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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Satanic USSA Lurches Insanely Toward WW-III

You can see it coming.

Just as you know that a hard storm is coming when you see towering thunderclouds billow up on the horizon, and see the lightning flash against the dark, angry sky; so, too, can you tell that one hell of a geopolitical storm is coming.

You have but to consider the depth of the insanity in which it is being nurtured and brought to term, and you know of a certainty that it will be wicked beyond all reckoning.

You know it is going to be bad, I mean really, really bad,  when the USSA keeps trotting out its deranged Vice-President to insist, among other things, that, "Russia cannot be allowed to redraw the map of Europe,"  and that the Russians must get out of Ukraine.

To begin with, the USSA itself has already radically redrawn the map of Europe with its vicious, military dismantling of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. For the lengthy, bloody details please read this and also this analysis of that conflict. There is, indeed, a satanic, psychopathic, fascist butcher of the Balkans and his name is USSA ex-President Bill Clinton. He should be in chains awaiting trial on unpardonable crimes against humanity, with a non-negotiable penalty upon conviction of hanging by the neck until dead.

So who, therefore, is the USSA Vice-President to lecture anyone about redrawing the map of Europe?

As for the Russians having to get out of Ukraine -- they have actually been there from its birth centuries ago! The western region of the modern country called Ukraine is part of the ancestral homeland of the Slavic peoples, Russians being one of the Slavic peoples. Ethnic Russians and Russian-speaking people have lived there for centuries. In the case of the Crimea, the peninsula has been Russian territory for more than two centuries and has a majority Russian population. The Russians have had a naval base in the Crimea that goes back to Soviet times, and even well before that, to the rule of Catherine the Great, in the late 18th century.

Is the USSA Vice-President demanding that England vacate Gibraltar, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales? Must France abandon Corsica and Brittany, Alsace and Lorraine? Does he go so far as to require that Spain pull out of Catalonia and the Basque lands?  Is he adamant that Italy let Sardinia and the South Tyrol go?

No, no, no and no. So why is there a double standard for Russia?

Moreover, why the feigned outrage over the Russian military presence in the Crimea, which has long been Russian national territory? Why, the Russians have been in the Crimea longer than the USSA military has been in Texas, New Mexico, Alaska or Hawai'i.

By the same standard, the argument could be made that the Pentagon must pull its forces out of Hawai'i, New Mexico, Alaska and Texas. By what right is there one set of rules for Russia and another for the USSA?

But it is much worse than that. The USSA government maintains that Russia must withdraw from the Crimea, and yet the USSA maintains tens of thousands of men at arms, and dozens of military bases, in Germany, Italy, Japan and South Korea. And that is just a small part of the full picture.

A 2007 report by Global Research revealed that the USSA owned 737 military bases in 63 foreign countries, with the presence of USSA military personnel in 156 countries,  and over 250,00 military personnel deployed worldwide. Given the militarily aggressive foreign policy of the USSA, those numbers could well be higher today than they were eight years ago.

So who is the USSA to dictate to the Russians that they may not have a military base in the Crimea?

Sanctions and More Sanctions

Against that global, imperial, military backdrop the USSA continues to ratchet the pressure up against Russia, by raising the possibility of yet more, punitive economic sanctions, which are themselves an act of war.

The USSA Secretary of State, John Kerry, has again in recent days threatened more sanctions against Russia over that country's alleged "craven" actions. And make no mistake about it, there is real danger in the anti-Russia sanctions policy that the USSA power establishment is pursuing. The USSA pursued a similar policy against Imperial Japan in the run-up to World War II; until the Japanese reached the limits of their patience and lashed out militarily against the USSA naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawai'i. The difference in the instant case is that modern Russia is not Imperial Japan of 1941. Russia has the military capability to reduce vast areas of the USSA mainland to smoking heaps of glowing, radioactive gravel and dust.

But that has not deterred the USSA Vice-President, Joe Biden, from upbraiding the Europeans (e.g., French President Hollande) who have questioned the anti-Russian sanctions, as being "inappropriate and annoying."

You Want to Know What's Inappropriate and Annoying?

Joe Biden, that's what, a shrill, ignorant, arrogant, bullying, Delaware blow toad.

And to be repeatedly subjected to the incessant, puffed-up harrumphing of that senescent little nothing, a fatuous, braying, little fart of a limousine liberal, an ass-licking little pisser of an ex-Senator from DuPont leading the charge to a war with Russia that could easily go nuclear?

Now that's annoying. That's really annoying.

To think that an absolute know-nothing like him holds high political office in the USSA demonstrates perfectly the great peril in which all humanity stands.

Have you ever seen anything more pathetic?

And none of this would matter; it could all be dismissed as the insane ranting of a foaming at the mouth, raving mad lunatic, except that Joe Biden is Vice-President of the USSA, and he is speaking for the ruling sector of the USSA power establishment

The Run-Up To War

That is not to say that there are not some sane voices out there. French President Hollande has warned of a "bleak outcome", i.e., war, if the Ukraine peace talks fail, and to his credit did go to Moscow, along with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, to meet with Vladimir Putin to try to work out a peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian civil war. Hollande also called for "broader autonomy" for eastern Ukraine. His position is a sensible and pragmatic alternative to all-out war. It would create political space, very much along the lines of the model in which the South Tyrol is an autonomous region in northern Italy; it is part of Italy, and yet it retains its distinctive, Geman-speaking, Tyrolian culture and a large measure of self-governance. But there is no sign that Kiev is prepared to accept any similar political accomodation with the eastern Ukraine.

The Greek Foreign Minister has warned that the European Union must stop its 'feverish' anti-Russian steps, and think about long-term relations with Russia. The Defence Secretary of the United Kingdom has also chimed in to publicly state the obvious: sending weapons to the Ukraine would escalate the violence. It's hard to fight a war without weapons. Cut off the weapons flow to Kiev and the ability to wage civil war vanishes.

Unfortunately, there are forces in Kiev, in NATO and the EU, and in the USSA that want war. The Pentagon has recently deployed A-10 attack jets, along with 300 support personnel to Germany, in an ominous sign of upcoming land warfare. The A-10 is used in support of close, ground combat, to destroy tanks, armored personnel carriers, artillery, etc. There is no land warfare in Germany, but there is in eastern Ukraine, just a short flight away. The obvious inference is that the A-10s have been prepositioned by the Pentagon for use in upcoming ground combat in the eastern Ukraine.

It is likely that the A-10s are but a prelude to much more to come. The Ukraine's deputy foreign minister announced last week: "... we are preparing for full-scale war," even as the government in Kiev is demanding that the West supply it with lethal military arms. And right on cue there is a growing movement in the USSA Congress to send weapons to the Ukraine. See how that works?

You could be forgiven for thinking that this psychotic march to war is scripted by madmen whose puppet strings are pulled by invisible demons who want to take down the world. There clearly is a script, with various actors large and small assigned their parts to play. The whole thing has been game played and lined out well in advance. All that remains is to fill in the blanks, send in the weapons and troops, stage a false flag attack or three, perhaps very spectacular, notorious false flag attacks, bark the orders for war -- and there you go.

Mushroom cloud city. Or mushroom cloud cities.

That's no joke.

The Deputy Commander of NATO in Europe, General Adrian Bradshaw, warned last week that tensions with Russian could escalate into all-out war. That is very bellicose rhetoric. Have no illusions about what all-out war with Russia could possibly entail. Please see the mushroom cloud allusions above.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Commander of NATO forces in Europe, General Philip Breedlove, stated, I don’t think we should preclude out of hand the possibility of the military option.”

The trajectory towards war is obvious and ominous.

It certainly has not escaped Russian notice. The Russian envoy to NATO has labelled NATO's military involvement in the Ukraine as "destructive" and "unacceptable." Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has scathingly pointed out that the USSA has "escalated the Ukraine crisis at every stage and blamed Russia," whereas Russian President Vladimir Putin has tersely remarked that, "No external pressure on Russia will go unchallenged."

Earlier this month he put Russia's mobile nuclear missile launchers on combat patrol in six different regions of the country.

Meanwhile, USSA Secretary of State, John Kerry, continues mewling that the USSA won't close its eyes to Russian aggression in the Ukraine, and British Prime Minister Cameron has announced that the U.K. is sending military advisers to the Ukraine within a matter of weeks.

While Petro Poroshenko, President of the Ukraine, jetted off to the United Arab Emirates to sign a major weapons supply deal, thus effectively arming the Ukraine military for another round of warfare in eastern Ukraine against the ethnic Russian militias and upping the military ante against Russia, by allying the government in Kiev with the wealthy Sunni Arab monarchies in the Persian Gulf.

You do not need a crystal ball to see where all this is headed. It just gets uglier and uglier. Real evil has been unleashed and it looks like the devil will get his due.

There must be a really heavy, darkly negative, karmic harvest that is coming due, that's all I can see.


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