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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On

The M7.6 earthquake earlier today near New Caledonia in the western Pacific Ocean, and the M7 a few days ago in Alaska have gotten my attention. In my view, they are quite possibly foreshocks of much larger to come.

I cannot help but wonder if they are perhaps related to a mysterious 20 minute long seismic vibration that traversed the Earth on this past 11 November, triggering sensors all around the world, but without being felt by humans anywhere. Scientists have traced the origin of those anomalous vibrations to deep subterranean geologic movement near the French island of Mayotte, off the east coast of Africa. That region has been the locus of a major swarm of earthquakes in recent months that may presage more powerful seismic or volcanic activity in the future.

Of course, the M7.8 earthquake here in Ecuador two and half years ago is forever vividly impressed on my memory. The shaking of a M7.8 is so bad that I have no desire to ever personally experience what a M8 or M9, or heaven forfend, a M10, feel like. I'm now completely clear on the concept.

And yet, I can't help feeling that the Earth is primed to undergo geophysical upheaval of a sort that no one now alive has ever experienced, where M8s, M9s and even M10s may come in profusion.

My reasons for saying that are based mostly on personal and soft evidence, which I do not, however, discount.

On the contrary, as time goes by I am learning more and more to hone and listen more carefully to my intuition and inner seeing.

I would add, parenthetically, that I have been interested to see in recent years that there are now a great many YouTube videos by people reporting their myriad personal dreams and visions of huge earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, asteroid and comet strikes, nuclear war and even an upcoming pole flip that will plunge the Earth into cataclysmic paroxysms of turbulent chaos.

This is of interest to me because I have seen the same and similar things in my own dreams and visions: astonishingly violent volcanic activity, a pole flip, civilization ending tsunamis and floods, a devastating asteroid strike, massive earthquake activity, multiple nuclear detonations and mushroom clouds, and much more.

I was first alerted about what was coming in 1958, at the age of three years, by The Bone Lady, who appeared to me one memorable spring day on the roof of the family home in Tidewater Virginia. She directly downloaded to my little boy consciousness a reality Gestalt that stays with me to this day: big events, huge events, world changing events would transpire in my lifetime and in my life, and would be of two sorts: 1) the very good and 2) the very bad. The very good having to do with the potential for any individual human in particular, and for all of humanity in general, to manifest the Christ consciousness right here on Earth, to be like Jesus on a daily basis, to transform the entire Earth and society into a loving, vibrant, vital wonderland of joy, peace, harmony and bountiful delight; whereas the very bad would have to do with apocalyptic warfare, ecological collapse, environmental ruin, societal chaos, political and economic failure, plague, famine and general Hell on Earth. That is the choice that we are faced with today. The Bone Lady was precisely right over 60 years ago! Look around the world, and humanity and the Earth stand poised at a giant, decisive fork in the road. Which path will be followed? The time in which to choose is very rapidly dwindling. As of today, most humans have lamentably selected the second, negative path. If that were not so, then the world would be in a very different state than its present, violent, confused and chaotic state.

As the years went by and I grew to young adulthood, The Bone Lady's message slowly receded into the past; until one morning in early 1978, when I happened to be eating breakfast with Robert Monroe's longtime technical assistant and trainer, Chris Lenz, who abruptly, apropos of nothing, offhandedly mentioned to me the upcoming, massive Earth changes that would occur in the early 21st century. His words struck me like a thunder bolt. I instantly knew what he was talking about. I didn't have to ask him to elaborate. In that moment I knew of a certainty, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that I had always known all about what was coming, and had only softened the blow a little by mercifully permitting myself to forget for 15 or 20 years.

Then I sort of forgot about everything again for about thirty years, and went and traveled the world and the USSA, earned four academic degrees in different fields, and immersed myself in everyday life.

And then one night, about twelve years ago, I lay down to sleep. The very second that I closed my eyes and my head hit the pillow, I was propelled upwards in the air and proceeded to bounce violently up and down for about 30 seconds, like a rag doll being violently tossed around. I don't know how to classify such an experience. It seemed completely physically real at the time. It was tremendously confusing. As it was taking place I was very much worrying about possibly suffering broken bones, contusions and sprains, or having my house collapse around and/or on me.  I intuitively, instinctively felt like the core of the planet had just flipped (how is that even possible?) and provoked a stupendous M10+ earthquake that was wreaking unimaginable destruction and geological bouleversement.

After about half a minute it suddenly stopped. I expected to hear absolute pandemonium break loose in my neighborhood. I listened for screams and shouts, collapsing buildings, sirens, barking dogs -- but there was only silence, as if I were in a hermetically sealed vacuum bubble. I could hear nothing.

Gradually, normal sounds of the night and surrounding neighborhood returned. I was left lying there in the dark wondering just what I had experienced and what it might mean. The answer that came to mind then seems valid to this day: my subconscious or the Universe or some other conscious presence gifted me with a foreshadowing, a foreknowing of what is to come. I had been given a brief preview of future attractions, if you will. It was not a vision; it was a full body experience of being wildly slammed up and down, as if the world I knew were coming to a violent, kinetic end.

Within a few years of that incident I relocated to South America, where I still live and intend to remain. In the time I have been here I have had many more dreams and visions.

In one dream, the small town I was living in here in Ecuador was ruthlessly savaged by a monster earthquake that struck without warning. As the ground heaved and tossed with stupendous jolts, a small, frightened boy of about two or three years old suddenly appeared in front of me, squalling in abject terror. I quickly looked around. I could not see his parents or any other adult at all. I had no idea who the kid was, but I knew that if I left him there he was certain to die. I decided that his chances of survival were better if I took him under my wing. I picked him up and threw him over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes and began to head up hill. The hillside was falling away at my heels as I ascended, as if a giant were slicing it away with a knife, like slicing a loaf of bread. My heart was pounding, my lungs were burning as I sucked air, my legs turned to jelly with the exertion, and yet to stop meant instant death, as the hillside continued to fall away at my heels. The dream ended like that, with me headed up slope, a bawling, terrified little boy slung over my shoulder, and the world we knew crumbling to nothing behind us.

In another dream I found myself back in my native, Tidewater Virginia. I was on a horse. It was my horse. I had a bedroll, a few provisions and an old, banged up, but serviceable rifle that appeared to be military surplus of World War I or World War II vintage. I came riding down the Lower Peninsula, through Warwick County to where Oyster Point used to be. There had been some sort of water event, a flood of some sort, or perhaps land subsidence. Some features of the area that I used to know were underwater. There were people there in ragged clothing. They were distraught and anxious. They looked haggard. They had nothing. They crowded around me and my horse, asking questions, desperately begging me for food. I didn't know how to help them. The dream ended there.

Yet another dream took place in southwestern Arkansas, at the Crater of Diamonds State Park. In the dream I was at the lower end of the plowed diamond  field looking for diamonds. That area is a bit swampy around the edges and has a drainage ditch or two. I was surprised to see a couple of feet of water suddenly enter that area. I thought it odd, in that there was no rain. It was a sunny day. So I moved a little bit up the hill, in the direction of the sluice boxes and the pine tree grove, and continued looking for diamonds. About five minutes later I was astonished to see five more feet of water come rolling in through the woods and cover the lower portion of the field. I then grokked that an unusual event was taking place and that I should quickly move to the top of the hill beneath the pine trees. As I started to walk up the hill, a great deal more water rushed in and by the time I reached the pine trees it was over my ankles. The water kept rising. I didn't know what to do, but my survival instinct kicked in. I held on to a large, tall pine tree as the water rose and floated up with it. Within a few minutes the water had risen to the crown of the tree and I was up amongst the boughs. I climbed up through the branches. The water kept coming and rose over the top of the trees. I started to dog paddle, as I looked around for floating debris to help buoy me up. By that point I realized that I was on my own, that the world had just irrevocably, massively, cataclysmically changed and that I was likely to be in the water for a very long time. The thought in my mind as I was dreaming was that the Gulf Of Mexico had somehow flooded hundreds of miles inland and was inundating the lower elevations of Arkansas.

There have been other, recent, vivid,  flooding dreams. In one, I viewed North America as if from near Earth orbit. Florida was gone. The Gulf of Mexico opened directly to the Atlantic Ocean.  The sea had devoured huge amounts of real estate on both the West and East Coasts and run well inland in many places. I could see that a number of major coastal cities had vanished beneath the waves. In the central portion of the Lower 48 states, the sea had run northward, right up into the Dakotas and Minnesota. Roughly between San Antonio and Biloxi the Gulf of Mexico extended northward into the interior of the continent as a vast, inland sea or bay, two or three hundred miles across and one thousand miles long. I recognized that tens of millions of people had been drowned and a huge chunk of the agriculturally productive land of the USSA's heartland was beneath the sea to stay.

Another dream opened like this: I saw a woman sitting in her living room in a bathrobe and slippers, watching television. Suddenly, she had a feeling that she should go to the door and look outside. She got up, opened the front door and stepped outside. What she saw froze her in her tracks. She stood there in open mouthed astonishment. Coming toward her was a monstrous wall of water, steel grey, a thousand feet tall. She stood there transfixed, observing her approaching death. There was no question of running, or jumping in the car to frantically drive away. Her world and her life would decisively end within the next minute or so and there was nothing she could do but accept the inevitable. The dream ended there.

As regards volcanic activity, I have had vivid dreams of spectacularly violent volcanic activity here in the Andean region of South America. I have seen the ground suddenly, unexpectedly open up -- where there previously were no volcanoes -- and multiple, stupendous, volcanic mushroom clouds come boiling up with unimaginable force. 

The pole shift that so many people have been seeing in dreams, visions and occasionally in Near Death Experiences, has also been shown to me. It began with the Sun unexpectedly standing still in the sky one day. After a long time, maybe longer than a day, the Earth began to rotate again, but in the opposite direction, and the Sun then set where it previously used to rise. The immediate aftermath of the pole flip was a deluge of biblical proportion. As I was looking on I thought to myself that such an event must have a mortality rate well in excess of 90% of the human population. Rain drops the size of swimming pools were falling, as the entire, miles high, water column condensed out of the atmosphere in mere minutes and produced rampaging, seething, churning torrents of water that scoured the landscape down to the bedrock. I was with a couple of women who somehow seemed familiar to me. I asked them what was happening. They gleefully exclaimed: "The Earth's poles are changing position!"

As for nuclear war? Well, it would be best for it to not happen, that is clear enough. My regular readers know that I have gone out of my way to peacefully protest and demonstrate against preparations for nuclear war, time after time after time, and have been repeatedly arrested and incarcerated in a long list of jails, prisons and correctional centers in several different states of the USSA, most recently for protesting on a nuclear missile silo at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota in 2010, for which alleged "crime" I spent 100 days in jail, before leaving the USSA to live in South America. Be that as it may, I have repeatedly seen and even been warned about nuclear war, nuclear false flag attacks, nuclear missile launches, and the like. I have repeatedly seen nuclear detonations and nuclear missile launches and always with a sinking feeling of, "Damn! They've gone and done it."

Nuclear war does not have to happen and maybe it won't. It certainly would be best to avoid it-- for the Earth, for all of humankind and for all other life forms on this planet. But only a fool would remain blind to the extensive preparations for nuclear war and the extraordinary level of military tension in the world today.  It's a combustible, parlous situation, for sure. Lamentably, it's the USSA that is pushing so hard for military conflict all over the world and sending its warships, warplanes, submarines, sailors, airmen and soldiers all over the world.

It's a very sad and regrettable state of affairs. 

All I can say is that I was born and reared in Tidewater Virginia. I have lived, traveled, studied, worked, peacefully protested and/or even sometimes gone to jail or prison all over the USSA.

By 2010 I knew everything I needed to know. I saw everything I needed to see.

I removed myself to the southern American continent where I now reside and intend to remain.

More than two years ago I began to vibrate, virtually every day. I continue to regularly vibrate to the present day. Sometimes the vibrations are quite vigorous. About a year ago, there was a M8.2 earthquake off the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico. That same night my body was vibrating so hard that I thought I would start bouncing up and down in my bed, several feet into the air. I wondered if I was going to be imminently slammed against the ceiling of my room. I was awakened out of a deep sleep by the impressive force of the vibrations, which appear to have had both a physical and a nonphysical component. 

I gather that I am harmonically coupling to the Earth's energy field, at a physical and nonphysical level. And, by the way, I am not the only one. There are others; I know for a fact that there are.

I haven't drunk ayahuasca for about a year, due to the dramatic force of the visions the last several times I partook of it. For those who may not be regular readers of my blog, one of my motivations in living in South America is to engage in a vision quest. Ayahuasca has been a big part of my South American vision quest. It is an entheogenic plant, a visionary plant, a revelatory plant that has shown me a great deal, including a lot of things I did not anticipate before hand. But then, that's the point of a vision quest, is it not? To break out of a rut into new perspectives, new knowledge, a new way of life.  To live and learn and change.

As I was saying, the last times that I drank ayahuasca, about a year ago, the visions were so alarming that I have taken a sabbatical, a year-long hiatus. It showed me such great evil in the USSA, and preparations for still greater depths of evil, that it was frankly horrifying. Along with that, and this is the point that I am working around to, for the first time ever, after having drunk ayahuasca dozens of times over a period of eight years, ayahuasca gave me tactile input. It was a surprise to me. It let me feel tremendous vibrations that evidently are coming up from the Earth itself, from deep down below the surface. I could feel them coming from below. mighty vibrations, down below my feet, coming up closer and closer, and then entering my feet and coming up my legs into my body. Terrible vibrations.  And along with the vibrations ayahuasca was showing me the grotesque, hideous, loathsome evil of the USSA, its culture and policies, and some specific geographical places in particular. It was so revolting that my body reflexively spewed and spewed and spewed. I mean to tell you that I hurled uncontrollably. The USSA is so indescribably wicked that I do believe the Earth itself is going to break it into pieces and be done with its immense evil.

The USSA is broken so badly that it cannot be reformed. By definition, evil is incapable of reform, or else it would not be evil. The USSA is beyond salvation. If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that the message of all of my dreams and visions, beginning in infancy and continuing right down to the present time, is that the USSA will not be saved. It is incapable of redemption. The Earth itself, by one means or another, along with allied, powerful spiritual forces, will bring the USSA down; as the USSA has done to so many others, so shall it be done to the USSA.

All of those who mindlessly chant: "USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!" -- will find out the precise nature of that demon whose name they shout and worship, and whose spirit they summon and conjure up.


Saturday, December 1, 2018

George Herbert Walker Bush Dead at 94: He Lived 94 years Too Long

The monster, the hideous, satanic, demonic ghoul; that slimy, putrid, maggot-filled sack of disgusting excrement known as George Herbert Walker Bush has died. And the tributes are pouring in from all quarters.

Here's my eulogy: that foul creature was a USSA Congress monster, a so-called "President" of USSA Global Crime, Inc., a CIA Director of murder, war, torture, human, weapons  and narcotics trafficking and much more. He willfully and consciously committed ghastly, heinous crimes his entire career, again and again and again and again and again. Countless millions of people have been plunged into unimaginable suffering, deprivation, torment and pain as a result of this vile entity's long list of unforgivable, unpardonable offenses against God and humankind:

International, industrial-scale narcotics trafficking for decades
Involvement in the JFK assassination up to his disgusting eyeballs
Traitorous sabotage of the Jimmy Carter reelection campaign (the October Surprise in Iran)
Massive Iran-Contra gun running and narcotics trafficking
Overseeing the savage Reagan Wars in Central America in the 1980s
Beginning the destruction of Iraq via Operation Desert Storm
The attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan
Bush clan involvement in the massive S&L multi-billion dollar money laundering operation

... and those are just the crimes we know about.

His stench-filled, vomit-inducing, satanic reign of murder, slaughter, theft,  death, destruction, horror and indescribable evil is finally at an end.

Good riddance to George Herbert Walker Bush. God help us and countless millions of others for having to suffer under his evil influence for so many years.

There is no Hell pit too deep for such a one as him.