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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rapid Rise Of The Machines

You don't have to look far to see how quickly robots of all kinds and A.I. (artificial intelligence) are being phased in.

This is another way of saying that humans are rapidly becoming obsolete.

This week Google has presented its new robot: Atlas, The Next Generation. Have a look.

Watch the video. Notice the robot's ability to pick up a box and stack it on a shelf. Notice its ability to adjust to unanticipated disruptions and then continue with its programmed routine. This is only a prototype, a Model A robot. The Model T will not be long in development, and then in just a few years there will be really sophisticated robots that can replace human workers by the millions.

The Bank of England projects that within the next 10 to 20 years that robots may replace 95 million workers in the USSA and U.K. alone. You can see the looming problem. Hundreds of millions of humans will be replaced by intelligent machines within the near future.

So what will happen to the hordes of obsolescent human workers as industry adopts machine replacements?

Extermination, perhaps by killer robots? Here's a video from two years ago of another robot that is being developed for the USSA military. Please watch it.

What is to stop the military from programming these robots to kill humans?

Nothing at all. 

Do you trust the Pentagon? I certainly don't.

If this video publicly appeared on YouTube two years ago, it is likely that the robotic technology in the Black World of compartmentalized, classified programs and projects is even more advanced, probably a great deal more advanced.

The Machine's Agenda

I have warned for years in this blog of the coldly cunning Machine that is mercilessly subjugating this planet, the human race and all of the terrestrial biosphere. It is without a soul or a conscience, it is relentlessly ruthless and it will not stop coming. Watch the videos and you can see it spawning, via the agency of its human collaborators. I don't know where The Machine has come from and who or what created it and set it loose, but that it is here and taking the planet and humanity down is beyond dispute for me. Once you are aware of it, you can see its tentacles everywhere. It operates in the physical, spiritual and mental realms. It is very sophisticated and Machiavellian. It promises people whatever they want, and then it proceeds to destroy them, from the inside out.

Unfortunately there are large numbers of humans who desire to subvert humanity and destroy the planet in order to cooperate with The Machine. They are excited to be part of something that they regard as special and important. But they have made a Faustian bargain. 

Essentially, they have sold their souls and you and me and the planet itself for a pension, a good salary, benefits, a vacation home, expensive cars, professional and career advancement, and the like.

A wise man is said to have remarked: "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul?" 

So what will all the material baubles they are accumulating be worth when humanity is decimated and the planet is laid waste? 

Too bad that people who sell their souls and destroy the Earth never trouble themselves with bothersome thoughts and concerns like that. Why there are billions of dollars to be made! Military contracts to win! New technology to develop! A Brave New World to bring into existence!

The sad reality is that we now live on a dying planet. The biosphere is being exterminated. We are in a great, global extinction of biological life.

Human beings are biological organisms, so as the global ecology crashes more and more, human survival is becoming more and more problematic.

Past a certain point we cannot thrive or even live in a contaminated, radioactive, ecologically devastated world.

I submit to you that our replacements are being created and put into action right in front of us. The movement to human-like robots and artificial intelligence is picking up steam.

Non-biological beings and artificial intelligences don't care if the biosphere collapses, if the ecology catastrophically fails, because they are not dependent on trees and photosynthesis, they do not depend on a complex ecology and thriving biosphere for life. A sterile, chemically contaminated, radioactive environment does not kill them. They can be engineered to thrive on a desert planet, devoid of biological life.

This is what is being phased in right now.

Either natural human beings wake up and take back control of their own lives and the planet on which they live, or there may not be any natural human beings in the future, and there may not be a thriving, biologically diverse planet anymore.

This century is decisive in so many ways, on so many levels, that it is now make or break time for the human species as we have known it.

The Machine is so relentless and so many people have sold their souls to it that I don't know if we will make it or not.

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