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Sunday, April 24, 2022

Synthetics: How Many True, Organic Humans Are On Earth?

With everybody and his brother suddenly warning about the danger of an imminent, false flag, nuclear or chemical attack in the Ukraine, to be falsely blamed on the Russians (and more than likely sponsored by the CIA/Pentagon/Mossad/MI-6, take your pick) -- please see for instance:

-- it occurs to me to ask: "How much of the dire melodrama that we see transpiring on this planet is being carried out by flesh and blood, organic human beings with divinely created souls?"

I suspect precious little of it.

My long-time readers will know that I originally came to Ecuador 12 years ago on a shamanic, vision quest, which continues to the present day. Some years ago, during an ayahuasca session, I inquired how many "people" on the Earth were organic, natural human beings with divinely created souls.

The answer that I received from ayahuasca rocked me: a small percentage only! 

I was informed that the majority of "people" on the planet today are clones, cyborgs/human-appearing bodies with technological enhancements to animate them, A.I. downloaded into human-like meat suits, if you will, E.T. and/or demonic entities clothed in human-appearing bodies, biological humans that are, nevertheless. mostly empty, i.e., soulless, though they may have a career, family, a high I.Q., money in the bank, they are essentially devoid of a soul-essence, & etc. 

I was stunned. How is that even possible?

But on reflection, it does explain so much: the global, tidal wave of crime of every variety in country after country, rampant alcoholism, drug addiction, the criminal corruption that saturates business, law enforcement, government and finance, massive global human trafficking, war after war, an epidemic of lying in both the public and private spheres, the wicked machinations of the secret societies, alphabet soup and espionage agencies, the slave-like, feeble-minded stupidity of the majority of society, endless propaganda of every sort, nonstop chemtrail spraying, runaway destruction of the biosphere, the genocidal, global mRNA injection campaign, the astonishingly insouciant acquiescence by the masses to rampaging evil in every sphere of society, and more.

I have been impressed by the increasingly short attention span exhibited by so many "people" that I encounter -- 20 seconds, at most. The reason is simple. Nobody's home. If it seems like an awful lot of people are vacuous and immune to reason, it's because they are. They are superficial, vacant, vapid and soulless. It doesn't matter if they have now, or have had a career, or have university degrees and professional credentials. They're running a script and if you get them off of that script, or challenge their scripted program -- whammo! -- the mental portcullis comes violently down, and the mental and emotional defenses are thrown up in your face. You cannot reason with these people. It is fruitless to try, because they are inherently incapable of considering anything other than their pre-programming -- especially if it has made them wads of cash in the comfortable service of deep, systemic evil. Unfortunately, that description fits myriad so-called "human" entities in the modern world: millions and millions of them litter the corporate and government bureaucracies, the Pentagon, military-industrial complex, the CIA, NSA, FBI, Mossad, MI-6, the medical-pharmaceutical complex, the universities, financial institutions, foundations, nongovernmental organizations, advertising agencies, think tanks, mainstream mass corporate media (TV/radio/newspapers/publishing), entertainment (Hollywood/Nashville/hip-hop/rap/professional sports/rock and roll/video games), and so forth.

Empty, soulless "people" obliviously doing spirit- and life-deadening deeds unawares. In many cases, they may feign having a conscience; in other cases they do not even bother putting up appearances. There is no meaningful introspection. If they appear stupid, gormless, anserine, vacuous, shallow, superficial and the like, it's because they are. They're incapable of more. They cannot be changed or reformed. They're running a script.

Whatever the military/Big Pharma/government/corporate mass media tell them, they implicitly believe or obey. They vote in transparently, massively criminally corrupt elections; they send taxes to transparently, massively criminally corrupt tax agencies; they obey transparently, criminally corrupt governmental edicts; they go themselves or send their children to fight in transparently, massively criminally and morally corrupt wars.  They do all these things and more, with approbation, while congratulating themselves for being "good citizens" -- when that whole behavior pattern is the worst sort of demonic sham.

Celestial Receives A Divine Download

Just the other day, Celestial, the Christian prophetess in New York City posted a new blog article that raises the very same points that I have made above.

In her words, she has been shown in what she calls a "dream" from God that there are teeming millions of these soulless entities intermingling with us right now. They are all around us. Some are what she calls "synthetics", others are soulless clones, androids, or what might be called cyborgs, human-like robots, others are genetically human, but lacking a genuine soul essence. They all pretend to be human, and have an outward, human semblance, that can pass in society, or even in a family or marital relationship, but lack an organic, natural "human being or human essence". 

Celestial writes: "They are a VAST NUMBER WITH US and more are being made with every second the technology of the fallen advances." 

You don't believe her or me? Tell me what this is:

I assure you that there are a very great many like it. is it real, or is it a cyborg/clone/synthetic/android/A.I. program running a human meat suit? You don't know and you can't tell. 

Look at the following link. What is it? It sprung out of nowhere some years ago like a mushroom after a spring rain, is allegedly a great genius, and now is by some accounts the richest so-called "man" on the planet. But precisely what and who is it:

You don't know and you can't tell. But it named its child "X Æ A-Xii". What human names their child something like that? Have you ever known anyone at all who has done that? I don't.

Popular culture and the mass media are full of all sorts of clues that things are not as we have been told, not at all as we have been enculturated to believe. I love the following scene from The Adjustment Bureau, starring Matt Damon. The film was adapted from a short story by -- who else? -- Philip. K. Dick, who saw things so very clearly, decades ago! For my purposes here, the first part until about time-stamp 4:30 is most germane, and in most particular, time-stamp 0:30 to 0:45.

Keep in mind that Hollywood is the creation and playground, for the purpose of cinematically programming the mass mind of humanity, of various nefarious vectors such as the CIA, the Pentagon, the Freemasons, Zionists, Satanists, Illuminati, and others. There is, of course, substantial overlap between the aforementioned groups. Many writers have remarked on the predictive programming function that Hollywood feature films perform in the global script that humanity is running.

In other words, this world can be seen on one level as a huge, global, highly scripted feature film starring: Humanity and myriad millions of other, not-so-human entities that try to blend in and mingle, to "enjoy" or participate in the Earth realm, albeit that they are soulless. 

The first four minutes of this video perfectly illustrate that we are in a reality that contains both human and non-human, human-appearing entities, and that this reality is scripted and stage managed to an alarming degree by shadowy agencies that the vast majority of the time do not present themselves to public view, much like the compartmentalized, covert operations of espionage agencies like the CIA, Mossad, MI-6, etc., that very elaborately create a parallel, extremely stealthy,  social reality.

I understand this. Celestial understands this -- or at least a big chunk of it. Philip K. Dick understood this. Espionage agencies and secret societies understand this. Clearly Hollywood, or at least important elements of it, understands this, or feature films like The Adjustment Bureau would not hit the silver screen.

I dearly hope that you, my loyal readers, also understand this.

I have to reiterate that when I first began to drink ayahuasca, 12 years ago, and it began to show me different aspects of this "staged' Earth reality that we are ensnared in, my instant gut reaction was: "Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?" It was fantastical in the extreme.

And yet here we are, for whatever reason(s).

I have a feeling that things may be just about to get even more surreal, as if everything that is going on now were not strange enough -- the war in the Ukraine, the ongoing supply chain collapse, the global, genocidal "injection" campaign, the crashing ecology, the ongoing chemtrailing (yes, even here in Ecuador), looming agricultural failure and imminent famine in many countries, the underway petro-dollar collapse, etc. 

To come to my point, perhaps you noticed, as did I, that a few days ago the following article appeared and was linked to and/or mirrored on a whole slew of websites all over the Internet, by both mainstream mass media and so-called "alternative" websites. 

Humans May Be All Over The Universe, Scientists Say

Talk about predictive programming. I mean this brief article was suddenly flooded everywhere, on website after website after website. Someone or something wanted to implant the idea in the mass mind  -- now, in late-April 2022 --  that humans, or entities that appear human, or human-like, are commonplace in the cosmos.

Now, I happen to believe that this is objectively true. I don't doubt whatsoever that humans genetically similar to Earth humanity, and human-like beings are widespread in this galaxy and beyond. For me that is no stretch.

But why now? Why is this concept abruptly being flooded out to the mass mind now, in April 2022?

I smell something in the works. Are the "controllers", whoever or whatever they really are, about to introduce large numbers of strange, human or human-like beings onto the world stage? Is that what this is about?

I wonder, I really do.

If so, who or what will these beings really be? And where will they come from? From other dimensions? From other planets? From secret, hi-tech, underground cloning or cyborg production facilities?

If such a scenario does occur would these "other" entities have human souls, or would they be androids, biological robots, or human -appearing meat suits biologically engineered from human DNA (whether natural or artificially created) and animated by an A.I. consciousness, say, by a technology something like Elon Musk's, brain to computer, Neuralink brain implant?

Indulge me for a moment, please, if I say that I suspect that all of this may already be set up, and just about ready for prime time. I suspect that this scenario is hard reality now, and the next step is to publicly roll it out. It's here now. They are here now; it's just that so many of us are oblivious and unseeing. 


I greatly need and gratefully accept any and all donations. Everything that we have known in our lifetimes is about to go bye-bye and will never be back again, not ever. I know that I keep repeating this like a mantra, but it is nonetheless true. If you are able and willing to donate I really do need your support at this time in order to better prepare. The USSA is going to get royally hammered, but with any luck, life here in South America will continue on, at least for some of us. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now. Do NOT send PayPal.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

On The Slippery Slope To WW-III: Russia vs. NATO

Indeed, as I projected three weeks ago, the days in the period approximately from 8 to 14 April, were the watershed moment in which momentous change occurred. That is now clear. The numerological and astrological pivot points of 11-12 April were decisive. For whatever reason, events in this Earth realm can be, and are astrologically and numerologically programmed, with the result that the game is now on with a vengeance.

As things stand at present, Russia and Belarus are in a proxy war with the USSA and NATO/EU. Near future, direct, head to head, military conflict between these opposed power blocs is all but unavoidable. It's coming like a freight train barreling down the tracks. It is a war that may well spin off into other fronts and regions, and draw in other combatants as it escalates: China, North Korea, Iran, Israel, South Korea, Australia, Japan, and more.

See, for example Sergey Karaganov's interview 10 days ago with Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera. Karaganov is a long-time, high-level Kremlin advisor, a prominent political scientist, Head of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, and Dean of the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs at Moscow's Higher School of Economics. The interview is worth reading in its entirety, but I would like to select just one exchange from it:

Interviewer: You seem to believe that an escalation of this war to other countries is inevitable. Is that what you are saying?

Sergey Karaganov: Unfortunately it is becoming more and more likely. Americans and their NATO partners continue support of Ukraine by sending arms. If that continues, it is obvious that targets in Europe could or will be hit in order to stop lines of communications. Then the war could escalate. At this juncture it is becoming more and more plausible. I think the Joint chiefs of staff of US armed forces are of the same opinion as I am.

Keep in mind that Sergey Karaganov moves in very high-level political, policy analysis and academic circles in Moscow. He's very plugged in. It is probable that his view is informed by what he has been told by other, high-level, Russian policy planners and analysts. If he openly made these remarks to a major, Italian newspaper 10 days ago, then he is simply explaining what is going to happen next: the war is likely to spread to other countries in Europe. Probable targets will be Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, maybe Lithuania. If escalation by NATO continues then targets in Germany, Belgium, France, the U.K., Greece, Italy, Spain and maybe even the USSA will also come into play.

The sinking of the Moskva missile cruiser several days ago, the flagship of the Russian Black Sea fleet, marked a major escalation of the war, in that it appears that it may have been hit by a Ukrainian anti-ship missile (or two), with targeting assistance from the Pentagon.

The Russian military has reacted with fury, launching heavy barrages on Kiev and other cities, including Mariupol, where heavy bombing today has wiped out the last remnants of the neo-NAZI Azov Battalion that were holed up in the miles of underground tunnels beneath the sprawling Azovstal, steel factory.

Yesterday, the Kremlin also mentioned having captured many NATO military personnel and officers, who it said will be put on public trial at a future date. Also yesterday, there were reports that the Russians shot down a large, Ukrainian military transport plane loaded with western weapons. Evidently this occurred in the Odessa region, in the southern Ukraine.

In other words, NATO is already at war with Russia. Further escalation would seem to be a firm guarantee.

Right on cue, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned just two days ago that the world should prepare itself for the possible use by Russia of nuclear (or chemical) weapons in the Ukraine. As he explained: “Not only me — I think all of the world, all the countries, have to be worried, because it can be not real information, but it can be truth.” 

What does that garbled, word salad even mean? It sounds like the raving of an unhinged mind, that should not be taken seriously -- except for the fact that the day before, CIA Director William Burns explicitly issued the same warning: "Given the potential desperation of President Putin and the Russian leadership, given the setbacks that they’ve faced so far militarily, none of us can take lightly the threat posed by a potential resort to tactical nuclear weapons or low-yield nuclear weapons."

Translation: Nuclear False Flag Attack In The Works

In my view, Zelensky is simply singing the refrain to the nuclear false flag attack(s?) plan that the CIA/MI-6/NATO/EU/Pentagon have spun up for the Ukraine. My reading of the Russian war in the Ukraine is that the Kremlin does not desire to cross the nuclear threshold, but the Western alliance does. The Western alliance wants to goad Russia into a much wider war, and to do that is willing to stage one or more nuclear false flag attacks, to force Russia into a far more serious conflict. False flag attacks have been used by the USSA for centuries as a fraudulent casus belli to go to war against other countries. This time will prove to be no different, trust me on that. If the USSA/NATO/EU cannot provoke Russia to the first use of nuclear weapons, they are perfectly capable of employing nukes themselves, and then falsely accusing the Russians of what they have themselves done, in order to get their desired war.

The End Game Objective

The goal is to destroy Russia, to smash it, to splinter it into many smaller pieces under the control of the USSA/NATO/EU, the better to plunder its immense resources and infrastructure-- gold, diamonds, timber, fisheries, petroleum, natural gas, coal, agricultural lands, rivers and lakes (fresh water), seaports, canals, railroads, and more, which by some accounts amount to a value of $75 trillion in the aggregate. A very tidy sum, I am sure you would agree.

Rest assured that what is happening in the Ukraine right now is but the opening salvos of a far bigger war that will expand to engulf much of the northern hemisphere in the months and years to come. This is a winner-take-all cage fight to the death, in which the stakes are ownership and control of many tens of trillions of dollars of natural resources and infrastructure, vast, continental tracts of northern hemisphere real estate, and the future political-economic governance of Humanity and the Earth.

The Kremlin knows all of this. Just this past Friday it sent a formal, diplomatic note to the USSA State Department warning it not to send further weapons to the regime in Kiev, stating that there could be unpredictable consequences, should it continue to arm the Ukraine.

My prediction: the USSA/NATO/EU will arrogantly continue to ship weapons into the Ukraine, and also to insert NATO/USSA military personnel into the Ukraine, with the result that past a certain, presently unknowable point, the Kremlin will unleash unpredictable consequences, above and beyond whatever is going on now.


I absolutely need and gratefully accept any and all donations. Everything that we have known in our lifetimes is about to go bye-bye and will never be back again, not ever. I know that I keep repeating this like a mantra, but it is nonetheless true. If you are able and willing to donate I really do need your support at this time in order to better prepare. The USSA is going to get royally hammered, but with any luck, life here in South America will continue on, at least for some of us. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now. Do NOT send PayPal.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

A Civilizational Clash For The Ages -- We've Crossed the Rubicon

April 11-12 have not disappointed. Right on numerological and astrological time, NATO Reichsminister, Jens Stoltenberg, de facto declared war on Russia this past weekend. If there were any doubt before, Stoltenberg swept all of it away in an aggressive, war-mongering interview with The Telegraph, that made clear NATO's plans to continue funneling weapons to the neo-fascist regime in the Ukraine, in tandem with a fundamental "reset" of NATO, with a beefed up presence on its eastern border with Russia. Speaking directly about the war in the Ukraine he said:

.... (A)llies are stepping up delivering many different types of weapons. ..........(W)e have a wide range of different types of support from different allies depending a bit on their inventories, their capabilities. But I urge allies to do more, and all allies realise the urgency.

Stoltenberg: NATO planning large, permanent military presence on eastern border

Jens Stoltenberg: We need a beefed-up Nato to face down threats to European security

Jens Stoltenberg is, thus, forthrightly trumpeting NATO's involvement in the Ukrainian conflict, in direct opposition, by the way, to Vladimir Putin's warning only several weeks ago that other countries should not militarily intervene in the Ukraine. Moreover, with his choice of vocabulary, Stoltenberg comes very close to calling the Ukraine a NATO ally. He implies it, without however directly stating it as a fact. But that cat is long since out of the bag, and whether or not the Ukraine is ever officially admitted to NATO membership, the alliance is already behaving as if it has been, making the issue all but moot, as military reality on the ground surges forward of its own momentum.

Now, Then, About Those NATO Officers Trapped in Mariupol ....

The Internet rumor mill has been positively atwitter over the last week or so about a large number of foreign, military personnel trapped in Mariupol with the hemmed in remnants of the so-called Azov Battalion, the ruthless, neo-NAZI force that has been attacking ethnic Russian forces and towns in the eastern Ukraine for the last eight years. The regular, Russian military and ethnic Russian forces from the Donbass have now trapped thousands of these Azov Battalion fighters within Mariupol, and are slowly tightening the noose on them, as they run out of food, supplies and ammunition.

The destruction of these Azov Battalion fighters is a foregone conclusion at this point. They will be defeated, and taken captive or killed. That's beyond question. Overwhelming military force is gradually taking them down, day by day.

But as the Russian military operation progressively unspools, other information has come to light: large numbers of foreign mercenaries are embedded with the neo-NAZIs in Mariupol. According to Russian Ministry of Defence spokesman, Igor Konashenkov:

The results of an analysis of radio intercepts show that in addition to neo-Nazi elements from the Azov regiment and the remnants of the Ukrainian armed forces, a significant number of foreign mercenaries are located in the occupied areas of the city .... In addition to Ukrainian and Russian, radio communications are being carried out in six other mainly European foreign languages.

How very interesting! Six other, mainly European, foreign languages. Let me guess, the other "mainly" European languages are: Polish, French, German, English, Turkish .... and maybe Hebrew?

I expect that at some point soon -- perhaps even this week or next? -- we can expect the Russians to overrun the last holdouts in Mariupol, and uncover a viper's brood of MOSSAD/Israeli Defense Force (IDF) personnel, CIA, French Foreign Legion, Bundeswehr military personnel, British SAS, Blackwater/Academy mercenaries, Pentagon Special Forces, and other social misfits and goons of their ilk.

The Russians surely know whom they have caught in their net, just from listening to a couple of weeks of frantic, radio chatter. They already know the names, ranks, military or organizational affiliations, and battle plans. They've got these guys on the hook and are slowly reeling them in.

Over the last week, a number of Internet sites have sensationally reported that USSA Army Major General Roger Cloutier, Jr. was trapped with the foreign fighters, and that Russian forces captured him and have him under arrest. On its face, that rumor seems improbable -- but what if? Time will tell if there is any truth to it.

What is known is that over the last week, the Ukrainian military has sent in about seven, frantic, low level helicopter runs to attempt to exfiltrate high level military personnel from Mariupol -- but with little success. The Russian military has shot down all but two of the helicopters. And just yesterday, a Ukrainian cargo vessel tried to run the Russian naval blockade of Mariupol, in an attempt to ferry Azov battalion commanders to safety, but the Russian navy fired on the ship and took it into custody. There is no doubt that the conflict is now reaching a more fraught phase; the military tension is palpably ratcheting up.

This Is A Clash For All The Marbles

Just this past Monday, the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, bluntly stated that:

Our special military operation is meant to put an end to the unabashed expansion [of NATO] and the unabashed drive towards full domination by the US and its Western subjects on the world stage...

Lavrov got right to the heart of the matter: Russia's military operation in the Ukraine is a battle for Russian national sovereignty and security. It is an open ended military operation with the objective of stopping the USSA/NATO/EU in their tracks. It implies that total war lies ahead.

Significantly, Lavrov's remarks came in counterpoint to public statements this past weekend by Josep Borrel, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, who tweeted:

This war will be won on the battlefield. Additional EUR500 million from the #EPF are underway. Weapon deliveries will be tailored to Ukrainian needs.  He added: ... the EU needs to continue to increase its pressure on Russia'. And concluded with: We have imposed massive sanctions already but more needs to be done on the energy sector, incl oil. On Monday, I am convening an EU Foreign Affairs Council #FAC to discuss next steps.

Josep Borrell's words also amount to a declaration of war by NATO, or more accurately, to an imminent, serious intensification of the war that is already underway. 

In recent days, there has also been prominent mention in the international news media of possible NATO membership for both Sweden and the Ukraine in June of this year -- just two months from now. There have also been trial balloons floated about NATO membership for Finland. If these plans go through as have been bruited about in the news media, then expect the Russians to react proportionately.

Make no mistake about it, given events and statements by major players in just the last several days, we have now definitively crossed the Rubicon. War is coming, a really big war. You can feel the seismic, geopolitical shift. A direct military conflict between, at the least, Russia/Belarus and the USSA/NATO/EU is in the offing. It could happen at anytime -- later this month, May, June ... August, September ... November -- but it is coming.

Mind you, the opposing forces in this war that has already begun are both heavily nuclear armed, so mushroom clouds are a real possibility, in Europe and also in the mainland USSA, as well as in/at its overseas possessions and military bases. 

The way things are trending, I believe that when the Kremlin sees that the outbreak of major military conflict with the USSA/NATO/EU is inevitable and imminent, that the threat of a Russian first strike against the Western Alliance will be very real. It could come right out of the blue, with absolutely no warning. It would not likely be a pinprick strike with a few Kalibr or Khinzhal missiles, not at all, quite to the contrary. On the principle of "go big, or don't go at all," the strike would likely be blindingly fast and mercilessly violent. It could be any day from now on, tomorrow, or July 4th ("by the rockets' red glare"), October 31st ("trick or treat"), or November 24th (mincemeat pie ...). I would expect scores of targets to be hit, maybe hundreds: New York City, the Pentagon, CIA-Langley, San Diego, Norfolk-VA,  Laurel-MD, NSA-Bluffdale-UT,  Washington-DC, Bangor-WA, Seattle, San Francisco-Silicon Valley, Albuquerque, Los Alamos-NM, White Sands-NM, Minot-ND, Omaha, Malmstrom AFB-MT, Chicago, Kings Bay-GA, Mayport-FL, Tampa, San Antonio, Cape Canaveral, Groton-CT, Pearl Harbor, Raven Rock/Site-R, Cheyenne Mountain, Newport News, Camp Peary and the Yorktown Naval Annex, the City of London, Brussels, Paris, Ottawa, Berlin, Frankfort, Ramstein, Toulon, Rota, Souda Bay, and many more.

It will be stunningly swift, merciless and ruthless, somewhat along these lines:

Like lambs to the slaughter, most people are in complete denial and ignorance about what is about to happen on this planet. I have said before, and will say again, that we are about to live through a time and circumstances like nothing in recorded history, not since the Fall of Atlantis about 12,000 years ago, a technologically advanced, global civilization that was violently wiped from the pages of history. 


I absolutely need and gratefully accept any and all donations. Everything that we have known in our lifetimes is about to go bye-bye and will never be back again, not ever. I know that I keep repeating this like a mantra, but it is nonetheless true. If you are able and willing to donate I really do need your support at this time in order to better prepare. The USSA is going to get royally hammered, but with any luck, life here in South America will continue on, at least for some of us. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now. Do NOT send PayPal.

Friday, April 8, 2022

Going, Going ..... Gone, Hooked On Meth

Al Profit knows what the deal is: meth. 

It's taking the USSA down. The societal reset is here and it is not pretty. Watch his video on what is happening in Los Angeles.

It's terrible, but I'm here to tell you that it's not only an issue on the Left Coast; it's everywhere, Southern California, rural North Dakota, small town Virginia. It's taking people down by the millions. The jails, prisons, hospitals, insane asylums, skid rows, apartment houses and suburbs of big towns and small are littered with the human refuse of this Satanic, anti-human plague.

Every ugly faction has its hand in the demonic take down: crooked politicians, dirty cops, judges, attorneys and prosecutors, corrupt banks and bankers, criminal cartels, gangbangers, freelance chemists who've turned to the dark side, neighborhood drug dealers -- even some so-called, Christian "churches" and social welfare agencies.

My long-time readers know that I have a history as a nonviolent, anti-nuclear weapons demonstrator. I've been incarcerated in many jails, prisons, detention centers and correctional facilities in multiple states of the USSA for my protests in past years and decades, The charge was always a nonviolent, petty misdemeanor, never anything else; but I was always thrown in with the worst of the worst -- murderers, rapists, bank robbers, drug traffickers, weapons traffickers, barroom brawlers, gangbangers, and others of that ilk.

So I've seen first-hand the issue that Al profit is talking about. I've seen people brought into jail so hopped up on drugs that they have super-human strength, and require multiple guards to restrain them and get them into a cell, where they proceed to scream and screech for hours, and slam themselves against the cell door, over and over again. Completely out of their minds, full of actual, chemical demons.

The drugs that are out there on the streets these days really are a game ender. Society has fallen so low that it cannot be reconstructed. People's minds and bodies are shot, and not a few really are living conduits for demonic forces.

The last stint of jail time that I did in 2010, for a nonviolent peace demonstration on a nuclear missile silo in North Dakota illustrates perfectly the point that I am making. I did 100 days, split between three, different, county jails. I saw plenty in those 100 days.

For example, I was talking with a man in his early 30s one day. I asked him what he did for a living when he wasn't incarcerated. He instantly replied: "I'm a meth dealer." 

I said, "No, that's what you were arrested for; what is your line of work on the outside?"

He remonstrated: "I just told you! I'm a meth dealer. That's all I've ever done." He had been sentenced to 16 years.

Another young man I talked with had driven up to North Dakota from Compton, California with drugs to sell. Not surprisingly, the cops in North Dakota quickly sniffed out his drug dealing and jailed him. Go figure, a Black guy driving around in a car with California license plates, selling illegal, street drugs in lily-White North Dakota. I don't know how he thought that would ever work out well, and it didn't. 

He was distraught, because he was facing 16 years for trafficking drugs, and would miss most of his son's childhood and adolescent years.

For 6 weeks of the 100 days I was jailed, my cell mate was a stone cold, serial killer, a hit man for the Mexican Mafia -- mind you, this was a jail in rural, North Dakota. He didn't brag about it. On the contrary, he was very matter of fact about his kills. It was what he did. Like the guy who sold meth, he was a one man killing machine, in the joint and on the street. He got the contract, he did the hit.

There were many others. One, hulking, 18 year-old was thrilled that he was going to the joint for 7 years. He couldn't wait to be transferred to Federal prison. The prospect thoroughly delighted him. One morning at breakfast he point blank told me that I should go to work for him selling drugs, that he would be my distributor. He was perfectly serious.

Every week in the common area, when the Breaking Bad, hit TV show about a high school chemistry teacher in Albuquerque who became a high-level, meth manufacturer and distributor came on, all the inmates would eagerly crowd the TV viewing area and watch in rapt attention. It was a religious experience for them. They had no higher value.

There was a constant ebb and flow of those guys, coming and going to and from the streets. From what I can tell from the many news stories and videos on the Internet dealing with the drug addiction and drug trafficking issue in the USSA -- meth, cocaine, fentanyl, heroine, opioids such as oxycodone, etc. -- the problem has gotten far worse in the 12 years that I have been in South America. That is also true of Ecuador, by the way, which is beset by a galloping organized crime and illegal narcotics crisis.

The USSA is in an obvious, downward, death spiral. It will not be recovering from its grim fate (and neither will Ecuador and a pile of other countries). Too many people are too far gone for contemporary society to rebound. The so-called "normal" times of past years and decades will not be returning. Not ever.

With widespread famine looming up large on the horizon, as well as a chaotic, petro-dollar crash, an impending v-19 jab wave of major mortality, and an ever likelier prospect of an all out World War-III between the USSA/NATO/EU and Russia/China/Iran/North Korea -- there is no prospect of salvation for the modern generation. 

This modern society has run aground on the reef of its own demonic stupidity. It cannot and will not be fixed. It's over. Something else is getting ready to happen, and it will be ugly.


I absolutely need and gratefully accept any and all donations. Everything that we have known in our lifetimes is about to go bye-bye and will never be back again, not ever. I know that I keep repeating this like a mantra, but it is nonetheless true. If you are able and willing to donate I really do need your support at this time in order to better prepare. The USSA is going to get royally hammered, but with any luck, life here in South America will continue on, at least for some of us. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now. Do NOT send PayPal.