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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ready Or Not -- It's Just Getting Weirder And Weirder

I have mentioned before that last year the Amazonian shamanic plants pointed out a couple of things to me.

1) That a suffocating dictatorship would be clamped down. Sure enough, the repressive police state is clamping down, here, there and everywhere. The Edward Snowden revelations of universal NSA surveillance of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is very much a part of the totalitarian social control system that is being quickly locked into place. There is one objective: to thoroughly enslave you beyond all hope of any semblance of true freedom.

2) There was/is a sinister plan to stage "false flag" nuclear attacks against several American cities, as a false pretext to initiate what was described to me as "totalitarian nuclear warfare." A number of cities were mentioned, including Baltimore, Maryland.

And wouldn't you know that just a couple of days ago a story popped up in the mainstream news cycle about a US Navy blimp loitering over the Baltimore area, doing "aerial mapping." Aerial mapping of what the story does not say.

Might the "aerial mapping" have anything to do with the sudden sacking of Navy Vice Adm. Tim Giardina from the number two command post at the US Strategic Nuclear Command? His firing was allegedly due to a fake gambling chip scandal at an Iowa casino.

Let's see. Aerial mapping. Fake gambling chips. Do you believe that?


And all of this comes just three weeks after the reported sudden movement of off-the-book nuclear weapons from Dyess Air Force Base in Texas to a destination in South Carolina, and an almost simultaneous warning from U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham that Charleston, South Carolina was in danger of being nuked by terrorists.

The timing seems very suspect to me.

It is all very much reminiscent of the nuclear weapons that went missing from Minot Air Force Base back in 2007, without authorization, and wound up at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana mounted on the wings of a B-52 long range bomber. It still is not clear where the missiles were headed and the whole incident was subsequently swept under the rug. Out of sight, out of mind. To this day, many unanswered questions remain about that incident.

Also at Minot AFB, just a few months ago, 17 nuclear missile launch officers were relieved of duty for, among other things, "... unwarranted questioning of orders ..."

I am speculating because I wasn't there and so do not know, but it occurs to me to wonder if they perhaps refused orders, to a man, to launch a unilateral nuclear strike?

Whatever the case, a similar incident happened at Malmstrom Air Force Base in August. What was the nature of the missile launch crews' "failure" at Malmstron AFB? It´s not clear from the media reports, but is it possible that the Global Strike Command gave them a strike order, and they refused to launch the strike?

Is it possible that the orders to launch nuclear war were given and the missile launch crews questioned and refused those orders?

One can always hope.

Judging from the sketchy information that makes it into the mainstream news cycle, there are very serious irregularities in the U.S. military's nuclear weapons programs. I doubt we are being told the complete truth about any of these events. I truly hope that the nuclear false flag attacks I was warned about do not happen. They don't have to occur. We do not have to have nuclear warfare. We can avoid that hell by choosing a different probability field. The future still has a plastic character. We can shape a different, better, humane future if we want to, and I hope and pray that we do.


To donate for my mounting legal and medical treatment fees, related to my assault and subsequent, lengthy hospitalization and ongoing recuperation, as well as my present petition for political refuge in Ecuador, please contact me at or Skype me at richard.sauder333

Of course, you can purchase my last book about secret underground and underwater bases here.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Are You Ready For The Fast Approaching "Apocollapse" ??

You know, in spite of the visit from The Bone Lady when I was just three years old, and all the grim foreshadowing that she downloaded to me via direct intuition, I always held out hope that humanity could or would somehow turn things around on this planet, and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

As long as there is breath there is always hope, that was my thinking for a long time, but I am no longer so sanguine.

As one of my friends recently remarked to me, there is, indeed, real evil abroad in this world. I don't know how else to explain the wickedness of what is happening at Fukushima, in Japan, where the situation with the exploded and/or melted down nuclear reactors just goes from frightfully dire to unimaginably worse.

I frequently check the developments there at and the latest news is very disturbing. I said from the outset, in the spring of 2011, that Tokyo would be evacuated. I still believe that to be inevitable. It is possible that much of Japan will be evacuated to elsewhere. The apocalyptic dimensions of the crisis are being covered up by TEPCO, the Japanese government, General Electric, and the USSA government. The reality is that there was at least one, and maybe more, really dirty nuclear blasts there in March of 2011, that wrecked the reactors and created a radioactive hell that no one knows how to remedy or bring under control. At the least we are probably looking at the failure and collapse of Japanese society with likely evacuation of tens of millions of people or more, and the fairly rapid death of vast portions of the Pacific Ocean, as deadly radioactive waste water continues to flow into the sea by the hundreds of tons, every day.

And when the cooling pool at reactor four collapses, the many tons of highly radioactive, spent, fuel rods that it contains will overheat and burn and or catastrophically fission, i.e., cause a runaway, nuclear reaction, or, in lay man's terms, there will be another atomic explosion, along with a mushroom cloud, and tons of highly poisonous nuclear isotopes will be spread aloft into the atmosphere and/or will drain or be blown into the sea, to poison the Pacific Ocean even further.

This is worse than bad news. This is planetary chaos news. This is civilization ending news. This is species extinction level news, as in extinction of the human species on this planet. If you do not think so, all I can say is: wait. It won't be long. Probably not ten years, not five, maybe even by Christmas this year, and you will begin to see what I mean, if you haven't already.

And even if the cooling pool at reactor four doesn't fail or collapse of its own accord in the near future, though that is very highly probable, TEPCO's plan to manually remove the many tons of bent, mangled, fused, welded together, very highly radioactive fuel rods that remain in the pool, beginning in November of this year, is so fraught with peril that it is likely to spectacularly fail, with unimaginably negative consequences. Any slight mistake, miscue or dropped fuel rod could result in a fission criticality, a runaway nuclear chain reaction, to wit, an atomic explosion that will shower the northern hemisphere and the Pacific Basin with a fatal radioactive sleet that will persist for hundreds of thousands of years.

As I said, the situation is somewhere far south of dire, with a headlong, hellward trajectory.

The Nuclear Chain Reaction

Because what is inevitable, the longer the situation at Fukushima festers, is that the whole site will have to be abandoned. Due to the high radiation levels, no one will be able to work there without dying. So the workers will pull back, and the cooling pools and storage pools that contain thousands of tons of extremely radioactive, spent fuel rods will fail or collapse and there will be more explosions and radioactive fires. As the radioactively contaminated NO GO ZONE expands, as the population flees, the day will come when nuclear reactors at other, nearby power generating plants will also fail, melt down and/or explode, because the nuclear engineers and maintenance workers no longer come to work and operate them -- BECAUSE THEY ARE DEAD.

And then there will be three or four more, and the radioactive No Go Zone will expand, widen, grow. And other nuclear power plants will then fail, melt down and/or explode, because their operators are also DEAD, and so do not come to work, do not maintain them.

There are over 50 nuclear power reactors in Japan, and they all have their spent fuel rod cooling pools. It doesn't matter if the reactors themselves are shut down, because there are thousands and thousands of tons of highly radioactive, spent, nuclear fuel rods stored in the cooling pools all over Japan. So, given time, the crisis will continue to fester and worsen, and then it will begin to cascade, like a row of toppling dominoes, only it will be a series of failing nuclear power reactors, one after the other, heralding the end of the nuclear age, and quite possibly the end of humanity.

It's just that serious.

All of that will send a killing wave of radioactivity across the Pacific to North America. So what happens when the population on the west coast of the USSA flees in panic from the approaching killer wave of radioactivity? Well, there will be no one left to operate the nuclear power reactors in California, for example. or at Palo Verde, the massive nuclear power plant just to the west of Phoenix. So when those nuclear reactors and their spent fuel cooling pools fail, melt down, and/or blow up, the civilization-ending, planet-killing, Fukushima Syndrome will come home to America with a wicked vengeance.

All courtesy of General Electric. General Electric designed five out of the six reactors at Fukushima and built three of them, so what we see here is genocidal, planet-killing failure of American (alleged) "high technology" on a spectacular scale.

General Electric -- busy exterminating a planet near you of its resident, biological life forms.

At the end of the day, all the differential calculus, the nuclear physics, the nuclear chemistry, the nuclear engineering, the corporate profits, the Madison Avenue advertising slogans, the multinational wheeling and dealing, all has conspired to assassinate the planet on which we, and they, all live. Make no mistake, the planet is now dying. The global poisoning process is so very far advanced that it probably cannot be stopped. Certainly, there is not now any serious, international effort to do so, not anything remotely commensurate with the level of danger that we are facing.

No doubt we are dealing with profound iniquity, a betrayal so complete of all that is human that no words exist to describe its foul dimension. The ones who have done this thing walk among us, though for how long? - understanding that they, too, will certainly drop dead along with countless millions of others, as a direct result of their abjectly arrogant ignorance.

Arrogant Ignorance

All of their super-computers, the advanced mathematics, their (so-called) "hi-tech" industrial base, all of their billions of dollars of (so-called) "high finance" -- and they kill the planet? And themselves and their posterity in the process? That's the best they can do? They get a PhD in nuclear chemistry and use their (so-called) "knowledge" and (so-called) technical "expertise" to kill the planet? The planet that they also live on?

Geniuses. All of them.

Central Banking Middle East Madness

Then there is the very real prospect of a shooting, nuclear war, beginning in the Middle East. The USSA has a powerful fleet in the region. So do the Russians, as a counterpoint. Sadly for all humanity, the Washington, DC -- City of London -- Lower Manhattan -- Tel Aviv -- NATO cabal seems hell bent on war, and so we are on the slippery slope to war. Unfortunately, this psychopathic cabal is very heavily nuclear armed.

I saw all of this coming from waaaaaaay back, from way back in my infancy, since the age of three years, when The Bone Lady visited me and clued me in to realities that I still don't want to think about, given their ghastly, hideous savagery. But I'll tell you what, it's enough to give a man insomnia, it's enough to drive him out onto the nuclear missile silos, again and again, in a personal effort to inject a note of sanity and warning into a positively insane political and military climate, in an attempt to wake up anyone who may be susceptible to awakening.


My latest sally was 15 April 2010 in North Dakota, USA. I went over the security fence onto the H-8 Minuteman III nuclear missile silo in the Minot Air Force Base nuclear missile field, near Parshall, North Dakota, at the intersection of 33rd Street and 76th Avenue. I conducted a nonviolent, peace demonstration on the silo and was arrested by the USSA military and imprisoned for 100 days, almost all of the time served in the Heart of America Correctional and Treatment Center in Rugby, North Dakota.

My Minot Manifesto explains my motivations, reasons and spiritual and political philosophy. It is one of the most important documents I have written in my entire life.

A Serious Message From The Heart of America was my personal statement that I mailed to the news media from jail in Rugby, North Dakota, on 14 July 2010, prior to being criminally tried and convicted in USSA federal court in Minot, North Dakota.

I explain the symbolism in my dress and accoutrements in the photo below, in the text of my lengthy Minot Manifesto. It's thirteen pages, but worth the time and effort to read. It is a major life statement on my part, that reflects literal decades of deep thought, a very large quantum of concentrated life energy and hours, weeks, months and years of preparation, a statement that distills an important fraction of my life essence into human language. I invite you to partake of my gift by taking the time to read and reflect on what I have written, and then to take meaningful, principled, creative, nonviolent action yourself.

I don't quite know what more to say, what more to do. In fact, were I to do more than I already have, and I have been out on the nuclear missile silos three times (and been jailed for my trouble all three times, in Arkansas, Missouri and North Dakota), I would run the very real risk of infringing on your right and your very real, personal RESPONSIBILITY to also courageously act. So what are you waiting for? Why are you here on this planet, at this time, reading this blog post, and articles like it?

Because make no mistake about it, the time to act, if you are going to act, is here. The time has arrived. The planet is on the brink. We face the very real prospect of a shooting nuclear war. Additionally, the Fukushima crisis, and the threat from nuclear power plants in general, ALL OF THEM, could not be more serious.

In recent days, I find myself musing about the closing scene from "Dr. Strangelove," with the haunting song by Vera Lynn, "We'll Meet Again, Don't Know Where, Don't Know When," that was such a huge hit in World War II, for obvious reasons.

And it fills me with such melancholy and sorrow. Because if it starts, this ugly thing called nuclear war, and we are headed that way, can all unravel very rapidly. The machines will take over, and automated, pre-programmed orders of battle will be carried out, without human control, as machines battle machines with nuclear fire. Waves of missiles will come in, again and again, to batter the underground bases. I have read the declassified documents. Warhead after warhead will come in at 10 minute intervals. You cannot imagine the depths of the hell that is already programmed and waiting to be unleashed.

Back in the 1960s, the USSA military was counting on 140 million casualties in the mainland USSA alone. I know this because I have read the documents. I have done the research. The USSA population is much larger now, and much more urban, so the casualty rate would be even higher. Maybe 200 million? 250 million casualties in the USSA alone?

Do you think you will just watch that on CNN?

Refuge in the Southern Hemisphere

If you have read my previous writings you will know that I have said that IF humanity has a future, it is likely to be in the southern hemisphere, if only because the lion's share of the nuclear weapons and nuclear power reactors are in the northern hemisphere. As the nuclear power plants fail, melt down, and/or explode most of them will be in the northern hemisphere. This is not an intellectual exercise -- already we have had catastrophic failure of nuclear power plants at Chernobyl, Ukraine and Fukushima, Japan. They are just the first. There will be more.

Likewise, any shooting nuclear war is logically likely to be concentrated in the northern hemisphere, since all of the known, nuclear armed, military powers are in the northern hemisphere

But even then, there are enormous problems in the southern hemisphere. The vegetation in the Amazon region of South America produces something like 20 to 30% of the oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere. As the Amazon dies, and it is being destroyed right now, so too, is the Earth's breathable oxygen supply being destroyed. I don't know about you, but I breathe oxygen all day and all night, every day and every night of my life.

So even if we resolve the nuclear issue, and there is ZERO progress on that front right now, only to lose the Amazon, we all will still die, because none of us can survive with 20 to 30% less oxygen. Just cannot.

Right now, we, humanity, every last one of us, are in a life and death struggle for the life of our species, and the life of our planet.

If we win, we live. If we lose, we die. ALL OF US.

End of the story. End of our species' genetic line. For ever and ever.

Done. Finished.

So maybe moving to Bolivia or Uruguay or Namibia or Madagascar or New Zealand will buy you a little time, a year or ten. However, if we fail to rein in and ABOLISH nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons, if we fail to reforest the Earth and cleanse it of radioactive contamination, then we are through. It's the end for us.

This is our group decision. Right now we are on a self-destructive path to global extinction.

So Here Is My View

If you will act decisively, now is the time. Pick your issue and your spot and act creatively, courageously and nonviolently.

It's your world and your life. Act like they both count for something.

And here's the other thing. If you cannot, or will not act, then how about supporting those of us who have acted, and who continue to act?

In my case, I have paid a very heavy price, in earnings forever foregone, by putting my life on the line, repeatedly, for you, whom I do not even know. But because you are my human kin, I went out on the missile silos, again and again, and I went to jail. I lost more than a year and a half of productive labor. I lost, as well, the opportunity to have a whole wide range of well paying jobs, due to my arrest and prison record, even though I have multiple advanced university degrees, up to the doctorate level.

Subsequent to my arrival in South America, I immersed myself in Amazonian shamanic culture, the better to understand the Amazonian region, the jungle itself, and the shamanic human ecology of the region that interfaces with the hyper-conscious plants in the jungle, only to be very gravely assaulted by one of the said Amazonian shamans and hospitalized for more than four months with massive trauma to both my body and emotions. I am now pursing a criminal case against the shaman and that also costs heavily, several thousands of dollars in attorneys' fees, at the very time when so much of my time and energy is taken up with therapy and the sheer physical effort of getting around with impaired mobility. Nine months after the assault I still have physical nerve trauma in my lower extremities, a good deal of numbness and what is called drop foot. I walk with crutches. My electro-therapy also costs. At the moment I cannot go to electro-therapy, although I badly need it, because I only have $35 to my name.

I have run completely through my meager life savings and there is no more.

Additionally, I have this week begun the formal petition process to the government of Ecuador to request political asylum. My years-long record of anti-nuclear activism and repeated jailing by the USSA government is one factor in my decision, coupled with other factors such as recent revelations of universal NSA surveillance and espionage, the secret arrest and indefinite military detention provisions of the NDAA of 2012 and 2013, the recently revealed, previously secret 2011 FBI documents that blatantly discuss plans to murder Occupy Movement activists by sniper fire, including in San Antonio, Texas, where I lived and worked as a window washer from 2000 to 2009, and all of this in the context of an all encompassing pattern of unbridled lawlessness and pervasive lying with regard to EVERYTHING by the American government. All of this and more, has brought home to me the seriousness of this moment that we are living now.

I have the obligation to safeguard my own liberty and safety. It is clear to me that politically I am freer and safer in Ecuador than in the USSA. The American government has taken a hard, dictatorial turn towards neo-fascism. That is the plain truth. The harsh, repressive treatment of Edward Snowden and Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning makes that clear enough. We are in altogether different territory now. And so I have petitioned for political refuge in Ecuador.

This also entails paying an attorney, to assist me in my interactions with the administrative, legal and political system in Ecuador. It is my life on the line and I am proceeding very carefully, every step of the way.

But it is also your life on the line, in that my anti-nuclear activism, my immersion in the Amazonian culture, and my pursuit of political refuge in Ecuador all have profound implications far beyond just me. What happens to me also has broad implications for you. The consequences of nuclear war are too horrific to contemplate, and if it is to be avoided, it is because of actions such as mine. Similarly, we simply cannot afford to lose the Amazon, and yet we are losing it right now. If we are to save it, a big part of that will be due to the personal efforts of those who come to the region and get personally involved in the nitty-gritty, even life-threatening struggle for the soul of the Amazon, because more than anything, we are involved in a pitched battle for the very spirit and soul of the Amazon and of the rest of this planet.

Similarly, if I, with my history of activism, book writing, researching, blogging, public speaking, interviews, and repeated nonviolent civil disobedience and consequent jail record, cannot obtain political refuge abroad, then what hope do you have? You're boxed in, that's what. You're in a cage with no exit.

And so, if you cannot or have not done the things that I and others like myself have done and are doing, then can you please, will you at least please support us?

I desperately need your support now. My legal fees run to thousands of dollars, and my therapy is ongoing. I appreciate and really need your generosity. Please communicate with me at: or via Skype at richard.sauder333 as to how to donate.

Come Ye That Love The Lord

I am a native Virginian, and have lived, worked, traveled, studied and gone to jail all over the American South, from the Virginias and Maryland, all the way across to South Texas, and numerous points in between. A very large block of my life has been spent down South. Although I am not now a church attending man, I have in the past been in all kinds of Christian churches, both Black and White, in big cities and small country towns.

Some of the most memorable sermons I have ever heard have been by Black pastors in rural areas of the deep South. One of the things I like about the traditional Black style of hymn singing down South is the way that the head deacon or pastor will frequently line out a hymn, especially the first line or two of a verse, and then the other deacons or members of the choir will join in, accompanied by riffs on the organ, if there is an organist, and there are some really gifted organists playing in southern Black churches.

I well remember a sermon that I once chanced to hear, decades ago, by a Black lay preacher, one sultry, Sunday night, in a tiny little town way down South, about as far south as you can go, and still be in the South and not somewhere else. The ceiling fans lazily stirred the muggy summer air, as the moths flitted vainly around the naked incandescent light bulbs hanging from the ceiling overhead. The windows were flung wide open and the pale light from the sanctuary washed feebly out through the rusted screens and flooded onto the close cropped lawn that surrounded the church. It was one of the most extraordinary public speaking performances I ever witnessed. The preacher used as his text Ezekiel 37, the theme being dry bones and systematically connecting them one to the other, the purpose being to reassemble and restore "them dry bones" to life. As he spoke, I saw that he fell into a trance, that he entered another state of consciousness, that he was self-hypnotized and that the sermon itself had a sort of existence independent of him, that the message took on a life of its own and was using his mind, his mouth, his body, to project itself into the ears, hearts and minds of the sparse assemblage present that evening. As he finished, he collapsed exhausted backwards into his armchair and lined out the first words of the hymn that he wanted the choir to sing. I don't anymore remember exactly what song he called for, but it could well have been this:

Come Ye That Love The Lord

If there is to truly be a new world order, as distinct from the obscene power that currently holds sway on this planet today, then we will need to see a completely new order of human being on this world, a species of human being motivated by love for the Creator and by devotion to inward and outward service to the sacred life impulse. We don't see that now, and the human species may go extinct on this planet for its want.

I do believe in God and have been profoundly privileged to see some of His servants face to face. I find their company congenial.

Come, ye that love the Lord,
And let your joys be known;
Join in a song with sweet accord,
And thus surround the throne.

Let those refuse to sing
That never knew our God,
But children of the heavenly King
May speak their joys abroad.

The God of heaven is ours,
Our Father and our love ;
His care shall guard life's fleeting hours,
Then waft our souls above.

There shall we see his face,
And never, never sin;
There, from the rivers of his grace,
Drink endless pleasures in.

Yes, and before we rise
To that immortal state.
The thoughts of such amazing bliss
Should constant joys create.

Children of grace have found
Glory begun below:
Celestial fruits on earthly ground,
From faith and hope may grow.

The hill of Sion yields
A thousand sacred sweets,
Before we reach the heavenly fields,
Or walk the golden streets.

Then let our songs abound,
And ev'ry tear be dry;
We're trav'lling through Immanuel's ground,
To fairer worlds on high.

(John Wesley, ca. 1703- 1791)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A USSA Government Repugnant To Its Own Constitution Is Void

When I was younger, and cast my inner vision forward through the years, I have to admit that I never quite anticipated the precise set of circumstances that now beset the Earth, humanity and me, on a personal level.

Oh, I knew from the age of three years that dire times were on their way. In 1958 The Bone Lady appeared to me, and ever since that spring day in the Virginia Tidewater I have known that great darkness lay ahead. Now we are living that dark time, and we are steadily traveling deeper into the darkness. Can humanity muster the courage and presence of mind, as a species, to turn around the violent, negative, self-destructive trajectory that it is currently following?

I hope so, but the nuclear crisis at Fukushima, Japan steadily worsens from merely frightful to apocalyptic in scope. That one event alone, if left unchecked, may spell humanity's doom, and may also destroy a very large portion of the rest of the biosphere on this planet. It is just that bad.

And then there is the looming threat of global warfare, should the USSA go ahead and militarily strike or invade Syria, as USSA president, barack obama, has threatened to do. Given the enormous geopolitical stakes at play, such a bone headed decision could possibly lead to a shooting nuclear war. Indeed, the shamanic plants here in South America have inwardly alerted me last year to the danger of a series of false flag nuclear attacks against USA cities, with the intent of initiating what the plants referred to as totalitarian nuclear warfare. These attacks do not have to happen, and I pray they do not, but it appears that a very violent, shadowy, political faction does have this sort of contingency plan. The unfortunate fact is that there are certain psychopathic elements on this world who desperately want war, the more and the bigger the better from their point of view, the better to engage in war profiteering and also in solidifying their position of control over the human race and the planet. That's the grim reality.

As if all that were not bad enough, in recent months the scale of the USSA government's privacy destroying, civil-liberties-violating, surveillance war against the American people, and much of the rest of the world, has come to light. Not only is the USSA government in violation of its own constitution, which is another way of saying that the USSA government now lacks constitutional legitimacy, that it is an illegitimate government; but it is in violation of well established international law, as well.

According to Article 12 of the 1948 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence. .... Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference ....

Article 19 says, Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

I want to also cite Article 20, which states: Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.

Not only the comprehensive NSA spying, but also the violent, national crack down against the Occupy Movement in 2011 by the many police agencies of the USSA, are in flagrant violation of both the American constitution and of international law, as codified in the 1948 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

For these reasons and more, I was recently motivated to write a letter to Dr. Francis Boyle, professor of international law at the University of Illinois. Dr. Boyle and I have had occasional contact with one another over a period of many years, beginning in about 1981, when he testified in federal court in Kansas City, Missouri as an expert witness as to the illegality of preparation for nuclear warfare, according to the spirit and the letter of long established international law. The occasion was a federal trial in which I was being criminally prosecuted for the alleged offense of trespassing on the launch lid of a nuclear missile silo at Whiteman Air Force Base, in the state of Missouri. I had staged a nonviolent, peace demonstration against nuclear war on the missile silo, and for that I was arrested, jailed, criminally tried, and ultimately sentenced to half a year of imprisonment in the Buchanan County jail in St. Joseph, Missouri. And that was where Dr. Boyle and I happened to first cross paths.

In any event, Dr. Boyle is a bona fide expert in international law. Here's his curriculum vitae, and here is a list of his numerous professional accomplishments. The letter I wrote to him, and cc'ed to my attorney here in Quito, Ecuador and to Gary Davis of the World Service Authority, follows. My further comments can be found below, after the letter.

Dr. Francis Boyle, PhD
Professor of International Law
University of Illinois
College of Law

Hello Dr. Boyle,

I trust you are well. I was just now looking again at your extensive, international law credentials.

As I explain below, I intend to remain in South America, most likely in Ecuador, where I have lived the past three years. You may be sure that I have followed recent political and diplomatic developments with great interest.

The more so as I am a publicly known, anti-nuclear activist with a years-long history of outspoken opposition to a variety of USA government polices. As you know, I have been jailed and imprisoned multiple times by the USA government, including in the 1980s and again in 2010, always for peaceful, nonviolent, anti-nuclear activism.

My Minot Manifesto, issued to the news media on 15 April 2010, and archived on my blog, clearly explains my actions, my philosophy and my political motivations in peacefully demonstrating against preparations for nuclear warfare, on a USA Air Force Minuteman-III nuclear missile silo in North Dakota, USA. Many thousands of people have read my Minot Manifesto, either in whole or in part. It has circulated widely internationally. I served 100 days in jail in North Dakota in 2010 as a direct consequence of being arrested by the USA Air Force for that nonviolent anti-nuclear demonstration. Please see my Minot Manifesto here and archive it for future reference, in the event that the web host removes it.

I note that Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Treasury Secretary under President Reagan, has said earlier this month that the USA has suffered a coup d`├ętat, and is no longer under constitutional government, and that the regime that currently holds power in Washington, DC lacks legitimacy.

Former USA President Jimmy Carter has also said this month that the USA no longer has a democratic government, that the government is no longer a democracy.

"America has no functioning democracy at this moment,"
Carter said, according to Der Spiegel, the German news organization.

As you know, under the NDAA of 2012, enacted into so-called "law" by the government in Washington, DC -- anyone at all, anywhere in the world, is subject to secret arrest and indefinite, secret detention and even summary execution, without regard to fundamental due process of law, such as habeas corpus, and a free and open trial. All of this can be done at the secret whim of the Executive with no appeal or oversight whatsoever, least of all by those who are victimized by this dictatorial, totalitarian policy.

You undoubtedly are also aware of recently discovered evidence that the FBI knew of a plot to assassinate Occupy Movement activists by sniper fire in 2011, including in San Antonio, Texas, where I lived for ten years, from 2000 to 2009. This information was withheld from the public by the FBI. The identity of the group who planned to assassinate the activists remains concealed by the FBI, which raises questions about the FBI´s role and knowledge in this affair. It is certainly chilling to me, as I have a personal history of public, political activism and the plot included plans to kill activists in the city where I recently resided in the USA.

This information about the assassination plot against American political activists, the recent enactment of the NDAA 2012 which authorizes the indefinite military detention of USA citizens anywhere in the world, including summary execution without trial or criminal charge, coupled with the statements of former USA Treasury Assistant Secretary Roberts and Former USA President Carter, have driven home the reality of the ugly, anti-freedom, anti-liberty direction that the government of the USA has taken.

What to speak of the recent act of international piracy against the official airplane and person of Evo Morales, the President of Bolivia, who was recently forcibly detained in Austria, under orders of agents of the American government. The detention of President Morales was a clear violation of well established international law and diplomatic protocol. The legal and diplomatic violation of the official airplane and person of the Bolivian President was carried out under the pretext of searching for Edward Snowden, the internationally known American, ex-NSA contractor, who has fled from the USA into political exile, and who currently resides in the international airport in Moscow, Russia.

If the USA government is prepared to so flagrantly flout well-established, international norms of legal procedure and diplomatic protocol against even a sovereign head of state -- based on patently false information -- and to initiate an international manhunt against a man, Edward Snowden, who has committed no violence, whose alleged offense is that he has revealed to all humanity the manifold crimes of the rogue, dictatorial regime that is currently in power in Washington, DC, then what does that mean for other Americans such as me, who have also openly opposed the policies of the American government?

The more so as I am also an internationally known writer and researcher who has written and spoken extensively on radio, TV and the Internet on the topic of the secret underground bases of the USA military-industrial-espionage complex, the world of so-called Black Operations. My books include:

Hidden in Plain Sight: Beyond the X-Files

Underground Bases & Tunnels: What Is the Government Trying to Hide?

Underwater and Underground Bases

In my writings, I mention numerous USA government underground bases, including some of the NSA`s enormous, deeply buried, secret underground bases, including at Ft. Meade in Laurel, Maryland and Sugar Grove, West Virginia, USA, as well as at Pine Gap, Australia.

A coup d`├ętat truly has occurred in the USA, the country is no longer governed by a democracy, and the lives of political activists and others are clearly in jeopardy, including activists and writers such as myself, as revealed by the recently publicized, hitherto secret, internal FBI documents mentioned above.

So I am sure that you can fully appreciate the level of my concern and my decision to remain in Ecuador, a country with a growing international reputation as a champion of fundamental human rights, and a refuge for those who have a legitimate fear of possible imprisonment, reprisal or death at the hands of rogue political or military agents.

Sr. Fulano de Tal, with a well-known law firm here in Quito, is currently representing me.

I am currently applying for the World Service Authority passport and World Citizen identity card, issued by the World Service Authority, which is headquartered in Washington, DC, but which is wholly separate and distinct from the USA government.

I reserve the right under universally recognized principles of law to take further peaceful actions as may be necessary to safeguard my liberty and well being.

Respectfully yours,

Richard Sauder, PhD
Quito, Ecuador



My attorneys in Quito, Ecaudor


Mr. Gary Davis, President
World Service Authority
World Office
5 Thomas Circle, NW
Washington, D.C. 20005
Tel: (1) 202- 638-2662
Fax: (1) 202- 638-0638

The Subsequent Course of Events

Suffice it to say that I did obtain the World Service Authority passport, as well as world citizen registration and identity cards. So I now have another set of identity documents. I think it is prudent for ANYONE in these uncertain times, who is concerned about issues of personal liberty, to take a similar step, especially (but not only) for people in the European Union and the USSA, since they are losing their freedoms so rapidly, and may want to relocate elsewhere in the world, if possible.

It is clear that a free and open, representative republic is over in the USSA. A fundamental presumption of civic life in a republic is that there is a type of social and legal contract between the governed and the government that represents them (in theory), as exemplified by the legal principles that are laid out in the national constitution.

But the NSA spying outrage alone puts paid to that notion. The social and legal contract between the governed and the government is irrevocably broken.

Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. 137 (1803)
, one of the bedrock Supreme Court decisions in the early years of the American republic, flatly ruled that: "...a law repugnant to the Constitution is void." It is abundantly clear that vast swaths of present day USSA government policy, laws, rules and regulations flagrantly flout numerous articles and clauses of the American constitution, and for that reason are void.

If the Supreme Court cannot bring itself to say this, or rule accordingly, then it too logically stands in violation of the very constitution that it theoretically is sworn to uphold.

This is another way of saying that the USSA government has effectively "voided" itself, by dint of its recourse to a large body of law, rules, regulations and policies that conflict with, violate, contradict and flout the American constitution.

To state it succinctly, and in the spirit of Marbury v. Madisoon, 5 U.S. 137 (1803), " ... a USSA government repugnant to its own constitution is void."

The USSA government has turned against its own people, thereby abrogating the implicit and explicit social and legal contract between people and government, as enshrined in the American constitution.

It's a dictatorship now.

My Struggle Continues

Thankfully, some of my readers have been generously supportive in my present, difficult circumstances and I am very grateful to them. I don't know what I would have done without their assistance.

Alas, every time my attorneys do something I have to pay them. They don't work for free, not even in Ecuador and I have retained one of the better known law firms in Quito. Of course, my attorneys are in Quito, because I was hospitalized and bed ridden for more than three months in Quito. I was physically unable to leave the hospital and walk around town to interview attorneys, though I wanted to and needed to, and was fervently wishing that I could, all the while inwardly bemoaning the fact that I could not. But none of that mattered; they came to my ward unannounced one day to represent another patient directly across the corridor from my room, and so I retained them then, seeing as they were the only legal counsel in Quito that the Universe sent my way, literally to my door, as improbable and completely unexpected as their appearance was.

To successfully prosecute the case all the way up until incarceration of my assailant will cost several thousand dollars more in fixed fees, as well as my attorneys' incidental fees along the way -- per diem, travel, food, lodging, investigative expenses, taxis, copies, phone calls, etc. & etc. Every time we have to travel from Quito over to the Amazon it costs. It is an unusual case, even a bit complex, but it is moving forward, probably to trial before Christmas.

Many people want more detail on the case and I cannot provide that, on the advice of my attorneys who do not want to unduly prejudice the proceedings. But it does appear that in the coming months I will speak and write much more openly on the matter, assuming that we are not all in a mad scramble to preserve life and limb, in the event that Fukushima blows sky high, and throws the whole planet into a frenzied, radioactive tizzy. The long and the short of it is that the venerable, ancient tradition of shamanism unfortunately has a dark side to it, and sad to say there are real brujos, or shamans who misrepresent themselves and degrade the shamanic path, to the extent of abusing people who come to them in search of more awareness or spiritual communication with the natural world. This was not the plan I had for my life in 2013, but it is what it is. Perhaps Pachamama has some work for me to do in South America. It appears that very few people are willing to do Her hard and dirty work, and so I am entertaining the possibility that she has personally tasked me with certain distasteful duties by default. Not because I am better than others, or more able, but simply because I came into her realm and did not refuse the work. Many thousands come to South America to drink a little ayahuasca, or maybe even malicagua, or to smoke a little San Pedro cactus, and then they jet back to Soho, or Berkeley, or Berlin or Paris or Des Moines, or… well, you get the idea. They come to see inward sparkles, ride a river raft, photograph Machu Picchu, and that's it. For many of them South America is like an exotic carnival ride. Not to say that that is inherently bad or wrong, but it doesn't necessarily address other issues that are confronting us all, inwardly and outwardly, me no less than you or anyone else.

Amazonian ecology is vital, deeply crucial to this planet, and that includes the human ecological component, as well. Ideally, a deeply spiritual shamanism that works in harmony with humankind and Nature, and fosters profound mental, physical, emotional and spiritual integration can heal not only the ills of the Amazon region, but of humanity and the Earth, as a whole. Sadly that isn't happening, it just isn't. Instead there are a lot of charlatans, and I mean a lot more than just one or two, who are not interested in pursuing the common good, or the good of the Earth. That is not even on their mental horizon. What an awful lot of them are seeking is petty, self-serving, personal power over others, or money, or ignorant exploitation of those who come to them.

My current living arrangement is a small, spartan, hostel room that costs me about $8 per night. There are places that cost less, but you wouldn't want to live there and neither do I. I take my meals in the local restaurants that usually cost $1.75 for a simple breakfast and $2 for lunch. I shop in the local markets for things like roasted peanuts, almonds, prunes, oat meal, heads of broccoli (which I eat raw, because I have no kitchen), tangerines, aloe vera leaves, the pulp of which I also eat raw, raw alfalfa juice, coconut juice, fresh carrot juice, etc. I still walk with crutches and continue to receive therapy. That is my life. Pretty stripped down and basic.

I appreciate your generosity in aiding my ongoing struggle for justice in the Amazon. Donations are not tax deductible or refundable. They go for my legal expenses in Ecuador, to bring my assailants to justice at the earliest possible time, and also to assist with my basic living expenses. Won't you please be generous! Contact me at or Skype me at richard.sauder333 (I am not a Free Mason.)