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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Sociopathic Snuff Whore Of Babylon

Regarding all the snuff porn images and videos out on the Internet these days showing the bloody death and body of Muammar Gaddafi, this is the most grotesque I have seen, starring the sniggering Sociopathic Snuff Whore of Babylon itself. Warning: graphic depravity. ***(see note below)

Click the link to see another sniggering Sociopathic Whore Of Babylon: Roman Catholic Pope waves to crowd.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Is any commentary even necessary?

After the collapse has occurred, and the demons have left the stage, the world is going to be a far different place. I don't know how many people will die from the imminent turmoil of the coming year or three, but whoever is left, whether 5 thousand or 6 billion, will inherit the Earth.

I am pulling for the meek.

Which means that lately I've gotten more involved in planting trees. You make a hole with a stick, you drop the tree seeds in and tamp them over with a little dirt. A few weeks later you have young tree seedlings. Trees are very meek. They are also very necessary to the well-being of the biosphere on this planet.

The truth is that tree planting is so easy that anyone can do it. The trees don't care who you are. In fact, they're positively grateful to be noticed by anyone, so much so that you can actually feel their gratitude. They only want to grow and make limbs for birds to nest in, and blossoms for bees to gather nectar, plus they make a lot of oxygen. As a life-long oxygen breather it's the little details like that that so endear trees to me, and then again I exhale carbon dioxide, literal tons of it over my lifetime, which trees can hardly get enough of. It's a biological, ecological, symbiotic “thang.”

I especially love ceiba trees. They are like something out of a science fiction movie.

I think my next tree project is going to be to collect some ceiba seeds and plant them in the hills overlooking the sea.


*** (The Sniggering Sociopathic Snuff Whore of Babylon is alluding to Julius Caesar's famous saying: "Veni, vidi, vici" -- "I came, I saw, I conquered," describing his savage military conquest of Gaul and the Gauls, more than 2,000 years ago. In this case it is referring to the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi immediately following its so-called "diplomatic visit" to Libya.)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Down The Star-Spangled Zio-(ashke)Nazi Scheiße Hole

Alejandro Fernandez' Nube Viajera video epitomizes and encapsulates this present, historical moment on so many levels (his Como Quien Pierde Una Estrella is its near equal). The song and his rendition of it are quintessentially Mexican, and though YouTube's annoying Usher advertisement grates on the aesthetic sensibilities, even that somehow seems apropos as these days in the second week of October 2011 are the time that directly "ushers in" the momentous events that lie just ahead of us on the terrestrial time-line. The words that appear at the very end of the video, at the 5:38 mark, are particularly fitting:

Hay fronteras que solo el amor traspasa ... (There are boundaries that only love can cross....)

Which is to say, that what is coming is going to be so hard, so unimaginably hard, that the only thing that will ultimately carry the day is love, a deep, selfless, genuine love that surpasses all rational understanding. All else will be a secondary, tertiary, quaternary, quinary or senary or even a duodenary consideration, that's how extreme things will become. But not to worry, because what is coming will be here very soon...

To wit: Anonymous, whoever or whatever Anonymous is, is promising to digitally take down the New York Stock Exchange on 10 October 2011. That would be today. Whether that happens or not, the video warning smacks of CIA or NSA or British MI-6 or Israeli Mossad involvement. You may safely assume that the Rothschild's minion, Ben Bernanke, is closely coordinating the planned take-down with the aforementioned agencies.

Anonymous Threatens to 'Erase NYSE from the Internet'

If "Anonymous" does this thing, it will be a sort of global, financial 9/11 attack, an inside job carried out with exceptionally great malice aforethought, designed and executed so as to cause maximal chaos and suffering. Oh, and in the process, trillions of dollars worth of assets will be stolen by the perpetrators. Funny how members of many tribes such as Buddhists, Amish, Polynesians, Native Americans, etc. are virtually not represented at all in this mega-crime, while members of another small Tribe whose major crime scenes are in New York City and Israel are way over-represented by psychopaths such as Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, et al, who are the masterminds of the ongoing financial rape of this planet and the human race.

And what would be their motivation? Well, to give the growing Occupy Wall Street movement a black eye, by falsely accusing Occupy Wall Street and its sympathizers of the deed, and to crash the global financial system on the alphabet soup agencies' minions' cue.

Not that it may matter all that much in the final analysis, seeing as the global financial system is rapidly crashing anyway. The warnings of impending financial doom are everywhere you turn nowadays. Just last week, a high level International Monetary Fund adviser warned of a global, financial meltdown within the next two or three weeks.

IMF advisor says we face a Worldwide Banking Meltdown

In other words, it sounds like a digital, financial 9/11 may be in the works, courtesy of the Zio-(ashke)Nazis, without regard to whether they take it down on 10 October 2011 or wait a few more weeks for it to independently crash of its own, debased, thoroughly criminal accord. You know, the same ones who did the evil deed on the original 9/11. For more about the Ashkenazis (whoever or whatever they really are and whatever their true origin and agenda may be) please read: Quantum Leap From Hell: The Untied States Of America.

The take home message is that things on this planet are not as they seem, not by a long shot, and things on this planet have not been as they seem for at least several thousands of years, and perhaps a great deal longer than that.

And by the way, I am assuredly not the first person, and most certainly not the last, to notice that the last part of the allegedly “Jewish” ethnic name, Ashkenazi, is “Nazi.” Likewise, I am assuredly not the first person, and most certainly not the last, to ask what World War II was really about, at the level of deep, hidden, crypto-politics, and to surmise that that conflict has never really ended, but continues under another guise, in other venues, and that the episode known as World War II was but one round in a far larger, extremely ancient conflict that has been ongoing for a very long time. For more about ancient, interplanetary conflict in this solar system and quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy please see: The Ages of Uraš.

Meanwhile Back At The Ranch ...

I would be remiss if I failed to mention that one of my recent e-mailers has mildly rebuked me for allegedly “running away” from America's problems, for not staying in the USA to help resolve the serious issues that that country faces.

My only response is that if anyone sees that the USA needs rescue, I will not stand in the way of his/her rescue operation. For my part, I am past weary of the USA and its endless war whoring, its sucking up to Israel, the cover-ups of the 1960s assassinations and the 9/11 attacks, its criminal economic order, its passive, fat, mentally slothful, complacent, propagandized citizenry, its incompetent and corrupt government, & etc.

I would also hasten to remind my reader that over the course of my life I have been involved in numerous demonstrations and protests against war, against preparation for war, and in favor of social and financial justice. On some of these occasions I have been detained and harassed by law(less) enforcement, and have been several times arrested and jailed, most notably for scaling the security fences and conducting nonviolent peace demonstrations on the launch lids of nuclear missile silos in Arkansas, Missouri and North Dakota. For those efforts, I have spent more than a year and a half of my life incarcerated in a total of twelve different jails and prisons in five different states of the USA. I have lost count of all of the jail and prison cells, and courthouse holding cells and tanks that I have been locked in. I cannot tell you how many times I have been handcuffed and chained, hand and foot, and transferred from place to place under armed guard, as if I were the scum of the galaxy. Have you ever tried to eat a meal with your hands cuffed and chained to your waist? You should try that sometime. Ditto for using the toilet.

I see the photos of the Occupy Wall Street protesters face down on the sidewalk, with the cops on top of them, hands cuffed behind the back, and I've also been there, done that. I've been face down more than once, with my nose in the gravel and the dirt, a knee in the back, hands cuffed behind me, at M-16 gun point, with live ammo clips.

And then there are my numerous writings, interviews, articles and books, which I have produced over the last 30+ years. Such as this one:

Quantum Leap From Hell: Call For A Massive Global Upwising," put out by Time Monk Radio Network, the interview arm of the Just click on the cover immediately below here to order what one listener called one of the best ever interviews on alternative radio. (click through, and click the "Buy Now" button)

Or, read my Richard Sauder Briefing, written for precisely this time. Also available as Der Richard Sauder Bericht, auf Deutsch hier. Then I have written a series of other books on the many secret, underground and undersea bases and tunnels that lie beneath our feet and beneath the world's seas and oceans. I also have banners that link to my books at the top and right hand side bar of this blog page.

All of this is to say that I have not run away from anything. On the complete contrary, I have confronted the USA's dark issues head on, again and again, at tremendous personal cost.

Besides, what's to rescue? The American people have gotten precisely the system that they have ordered up, and it has been signed, sealed and delivered, care of “The American Way.”

As it happens, The American Way is increasingly not my way, and so I have gone away.

Though, to be sure, while I have gone away, I have not physically left the planet. I have merely relocated to the opposite hemisphere, where I continue to live, breathe, research and write.

In that regard, I am reminded of the ancient saying that, “The worker is worth his hire.” In less than a year I have had over 267,000 visitors to my website, though only four people have made donations, or less than one out of every 65,000 visitors. So, go ahead, if you like my writing, purchase a case of my books for Christmas presents, or make me a donation. I won't stop you! Here's my PayPal donation button.

<< Please note that PayPal has blocked my account, and so I no longer use PayPal. Contact me by e-mail for donation instructions: >>

In the years before my departure from the USA, I did a huge block of research into the arcane reality of secret underground and undersea bases and tunnels. As I mentioned above, I produced a series of popular books and articles on these facilities, and the technology used to construct them.

I am the first person to really delve into the technical, governmental and corporate literature to popularize these installations for a mass audience. By purchasing my books, you help support my continued research and writing.

One of the things you will learn as you read my books is that we live in a world of profound illusion and massive deceit. It's as if we are living in a giant, cosmic soap opera, or situation (tragi)comedy, a cosmic production with a cast of billions, full of pathos and Sturm and Drang, projected on a galactic, virtual reality screen called “Earth.”

For example, when the world is told that the USA President is spending the weekend at the presidential retreat at Camp David, the news media never mention that most of “Camp David” is actually a vast, multilevel, deeply buried, subterranean complex of tunnels and facilities that sprawls for miles beneath the mountains of western Maryland. Similarly, when the news media depict the White House in Washington, DC you are never shown the reality of the massive, deep underground ant hill that lies below the White House and sprawls for miles below other parts of official Washington, DC.

And these are the merest beginnings of what lies beneath your feet, out of sight, out of mind. We have been massively lied to, cheated, robbed, shaken down, exploited, enslaved, brutalized, mocked, reviled and spat upon by the so-called “Powers That Be/ Soon To Be 'Were'.”

I make no pretension of perfection, because in most ways I am an ordinary man, as ordinary as most every other man. So I certainly can't pose as a paragon of anything, least of all of virtue. But I can and will say that I do have sufficient presence of mind and enough personal sanity to disengage from a slimy, hellish, demonic, sinking ship and get the hell out of the red-white-and-blue insane asylum that has set up shop in North America, and is actively attacking and befouling the rest of the world.

Those who prefer to stay in the red-white-and-blue insane asylum certainly may; indeed, many millions may even have profound karmic reasons for remaining in its bosom, so deep is their karmic debt.

For my part, I absolutely will not get in the way of anyone's full-life flush down the star-spangled shit hole of patriotic ghastliness, on the neon-lit, hell-bound carnival ride to the sulfurous pits of God-Bless-America-perdition. And by the looks of it, that neon-lit, red-white-and blue, hell-bound carnival ride will be very heavily booked, crammed to the gills, as it plunges down and down and down, its teeming millions of panic-stricken passengers shrieking in frantic horror as they spiral ever deeper, faster and faster, all the way to the terrifying, soul-extinguishing doom that they have labored so long and hard to merit.

I wish them well, but the core, existential problem they are experiencing is that many of them do not wish themselves well, and so they will very soon suffer grievously at their own karmic hands, if not before. I have just about arrived at the conclusion that the vast majority of the seven billion individuals who have crowded onto the surface of the Earth at this historical juncture are here precisely because of a profoundly felt need to suffer and then die, in order to balance their dark karma.

I don't know how else to explain the seemingly willful, willing acquiescence to the global MATRIX control program that is as ubiquitous as the piles of dog crap that befoul the gutters, streets and curbs of cities the world over. By the hundreds of millions and billions many people just submit, with scarcely a whimper of protest, with nary a contrary word. It's as if they want to be abused, exploited and punished. The great majority scarcely even complain.

It's the most peculiar thing I have ever seen. I'm a man, not a sheep. What do I have in common with these hundreds of millions of willfully ignorant sheep who, by all lights, adamantly insist on heading en masse to the slaughter ?!

I wonder if I even have the same DNA. Maybe I don't.

But wait !! Hold the presses !! This is just in:

Occupy Wall Street

and this:

Police Arrest More Than 700 Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge

Maybe I spoke too soon. There are now thousands of (mostly) young people demonstrating against the crimes of Wall Street, though in light of the enormity of the crimes that humanity faces that can be laid directly at Wall Street's door, one wonders that so many still remain silent, and that the demonstrators' numbers remain so small compared to the size of the national population.

Yet, it is a beginning. I do admire their pluck and wish them well. In the main, the Wall Street demonstrators have embraced tactics of strategic nonviolence and if they persevere, who knows ? - they may realize important victories. This is exactly what I recommended in The Richard Sauder Briefing that I published last year, so their actions are close to my heart.

Obviously, an intelligent, global application of creative nonviolence is the only rational way out of our current situation. The problem we all face is systemic violence – military, police, economic, political, religious.

The only logical antidote to systemic violence is the pragmatic use of creative nonviolence. That's our only recourse. The only way we get a planet free of systemic violence is by phasing in the widespread employment of creative nonviolence.

That's what took me over the fence, again and again, onto the launch lids of USA military nuclear missile silos in Arkansas, Missouri and North Dakota, where I preformed nonviolent antinuclear demonstrations. As I mentioned earlier, I've been face down myself in the gravel and the dirt more than once, with a knee in the back, hands cuffed behind me, and hauled off to multiple jails, again and again.

So I've been there and done that. I know all about the criminally rigged, puppet trials, the political show trials, the bogus, fake, smirking judges, the corrupt attorneys, the violence of the system, the injustice of the “Just-Us” department, and the harsh grimness of jail and prison, because I have experienced it myself, again and again, over and over.

The things we do for love !!

A Word About The Near Future

In the near term, probably before Christmas, maybe even later this week or next, the global power players are going to pull the plug on the world's financial system. It will cause chaos and disruption on a massive scale. Yes, unimaginably big trouble is coming soon to a planet near you.

The world's big banks and stock exchanges communicate with each other via staggeringly complex telecommunications networks, using unfathomably complex digital languages and mathematical algorithms that virtually defy human comprehension. Most of the trading on the world's stock exchanges is actually conducted by supercomputers programmed with super-sophisticated mathematical algorithms that allow them to trade billions of dollars worth of shares in mere fractions of seconds, on a scale and with a quickness that no flesh and blood human ever could hope to match. The machines are running the show, however, although the machines (and their programmers) are exceptionally clever from a narrow, technical point of view, neither the machines nor their programmers are wise, from a spiritual or truly human perspective. Here's a recent article that gives something of the flavor of what that means:

Frankenstein finance: How supercomputers preying on human fear are taking over the world's stock markets

It is these supercomputing machines and their algorithms that will be used to take down the global financial system.

As an aside, I used to know a man who had a master's degree in applied mathematics, with a specialty in statistical analysis. He was employed by a brokerage house to write statistical algorithms and program their trading computers to execute just these sorts of trades. I will never forget this man because of the sort of person he was. He drank alcohol heavily, he verbally expressed a very coarse and crude sexuality, he was extremely condescending, rude and abusive to others in his social interactions, and he had poor personal hygiene, on top of it all. You cannot do this type of work, you cannot serve the Fortune 500 and Wall Street, without it exacting a very heavy price on your soul. In this man's case, he began reaping the wages of his misdeeds well in advance. I believe he was being paid very well, however all that glitters is not gold, and I do not envy him his position, money or soul disposition.

In my Minot Manifesto I publicly called for a Jubilee Year, the forgiveness of debt across the board. Recognizing that the USA government and the Big Banks are harsh, vicious slave masters, We The People will have to free ourselves, by our own efforts, which will include the non-payment of USA federal student loans, among other things, because they are both odious and onerous.

There are people who virtually stopped talking to me because of some of the things I say in the Minot Manifesto and because of my nonviolent peace demonstration on the nuclear missile silo in North Dakota last year.

So imagine my surprise when Catherine Austin Fitts, of all people, published a scathing critique of the USA federal student loan scam and fraud:

William M. Diefenderfer: The Financial Hit Man of Student Loans

Catherine and I know each other, and have had repeated communication in the past. We have visited personally at her home in Tennessee. I respect her. But for all of her Wharton professional formation, and business and political acumen, Catherine for some reason has a hard time believing that the bankers she once rubbed shoulders with could be evil, psychopathic people.

Well, Dear Catherine, listen to me carefully, they are so deeply wicked that they are selling the whole world into the most vicious debt peonage imaginable, where all of humanity is shackled in crushing poverty for all time to come, and these evil creatures you went to school with at Wharton and Stanford are doing it merely to enrich themselves, and to accumulate personal power, and they do not care how many millions, hundreds of millions and billions of other lives and people they destroy.

Got that ?

More than anyone, I wrote the Minot Manifesto for Catherine Austin Fitts. When Catherine is also going over the fence onto a nuclear missile silo, or is face down on a sidewalk with a knee in her back, handcuffed and chained in a police holding cell, we will know that the bourgeois nonsense that was drilled into her head at Wharton and Stanford has been forever flushed away and down the Star-Spangled-Scheiße-Hole of irrelevant, financial nullity.

Catherine, Dear Heart, Cherie, it's all a massive crime in progress, and your highest obligation (if you want to be free) is to not cooperate with your own enslavement. The paper chains that bind us are fraudulent nothings, born in criminal deceit and coldly calculating, psychopathic mendaciousness. So much for the modern professions of banking, finance, business administration and economics.

After the Deluge ...

So after the Zio-(ashke)Nazis (Greenspan, Bernanke, et al) are through with their planet-killing, human-race-enslaving, evil deeds and have brought Hell to Earth, what comes next?

Perhaps I can give a sense of that by describing a vivid dream I had many years ago.

In the dream, I was wandering at dusk in an unfamiliar city. I did not know the place and yet I somehow found myself drawn to a seven-storey residential tower in a fine neighborhood, on the outskirts of town. I approached the front of the building and entered the foyer. There was a staircase there, and I began to mount upward, step by step. At length I came to the top floor, the seventh storey. The stairs rose up through a circular hole in the floor. I stepped up into a very expensive and tastefully decorated penthouse suite. It seemed to be empty, though I smelled the delicate perfume of a beautiful woman who was not visible to me. The very air of the apartment was suffused with her presence. I deeply desired her, with an urgent, visceral longing, though I did not see her anywhere. I vigorously strode from room to room, looking for her, wondering where she was. I saw her lacy, silk undergarments lying on a bed in one room, but the lady herself was nowhere to be seen. I drifted back out into the main living room, still thinking myself to be alone in the apartment, when suddenly I heard a slight stir, as if someone else were present. Slightly startled, because to that point it had seemed that I was alone, I turned to see that a male servant was approaching me, coming up the staircase to floor level. Seeing the look on my face, he said: "I'm sorry to disturb you, sir. I thought you would like to know that there will be a launch in ten minutes from the Cosmodrome next door." And he gestured toward a bank of large, floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the outskirts of town. I followed his gesture, walked over to the windows and looked out on a sprawling Cosmodrome crawling with activity. There was a huge rocket standing there erect on the launch pad, thrusting hundreds of feet up into the darkness of the falling night, bathed in searchlights, with workers swarming all over. The rocket was venting vapors of liquid oxygen where the umbilical hoses connected to it. The voice of the launch director boomed out over the complex, calling out the minutes and seconds until blast off. I was stunned into speechless astonishment at the prospect of such a singular sight.

There is a video on YouTube that closely captures a part of what I felt in that instant. The entire choral accompaniment closely matches my mood gazing out in wonder at the tableau displayed before me, but especially so from about the four minute mark, and particularly from the six minute mark until the very end of the video. The graphic rubrics at the very beginning and ending seconds of the video also reflect the ambiance of the dream.

Space Travelers – Baikonur Cosmodrome

Just a week or so ago I had another vivid dream, in which I saw an immense, thick bolt of dazzling bright, super-energy strike the Earth. The energy bolt was stupendously thick and large, intensely, preternaturally bright like an arc-welder's torch, or like burning magnesium, lightly tinged with violet and rose hues, striking the Earth with such force that I wondered how the planet would or could weather the blow. It was a vast interplanetary energy exchange. I did not see where the energy bolt came from – only that it was huge and unimaginably powerfully charged. As I saw it hit the Earth I wondered silently to myself how anyone could possibly physically survive such a powerful energy discharge.

But no matter what happens, no matter how dark the midnight hour, sooner or later a new day, a golden day always dawns. It does look like we are facing at least ten years of serious turmoil and trouble as a planet and a species. If we are lucky and wise, it will not be more than that. If we are neither lucky, nor wise --- well, let's just say that it is not for nothing that I have relocated to the southern hemisphere.

Aurex Jazz Festival: The World is waiting for the Sunrise, Benny Goodman 1980