willing to donate, I really do need your support at this time in order to better prepare. The USSA is going to get royally hammered, but with any luck, life here in South America will continue on, at least for some of us. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now. Do NOT send PayPal.

Saturday, June 4, 2022

On The Eve of Planned Nuclear War

Unfortunately, the danger of a nuclear missile exchange between northern hemisphere military powers is very real. I realize that many people think that the prospect is much too horrific to ever come to pass, or even to contemplate; but I'm here to tell you that, indeed, it can happen; and that if the USSA/NATO/EU keep threatening Russian national security, and pouring weapons, troops and mercenaries into Eastern Europe and the Ukraine (to cite but one example), that it will happen. The Russian national leadership has made that very clear over the past couple of years. They've issued numerous, public warnings to that effect.

Of course, one of the advantages of living in a small, poor, equatorial country is that it is unlikely to be a target when the nuclear missiles fly. It is certainly my firm hope that a weak, little country in South America, like Ecuador (where I live), will not be struck.

Notwithstanding the mainstream news media propaganda in the West, the momentum towards war with Russia (... and China and Iran and North Korea) is coming from the USSA, where the national leadership is frankly, dangerously incompetent and Satanic. I don't think that the Russians want nuclear war, but if they are backed up against the wall, they are making clear that they will launch what they have, in self-defense. I get that point. I understand their warnings.

This growing awareness on my part, which I've had to a degree for decades, for almost my entire life, when you get right down to it, has led me into some strange lines of inquiry and novel perceptions, not least in my multiple, nonviolent, protest forays onto nuclear missile silos in past decades, which were always the occasion for anomalous events of various sorts. 

And I think I know why: high strangeness is associated with nuclear weapons and focused human intent; in my case, the intent that they not be used, because the mind exerts an energetic and informational force that interacts with all matter, but especially so with very highly refined uranium and plutonium, thus producing anomalous effects in the local time-space continuum. And that is why the government and military took strong steps to repeatedly arrest, handcuff, jail, criminally try and imprison me (and any and all others like me). My focused, anti-nuclear war intent was interfering with their focused, pro-nuclear war agenda. 

It all has to do with programming the time-space continuum, with torquing the reality matrix, with engineering of the "Earth" realm reality -- whether by peaceful, nonviolent physical and mental means, or by hyper-violent, high-technology means. I kept showing up to adamantly interfere with the three letter agencies' and and secret societies' multi-trillion dollar agenda of, shall I say, malevolent, demonic, Satanic, hyper-violent, Hellish, so-called high-technology, "Earth" matrix, reality engineering, and that was a problem from their perspective. 

Once I protested again and again on the Air Force nuclear missile silos, and at the naval bases where the Pentagon stores and deploys nuclear weapons, I became entangled with it all; my mind, my hyper-dimensional genetic code, my life intent, all of me, became entangled with their giant, complex, A.I.-driven, Satanic, Hell-spawned, planetary reality warping project. I was altering their carefully engineered agenda -- if ever so slightly! -- in unwanted ways for them. I was a rogue torsion vector. So they had to lock me up. Fine me. Chain me. Threaten me. Browbeat me. Mistreat me. Surveil me. Monitor me. Break into my house. Make life hard for me. Even make attempts on my life.

The Feds are real evil, what can I say? That's what they do. They are a malevolent force. If you haven't grasped that, then you should ask yourself why not, because the evidence for it is abundant and pervasive.

Some of you will already have grokked a big chunk of where I am going with all of this; whereas others of you are scratching your heads in bewilderment, wondering if I have lost my mind. To all of you I say: "Read on!" I will endeavor to clarify a few points, and hopefully connect a few mental and historical dots that are germane to the thrust of my explanation.

Torquing The Vacuum/Aether/Zero Point Meta-Reality of the Time-Space Continuum

The specific, precise, internal geometry of nuclear weapons, the precise placement and configuration of all their component parts, especially including t
he highly refined radioisotopes they contain – plutonium, uranium, thorium, etc – (and the extremely precise machining, shaping, sizing, degree of enriched purity and trigonometrical arrangement thereof), as well as the geometrical configuration of the molecules of the various radioisotopes themselves; all in relation to the precise placement and physical orientation of the nuclear device ( i.e., vertical, horizontal, 33 degrees off of vertical, parallel to the physical axis of rotation of the Earth, aligned with the Earth's magnetic north pole, aligned with the galactic plane of the ecliptic, etc.), the precise latitude-longitude coordinates of the device at detonation, the precise time of day or night, the specific day of the year, the precise sidereal time, the precise position of the Moon and Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Orion, the North Pole star, and other planets and celestial bodies, during lunar and solar eclipses, and so forth -- in other words, the esoteric, high-tech, higher mathematics, chemical, metallurgical and high energy physics astrology of nuclear technology and nuclear weapons deployment and detonation.

All of this – all of it! – will have been painstakingly analyzed in rigorous mathematical, metallurgical, chemical, astronomical and astrological detail at places like Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories, Area 51, Oakridge, Brookhaven, Argonne, Fermi National Accelerator, Lawrence Livermore, etc.. The myriad thousands of data points will have been operationalized to an extreme degree of precision and accuracy, and mathematically analyzed using very sophisticated statistical and multivariate equations, comparing the results to observed yield parameters from the thousands of atomic and nuclear devices that have been detonated in the modern era, beginning in 1945.

Other variables such as observed seismic activity and other highly energetic, explosive events – after, during and before!! – nuclear detonations, including at nodal points on the Earth far removed from the place and time of the detonations
(such as the Tunguska event in 1908) will have been measured, as well as fluctuations in the Earth's magnetic field, its gravity, its speed of rotation, visual, optical and other phenomena observed with the use of extremely high-speed photographic technology at the site of, and in, the vicinity of atomic and nuclear detonations, observed mental and psychological effects, physiological and biological effects (including DNA and genetic effects), the behavior of sophisticated, high-speed gyroscopic and also time-measurement devices (i.e., atomic clocks and other sensitive time pieces) maintained by various military, scientific, academic and civil government agencies, the related appearance and observed behavior of UFOs and E.T.s at the time of and nearby, and other anomalous phenomena of all kinds ----

all because

… from the very beginning, in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, people like Edward Teller, John von Neumann, Enrico Fermi, Robert Oppenheimer, Max Planck and their colleagues would have noticed all sorts of anomalous effects due to the presence of chemically pure, or very nearly so, uranium, plutonium, thorium – and even more so in association with atomic and nuclear detonations.

They would have noticed all sorts of strange correlations. These were the most brilliant minds in the world in mathematics, physics and chemistry. Especially in light of Max Planck's discovery of the so-called Planck Constant, evidently the foundational quantum or increment of physical-energetic reality, they would have realized that the so-called reality stream, the 3-D world, the reality matrix in which we live, can be engineered; that they could play with the Planck Constant, that the time-space continuum can be artificially altered, initially employing a science based on an extreme purification of uranium, plutonium, thorium, etc. utilized in very short-lived, extremely high energy, albeit controlled (to a degree), nuclear reactions conducted under tightly rigorous, very precisely controlled electronic, geometric, trigonometric, metallurgical, geographic and astrological parameters. A type of high-tech, high-energy alchemy, with staggering implications.

This happened because they (accidentally?) torqued the so-called aether or vacuum or zero point or Underlying Creational Energy Field, call it what you will, and thereby opened a portal to the universal, unlimited base-source energy that underlies and brings forth reality as we know it.

The prolific author, Joseph Farrell, talks about this (accidental?) discovery, in a footnote in his book, The Grid of the Gods, in association with the Tsar Bomba that the Soviets exploded in the 1950s. Its observed, explosive yield of 50 megatons or more, unexpectedly, vastly exceeded its theoretically calculated yield. The question is/was: why?

Farrell opines, and I agree with his observation, that the enormously increased yield was due to the bomb's precisely geometrically configured, machined and internally arranged nuclear components detonating in such a way that they set up a nuclear plasma vortex that torqued the void! – tapping into and instantly channeling vast amounts of energy into this dimension, into this Earth realm – from the aether/vacuum/zero point meta-stratum of reality. The exact, geographic coordinates and mundane, astrological configuration of that specific place, date and time were likely factors in dramatically increasing the explosive yield, as well.

With time, the Soviets, Chinese, French, British, USSAers, and probably others such as the Israelis, Pakistanis, Indians, North Koreans and more, have figured all of that out and quietly set to work on elaborating a very, very new physics that sharply departs from what is openly taught in the world's universities; a new physics that incorporates the engineering of the warp and woof of the time-space continuum itself. The implications for the engineering of time, space travel, energy production, weapons technology, and more are self-evident. Where to even begin pondering the possibilities and ramifications of all of that? No doubt that trillions of black budget dollars have been thrown down these secretive, high-technology, very high-strangeness, alchemical rabbit holes. We're living in Never Never Land, and don't even know it.

I mention all of this for the following reasons:

1) Enrico Fermi, one of the greatest mathematical and scientific minds of the 20th century (or of any century), whose theoretical and applied mathematical, scientific and engineering career played such a large role in the development of nuclear weapons and nuclear energy technology, transitioned in his later career into particle physics, high-energy physics, and working with cyclotrons. This is exactly the physics that has led directly to the massive, miles-long, subterranean, subatomic particle accelerator that straddles the French-Swiss border: CERN. Enrico Fermi is in many ways, the scientific progenitor of CERN. Fermi must have recognized the implications for massaging and engineering the reality field itself, in the results that he and his colleagues obtained in their initial research with highly refined uranium and plutonium, the very precisely geometrically engineered atomic devices they constructed, and the first, high-energy detonations thereof. He wanted to better understand the high-energy building blocks of the physical universe, and how better to control them – i.e., how to engineer reality. So he started working with high-energy cyclotrons -- atomic bombs are very violent and destructive! -- under much more controlled conditions, digging down to the subatomic level that underlies the physical structure of this reality, endeavoring to tease out the quantum interactions of the constituent elements of matter. He was after the meta-quantum, source code that programs this reality. Once that has been ferreted out, then the engineering of the reality stream itself, the technologically engineered manipulation of the time-space continuum, comes into play

2) Using the reams of data gleaned over decades from thousands of atomic and nuclear detonations – which are self-evidently highly dangerous and difficult to control – the scientific disciples of the high-technology alchemists of the 20th century are now hard at work refining their intellectual forefathers' earlier work at CERN and in other, subterranean and undersea, high-technology facilities that remain unknown to us. We simply don't know what is really going on underground, undersea and out of sight, and the Secretive Dark Wizards of Compartmentalized High Technology intend to keep it that way.

3) There is much talk by the so-called “global elites” in recent years about a “Great Reset” that they hope to bring about. This intrigues me, because over the last ten years or so, a (mostly) younger generation of people have put out a slew of videos and blog posts on the Internet detailing the archaeological, geological, photographic and historical evidence for a whole series of multiple, civilizational resets in Humanity's past, extending back not just centuries or thousands of years, but hundreds of thousands, or even millions of years. The evidence that supports their assertions is uneven in quality, but abundant! After watching numerous such videos, reading many blog posts that challenge the standard historical narrative as taught in schools, colleges and universities all over the world, personally 
visiting many ancient archaeological sites and ruins when I was younger, and further reading such books as Forbidden Archaeology, by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson, and the books of people like Barry Fell, Ivan van Sertima, Graham Hancock, Ignatius Donnelly and many others, it is clear to me that we do not know our own history.

Human history has been concealed from Humanity. Ninety-nine percent of our past is a carefully crafted, complete fog and mystery.

4) Interestingly, there is evidence in the Hindu sagas for at least one, ancient war in which weapons of mass destruction were employed, seemingly atomic or nuclear missiles. From my own reading and conversations with others, it seems that at a bare minimum, western India/Pakistan, the Sinai Peninsula and areas of the Sahara Desert were sites in remote antiquity of atomic or nuclear conflict.

A little farther afield, in recent years the plasma physicist, John Brandenburg, has presented scientific data that strongly point to there having been a massive, nuclear war on Mars, that wiped out the civilization that used to exist there. The evidence for unimaginably violent, past catastrophe on Mars -- as well as many readily apparent, ancient, eroded, artificial ruins -- is so glaringly obvious upon even casual inspection of the publicly available photos from multiple Mars probes and orbiters that I take his analysis very seriously.

5) Devastating nuclear wars have happened on Mars in the past – and also repeatedly on the Earth?? Is that it? Is that what also happened to the planet that used to orbit between Mars and Jupiter, the shattered remains of which are now known as the Asteroid Belt? Is there the intent to do the same thing again with another nuclear war? Thereby, once again, catastrophically torquing the aether/vacuum/zero point at this planetary, nodal point known as the “Earth” – and producing such terrific, horrific distortions and fractures in the time-space continuum that it chaotically fractalizes, as it were, spinning off into kaleidoscopic chaos, producing even more discontinuities in human history, human memory, human archaeology, and human society, the better to even more deeply confuse, obfuscate, erase, muddle, and damage the human sojourn on this world, and to further wound Humanity itself, at a core level, at a hyper-dimensional DNA level? Have I got that right? And each time that the time-space continuum is destructively splintered in that manner, on Mars, on the exploded planet that used to orbit between Mars and Jupiter, and here on the Earth, with each destructive iteration time-space itself becomes so increasingly scrambled and disordered, that the reality of this solar system, of Mars, of the Earth, of Humanity, is irremediably further fractured, and the terms past and future themselves cease to have all meaning.

And we are therefore lost in time. Lost in space. 

In a solar system that has obviously been serially ravaged, plundered, blasted, smashed, splintered -- for how long? by whom or what? --until we have lost all sense of who we are, where we are, when we are, why we are, or how we came to be here. We have no idea which end is up, as Humanity descends once again into Satanically engineered chaos and horror. I repeat: we are, right now, on the very cusp of unmitigated HELL. 

How many times has this happened? What is this place called “Earth”?

Are we already on yet another artificially engineered time-line, courtesy of 2,000+ atomic and nuclear bomb "tests" starting in 1945? Has the "global reset", in fact, already happened? Was that the point -- to demonically torque the local, time-space continuum of Earth and force it into an artificially created and controlled time-line, to keep Humanity continually bottled up, forever deeply enslaved in endlessly repeating, destructive time loops, ruled by Satanic, Artificial Intelligence Time Lords, in a demonically engineered, time-space construct that should be better understood as a malicious, horrific, prison structure?

I suspect that the answer is revealed in the very formulation of the question. And because I ask it, and because I entangled my anti-nuclear war intent in protest against the pro-nuclear war agenda, I am suppressed. 


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