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Friday, November 17, 2017

Have A Holly, Jolly Christmas ...

I haven't posted to my blog for a long while, mostly because I didn't really have anything pressing to say.

There is also the *grim* factor, in that things are becoming so execrable that it's downright unpleasant to regularly write about what's going on in the world.

But what I can say is that in recent weeks I have again drunk ayahuasca, the revelatory, Amazonian shamanic brew. My long-time readers know that my principle reason for originally coming to South America in 2010 was to embark on a shamanic vision quest. I am happy to report that the quest is ongoing! -- and ayahasca has played, and continues to play, an integral role in my continuing process of self-inquiry and exploration of broader reality in every sense.

So it is that in recent weeks ayahuasca, in its considerable wisdom, has seen fit to impress upon me, yet one more time, just how fake and FALSE everything is. It has shown me hours of the most HIDEOUS, GHASTLY, HORRIFIC aspects of this world and this reality that one man can bear to take in. Every corpuscle and fiber of my organism automatically reacted in instinctive revulsion and I was reduced to repeated rounds of vigorous retching and deep sighing as I repeated over and over and over: "It's so false. It's all so false!"

Indeed, I cannot begin to tell you, though I will nevertheless try, how fake, empty and horrifically EVIL it all seems when ayahuasca shines its inner spotlight on the world that we all know and live in.

Let me enumerate some of the fake,  FALSE reality for you:

false money
false economics
false politics
false elections
false history
false food
false agriculture
false entertainment
false sports
false news
false religion
false medicine
false education
false banking
false stock market
false consciousness
false sexuality
false science
false advertising
false law
false justice
false technology 
false government
& etc.

You can easily add to the list yourself. 

What came through for me very clearly, with heavy emotional immediacy, is that things are too far gone to be substantially remedied or reformed at this point.

The current FALSE order of things is irredeemable, cannot be reformed. A deeply negative, satanically programmed, karmically driven, species-wide, planet-wide, probability tree, or decision tree is now self-executing and counting down to a predetermined time zero.

PURE EVIL does not become good, as it were, (or else it would not be PURE EVIL -- see?) and so things will be running their dire course in the coming months and years.

In other words, the whole dynamic is powered by hundreds of millions and billions of deeply programmed, humanoid, meat puppets on largely reflexive, un-self-examined, cumulatively self-destructive auto-pilot, firmly rooted in the numerous FALSE factors that I have listed above.

It boils down to this: humanity has contrived to bring itself face to face with the sum of all its karma. And it will be resolved! It is simply inevitable, because the karmic burden is so darkly heavy. How could it be otherwise after so many thousands of years of warring, slaving, stealing, murdering, lying, exploiting, plundering, looting, torturing, robbing, despoiling, etc.? 

But it's even worse than that. Ayahuasca has shown me unambiguously that  a purely satanic A.I. (artificial intelligence) is now in control on this planet and ruthlessly, mercilessly pushing towards a nuclear war that has been locked in, that is locked and loaded, and is ticking down to nuclear D-Day.

It is very much as if we are pawns caught up in a satanic, ruthless, merciless video game that is programmed to self-destruct. It's like an evil, virtual reality movie reel is automatically unspooling under the ruthless guidance of a demented, homicidally psychopathic projectionist who has locked himself in the projection booth of the global movie theatre and cannot be stopped. 

Look around -- you'll see 7+ billions of ostensibly *human* pawns stupidly marching into a grim future bristling with nuclear missiles, a rapidly collapsing global ecology, ecosystems littered with millions of tons of plastic garbage and toxic chemicals of every description, diminishing fresh water sources, an increasingly poisonous, radioactive environment thanks to out-of-control nuclear technology, a crushing, global debt burden that cannot possibly be paid, rampant criminal corruption in government after government the world over, and much more.

How Do We Get Out Of This Terrible Situation?

A friend of mine to whom I described my visions rejoined: "But, Richard, if there were to be mass repentance and a change of heart by humanity couldn't this all be avoided?" 

To which I can only say: but of course! 

Such a turn of events would certainly change the entire mental, spiritual, economic, political and social character of the human race and therefore would also change the planet itself.

However, the problem is that, as of yet, the great masses of humanity are not repenting and are not having a change of heart. 

They are still voting in the transparently phony elections, still sending in taxes to the transparently criminally corrupt governments, still sending their children into the military to go away to war, still pledging allegiance to the flag(s), still singing the national anthem(s), still despoiling the natural world, still doing so many of the things that have brought us to this supremely FALSE moment when the fate of humanity and the planet itself hangs in the balance. In other words, as of today, the great masses of humanity remain fully plugged into and participating in the satanic, multi-faceted, supremely FALSE reality that has this planet and all of humanity in its octopus-like death grip.

Ayahuasca has shown me that if humanity does not do a dramatic about face, and real soon, that very dire events will occur, that they are already programmed to take place, as a result of the joint karmic choices of the human race.

In the simplest terms: you get exactly what you pay for. The great majority of the readers of this blog are people in the USSA and expats from the USSA. Using this example, ever since WW-II, the people of the USSA have paid, in the aggregate, literal trillions of dollars to develop an extensive arsenal of nuclear weapons which are now globally deployed on ships, submarines and military bases. So if and when nuclear war should occur, do not ask: "Why, Lord?" 

Because you will already know the answer: you will just be getting what you paid for, nothing more, and certainly nothing less. The war will come courtesy of your tax money and courtesy of the decisions of the politicians that you voted for, and courtesy of your children, husbands and wives in the military who will launch the missiles, drop the bombs and fire the torpedoes. So don't feign ignorance and don't pretend that you have nothing at all to do with any of it. God will not be mocked.

The Unsettling Visions of Oleg Maistrenko

In recent months I have become aware of the writings of the Ukrainian visionary, Oleg Maistrenko, whose near-future visions correspond uncomfortably closely with *some* of the things that the shamanic plants in the Amazon have called to my attention.

Here is the link to download his Black Swan article:

Black Swan

Oleg Maistrenko also has been shown nuclear war(s) in our near future, nuclear false flag attacks, along with geophysical and meteorological upheaval, global mass migrations, widespread political and military unrest, the fall of the national government of the USSA, an upcoming pole flip, and much more. Read the linked article and draw your own conclusions. 

I cannot possibly say if Oleg Maistrenko is right or wrong, whether in whole or in part. We'll soon all find out together.

What I can say is that the things that ayahuasca has recently shown me are disturbing in the extreme, and comport with some of what Oleg Maistrenko has to say. One has but to scan the daily headlines, even in the mainstream news media, to understand that we are in a deeply dangerous period of humanity's sojourn on this planet.

So what has my personal reaction been? To continue with my daily life, even though my mind and emotions were sent reeling.

I went out and collected a couple of little bags of tree seeds from the urban forest here in Quito to give to a friend who has several hectares of land in the rural countryside, to plant some trees. 

I also ran across a very frail, little old man weeping on the sidewalk. He had just been robbed by some young punks who took his money and ran off. I embraced him, reassuringly thumped him on the back, clasped his head to my chest with my hand and told him that everything was O.K., even though I knew that, in reality, a lot of things were and are not O.K., including the fact that he had just been cruelly robbed.  I gave him some spare change, to partially make up for the robbery, so that he could at least catch three or four buses and/or buy a little food.

What I am suggesting is that, even as the world around us goes conspicuously mad and evil and collectively insane, that to the extent that we can, that we show kindness to the Earth, by planting some trees or wild flowers, feeding the birds, picking up litter, and showing tangible kindness to suffering individuals within the sphere of our personal life. Things like that. What we do matters, whether for good or for ill, so why not try to do the good, even as millions of others slide into karmic oblivion?


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