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Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Funny How That Works

Ex-President Obama's personal chef was discovered drowned in the water beside the Obamas' lavish mansion in Massachusetts. The Obamas were not home at the time. << Of course not. >>

Russia is now producing as many munitions per month as were produced in the entire year of 2022. The Kremlin looks to be preparing for major warfare, well beyond the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine. 

Russia has just raised the military conscription age to 30 years. On 1 January 2024 all males between the ages of 18 and 30 years will be subject to military conscription for one year. More evidence in support of Russian preparations for major warfare.

U$$A Army to run Operation Dark Start power outage drill on July 26th 2023. This grid down exercise will be run at Ft. Riley, Kansas. It's clearly a test run, a small preview of coming attractions -- due to a nuclear EMP? a solar CME (coronal mass ejection)? My best guess is that Ft. Riley is also the site of an underground base. Evidently the HUGE chaos kicks in sometime in 2025. By the end of 2025 no one will have to ask if something is going on. There will be plenty of major and big events over the next 17 months -- lots of upheaval of all kinds -- but 2025 is going to be like nothing we have ever seen. Waaaaay off the charts.

Los Alamos is going to start manufacturing plutonium pits for nuclear bombs again. The plan is to begin production of 30 per year by 2026. Highly doubtful that that ever happens. Global events are moving faster and faster. Los Alamos has to be on the target list for Russia and China, in the event of a nuclear exchange.

Disappeared people in Ecuador and everywhere. One of my readers wrote to me that 800,000 people are disappearing per year. The makers of the summer box office hit, Sound of Freedom, say that there are 2 million disappeared people annually. The truth is that no one knows for sure how many there are. My best guess is that these people are being taken by: a) organ traffickers, for slaughter and subsequent organ sale, b) Satanists for torture and human sacrifices, c) criminal cartels, for slavery of all sorts, including sex slavery, d) E.T.s, for interplanetary trafficking, e) E.T.s and shadowy, military/Fortune 500/espionage groups for slavery and other nefarious purposes in underground and undersea bases. Here is an article on a 22 year old girl who disappeared in recent days here in Quito. She's far from the only one. I see missing person flyers all the time. It never stops -- 12 year-olds, 80 year-olds with Alzheimer's, and everyone in between.

Prisons in Ecuador are seething with violence related to conflicts between competing narco-cartels and gangs. Authorities reported today that about 150 prison guards were taken hostage in 13 different prisons around the country. In the large penitentiary on the outskirts of Guayaquil a four-day uprising concluded with 31 inmates dead and 14 others wounded. 

The U$$A government continues to play footsie with the public over the UFOs, E.T.s (dead and alive), and other E.T. and esoteric/exotic technology that it has found, shot down or been given over a period of many decades, perhaps going back as far as the 19th century. Los Alamos, Area-51 and Wright-Patterson AFB are just some of the places involved in this massive cover-up. The military and other agencies have E.T. bodies, have taken live captives, have recovered UFOs, have lots of esoteric/exotic technology -- and they continue to lie and lie and lie about it all. The truth is not in the government of the U$$A, Inc. It's a disgrace.

Human smuggling in Texas. Law enforcement officers in San Antonio executed a traffic stop, found a kilo of cocaine, and then carried out a search of a property that led to the surprise discovery of five persons who were being trafficked. Human trafficking/smuggling is very big business -- in Ecuador, in Mexico, in the Ukraine, in the U$$A, Inc.

Big Brother European travel will soon require you to answer a list of questions, to enhance "border security and digital screening," just to fly to Paris or Brussels. The days of free and easy travel are fast dwindling away. I've been to Europe several times over the years, and traveled all over, from Istanbul to Lisbon, from Copenhagen to Palermo, Edinburgh, Munich, London, Paris, Athens, everywhere. But the place has taken a disgusting, fascist turn -- thank you, European Union and World Economic Forum! In brief, I have no plans to ever visit Europe again. 'Nuff said.

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Sunday, July 23, 2023

Our Soul Globe: Mysterious (& Many Very Bloody) Fractals Beyond All Knowing

I just read a Christian prophecy in which a woman purports to have been told by Jesus: The trouble to come is only the beginning of Woes so be prepared for MUCH to come. Stop thinking that I am going to wrap this up quickly, I will not.

Is Jesus real, and did Jesus really tell her something like that? From what I know and can see, "yes" to the first question, Jesus is real and has very serious authority, and unfortunately, more than likely a "yes" to the second question, as well. It's going to be a real slog.

This all has to do with soul-building. God is interested in consciousness, and the quality of consciousness; aware love, as it were. Thus the admonition to love our enemies, and to pray for those who spitefully use us, because we are all fractals of the same Universal, interconnected, multifaceted reality.

All for one, and one for all.

The issue seems to be that myriad fractals, perhaps uncountable gazillions, on planets without measure, are lost in endless, dark sparkles of ever diminishing return.

God loves us all, and desires that we love us all, too; but apparently past a certain point, unredeemable fractals of consciousness get recycled in God's Cosmic Blender, and have to start all over again, losing everything in the process, including their ancient, divine, hard won Soul.

Better to show kindness along the way 
than to kill, that's the essence of the Golden Rule, thus the Ur alt injunction against murder.

And Yet ....

Here is a video of two women having a serious knife fight at high noon in Guayaquil, a large, sweltering, tropical city in the south of Ecuador. The video ends when two National Policemen roll up on a motorcycle.

Here is another news item from today on the latest battle between rival criminal gangs (Lobos and Tiguerones) in one of the very badly overcrowded prisons of Ecuador -- 5 dead and 11 wounded. It happens all the time.

And another news item on a political assassination today of the mayor of Manta, a coastal city in Ecuador. A Venezuelan man has been taken into custody for the hit.

Murder and murderous violence everywhere you look. It's senseless. Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, the U$$A, Inc. The (allegedly) Human race seems bent on self-destruction. Why???????

Criminal gangs are all over the U$$A, Inc. They are everywhere, from San Antonio to Minneapolis, from Oakland to Baltimore, in small towns and big cities.

They are armed to the gills and they do shoot to kill. Tommy guns, AK-47s, machine pistols, Glocks.

Here's a little cultural enrichment from San Antonio a few years ago. Watch it: (time-stamps 0:47 to 0:50, 1:23 to 1:27, 2:19 to 2:25, for instance) 

On a very casual inspection I counted something like two Tommy guns, two machine pistols, an Uzzi, four Glocks, an automatic rifle -- there may have been other firearms. This video has been up on YouTube for several years, as a graphic monument to the downward spiral of (ahem) contemporary "society" in the U$$A, Inc.

The guy with the red 34 jersey was gunned down just a few blocks from where I used to live, shortly after making this video. I know!!! -- what a surprise, right??!!  \sarcasm\

I could see where things were headed: the gang graffiti, the drunken noise at night, the surly faces of the young men.

'Murka! Love it or leave it.

I left. I intend to remain away.

Some things cannot and will not be fixed.

Over There In The Ukraine -- As Prelude to U$$A, Inc. Mayhem??

Here is just a small part of the hellish warfare in the Ukraine:

This is the type of heavy combat that I and numerous others have seen in dreams and visions in recent years, but on the soil of the Lower 48 States of the U$$A, Inc.: bloody, internecine, civil war within the geographical territory of the U$$A, Inc.; and armed resistance by ad hoc citizen militias, National Guard or regular Army units against invading armies from foreign military powers, whether Chinese, Russian, Mexican, United Nations Blue Helmets, or others.

I keep telling people that whatever is happening now in the Ukraine is but a preview of coming attractions -- and it won't be just the one thing, either (warfare, economic collapse, natural disasters, vak$ting$, etc.). Normalcy bias is so strong that I don't know how many people truly understand what I am saying.

What I am trying to communicate is that the destruction and death in the U$$A, Inc. may well very greatly exceed what is happening in the Ukraine right now, and what is happening in the Ukraine is horrific. That's the upshot of the alphabet-soup-agency-connected, website's grim death statistics prognostication for the U$$A, Inc. as of 2025. The 300 million projected deaths have now been scrubbed from the web, but that was the original 2025 U$$A, Inc. death toll that had posted, several years ago.

Not so long ago, there were many Army-Navy surplus stores all over the U$$A, Inc. that sold used, serviceable, military rifles at rather low prices. I assume that a great many of those weapons are still in private hands and may well be used by many in the coming years, as the global, U$$A, Inc. Empire crumbles, abroad and at home.

In past decades, I have worked with and/or for, or have known, all kinds of MIC and ex-MIC personnel, both uniformed and non-uniformed, from the flag officer level down to the grunt in the trenches. I visited one, a couple of times, at his isolated ranch in the Mountain West region, and they were loaded for bear. Just patrolling the ranch they went out on dirt bikes or ATVs with repeating rifles slung over their shoulders. People think that the Wild West Days are long over. Oooooh, no. There are coyotes, wolves, bears, cougars, rattlesnakes, feral hogs, cattle rustlers and other two-legged predators of the very worst sort. (Watch No Country For Old Men, with Tommy Lee Jones, for one example.) That sparsely populated country where I visited sprawls for many miles. 
My host told me that if they had a problem and called the sheriff, a deputy might show up three hours later.  So they had to handle any incidents on their own. I asked him about bands of armed marauders. He replied that they were prepared to defend the valley against anything and anyone, up to a trained, military infantry unit.

I worked for other MIC and ex-MIC types in a menial, domestic services capacity. One kept a pump shotgun in a corner of the master bedroom, something resembling an AR-15/AK-47/Uzzi propped in the other corner, and what looked like a loaded .44 revolver on the bedside nightstand. Another guy I worked for was a very successful businessman. He kept two rifles propped on either side of the bed in the master bedroom, and a loaded revolver on the bedside nightstand. Another ex-military guy I knew always traveled with a licensed, loaded firearm in his car, close at hand. He was a combat veteran in the Marines in Southeast Asia, and had been in many firefights -- somehow emerging totally unscathed after two tours of frontline combat. He told me that he was a gung-ho warrior, until he suddenly, abruptly woke up to the insane horrors of war midway through his second tour -- and thought to himself: "What the hell am I doing here? This is knucking futs!!" After which his mentality flipped radically, though it took two tours of frontline combat for him to arrive at that point.

Another of the retired officers I worked for had serious guns -- though I never saw them, only many hundreds of rounds, numerous boxes of rifle ammunition. I'm not stupid. I never touched any of it.

Closer to home, my long-deceased father had a shotgun and a .30-06 rifle, and ammunition for both. I think he shot a few ducks, and maybe a deer or two. 

I mention these anecdotes to show that all of this and much more is absolutely out there in the hands of the general population, and apparently will be used. Personally, I intend to sit out the upcoming "merriment" in the Lower 48. I gave at the "office" so to speak-- again and again and again. I peacefully protested in my own way against the coming war(s), over and over, and was jailed over and over -- to very little or no avail. I failed to awaken anyone that mattered to the upcoming horror. What did George Carlin say? - "Think about how stupid the average person is, and then realize that half of 'em are stupider than that."

So it is that the population at large blithely stumbles on, slack jawed and glassy eyed, towards the onrushing apocalypse.

In all honesty, I don't see how it can be avoided at this point, barring the abrupt, dramatic, Second Coming of Jesus Christ and accompanying flocks of Heavenly Angels fluttering down from on high.

Back To the Ukraine

Recent news items seem to suggest that a second war front may possibly open up in the west of the Ukraine, or maybe in or along the Polish-Belarusian border region. (click the far-right of the address bar for the English language option)
Interestingly Vladimir Putin mentioned Kresy in his public remarks the other day, which was a contentious region of eastern Europe in past centuries that much of the contemporary Ukraine, Poland, Belarus and parts of Lithuania and Moldova overlap, lending support for the idea that the current conflict may possibly be just the latest battle in a war that may be centuries or even thousands of years old.

Along that vein, The Wagner Group and the Belarusian Army are training/preparing right now in Brest, right along the Polish-Belarusian border. Brest is an ancient city, a very strategic city that has been fought over, invaded and/or occupied for the better part of 1,000 years by the Germans, Poles, Lithuanians, Belarusians, Russians, Mongols -- and who knows before that?

In any event, watch the short video clips embedded in the article link above. Putin is forthright and blunt. I understand what he is saying:

But do the Poles/Lithuanians/Ukrainians/NATO/Pentagon? One wonders.

The shame of it is that all of this could be very easily resolved, and the terrible loss of life and property ended, if the Pentagon/NATO would just back off, stand down, stay at home and mind their own affairs.

If I were President of the U$$A, Inc. that is the policy that I would pursue; but people who think like me are not permitted into any substantive policy-making position in the U$$A, Inc. or the U.K. or France or Germany or Poland or the Ukraine or Belgium, etc. Or in Ecuador, for that matter.

Stupidity, incompetence, greed, lust for power, pathological mendacity, and Satanic depravity are the order of the day.

The yawning abyss therefore awaits the lemmings' determined, forward march. If events continue on their present trajectory the loss of life will be stupendous.

This could all be so easily avoided, and ought to be.

I tried!! I saw it coming from decades out.

The years of my life and tens of thousands of dollars that I threw away endeavoring to speak wisdom to yammering, warmongering fools -- a pity.

You Don't Need A Telescope To Bring It Into Focus

Here is what is coming:

And here is who is in charge:


Mind you, I am not now in the military in any capacity; nor have I served in the military in the past. So what do I know?

This: time is a many splendored thing, and many there be who roam the endless, convoluted, fractalized, time-space corridors. Some entities/beings gain great wisdom as they go along, even tremendous holiness; while teeming hordes of others opt to become pig stupid. 

God loves us all, and desires that we turn towards Divine Enlightenment, that is an eternal truth. And still the killing grinds on, on a world lost in darkness. 

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Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Anticancer Properties of Citrus Peel

Dear Readers, absolutely none of what follows is to be construed as medical advice. 

That said, unabashedly confessing that I am not a medical professional, I do nevertheless have certain, pronounced, herbalist inclinations; and also a cheap Oster blender that I bought several years ago in an obscure little souq here in Quito, off the street, inside through the big wooden doors, past a bunch of merchandise stalls, down a flight of stairs, and to the right -- and there it was, at a price I could afford. Mind you, these sundry facts are positively not mutually exclusive, and not being so, have quasi-medicinally conspired to induce me to commit certain fruits that are of facile obtainment, at least here in Ecuador, to the culinary mercies of the blender's whirling blades. 

And thereby to render a concoction that does wonders for me, my health, my energy level, and maybe my longevity, albeit that I must crucially underscore that I am Dr. Samizdat1618, and not a medical professional of any sort. 

But right to the main point: fruity alchemy, yeah, that's what it is, the good stuff.

And lest I forget, for those who need to see some kind of (allegedly) scientific reference, please see:

In other words, citrus fruit peels --- mandarin orange peels, orange peels, tangerine peels, etc. are loaded with antioxidants and phytochemicals that are very beneficial to human health. I have only recently come to understand just how healthful they are. Probably you have known this all along, but I mostly didn't.

Until very recently I used to throw citrus fruit peels away. 

Big, ignorant mistake! Dumb me. But better late than never.

Now, I have begun eating them. 

In my Oster blender I dice up one babaco, yellow rind and all. Babacos grow like weeds in Ecuador. They are plentiful, nutritious and cheap.

Then I throw in a bunch of mandarin orange peels, and a couple of small bananas. I blend everything up into a mush and drink it down. 

Babacos are loaded with antioxidants. The mandarin orange peels are loaded with antioxidants and phytochemicals. The bananas help with flavor, soluble fiber and some electrolytes.

I may also take a couple of Ivermectin tablets and a hydroxychloroquine tablet along with that, though not every time, just once in a while. 

That's it. 

I repeat: I am not a health professional, and this is not medical advice, but this has done me a world of good. I don't sweeten it with anything. I blend it up and chug it all down, one cup after another.

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Sunday, July 16, 2023

The 1950s Never Ended

It's wearying to think about, but the threat of renewed warfare in and around the Korean Peninsula is somewhere north of nontrivial. 

Please read:

The North Koreans are now warning that the provocative military maneuvers and plans of the U$$A, Inc., and its allies in the region, are driving the situation on the Korean peninsula to the brink of nuclear war. Of course, there is abundant historical precedent for North Korean concerns about the Pentagon's motives. 

So far as I understand, under international law, the Korean War never ended. There has never been a peace treaty. In light of what happened in the 1950s, it is clear that the North Koreans have legitimate, ongoing, security concerns.

Their national security stance simply will not permit the Pentagon to ever again rampage on their soil and kill millions of people, as happened in the 1950s. So they continue to increase their ballistic missile and nuclear arsenal, and to warn of its use if they are attacked.

To say that the standoff with North Korea is fraught with peril is, therefore, a vast understatement.

If I were President of the U$$A, Inc., I would expeditiously conclude a peace treaty with the North Koreans, lift the trade embargo against them, order the Pentagon to cease provocative military drills around the Korean Peninsula, and normalize relations. I would start selling them whatever they want: tractors for their rice fields, diesel fuel, spark plugs, motorbikes, fertilizer, scrap metal, paint, rock salt, kitchen appliances, textiles, shoes, rubber, cement, etc.

But I am not the President of anything, and the guy who allegedly is President, is massively criminally corrupt and dumber than a box of rocks.

Note: the North Koreans do have nuclear missiles with the range to impact targets throughout the western and central Pacific region, as well as the mainland, Lower 48 States of the U$$A, Inc. I take their warnings very seriously. But then I'm not in charge of anything, am I? -- and those who are, are lamentably pig stupid.

300 kt airbursts over San Diego-CA or Chicago-IL or Manhattan Island-NY or Seattle-WA or Washington-DC or Atlanta-GA or New Orleans-LA or Houston-TX or Albuquerque-NM, etc. are nothing to sneeze at, and the North Koreans can probably do that. If the North Koreans fire off 30 nuclear missiles within a 20 minute time-frame, can the Pentagon shoot them all down?

Highly doubtful. Probably 50% of them would/will? get through. North Korean aerospace technology is probably good enough to put nuclear warheads within a one-mile radius (maybe less) of the intended target, which is plenty close enough to do real damage with a 300 kt airburst at 4,000 ft altitude.

If something like that does happen, then a signed peace treaty and security guarantees will look like a very small price to have paid.

As I say, I would engage the North Koreans in serious negotiations, conclude a peace treaty with them, and begin to normalize relations, including opening up trade relations. 

But that's me. I'm just some guy in South America. Obviously there are decision makers in Washington-DC with a completely different mindset, who are deliberately pursuing a policy that risks a nuclear conflict with North Korea. 

They are angling for war. That's clear. If they continue their military incitements, they may well get what they want.

But It's Even Worse Than That

The NATO countries have now concluded their meeting in Vilnius-Lithuania, and the outlook is grim.

For some time I have been saying that t
he Pentagon/USSA/NATO/EU are intending to wage war against half the planet.

But I was well wide of the mark. I was so wrong, and for this I apologize.  The honest truth is that they intend to bring Hell to the entire Earth.

They're swinging for the fence. Presumably, nukes are to be expected.

From what I am seeing, reading and hearing the time between now and about mid-2025 will be extremely perilous. Unspeakably bad things are planned to start one unknown day sometime in that time-frame and run their horrific course.

Satanic demons (Blinken, Nuland, Austin, Biden, Macron, Sunak, Scholz, Zelensky, Stoltenberg, etc.) are in charge and they will stop at nothing: ecocide, genocide and planet-cide.

Washington-DC is Satan's right-hand murder machine. Brussels is not far behind.

They're all in on bringing Hell to Earth. Over the next 700 days days things look set to go from very bad to Satanically HELLISH.

This is not government by any stretch of the imagination.

It is a forthright, Satanic Hell Council.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

NATO Today Laid the Ground For War Against Russia

NATO today laid out the schematic for its intended war with Russia. The following article is in Greek, but click the English-language tab in the top right or the small icon at the far right-end of the address bar to get the English translation:

The article is a little long, but it conveys that NATO has now arranged the battle plan for war against Russia, and that the Russians understand that war with the EU/Pentagon/NATO is coming. 

Among other things, 400,000 NATO troops in Europe will be put on alert in a Rapid Reaction Force.

I don't know what to say other than that if things don't take a turn for the better, and very soon, an extremely serious war is going to happen. Obviously, tremendously violent combat will occur in and around the European region, but this is a conflict that will not be confined to Europe; oh, no, it will absolutely cross the seas to the U$$A, Inc. 

The Russians have said again and again that their retaliation will go right to the decision centers of the Western Powers. That certainly includes cities and military bases in Europe, and in the U$$A, Inc.

Very Dangerous Days Are Coming

Last night I had another vivid dream. It was so active, with so many moving elements, that it was difficult to understand it all, but the essence of it was that three cities were turned into raging infernos, or will be. It seemed to me that they were possibly in Europe, maybe in the Low Countries: Brussels? Rotterdam? Antwerp? Amsterdam?

Or perhaps Ramstein? Strasburg?

Something like flaming gasoline was thrown on them from the sky. Searing flames fell down on them from out of the sky. They burned fiercely, with unquenchable fire. They instantly became huge, roaring blast furnaces. Nothing would/could/will? survive that. What I saw would/will? fry the very sidewalks into crumbling powder.

In a previous night's equally vivid dream, I was shown three nuclear detonations. I don't know where. I was in the action, up close and personal, with the atomic fireball(s) savagely swirling and boiling all around me. This was obviously not a physical reality, but mental, spiritual. No mortal being can possibly physically survive a nuclear detonation or atomic fireball. 

The Russians keep pointedly warning that past a certain point they will attack the NATO/EU decision centers. Their A.I., "dead hand" war program may have already decided the day and hour that the Russian military retaliation is unleashed. Only the Russian Battle A.I. knows for sure. If so, it would certainly include:


... at a bare minimum.

As one of my readers recently wrote to me: "You can run, but you can't hide!!"

Though in my case, I'm not really so much frightened, as I am resigned to it all. I have less and less fear all the time. Things are as they are, and so they shall be, for better or for worse. 

A great many will inevitably die. Those of us who survive will do our best under very difficult circumstances, and continue on.

Karma, good or bad, always returns to the sender, in the same degree and amount with which it was sent forth. For that reason, the U$$A, Inc. has no future. None at all, and I realize that the bulk of my blog readership is in the U$$A, Inc. 

So sorry, Dear Readers, but incomprehensibly grim days are coming.

From multiple sources in different countries I am/have been reading, hearing and (being) told that it all comes crashing down, for and in the U$$A, most likely sometime in 2025, and maybe even before.

You know, the rain, the heat, the droughts, the crop failures, the floods, the dollar crash, the political crash, the economic crash, the ever increasing vak$ting mortality, the supply chain failure, the worsening crime, the narcotics addiction plague, ......

Whatever the Russians or Chinese may do will only be the coup de grâce to a so-called "country" already well into its death throes. It's already over, everything but the inconsolable weeping. So much promise, so very much, and all for naught, going down to utter, self-inflicted ruin.

Ever since I was three years old I have known this was coming. For 65 years I've tried to tell people, in all kinds of ways, but so few have wanted to hear it, least of all the "geniuses" at the Pentagon and CIA.

Last one out, turn out the lights.

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Friday, July 7, 2023

This Is What It All Gets Down To

I know that many of my readers are aware of this religious conflict in the Christian Churches today (please read the brief story at the link):

I w
ill say at the outset that I don't currently attend any church, and haven't for decades, but I have read the Christian Bible and the New Testament is quite clear: it does not support the WYXZGPVHLRQUT+ agenda. It is squarely opposed to it. The Old Testament is even more forthright: "Yea, ye shall bash them with rocks, and fling their carcasses to the beasts of the field," or words substantially to that effect. (Please note that I am not advocating that kind of violence, but it is the sort of thing that is to be found in the Old Testament.)

Any so-called "Church" that takes up or defends the WYXZGPVHLRQUT+ agenda may be many things, but it cannot be a Bible-based Christian church, because neither the Bible nor Jesus Christ promote(d) or support(ed) that agenda. Just do/did not. It's not biblical. Jesus said and taught many things -- but he conspicuously did not teach and promote the WYXZGPVHLRQUT+  gaf-drag agenda, neither is it supported by the Bible.

I often read the writings of the Christian prophets of today. There are many of them on the Internet. Over and over they are receiving messages from God and Jesus in their meditations and prayer time, having to do with the deep wickedness of the WYXZGPVHLRQUT+ agenda, its ungodliness; and that the U$$A, Inc. is far more wicked than were Sodom and Gomorrah -- on that count alone -- and that its cities will therefore be destroyed by fire, that the entire country will be brought down in one, near-future, unimaginable hour. The U$$A, Inc. will be the epicenter of Hell on Earth. Many people are inwardly receiving this message in words, auditions and visions. 

The Bone Lady, for example, who visited me in 1958 and blew my little-boy mind wide open, first alerted me to the coming time of terrible destruction and horror. I am still extremely mindful of what she revealed to me. 

No worries, everyone will find out exactly who The Bone Lady is and the full import of her message, whether in this world or in the Life to Come. Her message to me essentially had two sides: one side is unimaginably good, and the other is grim beyond the power of words to express. It all depends on aggregated personal choice: which way does Humanity decide to go? Here are the two choices:

>> Satan?
>> unending warfare?
>> abortion?
>> fa@@ot-fr@cking each other up the a@@-tra@@y- and gaf-drag shows for kids?
>> burning down/cutting down the great forests?
>> chemtrailing the skies with harmful chemicals?
>> rMNA BigPharma "vaccine" global democide?
>> forever chemicals in the snow, rain, food and household products?
>> runaway radioactive contamination of the biosphere?
>> heavily crashing global ecology?
>> genetic engineering of plants, animals and humans?
>> ruinous, debt-based, central banking?
>> global narcotics trafficking?
>> global, demonic human trafficking?
>> Satanic secret societies?
>> massively criminally corrupt government?
>> demonic espionage agencies -- CIA/FBI/Mossad/NSA/DIA/MI-6, etc.?
>> millions upon teeming millions of so-called "people" (and you and I know many individuals who fit in these categories and agencies) who actively collaborate with all of the foregoing -- or actively work to make these things happen?
>> and much more .... all of which is destroying natural Humanity and the Earth.

This is the path that Humanity is MASSIVELY on right now. As Jesus said: "The gate that leads to perdition is large, and the way is broad, and there are many who enter by it."

or the other way .....

>> Jesus!
>> Praising the Creator!
>> Global peacemaking!
>> Arrest and imprisonment of warlords!
>> Massive, global, environmental remediation movement!
>> Global tree-planting initiative!
>> Global sea cleaning initiative!
>> Global nuclear arms abolition!
>> Global nuclear technology shutdown!
>> Massive global shutdown of human trafficking!
>> Global shutdown of most of the chemical industry -- plastics, chemical food additives, nuclear technology, uranium mining and refining, agrichemicals, so-called forever chemicals!
>> Global ban on chemtrailing!
>> Global shutdown of the WHO, WEF, NATO, U.N., etc. !
>> Global shutdown of interest-bearing, debt-based currencies like the euro/yen/dollar/pound, etc. and the central banks which issue them!
>> Global ban on A.I.!
>> Global ban on genetic engineering technologies!
>> Global debt jubilee for 99.9% of the Earth's population from oppressive banking!
>> Global disclosure of the UFO and E.T. presence on Earth and in this solar system!
>> Global disclosure of the multi-trillion dollar, criminal corruption and public criminal trials on live TV of the so-called "Global Ruling Elites"!
>> Global crackdown on narcotics trafficking and associated criminal syndicates!
>> Global promotion of free energy technologies!
>> Global promotion of natural medicine and healing modalities!
>> ... and more.

Clearly, Humanity has NOT to this point chosen this second path.

The money is waaaay too good for many millions of so-called "people" in the first, highly Satanic, negative category. I mean, there are lots of people pulling down hundreds of thousands, or millions, hundreds of millions, in some cases even billions, scores of billions, or hundreds of billions of dollars/euros/pounds/yen/rubles/yuan/pesos/shekels/riayls, etc. -- some of whom, and I know it to be so, are occasional or regular readers of this blog.

But mind you, among Jesus' many pithy sayings are such gems as:

No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.

We really must choose between the way of Jesus or the Satanic way of the world. One or the other.

Every last one of us, I and every single other individual on this planet, will stand one-on-one before Jesus and account for every second of our lives, whether sublime, laudable, good, indifferent, bad, ugly or reprehensibly, willfully, Satanically demonic. We will all give an accounting for our personal expenditure of our quantum of life and consciousness.

In my partial, fleeting, brief, limited interactions with Jesus, I have perceived him as being the Divine Template for Humanity. He is Magnificent, Majestic, Regal, Authoritative, Unabashedly Masculine, Powerfully Strong (he's no soy boy), Supremely Confident in His Own Skin, Totally Personally Transparent, Without Guile Whatsoever, Very Human, Marvelous, Glorious, Radiant, Extremely Positively Oriented, All Knowing, Genetic Relative Of All Humans/Compatible DNA.

We will all stand before this peerless, unbelievably alive, capable and hyper-conscious Being, Jesus Christ, our Divinely Created Genetic Brother Template, who so deeply loves us, and wants us to join in exquisite union with him, to praise God, to willingly acknowledge the primacy of God, and to treat the Earth and the rest of Humanity with kindness and respect.

It's strange, I know, the idea that the Creator pays attention to what is going on in the Creation (sarcasm); and whether it accords with the Divine Plan for Creation, and whether it is good or bad fruit; and whether to pitch it onto the cosmic garbage heap to rot, or not.

But Humanity has so far chosen not to go up the Jesus path. Look around the world, and what do you see? It's disappointing.

This is what ayahuasca repeatedly showed my deceased friend, Greg Caton, in recent years. It really rubbed his nose in it, over and over and over. For stubbornly, willfully, repeatedly rejecting Jesus and God, the U$$A, Inc. is going to be: Obliterated. Smashed. Hammered. Splintered. Destroyed. Burnt. Wiped from the pages of history. The annihilation will be stunning, total. He was shown so many corpses that it will be impossible to bury them. Think the bombed out/burnt out devastation of Berlin in May 1945 or Richmond in 1865 or Hiroshima in 1945. But the entirety of the Lower 48 States, not just a city or two.

Furthermore, ayahuasca repeatedly revealed to Greg Caton, as it has also been revealed by God and Jesus to many Christian prophets, that the divine/karmic judgment has already been rendered: the U$$A, Inc. is massively guilty of crimes against God, and God's universal divine order, and will be struck down.

What remains is the penalty phase which will be merciless beyond belief, and unrelenting karmic payback for: 

** 60 million aborted babies in the past 50 years 
** unknown millions dead in the trans-Atlantic slave trade in past centuries 
** many millions dead in the CIA/BorderPatrol/FBI/DHS/Pentagon/Satanist human trafficking in our era
** unknown millions killed in nearly non-stop warfare/invasions/occupations/massacres/coups d'etat for the past 200 years 
** millions killed in the ruthless, global narco-trafficking in which the Federal agencies are massively involved: CIA/DEA/Pentagon/FBI/Customs/Border Patrol, etc.
**  billions plunged into unimaginable, grinding poverty due to the imposition by force of the U$$A, Inc. slave-dollar economic system on country after country 
** many millions of children relegated to starvation and death by the merciless U$$A, Inc. slave-dollar economic system imposed on country after country over the past century

Many of the Christian (sic) Churches in the U$$A, Inc. (and in a lot of other countries) are silent, or very nearly so, about most of these things. They are oblivious. I know this to be true by direct observation. I've probably been in about 1,500 "Christian" Church services, in multiple denominations -- until I stopped going many years ago. 

The U$$A, Inc. is going to be mercilessly pounded.

I, too, have been inwardly notified that judgment has already been rendered. The penalty phase will be bone shattering and history changing.

Greg Caton and many of the Christian prophets have been shown incoming waves of nuclear missiles onto targets in the U$$A, Inc. In my deep dreams and occasional visions I have also been shown nuclear missile launches and nuclear blasts. Apparently, that will be just part of what is in the pipeline.

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Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Hunter's Stash Found In White House Library!

Well, now, it didn't take long for the story about the cocaine discovered in the White House to pop up in the South American news media. See, for example:

Encontraron cocaína adentro de la Casa Blanca

Up until now, the Secret Service and the legacy news media have covered for Hunter Biden's multitudinous crimes -- evidently hundreds/thousands? of crimes, many of them major felonies of the most serious sort that would net a "normal" person decades or even centuries of prison time. And it all got swept out of the legacy media news cycle and out of the police agencies' "to be arrested and jailed" inbox.

Until now.

Clearly, something has changed. This is the kind of story about the so-called "ruling elites" that in past years and decades would routinely never see the light of day.

But not this week. We'll see how things develop. 

Maybe Hunter welched on the "Big Guy," you know, failed to pay the crucial 10% -- or something -- and the "Big Guy" decided to throw the little whelp to the sharks?

You never know. In any event, I'm thinking that this little bombshell of a news item that has gone international should be slotted into the "ongoing collapse of government" file. 

It reminds me of the criminally corrupt hijinks of the ruling political class in ancient Rome, 1,600 years ago, as things fell apart.

But relax! Things are just getting started. There is far more to come, rest assured.

And, yes, the U$$A, Inc. is one of the major markets for South American narco-traffickers, so Hunter's blow could very easily have come from here -- who knows? -- maybe even in a diplomatic courier pouch straight from Ecuador, special delivery to the White House. I mean, it's the White House, the Secret Service controls everyone and everything that enters the place; or so we are led to believe, so it has to be an inside job, right?


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Sunday, July 2, 2023

The Fourth Reich Shows Its Fangs (It Ain't Pretty)

One of my readers recently sent me the following:

"I was just concluding my morning meditation when I saw through a cloudy
haze a tunnel and it took me through to an opening similar to the ones
outside the opening in Area 51 and others in your books.

"Then, all of a sudden, I saw all these tanks coming out of that opening and
men in military uniforms but they were similar to WWII Nazi uniforms and
I understood that the US was being invaded by the 4th Reich."

This is a fascinating, revelatory vision. My interpretation is that it reflects the hard, historical fact that World War II did not end the way that we have been taught in school. In reality, while the NAZI Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, Gehlen Org, SS (Schutzstaffel), the Ahnenerbe, Todt Organisation and Wehrmacht were militarily overwhelmed in the closing phases of World War II, important elements of all of them were taken over and incorporated into the Deep State structure of the militarily victorious Allied Powers, nowhere more so than in the case of the U$$A, Inc., which is factually not a country at all (and never has been), but is a devious, brutal, ruthless, Satanic corporation in the service of dark, demonic forces.

This resulted in the U$$A, Inc. becoming a hybrid-NAZI structure in every way. As more people are now beginning to realize, the U$$A, Inc. is, indeed, a military dictatorship, masquerading as a "free, democratic, open" society and government, when nothing could be further from the truth.

In all honesty, the U$$A, Inc. is a heavily controlled, authoritarian system, in very rapid transition to a harsh, all-encompassing totalitarian system that beggars belief.

In other words, the U$$A, Inc. thoroughly merged with the remnants of the Third Reich decades ago, and has been progressively transforming itself into the Fourth Reich ever since. The secret underground and underwater bases and tunnels that I have written about in my books have been a big part of this decades-long, red-white-and-blue, totalitarian-NAZI project.

And now the red-white-and-blue, totalitarian-NAZI project is quickly being rolled out in big chunks at a time: 

a) 5G telecommunications/cell phone technology
b) mRNA vak$ting DNA-altering nano-technology
c) genetic engineering and alteration of plants, animals, food and Humans
d) LTGKRBHQUDVSW+ Human-species-extermination-technology
e) biosphere killing technology (e.g., torching of the massive Canadian forests)
f) massive chemtrailing projects
g) global destruction of free speech
h) global destruction of free and fair elections
i) global destruction of the free and open news media
j) global destruction of agriculture 
k) global imposition of an A.I./QR-code/Mark-of-the-Beast System of social, political and economic control
l) global imposition of a mandatory, digital, central-bank-monitored currency
m) mandatory, global vak$ting/digital-bank-account/Internet access/national ID number/passport to do anything: travel, buy food or anything else, work, use a telephone or the Internet, have a bank account, get married, have children, use the toilet, buy a vehicle, get a fishing license, build, own or use a radio of any kind, etc.

... and I get really tired of enumerating all the ways in which the Earth's biosphere and Humanity are rapidly being killed off and/or enslaved into a body, mind and soul, totalitarian-MATRIX-prison-system designed to be 100% escape proof.

In brief, what is being set into place is a global, Satanic techno-prison, from which escape is not possible, neither mentally, physically, economically, socially, nor spiritually. More and more people are grokking this, or at least parts of it, but so far not enough have awakened to prevent its implementation.

To say that it is beyond severe is a tremendous understatement. It is HIDEOUS.

I was first shown this plan in 2012. That is the intended destiny of Humanity and the Earth, on the part of the Satanic, cesspit scum at the World Economic Forum, United Nations, World Health Organization, Council on Foreign Relations. Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove, European Union, etc. 

This global system is being installed right now. Those who do not want this must resist now, must opt out now, must speak out now, must stand up now, must object now, must oppose this now.

Or else it will be so. If anyone reading these words does not want this system then you must do the following:

unplug from electronic banking
unplug from cell phone technology (yeah, throw the iPhone in the garbage where it belongs)
refuse all vak$tings
refuse to use QR-codes
do not use Chat-GPT and similar A.I. programs
plant a few trees, pick up litter, plant some wildflowers
speak out against totalitarianism in government, the economy, on the Internet
advocate for natural sexuality and against Satanic XYZQBTLHG+ insanity
don't participate in warfare
don't kill and steal
chant holy names/pray to God and Higher Order Beings like Jesus Christ

Unfortunately, by the hundreds of millions and even billions, the Human race is so far acquiescing to the evil, totalitarian agenda. The Human race is cooking its own goose. It's very sad, but deeply true.

Here's What Will Happen (And Is Already Happening)

In recent weeks in Ecuador, the National Police have purchased 24 million rounds of pistol and rifle ammunition. Imagine that! -- in a small, poor, South American country the cops are loading up on 24 million rounds of ammunition. They have already taken delivery of 5 million rounds, with 19 million rounds yet to come. It doesn't take a genius to see that the National Police are preparing to do a lot of shooting. Against whom or what? -- well, you fill in the blanks.

For just one example, look at what is happening in France right now, with mobs rampaging in the streets, and the cops under siege. As the dollar and other fiat currencies (like the euro) collapse, the social, economic and political order will fray and come right apart. Not to worry, that is coming soon to a country near you; if not this year, then in 2024 or 2025. The National Police in Ecuador know this, and they are preparing to defend The (Very Criminally Corrupt and Incompetent) State; that's why they are right now taking delivery of 24 million bullets; and that's quite apart from how many millions of rounds the Ecuadorean Army might also be stockpiling.

At the same time that the National Police in Ecuador are transparently preparing for major societal unrest, I continue to see unexplained truck convoys under military grade security escort on the major highways and avenues in the Quito area; traveling fast, sirens blaring, no markings, no license plates, tinted windows, with unknown cargoes that are clearly of very high value, in light of always being escorted in front and behind by military grade security. 

I sometimes see the trucks parked inside the gates at the Central Bank of Ecuador, so logically they are in use by the Central Bank of Ecuador; which like the Federal Reserve Bank in Washington-DC or New York City, is not an agency of any government, but is a South American subsidiary of the Federal Reserve Bank in the U$$A, Inc.

As for what is in the trucks, my best guesses would be:

** tons of cocaine
** tons of shrink-wrapped $100 bills on pallets
** tons of bootleg gold mined/discovered in the jungles and mountains of Ecuador
** exotic archaeological artifacts discovered/dug out of the jungles and mountains of Ecuador
** unknown VIP entities/individuals traveling incognito into and out of Quito
** human slaves/children/young people/others intended for Satanic sacrifice rituals
** other unusual possibilities that do not occur to me

With respect to the bullet point list above, I would note that there is massive, industrial-level, illegal gold mining taking place in Ecuador. Missing person flyers for disappeared people of all ages and both genders continue appearing in Quito and other cities and regions throughout Ecuador. The country is awash in narco-trafficking and international shipment of cocaine by the many tons, principally to the U$$A and to European distribution points like Belgium (where do you think that V. Zelensky obtains his cocaine stash? -- it gets flown in by NATO from Belgium, special delivery!). The government in Ecuador is thoroughly criminally corrupt and incompetent, at all levels. The Central Bank of Ecuador does have in its vaults a repository of many thousands of ancient archeological artifacts, some of them very unusual and anomalous, that have been found in Ecuador. Why? Because it is the self-arrogated job of the world's central banks to control economies, societies, historical narratives and other factors of which the global population remains completely oblivious.

In other words, it is a certainty that the Central Bank of Ecuador is secretly, illegally transporting cargoes that correspond to every single bullet point on the list above: human slaves for horrific, Satanic, blood ritual sacrifice; millions of dollars of dirty cash to pay off Satanic, criminally corrupt public officials in the civil government, military and police; priceless archaeological artifacts for sale on the international black market; VIP entities/individuals who cannot be publicly seen, because their activities in Quito are so ghastly and repugnant; tons of illegal gold and cocaine used as currency, as payoffs, because: a) the dollar is so worthless these days that no one wants it, and b) the government of Ecuador, in any event, is so deeply in debt to the Chinese and others (by the many billion$) that it has no dollars at all to pay anyone for anything, so it secretly sends them tons of black market cocaine and bootleg gold, or maybe hundreds of gallons of adrenochrome, etc. 

How can all of this take place, without the public at large being wise to it?


Police, espionage, military and paramilitary agencies are all in on it. Government ministries and agencies are involved. Central Banks, transportation (truck, railroad, airline, sea and bus lines) and shipping (air, rail, truck and sea) companies are deeply complicit. Immigration and customs agents/agencies take bribes, receive a percentage of the action and/or look the other way. Organized crime syndicates are up to their eyebrows in all of these things. The initiatic, Satanic, secret societies that pervade the control structure of this Earth realm are BIG TIME players in all of these things. Their demonic tentacles stretch virtually everywhere on this planet.

And-- the major newspapers, major Internet platforms, television networks, radio networks, major magazines, Hollywood, Madison Avenue, the fashion industry, the major stock exchanges (New York City, Chicago, London, Shanghai, Tokyo, Frankfurt, etc.), the major religious institutions, the universities -- are all involved in the cover up. 

Don't believe me? Want some evidence? 

O.K., go to a movie theatre and watch Jim Cavaziel's new movie, which hits the silver screen in a major way this week, on more than 3,000 screens. Here's a trailer for the film:

The Sound of Freedom

Cavaziel is exposing only one small part of the child trafficking criminal network in just one region of Latin America. The really dismaying thing, however, is that what is going on is planet-wide in scope; it's not just in Latin America, and children are not the only victims. I see missing person flyers even for Alzheimer's patients in their 80s. They go to the corner store and -- poof! They evaporate, never to be seen again. For the answer to their disappearances, look to the list of evil operators, vile agencies and Satanic organizations that I have fingered above. 

It's alarming. I have been privately told that the number of missing people annually is on the order of 800,000. But based on the many reports/flyers/notices of missing and disappeared people that I constantly see and read in Ecuador, I am prepared to think that the true number may be even higher.

Slavery never disappeared. It's a big business to this very day; a HUGE, very ugly business that snatches people up by the millions into its demonic jaws. How are people moved around? -- in unmarked trucks under armed escort, by bus, by chartered airline, by sea in shipping containers, in vans in the middle of the night, on freight trains.

The great majority of them end up being enslaved under ghastly conditions and/or killed -- for organs, for blood/adrenochrome harvesting, for Satanic human sacrifice rituals and cannibalism. 

This world is a Satanic realm. Monstrous crimes are underway, on a global scale, and the great majority of Humanity remain just as stupid as they want to be.

And by the way, we simply do not know what is happening in the secret undersea and underground bases. Regrettably, it is almost impossible to find out. I know. I've tried and been denied at every turn. Those who do know remain silent, to their everlasting discredit.

In No Particular Order

Based on the totality of the reading that I have done, and other information that I have seen inwardly or have had relayed to me privately, multiple of the following series of events are inevitable over the next two, or two and a half years:

** engineered plague(s) -- already taking place
** economic collapse -- already begun
** major problems related to el Niño and other factors -- already begun
** thinning of north pole ice cap -- arctic sea ice
only about one foot thick now
** collapse of the biosphere -- rampant biological extinction now underway globally
** nuclear missile exchange -- the Russians keep warning NATO to back off
** space rock impacts -- have happened in the past, and many are seeing this in visions
** mega-earthquakes -- have happened in the past, and many are seeing this in visions
** super-volcano eruptions -- have happened in the past, and many are seeing this in visions
** E.T. invasion -- E.T.s and UFOs are here now! -- and many are seeing this in visions
** collapse of global agriculture -- already underway
** mass death from mRNA vaccine effects -- already has begun and will worsen
** A.I. war against Humanity and all biological life -- A.I. is already here and is rapidly expanding its presence and control

2024 Elections As Orwellian Group Fart

Along the lines of already begun, systemic collapse, another of my long-time readers wrote to tell me that he is broke (yeah, him, and teeming millions of others, including present company).

I responded:

Broke bloke.

.... (S)oon everyone will be broke, for those who are still alive, so no worries there. Like they say: don't sweat the small stuff ... and it's all small stuff.

From info coming to me from a variety of sources in recent years, months and even recent days, we are now on the bumpy glide path to globally HISTORIC events in 2025; not that the rest of 2023 and 2024 will be boring or uneventful.

It's just that mass death and global turmoil on an epic scale will slam Humanity and the Earth in 2025 -- and maybe even before. You know, things like inbound nuclear missiles, mega-earthquakes, mega-volcanoes, mega-vak$ting mortality, inbound space rocks, government collapse, economic collapse, agriculture collapse, etc.

Billions are probably going to die in 2025, beginning already in the first couple of months of 2025. It looks like there will be a lot of dead bodies, way too many to bury. We are in a programmed reality, and it appears that the programmers, both on and off the Earth, have decided that most of Humanity must soon die, by a whole list of mortal causes.

Maybe something dramatically positive will occur to alter that probable timeline, but as of today that is what is coming towards us full bore. We are 580 days out, and counting. Of course, there will be momentous events in the run-up.

What is coming will be global, though many people keep emphasizing that the hyper-deadly epicenter of the mayhem will be the U$$A, Inc. I have been saying for years that the U$$A, Inc. is going down, very, very hard, and so it shall. was not wrong.

Ecuador will be slammed hard, but the U$$A, Inc. will be annihilated. By mid-2025 it is unlikely to exist anymore. What remains will be unrecognizable. The 2024 elections are just an execrable group fart by an Orwellian swine herd on its way to the slaughterhouse.

RFK, Jr. is easily the best of the presidential field, but even if he somehow manages to win, and is inaugurated on 20 January 2025, he won't have time to do anything. He's likely to quickly be overwhelmed by major events way beyond his control. This assumes that elections take place in the U$$A, Inc. in November of 2024 -- which I don't necessarily assume.

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