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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Something Strange Is About To Happen

We have not seen anything like the meltdown of Hillary Clinton in USSA politics in many years, perhaps never. I certainly cannot recall either the Republican or Democratic party ever knowingly nominating a candidate as profoundly ill as Hillary Clinton to represent the party in the presidential election contest.

I say that the Democratic Party "knowingly" nominated Hillary Clinton, because it is impossible that the party leadership can be unaware of her very grave medical condition. They have probably known for a period of years now that she is in declining health. Even the non-medically trained, casual observer can see that she is not well. Her chronic head nodding, multiple, serious bouts of coughing when giving press conferences or speeches, and obvious bodily weakness and debility all speak to her physical decline. What to speak of the man who is frequently hovering nearby, a syringe in his hand, seemingly ready to give her an emergency injection, if the need arises.

Dr. Ted Noel at makes a plausible, even a compelling case that Hillary Clinton is in an advanced stage of Parkinson's disease. And yet she continues to campaign for the presidency of the USSA, albeit that she is completely unqualified for health reasons alone to hold any position or office of great responsibility. And she knows it.

But there's much more. In addition to her extreme medical issues, which are more and more pronounced., she also has a growing problem with her long trail of tens of thousands of official and classified e-mails that she routed through her private e-mail server when she was Secretary of State, instead of using secure government communications channels.

Wikileaks will imminently be revealing more incriminating Hillary e-mails that unnamed whistle blowers have anonymously dumped to them. Julian Assange has said that they will be released, probably starting next week. 

Additionally, new information is coming to light about the Clinton Foundation which reveals it not to be a charitable organization, but rather a multi-billion dollar charity fraud that serves primarily to obscenely enrich the Clintons and their political cronies. In other words, the Clinton Foundation would be better understood as a massive, very lucrative money laundering machine, with sprawling, international tentacles that reach all over the world.

So What Does It All Mean? 

In sum, Hillary Clinton is in deep trouble. She has obvious, debilitating medical issues and serious legal issues, related to the Mafia-like machinations of the fraudulent Clinton Foundation and also to her illegal use of a private e-mail server for conducting official and classified correspondence while she was Secretary of State.

The first of the presidential debates with Donald Trump is on the 26th of September, just 19 days from today.

Given her many, prolonged, recent coughing spells, her obvious physical weakness, her multiple episodes of loss of control of her head and eyes and her difficulty standing for extended periods, she probably is not physically capable of doing three nationally televised debates with Donald Trump, in front of a live audience. It is doubtful that she could go toe to toe with a verbally aggressive opponent such as Trump for an hour and a half without physically cracking under the pressure.

Hillary herself knows this. The leadership of the Democratic Party knows this. Hillary's personal handlers and assistants know this. Donald Trump and his camp are certainly aware of her medical issues. Growing numbers of the public at large are also becoming aware of this.

But even if she were physically capable of participating in three challenging debates with Donald Trump, which it increasingly appears she is not, her legal problems related to the ongoing e-mail scandal when she was Secretary of State, coupled with growing attention to the multi-billion dollar money laundering under the fraudulent guise of alleged "charitable" activities at the Clinton Foundation, open the way for Trump to make political mincemeat out of Hillary in front of the watching nation. 

She will be subjected to a withering verbal and political assault, in front of a live audience in the debate hall(s) and a national TV audience. As Dr. Noel points out in the video above, stressful situations can trigger a seizure-like condition, or cause her to freeze and lock up, all of which would be political hari-kari on a high profile, presidential campaign debate stage.

All of these things I am saying are certainly known to the political power brokers who manage things behind the scenes, the movers and shakers who pull the puppet strings of senators, congress critters, governors and yes, even presidents.

They know that Hillary Clinton is badly damaged goods, that her health is failing, even as her legal issues mount. They know that a spectacular, epic failure of the Democratic presidential candidate in prime time, on live network TV is unacceptable. 

So they are having high powered, high level meetings right now about what to do about the Hillary mess, around their big, polished, mahogany conference tables -- up in the corporate towers of Manhattan, the City of London, downtown Chicago, and in the exclusive clubs of Washington, DC, where powerful people whose names are not publicly known meet to conduct business and reach deals that shape the fate of nations and the world.

We do not yet know what they will do, but we have a pretty good idea of when they will do it. The time frame for acting with regard to the Hillary Affair is most likely this month -- quite possibly within the 19 days that remain before the first presidential debate.

So we can very likely expect something strange to happen over the next days and few weeks.

Hillary cannot do the debates, not with things the way they are now, not with her as a badly damaged, gravely ill candidate. The situation has reached a critical stage and the marginally tolerable status quo is deteriorating.

So if Hillary cannot do the debates, for medical and political-legal reasons, then she won't. But that would raise even more questions, and occasion even more scrutiny of her public and private dealings, and of her health.

In its turn, that will cause insurmountable problems, when faced by the ascendant presidential candidacy of Trump.

The situation will therefore require decisive intervention by the Powers That Be. They have heavily invested in a Hillary Clinton presidency, which appears increasingly unlikely. Their anointed puppet is failing before their disbelieving eyes, but they are not the kind of people who take losing lightly. Indeed, they are used to making their luck, or buying their luck or stealing their luck.

They do anything to ensure that they maintain control and political and economic dominance, up to and including assassinating those whom they regard as obstacles to their control agenda, and starting wars, including world wars. 

Will Hillary go away, by one means or another, within the next two or three weeks? Will Senator Kaine or Vice-President Biden be brought in as the substitute candidate in Hillary's place? If so, under what unexpected circumstances? Will the debate actually go ahead, only to have the debate hall plunged into a power blackout, just as the debate begins? Will major warfare break out such that the presidential election is suspended? Will there be a catastrophic false flag attack that results in a national emergency, causing the debates to be canceled? Will there be a sudden, catastrophic crash of the financial markets, leading to a declared, national emergency that suspends the debates or even the election?

Or will the debates go forward as scheduled, only to see Hillary Clinton dramatically self-destruct in front of the watching nation and world, as her health, and her legal and political issues result in an epic, personal implosion on the grandest of all Shakespearean stages?

Stay tuned! Things cannot continue much longer as they are now, and what cannot continue as it is -- will not.

It looks like things will be happening in the relatively near term. One gets the feeling that we are about to see a bizarre spectacle lurch in even weirder directions.


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