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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Preparations Underway For Martial Law: Ayahuasca Vision

In January of 2012 I asked ayahuasca to show me the future, near future understood, and it did.

It showed me a vivid totalitarian scenario, like a vision straight out of NAZI Germany or Soviet Russia, replete with a grim concentration camp -- military trucks, floodlights, high security fence, gun towers in the corners, and more.

It looked very grim.

Shimmering overhead was a green, phosphorescent, mesh or grid-like net suspended in the air. I was given to know telepathically that the "control grid" was meant for the complete control of all human activity, thought, emotion and uplifting spiritual impulses; and that while it was effectively invisible its control over humanity was daunting and extended not only over the physical realm, but into the astral portion of the spiritual realms, as well.

The intent of the thing was/is to lock down humanity, body, mind and soul.

This Totalitarian Scenario Is Very Real

I would not worry overly much about what I was shown, except that important elements already have either been put into place or appear imminently ready to be implemented.

I have come to the point where I have soberly concluded that ayahuasca very succinctly showed me the near future probability that is being set in place right now, or that is in the final, active planning stages.

In recent days, retired USSA Army General Wesley Clark made very public comments in favor of detaining "disloyal" Americans who have been "radicalized" in internment camps. From the context of his remarks, he was referring to Islamic radicals.

Gen. Wesley Clark: Let's Throw Radical Muslims Into Internment Camps

The fact that his public remarks were given such wide publicity is a reliable indicator that precisely this policy is under active consideration within the USSA power structure. Wesley Clark's comments are a plausible trial balloon to test public reaction. In fact, it would not be a new policy, but would be more or less an expansion of the policy that has already been in place for many years now at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp in Cuba. What Wesley Clark is talking about would represent a scaling up of the policy to the USSA mainland.

But of course, terms such as "disloyal" and "radicalized" Americans are very broad and general and could readily be extended to apply to almost anyone who is unhappy with the policies of the USSA government and military, people like you and me.

My view is that Wesley Clark's comments simply reflect what is now being actively discussed and planned behind closed doors inside the Beltway.

Indeed, I suspect that ongoing military operations like Jade Helm, now underway in several states of the USSA, are part of the groundwork to phase in martial law. Martial law and internment camps are direct violations of the United States Constitution, but then the USSA government quit abiding by its own constitution many years ago (assuming that it even ever really did to begin with).

Casting a Neural Net On Humanity

A computer software engineer named "J.D.", who has appeared on the John B. Wells' radio show, Caravan to Midnight, has put out a series of videos and interviews in which she makes the case for an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) control structure that is now being imposed on humanity by the USSA military, with one element being the Jade Helm operation, which is now ongoing. Here is one of her videos. I suggest you may want to watch it and carefully consider the implications of what she is talking about.

GeoINT: Casting A Neural Net On Humanity - RFID Not Required!

"Casting a neural net on humanity ...," says the lady. That's exactly what it looked like to me when ayahuasca showed it to me. An invisible, technological, but very real "net" that the USSA military is right now putting in place to enslave all of us.

It's real malevolent. It has a hard, cold, demon edge to it. Many of my readers were in the USSA military; some still are. The euphemism is: to be in the "military service".

For those of you who were or are now in the USSA military, do you even know what you actually "served" or are presently "serving"? Do you know how hideous it is? How ghastly?

I suppose that I could say that I told you so, a few years back. As it all unfolds in the headlines, in daily, global events and in the release of government and military plans and operations, the reality that is coming into focus bears an uncanny resemblance to what ayahuasca revealed to me in January 2012. I wish it were otherwise, but it is not, not so far.

A Little Something For My British Readers

The insanity is hardly confined to one side of the Atlantic.

Not to be outdone by General Clark, the British Slime Minister, David Cameron, recently announced: "For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens 'as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone'."

And there you were, trying to obey the law. Now you know that that's just not going to be good enough from here on. You have been publicly warned by the Slime Minister.

In other words, there are no rules, and even (falsely) assuming that there were, following them will be no protection for you whatsoever.

Just study the illustrative example of Lord Sewer and draw the appropriate conclusion. That's your political ruling "elite" who make the rules for you. They don't follow any rules and now they are telling you that even if you do follow the rules (which they themselves do not) that they will not leave you alone.

Everything is coming into clear focus, isn't it?


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