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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Joe "My Butt's Been Wiped!" Biden Goes In Over His Head

The red-white-and-blue, political circus in the USSA chugs surreally along with semi-conscious, barking mad, Joe "My Butt's Been Wiped!" Biden stumbling along as ostensible President. And, yeah, click the link, it does sound like he says, "My butt's been wiped," though he mumbles and fumbles so much that who really knows.  

But Biden won't be around for much longer. Last night I dreamt that he was at the edge of a body of water. In the dream I watched as he stepped into the water -- in his suit and tie and wing tips -- and began to walk straight ahead. As he walked along the water got deeper and deeper. Finally he took a step too far and went in over his head. He was oblivious, just marching straight ahead until he was lost from sight, as he went beneath the waves.

Judging by the dream my subconscious thinks that Joe Biden is done for, that he's in over his head, and will be overwhelmed by events that will remove him from view, if not from life itself. By the look of things that could happen most any day, week or month now. Biden will disappear without satisfactory explanation, be removed from office for mental incompetence, will die, will resign, will be sent to a retirement home -- something. But he'll be gone and Kamala Harris will be in the Oval Office in his stead.

And, then, look out! -- because things will turn darkly surreal. She/it/hir/they is (are?) power crazed and genuinely, deeply stupid, but nevertheless extremely calculating, and that is a very dangerous combination of character traits.

That's real scary, because many people in "Amrika" are just bat sh!t crazy, if not downright psychopathic, and she/it/hir/they (?) will nominally be in charge of the violently downward spiraling, red-white-and-blue cage fight without rules. 

Consider the following "sporting event" that recently took place in the USSA.

Some 1.1 million people watched this bizarre "sports" spectacle on a national TV network. Look at it. Click the link.

Carving up the opponent's face and head with a pizza cutter, followed by an in-picture pizza commercial, with a subsequent statement by the pizza chain that they certainly do not approve of slicing people's heads and faces with pizza cutters.

Bread, er, make that pizza and bloody circuses

What's next, attacking the loser with a chainsaw and running an in-picture chainsaw commercial, as the chainsaw company says that they certainly are not in favor of using their products in such an inappropriate way?

The Fat Lady hasn't sung yet, true enough, but you can hear her warming up in the wings. The USSA is a fallen and failing country in rapid decline in every way on every level. 

2022 happens in 150+ days in a country near you, and it will be brutal. 

My ayahuasca drinking, visionary friend has told me that the wheels just come completely off of the USSA as we go forward from here. Everything I am seeing is confirming his ayahuasca visions. There is no shipwright capable of repairing the rotten, broken, fractured, floundering, foundering USS America. It's going down. The dollar is going to run into severe problems of loss of value or even outright collapse; there will be millions of dead, dying and incapacitated vaccine victims in the coming years, beginning in early 2022; the dead will far exceed the capacity of the normal funeral system, i.e., cadaver disposal will become a grave public health crisis; the Federal government will lose the trust and loyalty of most citizens; more and more people will see through the Covid scamdemic and the genocidal, crime against humanity vaccines; and much more. If the Pentagon tries, in extremis, somewhere in the midst of all of the upcoming turmoil to militarily engage China and Russia, then the Chinese and Russians will deliver a decisive, military coup de grâce in one unimaginably violent day, and the USSA will be no more.

All of this great, global drama we are living through has been carefully orchestrated, choreographed, planned, practiced and primed for action.

The karmic blow back on the USSA is going to be epic in scale, Fall of Atlantis stuff, soul defining events, the end of an era, and the end of many millions of lives. Dramatic events -- economic collapse, plagues, floods, drought, 
famine, war, earthquakes, martial law, tsunamis, volcanoes, electrical grid failure, governmental collapse, population die off, etc. -- are already in the pipeline and will run their course. The table has been set. It's like a high stakes pool game, where the balls have been meticulously racked by the Lords of Karma, who are about to run the table in hard nosed, pool shark style -- bank shots, trick shots, combination shots -- with arrow straight cue sticks, an unflinching eye, and a smooth stroke that never misses.


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Monday, July 26, 2021

The Parallel Satanic World All Around Us

I sincerely feel for the pop singer, Britney Spears, and her very public -- and nonpublic -- lifelong ordeal, which apparently has its roots in childhood as a performer for Disney. I've never followed her show business career. I couldn't tell you one of her songs. Notwithstanding all that, I couldn't help but notice her recent, high profile legal battle to remove herself from an oppressive conservatorship that has been imposed on her for many years. The conservatorship frankly reduces her to the status of a prisoner, a puppet, controlled by others against her will.

I was struck by what one of her former bodyguards said about the cocktail of anti-psychotic drugs and birth control pills that she is forced to take every week, the monitoring of her telephone, her being prevented from going out by herself, and how she talks about "parallel universes." I found his comments quite revealing.

The conservatorship that has her in literal thrall is controlled by her father (if he even is her "father"), and dominates every single aspect of her life, 24 hours of every day, year after year after year. Factually, it does consign her to an alternate universe that runs parallel to the universe that the great bulk of humanity is in. When she talks about "parallel universes" she's simply describing the harsh, garish reality of her show business enslavement. I mean that literally.

The crucial thing to understand about Britney Spears and a whole horde of other show business figures in popular music, rap, hip-hop, country music, Hollywood, TV, professional sports (yeah, professional sports are commercial entertainment, and the corruption runs deep), etc., is that they are in a real sense caught in a ritualistic, satanic, slave system that serves very dark powers. They are commercial properties that are owned and tightly controlled, and satanically manipulated like puppets. What we see with so-called popular culture is a demonic, carnival sideshow run by very dark powers in league with Satan himself.

Step right up! Come right in! See the singing, dancing girl locked in the golden cage!

Britney Spears Piece of Me Live Circus

Britney Spears in her golden, celebrity, slave cage, made to perform while the multitudes look on, and shout and holler. This is physical enslavement, mental enslavement, mind control, of Britney and all of us. 

This is Britney Spears' "parallel universe" in which she is drugged with anti-psychotic pharmaceuticals, caged up and paraded before howling crowds. 

This satanic control extends into poli
tics and government, secret initiatic societies, business, industry, religions, education, high finance, the military and the full range of alphabet soup agencies: DIA, CIA, DHS, TSA, FBI, NSA, NASA, BoP, NFS, DoD, etc.

I am not joking in the slightest. Britney's not the only one, not by far.

For more insight into individuals like Britney Spears, and the sort of satanic, control net that she's caught in, please use your preferred search engine to research the stories and interviews of mind-control and sex slave victim, Cathy O'Brien and her book, Trance Formation of America, as well as the testimony of former military wife,  Kay Griggs, who has revealed exactly what the Pentagon is: darkly evil, satanically evil. The demonic tentacles run everywhere. The Kay Griggs material is long, but you'll have a much better understanding of how the system works if you watch her interview. By the way, I believe her. She was married to a military assassin and spy, who exposed her to the hideous nature of the Pentagon. She has courageously revealed a whole slew of important truths as she came to perceive them and was exposed to them, about how demonic the system in which we are ensnared is. Here's her interview. It's 8 hours long, but she provides tremendous insight into what really goes on in the military.

But it's not just the Pentagon that is saturated with satanic evil; the rot extends into Hollywood and beyond.

Take a look at this SNL clip with Dwayne Johnson. At the 2:08 -- 2:09 time stamp he abruptly says, apropos of nothing: "Hail Satan."

Or how about Christian Bale accepting a Golden Globe award and thanking Satan for giving him inspiration? See time stamp 0:33 to 0:35.

There's lots more where that came from. The Rolling Stones' hit song, Sympathy For The Devil, is another example. Show business is awash in Satanism and devil worship. There's no end to it, and it's no accident. It's very intentional. Go to YouTube and type in the search terms: "satanic music videos," and see what comes up. It's in your face. It's blatant. It's representative of contemporary, popular culture

They Really Are Satanists

A friend recently sent me the following video link and recommended that I watch it. It has to do with Satanism and its links with Freemasonry and Baphomet worship, and how it permeates society and the culture. It's five hours long and that initially put me off. I thought to myself: "Five hours? I'm not going to watch a five hour video." But then I did, and as with the Kay Griggs interview above, it does, indeed, bear watching.

2010 Australian X Factor Winner Altiyan Childs Exposes Freemasonry

Altiyan Childs goes deeply into the Baphomet connection with Freemasonry, and from my own research he's on the beam. I live in Quito, Ecuador and the Freemasons actually have a 33rd Degree Baphomet Lodge in the suburbs of Quito, in CumbayáCumbayá is an upscale town analogous in the Ecuadorean context to such Washington, DC suburbs as Potomac, Maryland or Mclean, Virginia which are home to many wealthy people, as well as many high-level politicians, military officers, diplomats and espionage agents, due to their close proximity to Washington, DC, Pentagon and the CIA. Similarly, the Cumbayá area is home to the main Ecuadorean espionage agency, as well as being home to many very wealthy people and high-level politicians. Presumably, some (many?) of these wealthy people, politicians and espionage agents are affiliated with the Order of Baphomet Masonic Lodges in Cumbayá, or else why are the lodges there and not somewhere else?

Actually, there are three different, related, Baphomet Lodges in Cumbayá:

Gran Logia Ordinis Baphomet (GLOB)

Translated: The Grand Lodge of the Order of Baphomet. They openly advertise whom they serve.

The Mother Lodge is:

Logia Sirius 133. Ordinis Baphomet

Sirius, the brightest star visible from Earth. What is its connection with Baphomet? Is there an interstellar angle to Freemasonry? I don't know, but it occurs to me to ask.

Then there is the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree of the Order of Baphomet.

Supremo Consejo Ordinis Baphomet 33*

The motto of the Order of Baphomet is:

“Que la Luz del Conocimiento brille eternamente, trabajamos desde las sombras para dar Luz a la humanidad.”

Translation: "That the Light of Knowledge may shine eternally, we work from the shadows to give light to humanity."

Got that? They work from the shadows. 

None of this is surprising. Freemasonry has been active in Ecuador since before the battles and wars of so-called "liberation" in South America, two centuries ago. The "George Washington" of South America, its so-called liberator, Simón Bolívar, was a Freemason, as was his trusted lieutenant, Antonio José de Sucre, popularly known as Mariscal Sucre, who is famous for winning the Battle of Pichincha that secured the "independence" of what, with the passage of the years, came to be known as the nation of Ecuador.

It's No Different In Washington, DC or Omaha, Nebraska

As in South America, the war for so-called "independence" in what would later become the USSA was also lead by notable Freemasons such as George Washington, John Paul Jones. Benjamin Franklin, and others. From the beginning it was a Masonic conspiracy -- and remains so to the present day.


Home of The Supreme Council, 33°, Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, Washington D.C.

This is one of the most important, if not the most important, Masonic lodges in the USSA, colloquially known as The House of the Temple. It is in the very heart of Washington, DC at 1733 16th Street NW, due north of the White House (notice the 33 in the street address?). It is an imposing building in the classical style, modeled after the tomb of Mausolus (c. 350 BC), a satrap in the ancient, Achaemenid Empire, in what is now Turkey. The modern word mausoleum stems from the magnificent tomb of Mausolus which was renowned in ancient times for its imposing splendor, after which the The Supreme Council, 33° has been explicitly modeled. Indeed, the House of the Temple is a mausoleum, because the corpse of Confederate Army General Albert Pike, the author of Morals and Dogma, the bible of 33rd degree Freemasonry, is buried in the walls of the Home of The Supreme Council, 33°.

Not far away is another important Masonic Lodge:

Naval Lodge No. 4

Located at 330 Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E. (notice the Masonic 33?) just a short walk from the Capitol Building. Naval Lodge No. 4 is the oldest Masonic building in Washington, DC still in active use.

Notice how close the Naval Lodge No. 4 and Home of the Supreme Council 33rd Degree are to the White House and Capitol Building, respectively. This is no accident. Freemasonry has been part and parcel of the political power structure of the USSA from the time of George Washington right down to this very minute.

Just across the Potomac River from Washington, DC is another very influential Masonic Lodge.


The lodge was chartered in 1783 with George Washington as its Grand Master. There are other, old Masonic Lodges in Alexandria, Virginia such as the Andrew Jackson Lodge (1854) and the Lincoln Lodge (1865).

Yet another influential Masonic Lodge is in Omaha, Nebraska.

Albert Pike Lodge #333

Why an Albert Pike #333 Lodge in Omaha, where businessmen can meet and socialize? Well, ponder what is in Omaha:

1) The Kiewit Company, one of the premier contractors for making secret, underground tunnels and bases for the Deep State.
2) Berkshire Hathaway, the company of Warren Buffet, who is worth $100 billion, seventh wealthiest man in the world.
3) Offutt AFB, home of the Pentagon's Strategic Command, nerve center of its nuclear strategic deterrence and global strike capabilities, and a major, underground communications, command and control (CCC) military bunker.

The bottom line is that Freemasonry and the corrupt power structure of the USSA and the world are inextricably linked, and have been for centuries. The Freemasons present themselves as a positive force for good in the world, but again and again down through the centuries they are linked to power politics, warfare, hermetic secretiveness, and Baphomet, the satanic, goat god. There is a severe disconnect between what they say and the hellish way in which the world really runs.

Disclaimer: I was invited 20 years ago to join the Freemasons. I politely declined.


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Thursday, July 15, 2021

The Upcoming Horror

I really wish I did not have to write about this sort of thing in my 60s, though I was warned all about it by a female entity who appeared to me in 1958, when I was only 3 years old. I spontaneously named her The Bone Lady. She showed me that this terrible time was coming, and also that it could be avoided, if humanity changed for the better.

Sadly, the vast bulk of humanity have not changed for the better, and do not want to change, and so dreadful events are hard upon us.

To begin with, it is essential to understand that governments, Big Pharma and Big Tech companies across the world are in league with very dark spiritual forces. I'm saying that they are satanic; that they despise natural human beings and are hell bent on destroying them. The so-called v@xxeens that are now being administered to myriad millions of people across the world -- and which people are voluntarily accepting! -- are causing great bodily harm to millions and killing countless thousands. And we are still in very early days.

Over 110 Million Dead

To put this in context, I had a vivid dream two nights ago in which I was seated in front of a large, wall to wall book case with many shelves. It was full of hundreds of books. The room was very comfortable, with a large, picture window looking out on a green, leafy, deciduous forest.

My attention was drawn to two shelves in front of me on which there were dozens of books and bound volumes by different authors and researchers documenting the great die off of more than 110 million people, presumably in the USSA. As I contemplated this dire body of mortality data I began to weep inconsolably. I sobbed and sobbed uncontrollably beyond all hope of solace. I was completely overcome by the immensity of the scale of death.

After a few minutes, I sensed the presence of a kindly, middle-aged man who was standing beside me. He spoke reassuringly to me and mentioned the name of a place in one of the eastern states, in the mountains. I don't know what relevance that place has for me -- I live in Ecuador -- or the 110 million who will soon be dead.

What I'm saying is that my subconscious is calling my attention to the grim reality that the next two or three years will be exceedingly brutal. So many people have now been v@xxeenated, according to the USSA government more than 50% of the adult population, some 147 million or more, that the scope of the wave of death related to the v@xxeens will be mind and spirit numbing.

And that is only from the v@xxeens. Many more will die from rampant, violent crime, starvation from crop failure and supply chain disruption, lack of water, electrical grid failure, natural disasters, economic collapse, warfare and more.

The whole system is failing and/or being made to fail by governments in league with very dark powers.

I have written that the next 1,000 days will be definitive for the USSA and the whole world. We are now immersed in a great battle between good and evil. At present evil has the upper hand, and will imminently be taking people down by the hundreds of millions and billions, over the next three years, or so.

It will be hideous, much worse than anything any of us have ever lived through, and truthfully, many millions of people will not live through it.

I watched a recent interview by Clif High at USA Watchdog with Greg Hunter, in which he spoke about what his webbot data show of near future events. Prominent among them is the coming collapse of the Joe Biden administration in a few months as the USSA system crumbles, and also a coming wave of mega-death, which will be so great that many people who are not used to that sort of thing will have to take up shovels and dig graves and cremate bodies.

I absolutely believe both of those scenarios will come to pass. They cannot be avoided at this point.

One of my friends who also drinks ayahuasca recently partook of the vine and was shown harrowing scenarios of the USSA's near future, approximately over the next three years. One of the scenes he was shown was precisely of mass death, and large numbers of people being drafted into grave digging brigades, to get the large numbers of cadavers into the ground.

Just think about it, if 110 million people in the USSA really are going to die over the next three years, and I think they are and maybe even more than that, then that means at least 3 million deaths per month, for a solid three years. That necessarily will require a years-long, industrial grade, grave digging and cremation program. Hint: the dying has already begun and the government is simply lying about it. It will get much worse as time goes by.

Similar events will play out in many countries. As the death wave grows more severe in the coming months and next few years, societal failure and chaos are all but certain. As millions of adults die off, whether in the USSA or France or Australia, who will drive the food delivery trucks, plough the fields, milk the cows, drive the trains, repair the highways and railroads, maintain the electrical grid, deliver fuel oil, operate the steel mills, bake the bread, harvest the corn, wheat, oats, potatoes, etc.? Societal and economic collapse across the board are, therefore, ineluctably part and parcel of what is coming.

And this is all by design. It is a manufactured take down of humanity. It will be crushing, brutally crushing. At this point it is inevitable. In all its hideousness it's coming.

Finally, I know a mortician here in Quito. I happened to see him a few days ago and asked him about his business. He replied that he's handling more bodies than ever. I asked him if he's receiving any cadavers of people who have been v@xxeenated. He said that he is. I specifically asked him if the v@xxeenated people are dying because of the v@xxeens. He replied affirmatively, and said that they are "dropping like flies."

The Great Dying Time is only getting started. You ain't seen nothin' yet.


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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

More Pentagon Lies About UFOs

Just below, I'm going to tell you how I know that the Pentagon's recent, 9 page, "declassified" UFO report is a pack of lies, and a pathetic continuation of at least 74 years of nonstop evasion, fibbing, propaganda, cover up and outright fraud. The report can be found here:

But first let me remind you that in several weeks Google will stop sending automatic, e-mail notifications whenever I post a new blog article. So please bookmark this site and check it periodically for my new articles. Also, please do forward my articles, along with a live link to this blog site, to your own e-mail list.

Now then, how do I know the Pentagon is lying about UFOs and its extensive knowledge of them?

Simple. I've worked for a lot of people over the years, always in a non-governmental capacity. I've never worked for any of the agencies. I don't have a security clearance. But I am a dogged researcher, which has caused me to cross paths with a host of people, including military officers and others with security clearances and unusual career trajectories.

One day I was talking with a retired colonel whom I knew who abruptly suggested that I do some work for another man, whom he knew and whom I also had seen many times without saying much more than, "How are you?" He had always seemed perfectly ordinary to me, but the retired colonel told me that the other gentleman was, in fact, a STEM discipline PhD scientist who had worked for Project Blue Book, the USSA Air Force's special operation to study UFOs from 1952 to 1969. I did subsequently do some work for the Project Blue Book scientist, and found him to be extremely laconic and taciturn, as almost all high level, alphabet-soup and military personnel have been with me. Nevertheless, he did tell me that he was on the Project Blue Book "go team", that would be scrambled out to UFO crash sites on recovery missions. When they arrived his job was to analyze the craft and determine what he could about it in situ. I asked him if any of the UFOs that had been recovered were operable or had been reverse engineered. His response was that in his time at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, the Air Force had 3 operable UFOs that test pilots used to fly at full bore right out of the open hangar doors at the new Moon, when the nights were darkest. According to him, one was a large sphere, one was a more classic-looking flying saucer, and the third one somewhat resembled a 1950s-era Studebaker automobile with fins.

Those personal accounts from an ex-Project Blue Book scientist jibe very well with the work of Bob and Ryan Wood, the father-son team of UFO researchers who have painstakingly put together a unique and fascinating book, Majic Eyes Only, documenting literally dozens of UFO crashes all over the world. I recommend the book to you. I've read it and I'm persuaded: the major governments and military institutions of the world have recovered many crashed UFOs, and for more than a century have been secretly studying and reverse engineering the exotic technology they have recovered.

Some Personal Anecdotes

I actually met a woman who personally observed one of these recovery operations in progress. She recounted to me that she often hiked in the national forests in the western state where she lived. On one occasion in the 1980s, she was hiking in a wooded, mountainous region; she came around the edge of a cliff and was shocked to see that, there below her, in a clearing by an old logging road in the ponderosa pines, was a flying saucer recovery operation underway. There was a large, flat bed, tractor-trailer truck and a piece of heavy equipment to load the flying saucer on the trailer. There were also a lot of heavily armed military personnel on and around the site. What most drew her attention was a tall, very muscular, green, Reptilian being that was spitting mad. It was furious that it had been captured. It was securely chained and restrained, and was under armed guard by the military force on the site. She immediately feared for her safety and well being if her presence were to be detected, so she very quietly backtracked and left the area.

She is assuredly not the only person to observe a military UFO recovery operation. About 30 years ago I went with a group of people to one of the "Roswell" UFO crash sites in New Mexico. In July of 1947 there were apparently multiple UFO crashes in New Mexico around the general date and locale of the so-called "Roswell" UFO crash. The Roswell crash site, notwithstanding its sobriquet,  was in reality closer to the small town of Corona. Anyway, one of the local, good old boys took us out to the place where the craft had come down. It was dry, with sparse vegetation, very little soil and lots of caliche. In 1947 our guide had been a young ranch hand working in the Corona area. He told us his perspective of the event. The Army came in with heavy force and scraped the whole area right down to the caliche. For about three days, dump trucks came and went, day and night, hauling all the rock and soil away that had been scraped up from the area. He didn't know where the dump trucks went, but presumably the many loads they hauled away would have been sifted for any UFO crash debris that they might have contained. In addition, the Army set up a security perimeter one mile out, with soldiers with rifles stationed every 100 yards. The operation went on for three days, around the clock, and then the military abruptly withdrew. 

Has the military-industrial complex learned anything from these many, recovered, UFO crashes? You betcha!

Though I never wrote a book about it, during the period when I was scouring the technical literature and government documents for information about underground bases and tunnels, I ran across many references to research on antigravity and electrogravitic propulsion. As I recall the majority of the documents spanned the decade of the 1950s and then petered out by the early 1960s.

At the time I thought to myself that it looked suspiciously like the military-industrial complex had made breakthroughs that resulted in a Top Secret, UFO R&D program. But I regrettably lacked the funds to pursue that line of inquiry; i.e., to go to the microfiche and make photocopies of the documents. True, photocopies only cost a few cents per page, but if you copy hundreds or thousands of pages, those pennies become dollars, even a lot of dollars the more documents you copy, and I simply did not have the cash to pursue it any further. 

But it is clear to me from my archival research that fundamental theoretical and engineering breakthroughs in antigravity and electrogravitics were made in the 1950s and taken Top Secret in hermetically sealed compartments.

For one example, I surmise that the George Adamski, bell-shaped UFOs that were seen in the 1950s and 1960s may have been the fruit of the USSA's military-industrial complex's Top Secret, compartmentalized, UFO R&D programs.

This YouTube video with 8mm, analog footage from 1965 is illustrative. The UFO footage comes in at about time stamp 3:22.

It was taken in the back yard of Madeleine Rodeffer in Silver Spring, Maryland. Watch the video and she gives the background to the event.  I spoke in person, face to face, with Madeleine Rodeffer about this film and detected no deceit in her. I am satisfied that this UFO really did come and hover in her backyard in 1965. I asked her if she could see anything in the portholes. She said that people came to the portholes and looked out at her. I asked her what they looked like. She replied that they were young, Caucasian men with military-style crew cuts.

Of course that raises the obvious question as to whether the young men with military-style crew cuts were, in fact, a military UFO crew. I personally suspect that they were.


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Thursday, July 1, 2021

What Does October 2021 Hold In Store?

First of all, please note that Google will soon no longer send automated e-mails to notify my subscribers of new blog posts. You must bookmark this blog site and check it periodically for new blog articles. I checked out some services, including one that appears to have some sort of near seamless working arrangement with Google to take over the e-mailing service. The terms of service were beyond belief, including their right to change or alter the terms of service at any time, in any way, without notifying me at all, and without my having any recourse, or their having any liability. And there were other terms full of legalese: they have a right to any content of mine that may appear on or use their platform, & etc. I can't agree to those terms, but that is the direction that the Internet is rapidly moving.

Unloaded Today In Quito

Please have a look at the photograph in this link:

That was the scene today at the international airport in Quito, as one million doses of the Pfiz** v@xxeen were flown in, courtesy of the USSA government. Another one million doses of the same 
v@xxeen will be donated later this month. Ecuador is a small country of 17 million people, so this is a large quantity.

The official goal in Ecuador is to v@xxeenate 9 million people by the first week of September. So far, 2.84 million people have gotten jabbed, so the 2 million dose donation by the USSA is a big boost to the government's efforts. The USSA is also donating v@xxeens to many other poor countries, making the "gift" to Ecuador simply one small part of the USSA's broader, very dark, sc@mdem!c foreign policy.

Where This All Is Headed

In brief, nowhere good, that's for sure. 

To illustrate, I know a mortician here in Quito. I had a short conversation with him several days ago. I asked him what impact the v@xxeens are having on his business. He replied that he is already starting to receive cadavers of people who had been v@xxeenated. 

Whoa. I guess the v@xxeens don't offer much protection, eh?

I also recently talked with a health care worker in the Ministry of Public Health who had to be v@xxeenated as a condition of her continued employment. She was complaining of severe abdominal pain, for which she had consulted an M.D., without resolving the problem. Unfortunately, her serious health issues may be only beginning. She got the Pfiz** v@xxeen, the worst of them all, and which has been connected to gravely harming the reproductive organs in many women. She's a good person, but she put her life and career in the hands of the medical-industrial complex, and she may pay a very heavy price for that.

I do not doubt whatsoever that the death count of v@xxeenated people will rise dramatically in Ecuador and around the world in the coming months. Lamentably, there are certainly going to be myriad other victims of the v@xxeens who will be crippled, killed, maimed and racked with pain, just like the health care worker whom I know. The coming horror is already baked in the cake.

My Two, Identical, God-Moses, Surgical Mask Dreams

In my previous blog post I wrote about the two dreams that I had in June in which God and Moses, respectively, appeared to me with the message, "In four," coupled with four, blue surgical masks arrayed in front of me, of the sort that are being worn by many millions of people all over the world during this ongoing, k@v!d sc@mdem!c.

I cannot say definitively what the dreams meant, because I don't know! --but one possible interpretation that occurs to me as I watch the global crisis unfold is this:

1) The four masks could represent 4 months of the k@v!d sc@mdem!c.
2) "In four" would thus mean: in four more months of the sc@mdem!c, logically starting from June when I had the dreams, i.e., in October.

Of course, God and Moses are figures from the Christian Bible. So is the implied message, from higher consciousness or the universal subconscious, that biblical events (and I mean that literally) related to the k@v!d scamdemic are to be expected in October? For one example, will there be a huge, global wave of mortality in October, including in Ecuador, having to do with the k@v!d scamdemic and/or v@xxeens?

I cannot say for sure, but it would not surprise me. We'll know soon enough. I have had many memorable dreams in my life, but never like these two. They stand apart. Clearly I was meant to notice and remember them.


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