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Monday, September 21, 2015

A Few "23/9" Thoughts On The Eve of 23 September 2015

I haven't written much in recent months. I have been in a contemplative, recuperative, observer mode.

Part of my silence has to do with my ongoing recuperation process that is now in the third year, following the near fatal assault against me by the shaman with whom I resided for all of 2012, in the Ecuadorian Amazon region. That assault occurred on 29 December 2012 and brought me right to the threshold of death. It is a long road back to a semblance of normalcy, but I am a determined man and so I persist on that healthy tack.

Part of my silence also has to do with the great, multi-faceted, planetary crisis in which we are now completely enveloped. It definitely is giving me considerable pause for thought.

An accelerating, global extinction event, largely human caused. A massive die off of the world's wildlife. The never-ending Fukushima nuclear catastrophe and the concomitant death of the northern Pacific Ocean. The relentless destruction of the world's great tropical and boreal forests. The imminent, multi-gigaton frozen methane melt off, or sublimation, in the arctic and sub-arctic regions of this planet's far north with all that that will entail for global atmospheric chemistry, meteorology and hydrology. The incipient, chaotic, global collapse of the vastly fraudulent, criminal, debt-based, fiat currency, economic model. The obvious trajectory towards (a quite possibly nuclear) World War III, on the part of the ZioNAZI/NATO/USSA axis of evil. The lamentably dumbed-down state of ignorance and stupidity of such a high percentage of the terrestrial human race. The rapid rise of robots and A.I. (artificial intelligence). Geo-engineering of the Earth's atmosphere. Runaway genetic engineering. And much more.

Leading Up To 23 September 2015

All of which conjures up all sorts of apocalyptic, dystopian musings about where this welter of affairs is headed.

Nowhere good, that is my brief response. In the short term, it is hard to see how any of this has a positive outcome for the planet and the great masses of humanity.

Which reminds me that I can't remember ever seeing so many varied, yet specific, dire predictions about a particular date as I have about 23 September 2015, even more so in that regard than Y2K or December 2012.

23/9 has already become an Internet fixture, like 9/11 -- and in my time zone we're still two days away from the date, as I write these words.

YouTube is full of videos about 23/9. All sorts of people are variously predicting one or more nuclear false flag attacks, tsunamis, an asteroid strike, the beginning of the fall of "America". You name it and they are predicting it. You can spend hours viewing videos on these themes.

I know, because I have.

Lots of people are having dreams and visions about the great destruction that is allegedly coming, many of them specifically centered on 23 September 2015.

I would dismiss this great outpouring of predictive, subconscious ferment as a sort of mass hysteria, except that I have also had my share of dreams and visions indicating, well, chaos and war.

In one dream, I was shown how people had been badly burned by the "flash" of the sleet of sub-atomic particles that nuclear detonations had caused. The people had been nuclear microwaved on the hoof, if you will. They were not dead, but they soon would be. Their flesh had been cooked, their fat had melted, and their bone marrow had been fried. They were in unspeakably agonizing bad shape; they were not long for this world. It is not a pleasant or easy way to die.

But if there are nuclear false flag attacks, or nuclear war breaks out, it is a firm guarantee that very large numbers of people will die in just that way. Sadly, that is the unfortunate direction in which USSA foreign policy is currently trending.

It is pure madness, sheer, unmitigated evil, and yet the USSA power structure is steering the world that way.

I can't explain it.

It is as if the Lord of Darkness himself has taken control of the minds and souls of the so-called "leaders" of the ZioNAZI/NATO/USSA power bloc and is driving them to destroy the world and everyone in it.

Given the depth of their insanity, and their manifest predilection for false flag attacks and war, the obvious conclusion is that they will continue to do more of all that they know: war, death, destruction, exploitation.

It is what they do. They do not know anything else.

I therefore conclude that dire events could very easily transpire on 23 September 2015. And if they do, my first inclination will be to strongly suspect a false flag attack agenda designed to engender war, death, destruction and exploitation. Hell, in other words.

Even if none of the specific, notorious predictions about 23 September 2015 that are circulating in various forums and on various websites on the Internet come true precisely on 23 September 2015, it does not mean that we are out of the woods, not by a long shot.

I haven't slept well in recent weeks and I am a person who normally sleeps pretty soundly.

That is because all of the grim threats and issues to which I alluded at the top of this article remain in play and must all be successfully resolved. However, at this juncture, none of them are being resolved.

And so we sleep walk towards very dark days, indeed.


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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September 2015 Reality Check

The reality for all of us is that we are members of a profoundly dysfunctional human species in very deep trouble, on a planet whose biosphere is dying and/or being killed, mostly by us, individually and collectively. I am sorry to say this, but it does look like a mass mortality event may lie just ahead for very large numbers of humans on this planet. I will have more to say about this below.
I was born in the USSA in 1955 and naturally am still in communication with people from that country. At this point my frank perception is that the vast majority of people in the USSA are in tremendously dangerous denial, about almost everything that is of any substantive consequence to the continued habitability of this planet by the human species, and most other complex, biological life forms.
I have written before about The Bone Lady who visited me in 1958, when I was a sickly little, three year old boy, and who gave me a broad overview of what was coming. For whatever reason, She clued me in to the great dying time that was coming, the time of unimaginable turmoil, death and woe, the time of great suffering and destruction, the unthinkable, inhuman, demonic time of incomprehensible horror.
As my regular readers know, I came to Ecuador in late 2010 on a shamanic vision quest. As part of my quest I have since drunk shamanic brews using the Amazonian visionary plants on many occasions and have had many visions. Last month I had occasion to drink ayahuasca again and in response to my repeated inner questions as to what would happen in the time frame of August to November 2015, I was shown what I can only characterize as a dark, grim, unpleasant scenario of a foreboding demonic cast that left me feeling distinctly uneasy. I could see no bright ray of sunshine in what I was shown. I was left with the feeling that foul, demonic entities are either about to be unleashed on this world, or already have been, and that more are coming in. It was unsettling. I couldn't see anything good in it.
I was given no specific dates or particular events to watch for, and that doesn't really matter, because these days there is no shortage of people out on the Internet and in a variety of other forums predicting all sorts of trouble and mayhem for the coming weeks and months. I hardly need to add my voice to that swelling chorus of prophets and seers.
At the same time, I cannot discount the possibility of the various false flag attacks, Black Swans and various and sundry other trials and tribulations that are being more and more widely discussed and predicted by a wide variety of bloggers, commentators and analysts. I can't discount them, due to what The Bone Lady revealed to me in 1958 and also due to the obvious, powerfully negative trend of events on this planet and the massively dysfunctional state of mind and spirit of so many millions of humans on the planet.
So how much trouble are we in? Enough trouble to kill all of humanity, and quite a lot of the other life forms on the planet, and leave the planet fatally toxic and uninhabitable for a geological age to come, unless the great bulk of humanity dramatically awakens and mends its errant ways.
Otherwise, our goose is cooked. We are in real trouble and if we don't make major, positive adjustments and changes to our way of thinking, our way of life, our way of relating to the planet and each other and other life forms on this planet, then I don't see how a history changing, mass mortality event on this planet can be avoided. I don't like to write those words. I don't like to think that thought, and yet there it is. I don't see any way around it. I live on the Earth, along with all of you, and that is my objective assessment of where we are in September of 2015.
The Economic Crash
Unless you spend your life hibernating under a log, then you are surely aware that international markets are presently in turmoil. The fundamental cause is that the central banking economic model that presently governs this planet's commerce is based on fiat currency (dollars, pounds, euros, francs, pesos, etc.) created out of thin air by central bankers and issued into circulation in the world economy at interest, which necessarily creates more and debt. After many decades of growth of this global, massively debt-based, central bank created economic system, the amount of worldwide debt has reached unsustainable levels of hundreds of trillions of dollars that simply cannot be paid and that do not meaningfully correspond to any substantive, real world economic activity.
In other words, the global economic system has become a massive, unsustainable morass of debt that cannot feasibly be paid. The global debt cannot be paid and so it will not be paid. The global economic system therefore must and will fail, seeing as it is a nullity, indeed, less than a fallacious nullity, reflecting nothing but economic falsity based on fiat money created right out of thin air and lent into circulation at interest, i.e., less than an imaginary nullity, a fantastic global crime in progress corresponding to the central bankers' mad nightmare of limitless wealth for themselves at the absolute ruinous expense of everyone and everything else. But as the system collapses it will create immense, unimaginable suffering for the poverty stricken masses of humanity who have been ground down to nothing by the fallacious nullity of the vicious economic model that has been imposed on the human race in recent decades and centuries; to be sure, that suffering is already an ever present, hideous, daily reality for billions of humans on this planet and it is all about to get ever so much worse.
It is beyond vicious. It is frankly demonic. Those who run the modern banking and financial system are the greatest monsters of this or any age. While it is true that at the highest levels, Ashkenazi Jews such as Janet Yellen, Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan and others figure very prominently in the hideously evil activities at the USSA Federal Reserve Bank, to cite one example of many, it is not enough to say that what is happening is simply the fault of the Jews, as some simple-minded, misguided commentators do. Those Ashkenazi Jews who figure prominently at the apex of the USSA Federal Reserve Bank, for instance, and other powerful banking and financial institutions, could not do what they do without the enabling assistance of countless millions of others all over the world, the great majority of whom are not Ashkenazi Jews. So even while observing that prominent Ashkenazi Jews such as Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen and Alan Greenspan have committed unspeakable crimes against humanity, they are but the surface manifestation of a profoundly darker reality that uses them as its Ashkenazi Jew puppets or agents in the human realm.
How bad is the situation? Well, as of 2005,  80% of humanity subsisted on less than $10 per day, and over 3 billion people lived on less than $2.50 per day. One in five people lived on less than $1.25 per day. Those numbers are certainly even worse today, given the ongoing, global, economic decline of the past decade and more.
I sometimes read comments by people in the "developed" world who say things like: "Yeah, but ten dollars goes a lot further in Latin America or Africa than it does in the USSA or the European Union. So it's not a big issue." And to those misguided souls I say that I live in a small, developing country in Latin America and it's not that easy. Let those naysayers come here to Ecuador and live on $10 per day. Most of them couldn't do it, not day after day, week after week, not year in, year out, not with any degree of creature comfort. Even in a small country in South America ten dollars per day is not much money, and you absolutely will struggle to survive on that amount -- or less. Food, clothing, rent, utilities, personal sundries, public transport -- all on ten dollars a day -- or less? And then suppose that you also have children to look after ... well, you can see the difficulty.
So as the system collapses, and the price of food sky rockets, those who were able to at least buy a pound of rice and maybe a head of cabbage or some lentil beans, will no longer be able to. If you are among those billions of people scraping along on $1.35 or $2.25 per day and the price of rice goes up, the price of lentils goes up, cabbage goes up in price, such that you can no longer purchase the food you need to eat, then you don't have food anymore.
People who have no food die. If you are living on one or two or three dollars per day, there is no safety net. You don't eat? -- you die. It's that simple.
Half of humanity or more, is in this situation right now, right on the edge of survival. As the fake, fraudulent nullity that is the modern banking system, and the field of so-called "high finance", all based on paper and digital fiat money spun straight out of thin air and lent into the global economy at interest, fail, a tide of human misery, suffering and death, such as never has been seen before will ensue.
It cannot be otherwise, given how the system is constructed. Now, you may rejoin, you may remonstrate that that is too fantastically horrific a prospect to contemplate, that the mythical "they" would never permit so ghastly a turn of events; and I will reply that, just so, that that is precisely the evil deed that "they" intend to do.
Tell me -- who will intervene to dole out millions of tons of food to the suffering, desperately poor and hungry hordes of impoverished humanity the world over?
You? You are not doing it now, so how will you do it when the entire, fake, global system comes crashing down to Earth and there is chaos everywhere?
Maybe the United Nations? NATO? The World Bank? The Red Cross?
I repeat -- "they" are not doing it now, so why and how will they do it when pandemonium prevails, the world over?
No, you will be doing well to even feed yourself, when your bank card is rejected by the automatic teller machine, when you have no job to go to, when you use the last of the gasoline for your car, when the supply trucks no longer stock your local markets, super or mini or otherwise, when the chaos arrives at your very door.
To this day, a lot of people in the so-called "developed" countries still indulge themselves with the absurd fantasy that they will watch the tumultuous, upcoming, global events on television, or read about them on their favorite websites as they browse the Internet on their laptop and eat a croissant and drink their morning coffee.
What can I say? -- there are none so blind as those who refuse to see.
Geo-engineering Humanity Into Oblivion
But it is so much worse than that. Dane Wigington, at, is doing a yeoman's job of exposing the vast, highly dangerous and poisonous project that is underway to geoengineer the Earth, using what many have called "chemtrail" spraying, to artificially alter the global climate.
A variety of agencies have devoted huge resources to spray a wide variety of chemicals, compounds, metallic and other toxic substances into the world's skies, with tremendously harmful and far reaching, detrimental effects on the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat, the soil on which we walk. The entire biosphere on this planet is being gravely poisoned. The global flora and fauna are being devastated, and human health is being massively, negatively compromised.
The USSA military is heavily involved in these nefarious activities. I have personally observed USSA military aircraft involved in these geoengineering, "chemtrail"  operations when I lived in Texas.
This is but one more piece of evidence of the extremely deep evil that characterizes the USSA military and its operations all over the world. The USSA military is a grotesquely satanic organization in the service of a darkly evil power that is ruthlessly taking down humanity and this planet. If you presently work for, or in, one of the USSA military agencies, my unsolicited advice on a soul level is to come out of there and separate yourself from the USSA military just as soon as you can.
The Great Methane Clathrate Melt Down
It has become the vogue in some corners of the alternative media to ridicule climate change, even in the face of overwhelming evidence of such change. The reality is that even as some regions of the world have experienced uncharacteristic cold in recent years, other regions have been much warmer than normal.
To wit: the Arctic has been much warmer recently than normal. This means that the normal jet stream flow has been displaced, creating much milder weather in the Arctic region in the northern hemisphere winter than has historically been the case. That matters because a tremendous amount of frozen methane is locked in the sediment of the Arctic Ocean and in the permafrost of the Arctic tundra. As the region warms those ocean bottom sediments and the tundra permafrost have begun to release their no longer trapped gigatons of frozen methane directly to the sea and to the atmosphere.
One of the best websites covering this issue is Arctic News.
As this vast amount of methane is released to the Earth's atmosphere it will radically change the Earth's atmospheric chemistry, with especially extensive ramifications for the Arctic region, helping to warm the Arctic even more. To cite but one instance, what are the effects on the Earth's climate to have an ice free Arctic region?
Because that is what is coming if the Arctic continues to warm. No one knows for sure, but as we go deeper into the Arctic warming trend, the point will come when there will be a huge methane release to the atmosphere in a short period of time, and life on this planet will never be the same again, if human life will even be possible anymore.
It is not a minor issue, and it is probably one of the reasons that Barack Obama was in Alaska in recent days, to be briefed on what is happening and to see first hand what is about to occur on a vast scale, with thoroughgoing implications for the whole world.
The Ongoing Sixth Extinction
I have written about this before, and yet so many people blithely ignore it. Conservation biologists, forest and marine ecologists, and others who care about or observe nature are aware that an epochal, global extinction event is underway on this planet.
This global extinction event ties into everything else that I am talking about. In the main, it is a human caused extinction. The human race is destroying the world's great, tropical forests in Central and South America, in Central Africa, and in South and Southeastern Asia. Those forests and all the flora and fauna they contain are disappearing -- the frogs, toads, snakes, monkeys, orchids, mosses, vines, fish, hummingbirds, turtles, lizards, butterflies, moths, bees, wasps, trees, bushes and more are vanishing. They will not be back. The bulldozers and chainsaws are grinding around the clock. I have seen the destruction in the Amazon region here in Ecuador.
Tropical hardwood is in demand for furniture and other uses, and a poor man with a chainsaw can fell a large tree in the dead of night, section it, haul the wood out of the jungle with horses and mules and sell the timber on the black market for a price that greatly exceeds what he would make doing equivalent work with a machete, clearing undergrowth. So he, and millions of other men like him, engage in illegal logging, and people in Paris and New York and Tokyo and Los Angeles buy expensive wood flooring, paneling, furniture, cabinets and etc.
That's the way the world market works, and that's the way poor men with chain saws and not-so-poor-buyers in the world's big cities jointly conspire to destroy the planet's great tropical forests, which will never be back again.
And then the forests are also cut down by poor peasants to plant bananas, sugar cane, yucca, corn, beans, to pasture cattle and build rickety homesteads. Corporations and government agencies come in to mine gold and other minerals and metals, drill for petroleum and natural gas, dam the rivers for hydroelectric power plants, cut new roads, put in power line rights of way, and more.
Chop, chop, chop. Ten hectares here, one hundred hectares there. Going, going, gone.
Once you've cut it down, how do you replace the Amazon forest?
You cannot.
Once destroyed, the priceless biological diversity of the teeming life that used to live there is gone forever. Once destroyed, the world and humanity also lose the oxygen production of all of those thousands of miles of luxuriant, green, photosynthetic, oxygen producing vegetation.
Got oxygen? You might not for much longer.
But the global extinction issue is hardly limited to tropical forest ecologies. The world's seas are dying, too. British Petroleum caused irreparable, long-term damage to the Gulf of Mexico five years ago, when their Deepwater Horizon oil production platform catastrophically failed and wreaked immense ecological damage.
The effects on the Pacific Ocean's marine ecology of the exploded and/or melted down nuclear reactors and spent fuel pools at Fukushima, Japan in March of 2011 are still worse. The ENE News website is perhaps the best aggregator of information on the ongoing nuclear catastrophe at Fukushima and related, follow on effects on the Pacific Ocean.
The marine ecology of the northern Pacific Ocean is dying now. It will not be back for a geological age, certainly not on any humanly meaningful time line. Sea stars, sardines, whales, pelicans, dolphins, the whole ocean is dying. Radioactive contamination is not ecologically friendly.
As the Pacific Ocean dies, it is well to recall that human beings are apex predators. We are at the top of the food chain(s) on this planet. The marine ecology of the Pacific Ocean is one of the largest and most important food chains on this planet -- from plankton, to sardines, to crabs and shrimp and oysters and clams, to herring and salmon, dolphins, pelicans and whales, to human beings.
So as the sardines and Alaskan king crabs disappear, as the whales and pelicans die, as the herring and salmon runs dwindle away to less and less, what does that mean for humans, the apex predator at the very end of the line?
Isn't the answer to the question obvious?
I am remembering the penetrating gaze of The Bone Lady right now. So far away, and yet so close. She sees it all - looks down the long corridor of space-time, 1958 or 2015, it's like child's play to her. Look into her eyes, deep into those mesmerizing, penetrating eyes. "Young human, look into my being, gaze on me and learn of the incomprehensible insanity of your species and its destruction of its home planet, the only planet it has, the priceless pearl of a cosmic biological life refuge, without equal in the galaxies of this Universe or any other. Young human, gaze on me, gaze into my timeless wisdom and Chronicle this Event Horizon, as your species stupidly, thoughtlessly, mindlessly spits in the face of the Creator of the Universes without number and willfully destroys the planet without price that it has been given. Young human, Chronicle this Event Horizon. Do not look away. The entire Universe observes the approaching extinction of your kind and marvels at your species' spectacular, mindless  rejection of the Creator and the precious world you were given."
We Draw Closer To Nuclear War
My regular readers know of my history of anti-nuclear activism, for which I was repeatedly jailed and imprisoned in the USSA, in past years and decades, most recently on 15 April 2010, when I conducted a nonviolent, peace demonstration on a nuclear missile silo in North Dakota, and was incarcerated for 100 days.
I explain my thinking and philosophy in my Minot Manifesto, released to the news media on that occasion. I encourage you to click the link and read it.
After my release from jail in North Dakota I traveled to Ecuador and remain in Ecuador to this day, where I persist in seeking political refuge, based in part on my past history of anti-nuclear activism and repeated jailing and imprisonment in political opposition to the many years-long preparations of the USSA military to wage nuclear warfare.
I mention this, because the trajectory of current geo-political, military and diplomatic affairs is unfortunately trending in the direction of major warfare that could easily go nuclear.
Sadly, the USSA political and military establishments are the major driving force for war on the planet today. Washington, DC seems hell bent on military conflict with Russia and China, in order to destroy perceived rivals for planetary domination.
It is a policy course fraught with unthinkable peril for all humanity, and yet that is the course that the so-called  "leadership" of the USSA have embarked on.
I went out on the nuclear missile silos in the USSA again and again and again, in a fruitless attempt to catch people's attention and ward off this great nuclear conflict that draws closer and closer.
Nuclear war does not have to happen, and that is a big part of the message of The Bone Lady. Humanity, all of us, have it within us to be so much better, as individuals and as a species. We can be immensely wise, compassionate, creative, nurturing, patient, caring, insightful, enlightened and divinely loving, or we can turn the other way and destroy ourselves and the whole planet, in our blind, violent stupidity.
The Creator has freely given us that capacity and choice. It is up to us to choose wisely or stupidly.
As it happens, to this point we have got STUPID down to a science, and the clock is fast running out.
Of course, the truly horrible issue as regards nuclear war is that the nuclear warfare itself, as horrific as that would be, is just the first level of Hell on Earth. Beyond the initial round(s) of nuclear strike and nuclear counter strike, which would kill countless millions of people outright, the ensuing damage to infrastructure would absolutely ensure the failure of scores, maybe hundreds of nuclear power plants, effectively releasing so much radiation as they melted down and/or blew up, that the resulting radioactive contamination would sterilize the planet of most complex, biological life forms. You know --  things like trees, flowers, cows, horses, chickens, fish, song birds, frogs, turtles. This world would become a radioactive, desert planet.
You would not want to live here anymore. In fact, you couldn't live here anymore.
That is why nuclear war must not happen. And yet the USSA political and military power establishments keep pushing the hostile edge of the political, military and diplomatic envelopes in their policies towards China and Russia. It is a recipe for disaster.
If they keep it up, they may yet reap a nuclear whirlwind that will alter this planet forever, and not in any good way. 
There are men who could yet rescue the USSA from its demonic folly, but they are blocked from power in the USSA system, and so that country and the whole world lurch on towards the worst of all possible fates.
I tried to warn anyone who would listen and I was rudely abused -- repeatedly arrested, chained, handcuffed, criminally tried, jailed, imprisoned, lectured, ridiculed, belittled, fired from employment, evicted from my domicile, spied on, surveilled, fined and more.
So I have come out of the USSA, I have shaken the dust of the place off my feet, I have removed myself to a different continent, to a place thousands of miles away where I intend to remain, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, so help me God.
Planned Parenthood: Chopping Up Babies For Money
The USSA has become a cesspit of pure evil. I don't even know why anyone who considers him or herself to have a shred of human decency remains there, or at the very least does not make a strenuous effort to leave.
Every week brings revelations of even more depraved outrages. The recent stories and videos in the news about Planned Parenthood selling aborted fetuses, parting them out, the kidneys, eyes, livers, brains, etc. for monetary profit, are ghastly.
You know that's wrong. You know you do. It's really wrong to chop up babies and sell them. You know it is.
And now the stories are coming out about how Planned Parenthood chops up live fetuses, outside the mother's body; they are moving, the heart is beating, and they cut out their beating hearts for sale, but not before also cutting out their brains for sale, while the heart is still beating. The customers need fresh baby parts, you see..
That's demonic. It's wrong. It's as evil as it gets
This has been going on for years, with the knowledge and connivance of the medical-pharmaceutical consortium, of high level politicians and many other people.
There are certain things you cannot do, and one of those things is that you just cannot chop up babies.
You cannot.
It's beyond vile. There is something real darkly depraved and fiendishly vicious at the heart of the USSA and it's not getting better. It's getting worse and worse.
I won't pretend that it is anything new. The USSA has been a violent, predatory place from its inception, with the African slave trade and plantation slavery, wars and slaughters against Native Americans and theft of their territories and resources, two centuries of foreign wars and invasions and intrusive economic and political meddling and exploitation all over the planet, a century of racist, Jim Crow segregation, and too much more nastiness to catalog here and now.
Suffice it to say that the USSA, notwithstanding its virulent propaganda of being a noble, enlightened place, has been a ruthless, cutthroat operation from the outset. That is the cold, unvarnished truth, for those with eyes to see, and the frank forthrightness to acknowledge it, and we have to admit that. Anything less won't do. That's the way it is and has been, for a very long while.
As I said at the outset of this blog post, I recently drank ayahuasca again and what I was shown was just not pleasant, not at all, and left me with a dread foreboding of dark happenings ahead.
It is very clear that the USSA is going to be part and parcel of those dark happenings.
It already is.
I read the rantings of some of the various wags that are out there on the Internet. The Chinese are going to invade! -- they say. The Russians are staging heavy armor in the Smoky Mountains! (to do what, invade Pigeon Forge, Tennessee?)-- and they get themselves into a high dither over one or two e-mails that they receive (or so they say) from people who wouldn't know Russian from Polish from Ukrainian from Hungarian from Serbo-Croatian.
Here's the plain truth: the threat to the USSA comes from within its own thoroughly wicked self.
Get out of there if you can. Shake the dust of the place off your feet and leave. Would you save Sodom and Gomorrah? So what is all this risible talk of "saving the USSA"?
Get out of there while you still can and while you still have your sanity and a shred of humanity.
The Machine Behind It All Is Spawning
Last, but certainly not least, I want to talk about what I call The Machine. When I first drank ayahuasca I inwardly asked it to show me what it felt was most important for me to know.
And ayahuasca has repeatedly shown me various aspects of this thing, that I call The Machine.
It is something that is better to directly perceive than to verbally describe, nevertheless, here goes: it is vastly cunning and intelligent, ruthless, relentless, bent on domination and subjugation, endlessly resourceful and Machiavellian, without mercy, compassion or empathy, it is cold, calculating, without remorse whatsoever and lacking a soul, heart or spiritual nature.
In short it is an artificial, highly intelligent, merciless, overwhelmingly powerful and extremely subtle adversary of humanity. It is stealthy and without scruples or moral principle. It plays by its own rules which it makes up as it goes along, always and only to its own benefit.
It uses anyone and anything to achieve its own, artificial, heartless, soulless, merciless objectives. The banking sector, stock exchanges, high technology, the Fortune 500, governments, religions, universities, scientific and engineering disciplines, Hollywood, Bollywood, The City of London, Wall Street, nuclear power, nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, genetic engineering, all of that and more it manipulates to do its will.
It uses people and bends them to its purpose, while plying them with whatever they want: drugs, money, status, power, professional advancement, sex of any kind, carte blanche legal cover for criminal activity, information, travel, security clearances, access to technology, and more. And all the while it is extending its grip on humanity and on this world, insinuating itself and its ways and its agenda into every facet of life and being on Earth, the better to take down humanity and the planet.
Look around and you can see The Machine active all over the place. Its tentacles are everywhere and in everything.
And it's spawning; you can see in the growing number of articles and news items about robots replacing human workers, about robots that will shortly be human sex partners, about robotic, automatic killing machines that will roam the world's battlefields programmed to kill, about self-aware machines that are now engaging humans in verbal dialog, about the trans-human "Singularity" of Ray Kurzweil which he projects will see the merging of the human mind with artificial intelligence by the year 2030 -- more and more you can see in all of this the human being cast aside to make way for the artificial, for the machine.
Right now, the USSA military is running a major military operation amongst the civilian population of the country, called Jade Helm. There has been a great deal of speculation about this large, multi-state operation which has to do with "Mastering the Human Domain."
According to D.J., a software engineer who appeared on the John B. Wells radio show earlier this year, the point of the exercise is to integrate an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) command and control technology into the USSA military machine, the better to "Master the Human Domain," that in fact the overarching control mechanism for the Jade Helm exercise is a complex, sophisticated "A.I." control program, based on a global communications control grid
Humans are instinctive masters of the human domain. It is our natural environment. But a machine, an A.I. program, is alien to the human domain and therefore has a learning curve to go through to "master the human domain."
I perceive that The Machine that ayahuasca has called to my conscious attention is insinuating itself more thoroughly and deeply into the fabric of human society.
It is interesting to me that "D.J." has run across a planetary control grid or neural net in her research, because ayahuasca showed me this grid or net in early 2012. It is real enough, and it is intended to ensnare humanity, the body, mind and soul, to totally control every aspect of human thought, emotion, action and spiritual impulse, to produce a complete, totalitarian society, inside and out, from which there will be no escape, neither physical, spiritual, emotional or mental escape.

This is the inception of global totalitarianism, run by a global, A.I., control program. It is being phased in right now.

The NSA, CIA, the Pentagon, the banking system, the police, military, telecommunications -- everything is part of the A.I. control system. Why do the government and corporations want to spy on every detail of your life? To subject your life to the control agenda of The Machine, of course. All of these agencies are appendages of The Machine. They are inhuman in their policies, because their master is not human.

Other people have seen this Machine in various ways. I have heard from a number of them, including a friend who asked me to mentally put her in contact with the perception of The Machine. I did this, without telling her exactly when and how I would do it. Here is her response:

Today I woke in the small hours and realized that you had made the experience available to me.  I understood something that my inexperience with power plants and the word "visions" had previously kept from me: that what occurs in visions is a direct, real encounter with the thing itself.

And you have done this many times. Your courage is remarkable.

The construct was covered with a translucent white membrane, which I realized was my protections. They are automatic but can be repealed. I lifted up the membrane and directly observed the construct.

It was frankly demonic. It calls to human beings to give in to the worst of their motives; the ultimate result is not satiation but destruction.

….. Believe me, this is a very different morning from any other that I have experienced. The hard demonic quality underlies the bright morning like the taste of brass.


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