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Sunday, March 31, 2019

The Venezuelan Crisis in Geo-Political Perspective

Look at the following map.

(source: ... )

This is the planned Technate of North America, which is intended to include all of North America, Central America, the Caribbean, Bermuda, Greenland, the northern tier of South America and the northeastern quadrant of the Pacific Ocean, including Hawaii and other Pacific islands in that sector of the Ocean.

This represents a huge chunk of the Earth's surface, population and natural resources. The plan has been in motion for at least two centuries and maybe much more, and has morphed, and changed its geopolitical warp and woof over the years, even as it moves relentlessly forward to full implementation. If you look at events over the last 200 years or so, and especially the last 120 years, you can see that important elements of the plan have already been put into place, and that other elements of it continue to move forward. 

Political movements come and go, presidents and prime ministers come and go, centuries come and go, and yet the plan inexorably advances. The North American continent was fully conquered militarily and politically by the turn of the last century. The Hawaiian Islands and Puerto Rico were added to the territories of the USSA in the late 1800s. Militarily, diplomatically and economically the USSA and Canada have grown ever closer since WW-II. The 1994 NAFTA treaty bound Canada, the USSA and Mexico together in a continent-wide trading bloc. The CIA coup d'état in Guatemala in 1954, the Reagan wars in Central America and invasion of Grenada in the 1980s, the invasion of Panama in late 1989-early 1990, the decades-long, simmering, CIA narco-violence in Colombia and Mexico, the half-century of economic sanctions against Cuba, the 2009 Honduran coup d'état fomented by the Obama administration, the long-time USSA military presence on Greenland and other events can be construed as part of this long-term, ongoing plan. 

The present crisis in Venezuela, due in large part to the stifling, ruinous, economic sanctions that the USSA has imposed on that country, is certainly part of this long-range plan. The available literature from the Technocracy movement makes quite clear that the fundamental plan for the Technate of North America is to operate an energy-based economy, not a money based economy. Accordingly, the petrodollar, introduced by Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger in 1971 to be the replacement for the gold backed dollar could be seen as a partial, or intermediate step from a money based economy to an energy based accounting system.

Seen in this light, the petroleum in Venezuela is the single, largest known pool of petroleum in the world; i.e., a vast energy resource, which is completely consonant with the needs of Technocracy for an energy-based accounting system. 

The Monroe Doctrine was the 19th century template for domination of the region by the military, diplomatic and financial power of the USSA.  But beginning in 1933 the Technocratic template has come more and more to the fore, whether or not it is formally recognized as such by official policy makers. 

Just this past Friday, the Trump administration very publicly warned the Russians against militarily assisting the Venezuelan government. John Bolton, the White House National Security Advisor, said:

"We strongly caution actors external to the Western Hemisphere against deploying military assets to Venezuela, or elsewhere in the Hemisphere, with the intent of establishing or expanding military operations... We will consider such provocative actions as a direct threat to international peace and security in the region."

Of course the Russians cannot ally themselves with Venezuela, because that interferes with the long-hoped-for Technate of North America, in which Venezuela is slated to play a key energy role! So the Russians have been warned off with gruff threats.

To be sure, the many hundreds of military installations that the USSA has all over the world, including in states directly bordering and/or very near to the Russian Federation, have gone completely unmentioned by John Bolton. The hypocrisy and hubris of Washington, DC know no bounds.

If the USSA follows through on its threat to the Russians with military action, especially military actions that directly engage Russian military forces or assets in Venezuela or the neighboring Caribbean region,  the danger of a much wider war involving the regular military forces of the USSA and Russia rises precipitously.

Let me say very clearly that I am opposed to military intervention by the USSA in Venezuela, not least because I reside in South America and do not wish to see major warfare come to this continent. My opinion is that whatever is broken politically and economically in Venezuela is for Venezuelans to address.  

Look at the hell holes that the USSA has created in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, the Ukraine and elsewhere with its savage, diplomatic, military, political and economic meddling. 

Go the f*ck home, Uncle Sam and stay away from Venezuela! No one in their right mind wants to see war, certainly not me. Latin America has enough issues to deal with as it is without imposing the hellish nightmare of yet another USSA war of aggression, this time on the South American mainland. 


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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Surviving The Coming Hard Times

I have recently become aware that some of my readers are struggling with substance abuse and/or emotional issues. Of course, this is inevitable given my thousands of readers, the dreary, sorry state of modern society, and the pervasive, use and abuse of alcohol, pills and other substances. It becomes an ineluctable, statistical certainty that some of those who read my blog will fall prey to alcohol, the pill bottle and depression.

Would that it were otherwise, but it isn't.

The stark reality is that whatever is going on now, things are rapidly going to be more complex as we move deeper into the onrushing Event Horizon that is the theme of this blog, and so we are all going to have to be ready for our "A" game, or be roadkill in the chaotic time that is hard upon us. The ongoing severe flooding in the central region of the mainland USSA is an indicator that the pace of change is starting to accelerate. I'm looking at the same, grim situation there as  everyone else, and it has certainly made an impression on me.

My subconscious brought this harsh reality home to me with a brief vision a couple of mornings ago. 

Just before I awoke I found myself standing with a small group of other men in a deserted, long abandoned, major league baseball park somewhere in the USSA. The stands and dugouts were empty. There was no one there but us. The sky was grey and overcast. We were gathered at home plate, looking out over the field. The main thing that caught my attention was that the pitcher's mound was overgrown with knee-high grass and weeds. On top of the mound, right where the pitcher would stand, was a dead tree about 20 ft high. It had no leaves. Its limbs were bare; the bark was visibly sloughing off the trunk. I thought to myself: "It's going to be impossible to play ball under these conditions."

The purport of the vision is obvious: it's game over. The Great American Pastime (= past time) is dead and gone. It won't be coming back.

Things are going to be changing now. Things are going to be changing a lot. Forget what you used to know or used to believe. That American "dream" you used to reflexively accept as a given is dissipating even as you read these words, and you know that's true.

Lots of people are beginning to grok that, or have already come to that realization. As we move at warp speed into the future we will all need to be flexible, alert, ready to adapt to the changes charging our way, sober and in good mental and physical condition.

Drunk, intoxicated, depressed, weak, poorly nourished, out of shape people will be among the first to succumb to the coming hard times. That is just a fact, and you know it's true.

What am I saying?

Simple: if you are boozing and/or taking pills and/or just sitting around in your pajamas in your easy chair, drinking colas and beer, eating potato chips, popcorn, pie, ice cream, cookies, crackers and pretzels, and channel surfing on TV you had better snap out of it and make a serious lifestyle change, because if you keep doing those things that's a guaranteed recipe for personal disaster and you know it.

Because thousands of people read this blog, it is a 100% certainty that my remarks resemble a certain (hopefully small) percentage of my readers, because that is the way modern society is. And it's a downward spiral -- the pills, the booze, the colas, the salty, sugary, crunchy, creamy, carbohydrate-laden junk food, it all pulls you down. Your health gets worse and worse because you're eating and drinking crap. And you're not exercising. The worse you feel, the less you do, so you reach again and again for the crappy, comfort food, another bag of chips, another tub of ice cream, another bowl of popcorn, another slice of pie, another handful of pretzels or crackers or candy or Cheetos or cookies or fig newtons, another glass of cola, another can or bottle of beer, another little drinky-poo of wine -- and your health gets worse and worse. You feel worse and worse. You do less and less. You get weaker and weaker. You get fatter and fatter.

You drink another beer. Have some more wine. You get depressed. You feel down in the dumps. You don't like the direction in which your life is moving. So you mope. You put things off. You feel things slipping away from you. You have another beer while you think things over. Or maybe a martini, or a shot of whiskey or brandy. Jim Beam. Jack Daniel's. Maybe you take a couple of pills. Zoloft. Xanax. OxyContin. Percocet. Thorazine. You know the pills are not good for you, but you do it anyway. They take the edge off of your pain. or so you tell yourself.

Stop It! Just Stop It!

If this is you, and lamentably for some of my readers it is, you must stop.

You have to cut it out, turn over a new page, strike out in a new direction. Or you're cruising for a very brutal bruising.

Do what you have to do. Gather up all of the beer, port, stout, lager, ale, champagne, wine, sherry, vermouth, whiskey, liquor, brandy, pisco, absinthe, schnapps, rum, vodka, sake, poiré , gin, ouzo, anise and whatever else, take it all to the kitchen sink and pour it down the drain.

If you need to join a 12-step program or AA, then do that. If you don't know a chapter in your county, town or neighborhood, open the telephone book and find one. Alcohol is bad for you, bad for your health, bad for your mind, bad for your career, bad for your personal relationships; it's a causative factor in many highway and workplace accidents, is positively correlated with domestic violence and criminal activity, and more. Get rid of all the alcohol in your house. Don't buy any more. It's expensive. It wastes your money. It's no good. It causes problems.

Likewise, if you're on pills or other substances get off of them if you can. If you need to join a 12-step program or AA to help you do that, then do it without delay. If you need to talk to someone, call your county's mental health unit. There's no shame in that. It's your life and you are entirely justified in saving yourself or in enlisting the aid of others to help you to save yourself. It is your rare privilege and sacred duty to come to your own aid! Never apologize to yourself or anyone else for rescuing yourself -- just do it!

EFT Tapping and Positive Affirmations 

Many people use EFT tapping to resolve personal issues with very good results. You can check it out here and here. The idea is to use a combination of verbal and tactile stimuli to communicate with the subconscious level of your being, neatly sidestepping the conscious mind, which can come up with 100 reasons why you can't possibly change or do anything about your life situation. But, in fact, you can change and daily EFT tapping is one technique that has helped many people to effect positive changes in their life. Try it out. You tap yourself and talk with your subconscious. What do you have to lose?

Many people also find that daily positive affirmations help to reprogram their life. Make no mistake about it: if you're in a negative rut, reprogramming your life is exactly what you need to do. The world is full of all kinds of programming, and all kinds of people trying to push their program on you. But that's bogus. Why should someone else program your life? It's your life, so it ought to be your own, personal programming for a maximally optimal life. Draw up a list of positive affirmations. Use no negative words. Keep the affirmations short, positive, self-referential and active. The subconscious actually wants to have direction! It's waiting for suggestions, commands and directions. It's waiting to hear the master's voice -- you! It's very malleable and obedient. Madison Avenue knows this very well; witness the profusion of advertising in the modern world, all designed to program your subconscious and thereby your thinking and behavior, the better to control you, mind, body and soul.

So why not program your own subconscious, instead of leaving it to the alcohol, cigarette, food, automobile, clothing, music, sports, movie, TV, pharmaceutical and financial industries?

Try these:

I am getting better everyday in every way.
I naturally select the most healthy food choices.
I enjoy exercising for better health.
I attract good luck like a fortunate magnet!
I do what is necessary to strengthen my body, mind and soul.
I prefer to associate with uplifting people.
I like to regularly spend time in Nature.
I use intelligent exercise to maintain my optimal body weight.
I authorize my subconscious to maximize my positive opportunities.
I easily motivate myself to regularly exercise.
I delight in improving my well being.
I always seek the best in every situation.
I know how to help myself and others.
I have a special knack for finding optimal solutions as I go through life. 
I reward my health with a nutritious diet.
I do what is necessary to properly nourish my divine spirit.
I bask in the Creator's universal love and wisdom.
I devote my self to higher pursuits.
I find personal meaning in working with others for the greater good.
I unleash my inner healing power. 

And you can think  of many others. The bottom line is: program your own subconscious, because if you don't, someone else will by default.

Will To Prevail Is Vitally Important

I know what I'm talking about. My regular readers know that I was almost killed in the last days of 2012. I was hurt so badly that I spent over four months in the public hospitals here in Ecuador, and am still recuperating from my near fatal injuries. I spent months in four and six man wards with other gravely ill patients. I watched other men die, and each time I would think: "That's that guy, not me -- I'm not leaving here via the morgue."

I was injured so badly that I lost the ability to stand up, or even take one step. The pain was off the charts, week after week after week.  I was in agony and yet, when the doctors would prick my skin with pins, I felt nothing beneath the knees, albeit that I was in excruciating pain. The neurologists would bang me in the knees with their little rubber hammers and there was no reaction at all from my lower extremities. The nights were the worst. It felt like my feet were hollow and there was a glacial wind blowing in my lower legs and feet. But I was determined to walk again, so I would try to hold onto my bed and stand up by propping myself against the wall. I would try to do it for one second before collapsing onto the bed, then two seconds, then three seconds. I wasn't ready to concede defeat and resign myself to life in a wheelchair. 

In this way, I gradually developed the ability to remain standing for 15 seconds and take one or two steps. I gradually increased the duration until I could remain on my feet for a minute or two at a stretch without falling over, and walk for 50 feet. I was as unsteady as a young baby learning to walk, even more so, because I had greatly reduced feeling and function in my calves, ankles, toes and feet. Thankfully, the swelling and excruciating pain very gradually abated as time went by. 

One day the doctors told me I had to go, that they needed my bed. I hobbled out of the hospital with a walker like little old ladies with blue hair use. I barely made it across the hospital parking lot to hail a taxi. My whole body hurt. I was at the limits of my endurance.

After a while I graduated to crutches. After about a half year I mustered up the strength, coordination and confidence to ditch the crutches and walk without them. I fell a few times and got a couple of bruises and scrapes, but was bound and determined to walk again. 

I have been walking now for 5 years without crutches. I still have numbness and markedly reduced strength, movement and flexibility in my calves, ankles, feet and toes, and some swelling. But I continue to improve. I'm immensely better than I was six years ago. I have a regimen that I have been following for years that has proven far more effective than anything the MDs did for me in the public hospitals. It comprises diet, rest and exercise -- and it's working very well for me.

Let me tell you how I eat and how I exercise.

My Magic Menu

Here's a list of the cheap and nutritious foods that I eat  Things like oatmeal, rice, hard boiled eggs, lentils, etc. I cook on a $12 hot plate in my room. I live very spartanly in a small, rented room with a bare light bulb in the ceiling. I have very little money, and receive very few donations, so I have had to strip my life down to the bare bones. Actually, in light of what is coming, that's not a bad survival strategy. Here's my food selection:

brown rice / white rice
peanut butter
sacha inchi nuts
black beans
maca flour
red cabbage 
hot red peppers
sweet potatoes
zucchini squash
beet greens
turnip greens 
squash seeds
sunflower seeds
dried dates
mandarin oranges
cactus pears
nispero/loquat (if it's in season)

apple cider vinegar
sea salt
black pepper
hot pepper flakes
boldo tree leaves
milk thistle (occasionally) 
sacha inchi oil
hemp seed oil
100% chocolate  (cheap in Ecuador, which produces tons of cacao)

Lugol's iodine
magnesium chloride

the purest drinking water I can get

That's it. That's my food, condiment and nutritional supplement list. It runs me maybe $120 or so per month. It seems to do me good. My health is gradually improving. Notice that there is no alcohol, sugar, fast food or meat on the list.  It's all bad for you.

I haven't eaten meat for most of my life. In the hospital the doctors noticed that I wasn't eating meat and kept urging me to eat meat, so that I would get better.  In exasperation, I finally told them one day: "Look! All the other men here are eating meat and they're all in worse health than I am; some are in danger of death or are even imminently going to die. By contrast, I am not eating meat and I am getting better!"

They said nothing in response. They had no effective rejoinder to the point I raised. They never brought up the issue of eating meat again.

The Mad Max Exercise Routine

As I got better at walking, I started to tackle stair climbing. I had to, because Quito is located high in the Andes mountains and is full of neighborhoods built right up the sides of steep hills and mountains, with long, stone staircases that often run to one hundred or more steps. 

So I inevitably had to incorporate stair climbing into my recuperative regime. There was no way around it. Plus, the building where I live has no elevator. There are 35 steps to climb to reach my room. It was agonizing at first. I would climb the steps to my room -- barely -- and collapse onto my bed for hours. Walking a few blocks was like running a marathon. 

It took a couple of years, but little by little I got better at it. I began to do stair climbing as a sport. I worked up to doing 1,000 steps up and 1,000 steps down, for a total of 2,000 steps in half an hour. Quito is at about 9,300 feet elevation, meaning the air is thin, so doing all of the step climbing also radically improved my cardio-respiratory functioning and endurance.

Then I had the bright idea to begin doing weighted stair climbing. I went to a local market and bought a couple of empty, 20-liter cooking oil jugs, of the sort that restaurants use and then discard. I put a little bit of water in the jugs and started going up and down the stairs with them. As I got stronger, I progressively filled them with more and more water all the way to the very tip-top, making about 100 lbs in total.

I now go up and down hundreds of stairs carrying 100 pounds. It's great exercise. I absolutely lack the money for a gym membership, but for $4 I have a 100 lb weight set that I can lug up and down hundreds of steps. I routinely do hundreds of steps up, and hundreds of steps down, carrying the full water jugs. Of course I stop at intervals to rest and catch my breath. I've gotten a lot stronger and steadier on my feet. My balance has improved. It also helps my digestion and appetite. Last year I did some time trials and built up to the point where I could do 1,000 steps up and 1,000 steps down in about 62 minutes or so. Yesterday I took my sweet time and did 514 steps up and 514 steps down. I got a little pump.

The point is that even when you are in extremis, in agony, in a traumatology ward on an IV drip, cannot stand up, cannot walk, and can barely even roll over in bed to piss in a gallon jug that the nurses have given you to fill up with urine, that you can come back from that.

It may take time. It may take effort. It may be painful at times almost beyond human endurance, but you can come back from that. I have! Even though my lower extremities are still numb and sub-functional. But I get around and I continue to slowly improve. It's just one of those things.

Let me say that if you exercise heavy, if you haul heavy weights up and down many hundreds of stairs, you must take periodic rest days, you must sleep at night and you must have an adequate intake of nutrients -- enough calories, protein, carbohydrates, essential oils, minerals, vitamins, fiber, water. You have to give your body the fuel and nutrients that it needs.

After I work hard, say that I haul my 100 lbs up 1,000 stairs and down 1,000 stairs in an hour, I might eat something like a couple of bananas with big globs of peanut butter, half a dozen hard boiled eggs, a big bowl of rice and lentils with a couple of spoonfuls of maca flour and a dollop of hemp oil mixed in, a handful of walnuts, a few cactus pears, an apple or two and a couple of glasses of water. 

I mentioned this routine to one of my readers and he remarked that I am Superman. In reality, no I am not. I'm just an average 64 year old man, with very limited financial resources, still very slowly recuperating from a near-fatal assault years ago, who has happened upon a weighted, stair-climbing routine that is both therapeutic and restorative. 

Actually, my ambition is to slowly increase the weight to 200 lbs, if possible. 


I know what is coming, and I want to be in the best physical condition that I can.

I recommend that anyone who wants to survive the very challenging times that lie just ahead adopt the same mindset as I have. 

The events that are coming will not be a spectator sport that you will passively watch on TV. Oh, no. They will come right to your house. They will require your direct, personal, physical participation.

Either you prepare yourself or you don't. It's your life and your decision. 


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Friday, March 15, 2019

The Savage New Zealand Alphabet Soup Agency False Flag Attack

Today's savage, murderous, gory, bloody events in New Zealand that are front page headlines all over the world are an obvious, false flag provocation designed to prime the trigger for a major, global war: Europe and Euro-populations against Islamic populations and nations. That would be a big war, now wouldn't it? -- with multi-trillion dollar contacts aplenty for multi-national corporations, Big Banks and their Daddy Warbucks war profiteers, and millions upon millions upon millions of dead and wounded.  

I smell the disgusting stench of the CIA, MI-6, Mossad, etc. in this foul New Zealand attack. Lord knows my dreams and visions, both with ayahuasca and without, have repeatedly warned of coming, major warfare. When and if it occurs it will be awful, dreadful, ghastly. Clearly, nefarious, satanic, insidious, demonic, evil, violent forces want major warfare to happen and are actively trying to spark it off. 

Of course, just because I dream about something, or see something in my visions, doesn't in and of itself mean that what I see or am shown must inevitably happen, and maybe it won't happen after all, but global current events are obviously being aggressively shoved in that direction. Deeper levels of awareness are simply presenting to my conscious mind the probabilities and possibilities that are unfortunately part of the daily news cycle.

I would be inclined to think that my dreams and visions of coming major warfare and massive, natural disasters, and general sense of ominous foreboding, are all just my own, personal, emotional baggage -- except that the Internet is full of thousands of webpages, blogs, YouTube videos, testimonies, reports and comments from other people who are also seeing the same things in their dreams and visions that I have seen in my own dreams and visions.

I am hardly alone, not by a long shot. 

With regard to natural disasters, from what I have seen and been shown inwardly, the coastal South of the mainland USSA will go beneath the waves, essentially everything from the DelMarVa peninsula all the way around to the Texas Gulf Coast. Basically on a line from San Antonio to Shreveport, Louisiana to Meridian, Mississippi to Montgomery, Alabama to Augusta, Georgia to Fayetteville, North Carolina to Richmond, Virginia to Dover, Delaware. The coastal plain will be inundated. The sea will rush in. Florida will be entirely gone. 

If this massive, geo-physical-hydrological event takes place it will be the definitive end of Corpus Christi, Galveston, Houston, Beaumont, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Biloxi, Mobile, Tallahassee, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Savannah, Charleston, Wilmington, Norfolk, Newport News, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Dover and a host of other cities and towns.


SEC and ACC and Conference-USA college football! Marching bands! NBA Basketball! Cheerleaders! Frat parties with kegs of beer! Disney World! Mardi Gras! Greasy, chemical-laden, fast food! NASCAR! Miami Beach! Key West! Cable TV with 843 channels! Cineplexes with 36 movie screens and one gallon tubs of buttered popcorn and cherry Twizzlers! Nachos with melted cheese! F-450 Ford pickup trucks with tandem rear wheels and B20-capable 6.7L Power Stroke Turbo Diesel V8 engines with 935 lb-ft of torque! Twerking! Tats and piercings! Hip-hop! Rap! More! More! More! And all of it with flashing, garish, LED lighting and ear numbing, surround sound!

Gone, vanished beneath the waves.

Oh, well.  I hope people can get themselves out of there in time. Whatever is going to occur may possibly come on very suddenly one day without much prior warning. Maybe the survivors can hold on to empty beer kegs or empty popcorn tubs and float to Atlanta or Talladega or Little Rock for rescue. Or something.

I have additionally seen, and so have others, that there will be tremendous land subsidence in the center of the North American continent and the sea will come in from the Gulf of Mexico all the way up to the northern Midwest, in what are now the Dakotas and Minnesota, making a huge, thousand-mile-long bay or gulf in the center of North America. Such an event would obviously imply the permanent loss of endless miles of prime, productive, agricultural land and the loss of countless millions of lives.

On the West Coast, the sea will also make tremendous inroads and will rush inland for many miles. I doubt that the long-term prospects of San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Long Beach, Orange County, Oakland, Silicon Valley, Seattle, Tacoma, etc., are very good. From what I have seen the loss of real estate, i.e., buildings, land, real property, will be extensive. Presumably there would be very heavy loss of life along with that. 

As to what might occasion this huge invasion by the sea of a very large part of the North American land mass I can only speculate, since I have not been specifically shown the precise, proximate cause(s) of this particular event or series of events: massive earthquakes? asteroid strike(s)? cataclysmic nuclear warfare? pole flip? sudden land surface subsidence due to a full century of mining and petroleum and natural gas extraction? some unknown causative factor(s)?

All of these natural disasters and planned major warfare are quite apart from the great ecological unraveling which is now already well underway, which will run its course. In other words, as the food chain unravels there will be one future week, month or year, sudden, massive problems with the food supply. Sudden, massive food shortages = famine, chaos, panic, starvation, mass death. It's coming. The natural world is dying now, nowhere faster than in North America. The great extinction event has already begun. The bees, frogs and toads, the little tweety birds, etc., are already rapidly disappearing. Humans are at the top of the food chain. As the food chain unravels the day will arrive when humans are left holding the last link of the chain in their hands, which is their own, individual, personal life -- and nothing more.

From here on my honest view is: the USSA and those who live there cannot be feasibly saved, not the great masses of them. Big, bad things are going to happen. Within the next one to fifteen years the USSA is very likely to go bye-bye. Count on it. Your son, your daughter, your neighbors, your friends and co-workers, my extended family and former friends, acquaintances and associates, my many blog readers in the USSA, etc. are exactly where they want to be, doing what they want to do, or else they would make strenuous efforts to be somewhere else. However, the vast majority of them are not making strenuous efforts to be somewhere else, so they'll all take it brutally on the chin, like walking head first into an enormous, madly whirling, saw mill buzz saw. 

There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. There are none so irretrievably lost as those who decline to help themselves.


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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

What Are NASA and the ESA Hiding?

As my long-time readers know, I initially came to South America to pursue a long-desired, shamanic vision quest.

Let me tell you, it has taken more twists and turns than I ever could have anticipated; but you only go 'round once in life, so why not grab for some shamanic insight along the way?

As an integral part of my shamanic vision quest I have ingested a variety of visionary plants, or entheogens, that are used by indigenous shamans. I have had many fascinating experiences, information downloads, telepathic communications and visions, most of which I have not publicly divulged and probably never will.

One of the puzzling things that the visionary plants showed to me more than once had to do with several, large, celestial orbs around the Earth.  I well remember looking up at the night sky and seeing the full Moon overhead, as well as three or four other, planet-sized, illuminated bodies that were just as clear as the Moon and with roughly the same apparent size. It deeply puzzled me at the time and I would reason: "Now there's the Moon right there. But then there are those other, large, illuminated, celestial bodies over there, so if that's the Moon, then what are they? And what are they doing up there so near to the Earth?" At the time I could make neither hide nor tail of what I was being shown and dismissed the visions as a fluke.

Now I'm not so sure that those visions were necessarily a fluke. I'm starting to wonder if what I was being shown is actually real reality, so to speak; real reality as it really is, if we were but able to see what is being deceitfully hidden from us. 

A big part of my ongoing, shamanic vision quest to this point has had to do with my being shown over and over again, and learning to grok and wrap my head around, just how FAKE this seemingly solid "Earth" reality that we are mired in really is. We've been shamelessly lied to about so very many things, all kinds of things, large and small. This is a lesson that the visionary, shamanic plants have been drilling into my head for the past several years. It's not at all what I expected when I set out on my vision quest, but that's what has happened.

I want to present for you the following YouTube video. It has to do with a citizen journalist's diligent, personal, far north sky watching. Amazingly, what she has discovered on the USSA government's own weather camera imagery completely supports what the visionary, shamanic plants in the Ecuadorean Amazon region have shown me in recent years. The presenter has a fundamentalist Christian orientation, and therefore interprets what she has discovered in a fundamentalist Christian context. I don't share her fundamentalist Christian views; however I do believe that she may well have stumbled onto a major cover-up or secret, high-tech, Black Ops project being run in space. Many citizen researchers in recent years have questioned the multi-trillion dollar Black Ops slush fund at the Pentagon, and have asked where the money has gone and what it is being used for. Watch this video and permit yourself to think --- think!! -- and understand how huge the mind f*ck that is being run on humanity may be. It looks like we have visitors, and how! If the narrator's Christian comments offend you, just please mentally block out those short moments and focus on the photographic evidence that she presents; evidence that offers another possible motive for the pervasive chemtrailing that is so common nowadays: to so obscure the skies with pervasive haze that the resident, human population of Earth cannot see what is now up there overhead in the heavens above Earth. You know, out of sight, out of mind. Watch the whole thing, or at least the substantive meat of it, and you'll see what I mean.

I have been watching this lady's videos for some time now.  If she is correct, and there are other, celestial objects or planets in the solar system nearby the Earth, then the solar system is not at all as we have been told.  It would mean that major observatories are lying, NASA is lying, the ESA is lying, the astronomy community is lying  -- but why?

That's the thing with vision quests. They often occasion more questions than answers, or answers that raise more questions than the answers answer.

If you have personal or professional knowledge of this apparent, massive, secret space program that is designed to conceal the truth of the solar system from the great mass of humanity, please contact me with your story or evidence and if it rings true, I'll publish it on this blog.


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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The USSA Openly Turns Satanic

One of my readers in Asia sent me this "Hail Satan" movie preview that's just out from Magnolia Pictures. I suppose it will be hitting the cinemas in the coming weeks. It's quite an eyeful. It's only two minutes, but you'll get the idea.

My opinion of this tinsel-town snippet is that it essentially reflects what the USSA already is, in large measure, and is an accurate, cinematic, social-barometric indicator of the direction the USSA is determinedly headed: nowhere good.

My view is that the USSA is a really, really bad place and has been for a long time. Anyone who cannot or will not see that is either sleepwalking through life or is personally complicit to some degree in the red-white-and-blue organized crime called "America", and looks the other way for reasons of narrow, self-interest or selfish gain. One could argue that from the very beginning, with the inception of the Virginia Company at Jamestown in 1607, that the entire, imperial, "American" project of conquest, genocidal slaughter, subjugation, exploitation, slavery, land and resource theft, and war and war and more and more war is thoroughly satanic

Many so-called "Christians", very large numbers of them in fact, have in all actuality been closet satanists all along, with their devotion to  and glorification of the satanic state and its savage, ruthless wars and policies. Very large numbers of "Christians" do not shrink at all from the imperial slaughter, mayhem, savagery, conquest, theft of land and resources, all under the blood-drenched, stars-and-stripes banner of the regime in Washington, D.C. The savagery of the state is there for all to see, and yet many "Christian" churches place a national flag right down front, just to the side of the altar or pulpit.

What was it Jesus said about not serving two masters? -- and yet most "Christians" do serve two masters! In fact, many of them are far more loyal to the state than to Jesus; they kill and die for the state, and encourage others to do likewise, or even compel others by force of law to kill and die for the state.

And all the while, they conveniently forget, or even worse,  consciously and willingly violate the supposedly divine commandment that they theoretically observe: Thous shalt not kill.

I don't bother anymore to attend "Christian" services or even to pay much attention to their fevered yammering.


Simple. The vast majority of "Christians" don't themselves believe or follow their own teachings! They don't take themselves seriously, so why should anyone else?

I do, however, refrain from slaughtering others or preparing to do so -- something which massively abundant historical evidence reveals that "Christians" have done by the millions and millions and millions, for centuries on end, in plain, glaring contradiction of their own (allegedly) sacred teaching: Thou shalt not kill.  I also refrain from stealing and other rude violations of personal and public order, as does anyone who has a modicum of respect for others.

Very large numbers of "Christians" historically, and in the present day, have paid and continue to pay very little attention to Jesus's admonition to: "Do unto others as you would that they do unto you."  They have gone away to places like Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Panama, Korea, the Philippines, Japan, and the many Native American Nations of the Americas and have slaughtered many thousands and even many millions of other people -- not infrequently in the name of Jesus!

So much for: "Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world, red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world ..."  You know, the little song that the "Christians" sing with their children in Sunday school -- and then the very ones who sing this song send their children abroad in the world to slaughter other children.

That's satanic, Dear Reader. You know that that happens, and has happened, again and again and again and again. You also know that that's just wrong.

Like I said, the "Christians" themselves very frequently don't bother to observe their own teachings, so who are they to be upset when others also fail to observe their "Christian" teachings?

I personally don't care for the Satanists myself, and feel only revulsion and aversion for their "religion" and Baphomet god, but who are the "Christians" to complain? By their actions (and also inaction) they have done the same and worse: viciously spat in the face of God. All the while smugly claiming some sort of special, Holy dispensation.

My Visions

None of this overly surprises me. This is just what ayahuasca (in recent years) and The Bone Lady (in 1958 when I was a small boy) have shown me. There is a tremendous contest between good and evil, the holy and the satanic. This world in which we live, and this modern age in which we are immersed, are a great field of battle. The human race as a whole, and each human, as an individual entity, finally must come down on one side or the other of this momentous divide. Who are you with: the Sublime Creator of All That Is? or the Baphomet, satanic one which has set itself up in adamant opposition to the Sublime Creator?

To wit: my ayahuasca visions of the last year and half or so have been very intense, and have focused heavily on the great wickedness in the USSA, even singling out certain cities and regions as being particular centers of virtually pure evil:

1) Las Vegas, Nevada
2) New Orleans, Louisiana
3) Miami, Florida
3) The Nasville-Memphis region in Tennessee

Apparently, ayahuasca considers these places to be even more wicked than New York City, Los Angeles, the San Francisco-Silicon Valley region, Chicago and Washington, D.C.; which cities/regions are all known centers of extremely serious criminal and downright evil activity.

It also singled out the hip-hop and rap music industries and the National Basketball Association (NBA) as being centers of tremendous evil and wickedness. Of course, Nashville is home to the country music industry and it did show me the deep evil in that area. It didn't mention Broadway and Hollywood, and rock and roll, Madison Avenue, Wall Street, MLB, the NHL, fútbol (soccer), etc., but abundant, publicly available evidence clearly indicates that all of that nonsense is also deeply  tied up into the great Gestalt of evil that besets humanity and this whole planet.

Ayahuasca has shown me that nuclear war is coming and that it is *PROGRAMMED* to occur. If nothing changes the nuclear war programming that I was shown, and if it does take place, it will be hideous beyond belief. I vomited and vomited at the sheer horror of it. What it showed me was so grotesque, so loathsome, so repugnant, so heinous, so foul, so vile that my entire being recoiled in reflexive horror. I vomited and vomited and vomited. I can't tell you how horrible, horrific and disgusting it will be.

Now you know why I have been out on the nuclear missile silos in the USSA, again and again and again, to protest against preparations for nuclear war. And so would you be, if you were awake enough to the horror and had been shown the same things I have. Of course, that begs the question as to why so few are awake enough to rouse themselves to heroic, humanitarian deeds of valor on behalf of the planet and humanity?

No one in their right mind wants to see nuclear war. The problem is that world events are not being directed by people in their right minds. Moreover, extremely large numbers of so-called everyday people are not in their right minds, either (see the discussion above about so-called "Christians").

I won't waste more bandwidth on the Satanists, but their rapid, public rise is consistent with the many centuries-long, self-inflicted fall of the so-called "Christians". It's hard to know which of the two are more problematic and troublesome. A pox on them both in their self-absorbed folly.