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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Trumpty-Dumpty Will Have A Big Fall

In fact, Trump already completely debased himself last week by inking a ten-year, military arms deal with Saudi Arabia worth $350 billion, essentially equivalent to anywhere from one-third to two-thirds of the Pentagon's annual, publicly reported budget, depending on how you calculate it. He then sank still lower by going to Jerusalem to don a yarmulke and visit the Wailing Wall, thus completing his descent into abject slavery to the Deep State.

Zionist fealty + big war bucks = globalist business as usual, with a heavy emphasis on the "business" aspect.

Because, you see, the USSA is a corporation and has been for a very long time. From the first beginning of the North American colonies established by the British Empire along the eastern seaboard of North America in the early 17th century it has been all about the money. The British Crown chartered the Virginia Company out of the City of London, which not so coincidentally occupies the same "Square Mile" that was established by the Roman Empire as its center of power in Britain 2,000 years ago and named Londinium, and nothing much has changed since. Same square mile, same (now Anglicized) name as 2,000 years ago, same ruthless imperial project of conquest and exploitation.

Fast forward four centuries, and you discover that notwithstanding all the pretentious jibber-jabber about democracy, liberty, human rights and other such highfalutin fiddle-faddle the so-called "United States" are, in reality, a corporation, including all of the subordinate agencies, departments, offices, bureaus, branches, etc. which are all, in their turn, also corporate entities. I wrote about this at length a year and a half ago at the following link, which I urge you to read and mentally digest.

If you explore the information I present, you will come to see that, in reality, there is not a "country" to be saved. The United States is a corporation and has been for a very long time. My research suggests that the Treasury Department, for instance, is a corporation, established in 1803 or 1804. The Senate is a corporation. The House of Representatives is a corporation. The Supreme Court is a corporation. The Executive Office of the President (The White House) is a corporation and the so-called "President" is the "President" or Chief Executive Officer of the Executive Office of the President.

It's all about the money, you see. 

The "loyalty to country" propaganda is carefully designed to fool the peasantry into being loyal to something which, in reality, exists only in their deluded minds. The hard, cold reality of the system as it is is wholly different.

The thing called the "United States" is a business. A very big, ruthless, hyper-violent, psychopathic business. And you are its commercial inventory. You have one or more commercial inventory identifying numbers or codes: military I.D., social security number, passport number, driver's license number, taxpayer I.D. number, etc. So why persist in the fantasy that you have a "country"? - when the harsh reality is that a corporation called the "United States" has you. That's the way it is.

Don't believe me? Didn't read the link? I won't recapitulate it all, but it is set forth in black and white in the fine print of the "United States Code". "Code" -- like computer programmers write code to make sure a computer program operates in a specified manner; same thing -- the United States Code is written to make sure that you behave in a specified manner. The "Code" is designed to ensure that you conform to the "United States" program. It assumes that you are programmable, and in fact, most people do behave as if they have been programmed and are automatons, automatically following a programmed "code." So here is what the "United States Code" says:

§ 3002 - Definitions(15)

(15) “United States” means— 

(A) a Federal corporation;                    

(B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or (C) an instrumentality of the United States.


Right there it spells it out: the "United States" is a "Federal corporation", all of it. That's the foundation of it all. As usual, the devil is in the details, and they are indeed quite devilish, the better to enslave you, of course.

Given the ghastly history of the "Federal corporation" known as the "United States", why would God even want to restore it or save it or "Make America Great Again"? Why? -- so there can be more slavery, more wars, more genocide, more imperial conquest, more economic exploitation, more destruction of the environment?

The vast majority of my readers imagine that they are "citizens" (whatever that means) of the "United States" ( whatever those words really mean). A good many of my readers are also so-called "Christians" (whatever that word means). I wonder how many of them ever reflect on the words that the Christian Bible attributes to Jesus Christ (whom they claim to follow): "My kingdom is not of this world!" and also: "No man can serve two masters ..."

And yet over the last year and a half we have seen that millions of supposed "Christians" (whatever that word really means) have eagerly gone running after a worldly leader to "save" America and restore it to its former greatness (whatever that means). So which is it: do these "Christians" serve Jesus or Donald Trump? They can't have it both ways, not and remain faithful to the "Lord" they seem to want people to believe that they serve. Their own political behavior gives the lie to the "faith" which they claim to profess. Beyond which, their "Lord" is on the record in their own supposedly "Holy Bible" plainly stating that his kingdom is not of this world -- and yet they conflate duty to country, which is actually a "Federal corporation" as we have seen, with obedience to their heavenly "Lord", and never see the self-evident contradiction of their own, blatant hypocrisy.

The Problem With That

Making matters even worse, what it gets down to is that the system cannot even be reformed. Just cannot. The system itself is the problem. The so-called "American Way" is the problem. I think that even a lot of Trumpies are beginning to get that much. Just putting another man in the White House doesn't fundamentally change the system. It's all rotten to the core. I'll go further than that and say that it is profoundly wicked, even satanic.

For that reason alone, I feel no loyalty whatsoever to the "Federal corporation" known as the "United States." For that matter, why should anyone?  

I see it for what it is: an unspeakably evil "red-white-and-blue" monstrosity. 

Here lately, many Trump supporters have taken to saying that Trump is being attacked by the Deep State.

The reality of the situation is this: Trump himself loaded his government up with billionaires, Zionists, NeoCons, Goldman Sachs banksters and military-indutrial-intelligence complex apparatchiks.

And now that he is being sabotaged and treacherously undercut he is crying foul.

Listen to me: he chose many of these people himself!

Even Worse ...

To add insult to injury, he chose to retain corrupt Obama administration hold-overs like James Comey, the Director of the FBI, and Janet Yellen, the Chairwoman of the United States Federal Reserve, to cite but two prominent examples.

Trump then shilly-shallied and dithered for months, only firing Comey when it finally became obvious (to Trump) that Comey's agenda was in league with other nefarious elements of the Deep State who were opposed to a sea change in long-established anti-Russia policies, among other dark agendas.

Trump was elected with a mandate to drain the swamp, but has instead ended up swamping the drain. 

I'm not president of the "United States," and never will be; in fact, it is impossible for people who think as I do to get anywhere near a position of power in the "United States"; but were I to have been somehow elected President my first order of business on day one would have been to draft the following short letter:

"Dear Mr. Comey, thank you for your years of service as FBI Director. This is your last day on the job. Effective with receipt of this letter, please clean out your desk and exit the building. Your services are no longer required or desired. Sincerely, Richard Sauder"

And then I would have appointed someone like Trey Gowdy in his place and ordered him to go after the Clintons, Human Abadin, John Podesta and all of the rest of that rat's nest and to follow the evidence wherever it leads.

I would summarily fire the CIA director and appoint Ray McGovern in his place and have him go after and bring down the massive narco-trafficking, human trafficking, weapons trafficking, and so forth, that the CIA has been engaged in for the past half century.

I would summarily fire the NSA director and replace him with William Binney and have him rudely rein in the unconstitutional spying and sharply pare back the agency.

I would fire general "Mad Dog" Mattis and replace him with someone like General Taguba and have him start bringing the troops home and rolling back the Pentagon's assault upon humanity, starting with winding down the Pentagon's involvements in the Ukraine and Syria, abruptly defunding and disarming ISIS, demilitarizing the Korean peninsula, removing Pentagon forces from Japan and Germnay, etc. I would order General Taguba to reconfigure the USSA military from a global, imperial, occupation force into a smaller force, focused solely on defense of the geographical territory and coastal waters of the USSA.

I would summarily fire Rex Tillerson at the State Department and replace him with Dennis Kucinich and have him immediately initiate a process of rapprochement with Russia, a lessening of tension with China, a collaborative relationship with Latin America, and that is just the first month. 

I would summarily fire Trump's dimwit UN ambassador, Nikki Haley, and replace her with Cynthia McKinney, who is one hundred times smarter, comprehends the world infinitely better, and who actually understands how to speak truthfully.

I would put Ron Paul in at the Treasury Department with orders to issue constitutional money into the economy without interest, i.e., notes based on gold and silver, and gold and silver coins. I would have Trey Gowdy issue arrest warrants against Janet Yellen and Ben Bernanke for running a global Ponzi scheme based on the issue of counterfeit currency, and have Ron Paul to manage the abolishment of the Federal Reserve Bank(s) and the IRS, which is simply a partner in crime, the collection agency, the bag man, for the Federal Reserve's century-long, multi-trillion dollar, money counterfeiting, global Ponzi scheme.

World denuclearization would be a very high priority at my Department of Energy. A strong global initiative to rid the planet of the nuclear scourge as rapidly and completely as possible would be a major thrust of my government. Uranium mining and milling, nuclear weapons, nuclear power reactors and spent fuel pools, nuclear waste dumps -- all of it would be targeted for elimination and clean up, using the best scientific and engineering know-how available.

Massive reforestation would be an urgent policy directive at the U.S. Forest Service, and would be vigorously promoted globally, in cooperation with other governments and tree planting organizations all over the world.

My Agriculture Department and Food and Drug Administration would put an abrupt halt to genetically modified crops and animals. The exclusive monopoly of the corrupt allopathic psychiatrists and M.D.s at the American Medical Association would be terminated, and other healing modalities such as chiropractic, naturopathy, osteopathy, herbalism, Ayurveda, nutrient therapy, therapeutic massage, bioelectric therapy (not the hideous electroshock therapy!)and others would be more fully developed and available.

And so on, throughout all the agencies and departments.

I am perfectly serious about all of this. You see, if all of these things are not done, then we simply continue farther down the disastrous path we are currently traveling, towards a catastrophic crack-up that will wipe people out by the hundreds of millions and billions. That catastrophic crack-up is absolutely baked in the cake, unless the things that I have recommended are done. Lamentably, as it now appears, my recommendations will not be followed.

Trumpty-Dumpty In A Nutshell

Trump is not at all who people appear to believe him to be. Trump is part of the Deep State. Of course he is aware of the FEMA camps and the contingency plans for martial law that have been put into place. He'll be the one to ride herd over the sheeple when he is given the green light by his Deep State handlers.

Not that Hillary would be any different. Same slimy sh*t; slightly different odor. First the controllers play one side, then the other. Back and forth. And the gullible peons continue to vote and pay their taxes, because (allegedly) it's their "duty" (whatever that means).

They don't even know if their vote was counted, and if so, for whom. The black budget is so huge and so secret that no one has any earthly idea what all of the tax dollars are being spent for, and still the people hand the money over to the IRS by the hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars. Complete slaves.

It's all rigged. See?

Trump's White House is in disarray. Does he even have any plan about what to do and how to govern? His government seems to be a chaotic hodge-podge of unrelated policies and whimsical, uncoordinated initiatives -- rudderless, in a word. He himself appears to have no strong, internal guidance of his own. It's bizarre.

Trump is just a multi-billionaire, reality show actor. Once you understand that you are simply watching the "Truman Show", er, I mean the "Trump Show," it all falls into place. Just reflect on the likely fate of Trumpty-Dumpty and it will all come into keener focus. He's like a Mexican piƱata -- notwithstanding that he thinks he's the guy in charge. 

In reality, he's just in there to serve as cheap entertainment, a political foil, a place holder -- and to take the body blows of the news media and the political establishment until he can't take anymore and very publicly self-destructs. It's all content for the daily, political, carnival sideshow. Trump's actually not very street smart -- not nearly as cunning as someone like Hillary or Obama -- but equally as odious. They're all garbage. Why should anyone have any regard for any of them?

A lot of these "high"-level people are medicated, stupid, massively criminally corrupt, members of satanic orders, etc. Trump, Gov. Brown, Bush, Clinton, Obama, McCain, Pelosi, Ryan, Graham, etc. They're there for a reason. They serve great evil.

Trump has already shown that he's simply not up to the job.

Casino businesses and hotels in New Jersey and Las Vegas speak to obvious mob connections. You can't move into the casino business in a big way in New Jersey and Vegas, as Trump did, without rubbing shoulders with mobsters. Just cannot. Casinos are massive money laundering operations. So who did Trump launder money for, and on what terms?

You cannot make ten billion dollars in the real estate business in New York City and not be mobbed up. Not possible.

Trump's mob ties may end up bringing him down. And while that distracting, carnival sideshow noisily plays itself out, plenty of other mischief will be going on just off stage. 

The Deep State has Trumpty-Dumpty exactly where it wants him. Bizarrely, Trump himself has connived to thoroughly ensnare himself in the Deep State's Machiavellian machinations. What comes next, within the coming two, three, four years will not be dull -- not if you manage to live through it.


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