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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ayahuasca Dreaming: The Machine Grinds On

The American Civil War is ever with us.


In my youth in Virginia the Civil War was everywhere. There are many miles of trenches and artillery emplacements in the rural district of Varina where I grew up. The Varina Battlefield District is a National Park. In the woods in the neighborhood where I grew up there were old trenches, and massive gun emplacements overlooking the bluffs above the James River on the last approach to Richmond,  strategically dug in to resist a long-feared Union assault up the James. The Union forces finally did come, but not quite from that quarter. When I was young there were Civil War-era trenches all around Byrd Field, the main airport in the Richmond, Virginia metropolitan area, right next door to Seven Pines, where bitter fighting raged, only two or three miles as the crow flies, from my adolescent home.

For years, I drove by and roamed those trenches and gun emplacements, again and again. It was as if the war had been but yesterday.

Earlier, when I was a small boy, the family lived in the then-rural community of Denbigh, down along the Warwick River, on the grounds of what had formerly been Young's Plantation. Old man Young, the last of his line, was in his dotage then, feeble and senile. He would sit in a rocking chair on the front porch of the old house, with a musty lap blanket over his knees and rail against the Yankees, how the Yankees were coming and to get ready. He was ancient then, about 100 years old. He was a small boy during the war years and came of age during Reconstruction. The war and its aftermath had left a deep mark on his psyche that persisted right up into the late 1950s.

The rotten, crumbing remains of the old slave cabins were still there, out behind the main house, where the gnarled box woods grew. They had been abandoned at war's end and were in ruins. A short distance away was the stone, spring house, where the spring water still came vigorously bubbling up, clear and pure, from a small opening in the blue-white clay. There were initials carved in the stones by Civil War soldiers who had come there for water.

Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg
Later in life, for a variety of reasons, my parents relocated to Adams County, Pennsylvania, the site of the Gettysburg Battlefield National Park. I consequently ended up crossing that battlefield more times than I can remember, walking the streets of Gettysburg, and going for long walks in the Adams County countryside, through endless miles of neatly kept orchards that carpet the region's rolling hills -- mostly apple, but also a good deal of peach, and some cherry and pear -- two miles, three, four, five miles, walking along lost in thought, reflecting on everything, including the Civil War.

When the 150 Confederate artillery pieces opened up before Pickett's charge at Gettysburg, the thunderous roar was heard 140 miles away in Pittsburgh. Eleven thousand men advanced across one mile of open ground into a withering hail of musket and rifle fire, cannon balls and grape shot. By the time it was over the field was carpeted with thousands of dead and dying men. 

Richard Dolan, the publisher of my last book on underground and underwater bases, shot this March 2010 video of me right there in Adams County and we ended up standing on the Gettysburg Battlefield to talk about the White Rose movement, starting at the 32 minute mark.

The following month, I traveled to North Dakota, USA and on 15 April 2010 went over the security fence onto a U.S. Air Force Minuteman-III nuclear missile silo, near Parshall, North Dakota. I conducted a nonviolent, peace demonstration on the missile silo. I left large sea shells on the missile launch lid, pure quartz crystals, a gold and silver coin, a copy of the United States Constitution and other documents. There was a massive response by the U.S. military, and civilian police agencies, who came with great force to the silo to arrest me. They blocked off the road, at the intersection of 33rd Street and 76th Avenue, and brought in a tactical response team by helicopter to arrest me.

I had gone over the security fence, barbed wire and all, with my crystal necklaces and crystal-feather headdress. I left the bouquet of white roses on the outside of the fence.

I was jailed for 100 days. Jail is always unpleasant, what more can I say? And yet I have repeatedly risked the discomfort and danger of jail and prison, in an effort to awaken any and all individuals who may be susceptible to awakening. I've been incarcerated in a dozen different jails and prisons in Arkansas, Georgia, Texas. Missouri and North Dakota, for visiting other nuclear missile silos and military facilities where nuclear weapons are deployed.

I issued my Minot Manifesto to the press on 15 April 2010, the same day I went over the fence onto the missile silo. It explains my distinctive dress and my reasons for nonviolent civil disobedience. It is one of the most important documents I have ever written, and yet it is among the least read of my writings. Most people prefer the easy, the sensational, the superficial, the quick, the shallow. They prefer not to read things that require them to think very deeply, or to maybe take courageous action themselves. And that's the reason we have so many problems as a species.

While in jail, I also issued to the press another statement, A Serious Message From The Heart Of America.

Of course, I was preoccupied then with the question of war, and I still am. Humanity has been beset by the plague of warfare for unknown thousands of years. The threat of nuclear war in our day is real enough and could literally happen at any instant. It would be hellish beyond belief.

I have said it before and probably will again: I don't know why everyone isn't out on the nuclear missile silos protesting, or at the nuclear power plants demonstrating. It's as if the terrestrial human species has no skin in the Great Game going down on its home planet.

I don't get it. I really don't. The nuclear issue is huge. And not just the nuclear weapons, though they are plenty dangerous enough. The ongoing crisis at the exploded and melted down nuclear reactors at Fukushima, Japan is apparently not susceptible of resolution with the present level of  industrial technological expertise. Humanity has created a pitiless, radioactive monster that it cannot tame or bring to heel. The Pacific Ocean is being outright killed right now, as a direct consequence. In recent weeks there has also been a catastrophic failure of the so-called WIPP nuclear waste storage facility in southern New Mexico, USA, that has released dangerous amounts of plutonium and americeum to the outside environment. You can follow both of these urgent stories  at

The Nuclear False Flag Alert

I have previously warned of the real risk of nuclear false flag attacks on American cities as a means of creating a war panic, and justification for a general, nuclear war. The shamanic plants in the Upper Amazon brought this to my attention about a year and a half ago. Several cities were pointed out to me as possible candidate sites for such attacks.

The plants mentioned a shadowy, well-organized, extremely nefarious international group that has plans to do this. If the attacks happen, they will not be as they are made to seem. The hand that lights the nuclear fuse will be well-concealed and absolutely will strive to deflect public attention from its evil deeds by falsely blaming other parties. While this faction was given no specific name by the plants, my personal assessment is that the usual suspects would be involved:   the Israeli Mossad, British MI-6, the American CIA and NSA, the French Piscine, the German BND, etc. In today's world, the impetus to global war is coming largely from the USSA, NATO and the Israelis.

There is an old African saying that: "The guilty will speak."

And wouldn't you know that just today, Barack Obama mentioned at the Nuclear Security Summit in the Hague, Netherlands that he is concerned about a nuclear weapon being detonated in Manhattan.

I repeat to you that that possible scenario is straight out of the Amazonian "shamanic"  briefing that I was given a year and a half ago. It's a page from that very play book.

And then Barack Obama sat down to play a nuclear crisis game with other national leaders that revolved around the threatened detonation of a dirty atomic bomb in an unspecified western city: New York, London, Milan, etc. This again is an uncanny echo of what the shamanic plants warned me about: a plot to detonate nuclear devices in several different cities, to cause a war panic, and create a casus belli for "totalitarian nuclear warfare."

Oh, it is a dark and wicked plan. I hasten to add, though, that it does not have to happen, the future is not set in stone, and is always amenable to change; however, the daily headlines do seem to be trending in that unfortunate direction.

If  it starts, it will be like diabolical, nuclear popcorn popping. And then it will get hellish beyond belief. Something like this scene from The Last of the Mohicans, only unimaginably worse, more deadly, more confusing, more world-changing, more hellish. Trust me on this: you don't ever in your life want to see anything like that. Whatever romantic fantasy some of you might have running in your heads about surviving nuclear war, or an apocalyptic, dystopian "survivor" world, forget about it. It will be ghastly beyond all telling.

Just one of the many problems that would occur is that, as the systemic confusion and collapse spreads, and it would be a very rapid and very confused collapse, some or maybe many or almost all of the 400+ nuclear reactors in the northern hemisphere will also explode and/or melt down, as has already happened at Chernobyl, Ukraine and Fukushima, Japan. Think about it. When the engineers and operators don't come to work anymore, because they are dead, or the roads are impassable, or they have to stay home to try to defend their families against rogue bands of violent marauders, or government and the banks have failed and they are not being paid anything at all -- well, the plants will fail. The reactors will melt down or explode. And there will not be anyone to fix them.

Not ever.

Then  you will see Fukushima in New York City or Los Angeles or Chicago or Philadelphia or Miami or Phoenix or Dallas or Paris or Bordeaux or Lyons or London or Madrid or Zurich or Rome or Karachi or Bombay or pretty well all of Japan or a great deal of India or coastal China.

And very likely most or all of that and more will happen, essentially simultaneously. That is why even a so-called "limited" nuclear war would/will bring a cataclysm, an apocalypse, a nuclear hell on Earth that could decimate humanity by the hundreds of millions and billions. The panic, chaos, death, destruction and horror would be completely off the charts.

That is why I have been out on the nuclear missile silos again and again, over a thirty year period, even at the cost of jail and prison, possible death, financial impoverishment, public ridicule, a lengthy arrest record, abusive and intrusive government surveillance and violations of my civil rights, and more. That is what we are facing. This is no science fiction fantasy. This is the real world we are living in. It is all rigged to KILL YOU and the entire planet.

Do you get it? Do you ?? Do you really ??

Look at all the nuclear power plants in the USSA. Click this link. Look at all those red dots in the USSA, in Europe and European Russia and Japan. That's where the nuclear power plants are. A good 90% of my readers live in precisely those areas of the world where the nuclear reactors are concentrated. When the system fails, what do you think is going to happen to all of those hundreds of nuclear reactors? If the electricity goes down? If the cooling pumps fail? If the computers fail? If the operators, technicians and engineers do not come to work anymore, for any one one of a dozen different reasons? The nuclear power plants will fail, by the scores and hundreds and humanity and this whole planet  will have literal Hell to pay.

So this is not an idle question. When every snow storm, every thundershower, every windy spring day brings a sleet of invisible plutonium and cesium and strontium and uranium and americium to wherever you are, what will you do?

Is your Glock or your 12-gauge Remington or your AK-47 or your AR-15 going to protect your from that?

Why I Advertise Gold and Silver On My Blog

First of all, I do it because the ownership of Liberty Gold and Silver contacted me to ask if I was willing to put up some simple ads for gold and silver on my website. It wasn't something that I solicited, indeed, I had not previously had any contact with them. However, when they asked I immediately consented to do so.

The fact is that we stand poised at a great crossroads on this planet. We have to start doing an awful lot of things differently, and not in the far distant future. We have to start immediately, or else we may not have a future on this planet.


It is possible that terrestrial humanity is about to go extinct. At a minimum, we have to completely do away with all nuclear technology right now -- all nuclear power plants, all nuclear weapons, all nuclear waste dumps, all uranium mines and uranium mills have to go. Permanently.

We have to have a massive, global, reforestation project. We have to make tree planting and reforestation a sort of religion, to resuscitate and revitalize the Earth. I am talking about the planting of literally billions of trees.

And we need to clean the seas, lakes, swamps, marshes and rivers of trash and toxic contaminants. We have to purify and cleanse the planet's hydrosphere.

We must do these things. These are absolutely not optional action items. The current political and business leadership on this planet are not doing these things, so they have to go. They have to leave the stage, because they are a clear danger and present threat to all humanity and the entire planet. They are not worthy of the sacred charge of national and international leadership with which they have been entrusted.

One of the things that is going to happen as we move further into the weeks, months and few years that lie just ahead, is that there will be a great crisis involving the fiat currencies such as the American dollar,  the Euro, the British pound, etc. There are tremendous systemic weaknesses in the fiat currencies and the major markets that use them to transact global commerce, in the City of London, Lower Manhattan, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, etc.

When this system fails, perhaps suddenly and catastrophically, fiat paper currency will suddenly be seen to have the full value it has had all along -- that of a little scrap of paper.

That's it.

Those who have some gold and silver will at least have something tangible in their hands. For thousands of years, across cultures, historical periods and continents, gold and silver have been perceived as having intrinsic value and inherent monetary worth. That is still true today. That is why China bought 1176 tonnes of gold last year alone.

The Chinese know what is coming. They hold a lot of almost worthless American debt, so they are using their time wisely to transition to a massive store of tangible wealth: gold. Therefore, when the American house of paper wealth collapses, the Chinese will be left with thousands of tons of gold, while the Americans will have plenty of time to sift through and count  their thousands of tons of paper.

So if you are able, and can feasibly do it without jeopardizing your present well-being, now would be a prudent time to acquire some gold or silver of your own and use it in the best way(s) you know to help transition through the time of great change that is hard upon us.

Anyone who pays conscious attention to global events can see that huge change lies ahead. It is inevitable. In fact, the changes have already begun. We have entered a very rough patch in the road as a species and as a planet. That is the plain, bare truth. Fukushima alone is a global game changer. Those who survive in some degree of comfort, or even flourish, will be those who are prepared. Countless millions of individuals who are not paying attention will not fare well at all.

Ayahuasca Visions

Of course, The Machine that I have written about before, aspects of which ayahuasca has revealed to me again and again, plays into this whole scenario. We are facing an implacable foe, a pitiless adversary, that has insinuated itself into every minute aspect of our world and being, It is everywhere, in our psychology, in our minds, in our cultures and societies, in our political, economic, business, military, industrial and religious institutions and organizations. In our warring, in our whoring, in our war whoring, in our planetary rape, pillage and plunder, in our rampant criminality, in our runaway environmental destruction and contamination, in the demoniac genetic tampering and engineering of Frankenstein, transgenic organisms that are even now wreaking ecological havoc, in the monstrous nuclear technology that has escaped to the wild and is now devastating the world, in the rampant digital, electronic espionage of the American NSA, in nano-technology -- in all of this and much more, The Machine is intimately involved.

It means to take this planet down. It means to enslave, subjugate. And maybe annihilate humanity. The hard truth is that its plans are well advanced, and it has literal legions of (in)human accomplices.

Who are they? Well, all of those millions of people who are uranium miners, or nuclear missile manufacturers, or nuclear power plant operators, or chemical pesticide salesman, or genetic engineers, or weapons manufacturers, or Wall Street brokers, or fiat currency bankers, or machine politicians, or crime cartel members, or .... the list can be extended on and on.

But you see the point. You add up all of the people involved in systematically harming this planet and getting paid to do it, and their numbers run into the many millions. A significant fraction of humanity is tied up in killing the planet and attacking humanity.

Why do they do it? For some, a brass name plate on their office door is all the motivation they need. Others may need a lot of money, or drugs, or power, human sacrifice (as in physical killing of people), or a security clearance, or a big house, or an expensive automobile, or Armani suits and Gucci shoes, whatever. And for those things, they are prepared to kill, torture, steal and destroy the Earth. They are willing to take down the whole planet, and they are taking down the whole planet.

It is a firm guarantee that a certain number of these strange creatures, these foul demons in human form, are reading this blog of mine. I can say that because of all the many thousands of people who read my writings, all over the world, including in places like the City of London and other similar precincts.

I want to put up a video of Paulina Rubio's song, El Último Adiós.

Quite a lot could be said about the song and the video, too, as far as that goes. Just to mention one minor point, what can the little dog on the bed possibly be thinking about Paulina Rubio, what she's doing, the people on the set shooting the video, and all of the activity that's going on?

One other minor point I want to make, that's actually probably not so minor, is the grinning, white face that appears at about the  3:07 and 3:08 minute mark in the video. This type of face is very reminiscent of the sort of spirit that you can sometimes see in ayahuasca visions. They are imps, or devils or demons. And they are real. They cause mischief, harm, spirit possession and worse. The understanding of traditional ayahuasqueros is that these beings are real, they actually exist. 

I am in full agreement. They are all around us, even now, and sometimes you actually see their images, or the imps themselves, inhabiting the personalities of ostensible humans, who appear outwardly in popular culture. 

Other people have seen this Machine in various ways. I have heard from a number of them, including a friend who asked me to mentally put her in contact with the perception of The Machine. I did this, without telling her exactly when and how I would do it. Here is her response:

Today I woke in the small hours and realized that you had made the experience available to me.  I understood something that my inexperience with power plants and the word "visions" had previously kept from me: that what occurs in visions is a direct, real encounter with the thing itself.

And you have done this many times. Your courage is remarkable.

The construct was covered with a translucent white membrane, which I realized was my protections. They are automatic but can be repealed. I lifted up the membrane and directly observed the construct.

It was frankly demonic. It calls to human beings to give in to the worst of their motives; the ultimate result is not satiation but destruction.

….. Believe me, this is a very different morning from any other that I have experienced. The hard demonic quality underlies the bright morning like the taste of brass.

A Final Word On Bitcoin

I am still working with Bitcoin, and intend to continue doing so. As the fiat currencies fall by the wayside, it seems to me that gold and silver, and the other precious metals like platinum, palladium and rhodium will have much greater currency, because they are physically tangible measures of value.

I also continue to see a future for the so-called crypto-currencies or alt-coins, of which Bitcoin is the first and still best-known exemplar. They are decentralized, global and not under the control of the central banks. As of now, they have value; value as mediums of exchange, and also value as investments, for those who understand the crypto-currency markets and are savvy operators.

As it happens, it is possible to acquire Bitcoin for free, and also some of the other crypto-currencies or alt-coins. There are a great variety of websites that have sprung up that offer small, fractional amounts of Bitcoin and other alt-coins for free. All you have to do is sign up and regularly go to the websites, or, in some cases, just sign up, and the operators give you a small daily increment of Bitcoin and other alt-coins.

The best, new, free program out there is Qoin Pro.  It is absolutely free to join. It pays a percentage 4 levels deep, to potentially be extended to 7 levels, on all of your referrals, up to 40% on your first level, if you get a lot of referrals. Qoin Pro pays every day. You sign up for free, and Qoin Pro pays daily to Bitcoin, Litecoin, FeatherCoin, FedoraCoin and InfiniteCoin addresses. They pay like clockwork. All you have to do is sign up. What's not to like? The amounts they pay are very small, so the key to success with this program is obviously to sign up other people. If you can sign up a lot of people, over time, you can do extremely well with this program, keeping in mind that it is free to join. 

The operators of Qoin Pro are young Dutch IT professionals, and reading their FAQ, it looks to me like they are establishing a membership base from which to launch a larger Bitcoin and alt-coin business venture, in the coming months and years. 

I have seen the same thing with Bit Billions. The operators are clearly planning to greatly expand their program in the coming months and years. Bit Billions is also free to join, though only active members will make any money, and those who upgrade will make the most. Still, it is free to join and you can make money as a free member. But you do have to actively work the program and carry out the simple tasks it requires. I have noticed  time and time again that there are people who sign up for programs under me and then do nothing at all. As a result they gain nothing at all. They do nothing, and they get nothing. 

I don't understand it.

The following free programs continue to regularly pay me. How do they do it? Why do they do it? I don't know! They are all free to join. So why not sign up and get some free Bitcoin. Just follow the simple instructions.

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Of course, my last book on the underground and underwater bases, Hidden in Plain Sight: Beyond the X-Files, is still available for purchase.

Friday, March 14, 2014

The World On The Brink

These are an extremely pivotal few days from the standpoint of  international political economy and the Ukrainian crisis.

:Last minute diplomatic talks in London between Russia and the USSA over the Ukrainian crisis failed on Friday, and USSA Secretary of State, John Kerry, has delivered an ultimatum to Russia -- if the outcome of the Crimean referendum on Sunday is not to the liking of the USSA government then Washington, DC and its European allies will take a series of further, serious, unspecified, retaliatory measures on Monday.

These threatened measures are widely expected to include a range of financial sanctions. The whiff of a possible NATO/ USSA war with Russia is also in the air. The negative consequences of a NATO/ USSA military clash with Russia include the very real threat of a nuclear conflict, since both sides are very heavily armed with a full array of nuclear ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, torpedoes and bombs.

China has viewed the rapidly developing crisis with a thoroughly jaundiced eye and has warned against sanctions by the USSA against Russia due to the "unforeseeable consequences" and "retaliatory action"  that such sanctions might engender.

Given that China holds $1.3 trillion of the USSA's government debt, which it could willy-nilly dump, with disastrous effects on the American economy, and also has a full brace of nuclear missiles that can reach the USSA mainland and its numerous military bases in the Pacific region, the warning is not an empty threat. Here is a photo of a Chinese "boomer" laden with nuclear missiles headed out to sea.

Indeed, in anticipation of probable anti-Russian sanctions Russian financial institutions have already begun pulling vast sums of money out of the West, including some $105 billion out of the USSA this week alone.

This takes place in the context of Russian carrier-based jets staging war exercises in the eastern Mediterranean, flying from the deck of the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, near Cyprus. This is also near Israel, off the coast of Syria. The message could not be clearer that Russia intends to stand by its long-time ally Syria, at the same time that it sends a cautionary message to Israel. It is fair to assume that the Kuznetsov battle group is carrying nuclear weapons, as do USSA aircraft carrier battle groups.

Speaking of which, the Pentagon has announced that the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush will be remaining in the Mediterranean a few more days due to the crisis in Ukraine. Also today, Russian self-defense forces in Crimea announced the capture of an American military drone that was surveiling the peninsula. 

On Sunday, the Crimeans will most likely vote to join the Russian Federation. If they do, the following day the USSA government will announce punitive measures against Russia. After that, the Russians and Chinese will take whatever steps they feel are appropriate, and then the USSA government and its allies will take further steps in response.

This entire scenario is fraught with profound peril for the whole world. I don't know what is going to happen, but a hard shock to the global financial system, in the coming days and weeks, appears highly possible.

The more so as financial astrologers are unanimously pointing to April 2014 (next month) as being a period of financial crisis for the USSA economy and its so-called "Federal Reserve Bank." I am not a financial astrologer, but I have to say that their prognostications are right on the money. April is shaping up to be a period of intense crisis for the USSA and its financial system.

I do not presume that in a war with Russia and China, be it a nuclear exchange or a financial showdown, that the USSA and its European allies will necessarily prevail. J.P. Morgan, the early-20th century Robber Baron, famously said that millionaires do not have astrologers, but billionaires do. For millennia, kings, queens, emperors, and now presidents, premiers and prime ministers, have been consulting astrologers. I would be very surprised if the Chinese and Russians do not take full advantage of the propitious astrology of April 2014 to take the USSA government and the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank down a peg. 

Though I am not a financial adviser, it does seem prudent to me for people who are aware of the confusion that is coming to use the period of time right now to prepare for future contingencies that may arrive within mere weeks. If the USSA financial system crashes hard, and that possibility realistically exists, then the American dollar is going to lose value, perhaps a great deal of value, and most of the world will feel the effects.

Paper currency, any paper currency, becomes just paper when enough people lose confidence in its value. Historically, silver and gold have held their value across thousands of years. I do not have any gold and silver, or platinum, palladium or rhodium, either. But if I were financially able I would certainly obtain some and take physical possession of it. I would do it this very day. We are entering a period of high uncertainty right now and no one knows how long it will last, or how severe the crisis may become. One thing is certain: those who are least prepared, physically, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, socially, etc. will fare the worst.

So get ready.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Descrying the Subterranean Depths of USSA Deep Politics

I tend to think very literally, perhaps that is how I came to be interested in the mysterious subject of secret underground bases and tunnels, and a little later, secret underwater bases as well.

I started on this line of inquiry in the late 1990s and have not come to the end of it yet. In brief, I have discovered that there are numerous underground bases and also undersea bases. Certainly, a great many of them have been made by terrestrial humans, but the growing body of anecdotal evidence points in the direction of an unknown number of underground and undersea bases that have been made by non-human and human or human-like beings from elsewhere.

It is my educated opinion after having read mounds of literature on the subject and talked to all manner of individuals from all social strata and professional backgrounds, including people highly placed within the USSA alphabet soup of federal agencies that almost anything you could imagine is going on in the subterranean and submarine depths.

Let me offer you a partial list of some of the agendas being carried out underground and undersea: 

military weapons R&D, storage and deployment (numerous military installations), radioactive waste storage (WIPP), scientific research (CERN), supercomputing (NSA), hi-tech espionage (NSA), mining (salt, uranium, coal) etc.), military CCC (command, control and communications -- Site-R), warehousing of all kinds of things (Subtropolis - Kansas City), corporate and government document storage (Iron Mountain), religious (Mormon- Wasatch Mountains, Catholic- Vatican vaults, Scientology- northern New Mexico), continuity of government (COG) facilities, industrial manufacturing (major USSA bases with secret hi-tech production in Nevada, Colorado), precious metals storage (major bank vaults), subsea submarine bases and tunnels (Chinese, American, etc.) and more.

Let me offer you a partial list of some of the things I have been personally told exist, or have read about in anecdotal accounts of others. I believe all of these things exist:

alien bases (underground and undersea), joint alien- terrestrial human bases (underground and undersea), secret underground prisons, secret underground human cloning facilities, underground air force bases with runways that open out of the side of mountains, secret undersea mines, vast underground workings beneath the Giza Plateau in Egypt, underground UFO hangars, secret underground nuclear missile bases, underground UFO R&D facilities, and more, including information that points in the direction of mind-control operations and cyborg technology that is difficult to understand.

In short, we are living in a very carefully crafted artificial reality that diverges significantly from  REAL reality, as it actually is.

We are living in a sort of make-believe world that has pulled the wool over the eyes of the vast majority of humanity.

One of the things that I noticed in my research over ten years ago was the enormous sums of money being siphoned off to Black Projects -- not merely billions, or tens of billions of dollars, but literally TRILLIONS of dollars were being and still are being skimmed off of the USSA federal budget and just disappearing -- like down a bottomless, black hole.

The program of secret underground bases and tunnels, and later, undersea base R&D and construction, has been underway for a very long time. It's not only the USSA that is doing it, but also the Russians, Chinese, Israelis, English, Australians, Japanese, Scandinavians, Saudis, etc.

I discuss a lot of these things in my last book on underground and undersea bases, Hidden in Plain Sight: Beyond the X-Files.

(Click book cover, then scroll down to order.)
(Click image, then scroll down to order.)
One of the most alarming things about the secret underground bases is the many miles of secret tunnels, which my research and conversations indicate extend to thousands of miles. I do not know everything that is down there. I am not an insider, so I am not privy to that information. But my research and conversations strongly point to clandestine nuclear missiles that are deployed deep underground, in great secrecy. A lot of people think that if there were a shooting nuclear war, that the conflict would be over in a matter of days, maybe even a few hours.

This is not necessarily the case. My research revealed plans to put missiles and crews deep underground, in secret installations. They would have the capability to burrow out from underground at unpredictable intervals -- 3 weeks? 6 months? a year? -- and fire off the missiles.

So you see how chaotic a nuclear war could be. What happens when or if the USSA, the Chinese, the Russians, the Israelis, Pakistanis, Indians,  etc. have a shooting nuclear war and the general confusion leads to isolated pockets of nuclear missileers and their missiles, whether in deep running submarines or in deeply buried tunnel systems, being out of communication with their headquarters? What happens when they know there has been a nuclear strike on their home country, but receive no further communication? What do they do then? Do they go rogue? Do they launch their missiles ? How many? When? At whom?

You see how the fog of a shooting nuclear war would get dangerously out of control very quickly.

What happens when the President of the USSA and his advisers, the leaders of Russia, China, etc. get down in their respective subterranean labyrinths of tunnels, missile installations, CCC facilities, COG bunkers, etc. and they are cut off from what is happening up top, because so many people have died and the machines take over? And rest assured, the Russians and Chinese have their respective underground and underwater facilities and nuclear missiles and powerful submarines with missiles that can reach the mainland USSA within 25 minutes or less. If their submarines are quietly lurking offshore then the mainland USSA targets would be in play within 5 minutes or less.

What happens then?

This is not an idle question on my part, because the world situation is dangerously volatile right now. There is an enormously serious military confrontation brewing right now between Russia (probably allied with China and Iran) and the axis of the USSA, NATO, Israel, Australia, South Korea and Japan.

Ukraine is one flash point. The Middle East is another flash point. The Korean peninsula is yet another. And small, disputed, rocky islands in the South China Sea are still one more.

We are close to a major war right now. There is no question that the USSA is on a trajectory of war with Russia. The Pentagon is making plans for it. Those with delusions of global domination on Wall Street, in the City of London, in the Pentagon and Herzliyah are mad men. Psychotically unbalanced. Pathocrats. Profoundly dangerous beings on the loose.

I like most of this analysis by Bruce Gagnon:  Inside the Pentagon: Preparing for War with Russia? It's worth a read.

Clearly the USSA and EU covet the vast Russian natural gas reserves, as well as the huge petroleum deposits in Russian waters in the Arctic Ocean. They also want to control the Black Sea and remove the Russian naval base in Crimea. 

If the Pentagon and NATO do as Retired USSA Admiral James Stavridis suggests and actually sail a war fleet into the Black Sea to confront Russian forces, well, it is hard to see how that scenario could possibly end well.

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

USSA Government Goes Stark Raving Mad

I am nearly at a loss for words, and I have a decent-sized vocabulary, in more than one language.

I'll cut right to the chase. John Kerry, the USSA government's Secretary of State, said just today on USSA network television, with respect to the recent and ongoing Russian military intervention in Crimea, Ukraine:

You just don’t in the 21st century behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext. It is serious in terms of sort of the modern manner with which nations are going to resolve problems. There are all kinds of other options still available to Russia. There still are. President Obama wants to emphasize to the Russians that there are a right set of choices that can still be made to address any concerns they have about Crimea, about their citizens, but you don’t choose to invade a country in order to do that.

How Insane Is John Kerry ?

Would John Kerry have the world to believe that he is a complete naïf ? An ignorant buffoon who knows nothing about nothing ? 

A witless dolt, bereft of any mature faculty of reason, memory or diplomatic nuance ?

He publicly takes Russia to task for a relatively peaceful intervention (at least so far) in a highly politically unstable region on its immediate southern border, with a large ethnic Russian population, and according to the USSA's Secretary of State Russia's action is based on a "completely trumped up pretext."

Really ?

Can Kerry  be unaware of  political fixing by USSA diplomats in the internal affairs of Ukraine in the run-up to the alleged "revolution" that deposed the elected government of Ukraine, that has also included spending $5 billion on internal meddling in Ukrainian politics over a period of many years?

Is Kerry unaware of the USSA's ongoing proxy war against Syria, in which the USSA government has allied itself with and armed some of the most depraved psychopaths in the world ?

Can he never have heard of the 2011 NATO invasion and destruction of Libya, in which the USSA military played a leading role?

Has John Kerry entirely forgotten the extremely bloody  2003 invasion and military occupation of Iraq by the USSA military on the completely trumped up pretext that Saddam Hussein's military had weapons of mass destruction? Weapons of mass destruction that have never been used or found.

Has he completely erased from his memory the extremely violent 2001 invasion and military occupation of Afghanistan by the USSA military on the completely trumped up pretext  that there was some sort of connection between individuals in Afghanistan and the false flag attacks of 9/11? No such evidence has ever been proven. The USSA military occupation of Afghanistan continues to the present day.

Has John Kerry forgotten the 1983 USSA military invasion of the tiny Caribbean island of Grenada ?

Has the USSA Secretary of State never heard of the 1989 invasion of Panama by the USSA military?

And I could go on and on listing examples of invasions, coups d'état, wars against and/or military occupations of other sovereign nations by the USSA military, all over the world, going back two centuries, costing numerous millions of innocent lives.

And yet the USSA Secretary of State presumes to lecture Russia about diplomatic, political and military protocol in relations with other nations ?

I Just Want Out

I am ashamed to have a passport from the so-called "nation" that sends such an embarrassing moron out in front of the whole world to publicly parade his stupidity and ignorance.

How long can such insanity continue? How long can the situation continue to deteriorate before red-white-and-blue ignoramuses like John Kerry create a crisis that destroys us all?

It would be comical if it were not that his near total arrogance and ignorance impact the lives of hundreds of millions, even billions of people on this planet, because of the powerful position he holds.

By comparison, Russian President Putin is a paragon of sober, level-headed thinking.

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