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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The USSA Police State Tightens Its Boa Constrictor Grip

The United States is a rogue regime, a sprawling police state. It's a corrupt, corporate entity with myriad business interests, including a lucrative, prison-industrial complex that locks up over 2 million people per year, amounting to approximately one percent of the adult male population of the USSA. The world has not seen anything like it before, at least not in the past several thousands of years of recorded history.

Far from being a a uniquely "free" society, the USSA is an extremely unfree society. Repression and police control abound.

Sadly, the oppressive police state is ramping its activities up to yet a tighter, more repressive level of control and subjugation.

In this week's news cycle it has come to light that the FBI will be sifting through the raw data of the  NSA's comprehensive, universal, years-long, metadata surveillance of the USSA population. The FBI will access the data using personal identifiers and can refer whatever they find to law enforcement agencies for further action. 

This is a transparent, massive violation of the first and fourth amendments to the USSA Constitution, but then the USSA government does not consider itself to be bound by any laws. The law is to control you, not to restrain or constrain the government or law enforcement in any way. Indeed, the government and law enforcement act with near impunity. To wit:

FBI powers to look through NSA intercepts will exacerbate mass incarceration

Note that this FBI use of the NSA metadata will definitely be used against known political dissidents and all kinds of people, people like you and me. There is no way to know if you are on "their" list for special attention unless and until they arrest or jail you.

But given that we now know, thanks to Edward Snowden, that everyone is under fine-toothed comb surveillance 24/7, the only intelligent position is to assume that the FBI, and law enforcement across the board, are after you, for any reason and no reason.

Putting It In Grim Perspective

But it's even worse than that. Remember that less than two years ago,  former CIA and NSA director, Michael Hayden, said publicly in a university forum:

"We kill people based on metadata."

He then tried to qualify his remarks, by implying that the USSA does not kill USSA citizens based on the metadata collected by the NSA. But I take Michael Hayden at his word. I absolutely mistrust his hedging qualification that the Feds and law enforcement do not kill USSA citizens based on the NSA's metadata.

Given the high number of police killings in the USSA in recent years, many of them in the context of SWAT team invasions of the supposedly "wrong house", where the police gun people down without warning, mercy or explanation, I believe we have to consider the real possibility that we are seeing government death squads in action, physically eliminating people whom the NSA's metadata surveillance may have flagged for "special attention" by law enforcement.

Bring In the Predator Drones

Even more troubling was the Pentagon's public admission today that it "... has deployed drones to spy over U.S. territory for non-military missions over the past decade." 

Would any of those missions have been for law enforcement purposes? What else would fall under the umbrella of non-military spying?

The Pentagon maintains that armed military drones may be used over the USSA only for testing and training purposes (see above link), and that military drones may surveil USSA persons only as permitted by law and as authorized by the Secretary of Defense. 

So if military drones are used in the USSA to take out a targeted individual, you can rest assured that it will only be for "training" purposes, or as a "test". And if Pentagon drones place USSA persons under surveillance it will only be as permitted by law enforcement and with the approval of the Secretary of Defense.

There, feel better? 


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